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Participants: Aaron Chancy (Host), Johnnie Duncan, Leo Tate


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:11 Welcome to "The New Journey,"
00:12 the program where we'll meet real life people,
00:15 with real life testimonies,
00:16 with real life working ministries for Jesus.
00:18 Today we'll meet two more gentlemen
00:20 from Memphis, Tennessee,
00:21 which both have a passion for prison ministries.
00:24 We'll find out how they're working to establish
00:26 Seventh Day Adventist transitional housing
00:28 for ex-offenders
00:30 and how you the viewer
00:31 can share this dream along with them.
00:32 I'm you're host Aaron Chancy.
00:34 Come join us on The New Journey.
01:05 Welcome back to the program.
01:07 We have two exciting guests for you today.
01:09 We have Elder Leo Tate
01:11 and we have Brother Johnnie Duncan.
01:12 Brother Johnnie Duncan,
01:14 we want to spend some time talking to you first.
01:16 How long have you been involved actively in prison ministries?
01:19 I've been involved in prison ministry
01:21 for approximately four years.
01:23 Okay, about four years in prison ministries.
01:25 Now what led you to want to get involved in prison ministries?
01:29 Well, when I came back into the church,
01:31 the Holy Spirit led me into going to prison ministry.
01:35 Okay, okay.
01:36 You know, it's always good to heed
01:38 what the Holy Spirit tells us to do.
01:40 So you heeded call.
01:41 God called you to prison ministries' work.
01:43 You've been involved in it for about four years.
01:45 Now you have a team entitled, "Search and Rescue."
01:47 Tell me a little bit about this Search and Rescue team.
01:50 The Search and Rescue team that we have
01:52 is a team put together to go back,
01:54 search and rescue, find the lost.
01:56 Inside of the jail. Okay.
01:58 What's it like for those who have never been in prison
02:01 or have never been involved in prison ministries?
02:03 What's it like going into, into the prisons?
02:06 Well, when you are on fire with the Holy Spirit,
02:08 you don't have any problem.
02:09 The only thing you try to do is listen to the Holy Spirit
02:12 and that was a...
02:15 my first time, was going in there was working,
02:17 but...
02:19 just under the Holy Spirit you'll go.
02:20 Okay, now what some of the work
02:22 that you do while you're in the prison?
02:24 Well, when we go in there the first thing that we do is...
02:27 we open up with prayer
02:29 then we'll come with the singing, testimonies,
02:33 after that we'll open up with a Bible study.
02:36 Okay, now what kind of Bible studies do you use
02:38 when you minister to the inmates in there?
02:40 Amazing facts. Okay.
02:42 Steps to Christ Bible studies. Okay.
02:44 Home and Health education,
02:46 Bible reading and Bible answers.
02:48 Okay, so in giving these Bible studies have you seen
02:52 that it's had a profound effect up on the ones
02:54 that you've given the Bible studies to?
02:55 Yes sir, yes sir. Okay.
02:57 It has had, had a main effect
02:59 on the people inside of the jail.
03:01 Okay, now with that said, how about,
03:04 you know, often in times
03:05 when we're involved in ministry work,
03:07 we're receiving the blessing as well.
03:09 Not only as the one
03:10 that you've given the Bible study
03:12 to receiving the blessing, but for your own spirituality.
03:14 I want you to speak about how prison ministry work
03:17 has impacted your own spiritual life.
03:20 What a prison ministry work does for me is,
03:22 it keeps me on fire, keeps me focused.
03:25 Okay. On doing my Father's will.
03:27 He told, Peter,
03:28 that before he left he asked him three times,
03:30 "Do you love me?"
03:31 And then He close it off with him he said,
03:33 "If you love me," do what? "Feed my sheep."
03:34 Amen.
03:36 So that's the ride I'm on.
03:37 That's the roll that I'm on, to go back,
03:39 search and rescue, find one of His children
03:41 before, before midnight falls down in.
