The Midnight Cry

The Mercy of God and the End of the World

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00:14 I don't know how many of you have ever
00:17 stood on the corner and listened to a Salvation Army band play?
00:23 But this song tonight is entitled The Assurance March.
00:27 And if you'll just listen carefully
00:30 as she plays you'll be able to hear the Salvation Army band.
00:34 OK:
02:40 Maddy Couperus has been working with us for the last 9 years
02:47 holding crusades different places.
02:50 Her voice has always been one that has been clear.
02:54 Always has spoken to my heart.
02:57 I hope it has to you.
02:59 And I'm sure that you'll be blessed in a very special way
03:03 tonight as she ministers to us in music.
03:16 For what earthly reason
03:21 would the Father send down
03:26 His Son?
03:30 To suffer rejection
03:35 and pay for
03:37 crimes He had not done.
03:45 For what earthly reason
03:49 would the Father
03:52 let Him hang on the tree?
03:59 I wept with the answer:
04:04 the one earthly reason
04:08 was me.
04:16 I was the
04:18 reason...
04:25 the one
04:26 earthly reason.
04:35 I was the
04:37 guilty;
04:44 He was the
04:47 sacrifice.
04:53 I was the
04:56 taker;
05:03 He was
05:05 the Giver.
05:12 Dying
05:14 while I go free...
05:19 the one earthly reason
05:24 was me.
05:29 The fairest of heaven
05:34 was summoned from His throne
05:38 in the sky
05:43 to pay for my purchase
05:48 not even the angels
05:53 could die.
05:58 The only provision
06:02 for my pardon
06:05 was destined to be
06:12 that sweet Lamb of glory.
06:17 His only reason
06:22 was me.
06:29 I was the
06:31 reason...
06:38 the one earthly
06:41 reason.
06:48 I was the
06:50 guilty;
06:57 He was the
07:00 sacrifice.
07:06 I was the
07:09 taker;
07:16 He was
07:18 the Giver.
07:25 Dying
07:28 while I go free...
07:33 the one earthly reason...
07:38 God's only reason...
07:43 the one earthly reason
07:49 was
07:51 me.
08:12 Heavenly Father,
08:16 there was no earthly reason
08:19 for You to send Your Son
08:23 except, Lord, that without Him we would be lost.
08:29 Lord, tonight
08:31 may we see clearly
08:35 that life is found only in Jesus Christ.
08:39 May we surrender our hearts;
08:42 may the Holy Spirit move in our lives;
08:47 and may each of us be drawn close to Jesus Christ.
08:52 For this we ask in Your name, Amen.
09:04 Find that today man is trying to find
09:07 life in many many different places.
09:11 Just exactly where can I find eternal life?
09:16 We find that some people
09:19 think that they can communicate with the dead.
09:23 That life is found there.
09:27 They look to those that have gone on before hoping
09:32 that some way somehow
09:34 that they might communicate and talk with them.
09:38 But life is certainly not found in man.
09:43 Not going to find it in man.
09:45 Man cannot offer it; it is not to be found among mankind.
09:51 Man has looked for it down through the centuries
09:54 but it can't be found in humanity.
09:58 Says in Genesis 3:19:
10:15 So the Bible's very clear that you and I
10:18 were taken from dust.
10:19 And it says that we will return to dust.
10:23 And you have stood in funeral services
10:25 and you've heard the minister say the committal
10:28 "Dust to dust and ashes to ashes. "
10:30 You know that when a person dies they return back
10:34 to the dust or to the ashes.
10:37 So life is not found in us.
10:41 Man does not have immortality.
10:45 It's not found there.
10:46 Tells us in Job 4:17:
10:49 "Can a mortal... " Can a what? A mortal.
10:54 Doesn't say immortal. Mortal means what?
10:58 Mortal means subject to death.
11:01 Yes.
11:10 No way. Man is dust and he returns back to the dust.
11:16 So all I'm trying to get across to you tonight
11:18 is life - eternal life - cannot be found in human beings.
11:24 Man has searched for it.
11:43 So it says clearly that only God has immortality.
11:49 Now what I'm doing here tonight, folks,
11:51 is I'm laying down a basic principle of Scripture.
11:55 And if you get that real clear in your mind
11:58 then a lot of the troubles that people have
12:01 will clear up.
12:03 And so the principle that I'm trying to lay down tonight
12:06 is that God is the only One that has immortality.
