New Journey, The

Saved by Grace

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Participants: Aaron Chancy (Host), Ray Clay


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:09 Today we have with us a young man
00:12 from the gutters of life,
00:13 but was redeemed by God
00:15 through the work of a Bible worker.
00:17 Join us on today's New Journey and find out how.
00:50 Welcome back to the program. Today we have with us Ray Clay.
00:54 Ray, we thank you for being on the program.
00:56 Thank you for having me. All right.
00:58 Mr. Ray, give us a little bit about your family background
01:01 prior to making the change in your life.
01:05 Well, I was raised in Huntsville, Alabama.
01:09 Okay.
01:11 Went to school at Bob Jones High School,
01:14 and middle school Levey Day.
01:18 Had eight sisters, brothers and sisters.
01:20 Okay.
01:21 Come from a very poor family and we didn't have much.
01:24 And all we had what we needed.
01:30 That's about all. Okay.
01:32 Now growing up in Huntsville, most are familiar with,
01:35 especially Seventh-day Adventists
01:37 are familiar with Oakwood University
01:39 and familiar with the many different
01:40 Adventist churches in the Huntsville area.
01:44 But talk about the other side of Huntsville.
01:49 As a Bible worker myself in that area,
01:51 I'm very familiar
01:52 with the project areas in there,
01:54 the many low income areas there.
01:57 Talk about growing up in that kind of environment?
02:00 Oh, man.
02:02 It's trouble, trouble, trouble. I remember growing up.
02:06 It all started in Triana Alabama,
02:09 that's where officially I'm from.
02:10 Okay.
02:12 Just this country place, you know outside of Huntsville.
02:14 Okay.
02:16 There, man, it's like,
02:17 you know, get it how you live man there.
02:19 You know, it's not a game
02:20 and everybody out for their self.
02:22 Oh, yeah.
02:25 Kind of grew up with around a bunch of girls.
02:29 You know, I grew up with my brothers,
02:31 and sisters and stuff and my grandmother
02:33 and kind of what...
02:36 Like in Huntsville, we got a bunch of places
02:38 that you just don't go to,
02:41 you know, unless you're looking for trouble.
02:42 Yeah, exactly.
02:43 You're going to, you know,
02:45 you're going to take care of some trouble, you know.
02:46 Okay.
02:48 Just a bunch of places there that...
02:52 They are all the same just different
02:53 you know, different standards to them,
02:55 you know, certain colors you wear at certain places,
02:58 you know, it's just the riffraff
03:00 you know, as far as the street life.
03:02 Okay.
03:04 Now growing up in your household did...
03:06 Was your mother, your father, your siblings or is anybody
03:09 on any type of drugs or anything?
03:11 Did you see that growing up?
03:12 Oh, yeah. Okay.
03:14 Talk a little bit about that?
03:15 My grandmother, she actually was a bootlegger,
03:19 bootlegger something that,
03:20 you know, you sell liquor out of your house.
03:21 Okay.
03:23 I'm off kind of raised, you know, in that atmosphere.
03:26 So I was familiar with,
03:27 you know, the drinking and everything
03:29 and you know the cigarettes and you know stuff like that.
03:33 At what age did you yourself become involved with the drugs?
03:38 Of course you saw it growing up.
03:39 Your mother was a bootlegger.
03:41 But at what age
03:42 did you yourself start partaking in those things?
03:45 That's strange because I started drinking.
03:49 I remember drinking at the age of 10 and 11,
03:51 you know, went about to sneak it,
03:53 man, if I can get it, you know.
03:54 Okay.
03:56 Actually my grandmother when she was bootlegging,
03:58 she actually,
03:59 I don't know if she knew what she was doing
04:01 and I bathed in,
04:02 but I actually was the one
04:03 that was pulling the shots for the grown ups,
04:05 you know, yeah, man.
04:07 So it kind of started off early. Okay.
04:10 But the cigarette smoking and the drugs and all that,
04:13 it came, you know, a little bit later.
04:14 Okay.
04:15 Now what effect
04:17 as a 10, 11 year old drinking alcohol?
