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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:08 Welcome to the New Journey
00:09 where you'll meet real life people
00:11 with real life testimonies
00:12 and real life working ministries for Jesus.
00:14 I'm your host Aaron Chancy.
00:15 Come join us on The New Journey.
00:47 Welcome to the New Journey.
00:48 We have with us today, Pastor Ricky Wade.
00:51 Pastor Ricky Wade has been on the program before
00:53 but we're bringing him back
00:55 because he's going to talk to us
00:56 about something very important in a Christian walk.
00:58 Part one, we're going to talk
00:59 about his recap of his testimony,
01:01 part two, we're going to talk about his transformation
01:03 and part three of this program
01:05 we're going to talk about getting involved.
01:07 So let's jump right in it.
01:08 Pastor Wade, we welcome you on to the program.
01:10 Thank you, it's a pleasure to be here.
01:12 All right, all right. So let's jump right into it.
01:14 Let's do a recap of your testimony.
01:16 Tell us what you used to get involved in?
01:18 How you changed your life, things like that?
01:21 Just prior to graduating from high school,
01:24 I had already made plans to join the military.
01:26 So I spent four years in the Navy
01:29 and when you're in the military a lot of times,
01:31 and I'm going back, this was back in 1987 to 1991.
01:38 A lot of our spare or free time was spent drinking.
01:42 Okay.
01:44 So a lot of alcohol involved on a consistent regular basis.
01:47 Well, if you continued to do behaviors over and over,
01:51 they will eventually turn into a habit.
01:53 So after just a four year stint in the military,
01:56 I had become accustomed to drinking alcohol
02:00 on regular basis.
02:01 Okay, okay.
02:02 Whenever I got out went to college began...
02:06 Well, dove back into a life of smoking pot
02:09 and we had tried other drugs as well,
02:11 but I didn't use them on a regular
02:13 and frequent basis.
02:16 Crystal meth was something that really kind of
02:18 caught on the West Coast
02:20 and then it trickled to some of the small towns
02:23 all the way over here on the East Coast.
02:25 Okay.
02:26 I tried crystal,
02:27 I didn't particularly cared for it.
02:29 Had hallucinated a couple of times on LSD.
02:34 Never did try coke, so that's basically
02:37 what I had been involved in.
02:39 But marijuana was just the drug of choice, that and alcohol.
02:42 Okay.
02:44 So, before long though if you continue to mess
02:48 with the devil, he'll begin to mess with you too.
02:50 That's true, that's true.
02:52 So what did all of this lead to?
02:54 And also for those who may not have seen the program
02:57 you were on before, tell us where you're from as well?
03:00 I'm from Portland, Tennessee. Okay.
03:02 Which is where Kentucky, Tennessee
03:04 has their camp meeting,
03:06 a little place called Highland Academy
03:08 is where they have their campground.
03:11 So I grew up in that area.
03:13 Me and my wife Christy, we both, our whole lives
03:16 we lived basically in Portland.
03:18 Okay.
03:20 So did you grow up
03:21 in the Seventh-day Adventist Church?
03:23 I did. Okay.
03:24 But by the time I was 15, 16 years old,
03:27 there had been some changes.
03:29 I wasn't going to the private Adventist school anymore.
03:33 I had transferred over to public school
03:35 and this is really a good, a good reason
03:38 to plug Adventist education.
03:41 We need to stay within
03:44 our Adventist educational system
03:46 because there's a lot of benefits,
03:47 you know, you don't realize that you're doing
03:49 some of the compromises that you might be doing
03:52 until you're already in it and then you're used to it,
03:55 you're accustomed to it, it's a habit
03:56 and you don't even think twice about it.
03:58 Yeah, that's true.
03:59 So, I'm very much in support of Adventist education,
04:04 but I also think that which is a different story,
04:07 I think that we should include others.
04:08 I think that it should be more of a ministry tool
04:10 instead of kind of an inclusive tool
04:12 just for Adventist kids.
04:14 Okay.