12:10 Man does not have immortality.
12:13 Man is mortal.
12:16 OK? That means he is subject to death.
12:19 Goes on and says:
12:31 Even though science
12:34 would like to give the idea that they
12:39 can offer life, they have not been able to do it.
12:44 All you have to do is look around right now.
12:47 Almost in every large city in the United States
12:53 they now have places where you can go
12:56 and be frozen.
12:59 Did you know that?
13:01 Yeah, people now think that when they die
13:04 they can take them and freeze them
13:07 and keep them frozen until medical science
13:12 develops a cure for the problem that they had
13:16 and then they will thaw them out and cure their problem.
13:20 And so you can actually pay to be frozen
13:24 and kept that way.
13:26 Sorry... man is mortal, subject to death.
13:31 I can take you to the bookstore
13:33 and I can show you book after book
13:36 that will tell you that there is life after death.
13:41 The Bible does not teach that there is life after death.
13:47 Just does not do that, folks.
13:50 In fact, there's a place over here in Arizona
13:55 where they tell you that dying is just the result
13:59 of a wrong attitude
14:02 and that you can come to that particular place in Arizona
14:05 and, of course, you have to give them all your money.
14:09 You know, and you live there at that place
14:12 all your life. And if you die,
14:15 well the problem was you just had the wrong attitude.
14:19 But this is offered today, folks.
14:24 The Bible has this to say in Titus 3 verse 7:
14:38 Yeah, but it says "the hope of eternal life. "
14:42 Get it clear. The Bible doesn't say eternal life now.
14:45 It says "the hope of eternal life. "
14:48 OK? You need to get it clear.
14:51 It doesn't say that man now has eternal life.
14:54 It's the hope of eternal life.
14:58 Luke 2:23: "Who shall not receive many times more
15:03 in this present time and in the age to come... " What?
15:09 Yeah... "in the age to come eternal life. "
15:13 See, the Bible's very very clear.
15:16 You and I don't have to be in any doubt about it.
15:19 In the age to come you and I can have eternal life
15:24 but right now we are mortal.
15:27 We're subject to death.
15:30 That's what the Scripture simply says about us.
15:46 You're not going to find eternal life any other place.
15:51 There isn't such a thing as the fountain of youth.
15:56 There isn't a place where you can go in this world
15:59 and receive eternal life.
16:03 You will find it only in Jesus Christ.
16:22 You see, that's the reason when Jesus died, folks,
16:26 and He came forth from the grave
16:29 you find one statement in Scripture after another
16:33 that validates the fact that He came forth from the grave.
16:38 He did not make it so there would be any doubt.
16:42 There were over 500 people that saw Him
16:46 after the resurrection.
16:49 And He gave it with infallible proof
16:51 that He came forth from the grave.
16:53 I want to share just a few with you tonight
16:55 to show you that Jesus Christ is the Resurrection and the Life.
17:00 These are proofs of His resurrection.
17:37 These are people, folks, that He appeared to
17:40 and spoke to... absolute proof of the resurrection.
18:35 All these are statements of proof
18:38 that Jesus came forth from the grave.
18:42 That He IS the Resurrection.
18:44 Therefore, what I'm trying to say to you tonight
18:46 if Christ is the Resurrection,
18:48 and He said that He is the Resurrection and the Life,
18:51 then you and I, if we're going to find life
18:54 on the other side of the grave,
18:58 we're going to find it only in
19:01 Jesus Christ. We're not going to find it any other place.
19:20 Clear?
19:22 So dear friend, tonight you don't have eternal life
19:28 if you don't have Christ.
19:31 You see, if you don't have Jesus you don't have anything
19:37 because you're going to die
19:39 and all the things you have
19:41 are going to go to somebody else. See?
19:45 But if you've got Jesus, you've got everything...
19:48 Amen! 'cause you've got life.
19:50 You're going to come out of the grave.
19:52 As He came out of the grave,
19:54 so you and I will have that opportunity.
19:57 All right. Listen as it continues on:
20:10 Now true... you and I need to spend time in the Book.
20:16 This is how you come to know Jesus Christ.
20:19 Do you understand me?
20:21 But dear friend, let me tell you something:
20:24 don't read the Book and not get acquainted with Jesus.
20:30 Because it says: "This is life eternal to... " What?
20:35 "to know You. " You see, eternal life is in Christ
20:40 and you and I must know Him.
