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00:40 Praise God, from whom
00:45 all blessings
00:50 flow,
00:58 Praise Him, all
01:02 creatures
01:05 here below:
01:16 Praise Him above,
01:22 ye heav'nly
01:27 host,
01:35 Praise Father,
01:39 Son,
01:45 and Holy
01:51 Ghost.
02:19 Praise God, from whom
02:25 all blessings
02:30 flow,
02:37 Praise Him, all
02:40 creatures
02:43 here below:
02:54 Praise Him above,
03:00 ye heav'nly
03:05 host,
03:13 Praise
03:17 Father,
03:21 Son,
03:26 and
03:28 Holy
03:35 Ghost.
03:40 Amen!
03:50 Amen!
04:08 Our own Dona Klein at the organ. Let's thank these wonderful
04:11 musicians for what they've done tonight.
07:11 During the course of this series it has been our joy to listen to
07:15 some of the outstanding musicians
07:17 that God has blessed His church with.
07:20 And tonight is no exception.
07:23 A husband-and-wife team traveling across North America
07:27 and Canada and various parts of the world.
07:30 And they're here to share their marvelous music
07:33 gift with us. Pam and Jimmy Rhodes.
07:36 Come, let's welcome them as they come tonight.
07:44 You're walking down Sunshine Lane
07:47 when the Lord walks with you.
07:50 Your heart sings a sweet refrain
07:54 no time to be blue.
07:57 Start wearin' a happy smile;
08:00 keep smilin' too.
08:03 You're walking down Sunshine Lane
08:06 when the Lord walks with you.
08:09 A cloudy day
08:12 may come your way...
08:16 the rain come tumblin' down.
08:21 But don't you know
08:24 the flowers will grow
08:28 and spread God's beauty
08:32 all around.
08:33 You're walking down Sunshine Lane
08:37 when the Lord takes your hand.
08:40 Such joy that you can't contain...
08:43 the feelin' is grand.
08:46 Start wearin' a happy smile;
08:49 keep smilin' too.
08:52 You're walking down Sunshine Lane
08:55 when the Lord walks with you.
08:58 A cloudy day
09:01 may come your way...
09:05 the rain come tumblin' down.
09:10 But don't you know
09:14 the flowers will grow
09:17 and spread God's beauty
09:21 all around.
09:23 You're walking down Sunshine Lane
09:26 when the Lord takes your hand.
09:29 Such joy that you can't contain...
09:32 the feelin' is grand.
09:35 Start wearin' a happy smile;
09:38 keep smilin' too.
09:41 You're walking down Sunshine Lane
09:44 when the Lord walks with you...
09:47 You're walking down Sunshine Lane
09:50 when the Lord walks with you...
09:53 You're walking down Sunshine Lane
09:57 when the Lord walks with you.
10:04 Very happy to welcome each of you here this morning.
10:06 Appreciate you being here.
10:08 I want to just say a quick word
10:10 about tonight. Tonight's subject
10:12 is Church in the Wilderness.
10:14 We're going to be taking a look at Revelation the 12th chapter.
10:18 In that 12th chapter is a woman. She's pregnant.
10:23 She gives birth to a child... a male child.
10:26 And it says there's a dragon that's standing
10:29 before this woman ready to devour that child
10:32 as soon as it's born.
10:34 What we're going to find out tonight is
10:37 who is the woman, who is the child, who is the dragon.
10:40 But more than that
10:42 we're going to put all of that together
10:44 and then we're simply going to move
10:46 right down to our present time in which you and I are living
10:51 today. And we're going to see how that all fits together.
10:55 And you're going to be able to apply a lot of the things
10:57 that you've heard as you've listened to the prophecies
11:00 from night to night. So we hope that each of you
11:02 will plan on being with us this evening because it's a very
11:06 very important message.
11:08 As Pastor Melashenko was saying
11:11 this morning's message is one that a lot of people have
11:14 questions about. But the main thing
11:17 is where we stand... on whose side we are.
11:23 That's what counts more than anything else.
11:25 And Steve Darmody is going to sing a beautiful song
11:31 that you'll enjoy very much this morning.
11:33 I'll Tell The World That I'm A Christian.
11:53 I'll tell the world
11:58 that I'm a Christian.
12:03 I'm not ashamed
12:07 His name to bear.
12:11 I'll tell the world
12:15 that I'm a Christian...