03:43 So you're seeking the lost?
03:44 Yes, seeking the lost. Amen, seeking the lost.
03:46 Now you go inside of male facilities
03:49 as well as female facilities.
03:51 Talk about the difference of going into
03:53 male verses female facilities.
03:55 On Saturdays we enter into the female facilities.
03:58 Sundays we go into the male facilities
04:01 and the only difference is the sex.
04:02 Okay. I guess
04:04 that's the only difference because
04:05 both the male and the female, they're receiving the blessing
04:09 or for matter of fact, they look forward.
04:10 There are at the bars, there're at the gate
04:12 or at the door, waiting on us...
04:14 Expecting you'll come.
04:15 Yeah, they call us by our name.
04:16 Okay, now you've been in prison ministries
04:18 for about four years.
04:20 I know you've got a whole stuff of success stories
04:22 or stories that you want to talk about
04:24 that you have gone through your program.
04:26 Tell us a little bit about someone
04:28 that has had a success story
04:30 based upon you're prison ministry work.
04:31 Well, we've had one, where we went to the third,
04:35 well, we've had more than one
04:36 but we've had one that in mind that I'm thinking about.
04:39 We went up on the third floor in 201 Poplon.
04:42 And he say he heard, he came in that night
04:45 and he was just thirst and then when we looked up there
04:49 he was when he got out,
04:51 he came inside of a Longview Heights,
04:53 Seventh Day Adventist church.
04:54 And he's been there ever since.
04:55 Amen, Amen.
04:57 You know, it's got to be a good feeling to...
04:59 to know that people being touched
05:00 and blessed by your ministry work,
05:02 that has to be a great feeling.
05:04 A beautiful feeling.
05:05 What makes me cry is when I'm at the store
05:07 or out in the street and somebody say Elder Duncan,
05:10 do you know me and a couple them I remember and some...
05:13 Some you just don't.
05:14 I don't and he or she will say, Elder Duncan,
05:18 keep coming, keep coming.
05:20 And it makes me break down and cry
05:22 because they let me that what?
05:23 Something good is going on. Amen.
05:25 Now are there ones that you tend to work with
05:28 that you notice, that you spend time
05:30 working with them in prison,
05:32 they get out of prison they get out of jail,
05:34 whatever it may be and you know,
05:36 they are on fire for the Lord while they were in prison,
05:38 but then they get out and some thing happens.
05:40 They end up back sliding
05:42 because of certain circumstances.
05:43 Do you find that there are some or large number of them
05:47 that back slide because of lack of resources?
05:49 Yes sir, quite a few
05:51 because they need a facility, they need a job,
05:53 they need help when they get out,
05:55 they need help when they get out,
05:57 someone to reach out and help them
05:58 to keep them up on their feet.
06:00 So with these lack of resources, this lack of housing
06:04 this tends to be the underlined factor
06:06 why people are repeat offenders.
06:08 Right, yes sir. Okay, okay.
06:10 Now what we want to do right now is,
06:11 we want to transition to, elder Leo Tate.
06:13 We want to talk to Elder Leo Tate
06:15 about something special that he has,
06:17 the program that he has going.
06:19 But first we're going to find out about you,
06:22 Elder Leo Tate,
06:23 how long have you been involved in prison ministry work?
06:26 Forty years plus. Okay.
06:27 Forty years plus.
06:29 Now you are the director of this prison ministry team
06:32 at the Longview Seventh-Day Adventist church.
06:34 How has that been being the director
06:36 of this great team that you have?
06:37 Well, it has it's good times and has it's bad times,
06:42 we have about twenty...
06:44 plus people that not only coming out of Longview Heights,
06:48 Seventh-Day Adventist church
06:49 but they are ten Adventist churches
06:51 in the city of Memphis.
06:53 And most of them had someone that's in their church,
06:57 that's involved with us in prison ministry.
