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00:14 We pray that You will give us the understanding that we need,
00:19 that we might see Your hand,
00:22 how You have guided, lay it,
00:27 that we might understand the blessings
00:31 that You've poured out.
00:33 We pray, Lord,
00:35 that each one of us here tonight
00:37 may simply open our hearts to You,
00:43 follow the leading of Your Spirit,
00:46 and that all of us may rejoice salvation
00:51 that we find in Christ, for this we pray in Your name.
00:54 Amen.
01:04 There has never been a nation in the history of mankind
01:09 that's been as blessed
01:11 as the United States of America.
01:14 Actually, this country
01:16 has received the blessing of God,
01:20 even Israel in the height of the reign of David
01:25 and Solomon never saw the blessings
01:29 that you have had the privilege of seeing.
01:32 God has abundantly,
01:34 marvelously blessed this country.
01:38 God mentions nations primarily for two reasons.
01:43 He mentioned them because of the influence
01:46 they have upon the world.
01:47 And secondly, because of their affect
01:50 upon the people of God.
01:53 United States is no different as we have looked
01:57 at the scripture night after night,
01:58 it speaks of these different nations.
02:01 Revelation 17:10, and it says,
02:05 "There are also seven kings.
02:08 Five have fallen, one is,
02:12 the other has not yet come.
02:15 And when he comes, he must continue a short time."
02:19 And so, as we have looked at God's Word,
02:23 and we've looked at these beasts,
02:25 one after another, we have found out
02:27 that they represent different nations.
02:30 You remember, we found out
02:31 that Babylon of old represented as the image,
02:36 the head of the image also as the lion,
02:39 scripture represented Babylon.
02:41 That's one head of the lion.
02:44 You remember, then we came to Medo-Persia.
02:47 Medo-Persia was the arms
02:49 and breast of silver on the image.
02:51 And you remember as we studied Daniel Chapter 7,
02:54 it was presented as a bear that is the second head,
02:58 and put it together, folks, Babylon fell to Medo-Persia.
03:04 Babylon fell to Medo-Persia.
03:07 All right.
03:08 Then came the country of Greece,
03:10 represented on the image
03:11 as the belly and thighs of bronze.
03:14 And you remember in Daniel Chapter 7,
03:18 it was presented as a leopard that had four wings
03:21 and four heads,
03:23 represented the swiftness with which Alexander the Great
03:26 took everything that was before him.
03:28 And then, you remember, we came to the fourth kingdom,
03:32 the legs of iron represented in Daniel 7 as a dragon.
03:39 Pagan Rome ruled that period of time.
03:42 And then you remember,
03:43 we came to a fifth beast in Revelation Chapter 13
03:49 as a nondescript beast that I'm going to be saying
03:52 a little more about tonight.
03:54 We'll talk about it
03:55 in reference to our subject tonight.
03:57 And then you remember,
03:58 if you were with me the other night,
04:00 we talked about the sixth beast,
04:02 and that sixth beast was that of atheism
04:06 or communism that rose, you remember,
04:09 it came in when Napoleon came in and overthrew...
04:15 Overthrew the papal power.
04:17 And then you remember,
04:19 after that we came to our subject for tonight.
04:24 That's what we're looking at tonight.
04:26 Now, as we take a look at that, it tells us this very clearly
04:30 in Revelation 17:10,
04:32 "And when he comes, he must continue a, " what?
04:39 "Short time."
04:40 So it says that this seventh beast
04:42 that you and I are going to look at tonight
04:44 that when he comes, he must continue a short time.
04:50 Okay, so we want to put that together and see exactly
04:53 what the scripture is saying about it.
04:55 Now, you remember, when we studied this beast
04:57 in Revelation Chapter 13, this nondescript beast
05:01 that had seven heads, ten horns.
05:04 We identified that as the papal power,
05:08 because it makes it very clear in scripture and in history
05:11 that the papal power fell to pagan Roman
05:15 or pagan Rome fell to the papal power.
05:18 Okay, I want to put
05:21 things in a time sequence for us tonight,
05:24 so that you can see exactly how this fits together.
05:27 So we're going to go to Revelation 13,
05:29 and let's read a few texts here.
05:32 It says here in Revelation 13:1,
05:34 "Then I stood on the sand of the sea.
05:37 And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea,
05:43 having seven heads and ten horns,
05:45 and on his horns ten crowns,
05:47 and on his heads a blasphemous name."
05:50 So this is this nondescript beast
05:53 that rose up out of the sea that we identified,
05:56 we gave you eight points of identification
05:58 that the scripture identified without any question of doubt
06:01 as that of papal Rome.
06:04 "Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard,
06:08 his feet were like the feet of a bear,
06:10 and his mouth like the mouth of a lion.
06:13 And the dragon gave him his power, his throne,
06:16 and his great authority."
06:17 And you remember, as we studied that,
06:19 we found that papal Rome got its power,
06:22 its seat and its authority from that of pagan Rome.
06:26 Okay, that all took place step by step.
06:30 Now, as we continue, watch what happens here,
06:35 because it says in verse 10,
06:38 "He who leads into captivity will," what?
06:43 "Go into captivity, he who kills with the sword
06:47 must be killed with the sword.
06:50 Here is the patience and the faith of the saints."
06:53 So the scripture is saying clearly
06:55 that this beast in Revelation 13
06:59 which was that of the papal power,
07:01 it said that it took people into captivity,
07:03 it would go into captivity.
