The Midnight Cry

To You Is Promised A Wonderful Gift

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00:31 It may be at morn
00:37 When the day
00:39 is awaking
00:45 When sunlight through darkness
00:50 And shadow is breaking
00:57 That Jesus will come
01:01 In the fullness of glory
01:07 To receive from the world
01:13 His own
01:19 O Lord Jesus
01:23 How long, how long
01:29 Ere we shout the glad song
01:34 Christ returneth!
01:36 Hallelujah!
01:39 Hallelujah!
01:42 Amen
01:45 Hallelujah!
01:48 Amen
02:07 It may be
02:11 At midday
02:17 It may be at twilight
02:23 It may be per chance
02:29 That the blackness
02:32 Of midnight
02:38 Will burst into light
02:44 In the blaze of His glory
02:50 When Jesus receives
02:56 His own
03:01 O Lord Jesus
03:06 How long, how long
03:10 Ere we shout the glad song
03:16 Christ returneth!
03:18 Hallelujah!
03:21 Hallelujah!
03:24 Amen
03:27 Hallelujah!
03:36 Amen
04:02 Father in heaven,
04:05 tonight, we look forward to that day,
04:09 the day in which You're coming back.
04:13 We pray that each one of us here
04:16 may be prepared
04:20 that we might be waiting and watching
04:24 that You will give to us
04:27 Your Holy Spirit and it may fill our lives.
04:33 Each one of us may be faithful witnesses
04:38 in all that we do.
04:40 Bless us in our study tonight.
04:43 Give us the understanding we need.
04:46 May our hearts be opened.
04:49 This we pray in Christ name, amen.
05:00 Every individual that is born into the kingdom of God
05:07 is born into the kingdom of God as a missionary.
05:11 There are no exceptions.
05:14 When you take the name Christian,
05:19 you become a witness.
05:22 And from that day forward,
05:23 the moment that you accept Jesus Christ,
05:26 from that day forward,
05:27 you are a witness
05:30 to those about you
05:32 and to those you come in contact with
05:34 of the power of God.
05:36 The scripture says this to us, Isaiah 43:10.
05:42 "'You are My witnesses,' says the Lord,
05:46 'And My servant whom I have chosen.'"
05:49 So the scripture says,
05:50 "You are my witness, every one of you."
05:54 The moment that you make a decision and say,
05:57 "I will give my heart to Jesus Christ,"
05:59 from that moment on, you are a witness,
06:05 a witness of the power of God in your life
06:09 and what the Lord Jesus Christ can do.
06:12 "I, even I, am the Lord,
06:15 and besides Me there is no savior."
06:18 So God says that He is God and that we are His witnesses.
06:22 Matthew 28:19,
06:25 "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."
06:30 Now when it says,
06:31 "Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations,"
06:34 you know who that's talking to?
06:38 That's talking to you.
06:39 Amen.
06:41 Talking to every one of you because you become His witness,
06:45 all right?
06:46 "And all nations, baptizing them
06:48 in the name of the Father and of the Son
06:49 and of the Holy Spirit,"
06:51 that's what we've been doing here
06:52 is preaching the gospel.
06:54 And as the gospel is preached,
06:56 it says that men and women are to accept Christ.
06:59 They are to follow Him in baptism,
07:02 teaching them to observe what?
07:05 All things.
07:06 That's what we've tried to do here,
07:08 is to teach you what God's Word says.
07:12 Amen.
07:13 And I can honestly say
07:17 that I stand in before the God of heaven
07:22 that I have shared with you the gospel
07:25 and the teachings of scripture.
07:27 Amen.
07:28 Some of it may have not been too easy,
07:33 but God didn't ask me to make that choice.
07:37 God asked me to teach what?
07:40 All things.
07:42 And that is what we have simply done
07:44 in the word, in prophecy.
07:46 We have told you what the Word of God says.
07:50 "Teaching them to observe all things
07:52 that I have commanded you, and lo,
07:54 I am with you even unto the end of the age."
07:58 So God just says that's our responsibility
08:01 is to preach the Word of God."
08:03 Matthew 24:14.
08:05 "And this gospel of the kingdom
08:07 will be preached in all the world
08:09 as a witness to all nations,
08:13 and then the end will come."
08:16 So God says the word is to be preached
08:19 is to be preached as a witness to all nations.
08:22 And, dear friends, it is preached
08:24 many, many different ways.
08:29 You see, you are a witness,
08:33 you preach
08:37 'cause the moment you tell somebody,
08:40 "I'm a Christian,"
08:42 your life immediately begins to witness to that effect.
08:48 So God says that He's called all of us
08:50 to be witnesses.
08:52 "Behold, I send you out as sheep..."
08:57 What?
08:58 "In the midst of wolves."
09:02 You see, I run on the people
09:04 that don't quite understand what's involved here.
09:09 Have you ever read the description
09:10 of Christ in the Bible?
09:13 In the Book of Revelation?
09:15 Huh?
09:17 You ever read that where it talks
09:18 about Jesus Christ and it says that He is a lion?
09:22 Huh?
09:23 The Lion of the tribe of Judah?
09:26 A Lion is known for what?
09:30 Hmm?
09:32 Stealing sheep.
09:33 Well, it's known for stealing sheep,
09:35 it's known as being victorious.
09:37 It's known for being strong.
09:39 It's known for a fight.
09:42 It's what it's known for a lion is, and it says,
09:44 "He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah."
09:46 But you read it here, folks.
09:49 You can read all about that in Revelation 5,
09:52 but when it comes to picturing Him,
09:54 do you know how it pictures Him?
