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Rock Bottom

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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for children.
00:10 Today, we'll meet a man
00:11 who grew up feeling like the black sheep of his family,
00:14 but now is a sheep in God's fold.
00:16 Tune in today,
00:18 for an exciting program of The New Journey.
00:51 Welcome back to "The New Journey."
00:53 Today, we have with us Mr. Darin Logan
00:55 Thank you, Mr. Logan, for being on the program.
00:57 Yeah.
00:58 Just briefly, Mr. Logan, tell us where you are from,
01:01 and a little bit of your family background?
01:03 Well, I'm from Knoxville, Tennessee.
01:06 I grow up in Knoxville.
01:08 My father, mother, they were in a home
01:10 and I had five brothers and sisters.
01:13 Okay, now growing up you felt kind a like "Outcast"
01:16 or a "Black sheep".
01:18 Why do you think you had those feelings?
01:21 Well, because my brother seems to get most of the attention
01:25 I guess and also I would make bad grades.
01:29 Okay.
01:31 He would make the good grades.
01:32 He would always do the right things,
01:34 I would do the wrong things most of the time.
01:37 And I just felt just like an outcast, you know?
01:40 It's like I just can never do the right.
01:41 I never could do what I had to do
01:44 to please my father and mother.
01:46 Okay, okay.
01:47 Now, ninth grade is when you kind of started
01:50 drinking and smoking marijuana and things like that.
01:53 What do you think led to getting involved
01:55 in the drinking and the drugs at that point?
01:57 I think more of direction.
02:01 Okay.
02:02 I had a good father and mother
02:03 but I think the more the crowd I hung with,
02:07 the direction that I was going...
02:10 We went to church very little.
02:12 And that's basically it, basically it.
02:16 What was your religious background growing up?
02:18 Baptist.
02:20 Baptist. Okay.
02:21 And what impact...
02:22 your mother and your father eventually divorced?
02:25 What impact did that have on your life?
02:27 And do you think
02:28 on the choices that you made in life at a young age?
02:31 I would say that it didn't have any impact,
02:34 but probably deep inside it did though.
02:37 But I really don't think it had an impact
02:39 'cause my father was always there.
02:40 Okay. Whether they were...
02:42 Whether they were divorced or not
02:45 my father always would come around,
02:47 he would take us out.
02:48 I had a really good daddy, really good father.
02:50 Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
02:51 Now, at what age were you first incarcerated
02:54 and talk a little bit about that experience
02:56 in your first time incarcerated?
02:57 Okay.
02:59 Well, when I first got put in jail.
03:03 I got caught shooting the gun.
03:05 And the police was right there so I shot a street light out.
03:08 When I went to the jail for the first time,
03:10 I wasn't afraid at that time,
03:13 but as I've seen what was going on in there,
03:15 you know, the people and I was in there
03:17 with a couple of guys you know,
03:18 I didn't know the people and I was afraid
03:22 just very little, but my mother got me out pretty quick,
03:26 so I didn't stay there too long.
03:27 And how old were you at this point?
03:29 Eighteen. Okay, 18 years old.
03:31 Now, the marijuana and alcohol use
03:33 eventually moved to using crack and cocaine.
03:38 How did that come about?
03:41 Well, all my friends was doing it.
03:43 They were smoking marijuana.
03:45 And all my friends was doing it
03:47 and I just slowly transitioned into cocaine.
03:51 Okay.
03:53 It seems that it just got worst,
03:55 it just progressed.
03:57 I knew that's a gateway drug. Yeah.
03:59 I didn't know the law then,
04:00 so I didn't. Okay.
04:01 It just progressed, it got worse
04:03 and I just even went on to worse drugs.
04:07 Okay, now talk about the money that was wasted
04:11 because of course cocaine, marijuana, crack,
04:14 alcohol, none of it's free.
04:16 Oh, yeah.
04:17 None of it's free,
04:18 and talk about the large amounts of money
04:20 that has been wasted throughout your life
04:21 on these drugs.
04:23 I'd say I could have bought a house.
04:26 At least, maybe two houses.
04:28 Wow.
04:29 And I have spent,
04:31 like one time I spent like a 1000 dollars in two days.
04:34 I would steal,
04:36 I would go to the stores and steal,
04:37 I would do a lot of things.
