The Midnight Cry

The Time of the End

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00:18 O magnify, O magnify
00:21 the Lord with me
00:23 and let us exalt His name together.
00:27 O magnify the Lord,
00:29 O magnify the King
00:31 and may His name be lifted high forever.
00:40 O worship Him, O worship Christ the Lord with me
00:44 and let us exalt His name together.
00:49 O worship Christ, the Lord,
00:51 O worship Christ, the King
00:53 and may His name be lifted high forever.
01:02 King of kings and Lord of lords!
01:06 May His name be lifted high forever.
01:10 King of kings and Lord of lords!
01:15 May His name be lifted high forever.
01:23 O magnify, O magnify the Lord with me
01:27 and let us exalt His name together.
01:32 O magnify the Lord,
01:34 O magnify the King
01:36 and may His name be lifted high forever.
01:45 King of kings and Lord of lords!
01:49 King of kings and Lord of lords!
01:54 May His name be lifted high forever.
02:33 Let's welcome Myrna Matthews- Haynes and Adrian Westney.
08:35 So at this time we'll give you an opportunity to listen to
08:38 Steve Darmody.
09:16 Mary, did you know
09:19 that your baby boy
09:23 would one day walk on water?
09:27 Mary, did you know
09:30 that your baby boy
09:33 would save our sons and daughters?
09:38 Did you know
09:41 that your baby boy
09:45 has come to make you new?
09:50 This child that you delivered
09:55 will soon deliver you?
09:59 Mary, did you know
10:02 that your baby boy
10:05 will give sight to the blind man?
10:09 Mary, did you know
10:12 that your baby boy
10:16 would calm a storm with His hand?
10:20 Did you know
10:22 that your baby boy
10:26 has walked where angels trod?
10:30 And when you kissed
10:33 your little baby
10:36 you kissed the face of God?
10:40 Mary, did you know?
10:52 The blind will see,
10:54 the deaf will hear,
10:57 the dead will live again!
11:02 The lame will leap and the dumb will speak
11:07 the praises of the Lamb!
11:12 Mary, did you know
11:17 that your baby boy
11:20 is Lord of all creation?
11:24 Mary, did you know
11:27 that your baby boy
11:30 will one day rule the nations?
11:34 Did you know
11:36 that your baby boy
11:41 was heaven's perfect Lamb?
11:48 And the sleeping child
11:52 you're holding
11:55 is the great
12:01 I AM?
12:13 Oh Mary,
12:23 Mary,
12:25 did you know?
12:37 Thank you very much.
12:39 Very happy to welcome each of you back again today.
12:43 Appreciate you being here.
12:44 It's one of the wonderful things about the coming of Jesus
12:47 is that it says He will gather all of His people
12:51 for the great wedding supper of the Lamb.
12:54 I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to that.
12:56 When all of us will be invited to come
12:59 and be at the supper... the wedding supper of the Lamb.
13:02 And today Roy Drusky's going to sing
13:05 a beautiful song about that.
13:07 It's called Wedding Music I Hear.
13:20 Is that wedding music
13:25 I hear?
13:29 The bride's adorned and ready
13:33 to appear.
13:38 There's heavenly preparation
13:42 for the wedding celebration...
13:47 Is that wedding music
13:51 that I hear?
13:56 The family is preparing
14:00 for a wedding.
14:04 All have been invited
14:09 to attend.
14:13 The bride is standing ready
14:18 waiting for the signal
14:22 when the groom says "Rise, My children...
14:26 come on in! "
14:32 Is that wedding music
14:36 I hear?
14:40 The bride's adorned and ready
14:44 to appear.
14:49 There's heavenly preparation
14:53 for the wedding celebration...
14:59 Is that wedding music
15:02 that I hear?
15:08 Soon we'll rise to leave
15:11 that land of sorrow
15:17 for that ceremony
15:20 in the air.
15:25 The Father then will lead us
15:29 through the holy land of splendor.
15:34 Have you made your preparation
15:38 to go there?
15:43 Is that wedding music
15:47 I hear?
15:52 The bride's adorned and ready
15:56 to appear.
16:01 There's heavenly preparation
16:05 for the wedding celebration...