09:58 As a lamb.
10:02 Strange.
10:06 You ever seen people that are afraid of a lamb?
10:10 Hmm?
10:12 Revelation says they are.
10:15 It says, "When He comes back,
10:16 they will cry for the rocks
10:18 and the mountains to fall on them."
10:21 But what I'm trying to get across to you
10:23 is it pictures Jesus as a victory.
10:26 It pictures Him as victorious.
10:28 It pictures Him as a conqueror, but it says that He is a Lamb.
10:33 You see what I'm trying to get across
10:35 and what the scripture is trying to get across
10:37 is the weapons that He use,
10:40 that He uses are gentleness,
10:45 humility, kindness.
10:49 Those are the weapons that He uses,
10:51 and you and I as witnesses
10:55 are to be humble, kind, gentle.
11:02 This is what God expects you and I to be,
11:05 and that's our witness
11:06 is to all the people that we meet
11:09 of what the power of Jesus Christ
11:12 can do in your life,
11:14 how He can change you and make us,
11:16 and thus He sends us out as sheep
11:19 in the midst of wolves.
11:21 "Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves."
11:28 Be wise as serpents, harmless as doves.
11:35 Now watch,
11:36 'cause the Lord doesn't send you out here, folks,
11:39 as to be witnesses without giving you something.
11:44 John 20:21.
11:47 "So Jesus said to them again, 'Peace to you!
11:50 As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.'
11:56 " He said, "As the Father sent Me,
11:59 so I sent you."
12:01 All right?
12:03 "And when He had said this, He breathed on them,
12:06 and said to them, 'Receive the Holy Spirit.'
12:11 " You see what I'm trying to get across to you
12:13 is God called you to be a witness.
12:15 But He said,
12:16 "If you're going to be My witness,
12:18 I'm going to give you My spirit.
12:20 I'm gonna give you the Holy Spirit."
12:22 And so He gives to you and to me the Holy Spirit.
12:28 What does the Holy Spirit do for you and for me?
12:34 That's the question you need to ask.
12:35 What does the Holy Spirit...
12:37 Now we've talked about the Holy Spirit
12:38 the other night.
12:39 And in our study the other night,
12:41 we found out
12:42 that you cannot use the Holy Spirit,
12:46 the Holy Spirit must use you.
12:49 But what does it do for us?
12:51 Well, these are the things that it does for us.
12:53 It gives us the power to be an effective witness.
12:58 You cannot be an effective witness
13:00 for Jesus Christ
13:02 unless you have the Holy Spirit
13:05 because the Holy Spirit
13:06 gives you the fruits of the Spirit.
13:11 And the fruits of the Spirit, we found out the other night,
13:15 changes character.
13:18 It's what gives you love, and joy, and peace,
13:21 and long suffering.
13:23 The Holy Spirit comes in
13:25 and it begins to work in our life
13:27 and it changes us, and as it changes us,
13:30 it gives us the power
13:32 to be an effective witness for Jesus Christ.
13:35 And without it,
13:37 you can never be an effective witness for Jesus.
13:42 Acts 1:8,
13:43 "But you shall receive power,"
13:47 okay, "you shall receive power
13:50 after or when the Holy Spirit comes upon you,"
13:53 for what reason?
13:56 Okay.
13:57 "You shall be witnesses to Me."
14:01 You see, He gives us power to be witnesses.
14:04 He doesn't give you power to go do your own thing.
14:08 He doesn't give you power to do all these other things.
14:10 He gives you power to be a witness for Him.
14:13 "Judea, Samaria, to the ends of the earth,
14:17 He gives you power to be a witness for Him."
14:22 That's what the Holy Spirit does.
14:23 And so if you find
14:25 that your Christian life is ineffective,
14:29 if you find that your witness seems to lack,
14:33 well, then you need the Holy Spirit, friend.
14:35 Amen.
14:37 The Holy Spirit will bring that power there.
14:40 Listen, this has what happened
14:41 when the Holy Spirit fell on the day of Pentecost,
14:44 and those people received the baptism of Holy Spirit,
14:47 this has what took place.
14:49 Acts 4:33,
14:51 "And with great power,
14:54 the apostles gave witness
14:55 to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.
14:57 And great grace was upon them."
15:00 With great power,
15:02 they gave witness of Jesus Christ.
15:06 You see, it's the power of the Holy Spirit
15:11 that speaks to the individual heart.
15:15 Without it, nothing's going to happen.
15:19 But with the baptism, the Holy Spirit,
15:22 power's given there,
15:23 and men and women were converted.
15:25 They gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ
15:28 by great, great numbers.
15:30 "How shall we escape
15:32 if we neglect so great a salvation,
15:35 which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord,
15:41 and was confirmed to us by those who heard Him."
15:44 This is out of Hebrews 2.
15:46 "God also bearing witness both with signs and wonders,
15:51 and with various miracles..."
15:53 You see, that attended their witness.
15:58 But I have said in several nights now, folks.
16:03 I have found that God
16:07 only gives the Holy Spirit
16:11 to those that are humble and have contrite heart.
16:15 Amen.
16:17 Only one He gives it to is those who are humble
16:20 and have a contrite heart.
16:23 And when He gives the Holy Spirit power,
16:26 we'll attend our witness,
16:29 and we will become witnesses for God.
16:32 And there will be miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit,
16:36 according to...
16:38 Now there are several things in that last part, folks.
16:41 It says that when the Holy Spirit
16:43 is given to you and to me that He will give us, what?
16:48 Gifts.
16:49 All right, according to...
