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00:10 Welcome to The New Journey,
00:12 the program where we meet real-life people
00:14 with real-life testimonies with real-life work and ministries
00:17 for Jesus. Today we'll meet a family
00:19 of three that is actively engaged in prison ministries.
00:21 We'll meet the father that was lost in crime
00:23 but saved by Jesus.
00:25 We'll meet the son that was torn by his father's early lifestyle.
00:28 We'll meet the wife that loves and supports the family
00:30 in ministry. This could be your family, viewer,
00:33 so tune in to check out this story of amazing grace.
00:35 I'm your host Aaron Chancy. Come join us on The New Journey.
01:07 I'd like to welcome my guests Dennis, Travis, and Melody Page:
01:10 a family of three that we have. And we're going to talk about
01:13 the family in recovery in today's show.
01:16 And exciting, exciting program.
01:18 Dennis, I want to start with you.
01:20 You're the author of a book From the Cell to the Cross.
01:23 Can you tell us a little bit about your inspiration
01:25 for writing this book? Well, you know, Aaron,
01:28 I never thought myself to ever be able to write a book.
01:31 But I wanted to do God's will, and after coming out of prison
01:34 one day I was in a homeless shelter and I just prayed
01:37 to the Lord: "If you want me to write a book,
01:39 make it so clear to me that there is no doubt in my mind
01:43 that that's Your will. " OK.
01:46 Within a couple days I heard God very clearly
01:51 say to me: "Read Jeremiah 30:2. "
01:53 Amen. And when I opened to that verse it says:
01:56 "Thus saith the Lord, write everything I have spoken
01:58 unto you in a book. " OK. OK.
02:00 Praise the Lord! Can't get any clearer than that.
02:02 So the book is actually a testimony of your life of how
02:04 God has saved you from all the things that you were involved in
02:08 in your early life, correct? Yes.
02:10 It tells about the power of God's grace,
02:13 His pursuit of a sinner.
02:14 And regardless of where you are in life
02:17 I'm sure that God is able to pick you up from that point.
02:20 OK. OK. Now you have been on 3ABN before.
02:25 You have shared your testimony with Amazing Facts.
02:28 Now for those who have not seen or heard or don't know
02:32 who Dennis Page is, can you give us a little bit of that
02:35 information of your early life?
02:36 What led you to the life of crime?
02:38 Can you talk a little bit about that?
02:40 Yes. I grew up in Buffalo, New York.
02:42 And - cold place - I tell you
02:45 you know I was greatly influenced by my fears.
02:48 Um, you know the Bible principle in II Corinthians 3:18
02:52 "By beholding you become changed. "
02:54 Truly that is very powerful because - OK - the more I beheld
02:57 the things in the media, the more I watched those around me
03:02 and you know looked upon what they were doing,
03:06 I was influenced by that - OK -
03:07 and that led me off in the wrong direction in life.
03:11 You know that's interesting that you should say that
03:13 because in my own testimony that's one of the things
03:16 that led me to that life of crime:
03:19 looking around at the media, looking around at friends.
03:21 You know, I was a big fan of the hip hop music videos
03:24 and things like that. You see all the money that's flashed
03:27 and you see all the things that are going on in this video.
03:29 And it makes it seem like "Wow, that's a good life.
03:31 I want some of that. " And it led me to that life of crime.
03:35 That was one of the things that led me to that life of crime.
03:38 So you're saying that media played a big role
03:40 in that as well, correct? Absolutely.
03:42 OK. OK. So for about 20 years
03:45 you were involved with selling drugs as well as using drugs.
03:49 Can you talk a little about your involvement with drugs?
03:52 How you got involved with selling drugs...
03:54 the purpose of selling drugs
03:56 and some of the drugs that you were on and the effects of them.
03:59 Well you know at a young age - probably about 12, 13 years
04:03 old - I started using marijuana and drinking.
04:05 And then later I went into using cocaine and - OK -
04:08 meth and that. I started selling because
04:11 I couldn't see spending my paycheck to buy it.
04:14 So it wasn't hard; I just wasn't into that.
04:17 But - OK - you know, later it became more about
04:20 respect, power, and position,
04:23 um, and about having material things. OK.