04:39 I would snatch pocket books.
04:41 I have done it, a lot of things I have done it,
04:44 I really feel bad about it.
04:46 But I'm glad the Lord took me through that though
04:49 so He can bring me close to Him.
04:51 To me I think that's, as I look back on my life,
04:54 that was a better testimony for me.
04:57 And, and I spent man,
05:00 like I said, I spent 1000 in just two days, man.
05:04 And the gas money wasted.
05:06 Oh, yeah.
05:07 And I understand, you know, from my own
05:10 previous experiences before I came back
05:12 into the Seventh-day Adventist church.
05:14 I've spent lots of money on drugs
05:19 and you think back and you are like,
05:20 "Man, I could have bought a house."
05:22 You know, I could have bought something fancy.
05:24 But it was so much money
05:25 that was wasted on these things.
05:27 Oh, yeah.
05:28 But talk about how strong those addictions can be.
05:31 You know, some people, I guess, on outside looking in,
05:34 they may say, "Well, how could you,
05:35 you know, spend so much money on that?"
05:37 You know, you have a family, you have this to take care of.
05:39 How could you do that?
05:41 Talk about how strong those addictions sometimes are?
05:44 At that point I didn't know the Lord then so...
05:46 Okay.
05:47 At that point I didn't know why I will scream out to myself
05:51 and I'd say, "What is wrong with me?"
05:53 I can't believe that I'm doing my family this way,
05:55 I can't believe that I've spent the rent money again.
05:58 I can't believe that I've spent the car payment money again.
06:01 I just can't believe it.
06:02 And those things, man, it just...
06:07 the craving was just overwhelming.
06:09 That demonic power would just...
06:12 it's just overwhelming, craving, it's unreal.
06:16 Okay, it is, very much so.
06:17 And I didn't understand what was happening to me
06:18 Okay.
06:20 Now you informed me about
06:22 a roller coaster lifestyle, basically.
06:24 Right.
06:26 You'd have highs, you'd have lows,
06:28 now through out these highs and lows.
06:30 Why do you think it was so difficult for you to shake
06:33 those negative habits and give it up?
06:36 Because, you know, it's a up and down.
06:38 You know, one day it's good, next day it's bad,
06:40 one day it's good, next day it's bad.
06:41 Why do you think it was so difficult?
06:43 Well, at that time, I thought that I can kick it on my own.
06:45 I thought I could stop it by myself.
06:46 I went to rehab, back to rehab, back to rehab,
06:49 you know, and I thought
06:51 I could just kick those things on my own.
06:52 Like I said, I didn't know Christ then,
06:54 but He knew me.
06:55 Okay, okay. Praise the Lord.
06:57 So I really don't...
06:59 Like when I was saying it was a roller coaster ride,
07:02 that's just what it was,
07:03 but it was more of a downhill ride...
07:05 Okay. Than a uphill ride.
07:06 So roller coaster was going straight down.
07:07 Yes, sir.
07:09 Especially when the crack cocaine started.
07:11 When I started doing crack, it was just a downward spiral
07:15 that I just couldn't stop.
07:16 Okay.
07:18 And some people can agree with what I'm saying.
07:19 Oh, yeah. Some people can't.
07:21 They still went like,
07:22 "Why did you do your family that way?
07:24 Why did you keep spending the money?
07:25 Why did you that?
07:26 It was just overwhelming. It was so strong on me.
07:29 It is, it is.
07:30 Now the first time you were married,
07:34 drugs, well played a part in destroying that marriage.
07:37 Talk about that whole situation?
07:38 Well, I was married to a young lady,
07:42 but when I went...
07:43 when we moved to Atlanta, everything was going well.
07:45 Okay.
07:46 When I started, when I went back,
07:48 when I moved back to Knoxville,
07:49 I started just being with my cousins.
07:52 they were selling drugs.
07:54 Hanging out, they were married, I mean, I was married,
07:56 they weren't. They weren't married.
07:58 And I would stay out late, knowing I had a family at home.
08:03 I would even steal money out of my son's piggybank.
08:05 Wow.
08:07 I would just do all these things.
08:08 I would leave my children sometimes
08:11 at night by themselves
08:13 to go out and get drugs.
08:15 How old were the children at this point?
08:16 Oh, two.