16:51 His will. His will.
16:52 Get it clear.
16:54 It is not your decision,
16:55 it's not mine what gift we receive,
16:58 it is up to the Holy Spirit
17:00 to give us what gift He wants us to have.
17:04 I run onto people
17:05 that are praying for certain gifts.
17:08 No, God does not tell you and I
17:11 that we're to pray for certain gifts.
17:13 It tells us that we are to pray for the baptism
17:16 of the Holy Spirit,
17:17 and the Holy Spirit will give us
17:19 what gift He wants us to have.
17:21 Amen.
17:22 He gives it according to His will.
17:25 So what does the Holy Spirit do for us,
17:28 "Gives us power to be effective witnesses,
17:30 gives us gifts for witnessing."
17:34 That's what the Holy Spirit does.
17:35 Those gifts are what makes our witness effective,
17:40 and without those gifts, they're not.
17:43 Therefore, Ephesians 4:8,
17:46 "Therefore He says,
17:48 'When He ascended on high, He led captivity captive,
17:52 and He gave gifts to men.'
17:55 " So it says that when Jesus went back to heaven,
17:58 He gave gifts.
18:00 The Holy Spirit was poured out.
18:03 And with the Holy Spirit being poured out,
18:05 certain gifts were given to men and women, okay?
18:11 Luke 11:13.
18:15 "If you then, being evil,
18:18 know how to give good gifts to your children..."
18:21 All right,
18:22 do you know how to do that?
18:26 Do you know how to ask for gifts?
18:29 Huh?
18:30 Do you know how to ask?
18:34 I have three boys.
18:39 When I went through school,
18:42 I had the privilege of working in a hospital emergency room.
18:46 And I worked in that for a couple of years.
18:49 And after spending two years in the hospital emergency room,
18:54 I made a decision that when I got married,
18:58 and I had children that they could not,
19:03 as long as they were in my household,
19:05 ride a motorcycle.
19:09 I just said, "No way."
19:11 'Cause I saw too many come in emergency room,
19:14 and I said, "That's it, no motorcycle."
19:17 Well, you get three boys
19:19 and, you know, what happens, don't you?
19:20 Yes.
19:22 "I want a motorcycle, you know?"
19:24 And I'd say, "No, you can't have a motorcycle."
19:27 Well, we went through that over and over and over
19:29 as they grew up.
19:30 But I want to give you a scenario about asking, okay?
19:37 Let's say that my boy,
19:42 Jim, says, "Where are you going, Dad?"
19:45 And I say, "Oh, I got to be going this weekend."
19:48 I have speaking appointments and all.
19:51 And he says, "Well, can I go with you?"
19:55 And I say, "Well, sure you can go with me,
19:59 but it's not going to be a very good time for you.
20:02 You know, I have to speak four or five times,
20:04 and I'll be in meetings all day long.
20:07 It's going to be kind of boring for you."
20:09 And he'd say, "No, I'd like to go with you."
20:11 And I'd say, "You know, you're welcome.
20:14 I'd love to have you go.
20:15 I like to have your company,
20:17 but you got to understand
20:18 that I'm tied up all that time."
20:20 He said, "No, I'd like to go with you."
20:21 And I said, "Great."
20:23 So we get in the car, and we start down the road,
20:25 and we drive along, we visit a little bit.
20:27 And pretty soon he says to me,
20:29 he says, "Dad, I'd sure like to have a motorcycle."
20:35 And I say, "Is that why you came with me,
20:39 so you could ask me for a motorcycle?"
20:43 And our conversation ends right there,
20:45 you know, that's the end of it.
20:47 And so we just sat there and there's not much said,
20:50 and the weekend doesn't go very great, you know?
20:53 Because I said, "No, you can't have a motorcycle."
20:56 Well, let's replay that.
20:59 He comes to me and says, "Where you going this weekend?"
21:03 I say, "Oh, I got to speak at several places
21:05 this weekend and all."
21:07 And he said, "Well, can I go with you?"
21:09 And I'd say, "Sure, you can go with me,
21:10 but you're not going to have very good time
21:13 'cause I'm going to be at meeting all day.
21:15 And you're just going to have to sit there,
21:17 and it won't be a very good time."
21:19 And he'd say, "No, I'd like to go with you."
21:21 And I say, "You sure?" And he said, "Yeah."
21:23 And I say, "Well, great. I'd love to have you.
21:25 I could use the company."
21:27 And so we get in the car, and we drive along,
21:29 and we visit, and we have a great time
21:31 and go all the way to the meeting,
21:34 and we just talk and enjoy one another.
21:37 And while we're at the meeting,
21:38 he does little things to help me all day long
21:41 and everything
21:42 and just really enjoy the fellowship together,
21:46 you know.
21:47 And we drive back home,
21:49 we have a nice visit all the way home,
21:51 and I think, "Man, this is wonderful.
21:53 I really appreciate him being here with me
21:55 and going with me."
21:57 And we get home that night,
21:58 and I'm talking to wife, and I say,
22:00 "Do you think Jim would like to have a motorcycle?"
22:05 You understand the difference?
22:07 Yes.
22:08 Great, great difference on how you approach it.
22:11 And the same thing is true with the Lord.
22:14 Amen.
22:15 You see?
22:17 It's the condition of a heart.
22:20 And if a person is humble, contrite
22:24 and is seeking the Lord to know Him,
22:28 God is more willing to give us the Holy Spirit
22:31 than we are to give good gifts to our children.
22:33 Amen.
22:35 That's what He wants to do for you.