04:20 What effect did that have on you
04:22 at an early age drinking at 10 years old?
04:24 I mean, you are a very little child?
04:27 What effect do you think that had on you?
04:29 Oh, man, a major effect. Okay.
04:32 I believe that,
04:34 that I didn't have a fair chance at life,
04:37 you know, because of that.
04:38 I don't think that my grandmother
04:40 did that to be mean to me.
04:42 I think that she did it you know for thinking
04:45 that she was maybe helping me out
04:47 some kind of way,
04:48 but I always stayed with my grandmother.
04:49 She always kept me with her. Okay.
04:52 I believe that she really didn't know the effect
04:54 that it could cause on my life later on
04:57 but it was rough, it was rough you know,
05:00 starting something
05:01 that you didn't know nothing about.
05:03 And then by the time you did figure out,
05:05 you know, what was going on, you know, it's too late.
05:07 You're already addicted to,
05:08 it's already kind of messed up your life and things like that.
05:11 Now later on,
05:13 in the years you got involved with other drugs.
05:16 What were some of those other drugs
05:17 that you started using?
05:19 Oh, man.
05:20 The question should have been is what drug did I not do,
05:22 you know.
05:24 Oh... Okay.
05:25 I've done... I've experienced with LSD.
05:27 Okay.
05:29 I've experienced with marijuana,
05:34 ecs pills, I don't know
05:36 if you're familiar with ecs pills.
05:37 Very familiar with ecs pills. I used to use ecs pills myself.
05:39 Yeah, that for me.
05:41 And the one that it really took
05:43 the toll on me was crack cocaine.
05:45 Okay.
05:46 You know that, man,
05:48 that was to speed on my control, you know.
05:50 Okay, talk about the negative effects
05:53 of each of these drugs that you were involved in?
05:55 You especially said that the crack cocaine
05:57 took a very heavy toll on your life.
06:00 So speak about these drugs
06:01 and how they kind of affected, affected you negatively.
06:03 Okay.
06:04 With the LSD, it was like a, yes, they get,
06:07 you know, they say don't do that.
06:09 Now they say, whatever mood
06:10 that you're in when you do that.
06:12 You know, that's how you're going to be
06:13 when you're on it.
06:15 But I mean, myself personally, I had a bad experience on it.
06:19 I only done that once.
06:21 Never wanted to do that again. Yeah.
06:23 But far as on the marijuana, oh man, I just love that,
06:27 you know, just takes me away from me, man,
06:30 and the drugs far as in the marijuana,
06:35 I didn't even think that was a drug.
06:37 Yeah, and most don't,
06:38 most tend to not think that it is a drug
06:40 but it actually is.
06:42 Yeah, and these are very bad one,
06:44 you know, especially when you can't stop it.
06:46 Yeah, true.
06:47 But the marijuana was my main choice, you know.
06:51 Okay.
06:52 But the crack cocaine, oh man, that's,
06:56 it's a whole another level, man, you know.
06:59 The marijuana and the LSD and the other stuff
07:02 that I have done, you know, normally,
07:04 when I go purchase that
07:05 or when I receive it from someone,
07:07 you know, I could stop it when I want to.
07:10 You know, crack cocaine and it,
07:12 yeah, it just take you, takes you broke, man, you know.
07:15 Okay. Takes you broke, man.
07:17 Now, I want you to talk about the reality of the streets
07:19 because so many young people they see movies,
07:22 they listen to the hip-hop music
07:24 and sometimes it's almost glorified.
07:27 But I want you to do a real life experience,
07:30 talk about the violence, the drugs,
07:34 the various things that go on day-to-day in the "hood".
07:39 Oh, man.
07:41 It's kind of sad,
07:42 you know because back in the days,
07:46 even when I was in my mess.
07:47 Okay.
07:49 Even the music back
07:50 then was different than it is today.
07:51 Yeah.
07:53 You know back then, you know, it was all about,
07:54 you know, just get paid,
07:56 you know and just get your money I guess.
07:58 Nowadays, man, it's all about, you know, disrespect, you know.
