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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:04 may be too candid for younger children.
00:10 Welcome to The New Journey.
00:11 A program where you'll meet real life people,
00:13 with real life testimonies,
00:14 doing real life ministry for Jesus Christ.
00:16 I'm your host, Aaron Chancy.
00:18 Come join us on The New Journey.
00:51 Welcome back to the program.
00:53 Today, we have an exciting program
00:54 with a young man by the name of Terrence Marshall.
00:56 Terrence, we like to thank you for being on the program.
00:59 Thank you, Aaron.
01:00 All right, just for some general information,
01:01 Terrence, if you could tell us where you're from,
01:04 where you were born and raised, and how old you are?
01:06 Well, originally, I was born in a little place,
01:08 it's an island called Bermuda.
01:09 Okay.
01:11 Lot of people would talk about the Bermuda Triangle, you know,
01:13 and stuff like that.
01:16 I mean, we've been there on planes,
01:18 on and off, and everything.
01:20 And they just, they take that,
01:23 and blow it out to proportion
01:24 because they were told not to go out
01:28 when they went,
01:30 like the weather and everything,
01:31 it was having bad weather and they would go out
01:33 when they were told not to.
01:35 And so it blew up
01:36 into a big huge triangle thing, you know.
01:38 Yeah, definitely, definitely.
01:39 And so I was born there and I spent,
01:42 till I was five years old...
01:43 Okay. In Bermuda.
01:45 And then we moved here to the States
01:47 which is where my mom lived, which was in Missouri.
01:50 My mom met my dad in Bermuda.
01:52 She was in navy, she was air traffic controller.
01:56 So they met through the church in Bermuda and got married.
01:59 And she moved to her mom and dad's place in Missouri.
02:04 Okay, okay. So then we spent the rest of...
02:07 Until like 2004, and then we moved up here to 3ABN.
02:10 Okay, okay.
02:11 So talk about your early life for me a little bit
02:14 because what's interesting,
02:15 this is a program where we share testimonies.
02:17 And one of the most interesting things is that
02:19 you're only 19 years old. Yeah.
02:21 And I find that, you know, very good,
02:24 that now you're serving the Lord,
02:25 because at 19,
02:27 I was headed to the penitentiary
02:28 when 19 years old.
02:30 So talk about your early life a little bit,
02:32 and how it was for you growing up.
02:34 Well, early life for me,
02:37 I was, you know, my mom was always wanting
02:40 to bring us up in a Christian environment,
02:42 you know, she wanted to bring us up
02:44 where there was no worldly nothing.
02:47 So when I had the opportunity to go to school,
02:53 she wanted to try to find
02:55 the best education school for me.
02:57 So the first school that I actually went to
03:00 was a Mennonite School.
03:02 And I don't know, some people don't know
03:04 about the Mennonite and Amish.
03:05 Mennonites, they're more strict.
03:09 They're less strict than Amish,
03:11 but they're also strict, they only...
03:15 They wear long dresses, pleated shirts,
03:17 and black pants.
03:19 And they drive black vehicles,
03:23 and they have their own certain type of religion.
03:26 Yeah, yeah...
03:27 And so they were more Christian,
03:29 more Christian fellowship and everything.
03:31 So I went to the Mennonite school
03:32 until I was in first grade. Okay.
03:34 And then they found out that we had internet in our house,
03:38 and they call internet, the devil.
03:40 Wow!
03:42 So they said that we cannot come back the next year.
03:45 So then I went back to home schooling
03:48 and my mom home schooled me through third and fourth grade,
03:51 then I moved up here.
03:53 And then, fifth and sixth,
03:55 I went over here to the Christian school
03:58 here at 3ABN.
03:59 And I don't know, it just...
04:02 I wasn't used to school,
04:04 so a lot of people kept, you know, picking on me
04:08 and stuff like this, and I was just like,
04:10 "Man, I'm fed up," you know,
04:11 I'm fed up with what they're picking on me
04:14 for different issues, you know,
04:16 because I didn't fit in, because a lot of my issue was,
04:19 I was raised up around elderly parents.
04:22 My parents were like 50s, 60s, you know,
04:26 so they're almost like grand parents to me...
04:28 Yeah, definitely.
04:29 Instead of being actual young parents
04:31 that could play and stuff like that.
04:33 So I ended up maturing at a younger age,
04:39 working and stuff like that
04:41 around the house and everything.