22:36 If you and I would just come to Him
22:38 and open up our heart,
22:40 let Him come in, accept what He has for us.
22:46 He'll give us those gifts.
22:51 "How much more
22:52 will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit
22:55 to those who ask Him!"
22:59 Marvelous what He wants to do for you and for me.
23:03 So, dear friend, the Holy Spirit,
23:05 the gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to you and to me,
23:10 to make us effective witnesses.
23:13 1 Corinthians 14:1, "Pursue love, and desire..."
23:18 Spiritual gifts.
23:19 What do you desire?
23:21 Spiritual gifts, that's the scripture.
23:23 Scripture says, "Pursue love, desire spiritual gifts,
23:27 but especially that you may prophesy."
23:32 "There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit."
23:37 So when it says, there are diversity of gifts,
23:40 that means there are different kinds of gifts.
23:43 Okay?
23:44 But it's the same spirit, all right?
23:48 Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
23:50 What are they
23:52 when He speaks about gifts that He's going to give?
23:54 Well, let's look and see what those gifts are.
23:58 Ephesians 4:11,
23:59 "And He Himself gave some to be apostles,
24:03 some prophets, some evangelists,
24:07 some pastors and teachers,
24:11 for the equipping of the..."
24:14 Saints. Who is that?
24:15 Us.
24:17 Yeah, that's you.
24:18 "For the equipping of the saints..."
24:22 Dear friend, when they read that list,
24:24 don't say, "Well, that's preachers."
24:26 No, that's you.
24:28 "He gave some to be apostles, and some prophets,
24:31 and some evangelists, and some teachers
24:34 for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry,
24:38 for the edifying of the body of Christ."
24:41 That's the reason He gave those gifts
24:44 till we all come to, what?
24:47 Unity.
24:48 Unity of the faith.
24:50 How do you come to the unity of faith?
24:53 Right here.
24:54 Amen.
24:55 This is how you come to unity of faith
24:57 is by spending time in the Word of God.
25:02 Opening up your heart, listen to what God's Word says,
25:07 "Till we come to the unity of faith
25:09 and the knowledge of the Son of God,
25:11 to a perfect man,
25:14 to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ."
25:18 This is the gifts that He wants to give to you and to me.
25:22 So let's take just a moment to decide what we've learned.
25:29 What have we learned so far?
25:31 Well, these are some things about the Holy Spirit
25:33 that you should have picked up as we study together.
25:36 One, "Gifts are given by the Holy Spirit."
25:41 Hebrews 4:8.
25:43 Gifts are given by, what? Holy Spirit.
25:45 Holy Spirit. All right?
25:47 Secondly,
25:48 "These gifts are given unto men."
25:51 Ephesians 4:8.
25:53 They're given to people like you and me.
25:55 That's who those gifts are given to.
25:57 Thirdly, "The gifts are given as the Holy Spirit wills."
26:03 It is not my responsibility to pray and say,
26:07 "Lord, give me this gift."
26:09 I'm going to talk a little more about that in a moment.
26:12 It's my responsibility to pray for the Holy Spirit.
26:15 Amen.
26:16 The Holy Spirit will give me what gift He wants me to have.
26:21 The scripture makes very clear.
26:23 Four, there's more than one gift.
26:26 Ephesians 4:12.
26:28 It's not just one gift.
26:32 How many gifts are there?
26:34 Nine of them, okay?
26:37 So there's more than one gift.
26:38 Five, "Will be in the church until Jesus comes."
26:44 It's what it says here in Ephesians 4:13
26:46 that the gifts of the Spirit will be in the church clear
26:49 until Jesus comes back.
26:51 Amen.
26:53 'Cause that's what gives the church power,
26:55 that's what makes them
26:56 effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.
26:59 They are "For the equipping of the saints."
27:03 Ephesians 4:12.
27:05 That's what they're there for.
27:06 They are to make you and I,
27:09 the type of witness that God would want us to be.
27:13 You see, I get some people...
27:17 And don't misunderstand me, folks,
27:20 I very much believe in education.
27:24 If you don't think I believe in education,
27:27 my four children, one's a nurse,
27:29 the oldest one, girl's a nurse.
27:32 One's an architect,
27:35 one's an attorney,
27:36 and one's a doctor.
27:38 So don't tell me I don't believe in education,
27:41 all right?
27:42 But let me tell you something.
27:44 I would much, much rather have ignorance on fire
27:51 than to have intellect on ice,
27:54 any day, any day,
27:56 because the Holy Spirit can take that and use it.
28:01 If that person will just simply surrender
28:03 their heart to the Lord,
28:04 Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit can fill that person
28:08 and do in that person's life what education never could do.
28:12 Amen.
28:14 And so, come to the Lord, open up your heart,
28:17 let the Holy Spirit fill your life.
28:20 It's the Holy Spirit
28:21 that equips the saints understand.
28:25 Seven, "To give power for witnessing."
28:28 It's the Holy Spirit that gives the power for witnessing.
28:33 All right, nine gifts.
28:36 Nine gifts that the Holy Spirit gives.
28:38 Let's look at them.
28:39 See what those nine gifts are
28:41 'cause He has a wonderful gift for you.
28:46 You see, the Holy Spirit has a wonderful gift for you.
28:49 What are some of those gifts?
28:52 1 Corinthians 12:7,
28:55 "But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one
28:59 for the profit of all,
29:02 for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit,"
29:06 that's a gift,
29:08 "to another the word of knowledge,"
29:11 that's another gift, "through the same spirit,
29:14 to another faith by the same Spirit,
29:18 to another the gift of healings by the same Spirit,
29:22 to another the working of miracles,
29:26 to another prophecy,
29:28 to another discerning of spirits,
29:30 to another diverse kinds of tongues,
29:33 to another the interpretation of tongues."
