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00:14 It's a real privilege for me tonight
00:16 to have my son-in-law with me.
00:19 Larry Becker, married to my daughter.
00:23 They have two grand children, Roger and Erika,
00:29 that I didn't realize this until
00:32 they came along. But you know,
00:35 my children weren't perfect but my grandchildren are.
00:38 You know? I'm delighted that Larry's here because
00:43 they've always been a great great blessing to me,
00:46 and I've appreciated their ministry. He's going to bring
00:50 to you a very beautiful song entitled Feel The Nails.
01:34 They tell me Jesus died
01:38 for my transgressions
01:43 and that He paid the price
01:47 a long long time ago
01:51 when He gave His life for me
01:56 on a hill called Calvary.
02:01 But there's something else I really want
02:05 to know:
02:09 does He still feel the nails
02:14 every time I fail?
02:18 Can He hear the crowd cry "Crucify! "
02:24 again?
02:27 Am I causing Him pain?
02:32 I know I've got to change...
02:37 I just can't bear the thought
02:41 of hurting Him.
02:50 It seems that I'm so good
02:54 at breaking promises
02:58 and I treat His precious grace
03:02 so carelessly.
03:07 But each time He forgives
03:11 what if He relives
03:16 the agony He felt
03:20 on that tree?
03:24 Does He still feel the nails
03:29 every time I fail?
03:32 Can He hear the crowd cry
03:36 "Crucify! " again?
03:41 Am I causing Him pain?
03:45 I know I've got to change...
03:50 I just can't bear the thought
03:54 of hurting Him.
03:59 Holy,
04:03 holy,
04:08 holy is
04:12 the Lord!
04:16 Holy,
04:21 holy,
04:25 holy is
04:29 the Lord!
04:34 Do You still feel the nails
04:38 every time I fail?
04:42 Have I crucified You, Jesus,
04:47 with my sin?
04:51 Oh, I'm tired of playing games;
04:56 I really want to change.
05:00 I never want to hurt
05:05 You again.
05:10 Holy,
05:15 holy,
05:20 holy is
05:25 the Lord!
05:30 Holy,
05:35 holy,
05:41 holy is
05:46 the Lord!
06:00 Tonight we're going to continue our study of prophecy.
06:04 Our subject tonight is the beast with the number 666.
06:10 Now let me mention
06:13 that I told you the other night that the Bible repeats
06:17 and enlarges... repeats and enlarges.
06:21 And that's what it's going to do tonight
06:23 except we've been studying out of the book of Daniel.
06:28 Tonight we move to the book of Revelation.
06:31 So God, you're going to find,
06:33 takes certain things from the book of Daniel
06:35 and brings it into the book of Revelation
06:38 so you can continue through. And you'll see that
06:41 tonight as we look at this very important subject
06:44 about the beast with the number 666.
06:48 You're going to begin to see how the prophecy is
06:51 fulfilled in your day... the time in which you and I
06:55 are living. We're very happy tonight
06:58 to have with us this weekend Joe Pearles.
07:02 Joe has been singing with us for probably 7-8 years.
07:08 Comes in and does a weekend for us
07:10 and we're always blessed when he comes.
07:13 We know that you'll be blessed this evening.
07:15 He's going to sing a beautiful song entitled
07:17 Call My Name Again.
07:29 Lord, I want to do right
07:33 though You know I've done wrong.
07:37 I've been in places
07:41 I did not belong.
07:47 With promises broken
07:51 and secrets I've kept
07:54 I don't want to live
07:58 with fear and regret.
08:04 Whisper to me...
08:08 call my name again
08:12 back to the place
08:15 where I should have been.
08:21 Take my hand and guide me
08:25 away from my sin.
08:29 Have Your own way, Lord,
08:32 call my name again.
08:47 Lord, I want that sweet peace
08:51 I had as a child.
08:55 I paid a high price
08:59 for my choice to be wild.
09:05 The lights and the glamour...
09:08 they blinded my eyes
09:12 Lord, please forgive
09:16 this fool and his pride.
09:22 Whisper to me...
09:25 call my name again
09:29 back to the place
09:33 where I should have been.
09:39 Take my hand and guide me
09:43 away from my sin.
09:47 Have Your own way, Lord,
09:50 call my name again.