07:00 We like, normally meet once in the month
07:03 to try to get everybody on, on the same page.
07:06 Okay, okay.
07:08 Now there's others besides, brother Duncan and yourself
07:11 that are involved in this prison ministry work.
07:13 Talk a little bit about some of the others
07:15 that are involved in your prison ministry thing.
07:16 We have a couple of other elders
07:19 that, Elder Yates or Wilson and...
07:23 And some of the...
07:24 some deacons and some...
07:27 other people that's really, really involved.
07:30 Like, Elder Duncan said, we go on Saturday
07:34 to two institutions on Saturday and go to one on Sunday.
07:40 So that's been a blessing to us to have enough people to go.
07:45 But one of the things about that,
07:47 they don't always stay, you know.
07:50 Sometimes we got to pray and ask God
07:52 to send other workers in the vineyard
07:54 because that sometime they, you know,
07:57 stay there for a while and then, but it has to be,
08:00 you have to have a passion for this, you know.
08:02 Yeah, you got to have a passion.
08:05 You know, the thing about it
08:06 involved in any kind of ministry work,
08:08 that's, that's a real key, is having a passion
08:10 for what you're doing, you know.
08:12 That's what Jesus had,
08:13 as He went about lavering on earth
08:15 he had a passion for humanity and we have to have that same,
08:19 same exact passion as we minister it to others.
08:21 Is Memphis, is the area of Memphis, Tennessee,
08:24 is it a high crime area?
08:26 Speak about that.
08:27 Yeah, it's a high crime area...
08:31 and actually it's a high crime area
08:33 in every state that you go in, you know.
08:36 Yeah, especially in the city. We're living in our last days.
08:40 And, anything's going to happen and, you know,
08:43 so there are lot of other people
08:45 that's been involved in crime and whatever.
08:48 Only God, something has to happen to you,
08:51 drastic has to happen to you,
08:53 you know, for you to get the knowledge.
08:54 You know, to realize that hey,
08:56 you know, I got to make
08:58 some drastic changes in my life whatever.
09:00 Okay, okay.
09:01 Now I want to talk a little bit about The L.I.A house.
09:04 You told me about the L.I.A house.
09:05 I want to talk to you some more about it.
09:07 I want the viewers to understand
09:09 what the L.I.A house is.
09:10 First of all, what does "L.I.A" stand for
09:12 what does that actually stand for?
09:14 L.I.A stands for Laymen In Action.
09:17 Laymen In Action. That's okay.
09:19 So they are so they're not sitting down.
09:20 They're working, they're in action.
09:21 They're not sitting down, we're not going to sit down,
09:23 we can't sit down.
09:24 The time is short. Okay. Time is short.
09:26 We got to continue to search and rescue
09:28 as, elder Duncan, has said.
09:30 To get out and try to,
09:32 you know, bring God's children that are lost, back.
09:36 Because there's a lot of people that's incarcerated.
09:40 They don't really know the word of God.
09:41 Yeah, that is true.
09:43 And, you got a lot of false profits
09:46 that... telling people--
09:49 But main thing is that you got to study
09:52 to show yourself approved.
09:53 That's true. You know, unto God.
09:55 God is holding you accountable for the opportunity
09:58 that you have to come in and study the word.
10:01 And it's all about choices.
10:02 We make good choices or we make bad choices,
10:05 but God is asking us,
10:07 "If you love me keep my commandments.
10:10 You do what I say."
10:11 And that's the basis of it. It's love.
10:13 "If you love me," Jesus says, "keep my commandments."
10:15 It's not to forced allegiance or anything like that.
10:18 It's all based out of love.
10:19 Now dealing with the L.I.A house,
10:20 you seemed to have a passion for this kind of work.
10:23 What is your vision for the L.I.A house?
10:26 Well, the vision for L.I.A,
10:27 I've had this vision for approximately
10:30 for four, four or five years.
10:32 That when ex-offenders,
10:37 homeless veterans they have no place to go.