07:05 It says that it killed with the sword,
07:07 therefore it would be killed with the sword.
07:10 And we find out that Napoleon,
07:14 Napoleon is wanting to control Europe.
07:17 But Napoleon knows that he cannot control Europe
07:20 unless he can break the back of the papal power.
07:24 So Napoleon on February 15, 1798,
07:29 sent his General Berthier into Rome
07:33 and which he overthrew the papal power
07:36 and as history says, he established a secular one.
07:41 Okay, you with me?
07:42 Now, I want you to watch very, very carefully
07:47 because this is the first beast of Revelation 13,
07:51 but in that 13th Chapter is a second beast
07:55 that it says this about it.
07:57 Revelation 13, verse what? Eleven.
08:01 I just read to you verse 10 that says,
08:04 "He that goeth into captivity or leadeth into captivity
08:08 shall go into captivity,
08:09 he that kills with the sword must be killed with the sword."
08:12 That is verse 10. Verse 11 reads this way.
08:15 "Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth.
08:20 He had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon."
08:25 So what it is saying here is just as this one beast
08:30 in Revelation 13 is going down, going into captivity,
08:35 he said, I saw another beast coming up out of the earth.
08:41 He had two horns like a lamb, spake as a dragon.
08:44 What I am trying to tell you tonight,
08:46 dear friend, is there is only one power
08:49 on the face of the whole earth that fits that time sequence.
08:54 No other power does.
08:56 I don't care how much you want to talk about it.
08:58 You can take God's Word, and there is only one nation,
09:02 one power that will fit that time sequence and none other.
09:07 You watch very carefully.
09:09 Napoleon sent his General Berthier into Rome
09:12 on February 15, 1798, and that power,
09:17 the nondescript beast,
09:19 the first beast of Revelation 13
09:21 went into captivity.
09:23 Watch what happens now as this beast here...
09:28 As this beast in Revelation 13 is going into captivity,
09:33 the scripture says this beast is coming up.
09:36 I saw another beast rising out of the earth.
09:41 Are you acquainted with a man by the name of John Wesley?
09:45 Do you know who I'm talking about?
09:48 You know who I'm talking about?
09:49 I'm talking about John Wesley.
09:51 John Wesley is basically the one
09:52 that started the Methodist Church,
09:55 a great preacher,
09:57 a great preacher of righteousness.
09:59 John Wesley, as he studied the scripture,
10:01 and he studied particularly
10:03 the books of Daniel and Revelation.
10:05 John Wesley would make notes about it.
10:08 I don't know, he just wrote it on pieces of paper, notes.
10:11 And when John Wesley died,
10:14 they gathered all those notes up
10:16 and published them.
10:18 And so you can buy a book called Notes on Revelation
10:21 by John Wesley.
10:23 When you read what John Wesley
10:25 has to say about these two beasts
10:27 that we're looking at tonight,
10:29 I want you to notice something very interesting
10:31 because this is what John Wesley says.
10:33 "He is not yet come..."
10:36 Now, John Wesley is saying that second beast of Revelation 13,
10:41 the two-horned beast is not yet come,
10:44 "though he cannot be far off,
10:48 for he is to appear at the end of the forty-two months
10:53 of the first beast."
10:55 He said, "He can't be very far off
10:58 because he is to appear at the end of the 42 months
11:02 of the first beast."
11:03 The 42 months of the first beast
11:05 came to an end when, friends?
11:08 1798.
11:10 Did you notice when John Wesley wrote this?
11:14 1754.
11:17 1754, John Wesley wrote, "Can't be very far off
11:21 'cause he's got to come at the end of the 42 months
11:25 of the first beast.
11:26 In other words, John Wesley understood
11:29 what God's Word was saying.
11:30 He was right there, he knew what was taking place.
11:35 So just exactly as one was going down,
11:39 the other one, scripture says, was going to come up, watch.
11:44 For you remember, trouble has developed
11:50 between the colonies in England.
11:53 England has not given to our forefathers
11:59 the right to governance, they like to govern.
12:03 And you remember, they decided they wanted to be
12:06 a independent nation.
12:09 You remember that, huh?
12:11 And so they wrote up something
12:13 called the Declaration of Independence.
12:19 Remember that?
12:20 You remember, our forefathers,
12:22 our forefathers came over to this country
12:25 looking for a place where they could worship
12:29 as they pleased,
12:30 where they could build a new life.
12:33 And those people were called pilgrims.
12:37 And they came over here and they landed at a place
12:40 called Plymouth Rock.
12:43 You remember they moved there on Plymouth Rock.
12:46 Now, if you don't think that God had a hand in this,
12:50 let me share something with you.
12:53 If you ever get the opportunity,
12:55 you should go up to Plymouth, and go there and take a look.
12:59 They rebuilt the village there where the people lived.
13:02 And when you go in and talk to them,
13:04 you can only talk to them about things back then,
13:06 that what's most interesting.
13:09 But by the way, you remember there was another town
13:12 that was established here in this country.
13:15 You know what the name of it was?
13:17 Jamestown.
13:19 Jamestown completely
13:23 was wiped out three times.
13:27 So how was it that Plymouth Rock
13:29 was able to make it is
13:31 because when those people got off the ship, folks,
13:34 they found buildings there with food in
13:38 and nobody living there.
13:41 Talking about the hand of God and what He did.
13:45 The pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock when?
