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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:04 may be too candid for younger children.
00:10 Welcome to the New Journey,
00:11 a program where you'll meet real life people,
00:13 with real life testimonies,
00:15 doing real life ministry for Jesus Christ.
00:17 I'm your host Aaron Chancy,
00:19 come join us on the New Journey.
00:52 Welcome back to the New Journey.
00:53 On today's broadcast we have Kendor Shy.
00:56 Kendor, we'd like to thank you for being on the program.
00:58 Thank you all for having me.
00:59 All right, just some general information,
01:01 if you could give us your age and where you are from?
01:03 I'm 33 years young
01:05 and I'm actually from Lexington, Kentucky.
01:08 All right, talk a little bit about
01:10 what it was like growing up
01:11 in the projects in Lexington, Kentucky.
01:13 Well, Lexington, Kentucky, it's a small city.
01:17 It's not really big at all, everybody pretty knows,
01:19 pretty much knows everyone.
01:21 Okay.
01:22 And once one person do something
01:24 and another person find out about it,
01:26 then another person will find out about it
01:27 and so a lot of things are known.
01:29 But it's small, you can get into
01:30 all kind of things while there.
01:32 Okay.
01:33 And people will find out about it,
01:34 but growing up in a projects,
01:36 it's just like any other projects pretty much.
01:37 Okay.
01:39 Everything is there
01:40 that you can get into as far as drugs
01:43 and women or whatever it may be.
01:44 Okay.
01:45 And that can have a big impact on your life.
01:47 Definitely, definitely.
01:48 And we'll get into some of that stuff
01:50 later on in the program.
01:51 What was it like growing up in your household,
01:53 coming up in Lexington?
01:55 You know, growing up in my household
01:58 in the projects in Lexington, Kentucky,
02:00 just like many black people,
02:02 and in the projects pretty much grow up without a dad.
02:05 Yeah.
02:06 And they left with their mother,
02:08 maybe they're raised in by the grandmother.
02:09 Okay.
02:11 I have my mother and my grandmother raised me
02:12 in a household with a bunch of ladies.
02:13 Okay, okay.
02:15 So you can imagine how that works.
02:16 Yeah, definitely.
02:17 Growing around a bunch of ladies
02:19 and their friends come over, just a bunch of ladies
02:20 and I'm just the only guy there.
02:21 I was only child for about 14 years,
02:24 until later on my mother had another son.
02:26 Okay. So...
02:28 What was it like growing up in your household
02:29 or how did it, how did it feel to you
02:31 growing up in a household without a father present?
02:35 Well, I, you know, I knew my dad was there,
02:38 he came around
02:39 but he is just, my mother and him was not together.
02:42 He wasn't around but he, he was into music
02:46 and back in the '80s
02:48 that's when cocaine began to hit
02:50 and stuff like that around '86.
02:52 And him and his brothers,
02:53 a lot of them had got strung out on drugs,
02:56 which was the cocaine.
02:57 And so dad came in, I remember, I remember hear my mother,
03:00 I was five years old in the back seat of the car,
03:02 I remember her saying that,
03:04 "You need to get of drugs, get off the cocaine."
03:06 Yeah. And it just stuck in my mind.
03:08 Okay.
03:10 So he wasn't there, they end up separating
03:11 when I was five years old.
03:12 Okay.
03:14 And so just having it, not having a father figure,
03:15 you know, it has a lot to play even till today,
03:17 it effect on me even today.
03:19 Yeah, definitely.
03:20 So, just having a manly figure there
03:23 was, it just wasn't there.
03:24 Okay.
03:26 What was, and we're gonna come back
03:27 to a little bit of that a little later on,
03:29 but what was the religious, religious life
03:31 like in your household?
03:33 It was formalities, you know, I had knowledge of God.
03:38 Okay.
03:39 My mother, she was the only one who went to church
03:41 when she was young.
03:42 My great grandmother, who end up dying at 102, she...
03:45 Wow.
03:46 she used to drag my mother along with her to,
03:48 you know, the church.
03:49 And so that kind of, when she had me at a young age,
03:52 you know, she had me when she was 16.
03:53 Okay.
03:55 And so, she used to take me along to church with her
03:56 and I was going to a Baptist church
03:59 ever since I was like eight or nine.
04:01 Okay. And so that was...
04:02 We would go to church on Sunday but come home it was...
04:05 Like a regular day.
04:07 You know, it's regular day. Definitely.
04:08 And so that's, that's what that was like.