09:56 Have Your own way, Lord,
10:00 call my name again.
10:22 Father in heaven,
10:25 tonight we just want to come to You,
10:30 open up our lives, open up our hearts,
10:34 invite the Holy Spirit in.
10:38 Lord, as we look at prophecy
10:41 we pray that You will help us to have clearness of mind.
10:47 We ask, Lord, that we might each
10:50 understand where we are, where we're headed,
10:55 and by faith we might take hold of Your hand
11:00 and walk with You all the way into the kingdom of heaven.
11:04 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
11:14 In Revelation the 14th chapter
11:17 there are three angels.
11:20 One of those angels has a very special message
11:24 concerning the beast.
11:26 And I want you to listen to what that message is:
11:56 So it says very clearly
11:58 that that individual that receives the mark of the beast
12:02 will receive the wrath of God.
12:04 So it becomes extremely important tonight
12:08 that you and I identify this beast.
12:12 Now I know we live in an age and a time
12:14 in which a lot of people are saying
12:17 "Well, you don't really need to know who the beast is. "
12:19 And "You don't really need to be concerned about the beast. "
12:23 But dear friends, it says those that got victory
12:27 over the beast and over its image
12:30 and over its mark are those that stood on the sea of glass.
12:34 Therefore, it IS important
12:36 that you and I understand it and know who it is.
12:40 God has given us prophecy so that we can understand it.
12:45 It says here, II Peter the first chapter and verse 19:
13:03 So God said if there's anything that's sure,
13:07 if there's anything that you can count on,
13:09 if there's anything that you can build your faith on,
13:14 it's prophecy. I have people that say to me:
13:16 "Well Bro. Cox, how can I know that God is real? "
13:21 One way that you can know that God is real
13:23 is He has foretold it thousands of years before it happened
13:28 with absolute accuracy.
13:30 That takes more than human; that takes something divine.
13:35 But some people say: "Well it just all depends on
13:37 how you interpret it.
13:39 One person may interpret it one way;
13:41 somebody else may interpret it another way.
13:44 Just all depends on how you interpret it. "
13:46 No it does not!
13:48 No it does not
13:50 because the Scripture says this:
14:03 The Bible says: "No, it's not! "
14:07 "No prophecy is of any private interpretation... "
14:19 No! The Bible will interpret itself
14:23 if you and I will let it. That's what we've got to do
14:25 is we've got to take God's Word, open it up,
14:28 get into it, and find out what it has to say.
14:32 Only that way can you understand God's Word.
14:36 You can't be like the folks I was studying God's Word with.
14:40 And this fellow knocked on the door,
14:43 and they went to the door and they invited him in
14:45 as we were having the Bible study together.
14:47 And we continued to have the Bible study
14:51 and in the course of the study he said "I don't believe that. "
14:54 And I said: "Well that's OK. You don't have to believe that. "
14:59 And he said: "Well, I just don't believe that's in Scripture. "
15:02 And I said: "Now, sir, I hope by the grace of God
15:05 I'm not showing these people something
15:07 that's not in the Word of God. "
15:08 And he said: "Well, show me! "
15:10 And I said: "OK, let's take our Bible and turn over here
15:13 to the book of Isaiah. " And he said: "Just a minute. "
15:15 He said: "I don't take anything out of the Old Testament. "
15:19 He said: "I only go by the New Testament. "
15:21 Said: "I don't go by the Old Testament. "
15:23 And I said: "Well, that's fair enough.
15:24 Let's turn over here to the gospel of Luke. "
15:26 He said: "Just a minute. "
15:28 He said: "Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John... they were
15:31 all written about Jesus up until the time He died. "
15:35 And he said: "All I go by is is what was written after
15:38 Jesus died. "
15:40 I said: "Well, that's OK. " I said: "Let's turn over here
15:43 to the book of Revelation. " He said:
15:45 "Just a minute. " He said: "That book of Revelation... "
15:48 he said, "that's full of symbols and all that kind of thing. "
15:51 Said: "Nobody understands the book of Revelation! "
15:54 Then I said: "OK... let's turn over here to the book
15:56 of Hebrews. " He said: "Just a minute. "
15:58 Said: "That book of Hebrews was written for the Hebrews. "
16:01 And he said: "I'm a Gentile; I'm not a Hebrew. "
16:04 When he got through with me that's all I had left!
