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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:09 Today, we'll meet a young woman
00:10 who has been through the trials of life,
00:13 but now actively serves Jesus.
00:15 Find out how on today's
00:16 exciting episode of The New journey.
00:53 Welcome back to The New Journey.
00:54 On today's program, we have with us Amanda Scott.
00:57 Amanda, welcome to the program.
00:58 Thank you for having me.
01:00 Okay.
01:01 So those that don't know,
01:03 where are you from, how old are you,
01:04 and give us a little family history information.
01:07 Well, I am from Huntsville, Alabama.
01:09 Okay.
01:11 I am 37 years old, and I am the oldest of 3 siblings.
01:15 I have two other sisters, and no brother, so...
01:17 Okay.
01:18 What was your early childhood like growing up in Huntsville,
01:21 Alabama?
01:22 Well, truthfully to be honest,
01:24 it was like a walking nightmare.
01:26 Okay. Okay.
01:27 And I endured a lot of things
01:30 that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
01:33 You know, but due to the life I had to live,
01:36 it's just how it was, so...
01:38 Okay.
01:39 Now as a young child you had informed me
01:41 before that you are abused by your stepfather,
01:44 give us a little information about that.
01:47 Well, he was,
01:51 I don't know how to say it
01:53 but, you know, how you are,
01:55 I mean, you know you're not sibling of a sibling.
01:57 Okay. You know what I'm saying?
01:59 That's how I was treated,
02:00 and due to the history behind it,
02:03 you know, which I am still learning to this day.
02:05 Okay.
02:07 Plays a big part in it, you know.
02:10 I don't know, it just seemed like there's
02:11 some type of vengeance towards me or something.
02:13 And I remember him telling me a long time ago that the reason
02:17 why he treated me the way he treated me
02:19 because I remind him of my father.
02:20 Well.
02:22 But I lost my father when he was 27,
02:24 I was almost 2, you know.
02:26 So I never got a chance to know who he really was.
02:28 But due to the stories that I heard,
02:30 he was a great man.
02:31 Okay.
02:33 Now what was it like
02:34 growing up without your biological father in your life,
02:37 how did that make you feel?
02:38 Empty. Okay.
02:40 Because I never knew
02:42 how would it feel to be loved by your own father.
02:46 Yeah. You know what I'm saying?
02:47 So I looked at it as, you know,
02:50 when God called my father's name,
02:52 he just replaced himself with my father.
02:55 Praise the Lord, praise the Lord.
02:56 Now at the age of 14, you were raped.
02:59 Yes, I was.
03:01 Give a little information about that,
03:02 and what went on with you emotionally
03:04 as a result of the rape?
03:07 Actually, when I was young and in high school,
03:11 just getting started, I thought I had friends
03:14 that I could trust and I didn't.
03:16 You know, when at school, they'll let you go,
03:19 get you something to eat
03:21 but I tell they want to put you in a whole another place.
03:23 Okay. You know what I'm saying?
03:24 And due to the contrary of what happened,
03:28 you know what I'm saying, that's what it led into.
03:31 You know, so it was horrific.
03:33 Okay.
03:35 And I felt like I was lost, you know what I'm saying,
03:38 like okay, this is not happening to me,
03:40 but actually in turn it did.
03:42 You know what I'm saying?
03:43 So I happen to be there with those type of people
03:47 because it wasn't just one person.
03:49 Okay. You know what I'm saying?
03:50 It was more than one person.
03:51 Now did you know the people? No.
03:53 Or do you know some of them?
03:54 No, I didn't know them at all. Okay.
03:55 They just taught at high school. Okay.
03:57 Now as a result of that, your oldest son was born.
04:01 Have you two ever sat down and talked about the incident?
04:05 And how does he handle it even to this day
04:08 if you have talked about?
04:09 Well, when he was 13, I have prayed about it
04:13 'cause I really wanted him to know how he got here.
04:15 Okay.
04:16 And, but I wanted him to know the meaning of why he is here,
04:19 you know.
