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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:02 Parents are cautioned
00:04 that some material may be too candid
00:05 for younger children.
00:10 Welcome to The New Journey,
00:11 a program where you'll meet real life people
00:13 with real life testimonies,
00:15 doing real life ministries for Jesus Christ.
00:17 I'm your host Aaron Chancy,
00:18 come join us on The New Journey.
00:52 Welcome back to the program.
00:53 We have an exciting program for you today
00:55 with the guest G. Paul Foster II.
00:58 G. Paul Foster, we like to thank you for being on today.
01:00 Thanks for having me.
01:02 All right, just for some general information,
01:03 if you could provide us with your age
01:05 and where you're born and raised at.
01:06 I'm 25. Okay.
01:08 I was born in Columbus, Ohio.
01:10 I'm was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin/ Madison, Wisconsin.
01:15 Okay.
01:16 Okay, what was it like growing up at a young age,
01:18 number one, as a preacher's kid,
01:20 a Seventh-day Adventist preacher's kid
01:21 as well as growing up in Milwaukee?
01:24 Well, growing as a PK is always different challenges
01:30 because you have that type of
01:35 stereotype of PK kid where there's gonna be...
01:39 a PK kids, excuse me.
01:40 Where there's gonna be someone that is trying too hard,
01:44 trying to overcompensate, to say
01:45 or that the other individual is trying to overcompensate
01:49 to be like goody tushu.
01:50 Yeah, well.
01:52 And growing up I found myself in the middle,
01:56 found myself trying to fit in.
01:58 But then also found myself trying to do right, so.
02:01 Okay.
02:02 How hard was it for you at a young age
02:04 to be able to try to fit in, being that you are PK?
02:10 I guess it really depend because in Milwaukee area,
02:14 it was hard trying to fit in
02:17 and trying to get them to accept me
02:20 for who I was at a young age.
02:23 In Madison area, growing up as a child was fine.
02:27 There was some racism near by by and large,
02:32 fitting there was okay.
02:34 Okay. What did you have to do?
02:35 You mentioned a second ago
02:36 about you had to do things to fit in.
02:38 What were some of those things
02:39 that you had to do to fit in or try to fit in?
02:41 Just like I have mentioned before,
02:44 just trying to overcompensate.
02:45 So as a young child, swearing was big.
02:49 So my swear too much, like, use different...
02:54 Now people can tell, okay, yeah, he's saying so much,
02:56 he trying too hard.
02:57 Sure, using different curse words,
02:58 when it's not supposed to be used.
03:01 So sitting here, just sounding like
03:03 I'm trying to formulate on, type of different curse words
03:06 but it's not just coming together
03:08 because again, we're trying to overcompensate
03:10 because I'm trying to fit in.
03:11 Okay, okay.
03:12 Now, eventually, you gravitated towards the streets.
03:15 So what was the motivating
03:16 or what were some of the motivating factors
03:18 that led to you gravitating to the street life?
03:23 I think a lot of it had to do with being in Milwaukee,
03:27 because in Milwaukee at a young age
03:30 I saw people from our church,
03:32 boy from our church that were out on the streets
03:34 but they have roots in the church.
03:36 So coming to church with wads of cash.
03:40 I remember there's this little basketball team
03:43 that I play with, called CFL, Christian Fellowship League.
03:47 Anyway, I was Chicago
03:51 and I saw this guy from the team,
03:53 he poured out a wad of cash like this
03:55 and I'm like, "Wait a minute,
03:57 how is he getting this type of money?"
03:59 That's the same question I asked when I was young,
04:00 that's a trip, go on.
04:02 So then I'm sitting here,
04:04 seeing his lifestyles of some of the cool kids,
04:08 you can say, from Milwaukee church,
04:11 been there like out in the neighborhood
04:13 having on the jerseys.
04:15 Back in day, jerseys were popular.
04:16 Yeah, yeah, definitely.
04:18 Having the jerseys, having the chains,
04:20 having the Jordan's, having the cash.
