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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:09 Today, we'll meet a young man
00:10 that was in a devastating car wreck
00:12 but through it all ended up giving his life to Jesus.
00:15 Join us on today's New Journey.
00:48 Welcome back to the New Journey.
00:50 On today's program
00:51 we have with us J.Anthony Bulgin.
00:54 J.Anthony Bulgin,
00:55 thank you so much for being on the program.
00:57 Good to be here, good to be here.
00:58 All right. For the record you look like a young man.
01:01 I hope so.
01:03 For the record how old are you and where are you from?
01:05 I'm 26 years old, and I'm from Toronto, Canada.
01:08 Okay. Okay.
01:10 Now what's it like growing up in Toronto, Canada?
01:12 I've never been there so you kind of fill me in.
01:15 I mean, you definitely wanna come there.
01:16 Okay.
01:18 It's a great place, it's very multicultural.
01:20 So from any place
01:23 in the world people flock there.
01:24 So you can find any nationality,
01:27 any culture is in Toronto.
01:29 Okay.
01:31 We have a lot us, little sects of different communities
01:34 of different cultures and it's, I mean, a great place to be,
01:38 to be and just learn about different people.
01:40 I mean, you have to be able to understand
01:43 and, I guess, relate to different people
01:45 because, I mean, they're all around you.
01:46 Okay. Okay.
01:48 Now, you grew up in a Seventh-day Adventist home,
01:49 talk about your early home life,
01:52 your father is a pastor,
01:54 give us some details on all of that?
01:55 Growing up in a Seventh-day Adventist home,
01:57 my dad, yes, he was a pastor, my mom is a nurse.
01:59 And they say pastor's kids always the worst kids, now?
02:02 I mean, I raise my hand to testify.
02:05 But I'm...
02:06 Yeah, growing up it was a interesting experience.
02:09 I mean, I loved it. I mean, I was really involved.
02:11 My parents were great, they really instilled in us
02:15 like the values and the, I guess,
02:19 it's just the model of what we needed to do
02:21 as children growing up in an Adventist home
02:23 following God, they laid the baseline very well.
02:26 And, I mean, that is basically what kept me
02:28 throughout my whole life the foundation they set for me.
02:31 Okay. Growing up in Adventist home.
02:33 I also had two sisters so, I mean, we all had...
02:36 the thing is that
02:37 we all had different experiences growing up.
02:39 I mean, my older sister,
02:40 she went through Adventist school
02:41 throughout her whole life.
02:43 I was the one, the middle child,
02:44 who went through public system for most of it.
02:47 It was only in my later years
02:48 that I had the Adventist system experience.
02:50 And it was just a different,
02:52 it was different experience growing up there
02:55 and just getting involved in everything.
02:57 Okay.
02:58 Now, growing up as a Seventh-day Adventist
02:59 as I myself did as well, we're both parents in home.
03:03 What eventually kind of led to the parties,
03:05 to the drinking, and various things like that?
03:08 There is a point in, I guess, every experience
03:11 where you have to make a choice for yourself.
03:14 Okay.
03:15 And I guess being in a home
03:18 where a lot of times choices are made for you.
03:22 You're only curious to know what's on the other side.
03:25 I mean, you wanna know,
03:27 "Okay, what's on the other side of that wall?
03:29 And what's behind that door?"
03:30 Okay.
03:33 And I asked the questions
03:34 and I started to walk in the other way
03:35 just out of curiosity
03:37 and it wasn't anything that I knew I should do.
03:41 I knew I shouldn't be doing it,
03:43 but it was just that fire in you.
03:45 I mean, you know, when you think about trials
03:49 and when we think about being tempted.
03:53 You're only tempted by things that are fun
03:54 or things that are good to you.
03:56 I mean, if it's not good to you,
03:57 you're not gonna be tempted by it.
03:58 'Cause you're not gonna wanna do it.
04:00 Not gonna wanna do it.
04:01 So, I mean, I was tempted by the things that felt good,
04:02 the things that looked good.
04:04 And, I mean and I guess we all have this whole shift
04:07 where we feel that a lot of things
04:09 that are in the church don't feel and look good.
