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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:04 may be too candid for younger children.
00:10 Welcome to The New Journey.
00:11 A program where you'll meet real life people,
00:13 with real life testimonies,
00:15 doing real life ministry for Jesus Christ.
00:17 I'm your host, Aaron Chancy.
00:19 Come join us on The New Journey.
00:52 We like to welcome you back to the program.
00:54 On today's broadcast, we have Mr. Jason Moore.
00:56 Mr. Jason, we'd like to thank you
00:58 for being on today's program.
00:59 Glad to be here.
01:00 All right, thank you very much.
01:02 Just for some general information,
01:03 if you could provide us where you're from,
01:05 born and raised,
01:06 and how it was for you growing up?
01:08 Absolutely.
01:10 I was born and I lived in London, England.
01:12 Okay, okay. I could tell by that accent.
01:14 Yeah, yeah, it comes out every now and then.
01:15 Yeah.
01:17 Part of a two-parent house, Father and Mother,
01:20 didn't really go to church.
01:22 In fact, we really never went to the church,
01:24 maybe on Easter and Christmas.
01:25 Okay.
01:26 My dad was a preacher, back in Barbados.
01:29 Okay.
01:30 And now, he doesn't believe in God at all.
01:32 Wow!
01:33 So, we were in a environment
01:35 where there was not a lot of Jesus
01:37 in our house at all.
01:38 Okay, okay.
01:39 Now I currently go to Oakwood University
01:41 in Huntsville, Alabama,
01:43 taking theology as God is leading me to.
01:45 And, you know, that's...
01:48 So growing up in your home, you said,
01:50 you only went to the church on major holidays pretty much?
01:52 Correct.
01:54 What was the religious background?
01:55 Now, did you grow up Adventist?
01:56 Did you grow up...
01:58 What was the denomination?
01:59 Growing up...
02:01 Growing up, we really didn't, really attend church.
02:04 Now up on the age of maybe 16 or 18,
02:07 when God decided to tug my heartstrings,
02:09 I became a Christian.
02:11 And I've been part of many different churches,
02:13 whether it's Pentecostal, whether it's Baptist,
02:16 and it was only until about four, five years ago
02:20 that I became Adventist.
02:21 Okay. So what led you to Seventh-day Adventism?
02:25 It was my wife. Okay.
02:26 It was my wife.
02:27 When I met my wife, she came to me saying that
02:30 she was an Adventist and how the Sabbath is real.
02:32 Okay. And I said, "Well, no, it's not."
02:34 You know, "That was on the cross,
02:36 you know.
02:37 That was put on the cross. It's no longer any more."
02:39 So we would always argue. Okay.
02:41 And she would say, "I will let the Holy Spirit deal with you."
02:43 I was like, "Yeah, whatever, whatever."
02:45 So, one day, when we were about to argue again,
02:48 she said to me,
02:50 "Jason, are you aware that Satan is a counterfeiter?"
02:54 And I said, "Yeah, he is." Yeah.
02:55 So, she said, "Well, do you know
02:57 that he counterfeited the Sabbath day for Sunday?"
02:59 Wow!
03:01 Now, out of everything she's ever told me,
03:02 my head kind of like, "Hmm, okay."
03:06 So what I did then,
03:08 I went back to God and I said,
03:09 "God, both of these days cannot be right,
03:12 it's either one or the other."
03:13 Yeah, definitely.
03:15 So He told me to fast and pray. Okay.
03:17 Fast and pray, which is what I did.
03:20 And I went to my pastor
03:23 and I said, "Pastor, tell me about the Sabbath day."
03:26 And I was part of the Word of Life church
03:29 with Eddie Long.
03:31 Okay.
03:32 So I went back to him and said, "Tell me,
03:33 tell me about the Sabbath Day."
03:35 And he says, "I've got this great book,
03:36 it's called Seventh-day Adventism,
03:38 it's a cult."
03:39 "I want you to read it
03:41 and then write an essay about it."
03:43 So, I read it and I was like, "Well, okay, okay, okay."