04:43 So after I got out of Christian school,
04:46 I went back to home school for another year.
04:48 And then I went to the Public school
04:50 up here in Thompsonville.
04:51 And the Public school,
04:54 you know, you get every aspect there.
04:56 And the biggest thing with Pubic school was is,
05:00 you know, as being raised as much as a sheltered life,
05:05 you know, you get to Public school
05:06 and they're like, "Hey, have you seen that movie?"
05:10 You know, and I'm like...
05:11 What movie? "What are you talking about?"
05:13 You know, the only movies I watched
05:15 was like Moses, Abraham...
05:17 Bible story. You know, Bible story movies.
05:19 And I'm like, "What are you talking about?"
05:21 And they were like, "Well, you never watched that
05:23 when you were a kid?"
05:24 And I was like, "No."
05:25 And then one of my teachers was like, you know,
05:28 "What about the nursery rhymes?"
05:30 I was like, "What's that?"
05:32 You know, I never was taught that,
05:34 because my mom want to raise me up
05:37 at a matured level of Christianity,
05:41 knowing right from wrong, you know,
05:43 and she really never taught us that side of the story,
05:46 you know, movies and how they affect your brain,
05:49 you know, and stuff like that,
05:51 because we always watched Christian movies.
05:52 Yeah, definitely.
05:53 So with kids, when you transferred to Public school,
05:56 when kids were coming to you about the movies
05:58 and different things like that,
05:59 how did that make you feel as a young person
06:01 when they were picking on you and different things like that?
06:03 Well, it tore me up, you know, because then I was like,
06:06 "Well, hey, I gotta get in the realm of watching movies,
06:09 the newest movies out."
06:11 You know, because then they were into newest movies out,
06:13 you know, you just...
06:14 "Hey, we just went to the movie."
06:15 And that's another thing my mother always told us.
06:18 Ellen G. White said that
06:19 you ain't supposed to go to the movie theatres.
06:21 Then they'd all be going out to the movie theatres,
06:23 watching the new, latest movie out.
06:26 And I'm like, "So, what is this?"
06:29 You know. Okay.
06:30 And so I was kind of not in the right environment,
06:34 you know, you could tell,
06:35 but then I had to speed up my life
06:37 and say, "Hey, you know, I need to start watching the movies.
06:41 And I need to start..." You know.
06:42 So basically trying to blend in
06:44 with everybody else 'cause you...
06:45 Yeah, with everybody else, yes.
06:46 It's almost like you stood out like a sore thumb.
06:48 Yeah, yeah. Okay, okay.
06:49 And I didn't wanna do that, you know, and that was...
06:51 Let me ask you a question.
06:53 Why did you not wanna stick out like a sore thumb?
06:55 I know a lot of times for younger people,
06:57 it's hard to do that
06:59 because we wanna be part of the "in crowd."
07:01 Why do you think that
07:02 you didn't wanna stand out versus,
07:05 you know, and getting involved in that, mixed?
07:08 Well, I didn't wanna stand out
07:10 because, you know, it was kind of like my first year
07:14 going to Public school and I kind of went...
07:16 Like I said, you said, "You wanna fit in
07:18 with what other people were doing."
07:20 You know.
07:22 And then, they already, you know,
07:24 once you say that you're a Seventh-day Adventist,
07:26 then they all link us with 3ABN already.
07:29 Yeah, okay, yeah, 'cause it's prevalent in this area.
07:31 So, because it's prevalent in this area.
07:32 So then you're like, so you already got the bash
07:35 from both ends, you know, around here
07:38 and so you're kind of like, "Where do you stand?"
07:41 And you can't really stand because you don't wanna stand,
07:44 because then they're looking at you
07:45 and like, "Well, why this and why that?"
07:48 You know. Okay.
07:49 And always asking you questions and stuff like that.
07:53 But, so that was the way it was in Public school.
07:58 And then, and I got into freshman year.
08:02 One of the seniors said,
08:05 "Hey, man, you wanna try some chew?"
08:08 You know, chewing tobacco.
08:09 "It ain't no big deal.
08:11 It's gonna make you mature more."
08:14 And so I was like, "Okay, no problem."
08:16 So I put in a dip and almost fainted right there
08:21 and almost started throwing up right there,
08:24 but, you know, that's what the cool kids do,
08:27 so you wanna do it, you know.