08:02 Yeah, definitely.
08:03 Have this, you know, have that.
08:05 This woman calling woman outside of her names
08:07 and, you know,
08:09 it's all about getting money in the wrong way.
08:10 Yeah, exactly.
08:12 Other than just, you know, entertainment and music.
08:14 You know, now, they want you to sell drugs
08:17 and you have to shot somebody,
08:19 you have to be dressed to be cool.
08:21 I think that set a very, very, very negative impact
08:24 on a bunch of young people.
08:27 You know, you said something about music.
08:28 I remember when I used to be out there in the streets
08:31 and listen to secular hip-hop music
08:33 and I remember a song by a rapper Young Jeezy
08:36 and this particular song,
08:39 it was called hypnotize
08:40 and this particular song would almost,
08:43 I mean, it would drive you to wanna get high.
08:46 The lyrics, the beat, everything about it just,
08:50 it like spoke to your inner being and saying,
08:53 I need to get high, you know, especially for those,
08:55 you know, of us that were involved in drugs
08:58 like that and things like that.
09:00 But the harsh reality of the streets
09:01 is that people get killed out there.
09:04 You know some people get so addicted to drugs that
09:07 they can't get off of the drugs
09:08 or you know, by the time they do get off,
09:10 their life is completely messed up.
09:13 So there is a harsh reality to the streets beyond the glitz
09:16 and the glamour that,
09:18 you know, people see on TV,
09:20 in the music videos, things like that.
09:23 Now you were eventually incarcerated
09:26 in juvenile detention centers.
09:28 Talk about your experience in those detention centers
09:30 and how many times you have been back and forth?
09:32 Well, the music that you just talked about.
09:36 It kind of led me, you know,
09:38 let me down that road, you know.
09:40 I guess it kind of opened up a door
09:42 for that type of lifestyle anyway.
09:43 Okay.
09:45 But how I ended up there in the detention center,
09:49 it's called Robert Neaves Center
09:50 back in Huntsville, Alabama.
09:52 Okay.
09:53 I remember going there for the first time
09:54 and I remember crying my eyes out, man,
09:57 and it's like I was just alone,
09:59 you know, no one was there for me man,
10:01 you know, it was just one little room in a...
10:04 I remember praying for the first time, man,
10:07 though I don't know if it was a prayer at night,
10:09 you know, but I guess that's what I was doing,
10:10 you know.
10:11 Okay. Man, get me out of this place.
10:13 You know, what I'm saying, man, I'd never do this again.
10:15 And that's so many of our prayer
10:16 when we get in a situation like that.
10:18 Lord, get me out of this. I won't do it again.
10:20 And as soon as you get out of it,
10:22 you're right back and it's the same exact thing.
10:24 Right back, man. Right back. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
10:26 But I feel that, when I had got there,
10:30 you know, everywhere you go, there is good people
10:32 and there is bad people, you know.
10:34 When I got there, I was looking for the bad people.
10:38 You know, I didn't want to be around the lames
10:39 and the, you know.
10:41 Understood.
10:43 Yeah, I don't want to be around people like that, man.
10:44 You got to be involved in something.
10:46 You had to be in something, you know.
10:48 That's what makes you, you know, you're cool,
10:50 you know, that's the one of those, you know.
10:52 Oh, yeah. World's version of being cool.
10:54 Yeah, exactly.
10:56 I've always been a leader, you know towards things.
10:59 I've never been a type to be drove toward stuff
11:01 because of the people that are doing it.
11:03 You know, whether it's good or bad,
11:04 you know, but I guess the main thing for me
11:07 is I just wanted to be accepted
11:09 at an real early age for the wrong people.
11:13 So that led me to juvenile, you know, detention.
11:15 Okay.
11:17 Even that, man, I realize
11:18 that God was using certain people to still,
11:21 you know to be, you know,
11:22 to touch in my life in a way, man, to let me,
11:24 you know, see that, this is not it, man you know.
11:25 Okay.
11:27 I had correction officers, man,
11:28 they used to come to me, you know.
11:30 They used to watch me and tell me man,
11:31 you know, watching man, you know.