04:27 And so that really drew me into it more in a deeper way
04:31 that got me involved in a drug ring - OK -
04:35 and just escalated from there. OK.
04:39 So using drugs we often know can be an addiction
04:42 to a person's life, but will you testify to the fact that
04:46 selling drugs can be an addiction as well?
04:48 Absolutely - OK - because there's addiction to pride.
04:52 There's addiction to power and position and respect
04:56 and that's what a lot of people get caught up in today.
04:58 OK. Now when you were younger was your father in the home?
05:02 Or was he present? Was he absent?
05:05 Talk a little bit about that experience.
05:07 I never met my real father. OK.
05:09 My mother remarried when I was 8 years old,
05:11 so all I knew was my stepdad.
05:14 OK. But we weren't a real tight family.
05:17 Uh-huh. They worked a lot; they did their thing.
05:19 And we grew up and it wasn't a Christian atmosphere.
05:23 OK. It wasn't a Christian atmosphere.
05:25 OK. So it was kind of easy to get involved since your mother
05:29 and your stepfather were pretty much working all the time.
05:32 You were left alone at times.
05:34 It was kind of easy to gravitate to another kind of lifestyle.
05:37 Absolutely. Because you're looking for... love
05:40 and acceptance... love and acceptance, purpose in life.
05:43 OK. A lot of youth today are looking for where they fit in.
05:46 Why are they here? OK. And so they will gravitate
05:48 to where they are accepted. OK.
05:52 And whatever the circumstance may be they're drawn into that.
05:55 OK. And you know that's interesting because you often
05:57 hear people say: "Well I got involved with gangs
06:00 and drugs and things like that because I was looking for that
06:03 love. " Because the mother and the father were not in the home.
06:06 There was nobody that seemed to care about them.
06:09 And they tend to gravitate to the gangs,
06:13 the crime life, things like that, because you feel
06:16 a feeling of acceptance, of love, from these groups of
06:19 individuals. Right, right. OK.
06:21 So, you know, is that the best thing for a person to do?
06:25 If a person does not have a mother or a father
06:27 in the home, or a grandmother, somebody to care about,
06:30 do you suggest that they lean to that lifestyle?
06:33 Or what's the suggestion that they should do?
06:34 Well I would highly suggest that they get involved
06:38 in a church program. OK. Um, get involved in some
06:42 type of ministry where you're reaching out
06:44 and partaking in helping others.
06:47 OK. Because there you'll really find joy and peace
06:50 and you'll really find meaning to life there.
06:53 OK, OK. Now you talk a little bit about in your book
06:56 about getting involved with spiritualism a little bit.
06:58 Can you... can you talk a little bit about that?
07:00 Yeah, you know, this is crazy.
07:03 You know, with all of the other things going on in my life
07:05 a friend of mine was deeply involved in spiritualism -
07:08 OK - since she was a little girl. And one night we were
07:11 talking and she just told me that there was somebody there
07:14 that wanted to talk to me. OK.
07:16 And she explained to me how this had been going on
07:19 in her life. And so as she gave me a description
07:23 of the person it happened to be a description of my grandmother
07:26 she'd never met. My grandmother had been dead for 15 years.
07:29 So that kind of drew me in because first of all
07:32 I didn't know Bible truth. Yes, what the Bible says
07:35 about this. Without knowing Bible truth
07:37 when error is presented what do you know? Yes.
07:42 You know, you can only go on with what you're experiencing.
07:44 OK. So that's how I got drawn into that.
07:48 OK. So you were kind of captivated in a life of
07:50 spiritualism for a while actually, correct? Yeah.
07:52 OK. How did you? How were you able to break free from that?
07:56 Because Satanic pulls are strong in our lives at times,
08:00 and that... that can be very, very powerful in the life.
08:03 How were you able to break free from spiritualism?
08:06 Well you know, Aaron, it was God's blessing.
08:09 Only He could do that. OK.
08:12 And it wasn't until I had an experience with God
08:16 that made me realize that there was a God and He was real.
08:20 OK. And in that pursuit to know Him
08:24 as I continued to pursue for an understanding of God
08:28 the Lord kind of, you know, did His thing
08:33 and just they were... they were pushed at bay.