04:10 But I was in church
04:12 and that's why I actually I can say it's my first job.
04:14 Okay.
04:16 You know, I was cleaning the church.
04:17 Vacuuming the floors, cleaning the pulpit area,
04:19 and things like that.
04:21 And it's very interesting while I was there,
04:23 one Thursday I was cleaning,
04:25 nobody is there, I was in the sanctuary.
04:26 Okay.
04:28 And I was up there with the pastor
04:29 who normally preachers.
04:30 And so I was vacuuming but I stopped
04:32 and I turned around to the podium there
04:34 and I began to act like
04:36 I was preaching to the congregation.
04:38 Yeah, to the congregation. Okay.
04:40 And so then all of a sudden I heard his voice said,
04:42 "This is what you're gonna do for me."
04:44 Yeah, wow.
04:45 And I was like, you know, I didn't know what it was.
04:46 And I just continued on, and then I went back vacuuming
04:50 and going buffing the floors like my normal day,
04:52 at the age of 12.
04:54 Okay.
04:55 And then, later on in my life, about 15,
04:58 I was walking down the street, I heard the same voice again.
05:01 And I said, "No, I'm not. No, no, no way.
05:04 I'm gonna do this for you."
05:05 And so, but growing up in my household religion
05:07 was just formality.
05:09 There really was no, there was no sacrifice,
05:13 oneself living for God.
05:14 Yeah, I understand. Okay.
05:16 What do you think were some of the motivating factors
05:19 that led you to gravitate towards the streets,
05:22 being that your father wasn't present there,
05:25 and what do you think
05:26 were some of the major underlying issues?
05:28 Well, since there was no God in the home,
05:31 you know, my mother had raised me
05:33 the best way she knew how,
05:35 and not only that but she had two jobs.
05:37 Okay.
05:38 So she really wasn't home, my grandmother,
05:40 she would tell my grandmother, you know, do this,
05:42 don't let him do this and my grandmother is like,
05:44 you know, go ahead.
05:45 And I remember coming home from school with report card,
05:48 I had like five F's, you know,
05:50 and my grandmother would sign it,
05:51 my mother would never see it
05:53 and she will send it back it school with it.
05:54 Yeah.
05:56 But just the being on the streets
05:58 my grandmother, my grandmother let me go out.
06:00 Okay.
06:01 And so, I was out there in the streets
06:02 and then seeing the many things around me,
06:05 even though playing with my friends,
06:06 playing with ball, this is the age.
06:08 I think we was the last generation
06:09 that actually played outside.
06:11 Okay. Yes. Definitely. Yeah.
06:14 So but actually just saying the fast money, the nice cars,
06:19 we need to fix it up and the sports cars back then
06:22 and see the guys a little older
06:24 began to make money and fast money.
06:26 Definitely.
06:27 Influence of that is like, "Wow", you know,
06:29 and seeing them with the women on their sides,
06:31 you know, these type of things.
06:32 So there was an influence that and then I see my cousin,
06:34 he was more into street than I was at that time
06:37 and I want to hangout with him, I was the only child.
06:41 And so he kind of led me alone a little bit in that area
06:45 but I was willing to go.
06:47 Yeah.
06:48 And so I just went down here from there.
06:49 Definitely, now, did seeing the fast money, seeing the drugs,
06:53 seeing the women different things like that,
06:55 how did it balance out with you in terms of school,
06:58 having to go to school
06:59 and, you know, seeing those things
07:02 and seeing fast money?
07:03 And the reason I'm asking this
07:05 because I know, for my own self,
07:06 it didn't really make sense to me when I was young.
07:08 I go to school, I would see these young people,
07:11 15, 16 years old, they got what you said,
07:14 they got the money, they got the women,
07:15 tattoos, gold teeth in the mouth,
07:17 different things like that which is just attractive.
07:19 And I wanted it,
07:21 and then I kind of weighed it out a little bit
07:23 and I said, "Okay, I go to school,
07:25 I stay here in high school, I go to college."
07:27 And I couldn't see the money that fast
07:30 staying in school as I would on the streets.
07:32 So how did you, how did you balance that out?
07:35 Well, for me, I had more interest in sports
07:38 than anything else.
07:39 I was just football, football, I was just football, football.
07:42 Yeah.
07:43 And so in order to be on the team, you know,
07:46 you had to make good grades and stuff like that.