03:47 And then I went back to my wife's pastor
03:49 which was Calvin Preston, West End...
03:51 Yeah, yeah, in Atlanta, yeah.
03:53 And he gave me a book.
03:54 It was, I think it was pamphlet four
03:58 of Amazing Facts...
03:59 Okay.
04:00 Which talks about...
04:02 Dealing with the Sabbath. Yes, yes. Yeah, okay.
04:03 So now, I read both books, and I'm sort of confused,
04:06 I've got one that says, "Yes," one that says, "No."
04:08 Yeah. So I said, "Lord, help me."
04:10 So the Lord took me to a non-biased website,
04:13 that talked about, "Yes, the Sabbath is still here.
04:16 That wasn't put on the cross.
04:17 It was Moses' ordinances
04:19 that Jesus went to the church on the Sabbath.
04:21 And even after He died,
04:22 His disciples still went to the church on the Sabbath."
04:24 So I went back to my pastor and I said, "Pastor,
04:27 Sabbath is still here."
04:28 Yeah. Wow!
04:30 "I can no longer be a Seven...
04:31 I can no longer be, be part of your church."
04:33 Okay.
04:34 And he said, he started to attack me,
04:36 "Well, Jason, you will never be nothing.
04:38 Jason..."
04:39 For real? Yes, yes.
04:41 "You are being misled.
04:42 You are the tail and not the head.
04:46 You know, your wife is messing you up."
04:48 So he started to attack me.
04:50 So in that moment, the "Essay," that I was meant to write,
04:55 I put in every scripture
04:57 that the Holy Spirit had lead me to...
04:58 Pertaining to the Sabbath? To the Sabbath, yes.
05:00 Wow! Okay.
05:01 So I gave that to him and as I went to shake my hand,
05:04 and he didn't shake my hand, and more or less he was saying,
05:06 get out of his office.
05:08 Wow!
05:09 So since that time, I have been on fire
05:12 about the Adventist message.
05:13 And that was how many years ago?
05:15 Oh, that was about maybe five, six years ago.
05:17 Okay, okay.
05:18 So you grew up in London,
05:20 and so what brought you from London
05:22 to the United States?
05:23 Opportunity. Okay. Opportunity.
05:25 My parents left with their children,
05:28 moved to Brooklyn, New York,
05:29 just to get a better life,
05:31 a better future for their family.
05:32 Definitely, definitely.
05:33 So growing up as a young man,
05:35 did you ever get involved in any drinking,
05:37 or any drugs, or anything of that nature?
05:38 No. Okay, okay.
05:40 Now, most young people, growing up,
05:42 either they got heavily involved in it
05:44 or they did a little experimentation with it,
05:47 what do you think was the motivating factor
05:50 to keep you away from using drugs and alcohol?
05:53 My parents raised me well...
05:54 Okay. With right, right and wrong.
05:56 And I've always had that innate knowledge to know,
06:00 "Okay, if I do this,
06:01 it's gonna be the result of that."
06:03 Yeah, okay.
06:04 My dad as always says, "Listen, if you wind up in jail,
06:06 don't call me."
06:07 Period, period. "Just don't call me."
06:10 So with that fear of, okay, they've raised me right,
06:13 so at this point, I have to make that decision
06:16 whether I want to go down that path
06:19 or go down the positive path.
06:21 Definitely, definitely.
06:22 And the reason I was asking because you,
06:23 you eventually started a ministry,
06:25 you and your wife started a ministry,
06:26 and we're gonna talk a little bit
06:28 about the different facets of it
06:29 and things along those lines.
06:31 But a lot of people, they seem to start ministries
06:34 after they've been through something,
06:36 after they've been through the drugs,
06:37 the alcohol, pertaining to the type of ministry
06:38 you started.
06:40 So what was the motivating factor
06:42 behind the ministry,
06:43 as well as, what is the ministry called?
06:46 Okay.
06:48 What basically, how we started this ministry is,
06:51 in our lives, we were going through a dark storm,
06:53 in our marriage.