08:29 How much of an impact do you think
08:31 peer pressure played upon your life?
08:32 Because I've had some people say,
08:34 "Well, I wasn't impacted by peer pressure
08:36 and different things like that" which,
08:38 you know, here and/or there, whether it's true or not,
08:40 I think that what's around us
08:42 definitely plays a part into what we do.
08:44 So how much in your life do you think
08:46 peer pressure played ac part in what you got involved in?
08:49 Well, I believe peer pressure plays a big part
08:52 in going to high school, you know, and stuff like that,
08:55 and being just out in the world, you know,
08:57 you get an aspect of being out in the world
09:00 when you're in Public school,
09:01 you know, you got the downer people,
09:04 more down lower on the scale that didn't really have much,
09:07 you know, as they were growing up and stuff like that.
09:10 Then you have the higher class people,
09:12 you know, and stuff like that.
09:15 And so the downers wanna get more of the higher up people,
09:19 you know, and you got the contrast
09:21 and you just gotta find your own little space
09:24 to pop in, you know.
09:25 You gotta find yourself in there.
09:26 And find yourself in it
09:28 and get your right mix, you know.
09:30 Definitely, definitely.
09:31 Do you think that you would have been,
09:33 would have done better had you stayed in private school
09:36 versus going to Public school or how do you feel about that?
09:40 Well, I really think that going to Public school,
09:42 you know, it's kind of hard to find out
09:45 what the right age is, you know,
09:47 because Public school really shows you
09:50 what's out there, you know.
09:52 And it's gonna show you like what you have to deal with
09:56 if you wanna go and minister to people out there, you know.
09:59 It's gonna show you how the world is,
10:02 and how corrupt it is,
10:04 and how people you know are always just showing off
10:08 every part of their body, you know,
10:10 and stuff like that, you know.
10:12 It's gonna show you how much temptation there is out there.
10:15 Yeah, definitely.
10:16 And so that's why I think it actually was good in a way,
10:21 but I wish I would have stuck toward to what I believed in...
10:25 Yeah, the Biblical principles.
10:27 You know, the Biblical principles
10:28 that I was brought up with.
10:30 Okay, now you've mentioned a little bit ago
10:31 how you in the ninth grade, freshman year I believe,
10:34 where you were introduced to chewing tobacco.
10:37 After that chewing tobacco,
10:38 what else did you get involved in?
10:40 After the chewing tobacco, then sophomore year,
10:43 around sophomore year, then I was at a baseball game,
10:47 couple of my buds, Tay and Jake,
10:50 they were like, "So let's go behind,"
10:53 there was the baseball diamonds kind of here
10:55 and then you could go around a field,
10:57 and then down into the trees,
10:59 and they were like, "Hey, let's go down there
11:01 and smoke some cigs."
11:03 So I was like, "Okay, no problem.
11:04 I wanna try it out."
11:06 You know, I wanna be cool.
11:07 Okay, so this was your first time, smoking cigarette.
11:09 It's first time smoking cigs, yeah.
11:10 And so I'm like, "Okay, so let' go down there."
11:13 And so I almost gagged my lungs out,
11:16 you know, because I'm not used to it.
11:18 And so, then I was like,
11:19 "Man, I don't really wanna deal with that," you know.
11:22 But then after all that, you know, spin,
11:26 then it was into my junior year,
11:30 I had to get some tools for one of my buds
11:36 that was the one that started me chewing tobacco
11:40 in freshman year.
11:41 He'd already graduated
11:42 and he needed some tools to fix his vehicle.
11:44 So I was like, "Hey, okay."
11:46 So I'll go home and get my tools out,
11:48 I didn't live that far away.
11:49 So I went home, and got my tools,
11:51 and brought them to him, and let him fix his vehicle.
11:54 He's like, "Hey, man.
11:55 I got some K2, you wanna smoke it?"
11:57 Okay, okay. I'm like, "Okay."
11:59 So I was like, "Okay, this can't be that bad,
12:02 you know, it wasn't bad before, you know, so..."
12:05 Now for those that don't know what K2 is,
12:07 can you explain what K2 actually is?
12:10 Well, K2 is called synthetic drug.
12:13 It's made differently than real marijuana,
12:18 but it gives you the same high as real marijuana does.
12:23 And then you have another aspect
12:25 which was potpourri.
