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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:11 Welcome to "The New Journey."
00:12 The program where we meet real life people,
00:14 with real life testimonies,
00:16 with real life working ministries for Jesus.
00:18 Today we're gonna talk to a modern day version
00:20 of a Prodigal Son.
00:22 Luke 15:11-32 in the Bible, tell us about a parable
00:26 dealing with the son represents as many of us,
00:28 who straight from the Father's home,
00:30 represent as our Heavenly Father,
00:33 went out into the world to see what it had to offer,
00:35 came to their senses, then return home to God.
00:38 And you know the beauty of it all was
00:40 that God accepted the child back
00:41 even as if had never left at all.
00:44 You won't want to miss this powerful testimony
00:46 of God saving grace.
00:48 I'm your host Aaron Chancy
00:49 come join us on "The New Journey."
01:21 Welcome back, viewers, welcome back.
01:23 We have and exciting, exciting testimony for us today.
01:26 We have Brother Jeremy Anderson.
01:28 Thank you for being on the program, Jeremy.
01:29 Thanks for having me. Amen. Amen.
01:31 Now let's jump right into things.
01:33 You are the author of a book
01:34 entitled "From Prodigal to Prodigy."
01:36 What motivated you to write this book?
01:38 Well, Aaron, you know, my life has been an amazing journey.
01:42 Amen.
01:43 I really had no plans on writing this book.
01:45 Okay. Okay.
01:46 January 22nd, 2011, I woke up one Sabbath morning
01:50 and God was giving me chapter titles and the book title.
01:54 I'm entitled for "From Prodigal to Prodigy"
01:56 and I began to just start writing and typing.
02:01 And after about a few weeks
02:05 the body of the book was written.
02:06 Wow. Yes. And--
02:08 So you really zoned out
02:09 and you were really just getting it done, right?
02:10 I zoned out man, for weeks at a time
02:13 I was putting hours and hours with the work in typing
02:16 and the Holy Spirit just impressed me
02:18 to share my testimony on a larger scale
02:20 than just traveling and speaking.
02:22 He said to put it in the book for me
02:23 then we can go across the world.
02:25 You know, that's interesting
02:26 that your title is "From Prodigal to Prodigy."
02:29 Now in Luke 15, there's three parables.
02:31 You have the parable of the lost sheep,
02:32 you have the parable of the lost coin
02:34 and you have the parable of the prodigal son.
02:36 Why did you choose to call it
02:38 "From Prodigal to Prodigy" versus using the lost coin
02:41 or the lost sheep as a reference?
02:43 Well, when I look at my life and the experiences
02:45 that I went through I was that prodigal son.
02:47 Amen. Amen.
02:48 I was the one that was home, that had the good,
02:50 that had the truth and wanted to leave.
02:52 I wanted to experience things on my own.
02:53 Okay.
02:54 And I was the one that found myself living there
02:57 that feverous, lustful lifestyle
02:59 just really extravagant, flamboyant
03:02 and then lost everything.
03:03 I found myself literally in that pigsty,
03:06 and I found my way back home.
03:08 But you came to your senses and we'll get to that later on
03:10 how you came to your senses.
03:12 But you know, you story is so similar to mine,
03:14 we grew up in a two parent home
03:16 having worship, things like that.
03:18 Can you talk a little bit about your background
03:19 because it's not that typical background that most,
03:23 I guess, you would say "thugs"
03:25 or outlaws out there grow up with.
03:27 They normally have a single parent home
03:29 and things like that
03:30 but not so with you and not so with me.
03:31 Talk a little bit about your early upbringing.
03:33 Well, my father is an Adventist minister
03:35 as well as my grandfather.
03:36 So you are preacher's kid?
03:38 Preacher's kid, man, I--
03:39 Now hold on, I got to stop you there.
03:40 Why does that always seem
03:41 that preacher's kids are the worst?
03:42 You know, I don't know.
03:44 I heard it a lot when I was younger,
03:46 I really didn't paid it any mind
03:47 but slowly but surely I looked up
03:49 and I saw what I was and I was in disgust, man.
03:52 I'll say one thing, I believe that the enemy
03:54 attacks ministers and preacher's children
03:57 just to derail them and because it throws off their ministry.
04:01 Okay.
04:02 So I thought myself being in the home,
04:04 went to a church school, grandfather,
04:07 church father, great grandfather--
04:08 Did you spend a lot of years in church school
04:10 or it was a balance between
04:11 church school and public school?