16:10 Is that wedding music
16:14 that I hear?
16:19 There's heavenly preparation
16:23 for the wedding celebration...
16:28 Is that wedding music
16:32 that I hear?
16:51 Father up in heaven,
16:53 this morning as we open Your Word
16:59 we think about this wonderful time that You're coming back
17:04 where each one of us will have the privilege of hearing
17:07 wedding music. Lord, we ask that we
17:12 each may have the opportunity
17:16 of being in Your kingdom.
17:18 Not because, Lord, we have done anything
17:23 but because we've accepted You.
17:25 Bless us as we study Your Word now.
17:28 Give us wisdom and understanding we pray.
17:31 In Christ's name, Amen.
17:40 This morning we're going to take a look
17:42 at a text in the Bible -
17:45 a chapter in the Bible - that you'll find
17:48 Bible commentaries just kind of pass it by.
17:52 You don't hear very many sermons on it.
17:54 Books on the Bible don't say much about it.
17:57 Yet it is an extremely important chapter.
18:00 It talks about an angel that is standing on the earth
18:04 and on the sea.
18:06 We're going to take a look and see what Revelation
18:08 the 10th chapter has to say to us about this angel.
18:12 We'll start with verse 1:
18:56 Now you find that when you're studying God's Word
19:00 that you will in Bible prophecy come across
19:04 angels many places in the Scripture.
19:07 When you come across an angel
19:08 like in Revelation the 14th chapter
19:11 there are three angels. Those angels represent
19:14 a message that's to be given to the world.
19:17 And so you have three angels with three distinct messages
19:20 the whole world is to hear.
19:22 When you go to Revelation the 18th chapter
19:24 you have an angel there. And it says the earth was
19:27 "lightened" with the glory of that angel
19:29 meaning that that angel had a particular message
19:32 the world is to hear.
19:33 And when you come to this angel here in Rev. the 10th chapter
19:37 that is standing on the earth and on the sea
19:40 that angel has a distinct message that the whole world
19:43 was to hear.
19:45 That's what he's representing.
19:46 So let's see what's the message that this angel
19:49 that has his right foot upon the sea
19:51 and his left foot upon the land
19:53 and his hand raised to heaven
19:54 let's see what that message that he's proclaiming
19:57 to the world is.
20:20 So he has his hand raised to heaven.
20:22 He's shouting out across the whole world
20:25 that there is to be "delay no longer. "
20:28 Now the Scripture that we're reading
20:30 is the New King James Version.
20:32 I like the Old King James Version
20:35 on this particular text much, much better.
20:38 It doesn't say that there shall be delay no longer.
20:41 The Old King James Version says that time shall be no longer.
20:47 In other words, he has his hand raised to heaven.
20:49 He's shouting out to the whole world
20:51 that time has run out...
20:54 that time should be no longer.
20:57 So this angel is dealing with the question of time.
21:01 Watch as he continues:
21:14 So here it says that he is shouting out
21:17 that it's done... that the mystery of God is what?
21:23 Finished.
21:24 Now if you pick up your Bible and you look in it
21:27 you'll find that there are several things
21:29 that are mentioned as mysteries.
21:31 One of the things the Bible refers to as a mystery
21:34 is the mystery of iniquity.
21:37 That's a mystery.
21:39 You see, logically you can't put it together.
21:43 Why would Lucifer rebel against God,
21:45 leave heaven and everything there?
21:47 It doesn't make sense.
21:49 And I even run onto people who are trying
21:51 always to make an excuse for sin.
21:53 There is no excuse for sin.
21:55 You can't... there just isn't.
21:57 That's why it's referred to as the mystery of iniquity.
22:00 But it also refers to the mystery of God.
22:03 You see, it's also a mystery how that the Son of God,
22:07 Jesus Christ, would leave heaven!
22:09 Would leave the side of His Father!
22:10 Would leave the adoration of the angels!
22:12 Come down to this earth to be abused of man.
22:16 That logically does not fit.
22:19 That's the reason it's referred to as the mystery of God.
22:22 It's talking about the gospel. And he says: "The mystery of God
22:26 is finished! " That means when the whole plan of salvation
22:29 is over. It's come to an end.