04:12 So it's a kind of like backwards.
04:14 So we go look at all these other things
04:16 and feel that it's good to us,
04:18 and it makes us feel good, and makes us happy.
04:21 But at the end of it all it's temporary.
04:23 Yeah. That is true.
04:24 We sink back and we're like, man, we're missing something,
04:27 we're missing something.
04:28 Okay.
04:30 And, you know, that's so true because the Bible even talks
04:31 about it in Hebrews 11:35,
04:33 where the pleasure is a sin for a season,
04:36 Moses choosing rather to suffer affliction with his people
04:40 than enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.
04:42 And you can testify to the fact that, you know,
04:44 sin is fun for a time,
04:46 but eventually when the fun wears off,
04:48 you know, what is to happen.
04:50 I mean, what is to happen is,
04:52 you guys kind of recline
04:54 into a space of like depression, darkness.
04:59 And, I mean, you just feel like there is something missing,
05:02 your soul is not at peace.
05:04 Yeah. Exactly.
05:05 You don't have a feeling of peace in your mind,
05:07 in your body,
05:08 and you feel like you're just going through the motions,
05:10 and you don't really feel fulfilled,
05:12 you don't feel that you're living a life of purpose.
05:14 Oh, yeah. That is right.
05:15 So that's the feeling that I began to feel like.
05:18 It felt like I didn't fit in.
05:19 I was doing things that, I mean,
05:21 I knew should be fun that I thought were fun
05:24 but it just wasn't giving me the same gratification
05:26 that it used to give me.
05:27 Okay. Okay.
05:28 Now, and growing up in Adventist home,
05:30 I know for myself,
05:31 I started to have a little resentment
05:34 or a hate towards it
05:35 'cause it seems like it's kind of, you know,
05:37 all your other friends, they're Christians
05:39 but they're in Baptist churches,
05:40 various other churches.
05:41 And it seems like they can have a little bit more freedom.
05:44 Did you growing up in Adventist home
05:46 had that kind of resentment towards Adventism?
05:48 For a long time I had. Yeah.
05:51 For a long time, I was real bitter
05:53 because I'm a active person,
05:56 I do lot of sports, basketball, soccer, hockey,
06:00 growing up in Canada hockey was great.
06:01 I mean, and there was lot of things
06:02 I wanted to get involved in.
06:04 But couldn't, because of that Sabbath rule.
06:05 Yeah. I'm just thinking.
06:08 Sabbath rule, I mean, it sounds bad
06:10 but, I mean, that's how it was.
06:11 That's how we look it when we were young.
06:13 You know, we don't fully process
06:14 exactly what it is from the Bible,
06:16 we just know we're grown up,
06:18 we go to church on Sabbath, and you can't do anything
06:20 Friday night to the Saturday night sunset.
06:22 And it's like, man!
06:24 It's like you're just on the wall
06:26 just waiting, waiting to, when can I, when I can?
06:28 Sunset, "Yes, you are gone." Yeah.
06:30 Flying right into it.
06:31 So, I mean, it was just growing up,
06:34 I mean, I would, there is so many things
06:36 I want to get involved with like sports-wise
06:39 and I just couldn't, because of the Sabbath.
06:41 And it made me kind of bitter because, I mean,
06:44 I was good and there will be people calling for me
06:46 to come play, people calling for me
06:48 to be a part of certain teams,
06:50 and I couldn't be a part.
06:52 My mom would answer the phone and say, "Yeah,
06:53 Jason's not able to do this, Jason's not able to,
06:56 oh, glad you called, but Jason is not able to,"
06:59 and sit in the next room and hearing on the phone,
07:02 I'd be like, wow, man.
07:04 There is a lot of opportunities but...
07:05 Oh, yeah.
07:06 I'm grateful, I mean, there is still,
07:08 now that I look back there was still doors
07:10 that were open for me to enjoy all those things
07:13 and there was still avenues.
07:14 I mean, through the church and outside of the church
07:16 where I was able to, I guess, get involved
07:18 and be a part of all those things
07:20 that I thought I was missing out on.