16:08 You can't understand God's Word that way, folks.
16:11 You've got to look at the whole thing.
16:13 In fact, the Scripture says this:
16:32 The WHOLE THING is given by the inspiration of God...
16:36 not just part of it.
16:38 And so you and I must look at the whole Scripture
16:42 if we're going to understand what it's talking about.
16:44 You can't look at just one little part of it.
16:47 So tonight we're going to go to Revelation
16:50 the 13th chapter and we're going to take a look
16:54 at this particular beast, but we're going to see
16:57 how God reaches over here in one part of Scripture
17:00 and pulls things out of it and puts it here in another
17:03 so that you will understand it.
17:06 That's what God does for us.
17:08 Now in Bible prophecy, folks,
17:10 a beast... We sent out this brochure
17:14 and I had some people come and say: "Oh,
17:16 those beasts scare me.
17:18 They look so bad... so ferocious. "
17:21 I have a hard time understanding that
17:24 because they watch all this stuff like Jurassic Park
17:28 and all that. And they watch that
17:30 and it doesn't seem to scare them.
17:32 And then you put something on a handbill and it scares them.
17:34 I have a hard time putting that together.
17:36 But what I'm here to tell you tonight
17:39 is God simply uses a beast to represent a nation.
17:44 That's all. God just uses a beast to represent a nation.
17:48 Look at what it says here in Daniel:
18:05 So here God used a goat and a ram
18:08 to represent the kings of Media and Persia.
18:10 We do the same thing, don't we?
18:13 Huh? We use an eagle to represent the United States.
18:17 We use a lion to represent England.
18:21 We use a bear to represent Russia.
18:24 We do that very same thing. That's all God is doing, folks.
18:28 So when we get to this beast in Revelation
18:30 it just represents a power... that's all.
18:33 So let's go to Revelation the 13th chapter
18:36 and let's take a look at a beast.
18:39 Different kind of beast because it has seven heads
18:42 and it has ten horns.
18:45 So let's see what the Scripture says about it.
18:47 God gives you eight points to identify this beast
18:52 so you and I don't have to be in any doubt.
18:55 When we're through here tonight
18:57 you don't have to be in any doubt whatsoever
19:00 as to who this beast is.
19:03 Again, I want to just simply tell you
19:06 when God gives you eight points
19:08 all eight points must fit.
19:12 If four points fit some nation and four don't,
19:17 then you can rest assured you haven't found the right power.
19:20 OK... all eight points must fit.
19:39 Now the other night I told you that water represents what?
19:44 People, nations, tongues.
19:47 See? God will keep that symbolism the same
19:50 and out of the water comes this great beast.
19:54 All right? What it tells us.
19:55 Now watch carefully... we're to the first clue.
19:59 First point that God's going to help you understand.
20:17 Does that ring any bells with you tonight?
20:21 Yes, if you were here Wednesday night
20:23 that should ring some bells with you
20:26 because all God has done is He has gone back to the book
20:30 of Daniel and took those beasts that we studied
20:33 in the book of Daniel and brought them over here
20:35 to the book of Revelation.
20:37 And you remember we had the lion there that represented?
20:41 Babylon. We had the bear there that represented?
20:45 Medo-Persia.
20:46 We had the leopard that represented Greece
20:49 and we had the dragon that represented pagan Rome.
20:53 So God has taken those powers,
20:56 put it all in one beast here
20:59 to bring it down into the book of Revelation
21:01 so you and I will know what it's talking about.
21:04 That's the first clue.
21:05 Watch as we continue on:
21:10 That's that fourth beast; that was pagan Rome.
21:21 So the Scripture says here that pagan Rome
21:25 is going to give to this beast
21:27 its power, its seat, and its authority.
21:32 So we're beginning to find out what the Scripture's telling us.
21:35 It says that this beast got its power from the dragon.
21:40 Let's go on and see what it says about it:
21:43 Pagan Rome if you remember went from 168 BC to 476 AD.
21:49 Pagan Rome came to an end. Watch what history tells us
21:54 happened because pagan Rome is going to have to give its
21:57 power, its seat, and its authority
22:00 to a particular power. So let's see what it does:
22:21 So he's saying that this passed from the Caesars
22:25 to the Pontiff. All right?