29:36 Watch now,
29:38 "But one and the same Spirit works all these things,
29:43 distributing to each one individually as He wills."
29:47 Amen.
29:49 The Holy Spirit is the one
29:50 that does that and works in the life
29:52 and those nine gifts
29:54 He gives to you and I as He sees our need.
30:00 What is the best?
30:02 You don't understand what's the best for you?
30:05 But the Holy Spirit does,
30:07 and He will give you that gift.
30:11 If you and I will just humbly, meekly
30:15 come to the Lord and open our heart
30:17 and soul to Him,
30:18 the Holy Spirit will come in and fill our life,
30:21 will make us completely different.
30:25 Nine gifts,
30:26 to one is given the gift of wisdom.
30:34 I believe that's a gift of the Holy Spirit.
30:38 Now,
30:40 I believe that wisdom
30:42 is a gift of the Holy Spirit.
30:45 'Cause I know a lot of people who have gone to school
30:49 and got great educations,
30:51 but they don't have any wisdom.
30:54 And I know people
30:56 who haven't gone to school at all,
30:58 that have great wisdom.
30:59 Amen.
31:00 And I look for these people...
31:03 When I need counsel,
31:04 I look for people that have been given that gift.
31:09 See, that's what I'm looking for
31:10 is one that the Holy Spirit
31:12 is given that gift of wisdom too.
31:15 To others is given the gift of knowledge.
31:20 I went to school with a boy
31:22 that I believe was given the gift of knowledge.
31:24 In fact, we roomed together.
31:27 I can still remember,
31:29 I would be sitting at the desk poring over the Greek,
31:32 studying Greek,
31:34 and he would sit over on his bed with his guitar
31:37 and strum his guitar
31:39 and page through the Greek book.
31:41 And when we took test he'd make As and I'd make Bs.
31:46 I mean, he just has the gift of knowledge.
31:49 To this day, I can call him up
31:53 and ask him dates and places and stuff.
31:56 And he can just spiel that off like an encyclopedia,
31:59 has the gift of knowledge.
32:01 But if I need counsel,
32:04 I don't call him
32:05 'cause he doesn't have horse sense.
32:10 Given the gift of knowledge,
32:12 but not the gift of wisdom,
32:15 okay?
32:16 To others is given the gift of faith,
32:18 and I'm sure you've known people
32:20 that's been given that gift.
32:21 They just have a great faith.
32:23 It's bigger than normal.
32:25 That's a gift of the Holy Spirit.
32:27 They're given faith.
32:29 To others is given the gift of healing.
32:33 And I want to tell you tonight,
32:35 I believe in divine healing.
32:38 Now, folks,
32:40 that doesn't mean
32:41 that I don't believe in doctors, I do.
32:45 I don't care whether the Lord heals supernaturally
32:48 or rather uses doctors,
32:50 as far as I'm concerned it's all the Lord that does it.
32:53 But I do believe in divine healing.
32:56 I have seen it.
32:58 I have experienced it.
33:01 In fact,
33:04 I can remember a young girl 10 years old,
33:07 coming to me and telling
33:10 about how she had a serious kidney problem.
33:16 Their parents were taking her
33:18 to Rochester, New York
33:24 to a clinic that the doctor told her
33:27 that she didn't have long to live.
33:30 And she asked that if I would do
33:32 what the scripture says in the Book of James,
33:34 if I would anoint her and pray for her.
33:38 And I told her I'd be happy to call some of the ministers
33:41 and we would anoint her and pray for her.
33:43 And we did.
33:45 And God healed her.
33:46 Amen.
33:48 Parents took her to Rochester, New York.
33:52 They ran her through the clinic.
33:54 Doctors called in the parents
33:56 and said, "Why did you bring her here?"
33:59 And they said, "Because of the kidney problem we got,"
34:01 and the doctor said, "Well,
34:03 if we can't find any signs of any kidney problem,"
34:07 they said, "we would have doubts about this
34:09 if you hadn't brought the doctors records,"
34:12 but said, "We can't find."
34:13 They never could find anything.
34:15 Took her back home, she's a grown woman today,
34:17 has children.
34:19 God blessed her in a very special way.
34:21 Praise the Lord. I believe in divine healing.
34:26 But I believe in it
34:28 just exactly like the scripture teaches it.
34:33 I do not believe in it,
34:35 as some ways that I see it being practiced.
34:39 I believe in it as the scripture teaches.
34:42 Amen.
34:44 Miracles.
34:46 Some people are given the gift.
34:48 I have a friend that I believe has the gift of miracles.
34:52 'Cause every time I go visit him,
34:54 I kind of walk sideways,
34:56 'cause something unusual is gonna happen with him.
34:59 I mean, that's just part of it,
35:01 seems to have that gift that takes place.
35:05 Others are given the gift of prophecy.
35:08 That simply means
35:09 that they have the ability,
35:11 or God gives them I should say,
35:13 the ability to see things that are gonna happen,
35:18 before they ever happen,
35:21 that's a gift that's given by God.
35:24 To others is given the discerning of spirits.
35:27 They have the ability to discern,
35:29 rather the Spirit of God is present
35:31 or rather the spirit of Satan is present.
35:33 They can discern spirits
35:35 of what's there.
35:37 To others, is given the gift of tongues.
35:41 That simply means
35:44 that God gives them the ability
35:47 to speak in another tongue.