06:55 And in the midst of that, God began to speak,
06:59 actually to my wife and saying, "Listen,
07:01 what you guys need to do
07:03 is to video-record testimonies."
07:05 Because when you're in that dark place
07:08 and the enemy says, "You'll never be used.
07:11 You'll never be nothing.
07:12 You know, God doesn't love you.
07:14 How could you do this?"
07:15 It was in that dark moment that this ministry wants to say,
07:19 "Well, yes, we've made mistakes.
07:21 We've made errors, we've messed up royally,
07:24 but yet, we serve a God that says, 'Here I am."
07:27 Amen.
07:28 So from that point, the ministry was called,
07:30 "They Overcame By."
07:31 Okay.
07:33 And it's from Revelation 12:11 where it says,
07:35 "They overcame him by the blood of the lamb,
07:38 and by the word of their testimony."
07:40 Amen, amen.
07:41 So, what are some of the different facets
07:43 that you have within this ministry?
07:45 Okay.
07:46 Well, what we do, we do have one facet would be,
07:49 we simply invite individuals to give their testimony.
07:53 And they can do it in three ways.
07:55 We can come to them,
07:57 or they can take a video selfie
08:00 and send that to us,
08:02 or if they don't want to be on video,
08:05 they can give us a written testimony,
08:08 and it will be featured not only in our upcoming book
08:12 but also in a magazine called, "Back to Basics",
08:15 which is a Christian magazine.
08:17 Not only that, we also have a under shelter ministry
08:21 that's called, "The Women at the Well".
08:23 And what that ministry is simply about is,
08:26 is women that are being relevant with their lives,
08:29 in sharing to glean strength from others.
08:32 So that's also a underlining ministry,
08:34 as well as, we do do,
08:36 we do go around the nation
08:38 telling people how to give your testimony
08:41 and why you should give your testimony.
08:43 So those are couple of things
08:45 that the Lord has us doing right now.
08:47 What are some of the steps of a person giving a testimony
08:50 because, and the reason I ask this is, sometimes,
08:52 I've gone to prayer meetings before
08:54 and somebody will say,
08:56 "Come up, share testimony, you have one minute."
08:58 And nobody can ever seem to just, to stay at one minute.
09:01 What are some of the steps in giving their testimony?
09:04 Well, what we do, number one,
09:07 whenever we have someone giving a testimony,
09:09 we always pray and let the Holy Spirit guide.
09:11 Definitely.
09:12 We don't want to give a constraint
09:14 because we don't know
09:15 what the Holy Spirit will speak to you.
09:17 And then from that we say, "When you give your testimony,
09:20 keep it relevant."
09:22 So any information that really isn't glorifying to God
09:27 or is sort of fluffy, we say, "No, we want you to go deep."
09:30 Yeah.
09:32 Because that person is gonna have to relate...
09:34 Yeah, to somebody else.
09:35 To what you're going through.
09:36 So at the end of the day,
09:38 it's all about telling your story,
09:39 keeping it concise, and making sure
09:41 that you tell when you met God and how He changed your life.
09:45 Definitely, definitely.
09:46 Now you've mentioned that
09:47 you're working on an upcoming book.
09:49 What is the book gonna deal with?
09:50 The book is going to be dealing with,
09:53 is a 30-day motivational testimony book.
09:56 Okay. Okay.
09:57 To where it reflects God's glory.
09:59 So you're going to have testimonies
10:01 in there of individuals
10:02 that have given their testimony.
10:04 And then at the end, it's gonna be a scripture
10:07 and a motivational sermonette that goes along with it.
10:10 So everyday, you will be able to read a testimony,
10:13 see God's glory, and then do a little bit of study
10:16 on the bottom.
10:17 Okay, okay, great.
10:19 Now, being that the book is based upon testimonies
10:21 and you've interviewed numerous amounts of people,
10:24 can you give us a few stories that you've encountered
10:27 from people sharing their testimony?
10:29 Absolutely, absolutely. Okay.
10:30 There's this three that I can think of right now.
10:32 We did a testimony with Paula and Curtis Eakins and...
10:35 Okay, yeah, familiar with them.