22:33 That's exactly what history has to say about it.
22:36 So we find in fulfillment of God's Word
22:39 we find that pagan Rome passed to papal Rome
22:45 its power, its seat, its authority.
22:48 OK? All right. Third clue:
23:01 So it says that this beast that we're looking at tonight
23:05 that he's going to last for 42 months.
23:09 OK? Now I gave you Biblical principles
23:14 when you come to Bible prophecy and you come to time
23:18 I gave you a principle that lets you tell what that represents.
23:22 You remember that?
23:23 Told you that in Bible prophecy a day represented? One year.
23:27 All right. Let's watch and see what it has to tell us:
23:31 Prophetic Faith of our Fathers, Le Roy Froom.
23:34 This is what he has to say:
23:51 So you find that one went down.
23:54 Silverius did, and Justinian - who was the emperor -
23:57 put Vigilius in his place.
24:12 Now I read you a statement on Wednesday night
24:14 that said that it was forced upon them
24:18 because the Roman Empire was falling apart
24:21 and the only thing that the people could turn to
24:24 that had stability and that was there was the church.
24:28 And so it was forced upon him
24:31 and that's why it says they moved more and more
24:34 in worldly events.
24:44 And thus you find that Rome - pagan Rome -
24:48 passed, not necessarily voluntarily
24:51 but because of the circumstances - it passed
24:54 to papal Rome its power, its seat, and its authority.
24:59 And it says that it was going to last for 42 months.
25:05 Now folks, I told you the other night
25:07 and I'll repeat this a number of times
25:09 God is consistent. I mean, He is consistent
25:14 all the way through.
25:16 And you'll see this over and over and over.
25:20 Watch. It says here:
25:31 So the papal power came into power
25:34 538 AD.
25:38 So if we take that 538 AD
25:42 and we learned on Wednesday night that it lasted
25:45 for 1,260 years.
25:50 Let's see if Revelation 13 will back that up.
25:55 Well, if I add 1,260 years
25:58 to 538 we learned on Wednesday it took me
26:01 to where? Takes me to 1798 AD.
26:05 Now we've got 42 months.
26:07 In Biblical reckoning of time there are 30 days
26:11 in a Biblical month.
26:13 So if you multiply 30 times 42 what do you get?
26:19 You get 1,260.
26:22 30 times 42 is 1,260.
26:27 That gives me 1,260
26:30 and a day represents a year.
26:36 So if I simply take that
26:38 it takes me to 1798 AD.
26:41 And you remember on Wednesday night
26:43 that is as far as I took you. Do you remember that?
26:46 And I told you if you wanted to know what happened
26:49 in 1798 AD you had to come back tonight...
26:51 and I see you did. OK?
26:53 So we're going to find out what happened in 1798 AD now.
26:57 Let's watch.
27:00 Fourth clue: Revelation 13:3.
27:08 This beast had seven heads!
27:11 And as the apostle John is looking at that beast
27:14 he sees that one of his heads receives a mortal wound.
27:20 Been mortally wounded.
27:22 OK? Well let's see what happened.
27:26 At this time in history, folks,
27:28 at this time in history a man has come to power.
27:32 I'm talking about 1798 AD.
27:35 This man's name is Napoleon.
27:39 Napoleon wants to rule all of Europe
27:43 but he knows... he knows that he cannot rule Europe
27:47 unless he can break the back of the papal power.
27:52 OK? So what happened?
27:55 Napoleon sent his general Berthier
28:00 into Rome on February 15, 1798,
28:07 and overthrew the papal power.
28:09 Listen... this is what history says about it.
28:25 And if you go to Rome today,
28:27 you can go downtown and here is a facade
28:31 probably as long as this whole hall -
28:34 huge one - of that very event that took place.
28:37 You can see it there. February 15, 1798,
28:41 when the papal power came to an end. Folks,
28:45 just exactly as God's Word said.
28:48 Said it would last for forty-two months.
28:51 When those 42 months came to an end
28:54 exactly that power came to an end.
28:57 Now I don't know... What do you do with that, folks?
29:01 Do you just pass that by?