04:13 I will say about half, after middle school,
04:15 from middle school all the way up to high school
04:17 I was in a church school.
04:18 In church school? Yes.
04:19 You know, now it's interesting to read in your book,
04:21 actually the opening chapter's entitled "Church Boy."
04:23 Yeah.
04:24 And what's interesting is, is that you state that,
04:27 you know, you have family
04:29 worship growing up and things like that.
04:30 Most families don't have that.
04:33 You know, even in my instance it was,
04:34 you know, family worship, yeah,
04:36 Friday night worship to usher in the Sabbath.
04:38 You go to church Sabbath, you go to AY,
04:40 you got to Wednesday night prayer meeting,
04:42 you got pathfinders on Sunday
04:43 and you were going through the same things?
04:44 Right.
04:45 You know, that's very interesting
04:47 that we have the same kind of background,
04:49 both prodigal sons but came to our senses
04:51 and came back home.
04:53 Now another interesting aspect of your story
04:55 is that you graduated high school
04:57 and you graduated college as well.
04:59 You know, I know for myself that,
05:01 you know, I didn't graduate high school,
05:03 I didn't graduate college
05:04 and most people that are out there,
05:06 they tend to go, you know, when they are young,
05:08 at a young age but you didn't.
05:09 What kind of motivated you to keep you in school
05:12 instead of already being out
05:14 in the world at 14, 15 years old?
05:16 Ministry. Ministry.
05:17 I was involved in ministry at a young age.
05:19 Okay.
05:20 I was a part of a Christian acting drama group,
05:23 we traveled around.
05:24 I was chaplain in my senior class,
05:26 religious vice president, I was on fire.
05:28 You were interested in all of things.
05:29 I was in choirs, I was on fire for the Lord.
05:32 When I got to college there was a lack of ministry.
05:35 So when I travel around to speak
05:37 I get strong emphasis to the power of ministry.
05:40 Through the lack of ministries,
05:42 through the lack of void in my life,
05:44 the enemy came in and took up that space.
05:46 And so I found myself caught up
05:49 in a whole lot of foolishness at a late age.
05:51 You know, that's interesting
05:52 that you just say a lack of ministry.
05:54 You know, in most young people's minds
05:56 they're trying to get away from ministry,
05:57 but you at a young age,
05:59 it was because of lack of ministry
06:01 you wanted to be involved in ministry.
06:03 And when things started to change you went to college,
06:05 lack of ministry, you started to stray.
06:08 That's very interesting.
06:09 You know, I find for myself even being an adult now
06:12 that I have that same thing.
06:13 If there's nothing going and no ministry,
06:15 it's easy to stray.
06:17 It's very easy to stray.
06:18 You know, what I want to do now is talk about some main,
06:22 underlying factors, aside from the lack of ministry,
06:24 what was some other things
06:25 that kind of led you to that lifestyle?
06:28 Well, you know the things
06:29 I was caught up in were pretty heavy.
06:32 They were a lot of things I say that I would never do.
06:35 What are some of the things you said you would never do?
06:38 Smoking. Okay.
06:39 Never smoke cigarettes.
06:41 Then I said, I would never do drugs,
06:42 let alone sell drugs.
06:43 Okay.
06:44 I said I would never have sex before marriage.
06:46 I said I would never go to any nightclubs.
06:49 These are all things I said I would never do.
06:50 You would never do.
06:51 Now around what age were you when you were saying,
06:54 you know, I'm not gonna get involved in those things?
06:56 How old were you?
06:57 All throughout junior high and high school.
06:58 For real?
06:59 Yeah, and then when I got into college
07:01 things drastically changed.
07:02 Wow.
07:03 You know, that's so interesting
07:04 because most people that get involved with alcohol
07:07 and drugs and cigarettes things like that,
07:10 they start smoking at 12-years-old,
07:12 13-years-old, even before its legal.
07:14 And for you it wasn't that case though.
07:17 It wasn't that case, that's very interesting.
07:19 Now, you also talk about in your book
07:21 that one thing that you said,
07:23 you weren't gonna get involved in
07:24 but you did was premarital sex.
07:26 Can you talk a little bit about,
07:27 you know, how that came about
07:29 that you starting going towards that road?
07:31 Well, everything I said that I would never do
07:33 I ended up doing.
07:34 But the enemy Satan, he's pretty sharp,
07:37 you know, what happened is
07:39 as he starts off with something small,
07:41 you know, and the next thing
07:43 you know, you're into it really, really heavy.