04:20 And so when he was 13, I sat him down,
04:22 I told him, you know what I'm saying,
04:24 you know, 'cause he was always asking about his father,
04:26 and I used to always tell him,
04:27 "Well, God's your father, babe," you know.
04:29 And when I told him about what happened,
04:32 you know, he tore my house up.
04:33 I let him do it.
04:34 He was angry, he was mad, he was upset.
04:36 And I told him, I said,
04:37 "You have every right to be upset."
04:39 You know.
04:40 And he told me that he was more angry
04:41 at what they did to me versus how he got here.
04:45 Okay.
04:46 I said, "Well, son, you know, the way, look it at like this,
04:50 you know, I was 14 years old,
04:52 and my mother bought a pill for me to take for my..."
04:56 For the pregnancy. You know.
04:58 Right, to go ahead and abort it,
05:00 but I kept hearing God say, "No, don't do it."
05:02 You know what I'm saying?
05:03 And this at the age of 14, you know.
05:05 And so I told to my son, I said,
05:07 "You know if God is telling me
05:08 not to do this at the age of 14,
05:09 son, you are supposed to be in here."
05:11 Yeah, exactly.
05:12 Despite, however u got here,
05:13 you know, due to the things
05:15 that were going in my household,
05:16 just like I told him, "You saved my life."
05:18 Which he did, you know what I'm saying?
05:20 We have a bond that is never been broken,
05:24 ever, you know what I am saying?
05:25 And I'm so proud of him because now he is 22.
05:27 Okay.
05:28 He's graduated from high school.
05:30 Praise the lord. You know what I'm saying?
05:31 He's getting ready to go college now.
05:32 Okay.
05:34 And he's just a great young man,
05:35 and he's handsome,
05:37 and that's just my baby, you know what I'm saying?
05:38 That's great.
05:39 You know, and it's a joy that,
05:41 you know, he could have taken another route.
05:43 You mentioned that he's in college now,
05:45 graduated at high school.
05:47 And I am sure it could have been easy for him to say,
05:49 "Well, this and this happened."
05:50 So it's this built-up anger within him.
05:52 Yes.
05:53 And took a whole different lifestyle.
05:55 Yeah.
05:56 But it's blessing that he didn't, and he's,
05:58 you know, in school and things like that.
06:01 Talk a little bit about your mother.
06:02 Growing up with your mother,
06:04 her background, and things like that.
06:06 How was that?
06:07 Well, my mom was, she was a hardworking woman.
06:09 Okay.
06:10 And she worked all the days of her life.
06:13 And she wore hard on her sleeve.
06:15 You know what I'm saying?
06:17 And due to the marriages that she was in,
06:21 I see the advantage that was taken over,
06:23 you know what I'm saying?
06:24 And how vulnerable she was,
06:26 so due to her being strung-out in drugs and stuff,
06:29 it never turned me against her, maybe I love her even more
06:31 because I knew who my mother was on the inside,
06:34 you know, so...
06:35 You know, she had a lot of struggles
06:37 that she had to go through
06:38 but through God's help and prayer,
06:40 you know what I'm saying,
06:41 she overcame all of those things
06:43 of being in a marriage for 20 years,
06:45 been abused for almost that along,
06:47 you know what I'm saying.
06:49 Just having to endure the life that she had endure, you know,
06:54 it was really hard on her, but she's a strong women.
06:57 Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, oh, yeah.
06:58 Did you, as a young child, did you look up to your mother?
07:01 Actually, I looked up to God for her.
07:04 Okay.
07:05 Because she wasn't able to be the mother
07:08 that she could have been for us due to the things
07:09 she was going through herself.
07:11 Okay.
07:12 And so that's what helped me to understand her as a mother,
07:16 you know what I'm saying?
07:18 And until this day, I still don't fodder for,
07:20 you know, because I've seen the reason
07:22 why she couldn't, you know what I am saying.
07:26 But to me she taught me
07:28 the inner strength instead of outer strength.
07:29 Okay.
07:30 Now being that your mother was in various things,
07:33 how do you think that affected you for negative
07:36 or positive throughout your life?