35:51 That's simply what it's talking about.
35:54 That term tongues is used 14 times in scripture.
35:59 And if you look at all 14 times,
36:02 all 13 of those 14 times
36:06 is absolutely clear
36:07 that it's talking about another language.
36:10 Only once is it not clear,
36:13 and dear friend, you do not study the scripture
36:17 and base your belief on one text.
36:20 If you do, you're gonna be deceived.
36:24 You look at that in the light of all the scripture,
36:27 not just one.
36:29 Okay, I'll say more here about tongues in just a moment.
36:33 And to others is given the interpretation of tongues.
36:36 Those are nine gifts
36:38 that are given by the Holy Spirit
36:40 to make your witness effective.
36:44 And dear friend, I wanna get something clear,
36:46 I run on the people that pray
36:49 for the gift of tongues.
36:51 I do not find that in accordance with scripture.
36:55 I am to pray for the Holy Spirit.
36:58 If the Holy Spirit wants to give me the gift of tongues,
37:01 that is his decision, not mine.
37:03 Amen.
37:04 But I wanna tell you any one of those nine gifts
37:08 is manifestation of the baptism of the Holy Spirit,
37:11 not just tongues.
37:14 Anyone of them is. Amen.
37:16 I believe in tongues.
37:19 I believe in it, law of my heart.
37:22 But it is absolutely necessary
37:25 that you and I follow the spiritual instruction
37:29 concerning spiritual gifts.
37:32 I cannot take those nine gifts
37:34 and practice them outside of what scripture teaches.
37:39 So let's look and see what the scripture says.
37:44 1 Corinthians 14:5,
37:46 Paul speaking,
37:48 "I wish you all spoke with tongues,
37:52 but even more that you prophesied,"
37:56 Paul said it'd be nice
37:58 that you spoke with tongues
38:00 but better yet that you prophesied,
38:03 "For he who prophesies
38:05 is greater than he who speaks with tongues."
38:10 Are you listening?
38:12 "He who prophesies
38:14 is greater than he who speaks with tongues,"
38:17 now listen carefully,
38:19 "unless indeed he interprets,
38:24 for the church may receive edification."
38:28 What's Paul saying?
38:29 If I stand up here tonight,
38:31 and I speak to you in Swahili,
38:34 won't do most of you any good.
38:38 He said, "For me to speak in a tongue,
38:41 a language and you can't understand
38:43 it is not going to help you unless somebody can interpret."
38:48 You with me? Yes.
38:50 Now, I as soon as...
38:52 This is what the scripture is telling you, folks.
38:55 1 Corinthians 14:6.
38:57 "But now brethren,
38:58 if I come to you speaking with tongues,
39:02 what shall I profit you
39:04 unless I speak to you either by revelation,
39:09 by knowledge, by prophecy, or by teaching?"
39:17 "Yet in the church
39:19 I would rather speak five words
39:22 with my understanding,
39:24 that I may teach others also,
39:26 than ten thousand words in a tongue."
39:30 So Paul said, "If I can't speak to you in a language
39:34 that you can understand, I am not helping you."
39:40 Understand, folks.
39:42 These gifts are given for what purpose?
39:46 They're given to help you witness.
39:51 If a person can't understand you,
39:54 what kind of a witness are you being?
39:57 No, it's got to be something that you can understand,
40:00 the scripture is very clear on that.
40:05 Now here it makes it very, very clear, folks.
40:10 So follow me carefully.
40:11 1 Corinthians 14:27,
40:13 "If anyone speaks in a tongue,"
40:18 somebody speaks in the tongue,
40:20 "let there be two
40:24 or at the most three,
40:27 each in turn."
40:29 What does that mean?
40:32 When it says each in turn, what does that mean?
40:35 That means one at a time.
40:39 So what Paul's saying,
40:41 if somebody is gonna speak in a tongue,
40:43 let it be one, two,
40:46 or at the very most three,
40:49 one at a time,
40:53 okay?
40:55 Now listen,
40:56 and none of this
40:58 that scripture does not support,
41:01 15 people all on their feet
41:03 at the same time speaking in tongue,
41:06 scripture does not support that,
41:09 okay?
41:10 Let one interpret.
41:14 Now listen carefully.
41:17 "But if there is no interpreter,
41:21 let him keep silent in the church
41:24 and let him speak to himself and to God."
41:28 Now what's that saying?
41:30 That text is saying
41:31 that if somebody is gonna speak in a tongue
41:35 before they stand up to speak in that tongue,
41:39 they are to know that there's somebody
41:41 there that can interpret it.
41:44 And if there's nobody there to interpret it,
41:47 they are to be quiet.
41:49 That's what the Scripture teaches.
41:53 Now, dear friends, don't misunderstand me.
41:56 I believe in speaking in tongues.
42:00 But I believe in it
42:01 exactly as the scripture tells us is to be practiced.
42:06 Amen.
42:08 And I'm sorry today
42:10 that that particular gift is abused,
42:15 and many things done to it,
42:16 that God never intended for it to be
42:19 the gift of tongues,
42:21 interpretation of tongues,
42:24 the gift of faith, the gift of healing,
42:26 the gift of prophecy, the gift of knowledge,
42:28 the gift of wisdom,
42:30 all those gifts are given to you and to me
42:34 for the purpose of witnessing,
42:37 and the Holy Spirit will give us
42:38 what gifts he wants us to have.
42:41 And, dear friend, any one,
42:43 any one of those nine gifts
42:46 is manifestation of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
42:50 Amen.
42:52 Scripture is very, very clear.
