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00:12 Father in heaven,
00:15 tonight as we look
00:18 at how You have revealed in Your Word
00:23 the history of mankind.
00:27 As we see with what accuracy
00:30 You have predicted the events
00:32 long before they ever took place.
00:36 We pray that You will help us
00:40 to realize and to understand and to believe.
00:46 May we place faith in You,
00:50 give us the wisdom and the understanding
00:52 that we need to see,
00:57 to grasp the things that are revealed.
01:01 And may our hearts be open, may they be soft.
01:04 May they be prepared
01:06 for the dwelling of the Holy Spirit
01:08 in our lives,
01:09 for this we ask in Christ's name.
01:12 Amen.
01:20 If you turn to the Book of Revelation,
01:23 the 17th Chapter of the Book of Revelation,
01:27 you'll find that it says this in verse 12.
01:31 "The ten horns which you saw are ten kings
01:34 who have received no kingdom as yet."
01:38 Now this is Revelation the 17th Chapter, folks.
01:41 This is coming right down to the end of God's Word.
01:46 And he's talking here about ten kings
01:49 that have received no kingdom as yet.
01:53 Goes on and says,
01:55 "But they receive authority for one hour
01:58 as kings with the beast."
02:01 So these ten kings
02:03 who have received no kingdom as yet
02:05 but they're going to receive a kingdom.
02:08 And it says, when they do receive the kingdom,
02:10 they're going to rule for one hour with the beast.
02:14 So what we need to find out this evening is,
02:17 who are these ten kings?
02:20 We need to establish who those two kings,
02:22 those ten kings are,
02:24 and what meaning does it have to you and me today,
02:27 that's what we need to establish tonight
02:30 because those ten kings you're going to find out
02:32 are very, very important.
02:36 In fact, they affect your life today in my life
02:41 and it says that they've received no kingdom,
02:44 but they are going to receive the kingdom
02:47 in their rule for one hour
02:49 as kings with the beast and as we study,
02:52 we're going to find out exactly
02:53 who all these different characters
02:55 that I mentioned to you are.
02:57 We're going to find out who these ten kings are.
03:00 We're going to find out who this beast is.
03:02 We're going to put all those things in place
03:05 so that you'll recognize them,
03:06 and you'll know exactly who they are.
03:09 Scripture tells us here in the Book of Daniel,
03:12 we're taking a look at the Book of Daniel tonight,
03:14 that you and I can recognize those individuals,
03:18 those characters
03:19 we'll be able to see who they are.
03:21 But there's a lot of people
03:22 as we've moved into the 21st century
03:25 that kind of feel like
03:27 the world is out of control, they end,
03:29 really all you have to do is
03:31 take a look at the television or the newspaper
03:35 or dwell on some of those things.
03:37 And I guess you could say, from a human standpoint,
03:41 it's out of control,
03:43 but it is not out of control as far as God is concerned.
03:49 Listen to these words.
03:54 Acts 17:26,
03:56 "And He has made from one blood every nation of men
04:00 who dwell on the face of the earth."
04:02 So it says that God has made all mankind from one blood.
04:05 Watch carefully.
04:08 "He has determined their preappointed times."
04:14 It's made all, every individual.
04:16 But it says that God has predetermined
04:20 their appointed times.
04:23 "And the boundaries of their dwellings."
04:28 God has done that.
04:30 He's the one that establishes when someone comes to power
04:34 and when they don't.
04:36 He's the one that establishes what their boundaries are.
04:39 You and I think that they get together
04:40 and they decide what the boundaries
04:42 of one nation is after another.
04:44 No, it says that God decides that,
04:47 that takes place with God.
04:49 He's the one that declares that.
04:51 And so you and I begin to see
04:53 that the world may be out of control
04:55 as far as man is concerned,
04:57 but it's not out of control as far as God is concerned.
05:02 The Bible talks of a king by the name of Nebuchadnezzar.
05:09 Nebuchadnezzar
05:12 is the leading monarch of the world
05:14 at this time in history.
05:16 There's no king as great as Nebuchadnezzar at this time.
05:21 He is the greatest of all kings.
05:23 And it says that one night
05:26 he had a dream,
05:28 that dream made a profound impression
05:31 upon Nebuchadnezzar.
05:33 And when he woke up the next morning,
05:35 he knew that he had had a very, very important dream.
05:38 But for the life of him, he couldn't recall it,
05:42 tried but he couldn't recall it
05:44 but yet he knew it was important.
05:47 And so he called in all of his wise men,
05:51 called them in and told them that he had had a dream,
05:54 he knew it was important
05:56 and for them to tell him what he dreamed.
06:00 Now what you got to understand, folks,
06:02 is these wise men that he's called in,
06:05 they're specialists,
06:07 they're specialists in interpreting dreams.
06:10 In fact, as they have done excavations
06:13 over in that part of the world,
06:15 they have found whole libraries
06:17 that didn't deal with anything other than dreams.
06:22 They studied dreams, they looked at dreams,
06:24 they were specialist in this.
06:26 And so he called them in and said,
06:28 "Tell me, tell me what I dreamed?"
06:32 And they said, "Well, king, you tell us what you dreamed
06:36 and we'll tell you what it means."
06:39 Nebuchadnezzar said, "I'll tell you what,
06:42 you tell me what I dreamed
06:43 and then I know for sure you can tell me what it means."
06:48 And they said, "King, the gods up in heaven
06:51 wouldn't even make such a request."
06:53 They said, "There's no way for us to tell you
06:57 what you dreamed,
06:58 you tell us then, what's your dream,
07:00 we'll tell you the interpretation."
07:02 And the more they talked,
07:04 the madder Nebuchadnezzar became.
07:08 In fact, finally he became so angry,
07:11 he said, "Kill them all.