07:38 It affected me on the negative side
07:42 to where that people were saying,
07:44 "You're gonna be just like your mom,
07:46 you're gonna be, you're never gonna be nothing,"
07:47 you know what I'm saying?
07:49 In my eyes, my mother was like, she's like Super Women,
07:52 but better little bit.
07:54 You know what I'm saying?
07:55 You know, I always looked them like,
07:57 you know what, no I'm not,
07:58 but I hope I have strength,
08:00 you know what I'm saying?
08:01 I hope I have her love
08:03 as she as on her sleeve and I did.
08:04 You know, so I looked up to her
08:07 on the positive aspect of that note, you know.
08:08 Okay.
08:09 Now how did you deal with,
08:11 'cause many young people
08:12 deal with the fact of somebody telling,
08:14 "You ain't gonna be nothing,
08:15 you ain't gonna succeed in life," and for some,
08:18 they accept that, they believed that,
08:20 because it becomes engrained in them.
08:23 But how did that affect your life
08:25 when someone or many people
08:27 whoever said that you're never gonna be anything,
08:29 you're gonna be like your mother.
08:31 How did that affect you
08:33 when people did say those words?
08:34 That was cruel. Okay.
08:36 It was heartbreaking
08:39 because I already knew what the situation was,
08:42 I already knew the reason
08:43 why they were treating me like they were treating me.
08:44 I already knew the reason why anything ever went on,
08:47 but to me I looked them like, "Okay, you are lie."
08:50 You know what I'm saying?
08:51 The devil is a lie,
08:52 you're not gonna to speak to somebody me this way.
08:54 You know, and for me to understand it,
08:57 I had to understand, "Okay, God,
08:59 I'm going through this for a reason."
09:00 Okay.
09:01 "I need you to tell me what the reason is,
09:03 and I got to be your child
09:05 if you want me to be treated me like this."
09:06 You know what I'm saying?
09:08 So I turned to God more than I did anything.
09:09 You know what I'm saying?
09:11 Even as a child, and not knowing that,
09:13 you know, that's what was going on.
09:15 But when he brought me back to it,
09:17 he reminded me he was calling on me every time, you know?
09:20 Okay.
09:22 Now for the other siblings in your household,
09:24 for your siblings in the household,
09:26 how did they process all of this information?
09:29 And how do they process it even today?
09:32 They never actually went through what I went through.
09:35 I thank God for that but due to the history,
09:40 you know, they had a lot of things put in their head.
09:42 You know what I'm saying?
09:43 I wish that me and my sisters relationship
09:45 was tremendously better than what it is,
09:47 but those are my sisters, I love them death.
09:49 You know what I'm saying,
09:51 but due to the things that said to them,
09:55 you know, really, really just put a damper
09:58 in our relationship,
09:59 but to me,
10:00 it was just like I really didn't know the reason why,
10:02 so it just made me a big sister even harder for them.
10:05 Yeah. Okay, praise the Lord.
10:07 Now you eventually withdrew from school.
10:09 What age did you withdraw from school?
10:12 And why did you withdraw?
10:13 Actually, what happened was
10:15 due to that something was going on my home
10:17 my teachers and everybody knew what was going on at home.
10:21 And they tried their best to help me,
10:22 and I thank God for all of them.
10:24 But there just wasn't anything that they could do.
10:26 And my principal,
10:28 who was the principle at the high school
10:29 I went to, had called me to the office.
10:33 And he was crying, I thought I was in trouble,
10:35 he was like, "Well, you know, I never did this before,
10:40 but God has put it on me,
10:42 on my heart to withdraw you from school
10:44 because you need to take care of your kids."
10:47 You know what I'm saying?
10:48 "And I feel like that once you go home,
10:52 and you take care of them,
10:53 that they're gonna turn on just fine,
10:55 you know, and this is what I need you to do.
10:58 And so I know you hit on me son,
11:00 and I know you want to get you education,
11:01 and I know you want to be something and believe me,
11:04 we all know this, but you can't do it in here,
11:07 you're gonna have to go home and take care of your kids."