08:35 OK. Now you were involved in drugs for 20 years
08:39 selling and using drugs yourself
08:42 which eventually led to you being incarcerated
08:45 in a federal prison. Talk a little bit about how
08:48 you got to the federal prison. What happened;
08:50 the sentence you received. Shed some light on that information.
08:53 Well, I had this profound experience with God
08:56 that caused me to realize He was real, so I picked up a Bible.
08:59 As a drug dealer still selling drugs, still living crazy,
09:01 and started to read the Bible. OK.
09:03 Um, I was so convicted that what I was doing in my life
09:06 was wrong that I started, you know, asking people for
09:10 forgiveness and just reconciling where I could.
09:13 OK. And I tried to get out of that lifestyle...
09:16 and the harder I tried the worse it got.
09:19 I just couldn't do it. And then one night when I finally said
09:21 "God, please help me because I'd rather die than continue
09:24 living like that" - OK - the next day I was arrested
09:28 by the Secret Service. I was brought up on a charge
09:30 for threatening to assassinate a federal agent. Wow!
09:32 They had that on tape during a phone conversation.
09:35 And so that was God's providential care for me there.
09:40 Now I asked for help; He said: "Here it is. "
09:43 OK. You know, which was interesting because my thought
09:46 of God helping me was "Lord, I'd like to go out to the
09:49 country. Just maybe write for You. Maybe smoke a little weed.
09:54 Drink a little bit and you know get to know You better. "
09:56 But God had other plans. He's about cleaning us up
09:58 completely - yeah - not just part way.
10:00 OK. And so here I went to federal prison.
10:03 I was given a 5-year plea agreement - OK -
10:06 with an open end meaning that I would accept
10:08 five years and a judge would give me whatever he desired
10:11 on top of that.
10:13 During that time I continued studying the Bible
10:16 and got to know Jesus as my personal Savior.
10:19 Now in starting to read the Bible, was it easy
10:21 to understand? Was it hard?
10:22 'Cause I hear so many people when they start out reading
10:24 the Bible they just say: "I don't understand it. "
10:26 Especially the King James version with all those wilts
10:28 and wilt nots and do nots. You know, people don't speak
10:30 like that in today's terminology. Was it hard for you
10:33 to understand as you were reading at first?
10:35 Or how did that come along?
10:37 You know, Aaron, I tell you what: it was very difficult. OK.
10:39 But I was persistent because - Amen - actually because
10:42 the way God made Himself known to me
10:44 was kind of silly, but I thought my name was in that book.
10:46 So I read it very carefully looking for my name -
10:49 Dennis Page - OK - because I thought there was something,
10:51 you know, in there about me. OK.
10:53 And I read from cover to cover, and I just kept reading
10:56 and kept reading. And just like a little child
10:57 when their parents begin to talk to them and they're,
11:00 you know, the child doesn't really understand.
11:02 But the more you talk to them - yes - the clearer it becomes
11:06 to the child. So the more we spend time with God
11:08 the clearer it becomes. OK. So I'd encourage the reader
11:11 "Don't give up. Just keep reading and continue to pray.
11:14 Ask for God's Spirit" - OK - "to give you an understanding. "
11:18 OK. Now Travis, I want to switch to you for a few seconds
11:21 and then Melody, I'm coming to you.
11:22 Travis, I want to talk to you a little bit about the
11:26 feelings that you were going through, the emotions
11:28 that you were going through because you were a young man
11:30 when your dad was going through this type of lifestyle.
11:33 Tell me a little bit about... talk to the viewers of
11:35 how you felt as your dad was going through all these changes
11:39 in his life. Well, when he began to go through these changes
11:43 he didn't necessarily want me, you know,
11:47 involved with some of the things that were going down in his life
11:50 so he - OK - sent me away to live with my mom.
11:54 OK. But like I just, you know, because I'd then been separated
11:59 from him I felt, you know, lonely a little bit.
12:02 I missed him; I wanted to see my dad of course. OK.
12:05 OK. So as a father, Dennis, how were you able to
12:09 keep your son from knowing exactly what you were
12:13 involved in? You were away for prison for a couple of years.