07:14 They are of no value to me,
07:15 they're nothing but a bunch of pawns,
07:17 get rid of the whole bunch."
07:19 And thus the scripture reads.
07:21 "So the decree went out
07:23 and they began killing the wise men."
07:26 I mean, he sent out decree and said,
07:28 "Get rid of all of them."
07:30 And they went out, started killing the wise men.
07:35 "And they sought Daniel and his companions
07:37 to kill them."
07:39 Well, you see Nebuchadnezzar when he had gone down
07:43 and had overthrown Israel,
07:46 he had the captain of his guard
07:48 get about 70 of the young men of Israel,
07:51 intelligent young men
07:54 and had them brought back to Babylon
07:57 to study there in the courts
07:58 to serve in the court of the king
08:00 as wise men.
08:03 Four of these young men were special,
08:05 their names was Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
08:09 They were very, very special.
08:12 They had been found to be 10 times wiser
08:17 than all the other wise men of Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom.
08:22 But when Nebuchadnezzar called in his wise men,
08:25 he didn't call them in because they were young,
08:29 they were novices, they were just starting.
08:32 You know how that goes, don't you?
08:34 Huh?
08:35 Well, I remember before I went away to school,
08:37 they said, "You got to go get an education."
08:41 They said, "If you want to do anything,
08:43 you've got to get an education."
08:45 So I said, "Okay."
08:47 And I went, went to school, got an education
08:52 and then when I got out of college,
08:54 got through with my education,
08:56 got out in the field, you know what they said,
08:59 they said, "Well, you really,
09:00 you can't do anything till you get some experience.
09:04 You got to have experience
09:05 if you're going to be able to do anything."
09:07 And so then I said, "Okay."
09:09 And then when I got the experience
09:11 they said, "Oh, you're too old."
09:14 Ain't that the way that goes, you know?
09:16 So they didn't bring in these young men,
09:18 they were novices, they were just too young,
09:21 but when Nebuchadnezzar gave their decree
09:23 to kill all of them, he included them.
09:26 And so they sought Daniel and his companions
09:29 to kill them.
09:30 Now, Daniel did something
09:35 that you and I need to look at very, very careful
09:40 because Daniel asked if he could have time to pray.
09:46 Now, folks, let me tell you something,
09:49 there's nothing as strong in the Christian life
09:52 as prayer.
09:54 Amen.
09:55 More will be accomplished by prayer
09:57 than you and I ever dreamed of.
10:01 And so Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego,
10:04 they got together
10:06 and they prayed that God would reveal to them
10:10 what Nebuchadnezzar had seen in his dream.
10:14 And God did just that.
10:16 Showed them what Nebuchadnezzar had seen in this dream.
10:19 And then when they got through with that,
10:23 you know what happened.
10:25 Well, Daniel ran in
10:27 and told the king what he had seen, right?
10:29 No, no, when they got through praying
10:33 and God revealed to them what Nebuchadnezzar had seen,
10:37 then they took time to thank the Lord.
10:42 Let me tell you something,
10:44 the other thing in the Christian life
10:45 that is extremely powerful is praise, to praise God.
10:50 I want you to listen to Daniel.
10:52 This is what he's saying.
10:55 Daniel 2:20,
10:56 "Blessed be the name of God forever and ever,
10:59 for wisdom and might are His."
11:02 See he's praising God for what He's done,
11:05 he says wisdom and might is Yours.
11:08 "And He changes the times and the..."
11:12 What?
11:13 "Changes the times and the seasons."
11:16 God's the one that does that.
11:18 He changes the times and the seasons.
11:20 "He removes kings and raises up kings."
11:25 Oh, you thought you did that, didn't you?
11:27 Huh?
11:29 You thought you were the one
11:30 that elected presidents of the country.
11:33 Sorry, it's God that raises up kings
11:37 and takes them down.
11:39 You and I might think,
11:42 but God is the one that controls that,
11:44 He sets up kings and He takes them down.
11:48 Daniel is thanking God for this.
11:50 "He gives wisdom to the wise,
11:53 knowledge to those who have understanding."
11:56 And so he thanks God for what He has done
11:59 and He has showed to them, the dream.
12:02 Now, Daniel is going to go in before King Nebuchadnezzar
12:07 and tell him what he saw in his dream.
12:12 Daniel 2:27,
12:14 "Daniel answered in the presence of the king,
12:16 and said, 'The secret which the king has commanded,
12:22 the wise men, the astrologers, the magicians,
12:25 and the soothsayers cannot declare to the king.'"
12:28 He said, King, you have all these wise men,
12:32 all these magicians, all these soothsayers,
12:35 all these, can't they tell you what you dreamed.
12:40 Hey, because they're experts,
12:43 they're experts in dreams.
12:48 "But there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets,
12:51 and He has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar
12:55 what will be in the latter days."
12:58 He said, I can't either.
13:01 I don't have any more knowledge than any of the rest,
13:04 Nebuchadnezzar.
13:05 But there's a God up in heaven that reveals secrets.
13:10 He has made known to the king what's going to be in the,
13:15 when?
13:17 Latter days.
13:19 That's talking about the time in which you and I are living.
13:22 The day in which you and I are living.
13:24 The latter days.
13:26 He has revealed what is to take place,
13:30 your dream and the vision of your head upon your bed
13:34 were these.
13:35 Now watch as he reveals exactly what King Nebuchadnezzar saw.
13:41 Tells him in absolute detail what he saw in vision.
13:47 "You, O king, were watching, and behold, a great image!
13:53 The image whose splendor was excellent,
13:56 stood before you, and its form was awesome."
14:02 So now here stands this great image.
14:05 Nebuchadnezzar now
14:07 it all comes back in vivid color to him
14:10 as he sees this great image that was awesome.