08:17 My son Bryson he was two,
08:19 my daughter Oprah, she was just born.
08:22 Wow, wow. Yeah.
08:23 And you would leave them alone?
08:24 Yes, sometimes I would.
08:26 And that very much testifies
08:27 to how strong of a pull these drugs can have on you.
08:30 You know, because when we are in our right minds,
08:32 we never think to leave a two-year-old by themselves.
08:34 Oh, yes.
08:35 Or, you know, a new born by themselves.
08:37 Anything could happen. Right.
08:39 But that just goes to show how strong the addiction can be
08:42 and how it can drive every aspect of your life.
08:47 Now you mentioned a second ago
08:48 that you had been in rehab repeatedly and repeatedly.
08:51 Right.
08:52 Talk about those experiences in rehab?
08:54 Well, when I went to rehab, I usually would...
08:57 When I go...
08:59 at the first time I went to rehab,
09:00 I didn't do it for myself.
09:02 I did it for my job.
09:03 To save my job, I had a job working in a bus company
09:07 and I would have to drive the buses every now and then
09:10 and I went to rehab just to save my job.
09:15 I went to just to get fed sometimes,
09:17 sometimes I went for my family members
09:19 'cause they kept telling me to go.
09:21 I never really would go for myself.
09:23 At first I couldn't see my drug problem.
09:28 I suppose I went to rehab and I didn't.
09:29 I told people, "Okay, I'm going to rehab,"
09:31 but I end up getting high that day.
09:33 When I got back to work,
09:35 I end up running somebody over.
09:37 Wow.
09:38 And I ended up crushing their legs.
09:39 And all the hard night.
09:41 You know, they also had to have a surgery.
09:43 And all those things I don't want to get
09:44 too graphic into it.
09:45 Okay, okay.
09:47 Now why is it that you didn't think
09:48 that you had drug problem?
09:50 For those who are on the outside looking in
09:52 they say, "Well, you have a very serious drug problem."
09:56 But why is that you yourself
09:58 didn't think you had a drug problem?
10:00 I think because that the enemy had blinded me.
10:02 Okay.
10:03 The enemy,
10:05 he is something else, I'm telling you.
10:06 Oh, yeah, oh, yeah.
10:07 I think he had blinded me to where he will say,
10:09 "Oh, it's okay."
10:10 You know, it's a certain part in the Bible
10:12 in Proverbs where it says,
10:13 "You hit me, but I didn't feel it."
10:15 You know what I'm saying?
10:16 So you know, it's a,
10:18 he knock me down, he beat me up.
10:20 I got the scars on my face.
10:22 I still have my nose that's broken right here now.
10:25 And so, I have all those physical things wrong
10:29 but guess what?
10:30 I couldn't see it. Okay.
10:31 You know, I'm like "I'm okay, I'm okay.
10:33 I'll be all right. I'll get another job.
10:34 I'll get another car too."
10:35 I'll get another family or I don't need her.
10:39 You know, just the way it was.
10:40 Okay.
10:41 Now you informed me in sharing your testimony with me
10:45 that you wanted God at one point in your life,
10:48 you wanted God.
10:49 You had the tools, you know, to come closer to God.
10:53 Right.
10:54 But you never applied those tools.
10:56 Right. Why not?
10:59 I guess it's just like...
11:00 when I was in rehab they say,
11:01 well, you have the tools to do it,
11:03 you got the AA meetings, the good book, the AA book,
11:06 you have all these things, but if you don't apply.
11:09 It's not gonna work.
11:10 So I had the Lord in my life, I went to prayer meeting.
11:13 I had a Bible and my wife and I prayed all the time.
11:17 We had a lot of things going on,
11:18 I was deacon in the church. Okay.
11:20 But I still didn't apply what I've read,
11:23 what I've studied, to my life.
11:25 I would tell other people what they needed here.
11:28 I would give a good sermon. Okay.
11:29 You know, I could preach a good word.
11:31 But when it comes to me applying it to my life,
11:33 I didn't do it.
11:34 Okay, so, you know, it does make a big difference
11:37 when you are just going to church,
11:39 going to prayer meeting and all these things.
11:41 But you're not actually internalizing these things.
11:43 Right.
11:45 And do you find that it's the same way for others that,
11:48 you know, they're just going to church.