12:15 You were involved in this big drug ring.
12:18 The Feds were watching you.
12:20 How were you able to keep all of this from your son?
12:22 Well you know, Aaron, I never wanted him to get caught up
12:25 in that lifestyle - OK - so I never made any drug deals
12:29 around him; I never did any dope around him.
12:31 Um, when... At the time that I told his mother
12:35 he'd have to come live with her full time was because
12:39 there was a hit put out on my life.
12:40 Things were getting real crazy and I knew that...
12:44 in the back of my mind I knew one day something drastic
12:47 may happen to me and I didn't want him there
12:50 when that happened. OK. So I thought it was best for him
12:52 to just stay with his mom. And then shortly after that
12:55 I caught my case and I went to prison.
12:58 OK. So you also communicated while you were in prison?
13:02 Yes. At that time, Travis, did you know
13:05 where your father was at or you weren't necessarily sure?
13:09 No. I mean, I was a little kid. I honestly thought he was
13:12 on vacation or something. A two-year vacation...
13:16 That'd be nice for a 2-year vacation. Yeah. OK, OK.
13:19 How old were you when all this stuff was going on?
13:22 When your dad was away in prison about how old were you
13:25 at that time? Well, when he first went to prison I was
13:28 about seven years old. OK. And when he got out of prison
13:34 I was about ten almost. OK.
13:38 About 10 years old, OK.
13:40 I want you to do something for me right now, Travis.
13:42 Something real important. I want you to look into the camera
13:44 and I want you to talk to the viewers.
13:46 I want you to talk to the many sons and the many daughters
13:50 out there that their mothers and their fathers
13:53 are incarcerated or away from them.
13:55 Talk to them. Give them some words of encouragement
13:58 that can help them over their situation.
14:00 Now you may feel like your parents may have
14:05 abandoned you with going to prison.
14:08 They may have been taken abruptly.
14:10 But the best thing you can do is pray for them.
14:13 Just know that, you know, they still care about you.
14:17 They don't want to be away from you but don't really
14:21 have much of a choice. Uh-huh. So pray for them.
14:24 Write them letters. Talk to them on the phone.
14:26 Just communicate with them and let them know how you're
14:30 feeling - OK - about the situation.
14:32 You know one of the reasons I asked because I remember when
14:35 I was... when I got incarcerated on a 5-year sentence...
14:38 I remember going to prison. My oldest son, he was just born
14:43 a month and a half prior to me getting incarcerated
14:46 on the charge. And while I was in the county jail,
14:50 when I was in prison, his mother would bring him to visit me.
14:52 And because I had never spent time with him
14:55 he didn't know who I was.
14:56 So he would come to the prison and as we were in the interview
15:00 room he would be whining and hollering and crying so loud
15:04 because who is this strange guy holding me?
15:06 Who? I don't know him. I don't see him on a daily basis
15:09 and every time I come see him he's in all white.
15:11 Who is this gentleman? So, you know, it was kind of hard
15:15 I know even for me to deal with seeing my son
15:18 not knowing how he's feeling about it because he was young.
15:22 And he's whining and crying. I can't hold him.
15:24 They'd have to take him out of the visiting room.
15:27 So, you know, I wanted to know.
15:29 And I think fathers and mothers should definitely know
15:32 how it affects the children when they're...
15:35 Because when a family - when a father or mother -
15:37 is incarcerated or whoever gets incarcerated,
15:39 the whole family does time. Everybody does time.
15:42 One may be behind bars but the others are still doing time
15:45 as well. The others are still doing...
15:48 Melody, at what point did you meet Travis and Dennis?
15:52 I met Dennis when he was already out of prison.
15:56 He was over in England for ministry - OK - and I was
15:59 living there and working as well.
16:01 And through God's providential care, He showed me
16:05 and He showed him... for me personally... that
16:08 he is the one that He wants me to... ummm...
16:13 join my life with. OK, OK.
16:16 So at that point, Dennis, when you met your wife Melody,
16:19 she wasn't your wife at that point, you were involved in
16:22 ministry. So you were out of prison at this time.
16:23 You were actively engaged in ministry. At this point,
16:27 how long had you been involved in ministry work?