07:22 Now, how do you think a young person today
07:25 in wanting to,
07:28 you know, I wanna play sports, I wanna do this but, you know,
07:31 I have this Adventism thing over my head,
07:33 the biblical Sabbath over my head.
07:36 How can they possibly balance all of that out?
07:39 You got to get to a point
07:40 where you have to make a conscious decision
07:42 to be consistent and faithful.
07:44 Okay.
07:47 It's not a easy decision. Yeah. That is true.
07:49 Because like we said, sin is fun and then there is,
07:53 just regular things that, I mean, it's not sinful,
07:56 it's something enjoyable, it's something good,
07:57 and it's fun.
07:59 But there's guidelines and boundaries
08:01 that we have to set for ourselves.
08:02 And God outlines them, He gives it to us,
08:05 and we have to be able to trust Him
08:08 and embrace these things,
08:09 and know that He's got our best interest...
08:11 in His mind.
08:13 And He's gonna take care of us regardless of
08:16 how we may feel the situation may look,
08:17 He's gonna take care of us.
08:19 So, I mean, in going out and all those things,
08:21 just be mindful of who is in charge.
08:26 Okay.
08:28 We often wanna take the reigns and say, "This is our thing,
08:30 this is what we wanna do, and this how we wanna do it."
08:34 And we forget that, I mean,
08:35 it's not our own doing while we're here.
08:38 And He has a plan,
08:39 and the things that we may want to do,
08:41 may come full circle in His plan
08:43 if we just follow it.
08:45 To the T, just follow it. Yeah. Exactly.
08:47 Because they all come back around.
08:49 You know, looking back on your life
08:50 and then looking into Bible with Luke 15,
08:54 you have several parables in there.
08:56 I mean, I've gone through,
08:57 I mean, tried to identify which one, you know,
08:59 I kind of and I found myself as the prodigal son.
09:02 But you still have the lost ship,the lost coin.
09:05 You have the prodigal son,
09:06 but also in that third parable of the prodigal son,
09:09 you have the older brother that has an issue.
09:11 Out of those parables, which one do you think
09:14 you relate to the best and why?
09:17 When I first thought about this,
09:19 I thought about the prodigal son
09:21 and that's the, "Yeah, I'm prodigal son,
09:22 I left, came home."
09:24 And, I mean, He embraced me and, yeah,
09:26 that was the fancy story.
09:28 But I also thought of the older brother.
09:30 Yeah. Yeah.
09:31 I also thought of the older brother
09:33 and, I mean, I knew what was right,
09:37 I was there the whole time,
09:39 throughout my whole experience
09:40 I was always involved in the church.
09:42 I was always a part of ministries at the church.
09:46 I was active. Okay.
09:47 And so I wasn't really, I do my own stuff
09:50 but I'd still make that time to do
09:52 what was supposed to be done in the church.
09:54 But I just do, I'd balance it. Yeah.
09:57 Trying to balance it.
09:58 Sitting on the face and just trying to do
09:59 that balancing act like, okay, if I do this,
10:02 then I can't be this,
10:04 but I need to be this, so they can see that
10:05 I'm doing the right thing.
10:06 And so, you know, you got to play...
10:08 Put on that persona. Yeah.
10:09 Put on faces and put on masks, and put on faces,
10:11 and try and balance it, and make it okay for,
10:14 make it seem okay.
10:16 Okay.
10:17 So I felt that I was kind of more
10:18 like the older brother at times,
10:20 because I was there doing the things
10:21 but then I'd see other people who were consistent.
10:24 Yeah.
10:26 They were people who would comeback
10:27 and they get all these blessings
10:28 and get all these things and I'd get angry,
10:30 I was like, how come I'm not enjoying this?
10:32 How come I'm not,
10:33 how come I don't get to reap in this?
10:35 But when I really sat down and thought about it,
10:37 I wasn't being consistent, I wasn't being faithful,
10:40 I was bitter, and you can't be bitter in love.
10:43 Yeah.
10:44 Bitterness and love, they don't go together.