11:09 Okay.
11:10 Now what age was that when that happened?
11:13 I was 17. Seventeen years old.
11:15 Okay, what part, let's backup a little bit.
11:17 What part of Huntsville are you from?
11:20 Actually, from all over,
11:22 originally from the Northford area.
11:25 Okay.
11:26 And just really I was from all over really.
11:29 Okay, now I am familiar
11:30 with some of the names the Northwood area,
11:32 Butler Harris, Patton Home some of this various areas,
11:34 what is it like growing up in those particular areas?
11:39 Actually, all of them have different worlds in them.
11:41 You know what I'm saying?
11:43 Which you probably know, you know.
11:44 But this is just different worlds.
11:49 I didn't really have too many friends,
11:51 but I knew a lot of people.
11:52 I was like the one that always got picked on
11:54 'cause I didn't have better clothes,
11:55 I didn't have this and the other.
11:57 You know what I'm saying?
11:58 And so due to everybody knowing what's going on at my house,
12:02 you know what I am saying, that really made it worse.
12:04 But other than that, you know,
12:06 they were good people out there too as well.
12:07 Okay.
12:09 How did you deal with being picked one at young age?
12:12 You know the sad thing is that that happens constantly.
12:16 Kids get around, they want to joke one on each other about
12:18 what you have and what you don't have.
12:21 And, you know, you hear so many stories
12:23 with people that commit suicide
12:25 because of the fact that they were bullied
12:27 or because they were picked on consistently
12:29 about not having the finer clothes
12:31 and things like that.
12:32 But how did you process that?
12:34 I processed it as, you know, I must.
12:38 There must be something about me
12:40 for you to do which you do.
12:41 You know what I'm saying?
12:43 But in my eyes, no matter,
12:45 if as long as I am not doing it.
12:46 Yeah. I am fine. You know what I'm saying?
12:47 But it helped me to not to be a materliastic person.
12:50 So even though I didn't have it,
12:52 you know what I'm saying, I appreciated what I had.
12:54 You know, even more, you know, and so it was like, it was hard
13:01 because they know what you do in the situation,
13:04 they know what's going on, they know this,
13:06 but it just wasn't never,
13:08 they would never have me to,
13:09 to try in my life or you think like that.
13:11 Praise the Lord.
13:12 Because I couldn't see it, I couldn't see it.
13:14 Okay.
13:15 Now eventually you are emancipated
13:17 from your mother.
13:18 First of all, what is it mean to be
13:20 emancipated from a family member
13:23 and then what was the emotional effect
13:25 upon your life based on that situation?
13:29 It was very tremendous
13:32 and being emancipated means
13:34 you getting divorce from your parents.
13:35 Wow. You know what I am saying?
13:38 It actually classified me as an adult in early age
13:41 and all this happened at the age of 17.
13:42 Wow.
13:44 And so, there are as you know,
13:46 okay, you're gonna have to take care of yourself.
13:48 It even got to the point to where they were trying to,
13:51 I had sit in front of like 30 women,
13:53 just to see if one of them
13:55 was going to adopt into their family
13:58 so I can take care of my family.
14:00 And I told to my lawyer, I said I can't do this.
14:03 Yeah.
14:04 Just let me do it on my own, you know what I'm saying?
14:06 And I promise you, I make sure
14:09 that I want you to take care of,
14:10 you know what I'm saying, so I want to get my own place
14:12 which was against the law but at the age of 17.
14:15 But due to the law
14:18 classifies me an adult at that time,
14:20 it all worked out.
14:21 Okay.
14:22 Now at 17 years old also you are charged
14:24 with the first-degree assault/manslaughter.
14:28 Yes.
14:30 What caused that,
14:31 what led up to that being charged with that crime?
14:34 Actually, how would it led up to
14:37 was that a family member of mine,
14:41 I love her death, was getting something done to her.
14:45 And the person that was there with us was picking on her.
14:51 And he kept making jokes, and I kept telling him,
14:53 "Look, you have to be quiet,
14:55 and I have my son lying up in lap.