13:50 1620.
13:52 1620, they landed at Plymouth Rock
13:55 and they begin to set up their livelihood,
13:58 they begin to build and then as it developed,
14:03 as I mentioned,
14:04 England was not given the right to rule like
14:06 they thought they ought to be able to.
14:08 And so we decided
14:10 that we wanted to be a independent nation
14:12 and we drew up the Declaration of Independence
14:17 when?
14:20 1776.
14:23 Are you putting things together?
14:26 1776, you have the Declaration of Independence.
14:30 1789, you have the Bill of Rights.
14:35 1791, you have the Bill of Rights Adopted.
14:40 1798, that first beast goes into captivity,
14:46 and you have another nation rising.
14:49 Dear friends, there's not another power,
14:52 not another nation on earth that fits that time sequence,
14:56 only the United States.
14:58 So is this one is coming up out of the earth.
15:03 Now this text that we read in Revelation 13:11
15:08 is a very important one,
15:09 it has a lot of information in it.
15:11 And it says this,
15:13 "Then I saw another beast coming up
15:15 out of the earth, he had two horns like a lamb,
15:20 spake as a dragon."
15:24 Had two horns like a lamb, right?
15:29 Now you see, all the beasts that we've been studying about,
15:33 they came up out of the what?
15:36 Huh? Out of water.
15:39 But this beast is coming up out of the earth.
15:41 And we read here in Revelation 17:15, it says,
15:47 "And he said unto me, 'The waters which you saw,
15:50 where the harlot sits, are peoples, multitudes,
15:55 nations, and tongues.'"
15:57 One beast after another rose up out of a revolution,
16:03 a war, that's the way they came into being.
16:06 Now all of a sudden,
16:07 we have a beast that is coming up
16:09 out of the earth.
16:12 You see this country,
16:14 this country came into existence,
16:17 just exactly like it says on the Statue of Liberty.
16:22 The Statue of Liberty has this to say about it.
16:27 "Give me your tired, your poor,
16:31 your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
16:34 the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
16:37 Send these the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
16:41 I lift up my lamp beside the golden door."
16:44 That's exactly how this country was settled.
16:48 Your forefathers, my forefathers,
16:51 they came over this country and they settled it.
16:54 That's why it says that it rose up out of the earth.
16:59 It wasn't the result of a revolution
17:01 among the people,
17:02 it was because they came over here
17:04 and they settled this country,
17:06 moved here because they wanted to be able to worship,
17:09 and they wanted to be able to rule as they thought
17:11 they ought to be able to.
17:13 That's why the scripture says that it rose up
17:16 out of the earth.
17:17 Then again in Revelation 13:11, it says,
17:22 "I saw another beast coming up out of the earth,
17:26 he had two horns like a lamb, spake as a dragon."
17:32 You see in the Bible,
17:35 horns on a beast represent the source of power.
17:42 Sometimes those horns have crowns on them,
17:45 meaning that that particular power
17:47 would be ruled by a monarch.
17:49 Sometimes they don't have crowns on them,
17:52 and so that those horns just represent the type of power
17:56 that it's based on.
17:57 This country was established on two principles,
18:03 two principles.
18:05 Our forefathers came over here and they said,
18:08 "We want government by the people,
18:12 for the people and through the people."
18:15 They said, "This is the kind of government that we want."
18:18 That was one principle upon which
18:20 our country was established.
18:22 The other principle that our country
18:24 was established upon was that,
18:26 that they would give to every man
18:28 and every woman the right to worship
18:31 according to the dictates of their conscience.
18:33 And those were the two principles
18:35 that this country was built on
18:38 was that we would have a country.
18:40 They said, "We want a country without a king.
18:44 We want government by the people."
18:48 I don't know what you learn when you went to school,
18:52 but when I was going to school,
18:54 they told me that the reason
18:57 our forefathers rebelled against England
19:01 was over taxation.
19:03 Is that what you were told?
19:06 Didn't you read about the Boston Tea Party?
19:09 Yeah, they said that,
19:10 you know, the taxation was heavy.
19:12 Have you ever gone back
19:14 and read the taxation back then?
19:17 Huh? Have you ever done that?
19:19 You ought to, it's very interesting.
19:20 Man, I would accept it today with open arms.
19:24 I can tell you for sure, gladly.
19:26 But I want you to listen.
19:28 This is what our forefathers tell us was the problem.
19:31 I don't know if you've ever read about a man
19:32 by the name of Josiah Quincy.
19:35 But Josiah Quincy is also one of those
19:37 that signed the Declaration of Independence.
19:40 And this is what he had to say in defense of our civil
19:46 and religious rights.
19:49 Are you seeing the two principles
19:51 that our country was established upon.
19:52 "In defense of our civil and religious rights
19:56 with the God of army on our side,
19:58 we fear not the hour of trial, though the host of our enemies
20:02 should cover the field like locusts,
20:05 yet the sword of the Lord and of Gideon shall prevail."
20:08 Those were the two principles
20:10 upon which our country was established.
20:12 And England was not given the right
20:15 to govern as they should.
20:17 And it was not given the right to worship
20:19 like they wanted to and thus they said,
20:21 "We will have our own country."
20:23 Do you remember another man by the name of Patrick Henry?
20:28 You remember him?
20:29 Do you remember what he said?
20:33 "Give me liberty or give me death."
20:36 What else did he say?
20:39 Nobody never knows.