22:31 So this angel has his hand raised to heaven.
22:34 He's shouting out that time should be no longer.
22:37 That the mystery of God has come to an end.
22:41 That's what he's proclaiming.
22:43 Listen as he continues:
22:55 So the prophet John is told to go to this angel,
22:59 take the little book out of the hand of the angel.
23:03 That little book is open - please notice -
23:07 in the hand of the angel. OK?
23:34 Now evidently there is something,
23:37 something about this message this angel has
23:40 that time should be no longer,
23:42 something about the mystery of God should be finished,
23:45 something that's contained in that book
23:47 that the Scripture says that would be:
23:53 Now you find that as you read God's Word
23:56 and as you study it the books of Daniel and Revelation
24:01 go together.
24:03 They're kind of like a hand and a glove.
24:05 All the prophecies in the book of Daniel are repeated
24:08 in the book of Revelation.
24:09 And so you find that one complements the other
24:12 as you study them. This little book
24:15 that is open in the hand of the angel
24:19 is also mentioned in Daniel...
24:21 in Daniel the 12th chapter.
24:23 Notice what it has to say about it:
24:39 So here he's telling Daniel: "Shut up the words.
24:42 Seal the book - not open -
24:45 seal the book unto the time of the end. "
24:50 Now you understand the difference between
24:52 the time of the end and the end of time?
24:55 The Bible uses both those phrases.
24:57 It talks about the time of the end;
24:59 it talks about the end of time.
25:01 When I was a boy
25:03 oh, sometime... usually the month of September...
25:07 my father would go to town and he would buy a turkey.
25:12 And he would bring it home, and he would put that turkey
25:15 in a cage. And he would give instructions to me
25:18 about taking care of it.
25:20 Make sure it was fed, watered, cared for properly.
25:23 When my father put that turkey in that cage
25:27 that began the time of the end.
25:31 Do you understand what I'm talking about?
25:35 But when Thanksgiving Day rolled around
25:38 that was the end of time.
25:40 OK? So he said: "Shut up the book.
25:43 Seal it unto the time of the end. "
25:46 And when you and I begin to study Bible prophecy
25:49 and we begin to look at the Word of God
25:51 and see what it's talking about
25:53 you'll find that when we're looking at prophecies concerning
25:56 the coming of the Lord
25:58 there's one date that comes up over and over
26:01 in God's Word that marks the be- ginning of the time of the end.
26:05 I don't care whether you're talking about
26:19 all those chapters give you a time
26:23 and every one of them sets the time of the end
26:27 as that of 1798 AD.
26:30 That begins the time of the end.
26:33 He said: "Shut up the book; seal it
26:36 unto the time of the end. "
26:38 "Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased. "
26:42 Up until 1798 AD
26:45 there were a lot of people that tried to understand
26:47 Bible prophecy... but they just couldn't seem to get through.
26:52 And you can go back and read their writings.
26:55 Great students of Bible prophecy.
26:57 And it just seemed that they
26:59 couldn't break through.
27:02 The books of Daniel and Revelation became known as
27:05 closed books. Looked on as closed books.
27:09 Couldn't be understood.
27:10 But in the late 1700's
27:13 on the scene of action came a man by the name of Joseph Wolf.
27:19 Joseph Wolf was a Jew.
27:22 As a boy he gave his heart to the Lord.
27:25 Went to school; studied to be a minister.
27:27 And when he finished the seminary
27:30 he went to Israel and began to
27:34 preach and teach the Jewish people there.
27:37 But Joseph Wolf had a great, great burden
27:40 on his heart to understand Bible prophecy.
27:44 And so he began to read it, understand it.
27:47 And as Joseph Wolf was studying
27:51 particularly the book of Daniel
27:53 and he came to that text that we studied the other night
27:56 in Daniel 8:14 that said
27:58 "Unto 2,300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. "
28:02 And he began to study that
28:04 and he got over into the 9th chapter of Daniel
28:08 and he came to that text where Gabriel has explained
28:11 to Daniel and said: "Know therefore and understand
28:13 that from the going forth of the commandment to restore
28:15 and build Jerusalem unto Messiah, the Prince,
28:17 shall be seven weeks threescore and two weeks. "
28:19 And he began to take that prophecy
28:22 and he began to trace it step by step.