07:46 And so even with premarital sex,
07:48 I got caught up into that.
07:49 Well, it was extremely promiscuous.
07:51 Okay.
07:52 I said, I'll never smoke cigarettes
07:53 and I was up to a pack a day.
07:55 I said, I'll never do drugs, not only was I doing them
07:58 but I was selling them.
07:59 I said I never go to a clubs,
08:00 not only was I going to clubs and partying
08:02 but I owned and operated it.
08:03 Okay, and we are gonna talk about that information.
08:06 You know, actually I want to get into that now.
08:08 What were some other things
08:09 that you were involved with while you were out there?
08:11 Because you read in your book
08:12 very, very good book of God saving grace
08:15 and what He did in your life.
08:17 But for a while, for some years, you were out there.
08:19 You were involved in a club, club life and things like that.
08:21 Talk about that experience,
08:23 all those things you involved in.
08:24 That's a whole another world there,
08:26 you know, I was so blinded by what the enemy was doing
08:30 and the whole time God had His hands on me.
08:32 Okay.
08:33 I got caught up into a lot of heavy drugs.
08:35 I began the brag about the amounts
08:37 that I would sell to my friends.
08:39 Me being a church boy was--
08:41 every Friday and Saturday nights
08:43 throwing parties at clubs, champagne, women,
08:46 you know, that was just the lifestyle
08:48 for me for a while.
08:49 For a few years I made my money solely illegally like that
08:54 and I just got so taken away from the way
08:55 that I was brought up.
08:57 Okay.
08:58 But God, in order to save my soul,
09:00 He helped me lose everything.
09:01 Okay, now while you were involved with all these things,
09:05 did you still kind of feel like a void in your life?
09:08 You hear many people say, you know,
09:10 there is like-- there was still this emptiness,
09:12 I've got the cars, I've got the drugs,
09:14 I've got the money, I've got all these different things
09:16 but there's still something lacking
09:19 and even when you look at society today
09:21 and look at a lot of entertainment stars,
09:23 many of them are overdosing on drugs.
09:25 Many of them are hooked on hard drugs.
09:27 Not just you know, cigarette things like, some hard things.
09:30 You know, there is a emptiness inside,
09:32 talk about that feeling.
09:34 You know, I partied first hand with a lot of these rappers
09:37 that you see on a lot of different TV shows.
09:40 Okay. And videos.
09:42 And these guys are empty inside.
09:43 Yeah. They're depressed.
09:45 I was living that same lifestyle.
09:46 When the music stopped playing
09:48 and the champagne stopped flowing
09:49 and the woman weren't around, I was empty and I was trying
09:52 so hard to fill that void in my life,
09:54 a void that only Christ could fill.
09:56 Yeah, okay.
09:57 How do you-- let me ask your opinion,
09:59 how do you help to keep the youth
10:02 from going down that road
10:04 because you said that, you know,
10:05 there was a emptiness out there
10:07 and I stated there is an emptiness out there
10:08 because I've been out there.
10:10 But how can we get that across to the young people that--
10:13 though the Bible says in Hebrews 11:25,
10:15 that there are pleasures of sin "for a season"
10:19 how do we relate that message to them that,
10:22 you know, you're still gonna feel this emptiness inside?
10:24 What's in your opinion?
10:25 You know, it's one of these things to where,
10:27 you know, they have to really seek,
10:29 they have to really know, they have to really get
10:31 to know the Lord for themselves.
10:32 Yeah. Yeah. Because they try the devil.
10:34 You know, for a while, I said I just went little bit of it.
10:37 Let me just have a little bit of the world.
10:38 Satan's not going for that? Satan's not going for that?
10:39 You think you're gonna love it and next you know
10:41 you have a plate full and you'll get so far
10:43 from where God had wanted you to be.
10:45 And so He has a special calling
10:47 on all of our young people in this world.
10:49 Especially those that have been brought up the right way,
10:52 but the enemy has the way of enticing us
10:55 and making the TV and the videos and the fashion
10:57 and the jewelry and the fame seem real appealing
11:00 when God has something so much sweeter for us.
11:02 Yeah.
11:03 You know, I remember when you say that
11:04 I remember being young
11:06 and watching a lot of these music videos
11:08 and listening to the music and I remember
11:10 when I was young there was a song
11:11 that came out "Bling Bling"
11:13 and you know, everybody's flashing things,
11:14 everybody's shining.