29:03 Do you just say: "Well, so? "
29:07 I mean, John... John's writing this.
29:12 You know when John lived?
29:14 90 AD.
29:16 We're talking about something happening in 1798 AD.
29:21 John saw that vividly!
29:23 Said exactly what would happen.
29:27 What I'm trying to get across to you tonight, dear friends:
29:29 you can build your faith on this Book... it won't fail!
29:34 It'll never let you down.
29:36 Never! It's absolute.
29:40 It will not let you down.
29:43 So the papal power came to an end, 1798 AD.
29:50 This began something that is called in history
29:56 the Roman Question.
29:57 Now watch the Scripture very carefully.
29:59 Revelation 13 verse 5:
30:07 Says that this power is going to speak great things
30:10 and blasphemies. Wednesday night when we studied about this power
30:14 you remember it said that he would "speak great words
30:17 against the Most High. " You remember that.
30:19 OK... See, it's the same power.
30:22 God's just moving you
30:23 from Daniel to the book of Revelation.
30:26 Now when it says he would speak "great things and blasphemies"
30:30 the Bible... the Bible identifies blasphemy
30:34 as claiming to be God and claiming power to forgive sins.
30:38 That's what the Bible classifies as blasphemy:
30:42 when a person claims to be God
30:44 or he claims he has the power to forgive sins.
30:49 Let me give you a couple of Biblical examples of that.
30:52 Both of them happened with Jesus.
30:54 Watch what the Scripture has to say about this.
31:06 They said: "For good works we're not stoning You. "
31:17 They tried to stone Him because He claimed to be God.
31:21 Of course, He had every right in the world
31:23 to claim to be God 'cause He IS God.
31:26 But they didn't want to recognize that.
31:29 They said: "We're not stoning You because You do good works;
31:31 we're stoning You 'cause you claim to be God. "
31:33 That's blasphemy
31:34 in the Scripture definition. Listen to one more:
31:39 Well let me read you some statements
31:41 'cause it says they would speak great words and blasphemy.
31:57 So they say all the names in the Scripture
32:00 that apply to Jesus they apply to the pope.
32:11 So when it says blasphemy is when they claim to be God.
32:15 Let's look at one more in the Scripture, though.
32:26 They said: "Who is this that's speaking blasphemies? "
32:30 Now watch carefully:
32:37 Said: "Nobody else can forgive sins except God! "
32:40 God alone. So the Scripture identifies blasphemy
32:44 when a person - an individual - claims that he has the power
32:48 to forgive sin. Well, does the papal power claim that?
32:52 That's what we've got to ask, and again, folks,
32:55 let me clarify something.
32:58 I am not talking about people.
33:02 Please do not take what I say and apply it to individuals.
33:07 If you do that, you're not making the right application
33:10 because that beast represents a power.
33:13 It represents a system. It does not represent individuals.
33:18 And I told you there are a lot of people within this
33:21 particular religious persuasion
33:23 that are beautiful Christian people.
33:26 And when you and I apply it outside of this
33:29 we are doing jeopardy to the Word of God.
33:32 So don't do that. OK?
33:35 But does that power claim that they have the power
33:39 to forgive sins?
34:01 Says he has the power to forgive that person his sins.
34:07 One more.
34:09 Revelation 13 verse 7... this is the sixth clue:
34:19 So it says that this power would actually make war
34:23 against the saints of God.
34:25 Now, I said this before and I want to repeat it again tonight.
34:29 Never... never in history -
34:33 I don't know of one case in history, folks -
34:36 where a church has taken over state power
34:41 that it hasn't persecuted.
34:43 I don't care what church that is.
34:46 If you go over to Israel today,
34:49 which is a church power,
34:51 you will find they will not let you preach.
34:54 There's persecution there because a church controls it.
35:00 So I don't care what church it is
35:01 any time a church has taken state power
35:07 it has persecuted.
35:08 This, back in the Dark Ages, they had supreme power
35:12 and they persecuted.
35:14 And I'll read you a statement why... why they did it.
35:38 Now get the picture:
35:39 morally they believe that they were saving thousands of souls.
35:45 Listen:
36:03 They believed that these people were wrong.
36:05 They believed that they were teaching them wrong.
36:07 They believed they were leading them wrong
36:09 and therefore they believed that if they persecuted
36:12 or burned a heretic then people would not be deceived.