14:14 Let's see what the image is like.
14:17 "The image's head was of fine gold,
14:21 its chest and its arms of silver,
14:23 its belly and its thighs of bronze,
14:27 its legs of iron,
14:29 its feet partly of iron and partly of clay.
14:34 You watched while a stone was cut out without hands."
14:39 There stands that image.
14:41 All of a sudden here is a stone that is cut out without hands,
14:46 "Which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay,
14:50 and broke them to pieces.
14:53 Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver,
14:55 and the gold were crushed together,
14:58 and became like chaff
14:59 from the summer's threshing floors,
15:02 the wind carried them away
15:03 so that no trace of them was found.
15:08 The stone struck the image became a great mountain
15:11 and filled the whole earth."
15:16 This is the dream, that's what Nebuchadnezzar saw.
15:19 This is the dream
15:21 Nebuchadnezzar now can remember it,
15:23 all that he saw and then he says
15:25 now we will tell the interpretation
15:27 before the king.
15:29 So now,
15:31 Daniel not only told him what he's seen,
15:34 he said, "Now I'm going to tell you what it means."
15:38 Now this dream deals with what, folks?
15:43 What?
15:44 Latter days. Latter days.
15:47 Okay.
15:48 So you've got to understand,
15:50 we're not studying just any prophecy,
15:52 we're studying a prophecy
15:53 that deals with the latter days,
15:55 the days in which you and I are living.
15:58 So you need to watch carefully
16:00 because God's Word is very, very important
16:05 when it reveals to us things that are going to take place.
16:10 So he tells King Nebuchadnezzar,
16:13 this is what he saw.
16:16 "You, O king are a king of kings.
16:18 For the God of heaven hath given you a kingdom,
16:20 power, strength, and glory.
16:23 And wherever the children of men dwell,
16:25 or the beasts of the field and the birds of the heaven.
16:29 He has given into your hand,
16:30 and has made you ruler over them all,
16:34 you are this head of gold."
16:39 Very, very clear. No question.
16:41 He said, "Nebuchadnezzar, you are this head of gold."
16:48 You see the kingdom of Babylon lasted 70 years.
16:53 That's all it lasted was 70 years.
16:56 Of those 70 years,
16:57 Nebuchadnezzar ruled 40 of them.
17:00 So he said, "Nebuchadnezzar, you are this head of gold."
17:06 Nebuchadnezzar was one of the greatest generals
17:10 that the world has ever known.
17:12 He never, never once did he ever lose a battle,
17:17 not once.
17:19 And because of all the places
17:21 that he conquered and overthrew,
17:23 he took the money,
17:24 the gold that he gathered from all over the world
17:27 and he lavished that upon the city of Babylon.
17:31 Babylon came into existence in 605 BC
17:37 and lasted to 539 BC,
17:42 that was the time that it lasted.
17:44 Babylon, this head of gold.
17:47 The city of Babylon became known worldwide.
17:53 Great, great city that Nebuchadnezzar had built.
17:56 This is where one of the seven miracles of the world,
18:00 the seven hanging gardens.
18:02 You see, Nebuchadnezzar's wife was from the plains.
18:07 Excuse me, Babylon is set on the plains.
18:10 Nebuchadnezzar's wife was from the mountain country.
18:13 And so he had built for her those seven hanging gardens
18:17 to remind her of her mountain home
18:20 where she grew up as a child.
18:22 And so it's one of the great wonders of the world,
18:24 but Nebuchadnezzar had taken
18:26 and he had lavished upon this city
18:29 all kinds of thing.
18:30 The city was huge.
18:33 Around the city was walls.
18:36 The walls around the city of Babylon
18:39 were thick enough
18:40 that you could race two chariots side by side
18:43 around the top of the wall.
18:45 The city was looked upon
18:46 as being impossible to overthrow.
18:51 They could close the gates to the city
18:54 and historians tell us
18:56 they had enough food inside the city
18:59 to last them for 40 years.
19:02 So as far as overthrowing it, impossible.
19:07 Here God has given Nebuchadnezzar a vision
19:10 and He said, "You are this head of gold."
19:14 Nebuchadnezzar had built that city
19:16 and he never wanted that city ever to come to an end.
19:21 In fact,
19:23 as they have done excavations over in Babylon,
19:27 they found tablet like this with writing on it.
19:33 This is what that tablet said, folks.
19:38 "Babylon,
19:40 the city which is the delight of my eyes,
19:44 which I have glorified: may it last forever."
19:50 Nebuchadnezzar since want that city to ever end,
19:53 he said maybe it'll last forever.
19:57 But now we just studied
19:59 and it says that God is the one that raises up
20:02 kings and takes them down, right?
20:05 He's the one that sets their preappointed borders.
20:09 God does that.
20:13 Now I don't know all of you yet,
20:15 I hope by the grace of God
20:17 we'll have a chance to get better acquainted
20:19 with each one of you.
20:20 But if there's some of you here tonight
20:23 or if there's some of you out there that are watching
20:26 in homes around the world,
20:28 and there's some of you
20:29 that have questions about the Word of God.
20:31 There may be some of you
20:33 that think this book is a good book.
20:37 There may be some of you here tonight that say,
20:39 "Well, it's a good book of morals."
20:42 It is.
20:44 And there may be some of you saying,
20:45 "Well, it's a good book of history."
20:47 It is.
20:49 And there may be some of you that saying, "Well, it's a,
20:51 it's a good book of literature."
20:54 It is.
20:56 But it's more than that, much more than that.
20:59 This book is divine.
21:01 Amen.
21:03 This book is divine.
21:05 If you don't think it isn't,
21:07 then I want you to listen to this prophecy
21:10 in Isaiah about the city of Babylon.