11:33 Why did you get into this place?
11:35 You know, why did you get into this situation?
11:36 There you go. Okay.
11:38 But I just tell them what happened, man,
11:40 and mainly just,
11:42 you know, being around the wrong people, man,
11:44 made a major impact, you know.
11:46 Oh, yeah, definitely.
11:47 You know, who you hang around with,
11:49 who you hang around with
11:51 definitely has a major impact of,
11:53 you know, what type of lifestyle
11:55 we may follow
11:56 or what type of lifestyle we may live.
11:59 Now after juvenile detention centers the various times,
12:04 you eventually caught an adult charge
12:06 and was sent to prison.
12:07 Talk about that whole experience?
12:10 Well, it started from the detention thing.
12:13 I went there, I didn't learn anything,
12:14 you know, I went there,
12:16 you know, made a thing by being colored though,
12:18 you know, to fake it to make it.
12:20 I want to make this,
12:21 fake it to make it, just to get through.
12:23 Yeah, you know, this will be okay,
12:25 you know later on,
12:26 you know, I could do this for this amount of time,
12:27 you know, play the game, you know.
12:29 Yeah, just roll with the punches
12:30 or whatever get out,
12:31 you know, and do what you got to do.
12:33 Yeah. Oh, yeah.
12:34 But it didn't work for me in the walk.
12:37 That's right it, man.
12:39 I thought that I had everything I needed you know.
12:41 I finally got released from that juvenile thing.
12:44 When I went home,
12:46 you know, everything went good for a day or two,
12:48 you know, it always turns out like that,
12:49 you know, day or two.
12:51 Oh, yeah.
12:52 This thing, you know, man,
12:54 I found myself right back in the same position again.
12:56 And I'm like, man, whoa,
12:57 you know, what will I do, you know.
12:59 And they wouldn't, what I was doing,
13:01 it was, who I was around,
13:03 you know, the type of atmosphere
13:05 that I was trying to be accepted in,
13:08 you know, and I quit getting in trouble
13:11 but I wouldn't let these people go, you know.
13:13 You know, what I'm saying, you know.
13:15 So that kind of took me for internment
13:18 and I did some things that, that held on to me, man,
13:22 for a long time, you know.
13:24 Even to drove to that case
13:27 that I had, you know, before I was going to prison.
13:30 But the juvenile thing,
13:32 when I went there, I think that,
13:34 that's where I first heard God force,
13:37 you know, God trying to get my attention, man.
13:39 I think that was like a wake up call for me.
13:41 Okay. Okay.
13:42 You know, but that's to get likely,
13:44 you know, like slap on the wrist
13:45 because you know, it went deep.
13:46 Yeah. As I thought it was.
13:48 But as I recall it wouldn't get.
13:50 You know but as I went to prison,
13:53 I caught a bunch of charges,
13:55 had over 20 something charges, man.
13:56 Wow.
13:57 Yeah, man, I got over 20 something charges
13:59 just different stuff, drugs, assault cases.
14:03 Okay.
14:04 I had one man that was real crazy,
14:07 shooting around occupied toilets.
14:09 Wow.
14:10 Yeah, man, I joined the game, man,
14:12 right before I went to prison
14:13 I had joined the gang just for Crips,
14:16 You know, you had to wear your colors
14:18 and prove your loyalty and all these stuff.
14:21 Oh, yes. Oh, yeah.
14:22 My loyalty of proven was to go shoot at all
14:25 the school windows out.
14:26 Shoot at the bus windows out,
14:29 you know, the buses and everything, you know.
14:31 Okay. Man, I was a fool.
14:33 Man, I went and I did it. Yeah.
14:34 You know, did all of that, man.
14:36 That at right there were held on to me.
14:38 Okay, okay.
14:40 So the main thing that I was, I went to court...
14:43 I'm about that and they kept talking about everything goes,
14:46 you know, they would gonna
14:47 let this go and gonna let that go.
14:49 But that one particular thing
14:50 they weren't willing to do, you know.
14:52 Yeah, okay, okay.
14:53 So the judge offered me though five years in prison.