10:47 Don't go hand in hand. Yeah. They do not go together.
10:49 So I had to lose that spirit of bitterness.
10:52 I had to lose it and just wholeheartedly
10:55 be committed to loving God
10:58 and to following what He had set out for me.
11:00 Okay. Okay.
11:02 Now, let's talk about your schooling years.
11:05 You have told me before that you kicked out of school
11:08 and things like that.
11:09 Give us some details on what was going on?
11:11 I was that kid with the temper, going through school.
11:14 So I was very, very smart child, very smart,
11:17 did my work diligent, I always finished my work,
11:20 but then it came to that point where after the work is done,
11:23 I'm gonna distract somebody else get into wittier,
11:26 you know, and that got to a point
11:28 where I remember in middle school
11:31 where I was going to school Monday.
11:34 Monday, Tuesday get in the fight,
11:36 Wednesday get suspended.
11:37 Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday be at home and come back.
11:40 I remember there was a period where that was just the cycle
11:43 whole month where I was just angry,
11:45 just getting in fights,
11:46 and getting sent home, and coming back,
11:48 and just going through that whole cycle.
11:50 So I was getting in trouble, that was in my early years
11:53 and then coming up into the high school
11:57 that was when something started to have something like breaks.
12:01 There was that breaking point
12:02 where I was doing a whole lot of things
12:04 and that balancing act...
12:06 Okay.
12:07 It got, the rope got wobbly and I fell.
12:11 I fell so hard.
12:13 So I ended up having...
12:15 and I think it was 11th grade, my junior year, I had a child,
12:19 I had a daughter best thing ever.
12:20 She is amazing Jordan Naomi.
12:23 I had a child but that kind of, because of who I was
12:28 and whose I was, who I belong to?
12:33 I had to...
12:35 Being a Pastor's son. Yeah.
12:36 I had to, I guess,
12:39 I thought like I was set as an example
12:41 of you do this,
12:43 and this is what will happen to you.
12:45 Yeah. That kind of thing.
12:46 So I was kicked out of school, that's the year is
12:49 when I went to the Adventist school.
12:50 I was kicked out of the Adventist school.
12:51 Okay.
12:53 And that basically put me a year off of my graduation.
12:56 I was bitter about that, but one thing about it,
12:58 I definitely choose to not let it get me down.
13:02 I chose to I guess get back in that school,
13:05 incognito, they kick me out, it was about maybe they,
13:07 twice, they kicked me out.
13:09 They said I could come back and then they read tape
13:12 and said, no, we can't have you back in
13:14 and I had to go back again.
13:15 So it threw off my whole high schooling years
13:17 and I happened to do a extra year,
13:19 not graduate with my friends,
13:20 a new set of people, I had to go to different school,
13:23 afterward went to a catholic school,
13:24 went to this continuing education,
13:28 adult learning thing...
13:29 Just to get my credits together and finish.
13:31 Okay.
13:33 But even in that, it was a trial
13:36 but it was a learning experience
13:38 knowing that I can accomplish anything.
13:41 If I really wanted, I'll go out and get it.
13:44 And, I mean, he gave me the support I needed,
13:46 there was key people in my life at that time
13:48 that gave me the support and wouldn't let me settle,
13:51 wouldn't let me just give up and say, okay,
13:54 this is what I did
13:55 and just wallow in the mess that I made.
13:58 And a lot of us tend to wallow in the mess that we make
14:01 and we don't choose to move forward.
14:03 Yeah. And it's a choice.
14:05 God has given us choices,
14:06 He's given us the ability to choose
14:08 and a lot of us are just,
14:10 we get so down in what we've done,
14:12 get so down in who people say we are,
14:16 and people think we are, and we forget whose we are,
14:18 and what He's called us to be.
14:20 Oh, yeah. Exactly.
14:21 And when we realize who we are and how much stock He has in us
14:26 and the potential we have through His power.
14:29 I mean, there is nothing we can't do.
14:30 Oh, yeah.
14:31 There is absolutely nothing we can't do.