20:41 They know that and that's it.
20:43 I want to read to you what Patrick Henry had to say.
20:48 "We shall not fight alone.
20:51 God presides over the destiny of nations
20:56 and will raise up friends for us.
20:59 The battle is not to the strong alone.
21:01 It is to the vigilant, the active, the brave...
21:05 Is life so dear, or peace so sweet
21:08 as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?
21:13 You see, this is the problem.
21:15 England was not given the right to governance.
21:18 They felt they wanted to govern.
21:19 England was not given the right to worship
21:21 like they felt they should be able to worship,
21:24 and they said, "No, we won't do this.
21:28 We'll have our own nation."
21:30 "Forbid it, Almighty God,
21:33 give me liberty or give me death."
21:38 Those were the two principles upon which
21:41 this nation was established.
21:43 Those two principles, dear friends,
21:45 have held us in good stead down through the years,
21:48 and God help us if we give them up.
21:53 Stand on those two principles, but it goes on,
21:56 speaking of this two-horned beast,
21:59 and it says,
22:01 "Then I saw another beast coming out of the earth,
22:04 he had two horns like a lamb
22:09 and spoke like a dragon."
22:14 Now, when you pick up God's Word,
22:18 and you begin to study it.
22:20 What does a lamb represent?
22:27 In the Bible, what does the lamb represent?
22:30 Well, let's look.
22:32 This is kind of what it tells us it represents.
22:34 1 Peter 1:19,
22:37 "But with the precious blood of Christ,
22:41 as of a lamb without blemish
22:46 and without spot."
22:48 You see, it represents Jesus Christ.
22:52 Revelation 5:12, "Saying with a loud voice:
22:56 'Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power
23:01 and riches and wisdom."
23:03 In the Bible, the lamb represents Jesus.
23:05 And when it says that this beast that rose up
23:07 out of the earth had two horns like lamb,
23:10 it meant that it would be young.
23:13 It meant that it would be gentle.
23:15 But it also meant that it would be Christlike.
23:18 You see, our forefathers that came over here
23:21 were God-fearing men and women.
23:24 They believed in the Word of God,
23:26 and they built this nation
23:28 and established it upon biblical principles.
23:31 And, dear friend, tonight, if you go to Washington, DC,
23:34 and you walk through the halls of Congress,
23:36 and you visit the Senate and walk through the Capitol,
23:39 you'll find God written everywhere.
23:42 You can walk through the parks, and it's written everywhere,
23:45 because our forefathers were God-fearing men and women,
23:49 and they believed in God,
23:50 and they took their stand there.
23:55 When the war took place
23:58 between the United States and England.
24:03 That revolution was so hard on the colonies,
24:09 that it separated all of them.
24:11 I mean, it separated the communication
24:14 between the colonies.
24:16 And you may not have realized it, friends,
24:18 but that war bankrupt every one of the colonies.
24:22 I mean, just totally bankrupt them.
24:25 And each one of the colonies felt like
24:28 that they had lost everything.
24:30 And they had put everything into the war
24:33 and they couldn't communicate with the other colonies.
24:36 And so they felt like
24:37 they had borne the weight of the war themselves.
24:42 So when the war was over,
24:46 and they called a Constitutional Congress
24:50 and delegates came from the 13 colonies.
24:54 When they arrived,
24:56 they were not in any frame of mind to get along.
25:03 They got in argument, after argument, after argument
25:06 until finally the delegation from New York went home.
25:10 And it looked like that whole Constitutional Congress
25:14 was going to fall apart when a little man
25:19 wearing glasses stood up.
25:23 And he had this to say.
25:28 "We have not hitherto once
25:31 thought of humbly applying to the Father of lights
25:34 to illuminate our understanding.
25:38 In the beginning of the contest with Great Britain,
25:42 we were sensible to danger,
25:45 and we had daily," what?
25:50 "Prayer."
25:52 I'm talking about these were God-fearing men and women
25:55 and when they were in the midst of that conflict,
25:58 "They had daily prayer in this room
26:02 for divine protection.
26:04 Our prayers, sir, were heard,
26:06 and they were graciously answered.
26:11 Do we imagine that
26:12 we no longer need His assistance?
26:15 I have lived, sir, a long time,
26:18 and the longer I live the more convincing proofs
26:21 I see of this truth
26:23 that God governs the affairs of men."
26:26 And with that speech,
26:27 Benjamin Franklin was able to congeal
26:31 that whole Constitutional Congress and those men sat down
26:36 and they wrote one of the greatest documents
26:40 that has ever been written by man.
26:43 Why?
26:45 Because they were God-fearing men and women,
26:49 they believed in the Lord.
26:51 That's why the beast is lamblike,
26:56 even when they came to electing the first president
27:00 of this country.
27:02 And George Washington stood and gave his inaugural address.
27:08 I want you to listen to a few paragraphs from it.
27:14 "It would be particularly improper to omit,
27:18 in the first official act of my fervent supplication
27:22 to the Almighty Being, who rules over the Universe,
27:28 who presides in the councils of nations
27:30 and whose providential aid can supply every human defect,
27:37 that his benediction may consecrate to the liberties
27:41 and happiness of the people of the United States.
27:45 No people," listen.
27:48 "No people can be bound to acknowledge
27:51 and adore the invisible hand
27:52 which conducts the affairs of men
27:55 more than the people of the United States."