28:25 And as he traced it
28:27 it brought him to the date of 1843.
28:31 But there was a problem.
28:33 All the churches back then -
28:36 Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian -
28:39 all of them believed that that phrase in Daniel 8:14
28:43 that said: "Then shall the sanctuary be cleansed"
28:46 they all believed that that meant the cleansing
28:48 of this earth by fire.
28:51 And so when Joseph Wolf took that prophecy and it brought him
28:55 to 1843 he said: "Jesus is coming back! "
28:59 And he began to preach all across the Middle East
29:03 that Jesus Christ was coming back.
29:06 And people responded to his message
29:08 saying that Jesus was coming.
29:10 At the same time, folks,
29:14 not connected with Joseph Wolf
29:16 but living at the same time
29:18 there's a minister over in England by the name
29:21 of Edward Irving that's been preaching the same prophecy.
29:25 He has taken that same prophecy and studied it
29:28 and it's brought him to the date of 1843.
29:31 And he has preached across England that Jesus is coming.
29:34 He's joined by 500 other Anglican preachers
29:38 and that has swept across the British Isles like wildfire.
29:43 You want to say this is coincidental?
29:45 You want to tell me this just happened?
29:49 At the same time not connected with Joseph Wolf
29:52 not connected with Edward Irving
29:54 but living at the same time - contemporary -
29:56 there's a Catholic priest down in South America
29:59 by the name of Manuel de Lacunza
30:01 that's been studying the same prophecy.
30:03 And as he is studying those prophecies
30:06 they, too, have brought him to the date of 1843.
30:09 And he has written a book called The Coming King
30:12 and it's circulated across South America
30:14 and thousands and thousands of people have accepted
30:17 and believed that Jesus is coming in 1843.
30:21 At the same time
30:24 not connected to these men but living at the same time
30:28 there's a Baptist minister here in the United States.
30:31 His name is William Miller.
30:34 William Miller has been pouring over those prophecies
30:37 for 9 years. He has become absolutely convicted
30:41 that Jesus is coming in 1843.
30:45 William Miller was invited by a Congregational church
30:50 up in Boston to come and to present his messages.
30:53 And he went up to this little church
30:55 and there he took his charts and all
30:57 and he began to explain the prophecy.
30:59 And he brought them all the way down through that prophecy
31:02 coming to 1843, and he said that Jesus was coming back.
31:07 When he finished
31:09 the young pastor of that church by the name of Joshua V. Himes
31:13 stood up and said: "Mr. Miller, do you believe
31:15 what you're preaching? "
31:17 He said: "Well, I wouldn't be preaching it
31:18 if I didn't believe it. "
31:20 And that young preacher said: "Then why don't you do something
31:22 about it? " And under the tremendous genius of that
31:25 young minister they began to make one large city
31:28 after another across the United States.
31:30 They would pitch tents.
31:32 Six, seven, eight thousand people
31:34 would pour out to those tents.
31:35 In fact, so many people came that the railroad companies
31:38 would have to run railroad tracks out to take care
31:41 of the people that came just by car.
31:43 Among the people that came to those meetings
31:46 was a young Methodist minister by the name of S. S. Snow.
31:51 He listened to William Miller preach.
31:53 Went home that night under great conviction.
31:56 Got his Bible, got every history book he could get his hands on,
32:01 and began to study that prophecy in Daniel.
32:04 And he found out that that decree given by King Artaxerxes
32:08 in 457 BC... found out that that
32:11 was given in the fall of 457 BC.
32:14 And he began to trace it step by step
32:16 and as he traced it it didn't bring him to 1843:
32:20 it brought him to the fall of 1844.
32:24 And S. S. Snow went to see William Miller
32:27 and they sat down and they poured over that prophecy
32:30 and William Miller could see that he was right.
32:34 They called a Bible Conference.
32:36 People came in from all over... some even from Europe.
32:40 S. S. Snow stood up and presented that paper
32:43 and that Bible Conference voted... they voted
32:47 that Jesus Christ was coming back.
32:50 They called it the Midnight Cry.
32:53 They went out of there electrified.
