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Closer than a Brother -part 2

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Participants: Aaron Chaney (Host), Annex Luberisse


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:09 In part 1 of the program
00:11 we learned about a young man named Annex
00:13 that was involved heavily in the gang life.
00:15 Tune in for part 2 as we delve into
00:18 what the next chapter of his life is.
00:20 You won't want to miss this program
00:22 of The New Journey.
00:55 Welcome back to The New Journey.
00:57 Thank you for tuning into part 2
00:58 of Annex's amazing story.
01:01 Annex, we'd like to thank you for coming back on the program
01:04 for part 2.
01:05 Before we get into the information
01:07 that we have here,
01:08 let's briefly recap over what we talked about in part 1.
01:12 What gang were you involved in and where are you from?
01:16 Well, I'm from West Palm Beach, Florida.
01:18 And I was involved with Top 6 and also San Castle
01:23 for a pretty large part of my life.
01:25 Okay, okay.
01:27 Now give us a little bit of background
01:28 on the San Castle gang and the Top 6 gang?
01:30 Well, it was a street gang
01:32 out of West Palm Beach, Florida.
01:33 Top 6 was the gang that ran Lake Worth, Florida.
01:36 San Castle pretty much had the territory
01:39 between Lantana and Hypoluxo,
01:41 all the way from Boynton Beach stopped at Delray Beach.
01:44 We ran that part of town and everywhere down from there.
01:49 Okay, now in part 1, we talked about you,
01:52 you were just getting ready
01:53 to walk away from the gang life.
01:55 And once you walked away from that gang life,
01:57 what did you get involved to next,
01:59 dealing with real estate?
02:01 Well, my brother, brother-in-law,
02:05 he was always into interesting ideas on how to get rich.
02:09 Okay.
02:10 And so--
02:12 Get rich schemes. Yeah, get rich schemes.
02:13 So he got a flyer, I don't know how he got it
02:17 but he invited us to come with him
02:19 to one of those seminars that they was doing,
02:23 real estate seminars.
02:25 Okay.
02:26 And I went with him and my older brother
02:27 went with him as well.
02:29 And that's when my journey started off at the real estate
02:32 and also the spiritualism in a sense.
02:33 Okay, now your involvement in spiritualism,
02:37 what did you get involved with, specifically with spiritualism?
02:41 Well, when in spiritualism
02:43 the things that I got involved with
02:45 was the various different practices such as hypnosis.
02:51 Okay.
02:52 Also meditation, Black-Op hypnosis,
02:56 and you also have astral projection,
03:00 conversational hypnosis.
03:01 Okay.
03:02 Pretty much things like that, more of spiritualistic things.
03:06 Okay, not as many of us like myself that don't know much
03:09 about Black-Ops hypnosis, astral projection,
03:13 could you provide little bit of details of each of these,
03:16 what's all involved?
03:17 Well, I can give you a little brief detail, but--
03:20 Okay.
03:22 But I can't go too much into it but--
03:23 Okay.
03:25 When we, we all pretty much know
03:26 what meditation and all these other things are.
03:28 Uh-huh.
03:30 But conversational hypnosis is pretty much the skill
03:34 and the talent to be able to use conversation
03:37 to get what you want.
03:38 Okay.
03:39 So it's more in the term of saying words
03:43 that the human psyche would not understand
03:45 and conversational hypnosis
03:47 goes along with something called NLP.
03:49 NLP is short
03:51 for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
03:54 What that is, is neural is mental,
03:56 linguistic is language, programming is programming.
03:59 So you would use the mind and also the conversation
04:03 to get the person to get to do what you want them to do.
04:07 You know, so you would use words that--
04:10 We've two different way of understanding things.
04:13 We have the conscious and we have the subconscious.
04:15 So NLP was learning how to speak
04:18 to the person's subconscious
04:20 where they have no reasoning power
04:22 to stop you from doing what you want to do.
04:23 Wow, so that would pretty much just break down
04:25 your reasoning abilities.
04:26 Breaks down the frontal lobe.
04:28 Okay. Go pass the frontal lobe.
04:29 Say things, say words that the--
04:31 See the frontal lobe is a reasoning factor.
04:33 That's where you reason, you make decisions.