12:19 I'll take Him with me
12:24 anywhere.
12:27 I'll tell the world
12:31 how Jesus saved me
12:34 and how He gave me
12:38 a life brand new.
12:43 And I know
12:46 that if you trust Him
12:50 all that He gave me
12:54 He'll give you to.
12:58 I'll tell the world
13:02 that He's my Savior.
13:06 No other one
13:09 could love me so.
13:13 My life, my all,
13:17 is His forever
13:22 and where He leads me
13:26 I will go.
13:29 For when He comes
13:33 and life is over
13:37 for those who love Him
13:41 there's more to be.
13:46 Eyes have never seen
13:50 the wonders
13:53 that He's preparing
13:57 for you and me!
14:00 Go tell the world
14:04 that you're a Christian.
14:08 Be not ashamed
14:12 His name to bear.
14:16 Go tell the world
14:20 that you're a Christian
14:24 and take Him with you
14:30 anywhere.
15:07 Gracious Father,
15:09 this morning as we look at this very important subject -
15:15 one sometimes that people struggle with -
15:19 we ask that You will give us Your Spirit.
15:24 May it enlighten our minds.
15:28 May our ears be open.
15:31 May our hearts be receptive
15:34 that as we read Your Word and study it together
15:38 that we may see and understand
15:41 and by faith follow those things
15:46 that Your Spirit has guided us into.
15:48 For this we pray in Your name, Amen.
15:59 All you have to do
16:01 is say the word the mark of the beast
16:05 and it immediately brings up questions to people's minds.
16:09 They want to know: "Well, what is the mark of the beast? "
16:11 "What's involved? " "Where does it take place? "
16:13 People want to know where this is happening.
16:17 What is taking place in their lives.
16:20 These are questions that many people today
16:24 are looking for wanting to know what it means.
16:27 And so this morning we're going to go immediately
16:30 to the Scripture. We're going to see what
16:32 the Word of God has to say about the mark of the beast.
16:34 So let's take a look. See what it says here
16:36 in Revelation 13 verse 6:
16:59 And so it's making it very clear
17:01 that only those people that have the mark of the beast
17:06 will be able to buy or to sell.
17:10 And the Scripture says those that receive the mark
17:15 of the beast will receive the wrath of God.
17:20 Those that don't receive the mark of the beast
17:25 will receive the wrath of men.
17:29 What it says.
17:31 So you and I today have to simply decide
17:34 on whose side we're going to stand.
17:53 So when you take a look at the Scripture the Bible tells you
17:57 clearly that when we come to the coming of Jesus Christ
18:02 right down at the end
18:03 there will only be two classes of people.
18:07 That's all. There won't be three classes.
18:10 There'll only be two classes:
18:12 it will be those that receive the mark of the beast
18:14 and those that don't.
18:16 That's it. There's not going to be a middle ground.
18:20 There'll just be those that receive the mark of the beast
18:22 and those that do not.
18:24 It says this about the people
18:26 that receive the mark of the beast:
18:56 So it makes it very clear that there's going to be
18:59 a group that will receive the mark of the beast.
19:01 These people will receive the wrath of God.
19:05 What about those that don't take the mark of the beast?
19:09 Well the Bible describes them also here in Revelation 15:2,
19:14 and it says this about them:
19:33 So these people that do not receive the mark of the beast
19:36 that got victory over the beast and over his image
19:39 and over its mark... these are the ones that stand
19:42 on the sea of glass.
19:44 So this morning it becomes very important
19:48 that you know clearly who's the beast,
19:51 you understand what his mark is,
19:53 you understand what his number is.
19:55 That becomes very very crucial
19:57 in your understanding of God's Word
20:00 and following what it has to say.
20:02 Now we have spent several nights on the different beasts
20:06 in Revelation and in Daniel.
20:08 This morning there is no way
20:12 that I can drop back and cover all of the ground
20:16 that we have covered, folks.
20:17 I am going to recap in case you were not here
20:21 and try to bring you up as quickly as I possibly can.
20:24 But we've got to move on in to what the mark is.
20:28 So we're going to take a look
20:29 at this beast in Revelation 13.
20:31 We're going to see what the Scripture has to say
20:34 about this beast, and we're going to very quickly
20:37 identify him. I've already done that
20:40 on previous nights, but we're going to recap it
20:43 just for your benefit this morning.