20:42 As an individual we must know Him as our Savior.
20:45 It's not... You can't have an "arms-off experience"
20:49 with Jesus Christ. It's got to be something
20:52 that is in your heart and in your soul.
20:55 It's gotta be something that you experience.
20:58 You take somebody who has experienced it
21:03 and they may not be able to explain it to you
21:06 but I can tell you one thing: they know it.
21:10 There's no question about that.
21:12 God is a great God
21:16 and the Lord Jesus Christ comes into your heart
21:21 and gives you eternal life
21:23 I guarantee you you know it.
21:25 No question about it.
21:27 All right... let's go on.
21:32 You don't have it. You're mortal, right?
21:36 So how am I going to receive eternal life tonight?
21:39 Well the Bible tells you this is how you receive it.
21:55 Was that clear?
21:57 Dear friend, if you didn't need any other text but that one
22:02 that's clear enough.
22:04 It says: "If you do not have the Son you don't have life. "
22:10 Now I hope you'll fasten that in your mind because
22:13 I'm coming to something.
22:14 I'm coming to a point in just a little bit,
22:17 and if you don't have that fastened in your mind
22:19 then you may have trouble. But if you'll fasten it clearly
22:22 in your mind that if you don't have the Son
22:25 you do not have life.
22:29 You get that real clear
22:31 then the point we're coming to won't be a problem with you.
22:33 OK?
22:37 He doesn't have life if the wrath of God abides on him.
22:48 That person that believes in Jesus Christ
22:51 has everlasting life.
22:53 That's a promise that God gives to you.
22:57 OK? So we find that eternal life
23:00 is found only in Jesus Christ.
23:03 Now the question is: how do I keep it?
23:09 It's a gift! That's what He tells me: "It's a gift;
23:12 it's given to us. " That's what it says
23:14 in Romans the 5th chapter verse 17 that it is a gift.
23:17 So it's a gift given to me but how do I keep it?
23:23 Do you know how to keep it?
23:26 'Cause I run onto people that lose it.
23:30 Well let's see how you keep it.
23:46 That's how you keep it.
23:49 I've gotta look, and I've gotta read the Word of God.
23:52 And I've got to walk by faith; I've got to believe.
23:55 As Jesus said: "Blessed is he
23:59 who doesn't see and believes. "
24:04 You see, I've gotta walk by faith.
24:07 The Christian experience is a walk by faith.
24:10 That's the difference. You see, animals...
24:13 animals live by scent.
24:16 OK? That's how they exist is by what they smell.
24:21 Sinners... sinners... they live by reason.
24:28 That's how sinners live.
24:30 Christians live by faith. Amen!
24:35 Great great difference, folks.
24:38 Great difference!
24:39 And if I'm going to lay hold of eternal life,
24:42 I do that by faith.
24:45 That means that by faith
24:50 I put Jesus Christ
24:52 above everything else.
24:57 I must... listen carefully 'cause the Scriptures going to
25:00 tell you... I must put my priorities right.
25:44 How do you keep it?
25:46 I keep it by making sure my priorities are right.
25:53 That's what Jesus was talking about when He talked about
25:56 the man that went out and bought the piece of land.
25:58 He's talking about the man that sold everything he had
26:01 for the pearl of great price.
26:03 I have to place it in the right priority
26:06 and reach out and hang on to it
26:09 and hang on to it for all I'm worth by faith.
26:14 THEN you keep eternal life.
26:17 That's what He's telling us.
26:19 All right. Now we come to the point that
26:24 many people don't understand:
26:26 What is the penalty for sin?
26:29 What is the penalty for sin?
26:33 That's what we have to establish
26:35 because this is the area that many people do not understand.
26:56 Sin brings forth what? Death.
27:01 The penalty for sin is death.
27:06 That's what the Scripture tells us:
27:08 that death came into the world by sin.
27:20 OK... through one man sin entered the world.
27:24 "and death through sin. And thus death spread to all men
27:30 because all sin. "
27:33 Because Adam sinned
27:36 death passed upon the whole human race.
27:41 OK? Death means what?
27:48 Death means what?
27:53 Death means that life ceases. Doesn't it?
27:59 It does not mean this, friends:
28:02 it doesn't mean that you change existence.
28:07 See, that's what some people think.
28:09 They think when you die all you do is change existence.
28:13 No... that isn't what the Bible says.