04:35 So if you use words
04:36 that the individual will not have the ability
04:40 to make a decision or--
04:41 You're able to influence them in ways
04:44 that they would've never been influenced before
04:46 if you use more common words.
04:47 Okay, so what about the astral projection?
04:50 Astral projection is a little bit more serious.
04:53 Astral projection was the last thing
04:55 that I got involved in.
04:57 Astral projection is pretty much the separation
04:59 between body and soul.
05:01 Astral projection is something that I did a lot of--
05:07 Okay.
05:08 And it's a way to disconnect yourself
05:11 and to get into an astral projection state,
05:15 you'd have to know how to do a lucid dream--
05:17 That means, like if you're having a dream,
05:19 you actually know you're dreaming.
05:20 Okay, okay.
05:21 So, if you're dreaming, you can actually say,
05:23 "Oh I'm in a dream," and wake up out of your dream
05:26 or transfer yourself into another dream.
05:29 It's a dream state that you put your body in.
05:32 It's used for a lot of different, different things,
05:37 a lot of different spiritualism things.
05:38 Okay.
05:40 Now what about the Black-Ops hypnosis?
05:42 What is the difference between Black-Ops hypnosis
05:44 and the conversational hypnosis?
05:46 Conversational hypnosis is a conversation,
05:50 like if I say something to you,
05:54 like Aaron you know a person like me
05:58 is always good to talk to.
06:00 You know in real life I'm telling you
06:04 your subconscious to like me so I would use words that--
06:09 it makes sense to your regular mind
06:12 but your subconscious mind sees it different
06:15 because I'm using different words
06:16 to get a different result.
06:18 But in NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Pattern,
06:22 it's more of using the person's six senses
06:26 and it originates straight out of the Garden of Eden.
06:29 Uh-huh, okay.
06:31 It's more like using the person's six senses
06:32 by using touch, sight, feel
06:34 and all the other senses to get the person to do things
06:38 that would benefit your need or their need.
06:41 Okay, so, you know that's a big transition
06:44 going from the gang life then over to spiritualism.
06:49 Now you told me that you eventually met a man
06:51 named Byron that you worked with--
06:53 Yes.
06:54 Give us a little information about that whole encounter
06:56 and what that led to?
06:57 Oh, that was a very interesting encounter.
06:59 I've been working with Byron at a warehouse
07:01 for over five years, I was working with him.
07:04 Me and him really never had--
07:05 We had a little small encounters
07:08 where he would say,
07:10 man you better leave these girls alone
07:12 and I'd be like, well, you need to tell them to leave me alone,
07:14 you know, so we'd cross path
07:18 but we never really sat down and talked
07:20 until one day he saw me listening to my iPod
07:24 and he said, "What are you listening to?"
07:25 At that time I was listening to J. Rothstein
07:28 and I told him I was listening to J. Rothstein.
07:30 He says, "What do you know about J. Rothstein?"
07:32 I said, "Well really nothing, I just like what he's saying."
07:35 He is a prosperity preacher.
07:37 So the prosperity gospel was very good for me
07:39 because you can have Jesus
07:41 and have money at the same time.
07:42 You know, so he told me,
07:44 "What do you know about J. Rothstein?"
07:45 I said, well really nothing. I just like what he says.
07:48 So he says, "So do you believe in God?"
07:50 I said, well, yeah and then I said,
07:54 "I don't believe in him
07:55 the same way you believe in him."
07:56 Okay. "I believe we all are gods.
07:58 We all have the ability to be God."
07:59 Okay.
08:01 And everything is God, you know.
08:02 Okay, let me ask you this.
08:04 You said something important.
08:05 You had the belief that everybody was God.
08:08 Now in part 1 of the program,
08:10 you talked about how you were involved with the Mormons.
08:13 How did you come to that portion,
08:15 to that point where you believed
08:17 that we were our own gods?
08:20 Well, it's through a whole history
08:22 and background of things
08:24 would take more than a long time
08:26 to really get into it
08:28 but, you know, throughout practicing spiritualism
08:32 and doing astral projection and seeing these spirits
08:36 and communicating with these different demonic entities,
08:43 you get the idea of what they're saying is true
08:46 and what you're listening to is true
08:48 and that's one of the things
08:49 that they put in your head is that pantheism, you know,
08:53 thinking that God exists in everything.