14:57 And so she was really angry at him
15:01 but I am the one that caught the lash of it,
15:02 you know what I'm saying?
15:04 So it was like in a rock and hard place,
15:06 it's I'm like riding between both of them,
15:07 you know what I'm saying?
15:08 And so she pretty much just about to hit me,
15:10 you know what I'm saying?
15:12 And somehow she hit me so hard
15:13 so that the last was
15:14 when she hit she came about like this much
15:17 from hitting my son in his face.
15:18 Wow!
15:19 And I've just snapped, you know what I am saying.
15:21 And I got up and we went fighting.
15:23 And due to the fight, it was so excruciating
15:27 that I could have actually killed her,
15:28 you know what I'm saying?
15:30 Just from fighting, no weapons, no nothing.
15:31 Okay.
15:32 But how, this is how I end up with the charge
15:34 is from someone else's,
15:36 you know what I am saying, actions.
15:39 But they had, I'm in front of the judge he,
15:42 they certified me, he gave me 15 years.
15:45 He said, okay.
15:47 I'll tell you what...
15:48 'Cause he already had my case in front of me anyway.
15:50 Just so everything that's what's going on,
15:52 and so he told me, he said,
15:54 "Well, either this is gonna help you
15:55 or it's gonna hurt you.
15:57 And you need to make sure that no more fights,
16:00 you know what I'm saying?
16:01 And I feel like this is gonna help you
16:03 because what you going through."
16:05 And so he told me if I get into any trouble,
16:08 no matter when, you know,
16:10 I will be looking at 15 years to life.
16:12 You know what I'm saying?
16:14 So no matter if I did 5 years
16:15 no matter, I give up the fighting,
16:17 I'm gonna have to do the same 5 years plus the 15,
16:19 and they are gonna tell me how much lot more
16:20 you know what I'm saying, behind that.
16:22 Because of that extent of what happened in the fight,
16:26 you know, but until this day,
16:27 I apologize to her until this day, you know, so.
16:30 So you didn't have to go prison for the 15 years.
16:33 No.
16:35 And you eventually got put on probation right?
16:37 Okay.
16:39 Now let's talk about after that you eventually got married.
16:43 You're married two different times
16:44 and then divorced both times.
16:47 What was going on in your life
16:48 and how were you feeling emotionally after all this,
16:51 all this turmoil in your life being
16:54 "divorced from your parents",
16:57 the rape situation at a younger age,
16:59 this manslaughter charge,
17:02 now married two different times
17:04 and divorced two different times.
17:06 What was going on emotionally
17:08 and transpiring in these situations?
17:10 It's got to better than this.
17:12 You know, but for all of that was a lesson learned for me.
17:16 You know what I'm saying, for me.
17:18 And when I got divorced the first time,
17:20 you know what I'm saying, I married my children's father,
17:22 my son's father, and it just didn't turn out right,
17:24 you know what I'm saying?
17:26 And so I winded up in a woman's shelter
17:27 and coming back home.
17:29 And then, later on down the line
17:30 I got married again to another gentleman,
17:32 which that didn't turn out right either,
17:34 you know what I'm saying?
17:35 And we winded up getting divorced
17:38 but I took it all as a lesson learned.
17:41 Okay.
17:43 It actually built me instead of destroying me.
17:45 You know what I'm saying?
17:46 Because I don't want to look at it as my downfall.
17:49 I was trying to be a good wife and you know what I'm saying?
17:52 And have a family of my own
17:55 and have better foundation for my children
17:57 but just the people that I was choosing
18:00 wasn't the right one's for me.
18:01 So I had to learn that, okay,
18:03 this is not it, you know what I'm saying?
18:05 But due to I may be a better person
18:07 as a women, as a mother, and as being a wife
18:10 if I ever, ever, ever chose to get married again.
18:13 But it built me instead of destroying me.
18:16 Okay. Praise the Lord.
18:19 Now you mentioned you were in women shelter.
18:21 First, how long you were in that women shelter?
18:24 And what was your experience like being in the shelter?