21:13 Listen to what it says about it
21:14 because Babylon lies in ruins tonight
21:17 and there's a man over there by the name of Saddam Hussein
21:21 that doesn't understand this book.
21:24 And he keeps thinking that he can do something
21:28 that the scripture says he can't do.
21:31 See, he keeps seeing that maybe
21:34 there is a possibility for Babylon to come back.
21:41 Scripture says it won't happen.
21:42 Listen.
21:45 This is the ruins of Babylon today,
21:48 this is what it says about it.
21:52 "And Babylon, the glory of the kingdoms,
21:54 the beauty of the Chaldeans' pride,
21:58 will be as when God overthrew
22:01 Sodom and Gomorrah."
22:05 Said Babylon will be like Sodom and Gomorrah,
22:08 he doesn't stop there, he becomes very, very clear.
22:14 "It will never be inhabited, it will never be inhabited,
22:21 nor will it be settled from generation to generation,
22:25 nor will the Arabian pitch their tents there,
22:28 nor will the shepherds make their sheepfolds there."
22:32 He said, "The city is going to be in ruins,
22:34 it's never going to be inhabited."
22:36 He said, "The shepherds won't even stay there."
22:40 "But wild beasts of the desert will lie there,
22:43 and their house will be full of owls,
22:47 ostriches will dwell there,
22:48 and wild goats will caper there."
22:51 Dear friend,
22:52 if you don't believe in this book
22:54 and you don't believe that it's inspired,
22:56 that it's divine,
22:57 then you need to answer this prophecy
22:59 in Isaiah the 13th Chapter.
23:02 You better know,
23:05 you better know something that you and I as humans
23:09 don't know when you say
23:10 that city will never be inhabited.
23:14 God said that concerning Babylon,
23:17 the glory, the Chaldees,
23:19 their pride would never be inhabited.
23:25 But the dream doesn't stop there,
23:28 God continues on.
23:30 And He says to Nebuchadnezzar, "But after you,
23:34 after you Nebuchadnezzar
23:36 shall arise another kingdom inferior to yours."
23:40 Oh, he said Nebuchadnezzar,
23:42 "There's going to come another kingdom
23:44 and it's going to rise
23:45 and it's going to be inferior to yours,"
23:47 just the same as silver is inferior to gold.
23:53 Okay.
23:54 So he said, "The next kingdom would be inferior."
23:56 And, dear friend,
23:58 remember tonight it's God that raises up kings,
24:04 it's God that takes them down.
24:06 Because the next kingdom that came on the scene
24:09 of action was the kingdom of Medo-Persia.
24:13 Medo-Persia overthrew Babylon in 539 BC
24:20 and it lasted or went to 331 BC.
24:27 There's a general of the Medes and Persians,
24:31 his name is Cyrus.
24:35 Cyrus has gathered the Medes and Persians together.
24:38 Now, folks, listen,
24:40 this is a coalition of two powers,
24:43 this is the Medes and the Persians,
24:45 they've come together,
24:47 that's why this image has two arms of silver
24:50 because you've got two nations that are coming together
24:53 to make one power.
24:54 Unfortunately,
24:56 that's why in your history books
24:57 when you went to school,
24:59 it was called the Persian kingdom
25:01 because the Persians were stronger than the Medes,
25:04 but that was really a coalition of two powers,
25:07 the Medes and the Persians.
25:09 Cyrus brought them together.
25:12 Cyrus took his army
25:14 and they marched on the city of Babylon.
25:18 Okay.
25:20 They closed all the gates to the city of Babylon
25:24 that people even went up on top of the wall
25:27 and threw food to Cyrus and laughed at him
25:31 'cause the city could not be taken.
25:35 Now if there's some of you still
25:38 that are not really convinced that this book is divine.
25:44 If you're having trouble really believing that this is a book
25:47 that you can put your trust in,
25:49 that this is a book that you can put your confidence in
25:52 and you can say, I can believe it,
25:53 I can follow it, I can trust it,
25:55 I can build my confidence on this book.
25:58 If you're having trouble that way tonight,
26:01 then listen to this.
26:03 Isaiah 45:1.
26:08 God calls,
26:10 God calls Cyrus by name, listen to me, folks,
26:16 150 years before he was born.
26:22 Calls him by name 150 years before he's born
26:26 not only calls him by name but he tells exactly
26:30 how he will overthrow the city of Babylon.
26:32 It's God that sets up kings and God that takes them down.
26:36 Listen to this.
26:38 "Thus saith the Lord to his anointed, to Cyrus,"
26:41 there's his name.
26:42 "Whose right hand I have held to subdue nations before him
26:48 and to loose the armor of kings," listen.
26:52 "To open before him the double doors,
26:55 so that the gates will not be shut."
26:59 Exactly what he said he was going to do.
27:02 They crawled up on the wall,
27:04 they threw food to Cyrus and laughed at him.
27:08 Cyrus took his men,
27:10 marched down the Euphrates River,
27:12 the Euphrates River, folks,
27:14 flows right through the middle of the city of Babylon,
27:18 you can see it here.
27:20 Flows right through the heart of the city of Babylon,
27:23 they had built walls down each side
27:26 of the Euphrates River
27:29 so that there was no way that people could get into it.
27:33 Cyrus took his men,
27:34 they marched down the Euphrates River
27:36 and at a selected spot
27:38 he had his men begin to dig canals.
27:42 Now let me tell you how worried the people in Babylon were.
27:46 Cyrus sent out a spy
27:49 and he found out that on a certain night
27:52 that they were going to have a great big party.
27:55 Now here Cyrus is surrounding,
27:57 they know they're under siege and what are they doing?
28:01 They're partying.
28:03 Having a great big party.