14:33 So, once I started believing that and, I mean,
14:36 there is people around, there's gonna always gonna be
14:38 some key people in your life who are gonna push you forward
14:40 or gonna get you over that hump,
14:42 and they may not be there forever,
14:43 that's the one thing that I learned too,
14:44 they may not be there forever but they're gonna push you
14:46 through that.
14:47 They're gonna push you through a season and, I mean,
14:50 once you get through that season,
14:51 it's up to you to make that choice to continue on
14:53 or just stay stuck at the end of that season.
14:55 'Cause time is gonna keep going.
14:58 But it's your choice to do what you need to do.
15:00 Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And push forward.
15:02 Now, when you got involved with the drinking,
15:05 and partying, and things like that,
15:07 what do you think was going through
15:09 your parents mind at that time?
15:10 When they started to, you know, they raised you up
15:12 in a good Christian home,
15:13 they started seeing you gravitating to these things.
15:16 What do you think their feelings were?
15:17 Boy, I didn't raise you to do this.
15:20 I didn't call you, I didn't have you to do this.
15:23 I mean, this is not
15:25 what I did when I was in school.
15:26 They know how they grew up, they know the standard
15:30 that they had as children and as youth growing up,
15:34 and they tried to instil that in us.
15:37 So, when they see us deviating from what they did
15:40 and what they were accustomed to,
15:43 it's just like how did this happen.
15:45 Because I follow the mould that was given me
15:47 and I turned out, okay,
15:49 so why are you deviating from the plan?
15:50 I understand.
15:52 So they were hurt but through it all,
15:55 I mean, they were supportive.
15:59 It's one thing you know
16:00 when see the pain of your parents
16:01 like you could see it on their...
16:03 You could see it. Yeah.
16:04 You can see, you walk through the house
16:06 and you could see the pain.
16:07 I remember when I got a tattoo,
16:08 while I was in college I got a tattoo, and I came home
16:11 and we had a pool in the backyard.
16:15 So that I walking through the house
16:16 and my wife would be there, I was hiding it.
16:19 I had, I knew I had to wear t-shirts.
16:22 One morning I just got up and I had on the wife beating.
16:24 And the look my dad gave me when he saw that.
16:28 Boy, why did you do that? No. No. He leave us.
16:30 No words.
16:32 He was there in the kitchen, it is a long hallway
16:34 and he just looked at me and he was just like.
16:37 All those words, all those starts,
16:39 was just in that look.
16:40 And, I mean, that look of disappointment
16:42 and look of I mean just disdain,
16:45 it really plays on you and those are things
16:48 that sit in your mind.
16:49 I mean, there's those good things
16:50 that sit in your mind with your parents,
16:52 those experiences,
16:53 but those feelings of disappointment
16:55 that you give them and those looks
16:56 so when here your mom crying and those prayers.
16:59 I mean you wake up, you get home late at night.
17:02 Yeah. I know it.
17:03 And you would creep into your room
17:04 try not to make the floor creak.
17:06 Yeah. I know.
17:07 Walking around the corner and you hear
17:08 your mom in a room crying, she on the phone
17:10 with her prayer partner crying,
17:11 "Jason, Jason where is Jason?"
17:13 And, I mean, it tears in the heart
17:14 and those are things that stick out in your mind.
17:16 Oh, yeah.
17:17 And, I mean, they draw you back
17:19 that someone could love you so much.
17:20 Yeah.
17:21 I mean, even in your absence
17:23 they're pleading on your behalf.
17:24 And, I mean, Jesus came, left,
17:26 and he's still pleading on our behalf.
17:28 Just like that mother's love, that father's love,
17:31 and he is still pleading on our behalf.
17:32 Oh, yeah.
17:34 So I know they felt, they were disappointed.
17:38 And they went to those phases of disappointment.
17:40 They were hurt, and all those things,
17:43 but they love me throughout.
17:44 Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
17:45 You know, it's interesting like I say,
17:47 some things in our background are similar and, you know,
17:50 I remember coming home late at night 11:00, 12:00, 1:00,
17:53 2:00 in the morning trying to, you know, creep silent.