20:44 So let's see what Revelation 13 has to say
20:47 about this beast:
21:08 And as you remember, this beast is made up of those
21:10 four beasts in Daniel 7.
21:12 We talked about those already.
21:28 So it's telling us clearly signs to look for concerning
21:32 this beast.
22:09 Then the text we read just while ago
22:11 in the 18th verse of this 13th chapter. And it says:
22:24 Now that's what the Scripture says about this beast.
22:27 You remember when we looked at it
22:30 I pointed out seven points which identified that beast
22:34 that there's no question about it.
22:36 Those seven points are these:
22:45 That's one point. We looked at that on a previous night.
23:02 These are all the points of Scripture
23:04 that's listed about this particular beast.
23:16 Now folks, I invite you
23:20 if you can take those seven points
23:24 and make those seven points apply to any other power
23:30 on the face of the earth
23:32 I would love to hear what you have to say.
23:36 I really would. I have found only one power -
23:39 only one on the earth -
23:42 that all seven points will apply to.
23:46 And again, if you can go to the library, research it all
23:49 you want to, if you can find some other power
23:52 that you can put all those seven points to
23:55 please talk to me.
23:57 I'd love to hear what you have to say.
23:59 But I've never been able to find it fits but one power.
24:04 Now I'm going to quickly review those seven points with you.
24:07 It says that the dragon gave him his power...
24:13 That dragon referred to there, folks, is pagan Rome.
24:18 Scripture's perfectly clear on that.
24:20 That is pagan Rome. So it says that pagan Rome
24:23 would give to this beast its power, its seat,
24:26 and its authority. And history tells us this is what happened.
24:42 That's what took place.
24:44 Pagan Rome gave to Papal Rome
24:48 its power, its seat, and its authority.
24:51 History bears that out very very clearly.
24:55 Secondly it says:
25:02 Papal Rome came into existence in the year 538 AD.
25:09 That's when it came into existence.
25:11 It says that it would last for forty-two months.
25:15 And you remember we found here in Ezekiel 4:6
25:18 Numbers 14:34 God said: "I have laid on you
25:22 a day for a year; I have given you a day for a year. "
25:24 So if I've got 42 months
25:27 that if I multiply that times 30
25:30 because there are 30 days in a Biblical month
25:32 that gives me 1,260. If I add 1,260 to 538
25:37 it takes me to 1798 AD... at which time the Scripture says
25:42 that the papal power would come to an end.
25:50 Says that it would be a persecuting power.
25:53 History bears this out very clearly.
26:17 And all you have to do is go down to the library,
26:20 folks. Pick up such books as
26:23 Fox's Book of Martyrs.
26:25 Short Short Stories of the Reformation.
26:29 History of the Reformation by D'Aubigne.
26:32 History of Europe by Quabbin.
26:35 Here I Stand by Bainton.
26:37 And there is all kinds of evidence
26:40 that tells you what happened during that period of time.
26:43 So it fulfills what the Scripture says.
26:53 I've told you that in the Bible
26:56 blasphemy is considered when a person
26:59 takes upon himself the prerogatives of God.
27:03 In other words, when a person says they are God
27:07 that's blasphemy. Or when they says they have the power
27:11 to forgive sins the Bible classifys that as blasphemy.
27:15 I read you this statement before.
27:17 Comes from the Great Encyclical Letter of Pope Leo XIII
27:22 and he said:
27:27 So when it says he would speak "great words and blasphemy
27:31 against the Most High" he has done just that.
27:35 Revelation 13:3:
27:41 Now remember it says this power - the papal power -
27:44 it says it would receive a mortal wound.
27:47 And you remember I told you that as we come to the end
27:49 of that 1,260 years and we arrive at 1798 AD
27:54 there is in Europe a lot of changes taking place.
27:58 Napoleon has come to power.
28:00 Napoleon wants to rule Europe
28:02 but he knows he cannot do that
28:05 unless he breaks the back of the papal power.
28:07 So history tells us this is what happened.
28:10 538 AD is when she came into power as I told you before.
28:14 1,260 years takes you to 1798 AD. And it says here:
28:35 So exactly as the Scripture had foretold
28:38 when that 1,260 years came to an end
28:41 there it was. And that came to an end.
28:44 The papal power came to an end
28:46 in 1798 AD as the Scripture had said.
28:48 But the Scripture doesn't stop there, folks.