28:16 Death means the end of life.
28:21 Ceases. Now there's a special death
28:26 that you and I as Christians do not want to have happen.
28:31 The Bible's very clear on that
28:33 'cause righteous and unrighteous both die, don't they.
28:40 Yes, OK... but watch carefully. It tells us:
28:59 See, eternal life is in Christ Jesus.
29:02 "He that hath the Son hath life. "
29:06 That's the way it happens; that's the way it takes place.
29:10 Death brings about the end of life.
29:16 So it says in Revelation 21:8:
29:36 Now are you getting clear?
29:39 You see, righteous and unright- eous both die the first death
29:45 but only the wicked will die the second death.
29:51 See, you have eternal life in Christ Jesus.
29:54 Jesus said: "Even though a man may die
29:57 yet he shall live. "
29:59 Just as He died and came forth from the grave
30:03 so the righteous will die and will go into the grave
30:06 but they will come out.
30:08 They will be resurrected. They have life in Christ Jesus.
30:12 But the wicked the Bible says very clearly
30:16 will be resurrected but they will die
30:20 the second death. From that there is no return.
30:26 And dear friends, it is not... it is not
30:31 a place where the devil
30:36 is going to stoke the fires of hell for eternity.
30:40 It is not that.
30:42 Death means the ceasing of life.
30:47 Comes to an end.
30:48 Does not continue on.
31:07 You see? There's a resurrection of the just AND the unjust.
31:12 And they come forth from the grave.
31:14 There's just a great difference in the two.
31:17 Those that are righteous, those that are just,
31:20 they have eternal life.
31:25 The Bible says that they are changed
31:29 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye
31:32 at the last trump. For this mortal must put on
31:36 immortality. And so as the righteous
31:40 come forth from that grave
31:42 they have life eternal... immortality! Amen!
31:48 The wicked? NO! NO!
31:53 They come forth from the grave
31:55 to die the second death.
31:59 And from that there is no return.
32:06 Let me take a moment on this.
32:09 I hope you'll understand something.
32:13 Do you understand what you're worth tonight?
32:16 Do you understand what you're worth?
32:19 Do you understand tonight that there is not another individual
32:25 anywhere in the entire universe
32:30 that's exactly like you?
32:33 Do you understand that?
32:35 That's what makes you of supreme value.
32:39 You see, if that was not the case,
32:43 then when sin came into the world
32:45 God could have just wiped it all out and started over.
32:50 But the fact is there is not another person
32:55 like you anywhere in the vast universe of God.
33:00 That's what makes you of supreme value.
33:04 That's why Jesus Christ would have come and He would have died
33:08 if it had only been you. Amen! Praise the Lord!
33:13 Now, that's also why
33:17 that if you're lost
33:21 if you are involved in the second death
33:24 how terrible that is.
33:27 I mean, you will never be.
33:30 It'll be the end. There'll never throughout eternity
33:34 be an individual like you.
33:36 You're lost... gone... for eternity.
33:40 How terrible!
33:42 Never would there be another person like you.
33:47 That's why the Lord Jesus Christ said: "Listen,
33:53 I'll come to this old planet and I'll die for you. "
33:58 "I'll die just for you
34:00 that you might have eternal life. "
34:05 That's what He did for you and for me.
34:21 No more. All the way down through the corridors of time
34:27 never never again will the wicked be.
34:35 How terrible!
35:01 They're going to perish.
35:03 They will be no more... never again.
35:13 Are you beginning to understand?
35:17 See, that's what's going to happen.
35:18 The wicked just aren't going to be any more.
35:21 They're going to be destroyed and they will be no more...
35:26 never again.
35:46 Says the wicked will be like brute beasts.
35:51 They'll be destroyed; they'll be no more.
35:56 That's what God says is going to happen to them.
35:59 So what I'm trying to tell you tonight, dear friends,
36:03 is you can have life.
36:05 God offers you life.
36:08 All you've gotta do is accept Jesus Christ
36:10 and give your heart to Him.
36:12 Surrender your life to Him.
36:15 He'll give you eternal life.
36:27 How thoroughly is He going to do His job?
36:34 Never, throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity
36:38 will sin ever come again.
36:43 "Affliction shall not rise a second time. "
36:47 Glory Hallelujah! It'll be and end of it!