11:50 They're going to prayer meeting.
11:52 They're doing things because maybe somebody else
11:54 wanted them to or they went to rehab
11:55 because somebody else went too.
11:57 But until they start
11:58 to apply those principles to their lives,
12:01 there won't be a difference.
12:02 What do you think about that?
12:04 That's exactly right.
12:05 I totally agree with that
12:07 because we can all look good on the outside.
12:09 Yeah, exactly, it's easy to polish yourself
12:11 and you know dresses right
12:13 and things like that, but internally be messed up.
12:15 Right.
12:16 That's why I love the word
12:17 'cause it's so real 'cause it says,
12:19 "You take on the form of godliness.
12:20 Yeah, but denying the power thereof.
12:21 That's right.
12:23 Oh yeah, definitely, definitely.
12:24 I agree with that.
12:26 And that's a real thing to...
12:27 I think that we all not just to myself and other people
12:29 but everyone needs to do the same thing,
12:32 is to apply these scriptures to our life.
12:36 Because if we don't it's not gonna work.
12:39 Indeed, indeed. We can look good.
12:41 Yes. But it won't work.
12:42 Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. You're right about that.
12:44 Now many people have the notion that,
12:46 you know, I'll use drugs or whatever.
12:48 And that they can stop at anytime.
12:50 Did you ever say to yourself,
12:52 "Well, you know, I can put it down
12:53 any time I want"
12:55 What was that like in your life?
12:58 Yeah, I really thought I could...
13:01 When you said that,
13:03 I really thought I could stop on my own.
13:04 I used to say, "I don't need rehab,
13:06 I don't need anything.
13:08 I can do this by myself."
13:10 I would say that all the time. Okay.
13:13 Especially when I didn't know God,
13:15 when I didn't know Christ.
13:17 My life was a mess.
13:19 It was really a mess.
13:20 And I really thought I can do these things on my own,
13:23 so when I finally went to rehab,
13:25 I said, "Well, I got it now."
13:26 I went to rehab, I went to 30-day program.
13:28 I'm in there. Okay.
13:29 You know, but I didn't ever apply anything.
13:31 I didn't go back to no meetings,
13:32 I didn't read the book, I didn't do anything.
13:34 Yeah, just showing up.
13:36 Right, I can show up.
13:37 Okay.
13:38 On time.
13:40 Oh, yeah.
13:42 What have you seen in other people's lives
13:45 that has caused them
13:46 to continue to repeat the same things?
13:49 They've gone to the AAA meetings
13:50 to twelve-step program.
13:52 They've gone to all these things,
13:53 but yet still
13:55 they seem to repeat the same things over and over.
13:58 What do you think is missing?
14:00 Well, for me I know that God was missing out of it.
14:03 Okay.
14:05 I needed the Lord, I know I needed God.
14:07 Okay.
14:08 But until I got him in my life is
14:10 when my whole life starts changing.
14:12 Okay. Until I screamed out one day.
14:14 I got on my knees and I still remember to this day,
14:17 I said "God, please Lord, I need You, I need Your help."
14:20 Yeah. "Please tell me what to do?"
14:23 And I didn't even know Him, but He knew me,
14:25 so He had put it on my heart and my mind to go here
14:28 and to just try something new.
14:31 Okay.
14:33 You know, so that's when I went to rehab one more time,
14:34 and then He led me to Nashville,
14:37 and I got a whole story on that.
14:39 But I don't want to waste your time with it.
14:41 Oh, you all right.
14:43 Now what were some of the drugs that you were involved in.
14:47 We mentioned marijuana, alcohol,
14:50 the crack and the cocaine.
14:52 What were some of the other things
14:53 that you have used
14:54 and also what are some of the effects
14:57 that you have seen them on your mind,
14:58 on your body, things along those lines?
15:01 Well, as far as...
15:02 That was basically it. Okay.
15:05 The cocaine, alcohol, and the crack.
15:07 Cocaine and crack is totally different.
15:09 Yeah. Oh, yeah definitely.
15:10 That's when you really stepped it to the big league.
15:13 The reason I say that is
15:14 because the damage and effect it have on your family,
15:18 your job, your body, my body...
15:22 sometimes I can't believe
15:23 I hadn't had a heart attack right now
15:25 because of all the drugs I've done.