28:05 Cyrus decides that that night he will take the city.
28:08 He has his men break the dykes of those canals,
28:11 divert the Euphrates River into those canals
28:14 and he and his men
28:15 marched up the muddy bottom of the Euphrates River,
28:20 the gates, the two leave gates,
28:22 the doors that opened from the river into to the city
28:27 that guards were drunk.
28:29 And the gates were open.
28:31 And just as the scripture prophesied,
28:33 Cyrus and his men
28:35 marched through those gates into the city and took it
28:37 as God said he would.
28:40 Thus God sets up kingdoms and takes them down.
28:44 He is the one who is control, but it doesn't stop there.
28:50 It says, "Then another, a third kingdom of bronze,
28:54 shall rule over the earth."
28:57 Third kingdom of bronze now is going to rule.
29:01 When the great phenomenas of history takes place, folks,
29:05 probably one of the greatest generals
29:07 the world has ever known
29:09 by the name of Alexander the Great.
29:13 The Grecian Empire,
29:15 Greece overthrew
29:18 Medo-Persia in 331 BC.
29:22 Greece is going to last to 168 BC.
29:27 Alexander the Great met Darius of the Medes
29:32 and Persians on the plains of Arbela, 331 BC.
29:37 Listen, Darius,
29:39 the Medes and Persians has 1 million men.
29:46 Alexander the Great has 40,000.
29:52 And Alexander the Great
29:54 instituted a new type of warfare
29:58 and overthrew Darius.
30:01 Just as God said,
30:03 under the leadership of Alexander the Great
30:06 he took his army now.
30:08 Young man and marched them
30:11 for seven years without ever going home,
30:15 they took everything that their hand touched.
30:19 When it says that he would rule over the earth,
30:22 Alexander the Great's kingdom
30:24 was indeed that it ruled the earth.
30:27 Marched him clear to the borders
30:29 of the country of India.
30:32 And thus the scripture says that the third kingdom
30:34 of bronze would rule.
30:37 But then it continues, it says this,
30:40 one historian had this to say about Alexander the Great,
30:45 "I am persuaded that there was no nation, city,
30:49 nor people then in being whether his name did not reach,
30:55 there seems to me to have been some..."
30:59 What?
31:00 "Divine hand presiding both over his birth
31:05 and his actions."
31:07 You see, God called him into existence.
31:13 Three kingdoms.
31:15 Scripture speaks of a fourth one.
31:19 Daniel 2:40.
31:22 "And the fourth kingdom shall be as strong as iron,
31:25 inasmuch as iron breaks in pieces
31:27 and scatters everything,
31:29 and like iron that crushes the kingdom
31:31 and will break in pieces and crush all the others."
31:35 So it speaks of this fourth kingdom,
31:38 the fourth kingdom that is to rule was pagan Rome.
31:42 Rome overthrew Greece 168 BC.
31:48 God referred to it as the iron kingdom of Rome,
31:53 it crushed everything that was before it.
31:57 This is the power, folks,
31:59 that is ruling at the time Jesus was born.
32:03 'Cause you remember it was the decree
32:05 of Caesar Augustus that sent Joseph and Mary
32:09 to Bethlehem to pay their taxes.
32:12 You remember it's the same power
32:15 that's ruling at the time Jesus died
32:17 because it was a Roman soldier
32:19 that stuck the spear in his side.
32:21 It's was a Roman soldier that put the crown of thorns
32:23 on His head.
32:25 Rome, Rome ruled from 168 BC
32:30 to 476 AD ruling longer
32:34 than any other kingdom.
32:37 At that time, the iron monarchy of Rome,
32:40 a historian by the name of Gibbon
32:43 had this to say about it.
32:45 "The image of gold, silver, or brass,
32:47 that might serve to represent the nations and their kings,
32:52 were successively broken by the iron monarchy of Rome."
32:57 Now...
33:01 If you and I were writing history
33:04 and we said there would be this kingdom,
33:06 and this kingdom, and this kingdom,
33:08 and this there'd be four kings,
33:10 we probably would have said there would have been a fifth.
33:13 See, but God can't keep telling you,
33:16 God's the one that says what happens.
33:19 So watch.
33:23 "Whereas you saw the feet and toes..."
33:25 Now you're understanding what we've done, don't you?
33:27 We're coming down that image and we've come all the way
33:30 from the head, clear down to where?
33:33 Feet and the toes.
33:35 Let me ask you something.
33:36 What is there after feet and toes?
33:40 Huh?
33:42 Nothing.
33:43 Okay, we're down to the end, get it clear.
33:46 We're down to the feet and toes.
33:49 "Whereas you saw the feet and toes,
33:51 partly of potter's clay and partly of iron,
33:53 the kingdom shall be divided."
33:59 Here we've had four kingdoms and now God all of a sudden
34:01 says that's it,
34:03 from this time on the kingdom is going to be divided.
34:07 Friend, go back, read your history.
34:10 That's exactly what happened.
34:13 Do you understand what we're saying here tonight?
34:15 I'm studying with you from the Book of Daniel.
34:19 Okay.
34:20 Do you know when the Book of Daniel was written?
34:23 Back around 500 BC.
34:27 Do you know what we're talking about now?
34:29 We're talking about Rome backing down in 476 AD.
34:35 I mean, here's over a thousand years.
34:38 And God has predicted with absolute accuracy,
34:42 everything that has taken place.
34:45 Thousand years before it happens here.
34:48 Okay.
34:50 The kingdom shall be divided.
34:53 "Yet the strength of iron shall be in it,
34:56 just as you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay."
34:59 So he said the kingdom is going to be divided.
35:01 It's going to be like iron and it's going to be like clay.