10:41 When we minister to the people
10:44 that's incarcerated and they get out, we baptize.
10:47 We baptized a lot of people, well, we lose a lot of people.
10:50 Is because if we don't had a facility
10:53 to bring these people in the end,
10:55 to let them have get, you know, let them have peace of mind,
10:59 being able to-- now in the morning
11:01 when they wake up,
11:02 they know they going to have breakfast,
11:04 you know, they got a place to take a shower.
11:05 So you're just tying to provide basic necessities and things.
11:08 Basic necessities, that's what it take
11:10 and this is what God is expecting out of us.
11:12 You know, and some of us have a little more than the others.
11:15 But God, we all on the same level,
11:19 none of us,
11:21 I don't care how much money you have or education whatever
11:25 God still look at all of us the same and He'll say,
11:29 " I love you, with the everlasting love."
11:32 "And with loving kindness have I drawn you,"
11:35 in His prison so that I can get your attention
11:38 and when I get your attention,
11:39 then your mind start to wondering
11:42 what must I do to be saved.
11:43 Yeah, that's true, that's true.
11:45 And God is just so good, man. Oh, yeah, He is, He is.
11:47 You know, we actually have some pictures of the L.I.A house
11:50 that we're going to show in a few seconds.
11:52 But first of all, I want you to talk
11:53 a little bit about the baptisms.
11:55 You mentioned baptisms that you have going on
11:57 in your prison ministry work.
11:59 And I'm sure you noticed that
12:01 when certain ones are coming out,
12:02 they are on fire for the Lord but they tend to backslide.
12:05 But I wanted you to talk about the baptisms
12:07 that are going out inside of the prisons.
12:10 The Seventh-Day Adventist,
12:12 you know, there are other the denominations coming in.
12:15 And they kind of have a problem with the Seventh-Day Adventist
12:19 because we study the word we about the word of God.
12:22 Yeah, about the word of God.
12:23 And the other denominations are approached all the time
12:28 with the word of God and this is why
12:30 there a lot of the other ministers
12:32 are having problem with us.
12:34 But in the mean time
12:35 we have these lessons studies that we go through.
12:38 But main thing is that I want you to know the word of God,
12:42 so I'm going to put something in your hand.
12:44 And to know it for yourself.
12:45 Yeah, we, we want to read this together
12:47 and it's had been a great impact upon the inmates
12:52 is because of they are being able to stand up.
12:54 I present something to them, Bible reading for home,
12:57 and some of the other lessons studied that we have prepared,
13:00 that they will take part in.
13:02 I say, now what does this,
13:04 what does this script mean to you
13:06 tell me about it and you know, some they start often
13:10 you know, some they don't really go,
13:11 but in turn we will go and explain
13:14 that particular text to them,
13:16 but then when they leave
13:17 they know hey, I understand it now.
13:19 So you're not just preaching to them,
13:20 you're making sure that they actually
13:22 understand the Bible for themselves.
13:23 That's right. That's good. That's good.
13:26 Our agenda is so structured. Okay.
13:28 It's pathetic, but we know, we know what we have.
13:34 We know what God have blessed us with.
13:37 And we know what God would do for us being shown.
13:41 No, I don't believe there's any other church
13:43 in the conference that had baptized
13:46 as many people that we have baptized.
13:48 And it's all about the Grace of God.
13:49 He's all him. Amen.
13:51 It's not, it's not us. Yeah, it's God.
13:53 It's Christ that's in us that calls us to go out
13:57 and it's the thing that
13:59 you have to be consistent with God.
14:01 These 40 plus years that I've been in it,
14:04 you know, there's been ups and downs
14:06 but I've been consistent.
14:08 And it's just something about God
14:10 but I have a family but my wife know
14:14 when Saturday evening comes or when Sunday evening comes,
14:18 you know, it's all about me going to the jail.
14:20 Amen.