10:36 Yes, and their story was about how Paula Eakins had cancer
10:41 and how she dealt with that
10:43 while having a cooking show of healthy foods.
10:46 So that was an awesome testimony
10:48 and she was really transparent
10:50 and, yes, there are things
10:52 that God allows us to go through...
10:53 Yeah, definitely.
10:54 So that He can receive His glory.
10:56 Definitely.
10:57 And then we also had a testimony
10:59 by the name of a Just Jill.
11:00 Jill Monet. Okay, familiar with her.
11:01 And her testimony, oh, my goodness, very relevant,
11:04 she literally took the face of the church
11:08 in her testimony.
11:09 And she was very real about how with her testimony,
11:13 how she wanted to get an abortion,
11:16 and how when people found that she was pregnant,
11:18 and how the church world scrutinized her,
11:21 and how she, you know, drank,
11:22 and drugs, in the whole nine yards,
11:25 and how God said, "Are you finished yet?
11:28 I still wanna use you."
11:29 Wow! That's amazing.
11:31 And then another testimony
11:32 we have was Pastor Carlton Byrd,
11:34 how he talked about
11:35 how in losing his child in a car accident.
11:38 And how people would say, "Well, you are the pastor,
11:41 God will give you another one."
11:42 And he spoke about how, "No," you know,
11:44 "I'm hurt and bitter,"
11:46 and he told the honest truth in what he went through.
11:49 How have you seen dealing with these testimonies
11:51 and sharing them?
11:52 Have you seen
11:53 that people's lives have been impacted from them?
11:55 Well, number one, my life...
11:57 Okay. Has been changed. Definitely.
11:58 Because it makes me speak life...
12:01 Okay. Over anyone I speak to.
12:03 Because you never know what they can go through
12:05 or are going through now.
12:06 Yeah.
12:07 The Bible says that there's power
12:09 in death and in your tongue.
12:10 In the tongue, yeah.
12:11 So, I am learning to speak life
12:14 because they may be a second away
12:16 from killing themselves,
12:17 or smoking, or drugging it up,
12:18 so on and so forth.
12:20 So my life has changed on that aspect.
12:22 And with the individuals
12:24 that have watched our testimonies,
12:26 they have been encouraged, inspired,
12:29 moved close to the God, giving their life to God.
12:31 Because at end of the day, the Bible says once again that,
12:33 "We overcome by the blood of the lamb
12:36 and by the word of testimony."
12:37 "And by the word of testimony."
12:38 Now it's interesting how,
12:40 what you use to film different people's testimony
12:43 that do come to you,
12:45 can you talk a little bit about that?
12:46 Certainly, certainly.
12:47 In the Bible, you know the verse
12:49 that talks about how Jesus used five bread,
12:51 the bread and the loaves...
12:53 Yeah. To feed millions. Okay.
12:54 Now we don't have a fancy camera.
12:56 We use our mobile phone. Yeah.
12:58 So we are literally using what's in our hand,
13:01 as Moses did when he used the rod to split the sea.
13:05 So we are using what we have in our hand...
13:07 Okay.
13:09 To start the ministry.
13:10 So until God, you know, gives us something else,
13:13 we're using just a mobile phone
13:15 and a mike to get our testimonies.
13:16 Definitely.
13:18 You know, and that's amazing
13:19 because sometimes people will say,
13:20 "Well, I don't have this" or "I don't have that."
13:23 And they kind of sit around and just decide,
13:24 "I'm not gonna do anything."
13:26 But I'm inspired
13:27 because you just used something simple
13:28 that most people have, just a cell phone.
13:30 And you video-record these things,
13:32 you post them online,
13:34 people can view them, you have your own website,
13:36 which we're gonna talk a little bit about.
13:38 So it's just interesting how just with the simple thing
13:40 that you have, you used.
13:42 And how God can take that simple thing, bless it,
13:45 and then later on, give you something bigger.
13:47 So it's really a testament to those
13:49 that wanna do something,
13:50 but they're sitting back and saying,
13:52 "Well, I don't have anything.