42:55 God's promise
42:57 to the church in the last days.
43:00 What does He promised is going to happen?
43:03 This is what you,
43:05 this is what you are to expect.
43:08 This is what you are to know is going to happen.
43:14 Acts 2:17,
43:16 "It shall come to pass in the,"
43:20 all right "in the last days, says God,
43:22 I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh."
43:28 Let's see what's gonna happen,
43:29 when God pours out His Spirit on all flesh.
43:33 "Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
43:37 your young men shall see visions,
43:39 your old men shall dream dreams,
43:42 on my menservant and on my maidservant
43:45 I will pour out My Spirit in those days,
43:48 and they shall prophesy."
43:51 God says,
43:52 He will pour out His Holy Spirit
43:54 and one of the gifts that will be manifested
43:57 in the church in the last days
43:59 will be that of prophecy.
44:03 Promises it.
44:04 And you and I can understand
44:06 that that is one of the gifts
44:08 that we are to expect
44:11 on your sons and your daughters.
44:13 He said, "I'll pour it out."
44:15 Gives a promise of it.
44:18 Concerning the church right down at the end,
44:21 the dragon, who is that?
44:25 The devil, all right?
44:26 "Was enraged with the woman," who's that?
44:31 Church, all right?
44:32 Devil was mad at the church,
44:34 went to make war with the rest of her seed.
44:39 All right, here we go,
44:41 "Who keep the commandments of God,"
44:43 we understand that tonight, don't we?
44:45 No problem there.
44:47 "Keep the commandments of God
44:48 and have the testimony of Jesus."
44:51 So He said,
44:52 "Marks of the remnant church
44:54 is that they will keep the commandments of God,
44:58 have the testimony of Jesus.
45:01 What is the testimony of Jesus?
45:03 Revelation 19:10,
45:05 "I fell at his feet to worship Him
45:08 and He said to me, 'See that you do not do that!
45:11 I am your fellow servant,
45:13 and of your brethren
45:15 who have the testimony of Jesus."
45:19 There's that phrase,
45:20 "Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus
45:23 is the Spirit of Prophecy."
45:26 So it says that the church in the last days
45:29 will be a church that will keep the commandments of God
45:32 and that they will have the gift of prophecy.
45:36 Bible is very clear on that.
45:39 I personally believe
45:42 that that gift of prophecy was manifested
45:45 in a very special way in the writings of a woman
45:50 by the name of Ellen G.
45:53 White.
45:56 Let me tell you a little bit about her.
45:59 As a girl,
46:03 living in state of Maine
46:06 back in the 1800s,
46:09 her and another little girl
46:12 had an argument.
46:15 And when school was out,
46:17 and they were going home they had exchanged words.
46:21 And Ellen and her sisters were walking ahead
46:25 and this little girl
46:27 that she had had the argument with was behind her
46:30 and this girl shouted something at her,
46:33 and she turned to look back
46:35 and this little girl had thrown a large stone.
46:39 And just as she turned around to look back,
46:41 this stone struck her on the bridge of the nose.
46:45 It was thrown with enough force
46:47 that it knocked her to the ground,
46:48 knocked her unconscious.
46:52 Her sisters
46:54 and the man that ran a store close by
46:58 took care of her until she regained her consciousness.
47:02 They helped her on home but medical science being
47:04 what it was back then,
47:06 she wound up in bed for weeks.
47:10 In fact,
47:12 that blow was so severe,
47:14 she was never able to go back to school.
47:17 So all she ever received
47:20 was a third grade education.
47:24 At the age of 12,
47:27 in attendance at a Methodist Church,
47:30 she gave her heart to Jesus Christ.
47:33 Accepted Him as her personal Savior
47:35 and from that day she begin to walk with the Lord
47:38 as best she understood.
47:41 At the age of 17,
47:44 her and some other young ladies
47:46 were meeting together, praying together.
47:49 And while they were praying together,
47:52 she had a vision.
47:54 In the vision,
47:56 she saw some people walking in a very narrow path.
48:02 As she looked at it,
48:04 she could see that there was a light
48:06 shown on that path.
48:08 But as she observed it carefully,
48:10 she noticed that that light moved
48:13 and that as long as they walked in the light,
48:16 they had no trouble seeing the path whatsoever.
48:20 But if they stopped
48:22 and refused to walk in the light,
48:24 the light went on
48:26 and if they didn't walk with it,
48:28 they would be left in darkness
48:30 and they lost their way and fell off the path.
48:34 Now you and I have no trouble in understanding that vision.
48:38 Because the Bible tells us,
48:40 "Thy word is a light unto my path."
48:46 And you and I must walk,
48:50 we must, listen to me,
48:52 we must walk in the light as we receive it.
48:58 If we refuse to walk in the light as we receive it,
49:03 then we're gonna be left in darkness.
49:06 That's what it's talking about.
49:08 I must walk in the light as I receive it.
49:12 When she came out of that vision,
49:15 she told the young ladies what she had seen.
49:19 After that time, throughout her life,
49:22 she received many, many visions.
49:26 Sometimes when she was envisioned,
49:30 she demonstrated extraordinary ability.
49:35 Sometimes when she was envisioned,
49:38 she didn't breathe.
49:41 She would be envisioned for 30,
49:44 45 minutes and not breathe.
49:47 They have put
49:49 as she spoke envision,
49:52 they've put a candle right at her mouth
49:54 and it would not even flicker.
49:57 They've put a mirror there
49:58 and there would be no moisture at all.
50:02 Sometimes when she was envisioned,
50:05 she had extraordinary strength.