27:58 Oh, he said, "If there's any people on earth
28:01 that ought to be aware of God and what God has done,
28:06 it's the people of the United States.
28:09 "Every step, every step by which we have advanced
28:15 to an independent nation
28:17 seems to have been distinguished
28:19 by some token of providential agency."
28:23 He said, "Every step that we made,
28:26 there was evidence there always of what God was doing."
28:31 "We ought to be no less persuaded
28:33 that the propitious smile of heaven
28:35 can never be expected on a nation that disregards
28:40 the eternal rules of order and right,
28:43 which heaven itself has ordained.
28:46 "You see, they were men and women
28:50 that believed in God.
28:52 They were men and women
28:53 who believed in the Word of God,
28:55 and they built this nation on Christian principles.
28:59 That's why it says that it was lamblike.
29:06 Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there.
29:11 I wish tonight that it did.
29:13 I wish that it just stopped right there
29:15 and I didn't have to say anymore.
29:18 But that text in Revelation 13:11
29:22 ends up by saying this.
29:25 "Then I saw another beast coming up out the earth,
29:28 he had two horns like a lamb
29:32 and spoke like a dragon."
29:36 Now, folks, if the lamb...
29:38 If the lamb represents Jesus,
29:42 who does the dragon represent?
29:46 Yeah, just the opposite.
29:48 Just the opposite.
29:50 Now, if you don't understand
29:53 what's been happening for the last 20-25 years,
29:58 then I would tell you tonight
30:00 that we're in the process of a changing character.
30:06 That's what's going on.
30:08 That it is moving from that of a lamb
30:11 to the place that it will speak as a dragon.
30:17 Now, nations are very much like men.
30:21 You see, nations are built on the wisdom
30:25 and the might of men.
30:27 That's how they're built.
30:28 And because nations are built on the wisdom
30:30 and the might of men, nations rise, and they go down.
30:35 That's the way all of them do.
30:38 Almost every nation
30:39 that has ever come into existence
30:42 has come into existence out of bondage.
30:46 We were in bondage to England, that's where we were.
30:52 You can find that Russia,
30:54 right tonight is just coming out of bondage
30:57 that she was in bondage to communism for 70 years,
31:01 but always out of bondage comes spiritual faith,
31:08 that always comes.
31:10 Our forefathers felt they were in bondage,
31:13 and they begin to pray and they begin to seek God,
31:17 that God would hear their prayer
31:19 and would open up the way and always,
31:22 always out of spiritual bondage comes,
31:26 my friends, courage,
31:29 like Patrick Henry said, listen,
31:32 "If I can't worship as I want to worship,
31:35 if I can't follow God,
31:37 if we cannot govern like we think we ought to govern,
31:41 then give me liberty or give me death."
31:45 That's great courage, and they stand up and they say,
31:48 "This is what we are going to do."
31:52 You find much of that happening in Russia today.
31:57 Spiritual faith.
31:59 There has been a tremendous revival
32:01 across Russia to God.
32:04 And as out of that has come spiritual faith.
32:08 And out of that has grown courage,
32:11 and out of courage always comes liberty.
32:17 Dear friend, let me tell you something,
32:18 there's no place on earth
32:21 where this Word has been preached,
32:25 where people have gone in
32:27 and they've taught the people the Word of God,
32:29 and people have accepted the Word of God
32:32 that there hasn't developed courage,
32:34 and out of that has come liberty.
32:37 No place on earth where that hasn't happened.
32:40 God's Word always, always brings liberty.
32:47 And out of liberty,
32:50 always comes abundance.
32:54 You have had the privilege of living in a society
33:00 where there has been an abundance.
33:03 You go down to the store,
33:06 there is infinite amount of choices.
33:09 I mean, not just in different items,
33:13 but tremendous amount of choices
33:15 concerning one particular item, because there is an abundance,
33:21 and you've lived in a time of abundance.
33:24 God has marvelously blessed you.
33:28 I mean, beyond what you and I can even imagine.
33:33 And if you don't think He hasn't,
33:36 then you need to travel a little bit.
33:39 Then you need to go in some other places in the world,
33:42 and you'll understand very clearly
33:45 that God has blessed you abundantly.
33:48 Unfortunately, you would think that
33:52 when people are blessed and people are given so much
33:56 that God has given,
33:57 you would think that their heart would overflow
34:00 with generosity and they would give.
34:03 But unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.
34:08 Out of abundance comes selfishness.
34:12 Instead of giving, they keep,
34:16 instead of sharing, they hoard.
34:22 Completely different thing.
34:24 Now, dear friends,
34:25 what I'm trying to tell you tonight,
34:27 and you be the judge, I want to ask you.
34:29 Do you think that
34:31 the United States is going up this side
34:37 or do you think she's coming down
34:38 on the other side?
34:42 You see, out of selfishness, because we're selfish
34:47 and we don't share and we don't give,
34:49 out of that grows compliance.
34:52 Now just going to go along.
34:56 Do you ever hear somebody say, "Ah, you can't City Hall."
35:03 Just go along with it, not going to change anything.
35:09 Compliance.
35:11 And out of compliance, just being willing to go along,
35:14 not willing to stand up and be counted,
35:17 not willing to make any kind of waves,
35:20 out of that always comes apathy,
35:24 always.
35:28 Just saying, you know, don't disturb me.
35:32 Don't get me out of my comfort zone.
35:36 I want to be right here.
35:38 Leave me alone.