36:15 And so they persecuted. And as I mentioned
36:18 all you have to do is read. Read such books as
36:23 Fox's Book of Martyrs.
36:25 Or Short Short Stories of the Reformation,
36:28 or The History of Europe by Quabbin.
36:30 Here I Stand by Bainton.
36:33 History of the Reformation by d'Aubigne.
36:36 And you can read about some of the persecution
36:38 of the Spanish people.
36:40 Or you can read about the persecution of the Waldensian
36:43 people or you can read about the persecution of
36:46 the Huguenots.
36:48 History is full of it.
36:51 It'll tell you what happened. Let's go on.
36:54 Revelation 13:3.
37:02 Now listen carefully:
37:04 he received a mortal wound
37:05 on February 15, 1798.
37:11 Watch:
37:23 So it says his deadly wound was healed.
37:25 As I told you, this began in history what was called
37:29 The Roman Question.
37:32 You see, the pope was taken prisoner.
37:37 Taken to France and he died in prison.
37:40 They elected another one and he moved back to the Vatican.
37:43 Moved in... didn't show his face for 50 years.
37:47 There were many many efforts to settle The Roman Question.
37:51 Let me explain what happened.
37:53 When Napoleon came in and he took over
37:56 and did away with the papal power
37:58 he took from them what was called papal states.
38:03 Now folks, papal states were like our states.
38:06 I'm not talking about a little piece of ground.
38:08 I'm talking about pieces of land as large as our state.
38:12 He had papal states throughout Europe.
38:15 That was all taken away from him by Napoleon.
38:19 So there were many many efforts made
38:22 to try to settle The Roman Question.
38:24 Every time they tried to settle it
38:27 it was always dependent upon the Italian Parliament
38:31 and the papal power would not accept that.
38:34 That went back and forth, back and forth
38:37 for over 100 years
38:40 until we reached the 1900's.
38:43 And in the 1900's along comes a man
38:47 who is not controlled by the Italian Parliament.
38:50 He is a dictator... his name is Mussolini.
38:55 And Mussolini decides that he will settle The Roman Question.
39:00 He sets up conferences with the papal power
39:04 and finally in 1929
39:10 they signed what was known as the Lateran Pact.
39:14 I want you to listen as the newspaper in the United States
39:17 reports that very event.
39:27 Signed it. Watch... this is what it said:
40:03 Signed the Lateran Pact. Let me explain what it did.
40:07 The Lateran Pact paid to the papal power
40:11 $21,000,000
40:14 for the spoilation of the papal states.
40:17 That was in 1929.
40:20 It gave them the right...
40:24 gave them the right to send ambassadors
40:29 to every country of the world.
40:31 It gave them the right - listen to me -
40:34 to be a sovereign power.
40:38 It gave them the right to receive ambassadors
40:42 from every country of the world.
40:46 If you listen to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,
40:50 which a lot of you do,
40:53 one of the questions that came up on there
40:56 is if you wanted to find
40:58 more ambassadors in one local area,
41:03 where would you go?
41:06 Rome! They're all in one building: the Vatican.
41:11 See? People have a hard time understanding this.
41:15 This is a sovereign government. I'm not talking about
41:18 a church, folks... don't misunderstand me.
41:20 I'm not talking about church tonight;
41:23 I'm talking about a government.
41:25 There's a great great difference.
41:27 I have people say to me
41:29 for instance, when the pope came over,
41:32 he addressed the United Nations.
41:36 Why would the pope have the right to address the UN?
41:41 Have you thought about that?
41:45 I mean has any other religious leader
41:49 addressed the United Nations?
41:51 Has any other religious leader done that? Yes.
41:53 One other... do you know who?
41:56 The Dalai Lama.
41:59 Both of them are heads of governments.
42:03 They have a right to address the United Nations
42:07 as heads of government.
42:09 People say: "Oh, it's not right for the pope to come over here
42:13 to the United States and go across our country
42:16 and we spend millions of dollars protecting him. "
42:19 Yes it is right... it IS right
42:23 because our Constitution says that we have to protect
42:28 heads of state, and he's the head of a state.
42:33 That is what the Lateran Pact gave him back
42:37 the right to be a sovereign government.