11:15 Now this is actually a word incorporated in the dictionary.
11:18 Wow. Wow.
11:19 And you know, what's interesting is,
11:20 you see all of this and it starts,
11:23 you know, Satan works through the senses.
11:25 He works through the five senses,
11:26 the seeing, the touch, the feel
11:27 all of those things he works through
11:29 and the same way he got Eve in the very beginning of time,
11:32 he's getting us in that same exact way.
11:34 We see these things, we get caught up in it.
11:37 Did that has an affect on you looking
11:39 at the music videos, things like that?
11:41 Yeah, I began to have a thirst and a hunger for more.
11:44 Yeah. I wanted more money.
11:45 I wanted as much money as I can make.
11:46 I wanted as many women in my bed as I could get,
11:49 I wanted to drive the new and nicest cars
11:51 and I did all of this but I was still empty inside.
11:54 And a lot of times television tends to mold us
11:58 just as a people in a society
12:00 and we get caught up into that
12:01 and we end up searching for it
12:03 when God has a whole other calling for our lives.
12:05 Okay.
12:06 You know, we live in such an entertainment society now.
12:08 You know, such an entertainment society.
12:11 In your opinion, how do we even get the young people
12:13 to even pick up a book these days and read?
12:16 I mean, that maybe a deep question
12:17 but if you can provide an answer,
12:19 how do we even get them to start
12:21 being able to read a book?
12:22 I would say put that passion in them early.
12:24 One thing my father did for me--
12:25 So developing a foundation point?
12:26 Foundation point.
12:28 What my father did for me when I was around
12:30 the elementary middle school area,
12:31 when it was a summer time I got to play
12:33 with my friends out in the neighborhood
12:34 but there were times he had me at home
12:36 reading books and giving book reports.
12:39 And I thought then that he was just being mean
12:41 or he was just-- to punish me
12:43 but he was actually instilling a principle in me
12:45 that was really important.
12:47 And I think what God has done with me
12:49 through this book "From Prodigal to Prodigy"
12:51 is He's allowed me to write it in a way
12:53 where you won't even feel like you're reading.
12:54 Yeah, it does.
12:55 You feel like part of my life and part of my story
12:57 and you're part of the journey
12:59 and next thing to know, you get the word.
13:00 Yes, it's exciting.
13:02 You know, in reading your book there's a instance in there,
13:05 I want you to talk a little bit about it,
13:06 because it happened to you, it happened to me
13:09 where you were standing down the barrel of a gun,
13:11 somebody was pointing a gun
13:12 and your life could have been taken.
13:14 Talk about that feeling that goes
13:16 through the mind at that point.
13:18 It was at the moment I'm just gonna share with you
13:20 how cloudy my judgment was.
13:22 Okay.
13:23 At that moment I had an altercation
13:24 with one of the biggest dope dealers in the city
13:27 that I was living with.
13:28 He had a Uzi put to my head, that's like a baby machine,
13:32 that's not a pistol and so I see here
13:34 and I'm seeing my life flash before my eyes.
13:36 And I should have registered and said, you know,
13:39 what, I need to tone it down
13:40 but actually that built up a passion inside me
13:44 to start wanting to carry guns and knives
13:46 to protect myself and I was just so far out there.
13:49 Okay.
13:50 So I was even thinking in my normal mind
13:52 like I should have been.
13:53 Okay.
13:54 So your life could have been taken
13:55 and instead of changing your life you say, okay,
13:58 well, now I need to go and get some guns.
14:00 You know, did you ever think before that you know,
14:03 I would never really get involved in,
14:05 you know, carrying guns.
14:07 You know, I'm not a violent person.
14:08 I don't, you know, want to harm anybody
14:09 and I just want to make money.
14:11 Did you ever, you know, have that thought growing up?
14:13 Yeah, I was never the type to feel like
14:15 I had to carry a gun
14:16 but after I got out there in the world
14:19 and I saw how real the world was getting--
14:20 Yeah, it is.
14:21 Instead of just scaring me back home,
14:22 I said, okay, I've got to now adapt.
14:25 And that's the corruption
14:26 that the enemy will have on your mind.
14:27 Oh, yeah.
14:28 You know, it's interesting
14:29 because a lot of young people may say, you know,
14:31 I just want to go out there for few years.
14:33 You know, I don't plan on killing anybody,
14:35 I don't plan on, you know, smoking.