32:55 They said: "Jesus is coming! "
32:58 They told everybody they met that Jesus was coming.
33:00 They got down on their knees; they confessed their sins.
33:03 It was something they believed with all their hearts.
33:06 It was in their mouths as sweet as honey.
33:11 Time should be no longer.
33:14 The mystery of God is finished.
33:20 October 22, 1844, came... the date that they
33:25 had set for the coming of Jesus.
33:27 They went out to meet Him.
33:29 Some went out and stood in fields.
33:32 Some sat in their homes as William Miller did.
33:35 All day long they waited.
33:38 The sun set and Jesus didn't come.
33:41 They encouraged one another and said:
33:43 "Oh, He'll come at midnight. "
33:45 And on into the night they wait- ed and midnight came and passed
33:48 until the sun came up the next morning.
33:51 And that that had been in their mouths as sweet as honey
33:55 became bitter in their stomachs.
33:59 They had longed for it, looked for it
34:02 but Jesus hadn't come.
34:04 Now let me tell you something, friends:
34:06 if you're intellectually honest
34:09 you can take that prophecy in Daniel 8 and 9
34:13 and it'll take you to the Fall of 1844 every last time.
34:18 Oh, they were wrong.
34:20 They were wrong because that prophecy's talking about
34:24 Jesus coming before His Father to begin the judgment.
34:29 And they thought it was talking about the second coming
34:31 but the point I'm trying to make today
34:33 is it was prophesied in God's Word
34:36 that they would be disappointed. It was prophesied that
34:38 it would be preached. That's the point I'm trying to make.
34:42 Yes... it was preached.
34:45 They misunderstood it, but God said they would
34:47 misunderstand it. And they were prepared
34:50 and looking for the coming of Jesus.
34:52 It was in their mouths as sweet as honey.
34:54 There were certain prophecies that had to be preached
34:58 before Jesus could come.
35:00 For instance those that I mentioned to you.
35:02 But I want you to look at the last verse
35:06 of the 10th chapter of Revelation because I read to you
35:10 all the verses but the 10th one... but the 11th one.
35:14 Let me read it to you:
35:30 Thou must prophesy again about what?
35:35 Huh? About what?
35:39 Time shall be no more?
35:41 They mystery of God should be finished?
35:43 "Thou must prophesy again. "
35:46 Who? Who must prophesy again?
35:52 You... you.
35:55 You're the ones that are living down here
35:57 at the time of the end.
35:59 You're the one that God has laid that message on.
36:03 You and I are the ones that need to be proclaiming
36:05 that Jesus is coming back.
36:07 "Thou must prophesy again"
36:10 in preparing the world for the coming of Jesus Christ.
36:14 No, He didn't come because those 3 angels in Revelation 14
36:19 have a special message the whole world is to hear.
36:31 That's the message of the first angel: to tell people that
36:34 salvation is available for every man, every woman,
36:37 every child.
36:44 And you and I talked about that the other night:
36:47 that we're living during the hour of God's judgment.
36:50 It doesn't say the hour of God's judgment IS COMING.
36:54 It says the hour of God's judgment HAS COME!
36:58 Going on up in heaven right now.
37:00 Secondly it says:
37:16 And dear friend, we're going to be talking about Babylon.
37:19 We're going to be talking about the fall of Babylon.
37:20 We're going to be finding out what's involved in that second
37:23 angel's message and a third angel.
37:41 And here in a few days we're going to be looking
37:43 at the beast and its image and its mark.
37:46 And we're going to be finding out exactly what's involved
37:48 in that. And all that is part -
37:51 put it down - all that is part
37:53 of getting ready for the coming of Jesus Christ.
37:57 So you need to be here as we study those great great
38:01 prophecies that are extremely important
38:03 that you and I know what they're talking about.
38:06 The problem is when you start talking about
38:10 the coming of Jesus
38:11 people get edgy and get scared and they say:
38:15 "Oh, Bro. Cox, don't you know there's a text in the Bible
38:18 that says no one knows the day nor the hour? "
38:21 Well, yes, that's found in Matthew 24:36.
38:24 This is the way it reads:
38:33 But the problem is that there's another text
38:36 in that same chapter
38:38 that few people seem to pay any attention to.