08:55 And that was one of the things that I approached Byron with.
08:59 Okay, okay, and then eventually the conversations,
09:03 where did that eventually lead to?
09:04 Well, Byron told me he says, he said, "Really?"
09:07 I said, "Yeah," you know,
09:09 and then I told him a little bit more
09:10 and this guy wasn't moved.
09:11 Usually you tell someone something like that,
09:13 they would look at you like you're crazy.
09:15 He wasn't moved, he wasn't shook.
09:17 He says, he says, "Do you have a Bible?"
09:19 I said, I said, "Yeah."
09:21 I still had my Mormon Bible.
09:23 So he says go read these verses found in Deuteronomy.
09:27 I think it's Deuteronomy Chapter 9,
09:28 but, it's been a while.
09:31 He gave it to me to go read it.
09:32 But I didn't read it.
09:34 The first night I didn't read it
09:35 because every time I get off from work,
09:37 I would go astral project.
09:38 I would go practice my spiritualism things
09:40 and not go read the Bible.
09:42 Okay. But eventually I did.
09:44 Now at the times when you'd do that astral projection,
09:47 the Black-Ops hypnosis
09:49 and the various other forms of hypnosis.
09:51 Did any of that kind of scare you
09:53 what you were getting involved and I know when I began--
09:57 the night that I made a decision
09:58 that changed my life,
10:00 it was like the demon was beginning to manifest itself.
10:04 I remember I was lying down on the floor in my room
10:06 and I could see demons moving about on the ceiling in my room
10:09 and that scared me.
10:11 Now what you were involved in was a lot deeper than that,
10:14 so there was never any fear or what you were doing,
10:17 it didn't scare you at all?
10:18 No it didn't scare me
10:20 because I was getting the results
10:21 that I was looking for.
10:22 Okay, and those results were?
10:24 Those results was to getting what you want,
10:25 getting people to do what you want them to do,
10:27 being able to be very influential.
10:29 Okay.
10:30 And being able to visit other world, you know,
10:33 being able to talk to these different entities so.
10:36 Okay.
10:37 It didn't scare me at first but it started to scare me
10:41 after I actually read that verse.
10:42 Okay, okay.
10:43 You know, eventually I got around to reading the verse
10:46 that Byron told me to go read and after I read that verse,
10:49 everything started going wrong.
10:51 And what was the gist of that verse
10:53 that he encouraged you to read.
10:54 Well, it was the verse talking about the mean spirits.
10:57 You know, you should not be involved with the mean spirits,
11:00 Necromancies and all of those and--
11:02 Divination and various things like that.
11:04 Divination, it's abomination. Yeah, okay.
11:05 You know, when I heard that,
11:06 that kind off spooked me a little bit
11:08 because I still had a form of godliness
11:11 but denying the power thereof.
11:13 So I kind of, you know was a little nervous like, okay,
11:17 is these demons, you know, but they don't--
11:20 they were not presented to me as demons
11:22 or anything like that.
11:24 They were presented to me as guides,
11:26 you know, leaders and stuff like that.
11:28 So I never looked at it as demons
11:31 until I went back to Byron the next day and I was like,
11:33 man what is this talking about.
11:35 And he told me straight up, he says those spirits
11:40 that you're talking to are demons
11:43 and that spooked me.
11:45 Now, why did you choose to believe
11:48 that they were demons
11:49 based on what the text said, based on what Byron said,
11:53 you've been doing astral projection
11:54 and thing for a while.
11:56 Why didn't you just believe that,
11:58 you know okay maybe this stuff isn't true?
12:00 You know, they've always presented themselves as guides.
12:03 What made you kind of start to think about it?
12:05 It got evil. It got really, really serious.
12:08 Okay, what do you mean by that?
12:09 Like when I get home,
12:12 Byron was very adamant about saving me.
12:15 You know, so I would get home--
12:17 That's good. That's a good thing.
12:18 And he would give me verse to read and when I got home,
12:21 you know when they are there.
12:23 You know when I come out of the car
12:24 I can feel their presence.
12:26 And I would say to myself that I'm gonna go home
12:29 and I'm gonna read these verses
12:30 that Byron gave to me and as time goes on,
12:34 you know, things would happen like my light would go off
12:36 so I wouldn't read the verse
12:37 and eventually when I started to read the verse,
12:40 after a while past they started to really, really get physical,
12:44 so they would literally attack me,
12:47 hit me, pull my pillow from underneath when I'm sleeping.