16:29 Probably about 2-1/2 years or three years.
16:33 Yes. I had been speaking at churches and - OK -
16:35 doing prison ministries. OK. I got invited to speak
16:40 in Canada. While I was there one of the people there that I
16:43 had met had family in England. OK. And I told them I was
16:46 going to go over and I was going to meet this woman
16:48 that I had met and been talking to.
16:50 OK. And they said: "Well, when you're over there
16:52 go to my brother's church. " So our first meeting
16:55 together and our first experience together was
16:58 going to a church and doing a program there.
17:01 OK, OK. So as a family - Travis, Dennis, and Melody -
17:05 you're all involved in prison ministries work.
17:09 Now I want to talk to each one of you
17:11 about your experience of going into the prison.
17:14 So I'll start with you, Dennis. What's it like going back
17:16 into the prison and being able to minister to people
17:19 that you were once like. You were once in prison yourself.
17:22 What's it like going back in there and being able
17:23 to minister? It's a real blessing because
17:26 I have a way of connecting with them because I was there -
17:29 because you were there before - you know, and they can see
17:31 and relate to that. OK. I always try to encourage them
17:35 to make different choices in life.
17:37 OK. Because what happens is if we continue the same
17:41 lifestyle that brought us into that facility -
17:44 uh-huh - and that's all our children see
17:47 then what hope do they have? Yeah.
17:50 And so it's been a real blessing to go back in and just
17:52 convey my experience and just to give them some questions
17:56 that will provoke some thought. OK. Get them to think about
17:59 their lives and where they're going in their life direction.
18:01 OK. As a family, how long have all three of you been
18:04 involved actively in prison ministry work?
18:06 About three years. About three years... OK.
18:09 Now Travis, you're 18 years old. Going inside of the prison...
18:12 how is the experience for you going inside of the prison?
18:15 Well it's interesting. Most kids my age don't
18:19 see the inside of the prison and hopefully they don't
18:22 unless they're doing ministry. Yeah.
18:24 OK. But I mean it's nice to see, you know, the joy
18:28 that we can bring them just by going in and sharing -
18:32 OK - a little bit of the gospel message with them.
18:34 Giving them some treats and a package.
18:37 OK. Stuff like that. Brought a lot of joy to me
18:40 and I mean it's like, you know, helped me realize that
18:45 I mean not everybody in prison is a bad person.
18:47 A bad person... that's correct. That's correct.
18:49 You know, often times we have this idea that because they're
18:52 behind bars well they did some heinous crime.
18:55 What I find and what you'll find as you go into the prisons
18:58 is that not everybody is a bad person.
19:00 A lot of times circumstances, situations, led to something.
19:04 Or a person may have begun selling drugs... not for the
19:07 purpose of being rich and famous, not wanting thousands
19:09 of dollars every day... just simply to provide money
19:12 just for your family because you have nothing.
19:14 So that's a great point, Travis, that you know not everybody
19:16 is a bad person in prison. We often have this view...
19:20 Because what's showing on TV? The crime, things like that.
19:23 But a lot of times they don't say the reasoning why.
19:26 I needed to feed my family; I needed to do this.
19:28 So there are actually some good people that are actually
19:31 in prison. And you know the beauty of it is that Jesus
19:34 died on the cross for each and every last one of them. Amen.
19:36 Even for that murderer that's in prison or that rapist
19:40 that is in prison or that child molester that's in prison.
19:42 Right. Jesus has died for each and every last one of us
19:44 on planet earth. That's amazing!
19:46 Ms. Melody: can you speak a little bit about your experience
19:49 of going inside of a prison? For me it's a huge blessing
19:52 to be involved in this kind of ministry.
19:54 OK. To have an opportunity to share -
19:56 um - through words and song
20:00 God's love for the men and women behind bars.
20:03 But like you pointed out, God also...
20:06 or Jesus also died for them.
20:08 And yes, for each and every one of us
20:11 whether it be in the prison situation
20:14 or like us here... sitting here right now.
20:17 OK. Now would you three encourage other families
20:20 to get involved in prison ministries?