14:38 I don't plan on doing all these things.
14:39 I just want to go out there and have some fun.
14:41 But in reality, once you step foot on a devils playground,
14:45 he's gonna take you on that merry-go-round,
14:47 that slide, the swings
14:48 and he is gonna have his pleasures.
14:50 That's right. And he's had with me and you.
14:51 You know, I know my experience
14:53 when the-- I was standing on the side--
14:55 other side of the gun, gentleman pulled
14:57 a 25 caliber pistol in my face over, over some marijuana.
15:01 And you know, it was interesting
15:03 that a few weeks later
15:05 it was a same kind of occurrence in these projects
15:07 and a young person was killed over $5 of marijuana
15:11 where here I was, staring down the face of a gun,
15:14 over seven and half ounces of marijuana
15:17 and my life wasn't taken.
15:18 And you know, what's interesting
15:19 out of that whole thing,
15:21 there's a lot of interesting points
15:22 but one thing is, you know, I hadn't prayed for a while.
15:24 But when I'm on the side
15:25 of that gun sticking to my face,
15:27 we always seem to find a prayer,
15:29 is it somewhere in our back pocket or somewhere
15:31 we seem to be able to sending up
15:32 a prayer to the Lord.
15:33 Had you ever had instances out there,
15:36 where you hadn't prayed in years
15:38 but you were in trouble situations
15:39 and you try to, you know, pray to the Lord?
15:41 Yeah, you know, and that's funny
15:43 because that's what happens.
15:44 Yeah.
15:45 Sometimes we find ourselves in sticky situation--
15:47 And then we want to call on God.
15:49 We will say hey Lord, you know,
15:50 long time no hear, I need You.
15:52 But the good thing about prayer is that God is always there.
15:56 When I sit back and look at those different things
15:58 in the situations I was in,
15:59 He was with me the whole time.
16:01 Amen.
16:02 So I just praise God that we serve a God
16:04 that cares enough that when we do all
16:06 He's still there to pick us up.
16:07 Okay.
16:08 Now in your book you talk about people being abstinent,
16:11 even yourself and you know, others out there.
16:14 There are some that maybe watching
16:16 that are going through, you know, sexual changes,
16:18 wanting to do things out there
16:20 with males or females whatever it maybe,
16:23 how can a person overcome that?
16:25 What can a person do to fight that urge,
16:27 to fight that, almost addiction?
16:28 Well, with the lot of different addictions
16:30 I was going through I had to pray two prayers.
16:32 For two long hours saying, Lord, help overcome this
16:35 but I had the strong asking for the will.
16:38 I had to start saying Lord,
16:39 give me the desire to serve You.
16:41 Give me will to want to do right.
16:42 Yeah, to want to do it,
16:43 because we have a natural inclination towards evil.
16:44 Exactly. Exactly.
16:45 Now that, Lord, that you've put His will inside of me,
16:48 give me the power to overcome,
16:50 but there is a lot of power in music and television.
16:53 If I can just talk about for a sec?
16:55 Yeah, I want you to talk on that, really talk on that.
16:56 A lot of times we tend to watch
16:58 these different television shows
17:00 and we listen to this different music
17:01 and these sitcoms and it does something to our brain,
17:04 it rends to program us, it puts us in certain moods
17:07 and in certain positions that we really shouldn't be in.
17:09 And I think a lot of time we don't realize the power
17:12 that comes from music and television.
17:14 So with me overcoming it, I learnt early on
17:16 there were certain things I couldn't watch on TV.
17:19 Not a certain time of night,
17:20 certain things I could not watch
17:22 because that was putting certain spirits inside of me
17:25 which had me want to do certain things
17:27 that I knew was not pleasing to God.
17:29 Okay.
17:30 So the power of the media,
17:31 television, radio, stuff like that,
17:33 you have to really guard the avenues of your soul.
17:36 We put alcohol within our bodies
17:37 that can deter us, we plain be putting marijuana,
17:39 cigarettes and drugs within our bodies
17:41 but the things that we see,
17:43 the things that we hear can also have an impact
17:46 on our spiritual connection with God.
17:47 Okay, you know what interesting about music is,
17:50 it has the ability to enter into the subconscious
17:53 without you even knowing it.
17:55 I remember when I was younger there was a movie out
17:58 and there was a subliminal message in it
18:00 but you couldn't hear, you couldn't pick it up
18:02 only your subconscious could pick it up.