12:26 Potpourri was incense like you would put in your house,
12:30 you could put that into a pipe, and you could smoke it,
12:32 and you could get high off.
12:34 It's a whole different high though.
12:37 Okay, how did you learn about the potpourri?
12:39 How did that come about?
12:40 Because I've never heard anybody ever in my life,
12:42 and I noticed a lot of different things
12:44 that people can get high off.
12:45 But how did you learn about,
12:47 that you can get high off a potpourri?
12:49 Well, the guy that was doing the K2,
12:54 and we did the K2,
12:56 then he was like, "Hey, man, you can get this stuff
13:00 at a smoke shop."
13:02 And I was like, "Okay."
13:03 So it was only like 3 grams for like 40-45 bucks.
13:07 So that's easy change, you know.
13:09 And it would get you high as K2 would.
13:12 And so, then he was like,
13:13 "Yeah, man, it's called potpourri."
13:15 And I was like, "Okay."
13:16 So then he let me into
13:18 what it was called and everything.
13:20 And then after that, I tried to stay off of it
13:23 as much as I could,
13:24 because I knew that this stuff was not good for us, you know.
13:28 I knew K2 was bad because I had heard all the statistics,
13:31 you know, K2 is terrible for your brain cells
13:34 and all this stuff.
13:35 So then I was like,
13:37 "Well, I need to get to the real stuff, you know,
13:39 so that I need to start smoking marijuana."
13:40 Okay...
13:42 So after I got done with
13:46 the night out there at the lake,
13:48 helping him with his tires and everything,
13:50 then I, I, at the time,
13:53 had a girlfriend that smoked too,
13:57 smoked marijuana, real stuff, weed.
14:00 And so, then it just passed all in, you know,
14:03 and so then I was buying because I had a job.
14:07 And she was smoking and we were smoking.
14:09 We were both getting high
14:11 and we were having a beautiful life, you know.
14:14 And then like I said,
14:15 being peer pressured into sex and everything,
14:18 it was sex everyday, twice a day sometimes.
14:21 Wow!
14:22 You know, and this went on for a nine-month period.
14:25 And then finally, I was like,
14:26 "Man, this is not the lifestyle that I need to live.
14:29 I'm fed up with it."
14:30 Okay, now before you get to there,
14:32 I wanna hit on a couple of points.
14:34 One, you mentioned about the sex everyday.
14:38 And the reason I'm saying this,
14:40 because I think a lot of young people
14:41 are peer pressured into sex.
14:42 I remember when I was younger, around 14 years old or so,
14:46 and I used to have one of my friends
14:49 that used to joke on me because I wasn't having sex yet.
14:51 And it's interesting
14:53 how this thing played itself out.
14:55 So because of that peer pressure,
14:57 I thought, "Okay, well, this is what a young kid
15:00 is supposed to do, he's supposed to have sex."
15:02 You know, at that time, I was just having fun being outside,
15:04 playing basketball, you know, different things like that.
15:06 And, you know, I wasn't really concerned with sex
15:10 as much it might have been before 14,
15:11 maybe around 13, 12, something like that.
15:14 But anyhow, I started having sex.
15:17 And then years later, when we got older,
15:21 I moved back to where I was
15:22 and he told me, "You know what?"
15:24 He said, "I wasn't even having sex back then either."
15:27 And it wasn't until, I was like 18, 19,
15:29 till almost out of high school that I had sex.
15:32 And I found it very interesting how,
15:34 "Hold on, you're clowning me for something
15:36 and you weren't doing it either."
15:38 And it's interesting how peer pressure works.
15:40 Yeah. What do you think about that?
15:41 It is very true.
15:44 A lot other people, they like would talk to me about it
15:48 and stuff, they weren't even at that point yet
15:52 in their life too, like you said.
15:54 So it was kind of weird, but anyhow, like I was saying,
15:58 you know, it's what peer pressure
16:00 does to you, you know.
16:02 And another thing is you can go back,
16:04 like when I was around five and seven and stuff,
16:08 my older sister watched porn, you know,
16:12 so I'd already gotten to see, you know, everything,
16:15 and I knew, you know, like all the different aspects
16:18 and that's another thing finding all out,
16:20 all of the different aspects and everything of it, you know.
16:24 And so, then that was
16:25 a learning process too, you know.
16:27 Okay, now you mentioned about
16:28 the first time that you smoked cigarettes.