20:23 Oh, absolutely. OK. You know, it's interesting,
20:25 because Jesus pointed out in Matthew 25:36-
20:29 uh-huh - you know, "I was in prison and you came on to Me. "
20:32 Sure. He's telling us there and to the world today
20:36 that He has children that are in prison - in prison, yes -
20:40 and that we are to go and minister to them - yes -
20:43 because in doing so we have ministered unto Him.
20:46 Oh yeah, oh yeah. And the interesting thing about it is
20:48 that a lot of times people won't come to us.
20:51 People can be broken and hurting with so many different things
20:54 or they could be incarcerated and they can't come to a person.
20:57 So a lot of time we have to get up off our shoulders,
21:00 get out of the seat, and we have to go.
21:02 That's why in the Bible it says: "Go ye therefore... "
21:05 That means get up and go...
21:06 even into the prisons, even into the homeless shelters.
21:09 Things like that. Now Dennis, you speak about in your book
21:12 how when you got out of prison
21:14 you went into a homeless shelter.
21:17 What was your reasoning for going into the homeless shelter?
21:20 Well, Aaron, the biggest mistake a lot of people make
21:24 when they come out of prison is they go back to
21:25 where they were before. Yes.
21:27 Sometimes they say - and I've heard this a lot -
21:30 "I don't have no choice. " OK.
21:31 But I say... Matthew 6:33 says,
21:35 you know, "seek the Lord. "
21:38 "Seek ye first the kingdom of God
21:40 and all these things will be added unto you. " Yes.
21:42 And so I trusted in that promise.
21:44 And when my parole officer asked me: "Where do you want to go? "
21:47 OK... and I couldn't go back, you know.
21:50 I was the black sheep of the family. My family was really
21:53 concerned about - you know - is he changed or not?
21:57 What's going to happen when he comes?
21:58 They didn't want all that...
22:00 Jail house religion or what you were going through...
22:01 They didn't want all that baggage that I went to prison
22:03 with. OK. They didn't know it was gone.
22:05 OK. You know, and that's a key point because
22:07 many families so to speak divorce from the person that
22:13 has been incarcerated simply because they may have
22:16 been incarcerated several times in their life
22:18 and the person may say: "Well I'm going to do better
22:19 when I get out... I'm going to be a better person. "
22:21 And the family trusts that time and time again
22:24 and then they finally just kind of get fed up with it.
22:27 Right? And so that's why I chose to live in a homeless shelter.
22:30 OK. Because what God put in my heart is I must allow my
22:34 family to see what truth has done for me. OK.
22:38 And I have to be patient
22:39 and I have to give them the time to see that
22:41 and realize that maybe some of my family members may take
22:44 longer - OK - than others. OK.
22:47 OK. So I chose to live in a homeless shelter.
22:49 And I stayed there until God said "move. "
22:52 OK, OK. Because I also saw an opportunity minister
22:54 to broken people that were there. Uh-huh.
22:56 OK. So totally how much time did you spend in that homeless
23:00 shelter once you were released from prison?
23:02 I stayed there for a whole year, Aaron. A whole year? Um-hmm.
23:04 A whole year. Now after you got out of the homeless shelter,
23:07 after you left there, and I'm sure you were able to minister
23:10 to people even while you were in the homeless shelter...
23:12 After you left there, what was your next move?
23:14 I had been praying to the Lord for a home.
23:18 OK. And first of all, a job.
23:20 OK. Nobody wanted to give me a job.
23:21 And I was able to get a job.
23:24 I will say this for people coming out:
23:27 that we don't look at the money part of it.
23:30 God said He'll supply all of our needs according to His riches
23:33 in glory by Christ Jesus in Philippians 4:19.
23:35 OK. And He promised that those needs would be taken care of.
23:38 So I had a job. He provided a home...
23:42 an environment again where I could bring my son
23:46 into and then teach him about Jesus Christ.
23:48 OK, OK. Amen. Now I want to focus just
23:51 for a few minutes back onto prison ministry work
23:54 that the family is involved in.
23:56 When you go inside of the prisons, Dennis...
23:58 and I'm going to come to Travis and Melody, what
24:01 exactly do you do specifically in the prisons, Dennis?