04:22 So then as a child, I was like,
04:24 "Man, that's something that I wanted,"
04:26 and I remember, pops never really got me,
04:30 got me the jerseys, he'll give me something from like K-Mart,
04:33 and I come back from Milwaukee, get clowned, I'm like,
04:35 "Wait a minute, what you're talking about?"
04:37 Is it really to me like it's not real.
04:39 So just trying to fit in really,
04:43 had me curious about,
04:45 okay, how do I get these nice clothes?
04:48 Like how do I get these nice wads of cash type?
04:52 Now that's interesting you said that
04:53 because that's the same thing that happened to me.
04:56 And my father wasn't a pastor,
04:58 but I grew up in a Adventist home
05:00 and I remember 15, 16 years old,
05:03 seeing young kids with wads of money, like you say.
05:05 And it was intriguing like,
05:07 "Wow, what are they actually doing?"
05:09 How deep did you get into that lifestyle just based upon
05:13 looking at what other people had?
05:16 I want to say that was everything,
05:18 because something I fail to mention, my brother...
05:21 I heard so much about my brother.
05:23 He went down Alabama, and I'm getting phone calls
05:28 or hearing some of my younger friends
05:30 talking about my brother, he did this, he did this...
05:32 Okay.
05:33 And then he went in like the Madison area,
05:35 he was doing a lot, making a name for himself.
05:39 So from the attraction in Milwaukee
05:43 to really trying to be like brother,
05:46 everything that I saw,
05:48 it was something that I wanted to do.
05:51 I blame media for that also.
05:53 Okay, okay.
05:54 And we're gonna talk about that in a little bit,
05:55 how does media play a strong effect.
05:58 But before we get to that,
05:59 what do you think were some of the negative influences
06:01 as well as some of the positive influences in your home,
06:04 and even surrounding you being
06:05 that you came from a two parent home, like I did?
06:10 Something I'd say about my pop and my mom
06:12 first before we go on.
06:13 Okay.
06:15 Pops and mon are great.
06:16 Okay. Amen.
06:17 Like they did everything in their power
06:20 to raise me up correctly.
06:22 Yeah, in a right direction, okay.
06:23 But I as a child, just decided to veer off too.
06:28 I remember nights, pop literally,
06:30 he would have wore some of the same suit,
06:33 some of the same dress shoe,
06:37 because he was making sacrifices for the family.
06:40 So from that standpoint, pop and mama did great.
06:44 But from the negative stand point, for me,
06:47 it was trying to be like my brother
06:50 and spending too much time in Milwaukee on the weekends,
06:55 sometimes during the weekend, and coming back to Madison
06:58 for like three days.
07:01 I was sitting their so confused,
07:03 but I wanted this lifestyle so bad.
07:05 Yeah, well, okay, okay.
07:07 Now you mentioned a second ago about media had part to play.
07:11 If you can expound upon that,
07:12 how media played a part in your life
07:14 as well as how it effects other people,
07:16 that say, okay, it's just entertainment,
07:18 entertainment doesn't effect me like that?
07:20 Well, first of all, I believe everybody is different.
07:22 Yeah.
07:24 Have a friend of mine,
07:26 media, as far as like different type of music.
07:29 It may affect them internally.
07:32 But on the other side, I've never seen it,
07:34 actually effecting.
07:36 But for me, I have a very addictive personality.
07:41 And if I see something that I want, I'm gonna go get it.
07:44 But I'm not just gonna go get it,
07:46 I'm gonna go over board with it.
07:48 So growing up, rappers like Boosie was a real big,
07:53 Gucci Mane, Jeezy.
07:54 So and then Diddy and the boys.
07:57 So I'm sitting here sneaking, trying to watch BET,
08:02 sitting there, just trying to get a little dose
08:05 of something at that time I thought was glorify.
08:08 So seeing the money, seeing the cars...
08:12 Yeah, all that going around.
08:14 Seeing champagne being popped.
08:18 All of that is something that affected me based off of media.
08:23 Because it was portrayed that, okay, selling drugs...
08:26 Was cool.
08:28 Going out on Friday, going out, buying out the bar,
08:32 driving some of the nicest whips,
08:34 that was something that was proclaimed.