14:21 I tell some of them, I've been in jail
14:23 longer than you've been in jail, you know.
14:25 And, but it's a blessing, it's a passion that I have.
14:29 And I can tell both of you seem to have a passion
14:31 for prison ministries' work, that's good
14:34 you know, God has set a firefs in both of you to do this work.
14:38 I wish many more people would get involved in this work.
14:40 Do you both encourage others to get involved in this work?
14:44 Brother Duncan,
14:45 do you encourage others to get involved in this work?
14:47 All the time, 24,24.
14:48 24,24 I like that 24,24.
14:51 How about you, Elder Tate?
14:52 All the time, we had a new family
14:56 that came in to church last Sabbath
15:00 and they were from Dothan, Alabama.
15:03 Okay.
15:04 And as soon they walked into the door, they're just,
15:07 looked like a beautiful couple, young couple
15:10 and the first thing that I said,
15:11 man, we have the greatest prison ministry anywhere,
15:13 you got to be a part of it.
15:15 And we just started talking.
15:16 Most of the people that come in church,
15:18 they got to get involved in some thing
15:20 because if you don't get involved in something
15:23 that is in a church of soul winning ministry, you know,
15:26 it seem like you're living is really ain't right.
15:28 Yeah, that's true. You got to do something.
15:29 God put us, He put us here for a reason.
15:32 He put us here to glorify Him, no other reason.
15:35 No other reason. No other reason.
15:37 Is to glorify God and when you do that you know,
15:41 you'll have that peace within and I just love it.
15:46 I love it. I understand.
15:48 Now I asked brother Duncan earlier
15:49 what effect prison ministry has had on his spirituality,
15:54 how about your spirituality?
15:55 What kind of effect does it had on you?
15:56 You know, 40 plus years,
15:58 you know, it has done something.
15:59 You know, what I believe is,
16:01 no, it has been beautiful to me and I'm learning how to,
16:05 you know, to humble myself more
16:08 and start giving more love for people
16:11 and being concerned about, you know, this ministry.
16:14 And just really getting out and this L.I.A house, man,
16:18 it's exactly what we need.
16:21 It's exactly what we need. It has 128 rooms in it.
16:25 It has two floors, it has east wing, west wing.
16:28 And we're dealing with homeless veterans
16:31 and ex-offenders and male and female...
16:35 Okay, male and female facilities.
16:36 Man, and I love it.
16:38 I'm asking God to give it
16:40 because I claimed it through years
16:41 and everybody in the ministry that we--
16:44 the prison ministry that we have
16:45 they all are praying for it, we're all on one accord.
16:48 Okay. You know what?
16:49 Now what we're going to do,
16:51 we're gonna show some pictures of the L.I.A house
16:52 and as we show these pictures I want you to describe
16:55 what's going on in these pictures.
16:58 What area we're at,
16:59 talk a little bit about the various different pictures
17:01 so people can get a idea of what the L.I.A house is.
17:04 Okay.
17:06 That particular picture right there
17:07 is one of the auditorium that this particular house has.
17:11 That's a big auditorium. Yeah it's a large auditorium.
17:14 That's a chapel, we could hold pretty much about 350 people.
17:18 Wow, 350 people. That's amazing.
17:20 And that's the building right there,
17:24 that building cost 1.3 million dollars.
17:27 Okay. 1.3 million dollars.
17:28 There's nothing too hard for God.
17:29 That's true. That is true.
17:31 And it's a beautiful building, that's the kitchen there.
17:34 We want to feed the people.
17:36 We want them to know this is God's program
17:39 and this is what we are all about
17:42 is bringing people to Christ.
17:44 God said, "I will provide all your needs."
17:46 Okay, that is true. And we're asking God.
17:50 It has the big lounge in there and big, have hall down there.
17:53 And God, it's everything that's in that building we needed.
17:59 I'm claiming it. Amen.
18:01 I'm claiming it. Amen.
18:02 And I know that God will give it to us.