38:40 And that text says this:
39:00 Now this morning I don't know the day.
39:03 I don't know the hour of the coming of Jesus Christ.
39:06 I'm not going to try to tell you that, friends.
39:08 But I am going to do everything in my power
39:10 to help you know it's near... even at the door.
39:15 I am going to do that.
39:16 What bothers me
39:18 is I talk to Christian people...
39:21 people that love the Lord...
39:23 and they say: "Oh, we don't know when Jesus is coming.
39:26 Why He's going to come back as a thief in the night. "
39:31 "We don't know when Jesus is going to come back. "
39:35 Well, let me tell you something:
39:38 you can write this down in your little book if you want to.
39:41 If Jesus comes back as a thief in the night to you you're lost.
39:48 OK? Just put it down.
39:50 If He comes back as a thief in the night to you,
39:53 you're lost... at least that's what the Scripture says.
39:55 Listen:
40:05 Paul said: "I shouldn't have to write to you about this. "
40:13 People say: "See right there? "
40:15 The problem is they quit reading right there.
40:26 Now listen, folks:
40:45 No, dear friend. Jesus is NOT coming as a thief in the night
40:50 to you or to me or to those that love the Lord.
40:53 He's coming as a thief in the night to the wicked
40:56 but not to the righteous.
40:57 So you and I need to be watching.
40:59 We need to be waiting for the coming of the Lord.
41:03 You see, some people think
41:04 that God doesn't know what He's doing.
41:08 But as I read the Scripture God has always done everything
41:12 according to a plan.
41:13 Everything has gone off perfect.
41:16 Listen concerning the birth of Jesus:
41:18 "And when the fullness of... " What? "time had come... "
41:26 He was born exactly on time.
41:28 You remember when He turned the water into wine there at the
41:33 wedding in Cana? And His mother, you remember,
41:35 had asked Him to do something about it.
41:37 You remember His response to her?
41:39 He said, Jesus said to her:
41:48 He said: "You're rushing Me;
41:49 you're moving Me ahead of time. "
41:51 His ministry went off like clockwork.
41:55 He died exactly on time. John 19 verse 30:
42:04 And He died exactly on time.
42:07 And you'd better put it down:
42:08 He's coming back exactly on time.
42:14 There's a text in the Bible
42:17 that I find people read but many times they take
42:20 out of context. I'd like for you to look at it with me.
42:23 It's found in Peter - the book of Peter -
42:26 II Peter the third chapter.
42:28 I'm going to start with verse 3. And it says:
42:45 So they're scoffing about the coming of Jesus.
42:48 This chapter, folks, is talking about the end of time.
42:52 It's talking about the coming of Jesus Christ.
43:08 So he said the earth back then was destroyed by water.
43:12 All right? Now listen carefully because
43:15 Peter's going to come to our day...
43:17 time in which you and I are living.
43:19 Verse 7:
43:32 I don't have time to go into that this morning, folks.
43:34 But let me ask you something:
43:36 the fuel that we use out here -
43:38 you know, the gas and the oil -
43:40 what is that called?
43:43 What kind of fuel is it called?
43:45 It's called fossil fuel.
43:49 Are you with me?
43:50 Put there by the flood.
43:52 The same fuel that will burn the earth at the close.
43:57 Put it down.
44:07 Now Peter is saying: "Concerning the coming of Jesus
44:11 don't forget this one thing. " All right?
44:21 Peter's saying when it comes to the coming of Jesus Christ
44:23 don't forget that one day is as a thousand years
44:26 and a thousand years as a day.
44:27 And people say to me: "Oh, that just means that
44:30 God's not concerned with time. " No it doesn't.
44:32 In fact, it means just the opposite.
44:35 Listen to the next verse:
44:49 What is the Lord trying to tell you and tell me?
44:53 Why did he say: "One day is as a thousand years
44:56 and a thousand years as a day? "
44:58 Well, let me ask you some questions today.
45:02 How do we...
45:04 how do we go about getting a year?
45:09 How do we establish that?
45:12 How do we get 365 days in a year?
45:15 Yeah, we get it from the earth's orbit around the sun.
45:19 How do we establish 30 days in a month?