12:50 So it got really, really serious
12:52 so that's how I knew that it was evil.
12:53 Okay, now do you think that was happening
12:55 because you started to read the Bible
12:58 or and Byron was telling you these things
13:00 and you know I guess
13:01 when you start to leave that lifestyle,
13:03 the whole spirit world apart from God, you know,
13:06 the spirits, the demons try to pull you back.
13:08 So was it because maybe you were reading the text
13:11 or what Byron was telling you, they started tormenting you.
13:14 Well, the text was very powerful.
13:16 Once that started to happen, I went to Byron the next day.
13:19 "Hey man! What's going on here?"
13:21 You know, I went to him the next day, like,
13:23 "Hey look this, this is not what I--
13:25 I didn't sign up for this."
13:27 You know, so he looked at me simply, he just said,
13:32 "Okay, what's the problem?"
13:33 I said, "These things
13:34 are really, really making it hard for me to sleep,
13:37 making it hard for me to live."
13:38 And he says, "Well, just pray to Jesus?"
13:42 I said, "Jesus?
13:43 Man come on man", I said "for real give me some,
13:46 " You know I'm from the street,
13:47 I'm like give me something to take care of this.
13:49 You know and he looked at me with a straight face,
13:51 he never flinched.
13:52 He just said pray to Jesus.
13:54 And when I got home, you know,
13:57 the same situation would happen again.
13:59 And then I would strive at myself,
14:04 like jeez, this is stupid, this is ridiculous,
14:07 this man can't tell me to pray to Jesus
14:09 so as the situation got more and more and more serious,
14:13 I got to a predicament where I needed help
14:17 and I didn't know what to do
14:19 and I just said Jesus help and that was the end of that.
14:23 Now when you said Jesus help, what happened after that?
14:25 Did you feel that help come or something else?
14:29 What transpired?
14:30 Well, being at astral projection,
14:33 when you get yourself in a state of total OBE,
14:40 out of body, there's no way to,
14:42 like, you would be sleeping and you would wake up
14:46 but you'd still be asleep.
14:47 Okay, so you could pretty much kind of see yourself sleeping.
14:51 Yeah, do you understand like, you'd sleep
14:54 and then you wake up from a dream
14:55 but you'd still be in a dream.
14:57 And I couldn't get out and they would torment me.
15:01 So when I said Jesus help, I would wake up.
15:04 I would wake up right out of it.
15:06 Okay, okay, that's powerful.
15:07 I remember when I was beginning to change my life, I prayed.
15:12 I finally got on my knees by myself, I prayed
15:15 and as I was praying
15:16 I could literally feel Satan rising off of my back.
15:20 You know, the name of Jesus carries power.
15:23 Power and weight to it and because of Jesus' name,
15:27 demons have to flee when we call that name,
15:28 that's very powerful.
15:30 Now talk to us about your quest for the true church.
15:33 Byron gave you some information
15:35 and then something happened, talk about that?
15:36 You know the interesting fact about it is that
15:38 the Lord knows what he is doing.
15:40 You know, the Lord really knows how to lead a person to.
15:43 Because when Byron gave me--
15:44 he was walking me through this,
15:47 I went through the whole Bible within like 30 days.
15:51 You know I wanted to know this Jesus.
15:53 I went through the whole thing within like 30 days--
15:55 From Genesis to Revelation?
15:56 Genesis to Revelation. Wow.
15:58 And it just stuck in my head.
16:00 I can give you the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
16:04 So that Jesus, I wanted to know who Jesus was,
16:08 so I really, really started to study the word of God
16:13 and that was one of the turning points
16:16 that really, really helped me out.
16:17 Okay, now talk about how you got that answer.
16:20 Okay, how I got the, which answer?
16:23 The specific answer of the true church.
16:26 Oh, okay. Yes.
16:27 I told Byron that God must have a church.
16:31 He said, "Yeah, He does."
16:33 So I said, "I'm gonna find it."
16:35 He said, "Okay, go ahead."
16:37 So I went, I was starting to look through the Bible
16:39 and I was wrestling trying to find his church.