07:48 But making the transition
07:49 from middle school into high school,
07:51 I failed to do that in the ninth grade,
07:53 and I failed the first semester in ninth grade
07:55 and turn around failed the second semester,
07:57 so I couldn't play ball
07:58 because I actually signed up late and it's like too late.
08:02 So after that I was like,
08:03 you know, I'm just gonna rebel and just do my thing.
08:06 Definitely.
08:07 I learned about drugs, selling weed
08:09 and stuff like that and smoking weed
08:10 and I would bring it to the high school.
08:12 You know, once I, the money was there,
08:13 I've seen the fast money coming in
08:15 I no longer wanted this type of education.
08:17 Okay.
08:18 And it was like, they saying, you know, "You want a good job
08:20 when you get older," you know, they ask me,
08:22 "What do you wanna do so you can make good money,"
08:23 and stuff like that.
08:25 I'm like, "Well, I could make good money already right here".
08:26 Yeah, yeah. Definitely, definitely.
08:28 And so that's what I did in there.
08:30 And so going through high school,
08:34 I was kicked out
08:35 actually after a while just because of my academics
08:38 and they sent me to alternative school.
08:39 Okay.
08:40 And in there actually while I was there,
08:43 I cheated my way through high school.
08:44 Wow.
08:46 I passed 9th, 10th and 11th grade in one year.
08:48 Okay, wow.
08:49 The teacher, he would give me the work of students before,
08:52 he allowed me to just copy it and he'll just give me
08:54 whatever he wanted to give me like a C or B
08:56 or something like that.
08:58 Yeah, okay. In fact, you know what?
08:59 I was going back to regular high school
09:01 and in school of grade,
09:02 and that's actually where I read my first book,
09:04 I don't read, before that I didn't read.
09:07 Okay. And so...
09:09 But once I got there I started back playing ball
09:11 but once I got hurt and I couldn't go to college,
09:14 I was like, "I'm just gonna continue selling drugs",
09:15 that's what I did.
09:17 Yeah, definitely, definitely.
09:18 Have seen where, you know, statistics say that
09:20 a lot of young black males, you know,
09:21 we seem to gravitate to sports,
09:24 basketball, football, different things like that.
09:26 And did you see for yourself that when those dreams
09:31 weren't coming to fulfillment, it was almost like,
09:33 "What else do I do?"
09:35 Because I know for myself that's where I was.
09:38 I like basketball, I like football
09:40 but because I never would do anything in school,
09:43 and then I would be in a mixture
09:44 of Adventist schools
09:46 as well as mixture of public schools.
09:48 And either I couldn't make the grade
09:50 or I wouldn't go to school
09:51 or I had the Sabbath to deal with.
09:53 And it was like, okay, now that sports hasn't come through,
09:55 it's almost like what else can I do.
09:57 You know.
09:59 It's like, "Okay, I don't wanna do this,
10:00 I don't wanna do that."
10:01 There was never any goal and without that goal,
10:04 how the Bible says,
10:05 "Where there is no vision, the people perish."
10:06 And the only thing I reverted back to was the streets
10:10 and that attracted me that fast money.
10:12 So you kind of feel like it was the same for you?
10:14 Right, 'cause it's like, you know, my dad
10:17 he, like I said, he wasn't with my mother
10:20 but he was living in the same neighborhood.
10:22 And he wanted to teach me skills,
10:24 you know, like painting
10:26 and he wanted to teach me how to play the piano,
10:29 play the drums, construction, fix some cars.
10:32 And I just rejected all of that to want
10:34 to run the streets, so I wasted my childhood
10:36 on running the streets.
10:37 I didn't pick up any skills or anything.
10:39 So once I, the sports didn't work for me,
10:42 only thing I knew how to go to was
10:43 just treat some of this.
10:45 Yeah.
10:46 So even today I still suffer from,
10:49 you know, different challenges
10:50 of trying to get a job or having a skill...
10:53 Yeah, definitely.
10:54 To make money, least amount of money.
10:55 Definitely, definitely.
10:57 What would you say were some of your positive influences
10:59 as well as some of the negative influences
11:01 in your life growing up?
11:03 Well, positive, definitely my mother.
11:05 Okay.
11:06 You know, even though I remember her being baptized
11:08 and she was baptized in a Baptist church
11:10 but she didn't quite understand
11:12 about living a Christian life, she tried her best.
11:16 Okay.
11:17 And she was just continuing dragging me to church
11:18 even though I didn't wanna go.
11:20 Yeah.