45:24 The moon... it's orbit around the earth.
45:26 How do we establish that there are 24 hours in a day?
45:33 Earth's rotation on its axis.
45:35 OK, you tell me... now you tell me this morning
45:39 what heavenly body - sun, moon, stars, earth -
45:45 what heavenly body gives us the 7-day week?
45:53 What happened?
45:55 Come on.
45:57 I don't know what the evolutionist does with that?
46:00 Only place you get a 7-day week is right here, friends.
46:04 God gives the 7-day week.
46:06 Now, what does that have to do with what I'm talking about?
46:09 If you pick up the Bible and begin to study it,
46:11 you'll find in prophecy the number seven is used
46:13 over and over and over.
46:14 God... In Revelation the number seven is used over 50 times.
46:18 God talks about 7 seals, 7 woes, 7 spirits,
46:21 7 plagues, 7 trumpets. I can go on and on.
46:24 That number seven indicates completeness.
46:27 That's what it stands for.
46:30 All right. Now watch carefully:
46:36 That's how it divides it.
46:38 Genesis 5 says there's ten generations
46:42 from Adam to the flood.
46:47 Genesis 11 says there's ten generations
46:50 from the flood to Abraham.
46:54 Matthew 1:17 says there's fourteen generations
46:58 from Abraham to David.
47:01 It continues in Matthew 1:17 and it says there's 14 generations
47:05 from David to the captivity.
47:08 And then it says that there's fourteen generations
47:10 from the captivity to Christ.
47:13 OK... that's five periods of time.
47:16 Then the Bible tells us in Revelation 2 and 3
47:19 that you and I are living in the time of the Holy Spirit,
47:22 the dispensation of the Holy Spirit.
47:23 That's the sixth period of time.
47:25 And then the Bible talks about a 7th period of time in:
47:33 Talks about 1,000 years that we studied.
47:38 OK? Studied last night.
48:02 Thousand years.
48:04 Seven periods of time.
48:08 Are you getting the picture?
48:11 That seventh period, folks,
48:13 is the 1,000 years' millennium.
48:16 We have come through 6,000 years of time.
48:20 Now watch carefully because the Bible speaks
48:22 of rest.
48:25 Pastor Melashenko talked to you about rest.
48:28 Listen carefully what it promises you.
48:43 Every 7th year they had to let the land lie desolate.
48:47 It was to rest. OK... follow:
49:00 Let me ask you something: as we studied the millennium
49:02 last night the land was going to be what?
49:05 Desolate.
49:12 OK... that's a promise that God has given.
49:15 You remember the children of Israel?
49:17 Remember what happened with them? This is what it says
49:19 in II Chronicles 36:21:
49:36 Now you know why the children of Israel were in captivity
49:39 for 70 years. 'Cause the land had to lie desolate
49:42 for 70 years. Do you think we have done any better
49:45 in letting the land rest than the Jewish people did?
49:49 Huh?
49:50 Well let me ask you, dear friends: if we haven't
49:52 and we've gone 6,000 years,
49:55 then how long would the land have to rest?
49:58 A thousand years.
50:00 Are you with me? That's where it is.
50:10 Jeremiah talks about it and says:
50:34 You see, the whole land is absolutely desolate.
50:37 "For thus saith the Lord: 'The whole land shall be desolate
50:41 yet I'll not make a full end. ' "
50:44 So when it comes to the coming of Jesus Christ
50:47 you can consider this...
50:51 we find it just simply tells us this:
50:54 that from creation to Abraham was? Have any idea?
51:04 Why would it pick Abraham?
51:06 Because it's when God took the Jewish people.
51:09 Took Abraham and said: "I'm going to make a special nation
51:11 out of you to take the gospel to the world. "
51:14 We're told that it is from Abraham to Jesus...
51:21 Have any idea?
51:27 Where do we find ourselves today?
51:30 From Jesus to our day has been 2,000 years.
51:36 And it says the land is "going to keep its Sabbath. "
51:41 It's going to rest for 1,000 years.
51:45 The Sabbath always takes place, friends, on the seventh.
51:51 Now, are you going to tell me today
51:53 that God's going to pass up this coming... this 7,000th year
51:59 this millennium, and go 6,000 more years into eternity
52:02 before Jesus comes?