18:04 And it stated that all good
18:06 little boys and girls take their clothes off.
18:09 And the next thing you know,
18:10 you know, people are doing
18:11 so many different strange things
18:13 not knowing it came from watching
18:15 whatever you were watching or listening
18:17 to whatever you were listening.
18:19 Also you said some key things about hip-hop music.
18:22 It's interesting there was a song
18:23 that came out some years ago and it was called "Hypnotized"
18:25 I'm sure you're familiar with that song and in it,
18:28 it was saying I command you to get money,
18:30 I command you to get money.
18:32 It was like he was almost telling you
18:33 what to do and you know,
18:35 its getting in the body and you find yourself,
18:37 you find yourself doing this.
18:38 Right.
18:39 You know, music is powerful. It is very powerful.
18:41 And in that song, that song was from a rapper
18:44 who was proclaiming to be a big drug dealer, which he was.
18:47 Yeah, that's true.
18:48 And he was telling everyone listening,
18:49 I command you to give money.
18:51 Give money.
18:52 And I remember listening to this,
18:53 caught up in the world myself,
18:55 but still having the spirit in me
18:57 saying something about this doesn't sound right.
18:59 And even when I was sitting in my house
19:01 smoking weed and everything else
19:02 I still felt uneasy playing that song.
19:04 Yeah, wow. Wow.
19:06 You know, I remember listening to a certain rap group
19:09 and they had songs on there like Mr. Ouija,
19:11 Mo Murder, Die, Die, Die, Me Killer, things like this.
19:15 And I knew those things weren't right.
19:17 I grew up in a church, I had that foundation,
19:19 I knew they weren't right
19:21 but as like it's to hypnotizing,
19:23 it has this effect upon you that you know,
19:26 you can almost not break loose of it,
19:28 only by the power of God.
19:29 Well, you know, music,
19:30 you know, if you're in a bad mood
19:32 you can play certain music to get your excited.
19:34 Yeah. Yeah.
19:35 Certain music can get your heart pumping,
19:36 and gets your adrenaline rushing.
19:38 Certain music can put you in a mood for romance.
19:41 Some classical music can kind tend to sooth you.
19:43 Yeah.
19:44 And we can't forget, you know, who Lucifer was in heaven.
19:46 Yeah.
19:47 You know, he was in charge of the music.
19:49 You know, we all know this
19:50 so do we not think that he will use this
19:52 as one of the many ways to separate us from God?
19:55 Yeah. Wow, that's powerful.
19:56 He made music in heaven, now we know
19:58 he's got to be making music down here
20:00 because he didn't lose that power
20:02 when he got kicked out of heaven.
20:03 When he came down here, he didn't lose that power.
20:05 And you know, he's out to destroy the youth,
20:08 he is out to destroy the young people.
20:10 Talk about how, you know, as going around the churches,
20:12 actually before we want to-- before we get there,
20:14 I want to talk to you about
20:16 how you began to change your life?
20:18 Talk about that road trip,
20:19 talk about what started leading to you,
20:21 your connect with-- things just started
20:23 falling out from under you
20:24 and you started to wake up and come to your senses.
20:26 Talk about that.
20:27 Well, I got to a point in my life where I even,
20:30 you know, I just wasn't working.
20:31 You know, everything was drug money
20:33 that I was making from the club.
20:35 And the Lord in order to save my soul,
20:38 allowed me to lose everything.
20:39 Wow.
20:40 And it's funny because I'm glad for it,
20:43 because had I still had all the fancy cars
20:45 and all of the money
20:47 and everything else going for me
20:49 that for some reason was working so good
20:51 because the devil can bless you too now.
20:52 Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
20:53 So since He'd removed that stuff for me
20:56 I kind of find myself at this stagnant point
20:58 and I took a road trip with my grandfather
21:00 and this year we'll kind of share with you
21:02 the power of influences
21:04 and things that we put inside of our body.
21:05 Here I am with my grandfather,
21:07 who's a pastor, we're taking this road trip.
21:09 For two whole days I didn't have
21:11 any nicotine in my system, I didn't have any alcohol,
21:13 no liquor, no beers, I didn't have any marijuana,
21:16 I wasn't listening to any bad music.
21:18 So you just as sober as a judge.
21:19 Let me tell you something,
21:21 my spiritual receptors were open.
21:24 Now we all have spiritual receptors
21:26 within our bodies that connects us with God.