42:40 And thus you find the deadly wound was healed.
42:44 And the Scripture says that all the world will wonder
42:47 and follow after the beast.
42:49 Look what's happening:
42:53 Rome has come front and center today.
42:58 Gorbachev had this to say:
43:45 So just exactly as the Scripture has said
43:50 it's happening. It's being fulfilled exactly
43:53 as God's Word says.
43:58 Eight:
44:16 All right. You're going to have to follow me carefully now
44:20 because you need to begin to see some things that are happening.
44:26 We in our study... as we have studied God's Word together
44:30 we found out that that image that we studied the other night
44:34 had how many toes? Ten toes.
44:37 Those ten toes represented ten kings.
44:42 OK? We found out
44:45 that that dragon in Daniel 7...
44:49 dragon in Daniel 7...
44:51 had ten horns. Those ten horns represented?
44:55 Ten kings or toes. OK?
44:59 We found out tonight that this beast in Revelation 13
45:04 had ten horns. Those ten horns represent
45:09 ten kings. We're going to be taking a look
45:13 at a beast in Revelation 17
45:17 that also has seven heads and ten horns.
45:21 And it says that this particular power
45:24 had received no kingdom as yet.
45:37 OK?
45:46 Uh! We're beginning to put some things together.
45:49 And folks, in the coming nights we're going to put more of it
45:52 together. It says that these ten kings
45:55 which were the nations of Western Europe,
45:59 the Anglo-Saxons, the Franks, the Heruli,
46:01 the Vandals, the Ostrogoths, they became the nations
46:04 of Western Europe. They became Germany and England
46:07 and France and Portugal and those nations.
46:09 It says that they will come to power
46:13 and they'll give their power and authority to the beast.
46:20 So now, folks, you need to be able to look at it,
46:24 open your eyes, and you ought to be able to know
46:27 what's going on over in Europe and what's going to take place.
46:32 Now let me tell you: are you going to sit there and tell me
46:36 that if God with absolute accuracy
46:40 lined all this up step by step
46:43 and we've gone through it and every piece has fit
46:46 the puzzle... I mean, every piece has fit the puzzle
46:49 and we get down here where two pieces haven't been put in yet
46:53 and you're going to tell me they're not going to be put in?
46:56 Is that what you're going to tell me?
46:58 Not hardly.
47:01 If all those pieces have been put in the puzzle
47:03 and they have fit perfectly,
47:05 you'd better believe the last 2 pieces are going to go in there
47:09 perfectly. And the Scripture tells you and I
47:13 exactly where we're headed.
47:15 We don't have to be in any doubt about it at all.
47:18 OK.
47:22 As we study God's Word
47:24 we're going to take a look at a great red dragon
47:28 in Revelation 12.
47:31 This great red dragon in Revelation 12
47:34 has seven heads, ten horns.
47:38 OK? That's what it says:
47:55 So this beast has seven heads, ten horns. Now,
47:58 rest assured that every time you come across those ten horns
48:01 in Scripture they represent the same ten kings.
48:05 God is consistent.
48:07 But this beast has seven heads. We have studied tonight here
48:11 in Revelation 13 a beast that has how many heads?
48:17 Seven heads, right?
48:31 So this beast also has ten horns
48:35 and he has seven heads.
48:39 When we go to Revelation 17
48:44 it says this:
48:59 So now we have found there are 3 beasts that we've looked at -
49:03 Revelation 12, Revelation 13, Revelation 17-
49:08 and all of them have seven heads.
49:12 OK? Now I'm going to begin to move you
49:18 down through time. You'll see with absolute clarity
49:23 how wonderful God reveals things. Listen:
49:54 Now folks, if you want to have wisdom
50:00 then listen carefully to what God has to say.
50:04 He says: "If you want to be smart,
50:06 if you want to have wisdom,
50:08 listen carefully. "
50:12 "The seven heads are 7 mountains on which the woman sits. "
50:24 So it tells us that those 7 heads represent seven kingdoms
50:28 or seven kings. OK? Now,
50:31 you're going to see something here that will help you
50:33 put all this together.