36:51 There will be no more... never, all the way down
36:54 through the ceaseless ages of time
36:58 will sin ever raise its ugly head again.
37:01 Will be no more.
37:03 That God offers to you and to me.
37:08 How could this be, folks?
37:11 Now you think with me:
37:13 How could this be?
37:16 If there was a place called hell
37:21 where the wicked burn for eternity,
37:28 how could this text be?
37:31 There it would be a constant sight, a constant reminder
37:35 of what sin was?
37:37 No... not what the Scripture says.
37:42 What is going to happen? Is there a hell?
37:44 Yes, there's a hell.
37:46 You and I have a hell to shun and a heaven to win.
37:50 Oh, yes, there's punishment...
37:53 but let's see what the Scripture says.
38:03 This is referring to the wicked.
38:11 Have you ever seen a stubble field on fire?
38:15 Do you know what I'm talking about?
38:17 I grew up in Oklahoma.
38:20 The western part of Oklahoma has huge huge wheat fields.
38:25 Wheat fields so big that you can't see across them.
38:28 OK? And they come in there the latter part of May
38:32 first of June and they cut that wheat
38:35 and they leave about that much stubble sticking up.
38:39 And then it begins to dry.
38:43 By the time you hit August
38:46 that stubble is golden brown.
38:50 There is no moisture in it at all.
38:53 And you let it get on fire
38:55 and I will tell you you haven't seen a fire
38:59 till you've seen a stubble field on fire.
39:01 I mean, it'll roll across that field.
39:03 You can hear the roar of the fire for miles away
39:07 as it burns across that field.
39:08 And when it's through there is absolutely nothing left.
39:14 That's what it's talking about when it says the wicked
39:16 will be like stubble that is fully burned, fully dried.
39:41 You see, folks, that text didn't say
39:43 the fire shall burn them.
39:47 It says: "It shall burn them up. "
39:50 Don't miss that little word up.
39:59 So it says the wicked are going to be burned.
40:02 They're going to be burned up.
40:04 It will leave them "neither root nor branch. "
40:08 How thoroughly does it do its work?
40:22 So it says the wicked are going to be burned up.
40:25 They're going to be turned into ashes.
40:29 It speaks of the wicked as "stubble. "
40:33 Do you know what the Scripture speaks of the righteous as?
40:39 Hmm?
40:41 It talks about the wicked as "stubble. "
40:44 What does it speak of the righteous?
40:47 What does it call them?
40:49 Well it refers to the righteous as gold.
40:54 The Bible talks about them as gold.
40:57 Fire burns up stubble.
41:02 Fire does what to gold?
41:06 Refines it... purifies it.
41:08 See? Marvelous what it does!
41:12 Marvelous what God does to the righteous: they're gold.
41:17 Refines, purifies them.
41:19 But the wicked? They are "stubble. "
41:22 They will be no more.
41:25 Some people say: "Well Brother Cox,
41:27 when you die, you know, well your soul
41:30 it goes off some other place. "
41:33 Do you know what a soul is?
41:35 Let me clarify what a soul is.
41:37 The Bible says that you are a soul.
41:41 OK?
41:43 What makes a soul?
41:44 The Bible says it takes the body
41:48 and the breath of life to make a soul.
41:51 That's why it refers to you as souls.
41:53 It even refers to the fish in the sea as a soul.
41:56 OK?
41:59 'Cause it has a body, has the breath of life.
42:02 OK? So you are a soul.
42:06 When a person dies, the body goes back to the ground
42:10 the Scripture says. It says the spirit
42:13 which is the breath of life goes back to God.
42:18 On the resurrection morning... on the resurrection morning
42:22 God's going to form the body again.
42:25 And the breath of life will enter it, and that person
42:28 will be a living soul.
42:31 See, that's what it says.
42:33 That's why this text says this:
42:43 All right?
42:53 Yes... destroy the person.
42:55 That means they will be no more!
42:59 That will forever be the end of them.
43:02 Says that the fire will burn them.
43:06 Burn them up. They will be no more.
43:19 Now I run onto people who have trouble here
43:22 'cause it says - speaking of the wicked -
43:25 that they're going to go into what? Everlasting punishment.
43:29 OK? "but the righteous into eternal life. "
43:34 Now folks, the problem here is this word punishment.
43:40 You see, what I run onto people
43:43 is they try to take this word and apply it the wrong way.
43:47 You see, the punishment is eternal.