18:27 When I went into that women shelter,
18:29 it was just like,
18:30 okay, we can tell a lot from here
18:34 and this is me and my children here,
18:35 something ain't right.
18:37 You know what I'm saying? Okay.
18:39 How many children did u have this point?
18:41 I have my boys, three boys. Okay, three boys. Okay.
18:43 This was with my first husband.
18:45 And so it was just like this is not it,
18:49 you know what I'm saying.
18:51 I refused to sit there and have my children, my boys.
18:53 Okay.
18:54 Being in a situation
18:56 to where they would actually turn out this way,
18:57 you know what I'm saying.
18:59 So I used my situation to teach to him
19:01 how to be a better man.
19:03 Okay.
19:04 Because, you know, I couldn't do it in no other kind of way.
19:06 I didn't want them to just,
19:08 I didn't want to show up them for nothing,
19:09 you know what I'm saying.
19:10 I need to them know, look, this is what really goes on
19:12 you know what I'm saying.
19:13 When they ask me questions,
19:15 Momma, this, Momma, that.
19:16 You know I'm giving straight answers
19:17 because they need to know.
19:19 You know what I'm saying.
19:20 And having to raise them up by myself,
19:21 you know what I'm saying, it was even more helpful
19:23 because they learned from me.
19:25 I loved how they paid attention to it,
19:27 and you know what I'm saying?
19:28 And how they grasped the fact that
19:30 "Okay, Momma don't want me to be like this.
19:33 These are my mistakes,
19:35 I have to learn from my mistakes.
19:36 But I need for you all not to be this way."
19:39 You know what I'm saying.
19:40 You're all God's children,
19:41 when I had my children, I gave them to Him.
19:43 Lord, these are you kids, I need your help.
19:45 You know what I'm saying.
19:46 And He did, He helped me them.
19:48 Kept them constructive, kept them into organizations,
19:51 going on trips, they went to a more places
19:52 that I can never imagine, you know.
19:54 Praise the Lord.
19:55 So they had a great time growing up, you know.
19:58 How difficult was it,
20:00 as a young female, raising three boys?
20:04 I mean, you know, it's difficult
20:06 because you are a woman, they are boys,
20:08 and trying to teach them how to be men.
20:09 Right. How difficult was that?
20:12 It wasn't difficult. Okay.
20:14 It was fun. Great.
20:16 Because not only...
20:17 I didn't have a childhood. Okay.
20:19 So I was able to embrace the rest of my childhood
20:22 watching them grow.
20:23 Okay.
20:25 But also I knew how I didn't want to be raised.
20:28 And I knew I heard my momma suffer how I was raised.
20:30 Okay.
20:32 So it helped me to raise them
20:34 the way I didn't wanted to be raised
20:35 or I should have been raised.
20:37 You know what I'm saying.
20:38 And so in the aspect of that, it wasn't difficult at all,
20:44 it was fun, you know,
20:45 they gave me some hard, they gave me little hard times.
20:48 But it wasn't something to were,
20:49 you know, I pull up my hair or, oh, God.
20:51 You know what I'm saying.
20:53 But due to me raising them,
20:56 it was just like, you know, that was fun.
20:58 Okay.
20:59 One of them was funny and silly,
21:00 the other ones, he is serious
21:02 but he could be funny sometimes,
21:03 and the other one, he is quiet, and serious,
21:05 and he can be funny sometimes.
21:07 All of them my care to raise somehow,
21:09 you know what I'm saying.
21:10 But each one of them was their own individual person.
21:12 Okay.
21:13 Now you mentioned
21:15 to the two people that you are married,
21:17 married to, that you were choosing the wrong person.
21:22 And today, you know, a lot of young females,
21:25 they may say, "Wow, I want this, this tall guy,"
21:27 you know, they don't want the one that "is a square,
21:30 making good grades in school, and things like that".
21:33 Why do you think you were choosing the wrong guy
21:35 in this two individual?
21:37 Well, actually they weren't like the thug type.