17:56 My mom used to tell me, she knew when I got home
17:58 because every time coming home,
18:00 I'm looking for something to eat
18:01 and I'm banging pots and stuff like that.
18:03 So she knew every time that I made it home safely
18:06 because she could hear the pots are banging in the kitchen.
18:09 I'm trying to get sneaked something under refrigerator
18:10 or something like that
18:12 and I make a whole lot of noise.
18:13 Right. But, yeah.
18:15 We definitely share that same story.
18:16 Let's talk a little bit about your book, "25 and Counting."
18:20 What motivated you to write this book?
18:22 And let me say,
18:24 this is a very, very fantastic book of your story,
18:27 but give us a little bit of background
18:29 and, you know, talk about the book?
18:31 "25 and Counting" was,
18:33 it start off as just a healing process for me
18:38 with just notes.
18:39 In high school I like to write. Okay.
18:41 So as my favourite class is my English class,
18:44 creative writing.
18:46 Okay.
18:47 And I used to write from then but when I got in the hospital,
18:49 when I got in this whole accident experience.
18:53 I just started to chronicle what I was feeling.
18:56 The whole recovery process
18:57 and it was kind of like a healing this
19:01 and letting everything go everything out.
19:03 And I found that,
19:06 it didn't start off as a book though.
19:07 It's started off as just me sharing notes on Facebook.
19:10 It started out as me just,
19:13 yeah, sharing notes on Facebook
19:15 and putting it out there as a just testimony of
19:20 what's going on with me, how I'm feeling,
19:22 how I'm looking,
19:24 and it grew into a book of short stories
19:29 and short little thoughts of how God just really blessed me
19:33 and how he took care of me, and how he cared
19:36 throughout all my trials and all my everything
19:40 that I was going through.
19:41 So it was a process
19:43 that I saw that help me to,
19:48 I guess, administer to others...
19:50 Okay.
19:51 their healing process and in their trials.
19:56 Then I figured that when I started to share
19:58 what I was going through.
20:00 I saw that when I started to share
20:01 what I was going through,
20:03 there were so many people
20:04 that were going through the same thing as me.
20:05 Yeah. Yeah. Exactly.
20:07 Even though, all the situations were exactly the same.
20:08 We were all going through the same thing.
20:10 Yeah. Exactly.
20:11 And me actually being able to speak up about it
20:13 and being able to share my story gave them confidence
20:17 in what they were going through that,
20:19 that they could actually make it
20:20 and my whole demeanour in this whole experience was like,
20:22 I got to be happy about this because,
20:25 I mean, He's affirming what I'm doing.
20:28 It wasn't like, Jason, you are on the wrong path,
20:30 you need to turn back and go to the other way.
20:32 It was, "Jason, you're on the right path,
20:33 the devil is coming to get you."
20:34 Yeah. Exactly.
20:36 He's is going to try his best to turn you away
20:37 from what you're doing.
20:39 So he tried but I took at as,
20:42 okay, that's your first blow,
20:44 I'm gonna strike back.
20:46 I'm gonna fight too.
20:48 So I started to fight and this was a way of fighting.
20:50 It was my way of creating a team, team building,
20:54 putting people on the side of God
20:56 and just putting on the side of purpose,
20:58 side of we're gonna make it through whatever we,
21:01 whatever you try to throw it our way,
21:04 trying to put in our path, we're gonna make it,
21:05 we're gonna be conquerors, we're gonna be the greatest
21:09 because God is on our side.
21:10 Oh, yeah.
21:12 And we know the end of the story.
21:13 We know how it ends.
21:14 So if we stay faithful, there is nothing
21:16 that you can throw in our way
21:17 that we can't handle and we just smile through it.
21:19 Yeah. That was one thing.
21:20 I had to smile through my storm.
21:22 Lot of us get down and we look down.
21:23 It's okay to look down at certain times
21:25 but you got to smile through your storm
21:27 'cause you know whose you are.
21:28 Yeah. Exactly. And you know who, He's got you.
21:30 He'll carry you through it. He got it covered.