28:51 It just doesn't stop there.
28:54 It goes on and says:
29:02 Says not only would he receive a deadly wound
29:05 but his deadly wound was healed.
29:10 Well, that began in history what was called The Roman Question.
29:14 Went on for 100 years.
29:16 But finally in 1929 Mussolini
29:21 settled it by signing the Lateran Pact
29:24 with the papal power. This is what history tells us:
29:47 Came to an end... The Roman Question... exactly as it said.
29:51 Extreme cordiality was displayed on both sides.
29:55 So just as the Scripture had foretold it took place.
30:02 It says that all the world would marvel and follow the beast.
30:08 Let me read you one statement from the Toronto Star
30:11 March 9, 1992.
30:14 Article written by Mikhail Gorbachev.
30:18 OK... this is what he had to say:
30:46 "And all the world wondered and followed the beast. "
30:51 Exactly what you see happening today is taking place.
30:56 "Here is wisdom... " OK?
31:00 God says: "You really want to understand this? "
31:04 "Here is wisdom: let him who has understanding
31:09 calculate the number of the beast... "
31:25 Listen... one more:
31:39 So the Scripture tells us it's the number of a man.
31:42 It's the number of his? Name.
31:45 Now as we have studied all these beasts
31:48 we have found that there are certain things
31:50 that are symbolic.
31:51 We found that the beasts are symbolic, right?
31:55 We don't have any beasts running around with 7 heads, folks. OK?
31:59 That's symbolic. All right?
32:09 You must understand that is all in symbolic language.
32:13 So when we look at the number 666
32:16 it has to be symbolic.
32:18 But the Scripture has told us clearly
32:20 that it's the number of a man; it's the number of his name.
32:25 OK... what is his official name?
32:30 Well, on the crown,
32:33 triple miter, it has the official name
32:36 and his official name is Vicarius Filii Dei.
32:41 Now that is Roman.
32:45 OK? Latin.
32:48 When you went to school you were taught
32:52 Roman numerals, weren't you? Huh?
32:55 Have you ever asked yourself why?
32:59 Do you use them?
33:01 No, you don't use them but everybody's been taught them.
33:04 Why? As far as I'm concerned they're being taught that
33:07 so they can answer this.
33:09 You see, Roman letters just have been given numerical value.
33:14 When you were in school V was worth how much?
33:17 Five. C was worth how much?
33:19 A hundred. OK... so you know your Roman numerals.
33:22 OK, let's take his name Vicarius Filii Dei
33:26 and let's apply Roman numerals to it.
33:29 See what happens here. OK?
33:32 Vicarius. V is worth? Five.
33:36 I is worth one.
33:39 C is worth a hundred.
33:41 A... no numerical value. R has none.
33:45 I... one. There is no U, folks.
33:48 Actually it's a V... OK?
33:52 U is a modern letter.
33:53 If you are having a little trouble believing me on this,
33:57 then let me give you a little exercise to do.
33:59 When you've got a little time
34:02 just get in the car and drive down here to some of these
34:05 counties and go to one of the county courthouses
34:10 that's been there for a long long time
34:13 and see how they spelled court.
34:15 Won't be spelled with a U.
34:17 OK... V is a modern term.
34:20 OK... so it has the same value as V... five.
34:25 S has no numerical value.
34:28 Filii. F has no numerical value.
34:32 I... one. L is worth how much?
34:35 Fifty. I... two I's: each one.
34:39 Dei. D is worth 500.
34:43 E none; That's I: worth one. You add those together
34:46 and this is what you get.
34:50 See, it's the number of his name.
34:53 It's the number of a man, OK?
34:56 But remember: it's just symbolic. But God is saying
34:59 this is to help you and I. This is not the mark of the beast.
35:04 Don't misunderstand me. This is not the mark of the beast.
35:06 This is given to help you and I identify who the beast is.
35:11 That's what it's given for:
35:13 to help us identify who the beast is. All right.
35:15 With that, let's find out what the mark of the beast is.
35:19 OK. I think I've taken you through enough that I hope you
35:22 are a little bit on solid ground as to who the beast is.
35:25 What is the mark of the beast?
35:38 OK? So it says that they're going to receive a mark on their
35:41 right hand or on their forehead.
35:43 Now folks, I'm going to read
35:47 verses 9, 10, and 11 to you.
35:52 When I'm through reading those to you
35:55 I'm going to ask you a question.