14:59 And I didn't take it.
15:00 You know, I struck it up and I told them
15:02 that I felt like that's too much for me, man,
15:03 you know, I've never been, you know.
15:05 It's too much.
15:06 I've been to prison before, yeah, yeah, yeah.
15:08 Don't care nobody, man.
15:12 So I went ahead and I struck it up,
15:16 you know, I went to court and everything,
15:18 so the guy come back and again he tells me,
15:21 we got you something that look better than that.
15:23 And in ten years,
15:24 you'll be able to live better, you know.
15:26 So mainly they told me,
15:28 they are giving me ten years of good time,
15:31 you know, ten years of good time,
15:33 you know, you get ten years sentence,
15:34 you go there, you do three years,
15:36 four months and 27 days.
15:37 Okay, so you remembered exactly to the day.
15:39 Man.
15:41 It kills, you know, this whole thing,
15:43 you know and um...
15:44 I went in, you know like okay, I can do three.
15:47 Oh yeah, oh yeah.
15:48 You know, I'm going in and meet
15:50 some of these old partners of mine
15:51 is in there already, you know.
15:52 Yeah, okay.
15:54 But things didn't turn out like I wanted them to,
15:55 you know, I ended up doing more than three years,
15:57 four months and 27 days,
15:59 you know, end up doing half of that sentence, man.
16:01 Half of the ten years sentence.
16:02 Yeah. Okay.
16:04 And I didn't even have to. Okay.
16:07 As I was there,
16:09 you know, like I told you God had people
16:11 in different places, man, who touched me, you know.
16:14 Had a bunch of guys that was there
16:17 and I'm just familiar, man, this is crazy
16:18 because I had guy that was there
16:20 that was getting into the same trouble with me,
16:22 you know like, man, yeah am I supposed to be here,
16:23 you know.
16:24 I didn't know that's where bad people go, man,
16:26 you know, all bad people
16:28 go into this one place man, you know.
16:30 You know, as I got there,
16:33 I then started thinking about my life a little bit.
16:35 Okay.
16:36 And you know, I stayed there first year, two
16:39 and I started losing people, man,
16:41 that was real close to me, man, and I'm like,
16:42 "Man, oh, this is not no fun," you know.
16:44 Yeah, yeah. Exactly, exactly.
16:45 This isn't cool, you know, man,
16:46 years are passing
16:48 and I'm here stuck in this one spot.
16:49 Yeah.
16:50 You know I called home
16:52 and they are having a good time,
16:53 you know people, man,
16:55 they just live in, man, you know.
16:56 Yeah, you're just in this cage. I'm like man, what, you know.
16:57 But I don't deserve this, you know.
17:00 So then I started paying attention
17:02 to my life there and...
17:04 I remember man like yesterday, man.
17:06 I had a guy, man,
17:07 I was used to be real cool with.
17:08 His name was Jay Rock. Okay.
17:10 Young guy, man. He was quite an example for me.
17:13 You know, he,
17:14 he was into the word of God, you know.
17:15 Okay.
17:17 I mean, I would go, went there,
17:18 you know read a couple of verses and stuff,
17:20 whatever there's a key to tab, you know.
17:22 But this one particular guy, man,
17:23 he's got really true with it.
17:25 Okay. And this is while you were in prison?
17:27 Yes, sir. Okay, okay.
17:28 He was younger than me, you know.
17:30 This guy was on fire, man,
17:31 and I saw how other people had accepted him,
17:34 you know the guards, they don't mess with this guy,
17:37 you know, he's always serious.
17:38 You know he's just Jay Rock,
17:41 you know, he's always just uplifting God, man,
17:42 you know, he talks to people,
17:44 people come to him with problems
17:45 that they had,
17:46 you know, I want that kind of life.
17:50 I don't want to be bad kind of people,
17:51 people running from you when they see you,
17:53 so I want to be accepted, you know.
17:55 Okay.
17:56 So, just so happened man, who's in church.
17:59 And he walked up to me and he told me, man,
18:01 you know, God told me,
18:03 you know that I should take some time up with you,
18:05 that you need it.