21:32 He will, He will. Yes.
21:33 So talk about the devastating car accident
21:37 and that's what you chronicled in the book.
21:39 Yeah.
21:41 Talk about that briefly
21:42 and how you could have even lost your life
21:44 as a result of the accident.
21:45 So what happened was
21:47 I graduated from Oakwood University, 2011.
21:49 I was on my way back to Huntsville, driving,
21:54 I like to drive at nights.
21:55 So it was like 11:30, 11:30 at night
21:58 about an hour from the Canadian-American border
22:01 on the Canadian side.
22:02 And I was just listening to music, you know,
22:04 just getting in that zone
22:05 when you are on those long road trips.
22:07 So, I was in this zone, driving.
22:09 Looking around the country and, you know, all the trees
22:13 and the cows
22:15 and all that stuff late at night
22:16 and just relaxing.
22:17 Okay.
22:19 And when you are on the road, I guess you deviate from,
22:23 you just get to places
22:25 you don't know how you got there
22:26 because you're just in that space.
22:27 Yeah, in that zone, yeah.
22:29 So I was in this zone, turned away, turned back,
22:31 Bambi shows up in the road.
22:34 A deer out of nowhere!
22:35 Deer out of nowhere and I'm relaxed,
22:38 my feet are on socks.
22:39 I'm on cruise control, and I'm trying to,
22:41 I see the deer I come back and I'm like,
22:44 first instinct is to avoid whatever is on the road.
22:47 Oh, yeah.
22:48 And that's where, first where I just lost me forever.
22:51 So, swerving goes down into the ditch,
22:54 the middle ditch.
22:55 I remembered torpedoing into the sky
22:59 and maybe spinning maybe twice.
23:00 Wow. And blacking out.
23:03 Yeah.
23:05 So if I see my car after it's like,
23:08 I'm knocked out, my car is destroyed,
23:10 I have a black car,
23:12 lights are gone because I mean
23:14 the impact knocks out all the lights.
23:15 So the black car in the middle in night,
23:18 I'm laying out on the road,
23:20 got thrown through the windshield.
23:22 I'm lying on the road unconscious,
23:23 my face is torn up, bruised, I broke some ribs,
23:28 punctured my lung, just shattered,
23:31 won't bit through my lip.
23:33 So whole bunch of injuries
23:34 and I'm laying out there unconscious.
23:36 Okay.
23:38 Police officer happens to be passing by
23:40 at that time in night.
23:42 I remember, faintly hearing while I was in the ambulance,
23:45 he's like, I don't even know, or when we got to the hospital
23:47 he's like, "I don't even know why I was there.
23:48 I just happened to be there."
23:49 Yeah. Wow. Divine.
23:51 Simply got divine.
23:53 I mean, and I only remember waking up in the ambulance
23:57 to give my phone number, my parent's phone number,
24:00 and I just knock back out.
24:01 Okay. I mean, He...
24:03 God will give you strength to do the things
24:04 that you need to do.
24:06 I mean He is not gonna give you,
24:07 He is not gonna overwork you, I just thought, yeah,
24:10 just think of it now like He only gave me the strength,
24:12 He woke me up to do what I needed to do,
24:15 and then He put me back to the sleep, back to rest,
24:16 back to heal.
24:17 Okay.
24:19 And, I mean, I was able to, they called my parents,
24:20 my parents came and they were like devastated,
24:23 they were like oh, my!
24:24 My mama is a nurse and she came in,
24:26 she was actually kind of relieved
24:27 that I wasn't as bad as she thought
24:29 'cause, I mean, she used to work in trauma
24:31 and see a lot of things.
24:33 So she was expecting like tubes in my throat and stuff
24:35 but she was real calm, my dad, I mean,
24:38 I'm the only boy so this is it!
24:40 This is the namesake.
24:42 So he took it tough, but I mean,
24:45 through the whole process it was amazing to see
24:48 how God just came in and just worked everything out.
24:52 Okay.
24:53 They couldn't operate right way on my face
24:55 because it was just so swollen.
24:56 Okay.
24:57 And my lip was out here and just...