11:21 And I don't know if you know about the Baptist church,
11:22 for the Baptist church, man, you enter the church
11:24 Sunday morning, Sunday night, Tuesday night,
11:27 Wednesday night, Thursday night.
11:28 It's like everyday you're there and you get tired of it.
11:30 Yeah, okay.
11:31 But just my mother taking me there
11:32 and teaching me the best way she knew how.
11:34 Okay.
11:35 And so that's like the most positive thing
11:37 that that was there,
11:38 anything else is there's nothing else really.
11:40 Wow.
11:42 Talk about you eventually got incarcerated
11:45 and talk about what you got incarcerated for
11:47 and everything kind of circling around that,
11:50 and how this same incident
11:52 followed you for a number of years.
11:54 Talk a little about that.
11:55 Well, I had to back it up just a little bit.
11:59 Okay.
12:00 You know, just back it a little bit
12:01 and before I left Lexington, Kentucky
12:04 I moved to Atlanta, Georgia where I was incarcerated.
12:06 Okay.
12:07 I got involved in music, you know,
12:09 right now many black people in the Project area,
12:13 they just get involved in music.
12:15 Yeah, you gravitate you see the music
12:16 or sports or drugs, that's it.
12:19 This is the only thing we know.
12:20 Yeah, definitely.
12:21 And so I got involved in music
12:23 and I decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia.
12:25 Okay. So, I pursue a music career.
12:28 And then while I was there, I actually took a lady with me,
12:34 she was like 8 years older than I was
12:36 and I was only 19, she was like 27.
12:37 Okay.
12:38 And we end up moving together there
12:41 and then I continued to pursue the music career.
12:44 I took all the money I made from selling drugs
12:46 and put in the studio and stuff like that.
12:48 Okay.
12:49 But our relationship, you know, was going nowhere
12:53 and I told her, I said may be we're having all these problems
12:54 causing back in my head I remember mother's saying
12:56 it's not good to be married, I mean, not be married,
13:00 but and live together.
13:02 This is just not gonna work. Okay.
13:04 And so I figured that
13:05 we were having all these problems because of that.
13:07 Yeah.
13:08 And then all of a sudden,
13:09 I said, let's go and get married,
13:11 went to a court house, $35, we got married.
13:13 So I'm thinking that's the answer, right?
13:15 But it's not the answer. So thanks it got worse.
13:17 And we're done here from there. Okay.
13:19 And I still had this mentality
13:22 even though I got married at 22 years of age
13:24 where the street mentality.
13:27 I wanna go where I want to and I'm not gonna tell you...
13:29 Do what you want, act how you want, yeah.
13:31 What I'm coming back, I hangout with my boys
13:32 whatever it is.
13:34 And so and she didn't like that and, of course, nobody,
13:37 no married woman would, you know.
13:38 Yeah. It's not good.
13:40 Definitely.
13:41 But all of a sudden it got worse.
13:44 Okay.
13:45 And I began to cheat on my wife and she found out about it.
13:50 But I guess she wanted to revenge, you know.
13:53 So what took place was is that
13:56 we decided to separate a little bit.
13:58 I stayed at her mother's house for a while
14:00 and she stayed at our house that we had together.
14:03 And I just got this feeling one day to go over it.
14:06 Okay.
14:07 So I went there and nobody was there.
14:09 But I went into the house
14:10 and then all of a sudden I heard the door open.
14:13 Okay.
14:15 And I heard another voice, you know, with her was a guy.
14:17 And so I decided, "Well, I wonder who this is?"
14:19 "What's going on?" Right.
14:21 And so, I decided to get in the tub
14:24 and put a shower curtain back
14:26 and then once I did that,
14:28 I just want to see how far it's gonna go
14:29 before I made known I was there.
14:31 Yeah, okay.
14:32 And all of a sudden the guy began to start smoking
14:33 and drinking in my house and while I was there,
14:35 I began to hear the sounds of,
14:38 only a sound that
14:39 a husband should know, you know...
14:41 Yeah, definitely.
14:42 It's making some stuff like that.
14:43 And so they began to have sex encounter
14:46 with one and other.
14:48 And so, and then I jumped out, thinking like, "What can I do?"
14:52 I had my gun, well, I left my gun at her mother's house
14:54 so I couldn't do that.
14:56 And I remember a baseball bat by the door.
14:58 And so I grabbed the baseball bat
14:59 that was by the door and I picked it up
15:04 and I stood behind, it's like a, like it was couch,
15:06 it's like facing this way where the TV,
15:08 you know, the guy had his face towards TV
15:10 where she was laying back on him, and stuff like that.