18:07 Okay. I'm like, what, God.
18:08 You know, I mean, he's like, yeah, man,
18:10 it's like I want to know little bit more about you,
18:11 you know, just like you had an encounter with God.
18:14 I said, that's what I remember telling him, yeah.
18:16 Only one encounter when I was young.
18:18 Back in the days, we had a car,
18:20 old car that used to sit in my grandmother's yard.
18:23 And that was my brother's old car
18:25 and I used to sit up on blocks,
18:26 you just sit up in a car
18:28 driving like we were driving, you know.
18:30 Been there, I understand it.
18:32 You know, maybe sitting there and get high, you know.
18:35 And I started telling him about my life and everything.
18:37 I think they asked me, I was like, well, yeah,
18:38 have you ever had an encounter with God.
18:40 Okay. I said, well, yeah, maybe once.
18:43 When a preacher came and we were sitting in a car
18:45 preaching while there is many,
18:46 you know trying to spread the word
18:48 and then, you know, I got it all from the God.
18:49 I told him, you know, preacher, we don't want this God,
18:52 you know, we want this life.
18:53 And as a matter of fact,
18:54 if you don't want to preach again,
18:56 you know, you better get out of here,
18:57 you know, yeah, man so, preaching,
19:02 you know, he never gave me no bad look, man, nothing.
19:04 Okay. You know.
19:05 And matter of fact,
19:07 I'll tell you about this preacher later on
19:08 about this other encounter
19:09 that I had with him, the same guy.
19:11 Okay. You know, in the prison.
19:12 Okay.
19:13 Now you said that with good times,
19:16 you would have been able to do to three years,
19:18 four months and such and such days,
19:20 to 27 days.
19:21 Now, you ended up doing
19:23 five years of that ten year sentence.
19:24 Yeah.
19:26 Why did you end up doing more of the sentence thing
19:28 you could have done?
19:32 Oh, man, when I got incarcerated,
19:35 I got in there,
19:37 I found myself right back into the same position
19:41 again as I did on the streets, you know.
19:43 Me not knowing,
19:44 you know, the type of place that I was at.
19:46 You know, me not realizing that,
19:48 you know, these people got,
19:49 these people are on the streets for a purpose, you know.
19:52 Everybody that goes there
19:54 not want to have a better life, you know.
19:56 Everybody still want to live the same
19:58 and get out and do the same and, you know.
20:00 So I found myself with a bunch with that was planning,
20:04 you know, all bad stuff when they get out,
20:06 you know, planning on selling these drugs
20:08 when we get out, planning on coming up
20:10 and getting this time, you know.
20:13 I know it.
20:15 We plan on getting all this time
20:16 back and everything, you know.
20:18 It's making up the time,
20:19 you know, as it was, making up the time.
20:21 Oh, yeah, you got to make up for that lost time.
20:22 The same thing I did when I got out.
20:24 I got to make up for this time.
20:25 Yeah, you know, where I go, you know.
20:27 So I kind of got with that,
20:29 with that crowd and I told you about the guy Jeremy,
20:33 Jay Rock the guy that was.
20:34 He never let me go, man, even when he saw me
20:36 with these certain particular guys, man,
20:38 he always keep going.
20:39 And I'm like God did this on purpose, you know.
20:41 It's amazing how God will put people
20:43 in your path throughout your life
20:45 to try to get your attention,
20:47 and at the moment we may not realize it
20:49 until we look back and we say,
20:51 wow, that was actually God trying to get my attention.
20:52 That's right.
20:54 Back then, back then,
20:55 I didn't even know him, you know.
20:57 Oh, yeah, yeah.
20:58 Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
20:59 Now eventually you got out and eventually you came
21:03 into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
21:06 What was your religious background
21:07 prior to coming
21:08 into Seventh-day Adventist Church?
21:10 Oh, man I was a Baptist. I was grown up as a Baptist.
21:12 That's my whole home, you know.
21:13 My grandmother, my aunt, everybody's just Baptist.
21:15 Okay.