13:53 I don't have the means. I don't have the resources.
13:55 What can I do?"
13:56 What would you encourage people
13:58 that are saying things like that?
13:59 Absolutely.
14:01 Whatever God has for you, whatever God's will is for you,
14:03 guess what?
14:05 God has already given you the means that's in your hand.
14:08 He really has.
14:10 And I believe that if you reach out to God
14:11 and say, "Lord,
14:12 what would You have me to do to represent Your kingdom?"
14:15 And trust me, He will bring it to you and show it to you.
14:18 Yeah, definitely.
14:20 Now, you have something interesting
14:21 that I learned about in terms of your symbol.
14:23 Can you break that down for us,
14:25 how it works with your overcomer symbol?
14:27 Absolutely, absolutely.
14:28 With our symbol, as you know,
14:30 there's two hands that come together.
14:31 Yeah.
14:32 And basically the Lord told us, "Well, what does that mean?"
14:34 Because when I first did it,
14:36 it was more so just goofing around,
14:38 and the Lord says, "Well, you need a logo."
14:40 So, when you put your hand
14:44 inside of the hand of God,
14:48 then you are an overcomer.
14:49 Wow!
14:51 So it symbolizes, when you put your will
14:52 in His will, you're an overcomer.
14:54 Definitely.
14:55 So that is the, that is the logo that you have.
14:57 And you'll be surprised at how many people
14:59 when they see me, they're like,
15:01 you know, so they can relate with the logo.
15:04 So it's just an awesome thing,
15:05 the ministry and the logo that God has given us.
15:07 Definitely.
15:08 Now you've mentioned to me before
15:10 that your ministry is going around the globe
15:12 in various different countries.
15:15 Can you talk about how it's going around
15:16 in different countries,
15:17 and how many countries your ministry is impacting?
15:20 Absolutely, absolutely.
15:21 When we started, They Overcame By,
15:24 we literally jumped on the Facebook,
15:26 and our Facebook maybe had a 1,000 people...
15:27 Okay, everybody's been in that Face book.
15:28 Yeah.
15:30 And then from that point, I just simply said,
15:31 "Hey, do you have a testimony you wanna share?"
15:33 And we had a lot of response. Okay.
15:35 So from that point, we've reached out,
15:37 got the testimonies,
15:39 put them on our YouTube channel.
15:40 Okay.
15:41 And then from there, there's, we are in 80 countries
15:44 right now around the world.
15:46 Wow! And just simply with a cell phone.
15:47 Yes, yes.
15:49 Wow! So you're in 80 countries?
15:51 Could you give us a little bit of detail,
15:53 what's on your website?
15:55 When people log on to your ministry,
15:56 what would they see on that website?
15:58 Absolutely.
15:59 Now, our website is
16:03 Okay.
16:04 And as soon as you log on to the ministry on our website,
16:07 you are going to see,
16:08 have the opportunity to go towards these episodes.
16:10 And you'll see every one of our testimonies
16:13 that come out every Friday.
16:15 As well as, there's a portion,
16:17 it's where you can type in and give the website,
16:20 kudos on what you've seen, how it's blessed you.
16:23 Upcoming events what we'll be doing,
16:25 so that's basically what it's comprised of.
16:27 Okay, definitely.
16:29 Now you gave the website information,
16:30 could you give your phone number
16:32 if people want to get in contact,
16:33 if they wanna do the selfie themselves,
16:35 or if they wanna write,
16:36 or if they want to be interviewed.
16:39 Can you give that email
16:40 how people can get in contact with you
16:41 as well as your phone number?
16:43 Absolutely.
16:44 Our business phone number is 323-577-8378.
16:49 Okay.
16:50 And that can also be used as a prayer line.
16:53 We do have individuals that do call us and tell us,
16:55 "Look, we're struggling with A, B, and C.
16:57 Pray for me, or I need someone to talk to."
17:00 We do have an email
17:01 which is
17:05 Okay, amen.
17:06 Now you have a t-shirt right here
17:08 that I see sitting nicely in front of us.