35:58 If you answer me right,
36:01 and I'm not going to ask you a trick question,
36:04 a very simple one. But if you answer me right,
36:06 we'll go on. If you don't answer right,
36:10 we'll back it up and read them until you do answer it right.
36:14 OK? All right. So that's what we're going to do.
36:17 All right... here goes:
36:40 OK?
36:51 Now folks, the simple question I want to ask you today is this:
36:57 Those three verses were they're talking about people
37:00 that receive the mark of the beast?
37:05 Boy, you are quiet, aren't you?
37:08 Chuck, if you'll just press the back key
37:12 there, that would be D, and back that up for me.
37:16 There you go.
37:18 All right... let's read.
37:20 Let's read it again:
37:38 Is this talking about people
37:40 who receive the mark of the beast? Yes! Huh?
37:42 Are you clear on that?
37:44 Yeah, that's who it's talking about.
37:45 It's talking about people that receive the mark of the beast.
37:48 That's what it's talking about.
37:58 Is this talking about people
38:00 that receive the mark of the beast? No!
38:02 Are you clear? Yes! All right.
38:04 That's talking about people
38:06 that receive the mark of the beast.
38:08 Now follow me very very carefully
38:11 because I'm going to verse 12.
38:15 OK? I've read 9, 10, and 11.
38:18 I'm going to verse 12.
38:27 Do these people receive the mark of the beast?
38:30 No! OK, so verses 9 through 11
38:33 are talking about those that receive the mark of the beast.
38:36 Verse 12 is talking about those that don't receive
38:38 the mark of the beast. Why don't they receive
38:41 the mark of the beast?
38:45 Ah! They don't receive the mark of the beast
38:49 because they keep the commandments of God
38:52 and have the faith of Jesus. Right?
38:56 Therefore... You understand therefore?
38:59 THEREFORE the mark of the beast has to affect the commandments
39:04 of God and faith in Jesus.
39:07 Are you with me?
39:09 'Cause if you've got faith in God
39:12 and you keep God's commandments
39:14 you're not going to receive the mark of the beast.
39:16 Therefore the mark of the beast has to affect the commandments
39:19 of God and faith in Jesus Christ.
39:29 So what we have to ask ourselves this morning:
39:32 has the beast power
39:35 done anything that affects faith
39:39 and affects the commandments of God?
39:41 See, that's what we have to ask ourselves
39:44 'cause that's what's involved in the mark of the beast.
39:47 Faith? This is what the Scripture says about faith.
40:02 "The just shall live by faith. "
40:05 OK... what does?
40:23 So the righteous live by faith and their righteousness is given
40:26 to them by faith in Jesus Christ.
40:29 Comes no other way!
40:31 Are you with me?
40:33 Now, then what we have to ask:
40:36 has the beast power said anything about faith?
40:40 Well, let's see how they say that you're saved.
40:57 And just three weeks ago
40:58 there was a statement made
41:00 that upset the whole Christian community
41:03 around the world because they were reinstating this.
41:07 "Outside of which there is no salvation for every creature
41:10 to be subject to the Roman Pontiff. "
41:12 Says salvation comes ONLY that way.
41:15 Let me read you one about faith.
41:25 How are you justified?
41:27 "By faith alone! "
41:30 OK:
41:52 It makes it very clear
41:54 they do not accept righteousness by faith.
41:59 OK... what about? What about keeping God's commandments?
42:04 Does the Lord have anything to say to you and me in regard
42:07 to keeping His commandments?
42:16 Dear friend, let me tell you something:
42:19 marvelous thing about this Book is every time you open it
42:22 it says the same thing.
42:24 And I run onto people that want to say:
42:26 "Oh, you don't have to keep the commandments of God. "
42:28 I'm sorry... every time I read that it tells me the same thing.
42:31 "If you love Me, keep My commandments. "
42:43 So God makes it clear.
42:48 So God makes it very clear that He wants you and I
42:51 to keep His commandments.
42:53 OK... what does the papal power say about it?
43:18 Not only did they change the fourth commandment
43:22 but they did away with the second one.
43:24 It's not there in the catechism at all.
43:27 They took the tenth one and divided it.
43:31 When I read the next statement that I'm going to read to you
43:36 I really had a hard time thinking that maybe
43:40 that had been written by a priest...
43:43 so I called him up
43:46 and I talked to him personally.