15:12 Okay.
15:13 And then his head was just sitting up like where I'm
15:16 and I'm standing behind his head with baseball bat.
15:18 Did he know you're behind him?
15:19 No, they didn't know I was in house.
15:20 Okay.
15:22 And so I just took the baseball bat and swung it
15:24 but it's just like it went barely right over his head
15:27 and hit the mirror behind the wall.
15:28 Wow! Okay.
15:30 And so they jumped up and was scared.
15:31 And so she, I put him out of house,
15:33 she ran behind him and said, "Baby, are you okay?"
15:36 This is my wife talking to another man
15:38 and so it drove the knife deeper in.
15:40 So, like he loves me her got into physical altercation
15:44 and things like that.
15:45 And so and I did some things
15:47 that I shouldn't have done even to her.
15:49 And then, two days later she end up
15:51 deciding to go to the police.
15:53 Okay.
15:54 And police speaking of my job
15:55 and I went into jail in Atlanta.
15:57 Okay, okay.
15:58 Now you were in jail in Atlanta
16:00 and talk about how you are supposed to get out
16:03 and how you kept dealing with this toad
16:06 for a number of years.
16:07 Shed some light upon that.
16:09 Well, when I first went in I was in there for four months.
16:11 Okay.
16:12 And as soon as I got in the door
16:14 I was placed in a jail cell with a guy.
16:16 He was into rap music and me and him
16:18 was going back and forth full of rapping and stuff like that.
16:20 But later on at night all of a sudden,
16:23 the guards came in and removed him
16:25 and I was left in there alone.
16:26 So for one day I was in the room by myself
16:28 and then all of a sudden again,
16:30 at 2 o'clock in the morning, a guy comes in,
16:33 throw his mat on the floor, and lays down.
16:35 He slept for about seven days and didn't say a word to me.
16:38 You know, he just get up to use bathroom,
16:40 to eat, and that was it.
16:41 Go back to sleep, okay.
16:43 And then when I was just in the edges of my bed, man,
16:44 and I was like, you know, just in despair,
16:46 loss of all hope, I lost my car,
16:47 my job, my wife, my dog, you know, everything.
16:50 You said a dog. Yeah, a dog.
16:52 And so, just sitting there and I heard his voice said,
16:56 "Have you called on Jesus?"
16:58 And then I'm like nobody is in here but me and this guy.
17:01 And so...
17:02 He's been sleep the whole time. He's been sleep the whole time.
17:04 And so I looked up and here he is sitting up,
17:07 did he, reach up on this mat,
17:08 you know, he pulls this Bible out
17:10 and he was like, "Have you called on Jesus?"
17:14 Then all of a sudden all these things
17:15 that my mother taught me going up began to...
17:17 Started to coming back. Coming back.
17:18 Okay.
17:20 And he opened his Bible up to Romans 10:9 and 10,
17:23 and he said, "If you believe in your heart,
17:24 confess with your mouth," and he was, he asked me,
17:26 he said, "Do you believe?"
17:27 I began to cry, man, and I said, yeah.
17:31 And from then I know and he began to read to me
17:33 the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John like a key...
17:36 Like a little bedtime story.
17:38 Bedtime story, that was, to a grown man,
17:39 he was reading stories and I'm in bed.
17:41 Okay.
17:43 In jail. In jail, all right.
17:45 You know, and I just began to just soak it all in.
17:50 And I was asking questions, he was like,
17:51 "Man, you are serious."
17:53 He says, "You're not like other people
17:54 who trying to accept God
17:55 just so they can get out of the jail."
17:57 Yeah, definitely.
17:58 He says, "'Cause you're asking questions."
17:59 But he was a guy that he was on drugs,
18:02 running the street, come from a background
18:03 of ministers in his family so he kind of, you know, new.
18:06 But while I was in there, I was in there for four months,
18:08 then one day they just called me to pack it up one day
18:11 and to leave after four months.
18:12 Okay.
18:13 And so I packed up my bag to leave
18:15 and he was like, "Go man."
18:16 They let me out at 11, 12 o'clock at night.
18:19 I'm walking down the street of Georgia,
18:22 nowhere to go.
18:23 Wow.
18:25 All of a sudden I call the guy up and he's like,
18:26 "I can accommodate you for two weeks so."
18:27 Yeah, okay.