16:30 And we're gonna eventually get into,
16:32 you know, when you got fed up,
16:33 but there's a few key things that I wanna hit on.
16:36 When you mentioned about, when you smoked cigarettes,
16:38 you gagged and you were sick.
16:40 And the thing that stands out to me is
16:42 because I remember the first time where I smoked,
16:45 I was about 15 years old, smoke, drinking,
16:47 I was at a house party.
16:48 Snuck out of the house, went to this party,
16:50 actually me and my brother, and we went there,
16:53 and, you know, I got so drunk
16:55 and the next morning, I had a hang over,
16:58 but I knew at that moment,
16:59 even though I got sick, that I was hooked.
17:02 It was something about it that hooked me.
17:04 And the reason I'm bringing this up
17:06 is because even though you gagged from the cigarettes,
17:08 you still progressed into other things.
17:10 Why do you think
17:12 that you progressed into other things
17:14 as the potpourri, the K2, the marijuana,
17:16 when just from the cigarettes, it was kind of like,
17:19 you know, it was like your body was rejecting it?
17:21 Why do you think you got into that?
17:23 Well, I got into it like I said,
17:25 because of the girl that I was with at that time,
17:29 you know, she smoked, all right?
17:31 So I had to buy the tobacco to roll the tubes,
17:35 to roll the cigarettes.
17:36 So since she smoked,
17:38 I wanted to get my money's worth
17:40 out of what I was buying, all right?
17:42 The same way with the weed.
17:43 I wanted to get my money's worth out of what I bought.
17:47 You know, so I needed to smoke along with,
17:49 that was mostly all my thing.
17:50 It was money management.
17:52 I want the money, you know, manage my money.
17:54 And if I was buying it, I need to partake of it,
17:57 you know, and the same way with buying,
17:59 chewing tobacco and stuff like that.
18:01 Okay.
18:03 So that was the big thing, you know.
18:04 And then like I said, finally,
18:06 I was like, "Man, I don't need this.
18:08 I need to get rid of it."
18:10 You know, and stuff like that.
18:11 And then, you know, after a little bit,
18:15 like the weed didn't start first,
18:16 alcohol drinking started first.
18:19 And then...
18:20 Now was it more of just social drinking
18:22 or was it like everyday drinking?
18:23 It was more of social drinking, yeah,
18:25 if we'd have bonfire or something,
18:27 we'd have few beers, you know, stuff like that.
18:30 And then it would progress onto,
18:33 you know, birthday parties and stuff like that.
18:36 And we'd have hideouts
18:38 in different places and stuff like that.
18:40 And then sometimes,
18:42 if we'd go four-wheeler riding or something,
18:44 we'd have beer coolers and stuff like that, you know.
18:48 The older people would
18:50 and they'd be like, "You want a beer?"
18:51 And so, if you'd say, no,
18:53 then they'd be like, "Well, so, what's your problem?"
18:55 Yeah, you know, it's like, you got a problem
18:56 and you don't wanna partake in it.
18:58 It's just interesting how the world is,
19:00 where if you're not doing something that's wrong,
19:02 it's almost like there's something with you.
19:04 Wrong with you, yeah.
19:05 You know, and it's not necessarily
19:07 anything wrong with me.
19:08 It's, "I don't wanna do it,"
19:09 but it's like the world pressures you into it so much
19:11 and at a young age, it's almost hard to deny it.
19:14 Yeah. Well, go ahead.
19:15 Yeah, so anyhow, I decided that,
19:18 "Hey, I need to get some things right,
19:20 you know, I need to get,
19:21 I need to get rid of this girl."
19:23 You know, and so, me,
19:26 I've always been a generous person, you know.
19:29 I've always helped people out as much as I could,
19:31 that's what I was taught by the religious views,
19:34 you know, help out as much as you can.
19:36 Definitely...
19:38 And that's the same way, that's why so much,
19:40 a lot of the drug users would be around me
19:42 because they'd be like, "Hey, man, I'm so high, man.
19:45 I need a ride, man."
19:46 You know. "Come pick me up.
19:48 I need to go somewhere."
19:49 You know, or, "I need to go and get some."
19:51 You know, and then they would be like, you know...
19:54 And then all of a sudden,
19:56 I started, someone had to let it out.
19:58 I started getting stopped all the time,
20:00 you know, by cops.