25:00 And actually in your book you have pictures of
25:02 how your face looked
25:04 and everything like that, right?
25:05 Yes, I have pictures in there and it was just,
25:07 one thing from that day, from day two in the hospital,
25:10 I started to snap pictures, take pictures, and take video,
25:13 started talking, posting videos on Facebook and just saying,
25:16 I'm okay.
25:17 Making jokes and laughing, barely talk I had a lose lip,
25:20 my lip was just hanging and I couldn't do anything.
25:22 But it was just letting people know that, I mean,
25:25 even in the worse situation
25:28 I could be happy.
25:30 Even when I think all the things are going wrong,
25:32 I could be happy.
25:33 Oh, yeah.
25:35 And be comfortable in who I am and who God has made me to be.
25:38 I mean, a lot of us have scars from different things,
25:40 a lot of us have issues,
25:42 and we feel that we're kind of blacklisted,
25:44 we throw that word.
25:45 We're set apart and no one wants us.
25:47 Yeah. Oh, yeah. It's not the case.
25:49 God has a place for each and every one of us.
25:51 He has a purpose for each and everyone of us.
25:53 And in all of our misery
25:56 and all of our mess He has a plan.
25:59 And one thing I was thinking about,
26:01 as perfect as that my mess is my ministry.
26:04 Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
26:06 The stuff that He puts me through is my ministry,
26:09 the stuff that He allows to happen to me,
26:11 and the choices that I make are essentially my ministry.
26:14 It's gonna help me minister to you,
26:16 it's gonna help me minister to the next guy
26:18 that comes after me.
26:19 It's gonna help me connect with them.
26:21 So nothing that He has put me in,
26:23 nothing that He is allowed to happen to me is for naught.
26:26 It's all something that I can pull from now.
26:28 Now that I know what I'm here for,
26:31 now that I know that what I'm, He's called me to do.
26:33 It's all stuff that I can pull from to connect
26:34 with those people
26:36 who were once in a situation I was.
26:37 Who were once where I felt, where I how I,
26:42 once felt how I felt.
26:44 Yeah.
26:46 And I can connect with them and encourage them
26:48 and show them that there is light
26:49 at the end of the tunnel.
26:51 Now what real briefly, what triggered
26:52 that change of heart for you?
26:55 Through the change of heart with in terms of...
26:58 Change, leaving the drinking alone,
27:00 the partying alone, and giving it all to the Jesus.
27:03 It was just, wasn't fulfilling. Okay.
27:05 You go through life and you have that
27:07 just that void that we talked about earlier,
27:09 there is just that void and you're just not at peace.
27:11 Okay. So I just wasn't at peace.
27:13 So that what really triggered the change.
27:15 Now what I wanted you to do,
27:17 I want to real briefly talk about
27:19 how people can get into contact with you,
27:21 you're a musician and artist, you do motivational speaking,
27:25 an appeal to that you found a few seconds
27:28 that wants to experience the partying,
27:30 and drugs, and things.
27:32 It's fun, it's fun finding that, and, I mean,
27:35 I'm not gonna lie to you and tell you that,
27:37 you're not gonna want to do it.
27:39 But at the end of the day
27:40 you're gonna be left feeling empty,
27:42 and that feeling of emptiness
27:44 can only be filled by one person
27:45 and that's Christ.
27:47 And going through all that, it's not worth it.
27:50 So those who have come before can use their testimony
27:53 as something that you can pull from.
27:55 I'm excited to share my testimony of life
27:57 with you all,
27:58 "25 and Counting" is an awesome testimony of
28:01 how God restored me and saved me.
28:02 To get your copy
28:04 or just to get in touch with me,
28:05 you can visit me at
28:09 That's,
28:12 and find all my information there.
28:14 All right.
28:15 Jason, we like to thank you for being on our program.
28:17 It's my honour. Praise the Lord.
28:19 Praise the Lord.
28:20 Viewers, we encourage you to go to the website,
28:23 purchase his book, and we also encourage you
28:26 to tune in next time
28:27 for an exciting program of the New Journey.


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