50:45 So when he talks about those seven heads
50:47 that represent seven kings, seven kingdoms
50:49 he says: "Five of those have fallen;
50:54 One is; one is yet to come. "
50:58 Watch:
51:07 Oh, you have no idea
51:10 how meaningful that word is. "When he comes
51:14 he will continue a short time. " You don't know
51:18 how much that affects you.
51:21 All right.
51:24 This is what we have found out:
51:26 the Bible starts and it talks about these different kingdoms.
51:30 And you remember we studied this particular image in Daniel.
51:34 And as we studied it we found that that head of gold
51:36 represented Babylon.
51:39 And we find that in the Scripture in the 7th chapter
51:42 it was represented as a lion.
51:46 One head... head of a lion.
51:50 OK? The second power that's coming on the scene of action
51:53 was that of Medo-Persia.
51:56 539 BC to 331 BC.
52:00 Arms and breast of silver.
52:02 And we found that God used a beast there to represent
52:05 Medo-Persia which was a bear.
52:09 Head of a bear. OK?
52:11 And then we found that we came down that image
52:14 and we got to that belly and thighs of bronze.
52:17 And we found that that rep- resented the nation of Greece.
52:22 331 BC to 168 BC.
52:25 And in Daniel 7 it was pictured as a leopard.
52:30 OK? Pictured as a leopard.
52:33 And as we came down that image step by step
52:36 we came to the legs of iron.
52:39 And we found that the legs of iron represented Rome.
52:43 Pagan Rome, going from 168 BC to 476 AD.
52:48 And God used a dragon to represent pagan Rome.
52:54 And then we looked at the little horn on that dragon
53:00 in Daniel 7, and tonight we studied a beast
53:04 in Revelation 13, right? that represented papal Rome.
53:11 538 AD to 1798 AD.
53:16 Did you catch on?
53:19 "Five have fallen... "
53:24 Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece,
53:28 pagan Rome, papal Rome. "Five have fallen. "
53:34 There they are.
53:53 So we have how many beasts left?
53:56 Two. Now as I told you
54:02 prophecy can get heavy
54:05 so tomorrow night we're going to ease up a little bit.
54:09 But on Sunday night we're going to look at the one
54:13 that is...
54:16 a beast that you seldom hear anything about.
54:22 You hardly ever hear anybody say anything about it.
54:25 In fact, most people read the Scripture in the book
54:28 of Revelation and never know that there's a beast there.
54:32 It's found in the 11th chapter of Revelation.
54:37 In the 11th chapter of Revelation is the beast that is.
54:43 The other has not yet come.
54:46 When he comes he must continue a short time.
54:51 So folks, what I'm trying to take you step by step
54:54 is I'm trying to take you down through time.
54:58 I'm trying to show you any way you want to look at it,
55:02 folks: we're down at the end.
55:06 You have to recognize that we're at the end.
55:10 There's not a lot of time left.
55:13 I can tell you tonight: God's Word has not failed.
55:20 It's been fulfilled with absolute accuracy.
55:24 It won't fail tonight.
55:27 And as we study God's Word from night to night
55:30 we're going to move right on down and we're going to see
55:33 exactly where we are in history
55:36 and what's happening and what's taking place.
55:41 The thing that you and I want to make sure is
55:46 that our eyes are open. That we aren't shutting our eyes.
55:52 We aren't saying: "Oh, I don't want to know that. "
55:55 'I don't want to see that. "
55:57 We want to say: "Lord, open my eyes
56:01 that I may see. "
56:07 Open my eyes
56:11 that I may see
56:17 glimpses of truth
56:21 Thou hast for me.
56:28 Place in my hand
56:32 the wonderful key
56:38 that shall unclasp
56:43 and set me free.
56:50 Silently now
56:54 I wait for Thee;
57:01 ready, my God,
57:05 Thy will to see.
57:11 Open my eyes,
57:17 illumine me...
57:24 Spirit
57:29 Divine.
57:38 Let us pray: Father, tonight
57:43 as we have moved into the book of Revelation
57:48 Lord, help us that we may understand where we are.
57:54 But, Lord, it's not enough.
57:58 We may know where we are
58:01 but if we don't know Jesus
58:04 we've missed everything.
58:07 May each of us not just understand the Scripture
58:12 and understand what's taking place
58:16 but may we take hold of Jesus Christ
58:19 and in Him find life eternal.


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