08:37 So that happened from social media.
08:39 And I believe everybody to a certain degree
08:42 has effect from it.
08:44 Yeah, wow. Yeah, definitely.
08:45 How far did that lead you?
08:47 Because I know from myself looking at it,
08:49 I remember back in mid '90s, mid to late '90s,
08:52 I was being going like Cashmoney records,
08:54 No Limit record, and people out of Texas.
08:57 And I remember just like you do,
08:59 the money being thrown around,
09:01 the bottles of liquor, and the club scene,
09:03 and all those kinds of things, and they attracted me.
09:06 And it led me down to dark path
09:07 where, you know, incarcerations, juvenile,
09:10 prison, jail, not scared to rob people,
09:13 not scared to break anything.
09:14 How far did you get led down that path?
09:21 To say, it was far out be the biggest understatement.
09:24 Okay.
09:25 And for someone of my church family that really know me
09:30 and some of those individuals that know one side of GP,
09:36 they would never understand this side
09:38 because it got to the point of the activities
09:42 that I was involved in, it came with the territory.
09:46 For example, if you're involved in that street life
09:49 which I later on got deep involved,
09:54 it came with, always carrying a pistol.
09:56 I remember time going to church with the pistol.
09:58 Wow, wow.
09:59 Sitting there, sleeping, having a pistol underneath my bed
10:03 because I was always into something.
10:06 Once I got jump off 15 cats in the nightclub
10:09 because, it was like some foolishness,
10:11 but there was all type of...
10:16 trying to think, all type of reactions
10:19 that happen from that.
10:20 So because I got jumped
10:22 and because what I was listening to on a daily basis,
10:26 I had to retaliate.
10:28 But the way I retaliated to this day is kind of,
10:33 you know, still a mute point type.
10:36 So from social or from the media up until
10:41 how things really drove me to that lifestyle,
10:45 it had me deep it, have me to the point
10:47 that dying didn't face me.
10:49 Wow, wow. Period.
10:51 Wow.
10:52 Now what were some of the drugs that you got involved in?
10:54 Alcohol, because you talked about
10:56 how they were glorified on music videos
10:58 and things like that?
11:00 What were some of those things that you got deep into?
11:03 Growing up was a...
11:05 may be until I was like 20, I got involved with that,
11:09 smoking heavy.
11:11 Okay. Real heavy.
11:13 Okay, smoking marijuana.
11:14 Yes, smoking marijuana real heavy.
11:17 But drinking is something that,
11:19 to this day I still struggle with.
11:20 I've been drinking...
11:22 started drinking when I was 15.
11:24 But where it all started at, it was just a taste,
11:31 it was trying to peep that curiosity.
11:33 Wow.
11:35 And from there it was a gateway road.
11:41 Okay.
11:42 You know, sometimes I even just crack open the bottle
11:44 just to put myself to sleep,
11:45 or if something happens in our home,
11:48 or something happens at school or just something happens
11:50 that's dramatic then I would use that for my outlet.
11:53 Yeah, wow.
11:55 Do you think that, a lot of it started
11:57 because you were tying to cover up something
11:59 or that you were just trying to be like other people?
12:02 What do you think was the root cause of starting
12:05 with alcohol and marijuana?
12:07 Well, definitely, the smoking, it started from my brother.
12:11 Okay.
12:12 I was trying my hardest to be like my brother.
12:16 In school, he had the girls, he could play a little ball.
12:22 He had the money.
12:23 You know, so smoking, that was something,
12:27 I was definitely trying to be like my brother.
12:29 I looked up to my brother, so tough,
12:30 so I was just trying to do everything that he was doing.
12:34 Okay, wow, wow.
12:36 And drinking started, when I was like 15.
12:39 Like I said, that happened from best friend of mine
12:42 who was just sharing a bottle,
12:43 going around, just passing that, so.
12:46 Wow.
12:47 So you mentioned that second ago
12:49 where you even carried a gun to church.
12:51 How did that make you feel,
12:52 you know, having to take a gun to church?
12:54 You said, you slept with it under your bed.