17:09 Can you talk a little bit about this t-shirt?
17:11 Yes.
17:12 This is, you see, many t-shirts
17:14 that don't have positive messages.
17:16 This one does.
17:17 It says,
17:19 "Overcomer By The Word Of Their Testimony."
17:22 So that's how we overcome
17:23 and that is something that
17:25 they'll be able to get a hold of.
17:26 Okay. Now, let me ask you this.
17:27 Why would you encourage people to share their testimony?
17:31 Because the reality is,
17:32 a lot of people have some deep dark things within that
17:35 they don't wanna necessarily tell other people
17:38 and then let alone tell the entire world.
17:40 So why would you encourage a person to tell their story?
17:45 Their testimony is something
17:47 that God has designed them to go through.
17:50 We all make bad decisions.
17:51 We've all been there in that dark moment.
17:54 So these testimonies basically give God glory,
17:57 "Yes, He still walks, He still talks,
17:59 and He's still delivering."
18:01 Wow!
18:02 Your testimony is not necessarily for you,
18:05 but it's for someone else that is struggling.
18:08 So once again, the testimony is powerful
18:11 to deliver someone from darkness.
18:13 To deliver somebody that's about to end their life
18:16 because they feel there's no hope.
18:17 Definitely.
18:19 So with the testimony,
18:20 that is your spiritual walking and talking to someone.
18:24 Amen.
18:25 You know, one interesting thing that I find about the Bible,
18:27 it's almost like, it's a big testimony book.
18:30 Because where you find all these different people,
18:32 men and women that God used and the Bible says
18:34 that there are men and women of like passions,
18:36 like you and I.
18:37 And the interesting thing about the Bible
18:39 is it just doesn't show their good side.
18:41 Like David, it showed, you know,
18:42 the lust that he had for Bathsheba.
18:44 It showed that he was a murderer.
18:45 And with these various other people that God used,
18:48 it shows the reality of what they went through as well
18:52 but also how God pulled them out of that.
18:54 So that is a strong, strong thing
18:56 for people to see that.
18:58 Because it gives them strength
18:59 knowing that if God could do it for them,
19:01 He could do it for me also.
19:02 And I think that's what the testimony does,
19:04 and that's why God says in the book of Revelation that,
19:07 "We overcome the devil by the blood of the lamb
19:09 and by the word of our testimony."
19:11 Because our testimony gives power and impact
19:14 to somebody else, you know, go ahead.
19:16 And you are exactly right.
19:17 Because it's the enemy that says, "Shh".
19:19 Yeah, definitely.
19:20 "Don't tell your testimony
19:22 because you're gonna be embarrassed."
19:23 But listen, if Jesus was transparent
19:26 as He hung on the cross...
19:27 How much more...
19:28 And He said, "Here I am."
19:30 How much more is your testimony
19:32 that what Jesus is doing in your life
19:34 will save someone else?
19:36 Now, I wanna back up a little bit.
19:38 You've mentioned that you came
19:39 into the Seventh-day Adventist church
19:40 and that your father is a preacher.
19:42 Is there anybody else in your family,
19:44 Seventh-day Adventist,
19:45 or you're the only one that converted?
19:46 I am the only one
19:48 that is a Seventh-day Adventist
19:49 right now.
19:50 Now once again, my dad was a preacher,
19:52 he did preach, now he's an atheist.
19:55 He doesn't believe in God anymore.
19:56 So, yes, I am the only one right now.
19:58 Okay.
19:59 You've mentioned also
20:01 that you are a theology major at Oakwood.
20:04 At what point in your life
20:05 did you feel that calling to the ministry?
20:08 It was when attending Oakwood, attending West End,
20:12 and we went to a old folk's home.
20:14 And he said, "Jason,
20:15 we want you to give a scripture."
20:16 Okay.
20:18 So when I gave the scripture,
20:19 I started preaching the scripture.
20:21 Yeah. And I'm like, "Huh?
20:23 Where's this coming from?"
20:24 So from that point, they said, "Well, Jason,
20:26 can you bring a message next week?"