21:40 They went to school, they graduate from high school,
21:42 they, you know, used to play sports.
21:43 They did those things
21:45 but the aspect of what they choose to do was on them.
21:49 Okay.
21:51 But so it wasn't like, you know,
21:53 it didn't turn on like that with me.
21:55 But as far as like, you know,
21:57 I didn't pray about what I needed at that time.
22:00 Just basically acting. Yeah.
22:01 And so then thinking that,
22:03 okay, well, this is it, you know what I'm saying.
22:05 But then when God told me why you didn't ask me for this.
22:08 Okay. You know what I'm saying?
22:10 That's what made me understand them more better.
22:13 'Cause when you try for what you ask for,
22:14 that's what you get what you need is that what you want.
22:16 You know what I'm saying. Oh, yeah. Yes, indeed.
22:18 Yes, indeed.
22:19 Now let's transition a little closer to now.
22:21 You didn't grow up
22:23 in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
22:24 What was your religious background?
22:26 Baptist. Baptist.
22:27 Okay, how did you become or how did you come
22:31 into the Seventh-day Adventist Church?
22:32 Talk about that whole the situation.
22:34 Wow. It's actually so exciting.
22:36 Praise the Lord.
22:38 After I got out of my divorce from my last divorce,
22:42 I winded up losing, leaving my home, my car,
22:45 I winded up getting stolen, you know what I'm saying.
22:47 I wind up leaving my job.
22:48 I pretty much has left everything.
22:50 'Cause I wasn't even in the Huntsville area
22:52 at the time I was somewhere else.
22:53 Okay.
22:54 And I've been going for like six, seven years.
22:56 And the church that I was in at the time before that,
23:00 you know, what I'm saying,
23:02 there was lot going on in the church.
23:03 And I am like okay, and I kept hearing the Lord saying
23:05 you're worshiping the wrong God.
23:06 And so I turned to god and said,
23:09 "Well, Lord, put me where exactly
23:11 where I need to be."
23:13 And so I've never been to revival,
23:15 every time I want to go through revival,
23:17 I always had to work on something.
23:19 And so I was like God.
23:21 But people used to always come in and tell me,
23:22 "Well, you know, we had a great time,
23:24 and you know what was the sermon about,"
23:25 you know what I'm saying?
23:27 And stuff like that and they used to always
23:28 keep me informed with everything.
23:29 But I've never been.
23:31 So when I got back to
23:32 Huntsville Oakwood Adventist Church
23:34 had a revival going on.
23:36 Okay.
23:37 And that was the first revival I ever got a chance to make.
23:39 Was that you're first time in an Adventist church?
23:42 That's the first time ever. Okay.
23:43 And so I went the first day, went the second day,
23:47 the third day, I went every day that they had.
23:48 Praise the Lord.
23:50 And Pastor Bard
23:54 gave me the word exactly how I needed it.
23:56 Yeah, okay. You know, and I asked the Lord.
23:59 "Lord, please just give me the truth I needed,
24:02 I am asking you for this,
24:03 you know what I'm saying, for me."
24:05 So my children can be saved,
24:06 you know what I am saying, we need to know.
24:08 Okay.
24:09 And due to all the things that I have been through,
24:11 you know, I knew God wasn't through me yet,
24:14 but I wanted to be exactly where I need be
24:16 and I was tired of going from church to church,
24:19 I was tired of, you know what I am saying,
24:20 something wasn't right.
24:21 Yeah, okay.
24:23 And so when he broke it down to me for real,
24:25 my daughter was sitting there with me
24:26 and she is like, "Mama, do you just say that?
24:32 You mean to tell me
24:33 that we been worshiping God on the wrong day."
24:35 I said, yes, baby.
24:36 And we were angry, you know what I am saying.
24:38 And so we hear Pastor Bard say, "Well, if you wanna be baptized
24:43 just write it down on a piece of paper."
24:44 Me and her, I don't know
24:46 if we were the first ones writing,
24:47 but, you know,
24:49 my daughter actually said "Mama, can we do this?"
24:50 I said, yes, we can.