21:17 Now how did you, how did you come
21:19 into the Seventh-day Adventist Church?
21:20 What, who knocked on your door or what transpired?
21:23 What was going on?
21:25 Well, a few times...
21:27 I've actually had a few of them coming to my door,
21:29 you know, they weren't so good,
21:31 you know, what it is.
21:33 You know, that was in my mess,
21:35 or trying to do something that wasn't right,
21:38 you know, and these people knock on my door
21:40 and I answered the door
21:41 and there were a couple of my aunt told me,
21:44 sure, I'd be there man, you know, I'll be there.
21:47 To tell them something to get them away from the door.
21:48 Hey, hey, bro, I got to go and get my keys,
21:51 you know, but I never showed up.
21:53 Okay.
21:54 It was this one particular guy, man.
21:57 His name is Timothy Lee. Timothy Lee.
21:58 Man, oh, my God.
22:01 Oh, you do. I know him well.
22:03 Oh, there was something different about him, man.
22:06 You know, you always,
22:07 you know like I always see in his face that he cared.
22:09 You know, I always see it in him
22:11 and I see it in you, you know.
22:13 You can always see him, man, that he cared, you know.
22:16 And there was something different about him.
22:18 And right at that time, I was going through a crisis.
22:21 And I was ready to leave streets
22:23 along there, man, you know, fully.
22:25 I was ready to give it up, man, and just like,
22:27 you know, I'm going with this guy thinking,
22:29 man, it's got to be better than this lifestyle,
22:31 you know, it's got to be, you know.
22:33 So he came and everything
22:36 and I told him like I told everybody else,
22:38 yeah, I'd be there, you know, yeah, I'll show.
22:40 You got a boy, you know, show him the dress, you know.
22:43 I'll be there.
22:44 But after that time,
22:46 the next week brother come back again.
22:49 Yeah, yeah.
22:50 What's with you man, you know. He showed up again.
22:53 Yeah, you know, I'm scared to be around here, man,
22:55 you showed up, you know.
22:57 I know where you are at, man, you know.
23:00 And the brother, you know, he just told real, man,
23:02 you know, he talked to me and I find out where I'll sit,
23:05 you know, and he told me that I had a place man
23:07 that would accept me, man.
23:08 Yeah.
23:09 And he told me that
23:12 the size of church, look at brother,
23:14 you know, you could call me even if you had problems.
23:17 You know, it don't have to be
23:18 just about church or whatever, man,
23:19 and more about your well-being, you know.
23:21 So I took his number down, man, and I'm thinking,
23:24 you know, I make or make not, you know.
23:27 God had sided up, man,
23:28 he had different plans for me, man.
23:30 He sided up to where,
23:31 you know, I actually had to had it proper, man.
23:33 You know, so I gave him a try, I called him, you know.
23:36 I gave him a try.
23:38 You know, I called him, brother,
23:39 and I told him that I had a crisis
23:40 that was going on at the time.
23:42 My brother was like,
23:43 you know, on the phone he was like um...
23:45 I read it, what were you at?
23:46 You know, all into it,
23:48 you know, that's while I was there.
23:49 Oh, yeah. My brother was there.
23:51 You know, it never happened, you know.
23:53 Even when I'm shooting he falls in
23:55 and all these in the streets, man, you know.
23:56 These people will not definitely
23:58 like this particular person was and, you know.
24:00 And you don't even know him. You never met him before.
24:01 I didn't know this guy, man. Didn't even know this guy, man.
24:03 Didn't even know why he was doing
24:05 what he was doing, you know.
24:06 Why do you care about me, man, you know.
24:09 Go out to somebody else,
24:10 somebody who wants to change, you know.
24:12 But the brother never left me alone, man,
24:15 and I told you,
24:17 I've always been a leader instead of a follower.
24:18 Yeah, exactly.
24:19 But I've seen that the brother cared, man.
24:22 So, I'm like, man, you know, this is different, here,
24:24 you know, there's something different about this brother.
24:25 You know, I'm gonna go ahead and try this thing up.
24:27 Okay.