18:29 He accommodated for two weeks
18:30 and I was out for three months, man,
18:31 and I end up getting my job back
18:33 and I was working second shift.
18:34 Okay.
18:36 And if you know anything about second shifts, second shift,
18:37 you, all day, you have no free time.
18:39 Yeah, definitely.
18:40 I was in there from 10am to 12 o'clock in night.
18:43 I go home, eat, go to sleep, wake up,
18:45 time to go back to work.
18:47 Yeah, go back to work, okay.
18:48 And I just began to get frustrated.
18:49 I was there for three months and I mean, one day,
18:52 'cause when I was in there I made list of goals
18:53 that I was going to join a church,
18:55 part of a ministry,
18:57 hang around Christian friends, and so forth.
18:58 So I was checking off my list and I end up joining this
19:00 nondenominational church about 9,000 members.
19:03 Okay. And so...
19:05 But before going to church that Sunday,
19:08 I just began to pray on my knees and beg, I said,
19:11 "Make time for me to study you word
19:13 like I was when I was in jail.
19:14 Just purify me, turn up the heat."
19:16 So I finished praying, and I go to church,
19:18 go to the church service and so forth,
19:20 after it was over, I'm leaving
19:21 driving back home, police pulled me over.
19:23 Wow.
19:24 And he says, "Sir, I need you to turn off your car,"
19:27 and I'm like, "What for?
19:28 You know, because if you have somebody turn off your car...
19:30 Yeah, that's not a good sign. That's not a good sign.
19:31 Yeah, definitely.
19:33 So, he said, "You're under arrest."
19:34 I'm like, "Why?"
19:36 He's like, "I don't know but you're coming with me."
19:37 Okay.
19:38 It's like, it's doesn't make sense.
19:40 And so he took me to jail and I'm in jail for four days
19:42 not knowing why I'm there.
19:44 And this guy come up to me, he was like
19:45 had his Bible in his hand, he was like,
19:47 "Do you believe in God?"
19:49 And I just laughed, man, you know,
19:50 the Holy Spirit has brought this back to my memories.
19:53 He's like, you told me to make time for you to study
19:55 when I was in, like he was in, when he was in jail so...
19:58 Yeah.
20:01 And while I was in there I just went into my room,
20:03 took that Bible, shut the door for three days and fasted.
20:05 Okay.
20:06 God just opened up all kind of things to me.
20:08 And so I was in there for a year,
20:13 almost a year, about six months,
20:15 they called me to go to court.
20:16 Okay.
20:18 And I went to court
20:19 and the DA presented my case to the judge.
20:20 They made me like this mad man, you know,
20:22 it's interesting, all of the things
20:24 I did in my life I go to jail for domestic violence.
20:27 Yeah, and so all of this was still stemming
20:28 from that same domestic violence case?
20:30 Same domestic violence. Okay.
20:31 So, you know, while I was in there my lawyer had came,
20:33 he says, you're in here because
20:35 they sent some notice for you to come to court
20:36 to the house that foreclosed, that I had
20:39 when I was in it in the first four months.
20:41 And so I missed it
20:42 and they had a warrant for my arrest.
20:43 Okay.
20:45 But they made me like a mad man in the court.
20:48 And so DA was looking at the judge and say,
20:50 "We recommend that this guy get two years in prison."
20:51 Wow.
20:52 And the judge was looking at me but talking to the DA,
20:54 he says, "No, he's not getting two years."
20:57 I'm like, "Lord, I can't do two years,
20:59 I gave my life over to you, Lord."
21:01 I'm like, "What else do you want from me?"
21:03 And then he said, "No, he is gonna get six years."
21:05 Wow.
21:06 So when he said not two years, I'm thinking, you know,
21:08 he's gonna go down in years,
21:10 he then went up in the years to six years.
21:11 Wow.
21:13 And that was, it was pretty rough.
21:14 Okay.
21:16 And so my faith was washed over,
21:18 I was like a flower, man,
21:19 just standing strong when I went to court
21:20 and all of a sudden serge of water just washed me over.
21:23 And so I go back to jail and I'm sitting at the table,
21:25 I have my Bible here in my hand,
21:27 you know, and I'm looking at the Bible
21:28 and I look at the trash can, look at the Bible,
21:30 look at the trash can, want to throw it away.
21:32 Yeah.
21:33 I began to heard the Holy Spirit speak to me.
21:35 Okay.
21:36 Began to hear Him speak to me and so He says,
21:38 "You're gonna need that."