35:39 Things are real good.
35:41 I don't want to be bothered.
35:43 And thus we have apathy,
35:46 and out of apathy always comes dependence.
35:53 Always comes dependence.
35:57 See,
35:59 96% of all of you here in this room
36:06 will retire dependent
36:09 upon the United States government,
36:13 dependent.
36:16 And out of dependency
36:19 always comes bondage.
36:24 And so we make a great circle,
36:27 we go from bondage into bondage.
36:31 And when it says,
36:33 that this beast would speak as dragon, then, dear friend,
36:38 this is what brings about
36:40 the beast speaking as a dragon.
36:46 There's another man
36:47 that signed your Declaration of Independence.
36:52 You may not be acquainted with him.
36:53 His name was Alexander Tyler.
36:56 He made a statement that's tremendously important.
37:00 I want you to listen to the statement that he made.
37:04 "Democracy cannot exist
37:08 as a permanent form of government."
37:14 Democracy cannot exist
37:17 as a permanent form of government.
37:20 Why not? Let's see why it can't.
37:24 "It can only exist until the voters discover
37:28 that they can vote themselves money
37:30 from the public treasury."
37:34 The moment that people understand
37:37 that they can vote themselves from money
37:40 from the public treasury, democracy is headed downhill.
37:44 Listen to this statement
37:45 because we're right in the middle of an election,
37:48 right?
37:50 You want to see something.
37:51 Watch this carefully.
37:55 "From that moment on,
37:56 the majority always votes for the candidate
37:59 who promises the most benefit from the public treasury."
38:04 So you want to take a look at the candidates.
38:06 You want to see which one's going to promise you the most,
38:08 and that's one you're going to vote for.
38:11 You say, ha-ha, he will give me more,
38:14 I'll vote for him.
38:18 And simply by doing that,
38:21 you're sending your nation downhill.
38:26 "As a result,
38:27 a democracy always collapses over loose
38:31 financial policy
38:33 and is always followed by dictatorship."
38:39 The nation you see wrecked itself financially,
38:42 and the only way it can be brought out of that
38:45 is by dictatorship.
38:49 "The average age of the world's greatest powers
38:53 has been 200 years."
38:55 You and I have had the blessing of going a little longer
38:59 than 200 years.
39:01 Okay.
39:03 So we find ourselves with this nation that rose
39:07 that was lamblike,
39:08 we find it now speaking as a dragon.
39:13 "I saw another beast coming up out of the earth,
39:17 he had two horns like a lamb, and spake,
39:20 or spoke like a dragon."
39:25 Watch, watch very carefully,
39:28 because God is now going to show you
39:32 what's going to happen, friends.
39:34 He's going to show you exactly what's going to happen.
39:37 And let me tell you something, this book hasn't failed,
39:42 and it's not going to fail in the future.
39:44 And when God says, this is going to happen,
39:48 you better rest assured, it's going to take place
39:50 just as God said it would.
39:54 You remember President called Richard Nixon.
39:58 You know who he is, don't you?
39:59 You remember him?
40:01 He wrote a book called "Seize the Moment."
40:06 Not too concerned about the title,
40:08 it's the subtitle that I want you to look at.
40:11 The subtitle says this,
40:13 "America's Challenge in a One Superpower World."
40:21 You see when communism fell,
40:24 all of a sudden the United States found itself
40:27 as a superpower unchallenged.
40:31 How are we as a nation relating to that?
40:38 South Bend Tribune newspaper.
40:41 This is what it reported.
40:42 "In a broad new policy statement
40:45 that is in its final drafting state,
40:48 the Defense Department asserts that America's
40:52 political and military mission in the post Cold War era
40:57 will be to ensure that no rival superpower
41:03 is allowed to emerge in Western Europe, Asia,
41:07 or the territory of the former Soviet Union."
41:11 In other words, the United States says,
41:13 "We are a superpower.
41:17 And we're not going to let any other nation rise to rival us."
41:23 In other words, the scripture says that she will speak
41:27 as a dragon.
41:32 She will speak as a dragon.
41:36 And that's where we are.
41:38 Now watch,
41:40 because the scripture is going to help you
41:42 put some things together.
41:43 Revelation, we're still in the 13th Chapter,
41:46 we're looking at verse 14.
41:49 Watch very carefully what it says.
41:51 "And he deceives those
41:54 who dwell on the earth by those signs
41:56 which he was granted
41:58 to do in the sight of the beast."
42:03 Now, this is talking about the two-horned beast.
42:05 And it says that it was able to do certain things
42:08 in sight of this first beast.
42:12 Okay, which was the nondescript beast that had seven heads,
42:15 two horns.
42:16 Why, I mean seven heads and ten horns.
42:18 Watch.
42:20 "Telling those who dwell on the earth
42:23 to make an image to the beast
42:26 who was wounded by the sword and lived."
42:29 Now, it says that this first beast,
42:32 the one that went down led into captivity,
42:35 it was wounded by the sword and it what?
42:39 It lived, and therefore it says this two-horned beast
42:43 is going to make an image to it.
42:46 Well, that first beast we found out to be papal Rome.
42:52 That first beast, that two-horned beast
42:54 was papal Rome, not the two-horned beast,
42:57 excuse me, this, the beast with seven heads, ten horns,
43:00 the first beast of Revelation 13,
43:02 that was papal Rome.