35:07 "And as the toes of the feet were partly of iron
35:10 and partly of clay,
35:12 so the kingdom shall be partly strong
35:14 and partly fragile."
35:19 Kingdom going to be divided,
35:21 Rome, you ever read about Rome.
35:27 Rome is responsible for civilization, folks.
35:32 Up until the time that Rome was there,
35:36 civilization didn't advance very much.
35:39 Rome is the one that came in and made the waterways safe,
35:43 they're the ones that made the road safe,
35:46 they made it possible for people to travel,
35:49 their soldiers marched down the road carrying plaques
35:52 that said Pax Romana, Pax Romana, Roman peace.
35:57 They were ones to let civilization
36:00 spread across the world, they ruled.
36:04 And God says, "Now it's going to be divided."
36:09 What happened?
36:11 One of the great phenomenon of history.
36:14 When all of a sudden great masses of people
36:18 all move at one time, they were called barbarians.
36:23 They were known as the Goths.
36:26 They were tribes of people
36:28 and they moved down on the Roman Empire
36:32 and broke it apart, broke it to pieces.
36:35 They were such tribes as the Anglo-Saxons,
36:40 the Franks, the Herulis, the Vandals, the Burgundies,
36:44 all these different tribes moved down on the Roman Empire
36:48 and broke it into pieces.
36:52 Now, now you and I become involved, okay?
36:59 Because these ten Germanic tribes,
37:04 they came down and broke up the Roman Empire.
37:08 And by the way did you notice,
37:10 did you notice as we were studying
37:12 that that image had two legs?
37:16 Did you know that Rome was made of two divisions?
37:19 Eastern and western Rome.
37:22 That's why the image has two legs, two legs of iron.
37:26 Okay.
37:27 They came down and they ran
37:29 over the Roman Empire and broke it up.
37:32 And those Germanic tribes
37:34 became the nations of Western Europe today.
37:39 You see the Alamanni became the Germans,
37:45 the Burgundies became the Swiss,
37:48 the Franks became the French,
37:50 the Lombards became the Italians,
37:52 the Saxons became the English,
37:54 the Suevi, Portuguese and the Visigoths, the Spanish.
37:58 You notice there's three there.
38:01 Heruli, Vandals and Ostrogoths that were destroyed.
38:07 On Wednesday night,
38:09 I'll tell you why they were destroyed
38:12 and when they were destroyed.
38:13 God's Word tells you that very, very clear,
38:17 so you don't want to miss that
38:18 when we talk about the rise of the antichrist
38:22 on Wednesday night.
38:24 It'll tell you why they were destroyed.
38:26 But these became the nations of Western Europe.
38:29 Okay.
38:31 Now let's take the scripture farther
38:32 and see what it tells us here.
38:34 "As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay,
38:38 they will mingle with the seed of men."
38:42 Now I need you tonight to remember that phrase.
38:45 They will mingle with the seed of men.
38:48 We're going to come back to that.
38:49 Said as you saw iron mixed with clay,
38:51 they will mingle with the seed of men.
38:54 "But they will not adhere to one another,
38:57 just as iron does not mix with clay."
39:00 So God said, "They're going to try,
39:03 they're going to try to unite the kingdom back together
39:06 but it will not adhere."
39:10 Well, you remember your history,
39:12 don't you?
39:15 These Germanic tribes
39:16 moved down on the Roman Empire, broke it up 476 AD.
39:21 It's not too many years after that until a man comes
39:26 to rule by the name of Charlemagne,
39:29 he's that little fellow right up at the top.
39:32 Charlemagne decides that he's going to establish
39:35 his Holy Roman Empire.
39:39 That he's going to bring all of Rome back together,
39:43 that was his ambition, that's what he wanted to do.
39:48 A historian said of Charlemagne that his empire wasn't holy,
39:53 it wasn't Roman and it wasn't an empire
39:57 'cause he wanted to do that but he died
40:00 a disappointed man not able to do it.
40:04 Do you know why he couldn't do it?
40:07 Do you know why he couldn't do?
40:10 'Cause God said he couldn't.
40:12 Amen. I mean, that's very simple.
40:14 God just said no,
40:15 the kingdoms going to be divided.
40:17 But we don't learn very quick, folks.
40:20 You know, we don't many times we read what it says
40:23 and we say, well, that really couldn't be true,
40:27 and so we move a few more years
40:29 and we come to this fellow right up here
40:31 by the name of Charles V.
40:33 And Charles V decides
40:35 he's going to unite all of Europe back together,
40:39 launched Europe into a bloodbath
40:43 but was never able to bring it back together.
40:46 Died without seeing his dream fulfilled.
40:49 Then we come to another man in history,
40:53 one by the name of Louie XIV of France,
40:56 you ever read in history about his famous sunrise kingdom?
41:01 Louie was a very interesting character.
41:03 He was going to bring all of Europe back together.
41:06 Louie was a very, very fancy dresser.
41:09 He really liked to dress.
41:11 You remember a few years back, quite a few years back now
41:15 when they had these shoes
41:16 that had very thick soles on them
41:18 and real tall heels on, remember that?
41:20 People wore that they thought that was the latest fashion.
41:23 Well, it wasn't, Louie wore them back then.
41:25 So it'd been around a long time,
41:27 but Louie was not able to get his sunrise kingdom together,
41:32 died without seeing it fulfilled
41:34 because God said kingdoms going to be divided.
41:39 This brings us
41:41 to probably one of the greatest military geniuses
41:44 the world has ever known.
41:47 Napoleon Bonaparte.
41:50 Napoleon decides that he is going to unite Europe.
41:56 And I mean he's set out to do just that.
42:00 To unite all of Europe back together.
42:04 Do you know what defeated Napoleon?
42:08 You know what defeated him?