52:06 All I'm trying to get across to you this morning:
52:09 I don't know the day;
52:11 I don't know the hour;
52:12 but let me tell you something, dear friends, I know it's near.
52:16 It can't be far off.
52:18 All the prophecies in this book point to it.
52:21 You and I are down to the end
52:24 when Jesus Christ is going to come back.
52:27 Matthew 24... it says:
52:43 That meant they were going on about their business
52:45 not concerned. More concerned with making a living,
52:51 more concerned with life
52:53 than they were about the coming of the Lord.
52:56 What does it say?
53:10 I hope that will not be said of you.
53:12 I hope it will not be said of me
53:14 that we did not know. You and I
53:18 are to be watching and waiting. Looking,
53:21 preparing, for the coming of Jesus Christ
53:26 that you and I should be ready for that day.
53:33 Do you really want Jesus
53:38 your Lord to appear?
53:43 Do you long for
53:47 your Savior's return?
53:55 Your lips praise His name...
54:01 does your life show
54:04 the same?
54:09 Do you really
54:13 want Jesus
54:18 to
54:20 come?
54:27 Heavenly Father, this morning as we have seen
54:31 that surely we're down to the end -
54:34 the time when Jesus is going to be coming back -
54:37 we ask that each one of us here today
54:41 may make a full surrender of our heart to You.
54:45 That by faith we might reach out and accept
54:51 Your gift of life eternal.
54:54 And Lord, we pray that each one of us
54:58 may have the privilege of being among those that will
55:03 go with You to be with You in Your kingdom
55:07 because we have accepted Christ as our Savior today.
55:10 For this we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
55:16 The Bible says in Matthew 13:44
55:32 Every day we pass by ordinary places
55:35 that may be hiding something of incredible value
55:39 whether buried in a field or squirreled away in an attic
55:43 or even an old, fallen-down house.
55:46 But imagine for a moment the thrill of stumbling upon
55:50 a treasure beyond your wildest dreams.
55:53 Will you eagerly sell everything you have
55:55 to gain something of much greater value?
55:58 Will you be willing to endure criticism of friends -
56:01 even family members - in order to obtain it?
56:05 This parable speaks of the most incredible treasure of all
56:09 and it's hidden in God's Word.
56:11 That treasure IS Jesus Christ Himself.
56:16 But sadly even those who claim Him
56:20 often don't recognize this infinite treasure.
56:23 Just watch how quickly they toss aside what the Bible says
56:27 when it becomes inconvenient.
56:31 Friends, the treasure of the gospel is hidden in God's Word.
56:36 Many of its readers have eyes but they do not see.
56:40 They have ears but they don't hear.
56:44 They never find its hidden treasure.
56:47 In fact, they may read it over and over
56:50 and never see it.
56:51 Even worse, many times they do see it
56:54 but think the price is too high.
56:57 Like the Jews of old
56:59 who rejected the Messiah because He was not in harmony
57:02 with their ambitious desires
57:04 many won't seek heavenly treasure
57:06 because earthly treasure is more alluring.
57:10 They reason that if they could just obtain the things
57:13 they desire they would have peace.
57:16 Sadly, they don't realize
57:18 that they carry the disturber of their own peace
57:21 inside their hearts.
57:22 They pass by the One who declared:
57:25 "Peace I leave with you;
57:27 My peace I give to you.
57:29 Not as the world gives do I give to you.
57:32 Let not your heart be troubled;
57:34 neither let it be afraid. "
57:37 The treasures of the Bible
57:39 are revealed only to those who carefully study
57:42 its pages with a humble and searching heart.
57:45 Our whole ministry is dedicated to helping
57:48 men and women find the priceless treasure
57:51 hidden in the Bible. We pray that you will not
57:54 be satisfied with surface truths.
57:57 But instead you will want to unearth the precious gems
58:01 that others pass by. Dig into the Bible
58:04 as a miner digs into the earth to find veins of gold.
58:08 Don't give up until you've found a relationship with God
58:12 and then join us in spreading the good news
58:15 to the world. Please consider what you can do
58:18 for those who still don't know about Jesus.


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