43:48 And he told me: "No question; I wrote it.
43:51 That's what I believe; what I believe's true. "
43:53 This is what he says. Listen, folks:
44:29 Said: "Nothing in here... nothing in here
44:33 that gives that right. It's just the church's sense
44:35 of its own power. " Now listen:
44:59 That's what a priest is saying.
45:01 He said: "If you're going to build your faith on the Word of
45:04 God and you're going to say: 'this is where I stand... '
45:07 then dear friend, let me tell you something:
45:09 you have only one thing you can do
45:11 and that's keep the Sabbath. "
45:13 'Cause there is no scriptural authority for the changing
45:18 of the Sabbath. It's not there!
45:22 Let me read you another one. This comes from
45:23 The Catholic Record:
45:38 It says it's above it.
45:41 OK... Revelation 13:15:
45:53 Now I told you when it talks about giving breath to
45:56 an image... OK, and I told you
45:59 that if you're going to make an image...
46:02 if you're going to make an image of a dog
46:05 you make it look like a cat.
46:08 Huh?
46:10 No! If you're going to make an image of a dog,
46:12 you make it look like a dog.
46:14 Well if this beast is going to make an image of
46:18 the papal power, meaning it's got to be like the papal power
46:21 and the papal power stand for unification of church and state.
46:24 OK. So when it speaks of this power
46:28 here giving life or breath to the image of the beast
46:31 that means it makes it come to life.
46:34 Are you with me? All right.
46:36 So what happens here?
46:46 Any time you have a beast and it says it speaks
46:49 and it causes speak means legislation.
46:54 Cause means enforcement.
46:58 That's literally what it means.
47:00 So it says that there will be government power.
47:04 He what? Caused. That means enforcement.
47:20 Therefore, today at this time
47:24 people do not have the mark of the beast
47:26 because it has not been enforced by government.
47:31 OK... is there tendencies that way?
47:35 Is there anything happening?
47:37 Well let me read you some state- ments that were made lately.
47:41 This comes from The Roman Catechism 1985:
48:02 Saying civil authority should cooperate with the pastor
48:05 and do this.
48:18 Said: "Enforce it. "
48:20 One more. This comes from another edition, 1994:
48:52 So what I'm telling you today is taking place.
48:55 It's developing.
48:57 Quickly... how will this happen?
49:00 How will the mark of the beast go into effect?
49:03 Folks, if you say you can't buy or sell that's called what?
49:09 Boycott. But you can't boycott people
49:12 as long as they've got money.
49:15 Because if you can't buy it at the front of the store
49:17 you can buy it at the back of the store. OK?
49:20 But something is happening that's changing all that today.
49:30 You know what's changing it?
49:33 This... the Internet.
49:37 You see, it's possible for you to shop today
49:42 anywhere in the world.
49:45 You can get on the Internet
49:46 and you can buy things all over the world.
49:49 But these people in other coun- tries that are selling products
49:54 they want to make sure they're being paid.
49:58 So what is developing?
50:00 What is developing is what is called "cybermoney. "
50:05 Cybermoney makes it possible for you to buy something
50:09 in Denmark and pay for it.
50:12 But you've gotta have a number to do that.
50:16 And any time you have a number
50:18 all they've gotta do is say: "Don't accept that number"
50:21 and you've been boycotted.
50:24 We are quickly moving to a cashless society.
50:29 Much quicker than most people have any idea of.
50:34 What about the believers today?
50:36 What about you and me?
50:38 This is what it says:
50:51 What does it mean? Who are God's followers?
50:53 Let me tell you quickly who God's followers are.
51:00 They're people that follow the Lord.
51:02 Follow the Lord Jesus Christ.
51:05 They're a small group.
51:07 I'm sorry... never going to be a great big group.
51:09 Bible doesn't promise that so don't expect it to be.
51:13 Thirdly, they believe in salvation by Jesus alone.
51:17 No other way.
51:19 Four: they keep God's commandments.
51:23 Five: they have faith in Jesus.
51:26 I'm talking about the believers of today.
51:30 Have God's seal in their forehead.
51:33 These are God's people.
51:36 What about: they uphold God's Sabbath?
51:40 These are people that follow the Lord.
51:43 What about those that follow the beast?
51:46 What does the Bible say about them?
51:48 Well, they're gonna worship the beast.
51:53 That's who they give their commitment to.