12:57 But, you know, the church, it almost seems like,
12:59 "Wow, he went in there with a gun
13:01 to where he should feel safe."
13:03 You know, how did that make you feel,
13:04 having to go to church with a gun because you don't know
13:07 who's waiting for you outside or even inside?
13:14 I guess at that point
13:17 I really felt like, this was life.
13:21 Okay.
13:22 You know, I honestly didn't fee safe without it,
13:26 I don't feel comfortable without it.
13:28 Wow.
13:29 And going to church, if I didn't have it,
13:32 I knew as soon as I left church,
13:34 I'm getting ready to...
13:35 actually go get into something
13:38 because the way that I cover it up,
13:41 people never had any idea.
13:42 It was literally to the point that I'm going to church,
13:45 and right after church, dressed up, shirt and tie,
13:48 I'm going straight to the liquor store.
13:49 Yeah, wow.
13:51 You know, I remember once, like the sale clerk, he said,
13:54 "Hey man, how was church?"
13:56 I said, "It was good,
13:57 but can I get the fifth right here."
13:59 Yeah. You know.
14:00 Wow.
14:02 But it really got to the point that I could care less.
14:05 I knew for the fact
14:07 that I was either going to end up dead or in jail,
14:09 but I could care less about it
14:10 because I was chilling with my boys,
14:13 I was making money,
14:14 was sitting there partying, just really living the life.
14:17 Yeah, living life, living life.
14:18 Now how did you deal with all of that stuff in your life?
14:24 Being that you grew up in a church
14:26 and you were still going to church,
14:28 but you were still in the what...
14:29 how did you balance out those two?
14:30 And the reason I asked,
14:32 because for me, I couldn't do that.
14:35 To me, it was going to church...
14:37 I couldn't put on a mask basically,
14:38 and everybody knew what I was doing.
14:41 If I'm in church, everybody knew that I was in church,
14:42 if I was in the streets,
14:44 everybody knew that I was in the streets.
14:45 How did you manage to balance those things out
14:47 to where a lot of people, like you said in the beginning,
14:49 don't know this side of GP, how were you able to do that?
14:52 Well, everything really that I'm telling you
14:54 other than carrying the gun to church,
14:56 this is the beginning stages.
14:58 Okay.
14:59 You know, like going to church
15:01 like, that's the beginning stage
15:02 like, there was times that I just stopped going to church.
15:05 But in the beginning, I was still trying to balance,
15:08 I was still try to go to church,
15:10 still try to party,
15:11 but then, want to say may be around 20, 21,
15:15 I just stopped going to church.
15:17 Yeah, okay.
15:18 You know, church wasn't the priority.
15:22 Yeah, I might go for mother's day,
15:24 show up to surprise moms,
15:25 or something dramatic might happen.
15:28 Then I just feel like I just need to slip in a church
15:31 for a little bit.
15:32 Now your brother was older than you, correct?
15:35 Okay, how did he feel when he saw you emulating him,
15:40 or following down that same path he was going on?
15:45 At first I think, he was okay with it.
15:49 I got you. He was like, "that's just a little bro."
15:51 But then it got to a point
15:52 where I was any deeper than he was.
15:54 Yeah, wow.
15:56 Then it got to a point
15:57 where I was more reckless than he was.
15:58 Okay.
16:00 Do you kind of feel like, he was...
16:02 that he felt responsible for leading you down that path?
16:05 And the reason I ask you is because
16:07 I remember the first time I smoke some marijuana,
16:09 it was with one of my cousins.
16:11 And as I got deeper into that lifestyle,
16:13 even deeper than he had been in it,
16:15 he was, you know, he came and apologized to me
16:18 for you know, introducing me to marijuana.
16:20 And a number of people, him included,
16:22 felt like they were responsible
16:25 for leading me in that direction.
16:26 Where they weren't necessarily totally responsible,
16:29 it was my decision also.
16:30 But do you think, that your brother had that same feeling
16:33 of responsibility towards his younger brother.
16:37 I'm not sure. Okay.