20:28 Yeah. I'm like, "Huh?"
20:30 And then from that moment,
20:31 I knew that God has called me to bring the word of God.
20:36 Definitely, definitely.
20:37 So, what can people do that, you know, don't have the means
20:41 because you don't have the necessarily means to,
20:44 you know, have this gigantic stuff,
20:45 a big camera to do everything,
20:47 what can people do that don't have the means
20:50 but they wanna do something, but like I said,
20:52 they just don't have it,
20:53 what can they do to start something?
20:55 Well, the first thing that I'm definitely gonna tell you,
20:57 is you ask God.
20:59 Because He has the perfect plan and He will answer you.
21:02 Because at the end of the day, He says,
21:03 "Go, preach and teach."
21:04 And that doesn't always mean to stand in front of a pulpit
21:07 to preach and teach,
21:09 but there's many, many other ways
21:10 that you can impact a world that has no hope.
21:14 So I'm gonna ask you to pray about it, number one.
21:16 And being sincere, God will answer you.
21:18 And then He will tell you
21:20 what you can use that will glorify His name.
21:23 'Cause at the end of the day, it's all about glorifying.
21:25 Yeah, definitely, definitely.
21:27 Where are some of the places just in United States
21:29 that God has taken you with this ministry,
21:31 you know, videotaping people throughout
21:33 just with the cell phone?
21:34 We have been in Florida. Okay.
21:36 We have been in Atlanta, we have been in Illinois,
21:40 and God is continuing to move the ministry
21:43 even abroad,
21:44 to where we do see ourselves going around the world,
21:47 getting testimonies from Zambia,
21:49 New Zealand, Russia.
21:51 In August, we will be in Orlando
21:53 getting testimonies from women
21:56 that have given their lives to Christ
21:58 and are no longer bisexual.
22:00 Amen.
22:01 What are some of the future plans
22:03 for the ministry?
22:04 Just to travel around the world,
22:06 to travel around the world to let everybody know, listen,
22:09 if you have a testimony,
22:11 They Overcame By is the place
22:13 where we will take your testimony
22:15 without condemnation,
22:16 without judgment, without shame,
22:19 we will take it to glorify God.
22:21 So as God moves us,
22:22 and as He's adding different legs to the ministry,
22:25 once getting with the book, the t-shirt,
22:27 The Women at the Well ministry,
22:30 I can only say that God reveals it to us
22:33 in a step to step to step.
22:35 But at the end of the day, He says, "Every place, Jason,
22:38 where My light shines,
22:40 that's where your ministry will be."
22:41 Wow! Wow!
22:42 How much of a challenge was it for you to step out in faith,
22:45 for you and your wife to step out in faith,
22:47 and to do something like this?
22:48 It was, I think it was in some cases,
22:51 it was liberating for us
22:53 because when you've been through that valley moment,
22:57 and the Lord says, "Guess what?
22:59 I wanna use you."
23:00 It was liberating to know that,
23:04 "Yes, we are in the will of God
23:08 and how much more is He gonna bless."
23:09 Wow! Wow!
23:11 And the reason I ask that question
23:12 is because, you know, there's so many people that,
23:14 you know, that wanna do something
23:15 but it seems like they may not have enough faith.
23:18 And they need that encouragement
23:21 or they need to know,
23:22 "What can I do and I'm scared to step out,
23:24 I'm so used to, you know,
23:26 having things in a certain order
23:27 and things like that."
23:29 And it's hard to say, "You know what?
23:30 I'm gonna step out in faith and I'm gonna do this."
23:32 So how much of an...
23:34 How important is it
23:35 to just trust the Lord and go forward by faith?
23:39 It is absolutely, in the Bible, it talks about that
23:42 we cannot please God without faith.
23:44 It's impossible.
23:45 And, in fact, He says that faith without works is dead.
23:51 God is a God that obviously we cannot see.
23:53 We can feel through what He does.
23:55 And He's made us to share His faith and His glory.
23:59 So for that person that may be shy,
24:02 for that person that may be critical
24:05 because of their lifestyle or whatever they're doing,
24:07 God is saying today,
24:08 "Listen, I can use you right where you are."