50:09 One time when she was envisioned,
50:10 she held a large family Bible
50:13 at arm's length for some 30 minutes,
50:16 as she quoted the scripture
50:18 that she was being shown in that Bible.
50:20 I've had that Bible in my hand.
50:23 I can't hold it out at arm's length
50:25 for five minutes,
50:26 let alone 30.
50:29 So she demonstrated many things,
50:33 when she was envisioned that God gave her.
50:36 Out of those visions, folks, she wrote many books,
50:42 she wrote some 55 different books.
50:47 I think as best I can tell,
50:50 I have read everything that she's ever written.
50:55 She wrote books on the life of Christ,
50:58 called Desire of Ages, marvelous book.
51:02 She wrote books about our time that you and I are living,
51:06 called the Great Controversy, fantastic book.
51:10 She wrote books on health, she wrote books on education.
51:17 Stop and think,
51:20 a woman with a third grade education
51:26 wrote books such as Christian education
51:31 and based on what this woman wrote,
51:35 there are educational institutions
51:37 all around the world,
51:40 like this one.
51:42 All the way from grade school, clear through university,
51:49 based on what a woman
51:50 with a third grade education wrote.
51:54 She wrote books on health such as Ministry of Healing
51:57 and Counsels of Health.
52:00 And on the basis of what she wrote,
52:03 there are hospitals, clinics all over the earth.
52:10 Hospitals like this one, at Loma Linda University,
52:15 based on what she wrote.
52:18 All I'm trying to get across to you tonight,
52:20 dear friends, is that God is still leaning,
52:24 God is still directing, God is still guiding.
52:27 Amen.
52:29 Now I can't ask you
52:31 to believe that she was inspired.
52:35 What I can ask you to do is to read what she wrote.
52:41 And if you will read what she wrote,
52:44 you'll have no question that she was inspired.
52:48 I would highly recommend to you that you read such books
52:51 as Steps to Christ
52:55 that has been circulated by the millions of copies.
53:00 Or you read Desire of Ages.
53:04 I have read those books over and over and over
53:09 and they have been a great inspiration to me.
53:12 I can say this honestly, folks.
53:15 When I read what she wrote,
53:18 like Desire of Ages or Steps to Christ,
53:21 the same sweet, gentle spirit
53:27 that I see in Jesus Christ in the gospels,
53:30 I see in her writings.
53:32 And I think you will find
53:34 that you'll be drawn much, much closer to your Savior,
53:38 if you'll take some time to read it.
53:40 It'll be a blessing to you,
53:42 so I hope it will bless you in a special way.
53:45 This is what she says, I want to make something clear
53:47 because I don't want you to think...
53:52 I've preached to you here now for five weeks,
53:55 I don't want you to go out of here thinking
53:57 that I build my belief on what she wrote.
54:01 I want you to listen to what she says.
54:04 "True Christianity receives the Word of God
54:08 as the great treasure house of inspired truth,
54:13 and test of all inspiration."
54:18 What is the test of all inspiration?
54:22 Huh?
54:23 The Word of God, that's what she says.
54:26 This is the test of all inspiration.
54:30 So she just simply saying, "Test it by the Word of God.
54:34 I build my belief on the Word of God,
54:39 that's where I stand, that's what I believe."
54:43 Oh, I've enjoyed her writings
54:46 because they help me understand the Word of God
54:50 but I build my belief on what the scripture says.
54:54 She says this,
54:56 "Do not place my writings on a par with scripture
55:02 they are a lesser light
55:04 to lead to the greater light of God's Word."
55:08 She says they simply are to help you and I
55:11 come to a better understanding of God's Word.
55:15 That's what they're given for.
55:17 I believe that her writings are an indication
55:23 of the outpouring of God's Spirit.
55:26 I believe that we'll even see it more
55:30 as we move more into the last days.
55:33 And as the scripture says,
55:35 your sons and daughters will prophesy,
55:37 but let me tell you something tonight,
55:39 never, never, never 10,000 years never
55:45 will whatever is prophesied conflict
55:50 with the Word of God, if it's of God.
55:53 I must use this as the test
55:57 and I must bring everything to the Word of God
56:00 and stand on the Word of God
56:03 and the Word of God alone.
56:05 That's where I must stand.
56:10 She told many, many things, folks.
56:15 I don't have time tonight to go in all the things
56:18 that she wrote and told.
56:20 I have traveled,
56:21 I've traveled places in the world
56:23 where she had never been,
56:25 where she described in details those very valleys.
56:31 I have read where she has told
56:34 how the things were to take place,
56:38 how that she wrote letters
56:41 months before the event was to happen
56:43 that got there on the very day that it took place,
56:48 as God lead, guided in her life in a very definite way.
56:54 How are you, how am I to relate to this?
57:00 2 Chronicles 20:20,
57:02 "So they rose early in the morning
57:04 and went out into the wilderness of Tekoa,
57:06 and as they went out, Jehoshaphat stood and said,
57:10 'Hear me, O Judah
57:11 and you inhabitants of Jerusalem:
57:15 Believe in the Lord your God
57:16 and you shall be established, believe His prophets,
57:22 and you shall prosper.'"
57:25 It's a promise that God gives you,
57:27 believe in His prophets, and you will prosper.
57:31 But how am I to relate to the gifts of the Spirit,
57:36 simply like this,
57:38 1 Corinthians 12:31,
57:40 "But earnestly desire the best gifts.
57:45 And yet I show you a more excellent way.
57:52 And now abide faith, hope, love,
57:58 these three,
58:00 but the greatest of these is love."


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