43:04 And it says that this two-horned beast that we're
43:06 studying tonight
43:07 is going to make an image to that beast.
43:10 Now, I want to ask you something.
43:12 If it's going to make an image,
43:16 if you're going to make an image of a dog,
43:19 you make it look like a cat, right?
43:24 If you're going to make an image of a dog,
43:26 you make it look like what?
43:28 A dog.
43:30 Okay, so it says
43:31 that this beast is going to make an image
43:34 to this other beast.
43:35 The papal power stood for what?
43:39 What made it the papal power?
43:41 It made it the papal power because it was a union
43:44 of church and state.
43:45 It was a religio-political power.
43:48 So therefore, it says that if this country
43:50 is going to make an image to it,
43:52 you've got to have church and state coming together.
43:57 Watch,
43:59 'cause it says that this beast here
44:02 is going to make an image to this beast.
44:06 Okay.
44:11 Watch what's beginning to develop.
44:14 This is a statement taken from the Moral Majority.
44:17 This is what they have to say,
44:19 "Separation of church and state is a dangerous concept."
44:23 is a dangerous concept."
44:28 Separation of church and state,
44:30 they say is a dangerous concept.
44:32 "This is because the phrase
44:34 'separation of church and state'
44:36 is not found in the Constitution
44:39 and the misuse of the phrase leads to all sorts of trouble
44:43 such as trying to keep godly principles out of legislation."
44:48 Well, true enough, the word separation of church and state
44:51 is not in our Constitution, but that doesn't mean that
44:55 separation of church and state is a dangerous concept,
44:58 at least our forefathers didn't think it was.
45:01 It goes on and says,
45:03 "A thorough understanding of our Constitution
45:05 is vital to our survival.
45:07 Let's talk more like the Constitution
45:10 and less like bumper sticker."
45:13 So it says that we as a nation need to bring church and state
45:19 together.
45:20 Let me read you another one.
45:22 It says, "Wipe the phrase separation of church and state
45:26 out of your vocabulary."
45:29 I'm trying to tell you,
45:31 that there are moves today
45:33 to bring church and state together.
45:36 Another statement.
45:37 W.A. Chriswell,
45:39 he said, "I believe this notion of the separation
45:43 of church and state was a figment
45:45 of some infidel's imagination."
45:49 And today, there are many things happening
45:53 trying to bring church and state together.
45:56 I don't know if you've read this book called
45:58 "After the Revolution" by Ralph Reed.
46:01 Ralph Reed was the head of Christian coalition,
46:05 and which he said,
46:07 "We need to bring church and state together."
46:11 In fact, this is a statement that he made.
46:16 "If Christianity unite, we can do anything.
46:21 We can pass any law or any amendment
46:24 and that's exactly what we intend to do."
46:31 In other words, church today is becoming more involved.
46:36 Now, let me explain something.
46:39 This was a problem with our forefathers.
46:42 Our forefathers came over here, they were looking for a place
46:45 where they could worship as they wanted to.
46:48 They were God-fearing men women,
46:50 and they came over and they settled this country,
46:52 and when they settled it,
46:53 they build it on Christian principles.
46:56 And so when they got to putting together the Constitution,
46:59 there was some of them that said,
47:01 "If you're not Christian, you can't vote."
47:05 And there was a real movement
47:07 in our country to try to exclude
47:11 anybody who was not a Christian from voting.
47:15 And our President James Madison fought that.
47:19 And I mean, he fought it hard, and this is what he said.
47:23 I want you to listen to what he said,
47:25 "Because fifteen centuries of ecclesiastical establishment
47:30 has given birth to superstition,
47:32 bigotry, and persecution,"
47:35 said that was religious persecution,
47:38 "And this bill could do the same."
47:42 You see there was a bill introduced into Congress
47:46 to try to say that only Christians could vote.
47:49 "Who does not see that if the same authority
47:52 which can establish Christianity in exclusion
47:57 of all other religions,
47:59 may establish with the same ease
48:01 any particular sect of Christianity,
48:04 in the exclusion of all other sects."
48:07 He said, "We can't do this."
48:09 And our forefathers put together a Constitution
48:12 that folks had balances and checks in it.
48:15 They put together a Constitution
48:17 so that you and I could have religious freedom,
48:20 and at the same time to keep our country
48:24 based on Christian principles.
48:26 This is how they put together our country.
48:29 And I think they did a pretty good job of it.
48:32 And I think you and I need to be very careful.
48:35 But listen, this is still speaking
48:37 of the two-horned beast.
48:39 Listen to what it says about him.
48:41 "And he was granted power to give, "
48:46 what?
48:47 "To give breath to the image of the beast,
48:50 that the image of the beast should both speak
48:53 and cause as many as would not worship
48:55 the image of the beast should be killed."
49:00 I've told you, anytime, anytime in history
49:05 that a church has taken over civil power,
49:09 it is always persecuted.
49:12 Don't care what church that is, always.
49:15 It says that this two-horned beast have power to give what?
49:20 Breath to the image, right?
49:24 Had breath.
49:25 If you give breath to something,
49:27 what do you have, what does that mean?
49:30 Huh?
49:31 Well, it means it came to life.
49:34 You've read the story of Pinocchio.
49:37 Okay, came to life.
49:40 Here he made an image of a boy,
49:43 and breath was given and he came to life.
49:45 That's what it's saying here that they made an image
49:47 to the beast and he had power to give breath to it,
49:51 and it came to life,
49:53 and it says that he would cause it to speak, right?