42:10 I know some of you are saying, "Oh, yes,
42:11 I know the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo."
42:15 No, that didn't what defeated Napoleon.
42:18 What defeated Napoleon
42:20 was something very, very small.
42:23 It's called a snowflake.
42:26 That's what defeated him.
42:27 You see Napoleon took his army and marched them into Russia.
42:30 And in a matter of a few months
42:32 they were in Moscow and had it in flames.
42:35 And it looked like
42:36 there was nothing that could stop Napoleon.
42:40 And then he took his army
42:41 and they started to leave Russia
42:43 and it snowed, and it snowed, and it snowed
42:48 and the temperature dropped lower, and lower,
42:52 and lower until almost
42:54 half of Napoleon's army froze to death.
42:59 And his army was in no physical condition
43:03 to meet the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo
43:05 because it's God that sets them up,
43:08 it's God that takes them down.
43:11 Now, okay, some of you here till tonight
43:14 are struggling and you're saying,
43:16 "Well, I'm not real sure I can,
43:19 I can put everything, all my confidence in this book,
43:23 I'm not real sure of that that I can do that."
43:26 Then let me share something else with you.
43:29 You see this man here.
43:32 His name is Kaiser Wilhelm.
43:36 He's the emperor of Germany.
43:40 Okay.
43:42 It says they would mingle with the seed of men,
43:48 remember that text?
43:49 They would mingle to see,
43:50 that's an old English term, folks.
43:52 It means they would intermarry, that's what it means.
43:56 They would intermarry
43:58 trying to bring the kingdom back together.
44:02 Now if you don't believe what this book says,
44:05 then let me ask you to do something.
44:08 Go to the library, by the way
44:11 you won't have any trouble getting in,
44:13 it's not overcrowded.
44:15 Okay.
44:16 You can get in without any trouble
44:17 and look it up,
44:19 you'll find at the time of Kaiser Wilhelm
44:23 every, every king,
44:25 every queen of Europe was related.
44:30 They had intermarried all of them
44:33 until they were all related
44:34 so that one historian
44:36 when he talked about the World War I,
44:38 he said the World War I wasn't anything
44:40 but a great big family argument.
44:42 And that's pretty true.
44:45 As God said they would intermarry
44:47 trying to bring it all back together
44:49 but they couldn't.
44:51 And as the World War I was coming in to an end
44:54 and people were dancing in the streets of Europe.
44:57 In the mind of a young paperhanger
44:59 was dancing visions of a thousand year Reich,
45:03 his name was Adolf Hitler.
45:06 Adolf Hitler decided that he wouldn't just rule Europe,
45:11 he would rule the world
45:14 and set out to bring all the world
45:18 under his thousand-year Reich.
45:21 Now, dear friends,
45:23 I could tell you many, many stories
45:25 about the hand of God and how...
45:28 What took place during the World War II
45:31 that God said the kingdom would be divided,
45:34 it would not be united
45:35 and because of the hand of God that is exactly what happened.
45:41 'Cause God said it would be that way.
45:44 Okay.
45:46 So what I've taken you
45:47 is we started with that head of gold
45:49 and we've come all the way down here
45:51 and now we're in the feet and toes.
45:54 Now listen carefully,
45:57 "And in the days of..."
46:01 What?
46:02 "These kings.
46:04 In the days of these kings
46:06 the God of heaven will set up a kingdom."
46:08 That's in the days of Germany, England, France.
46:12 In the days of these kings
46:14 we've talked about
46:15 the God of heaven is going to set up a kingdom,
46:18 "Which shall never be destroyed,
46:20 and the kingdom shall not be left to other people."
46:23 So in the days of these ten kings,
46:25 the ten toes referred to there in Daniel.
46:29 All right.
46:30 "Now it shall break in pieces
46:34 and consume all of these kingdoms,
46:36 and it shall stand forever."
46:38 So it says that God's kingdom
46:40 is going to come in the days of this kingdom,
46:42 these kingdoms
46:44 and it's going to break them into pieces
46:45 and it will stand forever.
46:50 Now follow me,
46:53 "As the toes of the feet
46:55 were partly of iron and partly of clay,
46:57 so the kingdom shall be partly strong
46:58 and partly fragile."
47:01 All right, now
47:02 I'm going to Daniel the 7th Chapter, folks.
47:05 We've established that those ten toes
47:07 are ten kings right down here at the end of time.
47:11 Now listen carefully, "The ten horns are..."
47:16 What?
47:18 "Ten kings
47:19 who shall arise from this kingdom.
47:21 And another shall rise after them."
47:22 So in Daniel 7, there's ten kings.
47:25 Let's go to Revelation 12,
47:29 speaking of Daniel 7, excuse me, there shall,
47:31 "He shall be different from the first one,
47:32 and shall subdue three kings."
47:34 We'll talk about that on Wednesday night.
47:37 Revelation 12,
47:38 "And another sign appeared in heaven,
47:40 behold, a great fiery red dragon
47:43 having seven heads and ten horns,
47:48 and seven diadems on his heads."
47:51 So here in Revelation 12
47:53 there is a beast that has ten horns
47:55 that represent ten kings.
47:59 And then when we go to Revelation 17, it says,
48:03 "The ten horns which you saw
48:05 are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet,
48:09 but they receive authority for one hour with the king,
48:12 with one hour as kings with the beast."
48:16 Now what I'm trying to tell you tonight,
48:19 what you need to get clear in your thinking
48:22 is here we have in Daniel 7,
48:24 I mean Daniel 2, we have ten kings.
48:28 Daniel 7, we have ten kings.
48:31 Revelation 12, we've got ten kings.
48:34 Revelation 17, we've got ten kings.
48:37 And every one of those
48:40 all are the same ten kings.