16:39 Because the reason why I'm not able to elaborate on him more,
16:42 'cause my brother's real stubborn.
16:44 Okay, okay.
16:45 You know, he really doesn't talk too much.
16:47 So I'm really not sure.
16:48 Okay, okay.
16:50 Now as you're going down that path, how do you,
16:52 or what did you see in a home where you're mother and father,
16:55 they were seeing this
16:56 and knowing the things that you were getting involved in?
16:59 How did you see that they were reacting to these things?
17:06 I moved out when I was 20, I want to say.
17:09 I moved out when I was 20.
17:11 So from when it really started from 18 up until 20,
17:16 my mom, she'll get more anxious.
17:19 She'll pray more.
17:20 Okay.
17:22 She lecture more, you know.
17:24 Pop really didn't talk too much, pop's isn't a guy like...
17:27 I'm not saying my mom isn't.
17:29 But, pop, he'll talk to me just like,
17:32 he'll talk to me just like you're talking to me.
17:35 You know, he wouldn't judge.
17:37 I can't never remember time that my pop raised his voice.
17:39 Okay, wow.
17:41 You know, he'll just talk in,
17:43 he'll just lay out the pros and cons.
17:44 Okay.
17:46 So I felt as if, when I was starting
17:49 to spiral out more, and more, and more,
17:52 some more of those conversations got really,
17:53 he said, "Look, you know, son, the life stature heading down,
17:57 like, I don't have to tell you.
17:59 Look how many times you've been locked up already."
18:00 Yeah, wow.
18:02 "Look at this gashes on your head,"
18:04 you know, 'cause there still a gash
18:05 where I got cracked in the head with a bottle.
18:08 Had to get stitches and everything.
18:10 But it was just really more of those heart to hearts with pop,
18:14 he was just really concerned, and he really just pleading,
18:18 saying, "Look, son, like you're going down a wrong path,"
18:20 and mom's was just crying to pray.
18:22 Yeah, wow. You know mon's just...
18:24 Definitely.
18:25 And we're gonna talk about the power of prayer
18:27 in a second, from your parents.
18:28 But you mentioned about you being locked up,
18:30 what were some of the various things that you'd been
18:33 incarcerated for before?
18:34 By the grace of God,
18:36 it was really only bunch of misdemeanors.
18:38 Okay, praise the Lord.
18:39 Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
18:42 So... Amen.
18:44 Those are bunch of misdemeanors.
18:46 I had a high temper, man. Okay.
18:48 People, especially back in Madison
18:50 say that GP don't talk too much.
18:53 Like as smooth as I'm talking to you now,
18:55 calm as I'm talking to you now, I could flip like this,
18:58 especially when there is alcohol involved.
19:00 Wow.
19:01 You, know.
19:03 So if somebody would look at me in the wrong way,
19:05 I was telling somebody that a fight between black people
19:08 can start in the first five seconds.
19:11 For example, if I'm sitting near walking pass,
19:14 you look in this direction, I'm walking, I look at you,
19:19 its one...
19:20 I'm sorry one, two,
19:22 if you don't nod your head what's up...
19:24 Yeah, yeah, like that, just like you said,
19:27 you're like, "What's up?"
19:28 So three, four, five, I'm like "What's up?"
19:29 Yeah, yeah you got to beat me or something.
19:31 And lot of those fights started just like that.
19:35 And then, whomever I'm sitting there
19:37 getting into the fight with,
19:39 we sit there and just talk, talk, talk.
19:41 And by the time he's talking, next five seconds,
19:44 he's on the ground leaking.
19:46 But, that was that mentality though,
19:48 because I was actually a huge 50 Cent fan growing up.
19:53 And some of his raps, he was like,
19:55 "Boy don't play with me, I'll bust your head."
19:57 So I'm sitting there listening to this growing up.
19:59 Yeah, it is all getting pumped into your head.
20:01 All getting pumped...
20:03 Remember, I told you, I had to overcompensate.
20:05 Yeah, okay.
20:06 You know, but this was my personality now.
20:08 Yeah, wow.
20:09 So if somebody looks at me the wrong way,
20:11 I'm ready to fight.