04:16 So you were involved with the drug, the LSD,
04:18 the marijuana things like that and eventually you ended up
04:21 catching a charge.
04:23 Talk to us about the charge?
04:26 I arranged for some friends to break into my house
04:32 while we were going on vacation.
04:33 Hold on, hold on.
04:34 You said you arranged for some friends
04:36 to break into your house.
04:37 Tell us why you arranged that?
04:39 The whole intent was just to collect an insurance,
04:41 you know, turn in a claim and then just collect bucks
04:44 and just a few things be missing in all actuality
04:47 but, you know, you claim everything
04:50 that you can think of.
04:51 Okay.
04:54 The young guy that I had asked to do this,
04:57 he got caught.
04:58 He pinched me.
05:01 So he wore a mic, he recorded some of our conversations
05:05 after the fact and...
05:09 Okay.
05:10 As a result I caught a class C felony.
05:12 And the big thing about felonies though is that
05:15 should you ever end up in that situation,
05:18 pray that you don't.
05:20 Pray that you follow the path of righteous.
05:22 But if you stray and you end up in that situation,
05:24 make sure that you're going to get everything
05:26 on the front end because expungement
05:28 really does not happen
05:30 if you try to get it on the tail end.
05:31 Okay, okay.
05:33 Now you said you got a class C felony.
05:34 Can you explain what a class C felony is
05:36 and what was the results of that class C felony?
05:40 A, B, C, D, and E felonies are the range of them.
05:44 You can get a class E felony in some states for,
05:48 on a motorcycle for popping a wheely in traffic.
05:50 Okay.
05:52 So a class A felony is premeditated murder.
05:56 So class C is just kind of middle range
05:58 and the reason that I got a middle felony
06:02 is because of the amount of money
06:04 based on what I was claiming was stolen.
06:07 Based on that amount that's how you get tagged
06:10 with one or the other.
06:11 Okay, so out of that, did you come out
06:13 with probation, parole, did you have to do any time,
06:15 how did that work out?
06:17 I came out with probation.
06:18 Parole is if you've already gone in
06:20 and you're actually serving time
06:21 in the penitentiary and then you come out,
06:23 that's parole.
06:25 So I just got probation.
06:26 I got a million hours of community service
06:29 where they want you to go do silly things,
06:32 just character building things.
06:34 Okay, okay.
06:36 Now you eventually got part of your record taken care of.
06:39 Talk about that? Sure.
06:42 In 2014, I was able to file a petition to the court
06:46 and I got my rights reinstated.
06:48 So if you catch a felony charge,
06:50 you no longer have the rights of a normal American citizen.
06:54 You can't work at any government job,
06:56 you can't hold public office, you can't vote,
07:00 you can't be caught with guns or weapons.
07:04 So when I got those reinstated, I got all of my rights.
07:07 So this is the first time that I've been able to vote
07:10 since Ross Perot ran.
07:11 Oh, wow. Okay.
07:12 So what's the difference between
07:14 getting your rights reinstated versus getting them expunged?
07:17 Expunged is there's absolutely no record.
07:20 I still have a record, so when I went to get
07:25 my voter registration card this time,
07:29 I had to present some of the court papers
07:31 to let them know that my rights were reinstated
07:34 and I did have the right to vote again.
07:36 Okay.
07:37 Now, through the drugs, through the class E felony
07:41 that you received, the class C felony,
07:42 I'm sorry, that you received,
07:44 what was the point in your life that made you decide,
07:47 you know what, I need to make a change.
07:52 I had already made the changes is the unfortunate thing,
07:54 but I was straddled the fence.
07:56 I was kind of a lukewarm Christian,
07:58 there's no kind of to it, I was a lukewarm Christian.
08:01 To the surface appearance, to everyone that saw me
08:05 I was this Christian that looked like
08:08 I was full of zeal, you know, I was a true Pharisee.
08:12 I was thumping the law and was trying
08:15 to correct everybody else
08:16 while outside of the public picture
08:20 I was still doing what I wanted to do.
08:21 Okay, okay.