48:44 And every one of those prophecies
48:46 they are the same ten kings,
48:48 they are Germany, France, Switzerland,
48:53 they are those very same ten Germanic tribes.
48:57 What I'm trying to get across to you tonight
49:00 is that God is consistent.
49:02 God will not fail,
49:05 He's consistent all the way through His Word.
49:07 And I promise you that as we study these prophecies,
49:10 they're going to open up
49:12 and you're going to see this beast in Revelation,
49:15 in Daniel 7
49:17 and the great red dragon in Revelation 12.
49:20 And this beast in Revelation 17,
49:22 you're going to see exactly who they are,
49:24 who they represent and what they mean.
49:27 He will be consistent all the way through.
49:30 So those are the same 10 kings.
49:35 What does that mean?
49:37 That means today things are happening in Europe.
49:43 You see it says they have received
49:45 no kingdom as yet.
49:48 Okay.
49:50 But you are living at the time
49:52 in which you're seeing all of a sudden
49:54 the nations of Europe coming together.
49:57 What is called the common market
49:59 or the European committee, community.
50:02 When that happens, folks, that will be the largest
50:07 political economical block in the world.
50:12 That's what it will be.
50:14 They are coming together forming one power,
50:20 European community.
50:24 Time magazine, December 31, 1992,
50:28 "Project 92..."
50:29 It's talking about this,
50:31 "Has given fresh momentum to taking Western Europe
50:34 further down the road to unity."
50:39 Europe, this is their poster,
50:42 it shows the tower of Babel.
50:45 Okay.
50:46 And it says many tongues, one voice.
50:52 Do you understand?
50:54 Do you know that last year
50:57 this European community
50:59 decided to take and put their army together?
51:03 It is now the largest army on earth.
51:08 One that they have.
51:10 When I went to Europe just a short while back,
51:15 it was no different than crossing the United States.
51:18 I showed my passport when I went into the country
51:21 and I never showed it another time.
51:23 And I traveled across nation after nation,
51:25 they're all coming together just exactly,
51:28 they are not only coming together
51:30 in political views and concepts,
51:34 but they're coming together also when it comes to finances.
51:37 They now have the Euro
51:39 and that is gaining more momentum all the time.
51:43 So what I'm telling you tonight is you're living at the time
51:47 that these 10 kings who have received no kingdom,
51:50 you're seeing that all come together
51:53 and they're going to form a power.
51:56 That's what you're seeing.
51:58 And the scripture says that happens in the last days.
52:04 Now, dear friend, what I'm asking you
52:07 is can you believe it?
52:11 Can you build your faith on it?
52:13 In the days of these kings
52:16 the God of heaven will set up a kingdom.
52:20 "The great God has made known to the king
52:23 what will come to pass after this."
52:26 Listen, folks,
52:29 the dream is certain,
52:32 the interpretation is sure.
52:36 So it says that the dream is certain,
52:41 no question about it, the dream is certain.
52:43 Now I want to ask you something.
52:47 If God gave a prophecy.
52:50 Okay.
52:51 And one event after another in that prophecy
52:54 took place exactly as God said it would.
52:59 I mean, with uncanny accuracy
53:02 everything fit exactly as God said it would.
53:07 And 90% of that prophecy has been fulfilled
53:12 just exactly as God said it would be,
53:15 then let me ask you,
53:17 and the last 10% with still future,
53:20 do you think that'll be fulfilled
53:21 as God said it would be?
53:24 You better believe it will be.
53:26 This prophecy I've shared with you tonight
53:30 has happened exactly as God said it would.
53:34 We only have a little bit of that prophecy
53:36 left to be fulfilled
53:37 and you better believe
53:39 it'll happen just like God said it would.
53:41 The dream indeed is sure the...
53:47 Certain the interpretation is what?
53:50 Sure. Absolutely.
53:53 So tonight, you and I
53:58 can build our faith on this book.
54:01 You don't have to be in doubt about it, dear friend.
54:05 This book has stood the test of time.
54:09 It's been around thousands of years,
54:13 it has never failed and it will never fail.
54:17 God will guide and direct your life
54:20 just as sure as anything.
54:22 He will help you and I prepare
54:25 for the coming of Jesus Christ.
54:28 Can't be far off
54:29 because in the days of these kings,
54:34 the Lord is going to set up a kingdom.
54:37 Tonight, the Lord is coming,
54:40 are you ready?
54:43 The Lord's coming, it can't go on much longer.
54:46 There's nothing left after the feet and toes,
54:50 we're down at the end.
54:53 Are you ready for the Lord to come?
54:58 Why will you wait my brothers
55:04 The promises of God are all true
55:11 Jesus bought your life
55:16 On Calvary's mountain
55:22 And soon He will come again for you
55:33 The Lord is coming
55:38 Are you ready?
55:45 The Lord is coming
55:50 Are you ready?
55:57 Would your heart be right
56:04 If He came tonight?
56:12 The Lord is coming
56:18 Are you ready?
56:30 Let us pray.
56:33 Heavenly Father,
56:36 tonight we have seen how you with
56:41 one stroke of the pen
56:46 have outlined the whole history of mankind.
56:50 Lord, help us not to be weak in faith.
56:55 May we put our confidence in you.
56:59 May our hearts be open,
57:02 may we accept Jesus Christ into our lives
57:05 as our Savior.
57:07 As we sense
57:10 that we're living down in the end time
57:14 when everything is coming to a close,
57:18 one of these days soon
57:21 you'll be setting up your kingdom.
57:24 We ask Lord that each one of us
57:25 may have a place in Your kingdom
57:28 not because we're worthy
57:31 or not because of things we have done
57:34 but because we've accepted you as our Savior.
57:38 For this we ask in Christ's name.
57:40 Amen.


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