18:04 Okay, I want to talk to about the cost in a second
18:06 but I want to come back over Brother Duncan.
18:08 Brother Duncan, you've seen the building,
18:10 I'm sure you've been out to in the real life.
18:12 You've seen the pictures of it.
18:13 Do you think that this is the key,
18:16 to the underlining key of what people need
18:19 to have better success out there in the world?
18:22 Yes, sir, they need that,
18:24 they need help when they come from out from behind those bars
18:27 they need that help.
18:28 Okay, so as you all are working actively inside of the prisons
18:32 when God blesses you with the L.I.A house
18:35 you will do Bible studies there, you will--
18:37 What some of the other things
18:39 that you all do inside of that cell?
18:41 We'll do Bible studies, we'll do counseling.
18:44 One other thing is we really, really want to do,
18:48 we're going to focus on getting families back together.
18:51 Okay, that's the real key.
18:52 Because you know, that when
18:54 some time these guys get incarcerated
18:57 and they didn't leave home right, you know,
18:59 and so we are trying to get the families back together.
19:02 We would invite the families, have the counseling sessions.
19:05 We have GED classes, we have nutrition classes
19:08 and there's art and graphic and arts
19:13 and lot of other programs that we have
19:16 that's gonna make this thing really, really global
19:19 because we want to educate the people
19:21 but we want them to feel accountable.
19:23 And we know that we want them,
19:27 we want to prepare them for Christ's coming.
19:32 Yeah. Amen.
19:33 And to really indoctrinate them that God love them.
19:36 Amen. And He has chosen them.
19:38 He has allowed things to happen where they will come to Him.
19:43 You know, make a choice.
19:44 Yeah. That's what it is.
19:45 You either making a choice for,
19:47 it's either for the good or either just for the bad.
19:49 Yeah, that's what the Bible says,
19:50 "Choose you this day who you going to service."
19:52 It's all about choices. It's no in between.
19:54 I tell them all that there's no in between.
19:57 "It's you either for me or you're against me
19:59 and I drew you in this prison
20:02 because I wanted to get your attention."
20:04 Okay, one interesting thing that I find,
20:07 you stated that, you're gonna be working
20:09 to bring families back together,
20:11 you know, what's interesting in a lot of homes these days
20:13 is the father is not present, he's absent.
20:16 And what Satan has been able do with that is,
20:19 you know, in the Bible God is viewed as our Heavenly Father.
20:22 Right, right.
20:23 So what Satan has strategically done is
20:25 moved the earthly father out of the home.
20:27 So when it's time for male or the female
20:29 to relate to our Heavenly Father,
20:31 that connection is not there.
20:33 Simply because how can you relate to the Heavenly Father
20:36 when you have no connection with an earthly father
20:38 and the Heavenly Father, you can't see.
20:40 And for most young people,
20:41 they don't see their earthly father on a regular basis.
20:44 You know, so that is very key to provide that resource
20:48 that bringing families back together
20:50 because the husband is the house-man.
20:51 He's the priest of the home
20:53 and he is needed there to help with the family.
20:55 And not only that.
20:57 He said, "Go ye therefore into all the world
20:59 and teach and preach."
21:01 And this is, we gotta teach these men how to be fathers.
21:05 And the wives, how to be mothers, you know,
21:08 and how to take care of these kids,
21:09 you know, some of the parents, they're cutting the heads off.
21:13 They doing it and throwing them in a dumpster.
21:16 But see, they don't know Christ,
21:18 most of them, this is why these things are happening
21:21 because they don't know Jesus.
21:22 Okay.
21:23 Once they've introduced to Jesus
21:25 then they can live a productive life.
21:27 Okay.
21:29 This is why God wants you to depend upon Him.
21:31 He don't want you to depend on anybody else.
21:34 So, when we depend on God
21:35 then things will start running smooth.
21:37 "I will not put no more on you than you can stand."