24:11 Jesus says, "Come as you are."
24:13 "As you are." Definitely.
24:15 So as long as you come to Him and you say, "Lord, use me,
24:19 " He will use you and He will give you that boldness.
24:23 When He told Moses, "Moses, do this."
24:25 And he was like, "Me, huh?"
24:28 But He said, "Yes, I wanna use you."
24:30 So for that person listening, God wants to use you today.
24:34 Amen.
24:35 Do you think that your own relationship with God
24:38 has increased?
24:39 Your love for God has increased,
24:41 your faith has increased by stepping forward in faith?
24:43 Absolutely, absolutely.
24:45 With God, not only has my relationship increased,
24:50 my marriage has increased,
24:52 the love of my wife Dereka Moore,
24:55 and just basically knowing that,
24:56 "Yes, God, You can restore."
24:59 That, "Yes, You can give back all the years
25:01 that Kanken has stolen."
25:03 So, yes, it makes me more relevant
25:08 to what God is saying to me in this generation
25:12 and how much He really does love us.
25:14 And it's not just, when people hear,
25:16 "Jesus loves me, " it's not just a phrase, it's for real.
25:18 Wow!
25:20 You know, it's interesting
25:21 because when Jesus gave the great commission
25:23 in Matthew,
25:24 prior to giving the great commission,
25:26 a few verses before it,
25:29 it mentions where the disciples were around
25:32 and other people gathered.
25:33 And it said that some of the people doubted.
25:36 And then right after they said that they doubted,
25:38 Jesus says, "I have all power.
25:40 Go, ye, therefore."
25:42 So it's like the remedy with doubt,
25:43 the remedy with fear,
25:44 the remedy with a lack of faith,
25:46 is to go forward.
25:47 And as you go forward,
25:48 and share your testimony with others
25:50 or share your love of Jesus with others,
25:52 it's like that doubt is cleared up.
25:54 So it's like mission work was intended,
25:56 one of the intentions was
25:57 to help us to wear away that doubt
25:59 that we may have in Jesus Christ.
26:01 Now what I wanna do, I wanna take about a minute,
26:03 and I want you to look into the camera
26:04 and appeal to those people
26:06 that have an interest in ministry
26:08 but aren't sure what to do,
26:09 as well as that young person that has a testimony
26:12 but is scared of sharing that testimony
26:15 because of what's in their past.
26:19 God has a perfect will for your life
26:23 and He has designed you to give glory to His name.
26:28 For that person that is struggling
26:31 or you're scared to step out, guess what?
26:34 Our God will meet you right where you are.
26:37 All you have to do is ask.
26:39 Trust me. Our God will do that for you.
26:42 For those of you that have a testimony
26:44 and the enemy says,
26:46 "Well, your testimony is not big enough,
26:48 your testimony is not powerful enough."
26:50 We rebuke that in the name of Jesus.
26:51 Because what God is taking you through,
26:54 trust me, it will bring power, and glory, and hope,
26:59 for someone else that's about to end their life.
27:02 So in the name of Jesus, step out and trust God.
27:05 Because, remember, without faith,
27:08 it's impossible to please Him.
27:09 Wow, Mr. Moore, that's a very inspiring
27:11 and powerful ministry that you have.
27:13 If once again you could provide us
27:15 with the website's information,
27:16 so that people can get in contact with you.
27:18 Sure.
27:19 The website is
27:25 Okay.
27:26 Once you've logged on,
27:27 you can go to where it says Info.
27:29 Put in your name, number, and what you would like to do
27:32 and that will come straight to me.
27:33 All right, well, you've heard it, y'all.
27:35 Be sure to tune in
27:37 to the next episode of The New Journey,
27:39 as well as log on to the website
27:42 They Overcame By,
27:43 so that you can share your testimony,
27:45 and be an impact,
27:46 impactful to those that have a testimony as well
27:49 that are scared to share.
27:50 Be sure to tune in next time for The New Journey.
27:52 Until then, God bless.


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