21:28 We were made in God's image,
21:29 we were made to commune with Him.
21:31 So since my spiritual receptors were open
21:33 and they were all running on all cylinders
21:35 I didn't have anything to put in my body.
21:37 I was able to hear clearly what God had in store for me
21:40 and I had the conversation with my grandmother
21:42 and during that time I talk about in the book
21:45 I call it the "Ride of My Life."
21:46 Yeah. Yeah, the "Ride of My Life."
21:47 Because during that road trip
21:48 was I went through my conversion process
21:50 and at that time through my grandmother,
21:52 the Holy Spirit fell down on me
21:54 and I was able to hear Him clearly,
21:56 I was able to really truly accept Him
21:58 as my personal Savior.
21:59 Amen.
22:00 Talk about that experience after you came back
22:02 from that road trip a little bit after that,
22:04 you tried smoking a little marijuana
22:07 but your body was just rejecting it.
22:08 Talk about it.
22:09 Let me tell you about the power of God.
22:10 When I came back, when I came back to the city
22:13 I was living with in Huntsville, Alabama,
22:15 I came home and I told my then girlfriend
22:17 I said, honey, I'm gonna stop smoking.
22:19 I'm gonna turn my life around.
22:21 Did she believe you? And she was like, okay, yes.
22:24 She wanted to, she's like but I've heard this before.
22:26 So she goes to sleep and now here I am
22:29 with the monkey in the room, the gorilla in the room.
22:31 I've got this weed and I couldn't sleep,
22:34 I couldn't eat, I couldn't wake up in the morning
22:36 without having this in my body and it had been two days.
22:39 So needless to say I was urging for this.
22:42 You were already? Right.
22:43 And so when I told the Lord, I say Lord,
22:45 I'm gonna smoke this one last time
22:47 and after this here, I'm gonna be done for good.
22:50 But you see, the devil was saying,
22:51 hey, okay, you're gonna serve God now
22:53 but just smoke one last blunt.
22:54 And God allowed me to smoke this blunt
22:57 so that He can show me His power.
22:58 Wow.
22:59 Now this is after I said Lord, I' m gonna give You my all
23:00 and I'm gonna turn things around.
23:02 I went in my garage, I poured me some liquor,
23:04 I had my cigarettes and I'm smoking
23:06 and I'm drinking and this is the same room.
23:08 So I say, you know what,
23:09 maybe I need this weed inside of me.
23:11 So I began to smoke and I began to smoke
23:13 and my body begins to reject it
23:15 and at that moment God says,
23:17 son, I have already set you free.
23:19 Wow. And I'm just like, wow.
23:21 I mean, I felt so cloudy within my mind
23:24 which we are connected to God.
23:26 I just felt so cloudy.
23:28 You know the mind is where sin begins.
23:30 You know this is our head of our body,
23:31 this is our communion and I just felt so cloudy
23:34 putting that stuff in me.
23:35 And God says, son, you don't that to sleep anymore.
23:37 I will set you free. You don't need anyone.
23:38 You had been set free and I hadn't picked up
23:40 a pack of cigarettes or weed or any alcohol since them.
23:43 Amen. Amen.
23:44 And so when people say,
23:45 oh, you can't just stop cold turkey--
23:48 you need the power of God. Yeah. Amen.
23:50 Because He has done this for me
23:52 and I think that He allowed this to be
23:53 so drastic in my life
23:55 so that I could be a testament to people around the world.
23:56 Wow.
23:57 You know, that's interesting, in my experience,
24:00 you know, it was a couple of months
24:01 before I got off the cocaine, the ecstasy,
24:04 the marijuana, things like that.
24:05 But I remember I was-- I challenged myself.
24:08 I said, let me go a day without cigarettes,
24:09 two days without cigarettes.
24:11 And I finally made it to a full week,
24:12 a full seven days and no cigarettes
24:14 and I believe it was the Sunday
24:16 I said, well, you know what,
24:17 let me just try one cigarette just to see,
24:19 to see if I'm over it as yet.
24:21 So I grabbed the cigarette, lit it up and you know,
24:24 I tried it I just couldn't take it.
24:25 You know, I had, I had already got free of it
24:27 for a week and you know, my body just was not taking it
24:30 and now it's been over three years
24:32 and you know, I can't even stand
24:33 the smell of cigarette smoke.
24:35 I know that's the same for you
24:36 because, you know,
24:37 when you are in that environment of a room
24:39 full of people smoking nicotine or weed,
24:41 you don't even realize that it's really going on.