50:00 Speaking cause as many as would not worship
50:03 the beast should be killed.
50:04 Anytime in God's Word, friend, that you come across a beast
50:10 and it says concerning that particular beast
50:13 that it would speak, that means legislation.
50:19 This what it's talking about,
50:21 beast represent powers, nations.
50:23 So when it says it speaks,
50:24 that means it's going to legislate.
50:27 And anytime it says cause, that means enforcement.
50:32 And so the Bible is saying very clearly
50:35 in this dear country in which you and I live tonight.
50:39 The day will come in which you will find church
50:45 will rule and there will be religious persecution.
50:49 This is what it's saying.
50:51 It says that we are approaching that,
50:54 that day will come.
50:58 It will speak as a dragon.
51:02 You will have unification of church and state.
51:07 It would give life to the image of the beast,
51:10 that it would do things for that beast.
51:12 Is there anything happening that way today?
51:16 I hope, dear friend, that you're not just home
51:20 and you're letting some of these things pass by,
51:22 and you're not understanding what's going on.
51:27 Time Magazine, February 24, 1992.
51:33 "One of his earliest goals as President, Reagan says,
51:39 was to recognize
51:40 the Vatican as a" church.
51:47 No, "as a state and make them and ally."
51:52 If you recognize him as a state,
51:54 you have unification of what?
51:56 Church and state.
52:01 See, definitely movements that way.
52:05 United States,
52:08 probably blessed by God
52:12 like no other country has ever been blessed by God.
52:17 But it says that it will speak as a dragon.
52:22 "There are also seven kings.
52:26 Five have fallen,
52:29 one is, the other has not yet come.
52:33 And when he comes, he must continue a short time."
52:37 In other words, when it speaks
52:41 as a dragon,
52:45 it's only going to last a short time.
52:49 You and I are living right at the time
52:53 when the scripture says
52:54 it's going to speak as a dragon.
52:58 You and I have had the privilege
53:01 of living in a great nation.
53:06 Fortunately,
53:07 the wonderful thing about it is,
53:10 is it's the seventh one.
53:13 We're going to look at the eighth one,
53:16 but it's all right down here at the end.
53:18 And at the end it says that Jesus is going to come back.
53:23 It can't be far off.
53:25 Let me tell you, dear friend, it won't be long.
53:30 It won't be long
53:36 And we'll be leaving here
53:43 It won't be long
53:49 We'll be going home
53:56 Count the years as months
54:03 Count the months as weeks
54:10 Count the weeks as days
54:17 We'll be going home
54:34 Let us pray.
54:36 Heavenly Father, tonight,
54:39 as we've looked at this great nation,
54:43 one in which You have blessed in a very special way.
54:49 Lord, tonight we would pray
54:52 for the president of our country.
54:55 Lord, when he sit in there in the Oval Office,
55:01 and he has to make decision
55:05 and he's listened to all the council,
55:09 and he doesn't know what he should do,
55:12 we pray, Lord, that he might turn to you.
55:16 That he might seek You
55:19 in what You would have him to do.
55:22 We're in the time of election, Lord.
55:28 These two men are running as candidates.
55:31 We know that Your words says that You set up kings
55:34 and You take them down.
55:37 But, Lord, we pray that You'll bless them,
55:42 that You'll remember the senators, legislators,
55:47 the governors of our country.
55:50 Give them wisdom, give them understanding.
55:54 But, Lord, we pray that as people,
55:57 that each one of us here might humble ourselves before You,
56:02 that we might seek You,
56:07 that You might heal our land,
56:11 and that our lives
56:14 may be committed to following You
56:16 in all that we do,
56:19 for this we ask in Christ's name,
56:21 amen.
56:24 Water can be both inspiring and awesome.
56:28 As it flows through the hills, and the mountains,
56:31 water changes the destiny of every living creature
56:35 it comes in contact with.
56:38 Not a single living thing
56:40 can survive without water for long.
56:42 But despite its beauty,
56:44 the power of water can cut channels through rocks
56:48 and change the landscape forever.
56:51 In John Chapter 7,
56:53 Jesus stood and cried out, saying,
56:55 "If anyone thirst, let him come to Me and drink.
56:59 He who believes in Me," as the scripture said,
57:03 "Out of his heart
57:04 will flow rivers of living water."
57:07 As He did so many times,
57:09 Jesus explained the spiritual things of God
57:12 through nature, like flowing water.
57:15 This living water is a life changing source
57:19 that can change the landscape of our lives
57:22 and flow through us to change the lives of others.
57:27 Folks, we all need water to live,
57:32 but we also need living water.
57:35 Jesus is that living water and through His Spirit,
57:39 we can bring life to those around us.
57:42 The only goal we have at this ministry is to offer
57:46 living water to all mankind.
57:49 There are thousands, no, millions
57:52 who still long for this water,
57:55 the living water of life.
57:57 Won't you help us quench their thirst?
58:00 Please consider what you can do
58:02 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
58:04 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
58:06 please send your tax deductible gifts
58:08 to Kenneth Cox Ministries,
58:10 P.O. Box 1027, Loma Linda, California 92354,
58:15 or call us toll free at 888-747-1844.
58:20 Thank you for helping us
58:22 spread the light of God's Word through television and radio.
58:25 Your gifts help bring the blessed hope of salvation
58:27 to millions around the world.


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