16:43 I couldn't find no church.
16:45 You know, one flock, one fold,
16:46 and I'm like, okay, so there must be one.
16:48 Yeah, you're looking for specific name, right?
16:50 I'm looking for specific name, I couldn't find it
16:52 so I told my brother, "I'm gonna find this church."
16:54 And he says, "Okay."
16:56 So I went back to Byron and I said,
16:57 "B I can't find this church."
16:59 So Byron says, "Why not?
17:01 Why don't you just ask the spirits?
17:03 I said, "Well, that's a good idea.
17:06 Why don't I just do that?"
17:08 So I went home and I just sat down
17:11 and I said Lord, where is your church?
17:14 Who is your true church? Okay.
17:16 And then the impression came, Seventh-day Adventist.
17:18 Seventh-day Adventist.
17:19 So I ran downstairs and I told my brother.
17:22 I found the church!
17:24 He says what church is it?
17:25 I said it's the Seventh-day Adventist church.
17:27 Wow!
17:28 Now at that point had you ever heard
17:30 of the Seventh-day Adventist up until then?
17:32 Oh, no.
17:33 No, I've never knew nothing about Seventh-day Adventist.
17:35 The closest I came to religion was
17:38 Jehovah Witness and the Mormon.
17:40 So when I got back to work,
17:42 I said, "Byron I found the true church."
17:44 He said, "Okay, what is it?"
17:47 I said, "It's the Seventh-day Adventist church."
17:49 And then he gave me that look,
17:52 you know, he gave me that look, scary look.
17:54 So you know, being involved into so much different things
17:57 you understand the body language.
17:59 So I said, "Byron, where do you go to church?"
18:03 He said, "I'm a Seventh-day Adventist."
18:04 So all this time he had never told you
18:05 he was Seventh-day Adventist.
18:07 He never told me he was a Seventh-day Adventist.
18:08 And the interesting thing about it was,
18:09 if he would have told me he was a Seventh-day Adventist,
18:11 he probably would have lost me,
18:12 because with all of the other things
18:15 that comes with being the Seventh-day Adventist.
18:16 With me coming out of the Mormon movement,
18:18 Joseph Smith,
18:22 you know it would have really turned me off.
18:24 Wow! Yeah, that is understandable.
18:27 So now that you'd learned
18:28 that it was the Seventh-day Adventist church,
18:30 what was your next step
18:31 because you eventually ended up at Wildwood?
18:33 How did you get there?
18:34 When I found out
18:36 it was the Seventh-day Adventist church.
18:37 I wanted to be anywhere that the Seventh-day Adventist was,
18:39 you know, so I started to look for the church
18:41 and I found a church
18:43 that was down the street from me
18:45 and I started to attend that church.
18:47 And at that time everything started going wrong.
18:51 They fired me from my job
18:53 and that gave me the opportunity
18:55 to start to search
18:56 for what the Lord wanted me to do.
18:58 And I told Byron, throughout--
19:01 You know, we don't have time to really get into it,
19:03 but throughout the period that I was,
19:06 I was going through it back and forth with Byron.
19:10 The Lord revealed to me
19:11 that He wanted me to go and do missionary work,
19:14 and I thought it was just a regular missionary work
19:16 and Byron gave me a phone number
19:19 of a guy Shawn Craig, that's at Wildwood
19:22 and to give him a call.
19:24 And he wanted me to go to Wildwood.
19:26 Okay, so you got to Wildwood,
19:29 Wildwood College of Health Evangelism.
19:31 And how was it adjusting to Wildwood
19:34 versus the lifestyle you just came from?
19:36 Oh, Wildwood was horrible.
19:38 Well, tell us, elaborate on why was it horrible?
19:41 Wildwood went against everything that I believed.
19:45 It went against everything that I grew up,
19:47 that I grown up knowing to do.
19:50 Now for those that don't know much
19:51 about Wildwood College of Health Evangelism.
19:53 Give us a brief background of Wildwood?
19:55 Well, Wildwood is a medical missionary training school.
19:58 They train you about the medical missionary work.
20:02 And they give you the really, the foundation of Christianity.
20:06 How to really be a Christian,
20:07 like Christian home, Christian living,
20:10 you know, all of these things that we were told to do
20:14 as secular world is completely wrong.