43:54 When the wicked are destroyed they're never never coming back.
43:59 The punishment is eternal.
44:03 Are you with me? That's why it says
44:04 they're going to go into everlasting punishment.
44:07 Means they're destroyed. Never, throughout eternity,
44:10 will they ever come back.
44:11 Please do not take that word everlasting
44:14 and apply it to punishing.
44:18 The punishment is eternal... not the punishing.
44:22 And that's where people get it all mixed up.
44:25 They take it and apply it to punishing
44:27 rather than punishment.
44:29 And the Bible gives you a very very clear example
44:34 so that you don't have to be in any doubt about it at all.
44:37 OK?
44:38 You remember a city by the name of Sodom and Gomorrah?
44:44 Wicked. So wicked
44:50 that God said: "I'll have to destroy it. "
44:56 And so God sent some angels.
45:00 You remember those angels had to take Lot and his 2 daughters
45:04 and wife and lead them out of Sodom and Gomorrah
45:08 by their hand?
45:10 And then Lot's wife didn't even make it then.
45:13 OK?
45:14 Would you like to see what the Scripture says about this?
45:18 Watch... 'cause it's making a comparison.
45:45 Sodom and Gomorrah suffered the vengeance of eternal fire.
45:49 Are Sodom and Gomorrah burning today?
45:52 No! No. Do you know where they are?
45:57 Oh, they're under about 3 feet of water
46:02 in the lower end of the Dead Sea.
46:03 Certainly not burning today.
46:06 But the punishment was eternal not the punishing.
46:12 Are you with me?
46:13 See... the Bible makes that very very clear.
46:17 The punishment? Yes... that's eternal.
46:20 The punishing is not.
46:23 So the wicked will receive punishment
46:27 but God is not, folks... God is not
46:31 a God of... how should I say? vengeance
46:36 in the sense that He's not a sadist.
46:40 He's not interested in punishing people.
46:43 That's not God's way.
46:49 When will it take place?
46:52 Well, let's see. The Scripture makes it
46:54 very clear when it's going to take place.
47:13 Doesn't say wrath now. It says: "Wrath to come. "
47:18 Get it clear... it's not happening now.
47:21 When people die they don't go to hell.
47:26 That does not happen... they DO NOT go to hell.
47:29 They are asleep, and the "wrath to come" is when
47:33 they will face it... not now.
47:47 When is it? "End of this age. "
47:51 That's when that's going to happen... not now
47:54 but at the end of the age is when it will take place.
48:00 This is... This subject, folks,
48:04 is important because
48:07 you misunderstand the character of God
48:09 if you don't understand it right.
48:13 Very very hard to love a God
48:17 who is not merciful.
48:23 You take... if you put somebody in hell,
48:28 if you say when they die they go to hell,
48:32 people that died 6,000 years ago
48:34 they've been burning in hell for 6,000 years?
48:38 They get 6,000 years more punishment than people today?
48:42 No! You see, God's not that way. Amen!
48:46 God is just; God is kind, longsuffering.
48:51 Oh, don't misunderstand me.
48:53 Sure there's punishment but He's a God of mercy.
48:58 God loves you, cares about you.
49:24 All right now. The Scripture is just as clear as can be.
49:27 "The wicked are reserved for the day of doom.
49:30 They shall be brought out on the day of wrath. "
49:39 That's what the wicked are going to receive... all of that.
49:53 Hmm... "a vigil kept over the tomb"
49:58 waiting for the day of resurrection.
50:05 If you don't know Jesus Christ,
50:07 if you don't know Him as your personal Savior,
50:11 the Bible says you have an angel.
50:15 It says that that angel keeps record...
50:20 keeps record of all the things we do.
50:24 If you know Jesus Christ and you die,
50:29 then that angel will be there to welcome you
50:33 when the resurrection takes place.
50:37 If you don't know Jesus Christ,
50:39 that angel keeps a vigil over the tomb
50:43 so that on the resurrection of the wicked
50:47 they will come forth to receive their punishment.
50:53 To receive their PUNISHMENT.
51:28 So the Bible says the wicked are going to die.
51:31 Clods of the earth will be sweet to them.
51:33 They'll be there, but on that day
51:36 when God calls all the people forth from the grave
51:41 judgment will take place.
51:44 And then it says the wicked will be destroyed.
51:48 It says this earth will burn.
51:51 All the wicked will be burned up in it.