20:12 And it got all the way down to the point
20:15 where a close friend of mine,
20:18 he told me, he said, "G, if you get a gun,
20:21 I'm not banging with you no more."
20:23 I say, "Why?"
20:24 He said, "Because, you're reckless."
20:26 I used to roll with a crew of about 15, 16.
20:30 It all got cut in half because of me being too reckless.
20:33 They're like, G, every time we're out with you
20:35 there's always a fight.
20:37 But anyway, going by to my partner,
20:39 he said, "G, if you get a gun,
20:42 I'm not banging with you no more."
20:44 Okay.
20:45 And I didn't realize what he meant until about
20:48 I was 22, I want to say.
20:51 I was in Milwaukee, I was leaving this club 618,
20:55 and at that time, 22,
20:57 I was into this game really hard.
21:01 And to me, if somebody coming into my city
21:06 wearing the color that's disrespectful.
21:08 Some people might call it foolishness,
21:10 but because that was my mind set,
21:13 I felt disrespect, I felt disrespected.
21:16 So at the end of the night, probably around 2:00, 2:30,
21:20 he pull a dub...
21:22 just happened to see him stop that at stop light.
21:25 I pulled beside him, told him to roll down this window.
21:30 I said, "Hey bro, what's up?"
21:31 He looked at me, he was like, "What's up?"
21:34 I was like, "Hey, you know where you're at?"
21:37 And then, his friend pulled out a gun,
21:40 I pulled mine out.
21:41 I clicked it back, but my, this was my mindset,
21:44 I could care less if I die,
21:47 I could care less if I killed him
21:49 because this is the lifestyle that I was living.
21:53 In this moment God saved my life
21:56 because I either A, could have been shot and killed
21:59 or shot him, killed him,
22:01 and literally threw my entire life away.
22:05 But before I was able to pull the trigger, a cops came up.
22:09 I thought the cops was coming up behind me.
22:12 Cops came up behind him.
22:14 Took him to the jail that night.
22:16 Wow.
22:17 Let's talk briefly about the power of prayer.
22:19 Of course, you had mother and father, father is a pastor.
22:22 Talk about how prayer
22:23 has really affected your life in a positive manner.
22:26 Just going back to that story I just said.
22:28 Okay.
22:30 I'm a firm believer if my parents weren't praying.
22:34 My mom's wasn't praying, my grandmother,
22:36 my aunty wasn't praying.
22:39 Then that story could've ended differently.
22:41 Yeah, definitely.
22:42 Like, I may not have been sitting here with you today.
22:44 Actually got in the head on collision few years back,
22:50 driving on the inner state,
22:52 sitting there pumping out Gucci like I was telling you.
22:53 Yeah.
22:55 Just going too fast, like my partner
22:56 that was sitting next to me told me, "Just slow down."
23:00 I lost control of the car, a van hit me,
23:04 fish tell me all the way into on coming traffic,
23:07 a semi hit us head on, going 65 plus,
23:11 totaled the vehicle.
23:12 Wow. Nobody...
23:14 nobody had any type of injuries.
23:16 Wow. We walked away unsacred.
23:17 But that's from the power, but I'm a firm believer
23:20 that if you don't see any type of prayer,
23:23 if you don't see any type of...
23:29 trying to think of the word, that I'm looking for.
23:31 Okay. See any type of...
23:32 Any type of results in your life.
23:34 Thank you.
23:35 See any type of results, just keep on praying.
23:36 Yeah, definitely.
23:38 Because, I'm here, because of prayer.
23:39 Yeah, amen, amen.
23:41 Now you mentioned to me before about
23:43 how you came to the point of selling your soul.
23:46 If you could talk about that for a little bit.
23:49 The reason why I was mentioning that to you earlier
23:52 is because I know that there may be
23:55 some individuals tuning in,
23:57 whether its late at night, night or not
24:00 but so they're not thinking that they have come too far.
24:03 Yeah.
24:05 So they're looking at me, saying,
24:06 "Oh, well, that's the PK, he had people praying for him-
24:10 but I've gone too far."