20:17 When you come to place like Wildwood,
20:19 you get to learn the multi-facet
20:23 of what Christ has in store for you,
20:26 the right way not the wrong way.
20:27 I got to Wildwood,
20:29 I figured out everything that I've been doing
20:30 for the best of my whole life had been wrong.
20:33 So it was hard.
20:34 It was really hard.
20:36 So you went from the gang life
20:37 to spiritualism, then to Wildwood.
20:39 Yes, sir.
20:41 Now you are involved in ministry work,
20:42 full time ministry work.
20:43 Talk a little bit about the work that you're doing now
20:45 and what you have planned for the future?
20:47 Well, what we are doing now in ministry is before Wildwood,
20:52 when I got to Wildwood, I was finished with Wildwood,
20:55 so I got involved in doing natural remedy weekends.
20:59 Now what the natural remedy weekend is,
21:01 you would go out to various places
21:04 and you would put on health presentations
21:08 and health talks and things like that.
21:10 So I really, really liked doing that
21:12 and I felt that,
21:13 that's what the Lord was calling me to do.
21:15 So as I got involved in doing that type of work,
21:20 I left Wildwood and I went ahead
21:22 and I started my own ministry.
21:24 Now, while starting my own ministry,
21:26 I had the ability to go to the various places
21:30 and I ended up in Missouri.
21:34 While I was in Missouri,
21:36 a wonderful lady that the Lord sent,
21:38 her name is Shirley.
21:39 She attended one of our presentation
21:41 and she was very impressed.
21:44 And she was like,
21:46 we need something like this here in Missouri.
21:48 So I'm like okay.
21:50 So she had a place that she wanted to show us
21:52 and she took us to it and it was a clinic
21:55 and this clinic was a very wonderful place,
21:59 it's located right outside of Missouri
22:01 and in the inside you have a nice sitting area
22:05 where people can come, people can sit.
22:07 And we took the clinic, we transformed the clinic
22:10 to what we needed it to be for our ministry.
22:13 It has a waiting room, it has an emergency room
22:15 where if you need to deal with people,
22:17 you can deal with people there.
22:18 It has a laboratory, full functionable laboratory
22:21 where you can do blood work and all of that other stuff.
22:23 And we have exercise room in there.
22:26 We also have herbal products.
22:28 We have like say for instance,
22:29 if someone wants to go the more natural way they can.
22:33 So we've been doing the clinic, we started the clinic
22:35 since the beginning of this year,
22:38 we've been operating the clinic.
22:40 And now we're looking more
22:43 into the second half of our ministry
22:45 and that is starting a lifestyle center.
22:47 Matter of fact, we've located a place
22:49 where we want to start it up.
22:51 And we're looking for support
22:53 as for people that's gonna help with the Lord's work,
22:55 to help us to be able to obtain this place
22:57 and this lifestyle center
22:59 is right outside of Marshall, Missouri.
23:01 It's not too far from Marshall.
23:02 And the wonderful thing about it is, Aaron,
23:05 is that the Lord has got us half way there
23:09 and now we need the other half, you know, in the gospel,
23:12 he says outside of every major city
23:14 you must have lifestyle centers for people to be able to go to.
23:17 This property is 79 acres.
23:21 They're asking $375,000.
23:26 We are doing some fund raisers for the property right now.
23:29 Eventually--
23:30 Right now we've raised over $35, 000 of donation,
23:35 so we are looking for more supporters.
23:37 People that has the mind that the Lord
23:39 really wants this world to help us out
23:41 to be able to obtain this property
23:42 and be able to continue doing the Lord's work.
23:44 Okay, now looking back on your life.
23:47 The many things that you have gone through,
23:48 as you've mentioned the gangs, the spiritualism,
23:51 how has the word of God, the spirit of prophecy,
23:54 how have these things help you overcome the many things
23:58 that you've been involved in?
23:59 These things are powerful.
24:01 The word of God is life. Oh, yeah.
24:04 The word of God is the most powerful,
24:06 the most precious thing that I've ever came upon.
24:09 You know, me coming out of the spiritualism world,
24:11 the word of God really makes sense to you
24:13 because you've seen that word in action.
24:16 I've seen the name of Jesus Christ.
24:17 So when he says in the name of Jesus Christ,
24:19 every demon shall flee away, I have seen that done.