51:56 Now let me explain something.
51:58 God takes no pleasure whatsoever
52:01 in the punishment of the wicked.
52:03 That is contrary to the nature of God, friends.
52:08 And if you've been one of these people that
52:10 down through the years have never been able to...
52:13 to put together how a God
52:15 could punish people through the ceaseless ages of eternity,
52:19 I hope tonight you're seeing that that is not how God is.
52:24 That God loves you; He cares for you.
52:27 He doesn't want you lost.
52:28 He takes no pleasure whatsoever
52:31 in the punishment of the wicked.
52:50 That's what God has pleasure in.
52:53 "Turn from your way and live! "
52:56 You understand that?
52:59 The Bible calls that conversion.
53:02 With me?
53:04 You understand conversion?
53:06 I think I told you one night what conversion is.
53:10 That's right. "I'm going to hell, I'm going to hell,
53:13 I'm going to hell, I'm going to hell. "
53:15 Turn around. "I'm going to heaven; I'm going to heaven. "
53:18 That's conversion!
53:21 That's what God offers to you.
53:24 I don't have to be lost.
53:27 THAT's what God has pleasure in.
53:29 That's what He wants: He wants you SAVED!
53:32 Wants you in the kingdom of heaven.
53:42 So tonight God is just simply offering to you
53:48 life in Christ Jesus.
53:51 I want you to think with me a little bit.
53:54 What's the penalty for sin?
53:58 Are you clear on that tonight?
53:59 The penalty for sin is death.
54:03 Did Jesus pay that penalty for you?
54:06 Yes. Huh? Yes!
54:08 Are all of you clear on that?
54:10 Yes! That Jesus paid the penalty for you?
54:13 Praise the Lord! Amen!
54:16 Paid the penalty.
54:17 OK... now think with me.
54:20 If the penalty for sin was to go to hell
54:24 and burn in hell for eternity,
54:27 then Jesus didn't pay it.
54:31 Are you with me?
54:34 See, any time you do that
54:37 you just moved Jesus out of the picture.
54:39 No, He paid it. The penalty was death.
54:42 He died... understand me tonight...
54:45 Jesus died like the sinner died.
54:51 That's why He cried out: "My God! My God!
54:54 Why has Thou forsaken Me? "
54:55 Because He died as a sinner.
54:57 He didn't die as you and I as a Christian might die
55:01 and have hope.
55:02 He died understanding that He was paying the price
55:06 for sin. He paid that price... the horrible price.
55:10 He paid for your sins and mine.
55:15 You and I... we can die by faith.
55:20 And even though I may die
55:23 yet I still can live - Amen!
55:27 because of what Jesus Christ has done for you and me.
55:39 Don't let people mix you up on that.
55:42 The opposite of life is death.
55:45 Death is not life.
55:48 OK?
55:58 OK... that's simply the way it is.
56:00 Now let me ask you a question:
56:06 what do I have to do to have eternal life?
56:11 What do I have to do to have eternal life?
56:16 I have to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.
56:20 Life is in Him.
56:22 That's how I receive eternal life.
56:26 Now I don't know if you put it all together.
56:30 You see, dear friend, you've got to have Christ
56:33 to receive life.
56:36 You can't get eternal life
56:39 in hell.
56:43 Did you just follow me?
56:44 Only way you can get eternal life is in Christ.
56:47 You can't get eternal life in hell.
56:51 It's impossible!
56:53 It's the end of life.
56:55 The wicked are going to die
56:59 and they're going to die the second death
57:02 and that will be the end of them.
57:03 They'll be no more.
57:05 But to you and to me
57:08 we have a promise of life... life in Christ Jesus.
57:15 That's what He offers to us.
57:17 And so tonight I hope that you
57:21 by faith will just simply reach out,
57:25 accept Jesus Christ into your heart as your Savior,
57:28 and find life in Him. Because He wants to give
57:31 life to you in a very very definite and special way.
57:37 Let's bow our heads for a word of prayer.
57:38 Heavenly Father, we thank you
57:42 for all that You have done for each of us.
57:45 Wonderful hope that we have in Christ our Lord
57:49 to know that in Christ Jesus we can have life eternal.
57:53 May each one of claim that today by faith.
57:57 We pray, Lord, that we all
58:01 each day might rejoice
58:03 in what You have done for us. For this way pray
58:05 in Christ's name, Amen.


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