24:51 And right when she asked Pastor Bert said,
24:54 "You know you can be reborn again."
24:56 You know what I'm saying?
24:57 And so to us
24:58 we were coming to the truest form of worship with Lord,
25:02 you know what I am saying?
25:03 Never knew about Sabbath at all,
25:04 never knew about anything about Sabbath.
25:09 I always went to church with my aunts
25:11 and my grandparents and stuff like that.
25:13 And I had that's the only where I knew.
25:16 But then when I came to the truth of it,
25:18 you know what I am saying,
25:19 it actually put me where I wanted to be.
25:21 And I am like okay.
25:22 Then I heard the Lord say, "You're home now."
25:23 Oh, wow, wow.
25:25 So we got baptized on the same day.
25:27 And my daughter and I.
25:30 Actually it was on the day my father died.
25:32 Okay.
25:33 And so that really meant the world to me,
25:35 you know what I'm saying?
25:36 And ever since we got baptized and we've been there,
25:39 God has just opened up another side of me
25:43 that I did not know was there.
25:45 You know what I am saying?
25:46 And due to him helping me with it,
25:49 it's like every day when I go to,
25:50 every time I go to Sabbath and prayer meetings,
25:53 I am actually getting confirmed every time I go.
25:55 Oh, yeah, praise the lord. You know.
25:57 Oh, Lord, thank you, Jesus.
25:58 You know, so I am excited about going
26:00 because it's like it was food for me,
26:02 I was hungry, and I wanted to eat.
26:04 You know what I am saying? Okay.
26:06 But I wanted to eat the right things
26:07 instead of wrong thing.
26:08 Talk briefly about how in about 30 seconds or so,
26:12 how the Sabbath has helped you overcome
26:14 many obstacles in your life and help heal you.
26:17 The Sabbath helped me to overcome
26:19 a lot of obstacles in my life
26:20 by confirming to me that I was still with God,
26:24 I was just in the wrong area.
26:26 Yeah. You know what I am saying?
26:27 And the healing of it all was that
26:32 just to confirm to me that,
26:34 "Okay, now you're in the truest form
26:36 of worshiping with me and for me,"
26:38 you know what I am saying.
26:39 And it just changed me completely.
26:42 It was like the closed circle that was open, you now.
26:45 I need the circle closed, you know what I'm saying,
26:47 and it was like just, "Lord, please just help me with this."
26:50 Yeah. I need your help, you know.
26:51 Okay.
26:53 And when I came into Sabbath Seventh-day SDA,
26:56 it was just like, okay, I am where I need to be,
26:58 I am little fine now.
26:59 Praise the Lord.
27:01 Now I want you to look into the camera
27:02 and I want you to talk to the young female briefly,
27:04 that is in your situation even now,
27:07 and that needs a way out,
27:09 give them a word of encouragement.
27:11 My word of encouragement to anyone
27:13 that's going through anything
27:14 that's going on in their life, especially,
27:16 how I had it, remind yourself to keep praying,
27:20 remind yourself that God loves you more than anything,
27:23 and He will bring you through just the same way he did me.
27:25 He could do the same thing for you.
27:27 But you have to trust him in it.
27:28 You know, let Him be your father, understand.
27:31 When I say that He raised me,
27:32 He legitimately raised me, but just trust him.
27:36 Just because the things that you're going through right now,
27:38 these are, just look at it as a lesson to learn,
27:41 to build you and to be someone better
27:43 than what you already are.
27:44 And know that no matter what, you're just special to He.
27:48 You know what I am saying?
27:49 The reason why we suffer is because you're special to He.
27:52 You know what I am saying?
27:53 God went through tremendous things
27:55 about how he wanted to worship his God
27:58 and he wanted to make sure that he did what he had to do.
28:01 So just trust Him, and keep praying,
28:03 and just stay in the word.
28:05 Just stay in the word.
28:06 Praise the lord, praise the Lord.
28:07 Thank you so much, Amanda, for being on the program.
28:09 Thank you for tuning in
28:10 into another exciting episode of The New Journey.


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