24:22 And Ellen White is a rebuke to a lot of people,
24:26 and also to myself as well, because what I've came from,
24:29 it totally goes against what I believe.
24:32 So I have to learn to leave my belief aside
24:34 to really, really seek after what the Lord wants me to do.
24:38 You know, you come to a point in your life
24:39 when you say like the Lord says,
24:43 who will I send, you say, here I am Lord, send me.
24:45 Yeah, okay.
24:46 Now for a person that has a thought
24:50 of getting into astral projection, hypnosis
24:53 because they may think it's cool or whatever.
24:57 Would you suggest that they stay away from it?
25:00 It's completely against what God wants us to do.
25:04 Separating yourself from yourself
25:06 is completely what God would want you to do.
25:09 If you are thinking about
25:11 getting involved with something like that,
25:12 I would tell you to think twice.
25:14 Because once you get into the spiritualism world,
25:17 there's no coming out.
25:18 You know, only God can get you out of that.
25:20 If it wasn't for the love of God,
25:21 I would have never made it out.
25:23 Satan is playing for keeps and so is the Lord.
25:26 So it's very, very serious business
25:29 so, anyone that would be considering that type of stuff,
25:32 I would say pick up your Bible and read it,
25:34 because the word of God is where the power is at.
25:36 Satan is a conquered foe.
25:37 You know, he has no power, you know
25:40 and he is trying to take everyone down with him,
25:41 so I'd say cling to the Lord and don't let go.
25:44 Now when you, and that is very true.
25:46 When you started to walk away from it have you--
25:51 since you walked away from it I should say,
25:53 have you still been tormented by those spirits or you know,
25:56 'cause sometimes when people change their lives,
25:58 you know, they are so addicted or tied to the various things
26:01 that they've been involved with.
26:03 Are you still tempted by that
26:05 or is it pretty much something that you overcame completely.
26:08 You know I was afraid that you'd ask me this question.
26:11 I had to get it in, man.
26:12 I was afraid that you would ask me that question,
26:13 but no, you don't, you don't eventually,
26:16 you never get away from it.
26:17 It still happen.
26:19 It happens very frequently but you--
26:22 Okay, where the demons kind of torments you
26:24 whenever they need.
26:25 Yeah, it happens very quite often.
26:27 The most recent experience I can remember
26:29 is two weeks ago.
26:30 They really will not let you sleep.
26:32 It will really, really be hard.
26:33 But you've a comforter.
26:35 He always speaks in His still silent voice
26:38 and all you have to do is pray to Jesus
26:40 and some of the other time it will happen as well
26:42 if you enter into sin.
26:44 God can't help you if you're into sin.
26:46 So it helps you to know the Lord
26:50 and the more you know the Lord,
26:51 the more of this stuff
26:52 will start to disappear from your life.
26:54 But once you've opened that door,
26:55 it's hard to close that door.
26:57 Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
26:58 You know one thing that you read about
26:59 in the Book of Revelation mainly around Chapters 2 and 3,
27:02 is that it repeatedly says that heaven is for the overcomer.
27:05 Anyway, you know, we all go through trials in our life,
27:08 walking away from the various things
27:09 that we were addicted to in life.
27:11 And we have to overcome those things,
27:14 those besetments in our lives, those sins in our lives.
27:17 We have to overcome.
27:19 Use these last few seconds to speak to that young person
27:22 that is, wants to get involved in gang life,
27:24 wants to get involved in astral projection,
27:25 speak real quickly to that person?
27:27 You know, the gang life
27:29 is not the life that you want to live.
27:31 You know, I had to watch my mother cry herself
27:33 to sleep every night.
27:34 You know, I have to listen to her trials
27:37 because my little brother's doing 10 years in prison.
27:40 You know, so it's not a life that you want to live.
27:42 You know, as for the spiritualism part,
27:44 it's death.
27:46 There is no life outside of Christ.
27:48 You have to really, really be careful
27:50 when you're thinking about
27:51 getting yourself into these things
27:53 because you cannot get yourself out.
27:54 I know because I've been into it before,
27:56 so I would highly encourage them not to.
27:59 Thank you, Brother Annex for being on the program.
28:01 We encourage you to tune in next time
28:03 for The New Journey.


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