15:27 And I say guess what, Lord if you want to let me have one
15:30 that's fine because that's the consequence of my action.
15:32 Yeah, okay.
15:34 And I don't, I don't...
15:36 Whatever his consequences are, I am not gonna,
15:39 I am not gonna step in the way of it.
15:41 I don't care what it is because,
15:42 I am trying to live for Him now...
15:45 Definitely. I am not living for me.
15:46 So it caused so much damage and affected my body,
15:50 being out there on the street,
15:51 I've gotten hit over the head with guns,
15:52 I've slept upon the bridges, I've have done it all.
15:55 I've robbed people, I've got robbed, like I said, my nose...
16:00 I got my nose broken.
16:01 Still I hadn't got it fixed yet so... Okay.
16:06 It can cause a toll on your body.
16:07 You're right about that.
16:08 Now you mentioned, the difference between,
16:11 there is a difference between cocaine and crack.
16:15 Now, I know what the difference is,
16:17 but for the viewers
16:18 that don't know what the difference is
16:20 can you explain, expound a little bit upon that?
16:22 Where cocaine is just basically the powder form
16:26 you know, this snorting up in the nose and so forth,
16:29 the rock cocaine, the crack cocaine is
16:32 when you cook it up in a rock form...
16:35 Okay.
16:36 And that's one is the purest... Okay.
16:38 So and that right there where you smoke it.
16:41 And that could cause brain damage,
16:44 you know some people they,
16:45 that's like even when you do the drug it self,
16:47 people slur the mouth.
16:49 turning all these slobber sometimes
16:51 or, you know they...
16:55 but sometimes, that right there
16:57 could damage them permanently.
16:59 'Cause what it is, it causes
17:00 a temporary stroke in the brain,
17:02 and also they said they kind of bores holes in a person's brain
17:07 and stuff like that,
17:08 so that's lot of stuff I learned in rehab.
17:11 I have learned a lot on rehab. Okay, okay.
17:14 Now you have done both of the drugs
17:17 the powder form and the rock form,
17:20 the high effect,
17:21 what's the difference in the high effect?
17:23 Well, the powder form is just, just had me hyper
17:27 running back and forth, I can talk good,
17:29 I can act good, people would never notice,
17:31 They said, man, that guy is just hyper,
17:33 he's just running back and forth...
17:34 And I can testify, I used to snort cocaine also.
17:37 I hear you...
17:38 But I would just, I'm running back and forth,
17:39 I could maintain a job,
17:41 I still kept a little money in my pocket.
17:43 Okay.
17:44 But the crack cocaine when you do that,
17:47 that's you can't, I can't talk...
17:50 It's like a different world...
17:52 I don't want to be around any one.
17:53 I want to be in recluse, I am, you know, just crazy.
18:00 You don't care about anything or anybody except that.
18:03 Yeah, okay.
18:05 Now you eventually got a divorce from your first wife,
18:08 and then you married the wife that you have now, Lisa.
18:12 Talk about the experience,
18:15 how you met but then also the incident that happen,
18:19 that eventually got you incarcerated again?
18:21 Well, when I first met Lisa,
18:24 I started going to a Seventh-day Adventist Church,
18:29 at south Nashville, in Nashville.
18:32 And, I didn't know anything about Sabbath,
18:36 so until I started keeping the Sabbath
18:38 and every thing started working out good,
18:40 you know my whole mindset start changing.
18:43 I am talking about, everything start changing my life,
18:45 once I started keeping the Sabbath,
18:47 So when it started changing,
18:51 I knew, this is what I need to do,
18:52 so as I am not steady,
18:56 I was still struggling with the drugs and alcohol,
18:58 let me remind you.
18:59 So we have been together like seven years,
19:02 at best six years we have been together,
19:04 and she was dealing with alfa known drugs,
19:07 keeping the car out, spending off the money,
19:11 can't keep her job, all these things.
19:13 So it was one day, what happened,
19:17 what the incident was, was that,
19:19 her and I, she had went to work one day.
19:23 And I came home with a girl in a car,
19:26 and our daughter Lea, she has seen the girl in a car.
19:30 So then, late on that night I left,
19:33 late on that night, I came back home,
19:35 and I was by my self.