24:44 But then when you stopped
24:45 and you're done for a couple of years
24:47 and you come in a room immediately
24:49 oh, man, it give me a headache.
24:50 Oh, man, I can't stand the smell.
24:51 That's right.
24:52 I want to ask you about October 17th, 2009
24:54 what happen, you know that date.
24:56 Yeah, man, that's the day I got re-baptized.
24:59 Wow. Talk about that a little.
25:00 I remember being at my dad's church
25:03 in South Carolina.
25:04 I remember being with some other guys,
25:06 he met in the community, some ex-convicts,
25:08 some ex-drug dealers
25:09 and we were all in our white robes
25:11 and we went before the church and we proclaimed our faith
25:14 and we went back and I was waiting for him to call me up.
25:17 And I remember just being there crying,
25:19 just thanking God that He saved me
25:21 and here I am with my father.
25:24 My earthly father,
25:26 in the presence of my Heavenly Father,
25:28 as he dips me down in that water, man,
25:30 and I came above the water, man,
25:32 and I just felt refreshed, I felt renewed.
25:35 I could feel the spirit of God around me
25:38 and ever since then Ira
25:39 and I have had peace like none other, man.
25:42 Like no other. A peace like none other.
25:44 Wow.
25:45 The Bible says, you know,
25:46 no peace like what you can get from God.
25:49 You know, not peace that the world gives you
25:52 but peace from God is like nothing else before.
25:54 So I want you to talk into the camera right now,
25:57 real quick because there are some mother's out there,
25:59 there are some father's out there
26:01 that want to experience that same feeling that you had
26:04 but with their son and with their daughter.
26:06 I want you to talk to that mother,
26:07 that father that wants to see
26:09 their son and daughter come home.
26:10 Speak some words of encouragement to them.
26:12 Don't stop praying. Don't give up.
26:15 I'll never forget, when I made my conversion
26:17 I called my dad and said dad, I've got to confess.
26:19 This is what I've been doing.
26:20 I told him all the wicked things I was doing.
26:23 You know, what his response was?
26:24 His response was son, I know.
26:27 I said, dad, what you mean?
26:28 He says, son, I know everything that you are caught with.
26:30 I know about the drugs dealing in the club.
26:32 He was like and I love you, welcome back home.
26:34 And I say, wow, at that time I saw Christ in my father.
26:38 So my advice to you is don't stop praying.
26:39 Yeah.
26:41 You keep on praying, God answers prayers.
26:43 Amen. You keep on praying.
26:44 Amen.
26:45 And God will deliver your children.
26:47 God will deliver your daughter, you son from cocaine,
26:50 from premarital sex, whatever it is they're dealing with,
26:53 God restores.
26:54 He did it for me,
26:55 He would do it for you and your children.
26:57 Amen.
26:58 Now what I want you to do is talk back into the camera,
27:00 talk to the youth, talk to the young people.
27:02 They are leaving the church in droves,
27:04 they don't want a relationship with Jesus.
27:06 Talk to the youth out there, give them some words.
27:09 You know, I believe that God has spared my life
27:12 as well as Aaron's life for such a time as this.
27:14 We are reaching out to you, we are pleading to you.
27:17 The lifestyle that you see on TV and these videos,
27:20 the lifestyle that you may see maybe in the communities
27:22 where you live, this is not the life that God has for you.
27:26 God has called you to do
27:27 something great and something special.
27:29 I can't help but think about 2 Chronicles 7:14,
27:35 it says, "If my people, who are called by my name,
27:38 will humble themselves and pray and seek my face
27:41 and turn from their wicked ways,
27:42 then I will hear from heaven,
27:43 and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
27:45 God will do that for you
27:47 but you have to first humble yourself.
27:48 Realize that you've got caught up into a mess.
27:51 Ask God to forgive you and restore you
27:53 and start every single day with the Lord.
27:57 Amen. Amen.
27:58 If you want to get in contact with Jeremy Anderson
28:01 I encourage you to get online,
28:03 Google Spirit Reign Communications.
28:06 Spirit Reign Communications.
28:08 You've been watching this interview
28:09 with Jeremy Anderson.
28:11 God has really changed his life.
28:13 He's put him in active ministry,
28:15 saved to serve.
28:16 Thank you for watching "The New Journey."
28:17 We encourage you to join us next time.
28:19 Be blessed.


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