21:40 Than you can bear And God love me.
21:42 That's right, now you've stated a few minutes ago
21:44 that L.I.A house would be about 1.3 million dollars.
21:48 Talk about the total cost of this facility.
21:51 The total cost with renovation and really preparing yourself,
21:55 the beds and everything,
21:56 we're running about 5.5 million dollars.
21:59 5.5 million dollars. Okay.
22:01 You know, nothing's too hard for God, bottom line,
22:03 nothing's too hard for God, you know,
22:05 it's easy to sit back and say, wow, 5.5 million dollars,
22:08 stomach starts cringing and things like that.
22:09 But nothing is too hard for God.
22:11 We have to move out by faith
22:13 and the Bible says in Hebrew 11:6,
22:15 "Without faith it's impossible to please him."
22:17 Amen. We have to step out in faith.
22:18 We serve a big God. Amen.
22:20 You know, I heard people say,
22:22 when you trying to start at too small,
22:23 I start out the way that God impressed upon my heart.
22:27 He tells me what He'd do for me.
22:29 "I'll give you to desires of your heart."
22:31 Okay. Yeah.
22:32 And this is why I know this is God.
22:35 But we're living in the last days,
22:37 we don't have time on this earth
22:38 to be playing around and doing things.
22:41 What we got to do, we go to do it quickly.
22:43 And God said, "I'll be there for you,
22:45 I won't leave you and I wont forsake you."
22:47 That's right.
22:48 And that's what I'm depending on.
22:50 Amen. Amen.
22:51 Now I want to come back to you, Brother Duncan,
22:53 being involved in prison ministries work for a while,
22:57 you've worked with the younger community,
22:59 you've worked with older folks,
23:01 tell about the experience of working
23:02 with young people like 19, 20 years old, incarcerated.
23:06 Talk a little bit about that experience.
23:08 Going back in there working with them
23:10 is like working is like working with a little child
23:12 that's beginning to walk up and they want to feel loved.
23:16 Most of them have never picked up the Bible.
23:19 We take Bibles in there to them
23:21 and then begin to just talk to them like I would to my son.
23:24 Okay, do the young people seem receptive
23:26 to the work that you all are doing?
23:28 Very receptive, I have to say
23:29 and what would make you cry again
23:31 is when you go into the big prison
23:33 three or four years later and they say, "Elder Duncan,
23:36 you remember me from the juvenile?
23:37 Wow.
23:39 Yeah, that's totally a different story.
23:40 Yeah, wow!
23:41 You know its interesting that, you know,
23:43 often times God has able to reach us at our lowest points.
23:45 I know for myself, I had to hit rock bottom.
23:48 Now I had already spent time incarcerated.
23:50 It was a few years later, but I had hit rock bottom.
23:53 So a lot of times the young people maybe
23:55 be reached by hitting rock bottom
23:58 by being incarcerated in terms of
24:00 when you look around at a lot of churches today
24:01 the young people just non-existent.
24:03 They're non-existent
24:05 because a lot of them, they want to go out
24:06 and experience life, maybe they haven't hit rock bottom yet,
24:09 but they are ones that you've met in prison, correct,
24:12 that have hit rock bottom and want, they desire a change.
24:15 Right. They desire a change.
24:17 Okay, what I want you do, Brother Duncan,
24:18 is look into the camera,
24:20 I want you to talk to the viewers,
24:21 those who have not chosen Jesus, chose to serve Him,
24:25 the Bible says, "Choose you this day whom you will serve."
24:28 And I want you to speak some words of encouragement
24:30 to the mothers, to the fathers,
24:32 to the sons or the daughters out there,
24:34 that are, that are struggling on a daily basis.
24:36 Speak, speak to them. Right.
24:37 What I really like you to tell is,
24:40 "So the body without the spirit is dead,
24:42 faith without the works is dead."
24:44 John 1:12 tells me, "As many has received Him,
24:48 He gave them power to become sons of God,
24:51 even to them that believed on His name."