20:02 I'm like, "Dude, man, we can't keep no more weed in this car,
20:05 you know, because I'm getting stopped all the time."
20:08 I've been stopped by sheriffs five times,
20:12 and they've searched my car every time I had been stopped.
20:14 Yeah, wow!
20:16 You know, so I was like, "Man, I don't wanna go to prison."
20:18 You know, and I'm starting to sketch out.
20:21 So, I said, "No more drugs in my car."
20:25 You know, and then they started to lax off
20:27 and then it started to come again.
20:29 So then I was like, "Man, I need to separate."
20:31 And kind of, you know,
20:33 and then one of my friends, Matt Ree,
20:36 he was like, "Yeah, man,
20:38 all they're using you for is the rides and stuff."
20:40 And I was like, "I know, man."
20:42 And so he was like...
20:44 He says, you know,
20:45 "You've really touched my life,"
20:47 you know, because he said, "As much as you be real,
20:50 even if you have to go through things,
20:53 you know, how much you be real, you know,
20:55 and you don't find that out here in the world."
20:58 Yes, yes.
20:59 You don't find real people, you know.
21:01 And he says, "You've touched me so much
21:03 is how much you'd be there
21:05 anytime you are needed," you know.
21:08 And so he still lives around here and stuff,
21:13 and I still keep in contact with him
21:14 because I graduated this last year, 2014.
21:18 Okay.
21:19 So then...
21:22 So after that like I said,
21:25 with the girl, I broke up with her.
21:27 So I was generous
21:29 and I said, "Hey, you wanna take my car to Missouri."
21:32 Her mom had come up from Texas. Okay.
21:35 So she was like, "Yeah, no problem."
21:37 So I said, "Okay."
21:39 So I said, "The only thing I wanna do is
21:41 because of my religion and everything.
21:42 I'll pray with you before you leave,
21:44 so you can have safe travel."
21:46 She said, "Okay."
21:47 So I go to her house and I go to pick her up.
21:49 And I cleaned everything out of my car, you know,
21:51 because in my car, I got a nice sound system,
21:55 two twelve-inch subs, you know, pushing the amp,
21:59 you know, got to be pimp,
22:01 you know, you listen to that rap music
22:03 while you're smoking that joint, you know.
22:06 So I cleaned all that stuff out
22:10 'cause I'm like, "Man, I don't know
22:11 who's gonna have this car,
22:12 200-300 dollar equipment in my car," you know,
22:16 "I don't know who's got it."
22:18 You know, so I cleaned all that stuff out
22:20 and she's always calling me, "Hey, are you coming?
22:22 Are you coming?"
22:24 I was like, "Yeah, I'll be there."
22:25 So when I get there,
22:26 her little brother gets in the car,
22:28 and she's like, "Okay, I'm gonna drop him off
22:29 at his grandparents' house."
22:31 Well, she lived at her grandparents' house,
22:34 which is not too far from my house.
22:36 So I was like, "It must be those grandparents."
22:38 So I proceed and go down the New Lake road,
22:41 and that's where her grandparents lived.
22:43 And so I go down there and she's like,
22:46 "That's not the right grandparents."
22:49 She's going to the other side of the family.
22:51 I said, "Okay."
22:52 So I whip it in by Stevens Branch road
22:55 and the car kind of skids, so I counteracted.
22:58 And so I get to my house, and I get out of the car,
23:00 and I go into the garage,
23:02 and wait for her to come and pray with me.
23:03 She's like, "I knew this would happen,
23:05 you know, you wouldn't let me use the car."
23:07 And blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, went off all on me.
23:10 Yeah. So I followed her.
23:12 And she got out and started walking down the road,
23:14 so I followed her down the road.
23:16 And I told her,
23:19 she was talking to her dad to come, pick her up.
23:22 I told her, I said, "I want your dad to talk to me."
23:26 Okay. She said, "Okay."
23:28 So I get down the road
23:29 and I'm just coming over the rise
23:31 'cause I live on the same road as 3ABN.
23:34 While coming over the rise
23:35 and there he's coming up with his lights on and everything.
23:39 So they put all the luggage in the car,
23:41 long story short...
23:45 I left that with five stitches in the mouth
23:49 and two black eyes, because...
23:51 Wow! Wow! So you and her dad got into it.
23:53 Yeah, her dad got out of the car,
23:55 her dad was a alcoholic.
23:57 He started...