24:28 And at the time, I had a girl,
24:30 I mean it was Andrea, you know,
24:31 man, I was together and everything.
24:33 She was going through some things
24:34 that she was dealing with.
24:36 She was caught up into, oh, man, witchcraft.
24:39 You know, yeah, man,
24:40 and she was,
24:42 do her literal things or whatever,
24:45 you know, what I set up in the room.
24:47 And the church that I was going to at the time...
24:50 we needed some help
24:51 with the crisis that I had, man,
24:53 and it's like, they went and found me, man.
24:56 I don't know, man.
24:57 So I told her,
24:58 we'll start checking out something else here.
25:00 Yeah, okay.
25:01 So we actually came to Oakwood University.
25:04 Man, that's the church that the brother belonged to.
25:05 Praise the Lord.
25:07 Oakwood University in Huntsville, man, you know.
25:09 The pastor was Dr. Byrd,
25:11 you know, man, I went to that church, man,
25:13 one time and never could stop going, you know.
25:18 It's like the brother real, man,
25:20 it's like the brother to speak directly to me,
25:21 you know, and he breaks it down to a place
25:24 where you like it, I can understand,
25:25 you know, that I can relate to the brother, you know.
25:29 And he's more like a teacher than a pastor, you know.
25:33 He's like a teacher. Yeah.
25:34 Oh yeah, I know. Oh, yeah.
25:37 But the brother Timothy Lee, man, you know,
25:41 he just went out of his way for me, man,
25:42 a few times, a few times.
25:44 You know, what's interesting,
25:47 Timothy, Timothy Lee myself were Bible workers
25:50 and it's not just
25:52 because you mentioned something important about,
25:55 how he would go out of his way for you
25:56 and things like that, and as a Bible worker,
25:59 we have to do more than just Bible studies.
26:00 Yeah.
26:02 You know, we're actually in people's lives.
26:04 Getting to know them, picking them up,
26:05 bringing them to prayer meeting,
26:07 bringing them to church.
26:08 Yeah.
26:09 So that was a real blessing to you
26:11 to be able to have somebody in your life like that
26:13 that never had met before.
26:16 Talk real briefly about the experience of accepting
26:18 Jesus into your life, the joy that you received?
26:21 Joy, oh, man, it's better than any high.
26:24 Even the crack, you know that. Oh yeah, oh yeah.
26:27 It's better than any high, man, that I've ever had, man,
26:29 and it gives you a joy, man, that the streets can't,
26:33 weren't able to give me, you know.
26:36 It's just, you know, it's something
26:39 that you just can't explain.
26:40 I just encourage people man, if you never tried it, man,
26:43 you know, just try it out.
26:44 Yeah, give Jesus a try.
26:45 You know, man, I'm telling you, man, He's closer than anybody
26:49 or anything else ever been to me, man.
26:51 Oh, yeah, oh yeah.
26:52 I just can't explain this love, man.
26:53 Yes, yes indeed.
26:55 What have you seen real briefly that has helped you
26:59 navigate away from the streets and stay in the church?
27:03 Like far as, like far as just being out.
27:05 Yeah, being in the church now
27:07 and staying away from various things
27:09 in the streets that you used to get involved in,
27:11 real briefly?
27:12 Oh, man, just family, man,
27:13 I see how the love that they have.
27:15 I see that people really do care, man,
27:17 and that, you know,
27:19 I'm not alone in this world, man.
27:21 You know, people that are willing
27:23 to make sacrifices for me,
27:25 you know and that means a lot to me
27:27 because I never grew up, I never had it.
27:29 Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
27:31 Well, Mr. Clay, we would like to thank you
27:32 for being on the program.
27:34 We've run out of time.
27:35 Very amazing testimony.
27:38 I want you to keep staying in that word,
27:40 stay in that word,
27:42 stay strong and continue to go forward in Jesus' name.
27:45 God has a special blessing for you.
27:47 Amen.
27:48 Viewers, we'd like to thank you for tuning in once again
27:51 for The New Journey.
27:53 Be sure to tune in next time
27:54 for an exciting broadcast of The New Journey.
27:57 Be blessed until then.


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