51:55 Secondly, they're a huge group.
51:59 Vast majority.
52:00 If you think you're going to follow the majority
52:03 and get to heaven, you missed it. Sorry.
52:06 Third, they believe in salvation by works.
52:11 Four: they keep men's commandments.
52:16 Five: presumption in place of faith.
52:21 Have the beast's mark in their foreheads.
52:24 And they uphold Sunday counterfeit.
52:27 That's what the Scripture says.
52:29 Two different groups.
52:31 There's not three groups, folks. There's only gonna be two.
52:35 That's it.
52:37 Peter and the other apostles... they said this:
52:51 Amen!
52:53 You see, you and I must place ourselves completely
52:56 upon God's side... follow Him.
52:59 You see, God today... We're down at the end, folks.
53:03 God today is asking you
53:06 to decide, you know.
53:09 Who are you going to worship?
53:11 Choose you this day whom you will serve.
53:19 Choose ye this day
53:24 whom ye will serve
53:29 and let it be
53:34 the Lord!
53:39 Choose ye this day
53:44 whom ye will love
53:48 and make it Christ
53:53 all else above.
54:00 God loves each sinner...
54:04 He chose you of old.
54:10 His great love story
54:14 on Calv'ry was told!
54:20 So choose ye this day
54:26 whom ye will serve...
54:31 and let it
54:36 be
54:38 the Lord!
54:44 There's a popular movie that depicts the complete
54:48 annihilation of the world through earthquakes,
54:51 fires, tsunamis, and floods in the year 2012.
54:56 Jesus warns us against setting dates
54:58 in Matthew 24:36.
55:01 "But of that day and hour no one knows,
55:04 not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only. "
55:08 While this film may be entertaining
55:10 it has done nothing but heighten the fear
55:13 of the people of this world.
55:15 For many years now we have seen the signs of a world
55:18 in a state of collapse.
55:20 And even unbelievers are increasingly uncomfortable
55:24 with the way things are going.
55:26 Truly we stand on the very edge of earth's history.
55:30 And believe me, the $250 million spent on special effects
55:35 for this film don't even come close
55:38 to what is about to be unleashed upon mankind.
55:42 The Bible warns of wars, famines, pestilence,
55:46 and earthquakes culmi- nating in the most spectacular
55:50 upheaval this world has ever seen.
55:53 Just listen to this description
55:54 found in Revelation the 6th chapter.
55:57 "And behold, there was a great earthquake
56:00 and the sun became black as the sackcloth of hair.
56:03 And the moon became like blood.
56:06 And the stars of the heavens fell to the earth
56:08 as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken
56:12 by a mighty wind.
56:14 Then the sky receded as as scroll when it is rolled up
56:18 and every mountain and island were moved out of its place. "
56:22 Friends, this will not be a Hollywood movie.
56:26 These events will surely take place
56:28 and we must warn the world as quickly as possible.
56:32 You see, there will be NO SECRET RAPTURE.
56:37 Every human being alive at the time will be affected
56:40 whether they are wicked or righteous.
56:43 But while the fear that has gripped the hearts of the wicked
56:46 will cause them to beg for rocks to fall on them
56:50 those who are righteous
56:52 will welcome these events as signs of Christ's coming.
56:55 They will say: "Behold this is our God!
56:58 We have waited for Him and He will save us! "
57:02 Listen to these glorious words
57:04 from I Thessalonians 4:
57:06 "For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout
57:10 with the voice of the archangel
57:12 and with the trumpet of God.
57:14 And the dead in Christ will rise first.
57:17 Then we who are alive and remain
57:19 shall be caught up together with them in the clouds
57:22 to meet the Lord in the air.
57:24 And thus we shall always be with the Lord.
57:27 Wherefore, comfort one another with these words. "
57:31 Oh friends, our burden is to share this good news
57:34 to bring comfort to those who are living in fear.
57:37 That's why we continue to preach the gospel of salvation
57:41 through Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen.
57:44 To see a soul come to Jesus
57:47 and be saved is worth any cost and all efforts.
57:51 That's why this ministry exists.
57:53 Won't you help us?
57:55 Please consider what you can do for those
57:57 who still don't know about Jesus.
57:59 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
58:01 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:15 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
58:17 through television and radio.
58:19 Your gifts help bring the blessed hope of salvation
58:22 to millions around the world.


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