19:36 So when I knocked on the door, I said Lisa can I come in?
19:40 She said, no you can't come in.
19:41 I said why not, she said, just go back to where you came.
19:43 Like this, so I go back and go get in the car,
19:46 and she comes outside
19:47 and she sprayed pepper spray in my eyes.
19:49 And I had the door open
19:51 as I am trying to hurry up and leave,
19:53 you know she tells her daughter Lea to call the police.
19:56 So she calls the police and so I am trying to hurry up
19:59 and start the car back up, she telling me not to leave,
20:01 while she still spraying pepper spray in my eyes.
20:04 So as I am backing up,
20:06 I ended up running over her and Lea,
20:08 both of them just drag them pulling out in a street,
20:11 I didn't know I did that, you know because I would,
20:13 you know like as I'm on drugs and alcohol,
20:15 and she sprayed pepper spray in my eye.
20:18 And so police, they got behind me,
20:21 they start following me,
20:23 and when I pull back up to the house,
20:25 they follow me so I just went back to the house.
20:28 Not in my right mind, remind you, I'm on drugs...
20:31 Oh, yeah, I understand fully.
20:33 So I ride back up the house
20:35 and when I pull up. I see them lying in a street.
20:38 And I when I get up and I look up,
20:39 I'm trying to straight my eyes, the police hollering at me,
20:42 and the sirens going
20:43 and they're telling me to get down,
20:45 get down on the ground.
20:46 So I just turned at them and started screaming at them,
20:48 walking towards them and they chased me.
20:50 And I fall to the ground and burst my head
20:54 and I really looked at Lea and Lisa
20:57 they have scrapes all over their body.
20:59 You know and...
21:01 Now you ran them completely over?
21:04 I'm really not even sure. Okay.
21:06 but they said I did, they said I ran over once
21:08 and backed up over her,
21:10 if I did that, I can hardly remember.
21:12 Yeah, you know, that's interesting
21:14 that you would say that you can't remember,
21:17 because I've had people tell me when I was on drugs
21:19 and drinking, and things like that,
21:21 that I did certain things to them
21:22 or said certain things
21:23 and I have no recollection of it.
21:25 You know, it's kind of like, it's a period where
21:27 I just blacked out
21:28 and I don't, didn't realize, I said that,
21:31 and people have held grudges against me,
21:34 because of things I have done,
21:35 and I honestly, I don't remember.
21:38 I apologies if I did, I don't remember.
21:42 That's really a testament
21:43 of what drugs would do to your mind.
21:45 It really will mesh your mind up.
21:47 That's also- becoming now,
21:49 but also one of my family members,
21:53 I think they still hold grudge against me now,
21:55 because they said when I was doing the drugs
21:57 I had did some things,
22:00 say it something to them or test them in certain way
22:03 that they felt uncomfortable,
22:05 and so even today, I've wrote them a letter,
22:10 I've said, I was sorry,
22:12 but they still kind of hold on to that, so...
22:16 It does happen sometimes.
22:18 Now, after the incident
22:19 with running over your wife and daughter,
22:24 you were incarcerated
22:25 and you were incarcerated for five months
22:28 and you ended up screaming out to God for help,
22:30 talk about whole experience?
22:32 After that happen, you know, the Bible where it says,
22:38 "And then he came to himself" the Prodigal Son...
22:40 Yeah, the Prodigal Son, yeah.
22:42 So when I came to myself, I was locked up
22:45 and I was like, really how did I get here
22:47 you know, and I physically had to look down at my feet,
22:50 and I look down like what is going on
22:53 and look down at my feet,
22:54 I'm like, man, I'm back in jail again
22:57 for the tenth time.
22:59 So I was, I just couldn't believe it
23:02 so I would cry almost every night for about a week,
23:06 I cried and I say, Lord,
23:08 please I can't believe this is happening,
23:10 you know I'm thinking about my wife and daughter,
23:13 I can't believe that I will never be back with them again,
23:16 you know, so about a week later,
23:19 I mean, I had to get on antidepressants,
23:21 I had to get stuff to make me sleep,
23:23 so I ended up getting up to my knees one night,
23:26 I said, Lord, I say, Lord I promise You,
23:29 I made promises and vows to God that I never made,
23:32 I told the Lord that I promise him
23:34 that I will never latter about money,
23:36 I will never watch porn over again,
23:40 I will never do drugs and alcohol again never,
23:45 those are full promises that I will never do again
23:48 and I haven't broke them.