21:39 So I began to study more and more.
21:41 Okay. In fact you know what?
21:42 A year went by. Wow.
21:44 And I'm just sitting there.
21:45 I'd started this Bible study group in jail
21:47 and about 15, 20 guys.
21:49 And then a year went by like I said,
21:52 I get a call from my lawyer.
21:53 Okay.
21:55 And he says, "Well, I got some good news for you.
21:58 The DA wants to take three of your charges,"
22:02 well, I had six felonies by the way, six.
22:03 Okay. Wow.
22:05 "He want to take three of your charges,
22:07 lower them to misdemeanors
22:08 and take the other three and throw them away."
22:10 And he wanna give you two years on probation,
22:11 let you go home on Monday.
22:13 Okay.
22:14 He says, "And the judge, she wanted to give you
22:16 six years on vacation."
22:17 Let me take this. So I'm like, "Let's take this.
22:21 I'm missing enough love, let's go."
22:22 Okay.
22:23 So I go to court, my Mother comes and pick me up.
22:27 Okay.
22:28 And the DA, seeing my parents just came to support me,
22:31 my Mother, my Dad even came.
22:32 Okay.
22:34 And my lawyer said to me, the DA had his look on her face
22:37 and he was like, "No, I changed my mind.
22:39 I want him to do a whole year in jail
22:43 and give him one year probation when he gets out."
22:45 So I was in county jail the whole time.
22:47 The county jail, prison,
22:49 you got little bit more freedom.
22:50 Yeah, yeah, definitely.
22:52 But the county jail, you just there...
22:53 Yeah, you're just sitting in the cell the whole time.
22:55 Yeah, definitely. Yeah.
22:56 And so I'm like, "Send me to prison."
23:00 At least, you get to on a yard
23:01 and walk around, exercise, things like that.
23:02 You don't have that. Yeah. Definitely.
23:04 And so I was like, I'm not gonna take it though.
23:05 And he was like, you know, the judge will be back,
23:08 he wanna give you six years.
23:09 I said, "Ask my mother," and my mother was like,
23:10 "Just take it."
23:12 Okay. And I said, "Fine.
23:13 I'll take it."
23:14 He says, "You're gonna get good time,"
23:16 my lawyer, he says,
23:17 "Now I must consider a year, you already did 12,
23:19 you're gonna have only 6 months to do."
23:21 He said, "Your release day would be say for
23:22 October 27th of 2007."
23:25 So I go back to jail and I'm sitting there,
23:28 studying my Bible.
23:30 God is showing me while I'm sitting there.
23:32 I just had to go play cards a little bit here and there
23:35 and all of a sudden He says,
23:37 "I want you to sit back and look,"
23:39 while they play cards, "look at their character
23:41 while they're playing cards.
23:42 Look at their attitude, this is not of me".
23:44 He says, okay, so I withdrew myself
23:45 from the card table, stop playing cards,
23:47 didn't hear the TV.
23:48 Look at the things you watch, this isn't glorifying me."
23:50 Yeah.
23:52 So I withdrew myself from the TV
23:53 and just stayed at the Bible.
23:54 And October 27th came
23:57 and they come and pack my stuff up,
23:59 sergeant comes to verify my paper work.
24:01 And he says, "Sir, we're sorry, you can't leave."
24:03 And I'm like, "Are you serious?"
24:04 Wow. Another blow to the chest.
24:06 Another blow.
24:08 He says, "We take domestic violence here
24:09 seriously instead of Georgia."
24:11 I'm like, man, so I go back into the pod area
24:14 and the guy, and my friend, he was like,
24:16 "Man, just have faith."
24:17 I'm like, "Lord, why are you testing me?"
24:18 Yeah, "Like this".
24:20 I just want to go home, you know.
24:21 And so I'm sitting in there and they set my release date.
24:25 They added another six more months.
24:26 I had to do the full year. Okay.
24:28 And they set it for April, the 24th of 2008.
24:31 And so this time I don't know what God is about to do.
24:33 So I'm in there and then around February.
24:35 Okay.
24:36 I'm just reading the Bible and seeing there's gonna be
24:39 deceiving doctrines and things like that
24:40 and I said, "Lord, I don't wanna be deceived.
24:42 I wanna know the truth of your word."
24:44 Yeah.
24:45 And I said, "I wanna understand the book of Revelation."
24:47 Okay.
24:48 And so I began to fast for three days
24:50 just reading the whole book of Revelation
24:51 while I was in there.