24:12 I can look into the cameras right now and say,
24:14 if I try to sell my soul three time, three times,
24:20 and if God is still willing to work with me,
24:24 then he can work with anybody.
24:25 Wow. Wow.
24:26 Now when you went through the process
24:28 of selling your soul,
24:29 what were some of the things, briefly,
24:31 that you did or you say it to come to that point?
24:37 I know the very first time I was like, "Man, this is it."
24:40 Yeah.
24:42 That I will give myself for this and this.
24:45 Wow.
24:46 And who is literally has,
24:48 if we were sitting down talking, he said, "I bet."
24:50 Yeah.
24:51 I said, "Hey, it's yours, come and get it."
24:53 Wow. God came in quick though.
24:56 Praise the Lord.
24:57 I instantly felt the spiritual and He said,
24:59 "Ah, ah... you can't have this one."
25:01 Wow.
25:02 So the great controversy was real in life.
25:04 Man, it was real, but that was the first time.
25:06 Yeah, wow.
25:07 The second time, it was literally yelling,
25:09 "No, no, no...
25:10 I told you, I die specifically for this one,
25:13 you can't have this one."
25:14 The third time, "Yo, I thought I already told you,
25:18 you can't have this one."
25:19 Wow, praise the Lord.
25:21 But, that again, is going back to just telling any individual
25:23 that thinks you know, I've come too far.
25:28 That it doesn't matter how far you have come.
25:32 Because if God could still working
25:33 and still use someone
25:35 that try to sell their soul three times...
25:36 Wow.
25:38 God can use anybody. Use anybody.
25:39 Praise the Lord.
25:41 What brought you, really briefly,
25:42 what brought you to that point of realizing,
25:43 I need to make a change in my life?
25:47 There's been stories after stories after stories.
25:50 There's been near life experiences
25:53 or near death experiences,
25:56 but I'm just going to mention one briefly.
26:00 Last summer, I was locked up, I was locked up on this charge
26:05 and there was warrant out for my arrest.
26:07 I just got a good job,
26:08 I was really just starting to do well,
26:10 and I said, "Look, Lord, I need you to make this go away."
26:15 Yeah.
26:16 "Or at least give me a way out, so that I can make it right."
26:19 I'm in jail for about three or four days,
26:23 somewhere around near and I remember praying to God,
26:28 and said, "Okay, look, Lord, I'm finally gave up,
26:32 I'm gonna give my life to you, right here in jail."
26:35 If I have to miss my last year at Oakwood,
26:39 at that time I thought it was, you know, Oakwood is.
26:42 Anyway, that's a different story.
26:43 Different story.
26:44 But I said, "All right Lord, if I have to miss this year,
26:48 and stay here, so be it.
26:50 But my life is yours." Yeah.
26:51 Wow.
26:53 And literally in about a hour, somebody bailed me,
26:55 I said, "Amen, thank God. Thank God, so."
26:58 Wow.
26:59 Have you seen the difference in your life now
27:01 in serving the Lord verses
27:03 how you live before in 30 seconds?
27:06 Yeah. Okay.
27:07 But everything is still a constant battle.
27:10 Everything is still work in progress.
27:15 Call myself David,
27:17 because David would go out there,
27:18 he will be murderer, but he will repent
27:20 and repent, and repent, and repent.
27:23 You know, the beautiful thing
27:24 is that God is willing to forgive us.
27:26 And the reality is, you know, the Bible mentions
27:29 in Revelation chapter 2 and 3, where it says,
27:30 "To him they over cometh, to him they over cometh."
27:33 You see this in the seven churches.
27:35 And we know that there is a battle with life,
27:37 but the reality is that eternal life with Jesus
27:40 is to those who over come.
27:42 So you know, I just want to give you encouragement
27:44 as well as we can both encourage the viewers
27:46 that overcoming is very important,
27:49 even though the various things
27:50 that we deal with, don't you think?
27:51 Yeah, I think so. Amen.
27:53 Well, GP, I want to thank you for being on the program.
27:56 Tune in next time for an exciting program
27:58 of The New Journey.


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