23:50 Okay, praise the Lord, Praise God.
23:51 Praise God.
23:52 Now talks about, you were charged with attempted murder,
23:55 two counts of it, talk about that situation
23:57 as well as, what it got reduced to?
23:59 Okay, they charged me with that after I ran Lisa and Lea over.
24:04 We're talking about two counts of attempted,
24:06 attempt to murder.
24:07 And what happen was,
24:09 when I had went to jail
24:11 when I ask them my charges I couldn't believe it,
24:14 when they told me that was my charge,
24:15 I was like, it stunned me so much
24:17 that I actually, I literally, you like that,
24:20 So then a couple of days later,
24:25 I got my motion of discovery,
24:28 and when I got there,
24:30 it said two accounts of aggravated assault,
24:32 what it is, first they charged me with just two counts of
24:35 aggravated domestic assault and fleeing with the vehicle.
24:40 They charged me with those three,
24:42 but then, when I finally seen the judge
24:46 they had added like seven other charges on there.
24:50 So I just prayed and they also added child abuse
24:53 on my charges for Lea.
24:56 Wow. Yeah, go ahead.
24:58 Now after this situation, you eventually got out,
25:01 you did five months on it, you got out,
25:04 praise the Lord
25:05 and you got involved
25:07 in a 2nd Chance ministry Halfway House.
25:09 What was the difference this time
25:11 in the Halfway House versus the other times
25:13 you had been to places similar to this?
25:16 Well, this time it was,
25:18 what it is we try not to call that a Halfway House,
25:22 that place is run by Carl Marable.
25:25 He is a very, he is very, very, strong
25:27 he has been through some similar incidents also.
25:30 And what it is we call that...
25:36 He don't, we didn't really called it rehab,
25:39 but it's like a halfway house, still a rehab.
25:41 The thing about it is the rehab center...
25:44 What the difference was the rehab was that
25:45 they tell twelve-step AA and NA,
25:50 but at this place, you study and read the Bible,
25:52 you had test on the Bible,
25:54 you did Bible studies every night,
25:57 you go to church constantly,
25:59 you constantly input God in you,
26:01 instead of AA and NA.
26:02 Okay, okay, now after that,
26:06 after being in there, you changed your life,
26:09 you are pretty much done with every thing.
26:12 What have you seen, in about 30 seconds,
26:14 what have you seen has been the difference
26:16 now versus before?
26:18 In my life? Yes, sir.
26:20 Is that my wife and I is getting along better.
26:24 She can trust me.
26:26 I can trust myself.
26:28 I can keep a job.
26:33 That's about it. Okay.
26:35 You know, and it is a big difference
26:37 when we give our life to Jesus.
26:39 We start to see this change.
26:40 And it's not just one area of our lives.
26:42 It's in all aspects of our lives.
26:44 Now I want you to talk to the viewers,
26:46 I want you to look into the camera
26:47 and talk to the viewers real briefly,
26:48 about what you have seen in your life,
26:52 and what they need to do
26:54 to prevent from going down that same road.
26:56 Okay.
26:57 Well, if I was to speak anyone out there,
27:01 I would just say
27:02 just try your best to do the right thing.
27:05 Stop hanging around the wrong crowd.
27:07 Don't hang around the wrong crowd,
27:10 start reading your word more,
27:12 listen to your parents, if they're still alive.
27:17 That's just basically it.
27:18 Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
27:20 And it makes a big difference listening to the parents
27:23 if they are in the home, doing what's right,
27:26 you know, and it's so hard in today's society.
27:29 But that's the best encouragement,
27:31 best advice that you could give
27:33 is for them to stay rooted and grounded,
27:36 and what they know is right.
27:39 Thank you so much, thank you so much, Mr. Logan,
27:42 for being on the program.
27:44 Sorry that we ran out of time
27:45 for your amazing testimony but God is good.
27:48 Viewers, we'd like to thank you for tuning in
27:51 to this exciting program of The New Journey.
27:54 Please be sure to tune in next time
27:55 for another exciting episode of The New Journey.
27:58 Until then be blessed.


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