24:53 And in the second day while I was fasting,
24:54 I was sitting on a table, a guy,
24:55 new guy comes in about 50 years of age.
24:57 And he sits down beside me and says, ask me,
25:00 well, he asks me, he says, "What are you reading?"
25:02 I said, "Revelation."
25:03 I said, "I don't understand," and he says, "You will."
25:05 Okay. I'm like, "Okay."
25:06 And then he said, I asked him I said,
25:09 "Do you even watch college football?"
25:10 And he was like, "No."
25:11 And he said, "Today is the Sabbath."
25:13 Yeah. Okay, okay.
25:14 So now you're about to start learning about the Sabbath?
25:15 And I'm learning about the Sabbath.
25:17 Okay.
25:18 And I'm like, "Well, what is that?"
25:20 And he began to explain to me this Seventh-day Adventist.
25:21 I'm like, "What is that?
25:22 You go church seven days, a week or what?"
25:24 You know.
25:25 You know, he started laughing like you did but...
25:26 Okay.
25:28 So, and then he just began to explain this to me
25:32 and he handed me a book called, "The National Sunday Law."
25:35 And I began to read this book about Sunday law
25:38 and stuff like that and the Sabbath.
25:40 And he handed me a pamphlet from Amazing Facts on Daniel 2.
25:44 And he handed me another one, Daniel 9,
25:45 I'm just soaking it all, I'm like, wow, this is amazing.
25:48 Okay.
25:49 And so, and I just began to learn about
25:51 the Sabbath and I...
25:53 A Muslim inside actually gave me a book.
25:56 He says, "Take this book I want you to read it."
25:57 I mean, he's trying to convert his Muslim
25:59 over to Christianity.
26:00 He said, "Take this book", he said, "I don't like it
26:02 but you may like it".
26:04 So I took it and then I looked at it
26:06 and it said, "American Prophecy".
26:07 Yeah, yeah. That's the Great Controversy.
26:08 Well, at the time I didn't know it was Great Controversy.
26:10 So...
26:11 And I just began to read it
26:12 and learned about the Sabbath more
26:14 and I just began to be convicted
26:16 by the Sabbath in jail.
26:17 And I took it and shared it with my other people
26:19 I was in Bible study with,
26:20 and they were like, "Man, it works".
26:21 I'm like, "You don't understand,
26:23 this is not how it works".
26:24 Okay. Now our time, our time is slipping away from us.
26:26 All right, all right.
26:27 But eventually, you got out,
26:28 you've learned about the Sabbath,
26:30 and you went to Wildwood, Georgia
26:31 where you learned the health ministry.
26:33 Talk real briefly about your ministry, real quick.
26:36 All right, well, I was in school at Wildwood,
26:40 I had made a transition to a school there
26:42 to learn about gospel medical missionary work.
26:44 And so my wife and I, Samantha, we had,
26:48 we had desire to share the gospel
26:50 and do the medical work together.
26:51 Okay.
26:53 And so her having health background
26:54 and me being evangelist.
26:55 Okay.
26:57 And we decided to start a ministry
26:58 which is STANDUP Ministry.
26:59 It's a acronym for Steadfastly Teaching
27:02 And Nourishing Daily Unapologetic Present Truth.
27:05 And so we started this ministry
27:06 and that's what we do now,
27:08 we just go around different churches and schools
27:09 doing and do revivals
27:11 and doing health services and stuff.
27:12 Okay, okay. Amen.
27:14 So it's interesting how at a younger age
27:16 God said that you're gonna be preaching
27:18 in front of people
27:19 and next thing you know that's what you're doing.
27:20 That's what I'm doing.
27:22 You're preaching in front of people.
27:23 I want you to take about 10 seconds,
27:24 and I want you to talk to that young person
27:26 that's going through the things that you went through,
27:27 that sees the drugs and all, sees the fast money.
27:29 I want you to talk to them
27:30 and give them few words of encouragement.
27:32 Well, the thing I have to say is that,
27:35 the decisions you make
27:37 on the choices you have
27:39 will determine where you end up.
27:41 And so it's good to make Christ-like
27:45 godly decisions on all things.
27:47 Amen.
27:48 And find out what your purpose is in life,
27:49 so you won't be here and there just doing in and everything.
27:52 Amen, amen.
27:54 Follow Christ, it's the only way to go.
27:55 Thank you, Kendor, for being on.
27:56 Tune in next time for an exciting program
27:59 of the New Journey.


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