24:53 So the only thing I can tell you
24:55 while we still have time down here, stop!
24:58 Turn back around run back to Jesus, come back to Jesus.
25:01 Amen, Amen.
25:03 Powerful short sermon, powerful.
25:05 Elder Tate, I want to come back to you
25:06 for a few moments,
25:08 also give a word of encouragement
25:10 to the many viewers out there,
25:12 that maybe watching,
25:13 that may have sons or daughters as well struggling.
25:16 Speak some words of encouragement to them as well.
25:18 My encouragement is to, Christ is the answer.
25:21 Okay.
25:23 Without Christ we can't do anything.
25:25 So many times the people are relying on other things.
25:31 Yeah, that is true.
25:33 And the younger people, I have a problem with people,
25:37 well, they need to, the kids need to do is they need to,
25:39 they need to know Jesus.
25:41 When they need to know Jesus
25:42 and then the parents are not stepping up to the play.
25:45 Yeah.
25:46 He said "train up a child in a ways to go
25:48 and when he get old he won't depart."
25:49 He didn't say that the child wouldn't astray.
25:52 But He said, if he astray he won't stay.
25:54 So when we actually start really doing
25:57 what Christ would have us to do as parent,
26:01 we will see the results.
26:03 Amen. God is able to deliver.
26:06 You don't have to compromise to the world
26:09 in order for your children to do that which is right.
26:11 If you're doing your part, these things won't happen.
26:15 That's true, you know, that's interesting
26:17 that you sure mentioned proverbs 22:6,
26:19 "train up a child in a way that he should go,
26:20 when he's old he won't depart from that path."
26:23 You know, for years I thought that text was saying, you know,
26:26 you train them up and they're not gonna leave the church
26:28 and then I'm looking around and saying, well, you know,
26:30 they're constantly leaving the church in droves,
26:32 until a while ago I understood the text to say,
26:35 not that they won't leave the church
26:37 but they've gotten a foundation to where they'll come back
26:40 and the light of that is shown
26:41 in the story of The Prodigal Son.
26:43 In verse 13 of Luke, Chapter 15, it simply says,
26:47 "And when he came to his senses he went back home."
26:50 That's what happened to me.
26:51 Because he had a foundation,
26:53 he had a foundation and he knew where to come back to.
26:55 And that's what so many of our young people need,
26:58 is a foundation in Jesus Christ.
27:01 They may leave but just like the prodigal son
27:03 they will know where to come back to
27:05 and the beauty of it all is with that story is that,
27:08 Jesus stands with open arms
27:09 to put you right back into that same position.
27:11 Everlasting love.
27:13 That you had when you left 'cause the son said,
27:14 "look I'll take any position, you know, make me a servant,"
27:17 the father said, "no, you're still my son."
27:19 That's the beauty of it, that is great news,
27:21 that's the gospel.
27:23 That is the gospel. That's good news.
27:24 Now I want you to talk briefly about
27:26 some of the needs of the ministry,
27:27 some of the needs.
27:29 We need laptops, we need Bibles and we need funds.
27:34 For those who are watching this telecast,
27:37 we'll make an appeal to you,
27:39 please, make your donation
27:41 to Longview Heights Seventh Day Adventist Church
27:44 in care of L.I.A House, 685 East Mallory, 38106
27:50 Memphis, Tennessee.
27:51 Thank you so much, looking to hear from you.
27:53 God bless you. Amen.
27:55 Thank you so much for being on this show.
27:57 I encourage you to continue to press forward
27:59 in prison ministries work.
28:01 Viewers, you've seen and heard for yourself this awesome,
28:05 awesome ministry for God.
28:07 You also can be involved in prison ministry work
28:10 or whatever ministry work God maybe calling you to.
28:14 I encourage you to heed that voice,
28:16 get up, get out and get out there
28:18 and do some work for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
28:20 Amen.


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