23:59 No, the brother started, which was 15.
24:02 He started, got seven rounds of punches in.
24:05 And then the dad got in and he got one round in.
24:09 And so there I am, you know, I'm bleeding all over.
24:14 And I'm like, "Man, where am I gonna go?"
24:16 You know, "I don't wanna go back home
24:18 'cause I don't wanna worry my parents."
24:20 You know, where have I been?
24:22 You know, and stuff like that.
24:23 So that's what I had to deal with.
24:25 So then I went to the gas station
24:27 and a couple of my friends were like, "Man, what's happened?
24:29 You look like, you look like a zombie, you know,
24:32 and stuff, crying"
24:33 You know, "you look like a zombie."
24:35 I'm like, "Man, I just got beat up
24:37 by my ex's father and brother."
24:41 And all it was over was recklessly driving
24:44 with the little kid in the car, you know.
24:46 So, no sense in it at all,
24:51 but, so anyhow, I went to the hospital
24:53 and like I said, I got five stitches and everything.
24:56 And then I finally was just like,
24:58 "Man, I gotta kind of get out this, you know."
25:01 Yeah, so do you think
25:02 that was kind of like your breaking point in life
25:04 when you realized, "I needed to make a change."
25:05 It was a little bit of my breaking point
25:08 but then I still went back to the alcohol,
25:09 and I still went back to the weed.
25:12 My biggest breaking point in my life
25:14 was just here recently, June 1st, 2014.
25:20 My mom passed away, you know. Oh, wow! Wow!
25:22 And that's what really broke me, you know,
25:25 it broke me where I'm just like,
25:27 because the weekend before she died,
25:29 I was drunk, and I was smoking weed, you know.
25:34 And I didn't have that time to spend with her
25:36 when I could've been spending time
25:38 with my mother before she died, you know.
25:40 And it really scars me to this day,
25:44 but I have to move on,
25:45 and I have to know that I'm gonna see her, you know,
25:48 and that's what it gives me as assurance that,
25:50 "Hey, I'm gonna see her in the kingdom,
25:52 so I need to get my life right with God," you know.
25:55 Definitely, definitely.
25:56 What do you think you can say to young people,
25:58 looking into the camera because,
26:00 you know, it's interesting how, like I said,
26:02 you're 19 years old, and many, many young people at your age,
26:05 they haven't come to that realization like you have?
26:08 And what do you think that you can say to young people
26:11 to get them to realize that, you know,
26:14 the time for the playing the games is over,
26:15 you know, it's time to make a change,
26:17 it's time to come back to the Lord?
26:19 I want you to talk to that young person right now.
26:21 Well, I really think that,
26:23 what I would like to say to you,
26:25 the young people, right now, is that, don't wait, you know,
26:29 Aaron shared his testimony,
26:31 don't wait until you hit rock bottom, you know.
26:34 Sometimes you have to but if you know the truth
26:37 and you believe the truth,
26:39 don't wait for a tragedy to happen, you know.
26:43 Losing my mother was a tragedy.
26:45 It had to happen, you know, before it turned my life around
26:49 and made me think, "Hey, I need to stop some of these things
26:53 that's going on in my life," you know.
26:55 And I'm not saying that,
26:57 you know, everybody's not perfect.
26:58 They got a past, you know,
27:00 but don't wait for that tragedy to happen.
27:03 Definitely, definitely. Those are good words.
27:06 You know, like I said, I'm blessed by your story
27:08 because at 19 years old, I was out there violent.
27:11 It wasn't until I turned 25,
27:13 where I decided to come to the Lord,
27:14 but I'm blessed by your story.
27:16 And I know that there's many mothers and fathers
27:19 that are blessed also
27:20 because their child is 18, 19 years old,
27:23 and they're in a different place
27:25 than where you are right now, and praying for them.
27:27 So I know that your story is a blessing,
27:29 so I wanna thank you, Terrence, for being on the program
27:32 and sharing your testimony with the world,
27:34 and would love to have you back sometime.
27:36 Thank you, Aaron.
27:37 Well, viewers, we like to thank you
27:39 for tuning into The New Journey,
27:40 an exciting program.
27:42 Be sure to join us next time
27:44 as we have another exciting testimony
27:47 of what God has done for one of His children
27:50 in bringing them back home into the fold.
27:52 Be sure to tune in next time, to The New Journey.
27:55 God bless.


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