24:03 I encourage them. Share testimony and encourage them
24:06 through scripture - OK - and just ask them to like I said
24:10 earlier think about their life and how they can impact
24:13 their children's lives... even while they're still
24:15 incarcerated. OK. Travis, what's your involvement
24:19 when you go into the prison? Well, because I just turned 18
24:23 not too long ago, I've only been able to go into the very
24:26 large facilities for a couple weeks, but - OK - usually
24:30 you know I'll hand out packages.
24:33 Just talk to individuals a little bit.
24:35 Dad uses me as sort of a representative to show that
24:40 you know you can get your children back into your life.
24:43 OK. Is it kind of scary for you, Travis? Going inside
24:46 of the prisons? You know, pulling up to it
24:48 and you know I've seen prisons where they're real old,
24:50 the walls real big and a whole bunch of razor wire there.
24:53 Is it a little scary? Even though you're not
24:55 going there to do time, is it a little scary just going
24:58 there to minister? Well, the first time
25:02 when I went to a county jail it was a little scary
25:05 I have to admit. OK. It wasn't the most comfortable,
25:08 you know, being around new people - OK -
25:11 in general not to mention the fact it's jail.
25:15 Oh yeah.
25:17 OK. But now that we've gone three more times now...
25:21 You kind of start getting used to it - yeah - after
25:22 a little bit. OK. Ms. Melody: what do you do
25:25 when you go inside of the prison?
25:26 What's your involvement in this family ministry?
25:29 I minister to the men and women behind bars
25:34 through songs. OK. I know they're blessed by that.
25:36 Yes, thank the Lord. Amen. And He's promised
25:40 if you use what you have, how little it is in your eyes -
25:43 OK - He will bless it
25:45 and He can use it for greater good.
25:47 OK; Amen. Dennis, I want to come back to you.
25:50 And I want you to look into the cameras and I want you to talk
25:53 to the many fathers out there. The many ones that are
25:57 going through these transitions in life, that are incarcerated,
26:02 that are struggling, that have family out there.
26:04 Talk to them a little bit. Give them some words
26:06 of encouragement of things that they can do
26:07 in leaning on Jesus and even choosing Jesus.
26:10 Talk to the viewers.
26:11 I just want to encourage you. You know, we've often tried
26:15 to do it our way so much.
26:18 And there comes a point in time that I just want to say
26:21 give Jesus a chance. Give Him a real chance
26:24 to work in your life. Amen. To reveal Himself to you.
26:27 And also think about your children, because as I was
26:30 sharing earlier if all we have to reveal to our children
26:34 is the lifestyle that brought us to the point of incarceration
26:37 then what hope do they have?
26:40 And truly, the Lord only came to save us from sin.
26:43 He loves us and just wants to deliver us from those things
26:46 that are wrong. And so I encourage you to write to
26:51 your children. Form that relationship with Christ.
26:53 Write to your children; encourage them to make
26:56 that same choice... to walk in that way.
27:00 And reveal to them... and I can't point this out enough...
27:05 but reveal to them that there is joy, there is peace,
27:09 and there is purpose in being a Christian.
27:14 Amen. Taste and see that the Lord is good.
27:16 Travis, talk to the young people that are going to watch
27:18 this show and speak to their hearts of why they should
27:22 choose Jesus. Well, He's always willing to
27:25 be there for you. I mean, hopefully your parents will
27:29 be there with you too. But even as you grow older
27:32 your parents may not always be around.
27:34 You know, Jesus is always there to take care of you,
27:38 to listen to your problems. You can always talk to God
27:41 and can always put your burdens, whether it be at school
27:46 or starting a life, you know, growing up.
27:49 You can always put your burdens on His shoulders
27:52 and trust that He'll take care of things for you.
27:56 OK. Viewers, this has been a fantastic program
28:01 of seeing a family in recovery.
28:03 A family that is actively involved in prison ministries.
28:06 We have Dennis, we have Travis, we have Melody
28:09 that are all involved.
28:10 This can be your family. Your family may be struggling.
28:13 The father or the mother may be away from the home.
28:15 We encourage you to get involved in The New Journey
28:18 with Jesus Christ.


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