08:23 Now, you eventually changed your life, you're pastoring
08:25 in the Seventh-day Adventist church,
08:27 you have a three church district.
08:28 Let's transition over to the transformation process.
08:31 Talk about that?
08:33 Transformation is where you take it to the next level.
08:37 Okay.
08:39 When you're baptized, you're supposed to come up
08:40 out of the water a new man or a new woman, right?
08:42 Yeah, correct.
08:43 And so this new man and this new woman
08:46 has allowed Christ to come into their heart.
08:47 Okay.
08:49 You're now connected to the vine.
08:50 But the death of the old man means that I'm...
08:55 If I have temptations, I'm not going to chase them
08:59 because I have faith and a new power in my life.
09:02 I'm no longer controlled by the devil.
09:04 So even if I stumble and fall and I sin,
09:08 I'm going to ask God first to forgive me
09:10 but then to give me the power to overcome it from then on.
09:13 Okay, okay.
09:15 Now do you think with the transformation process,
09:17 do you think a lot of people in their Christian walk
09:19 struggle with really understanding it?
09:21 I do.
09:22 And I think that just based on maybe people's prayer life,
09:26 you can see this.
09:27 When we pray, the Bible says that if I believe it
09:32 and it's according to God's will,
09:34 so anything that would bring Him glory
09:37 that He's going to answer.
09:38 Okay.
09:39 But we don't see a lot of people laying hands
09:42 on someone that sick and they become well,
09:46 we don't see those types of miracles.
09:48 We occasionally hear stories of people speaking in tongues
09:52 where they overcome a language barrier,
09:54 but for the most part we don't see
09:56 tons of answered prayer.
09:58 And I think that if our faith, our confidence in God's Word,
10:03 if our faith was stronger, then I think
10:07 that we would see a lot more change.
10:10 Okay, okay.
10:12 You know, you and I can both fake love,
10:15 peace and kindness and long suffering,
10:19 but do we do these things because we love Jesus
10:22 or are we doing them because somewhere it's bringing
10:25 self gratification to me?
10:26 Yeah, that's true, that's true.
10:28 Now talk about the transformation process
10:29 in your own life and how it can relate
10:31 to another person's life who has been involved
10:34 in a life of crime, a life of drugs and things,
10:37 and now wants to make that change,
10:39 "Look, I'm fed up with it.
10:40 I'm tired of chasing these drugs,
10:43 I'm tired of chasing fast money,
10:44 I'm tired of chasing women,
10:45 I'm tired of being incarcerated."
10:47 Talk about the transformation process
10:49 for that individual going from that lifestyle
10:52 now into the church?
10:53 Yeah, I believe that for someone
10:55 that has been involved in that whole cycle of life
10:58 that you first need to find a church
11:00 that wants to invest in you.
11:02 Many churches have jail and prison ministries
11:05 and they love felons as long as they're locked up.
11:10 But you need a church that is going to invest in you
11:13 when you get out because if not it's very likely
11:17 that you'll go back into that same group
11:19 and some of your old habits will resurface,
11:22 you'll just embrace them,
11:23 that's just comes natural to you.
11:26 So, you know, you want to find a church
11:28 that has a faithful group that studies
11:31 that can offer you activities that would help you transition
11:36 into a new way of life.
11:38 So come Friday night, well, that's a big active night
11:42 for people that aren't Christians.
11:44 Yeah, in the club scene, things like that.
11:45 So we need to find a group that we can do something
11:48 with on Friday night and church needs to be
11:51 meaningful whenever I get there.
11:53 Yeah.
11:54 I don't want to go to sleep, I can sleep at home in my bed.
11:58 So church needs to be meaningful,
11:59 it needs to have fellowship, it needs to have warmth,
12:03 and sometimes we don't have that.
12:04 I think that it's easy enough to transition a church
12:08 into that but...
12:09 Okay, okay.
12:11 My biggest thing was just giving my life over to Christ.
12:15 "Christ, whatever you say I'm going to do."
12:18 Okay.
12:20 Now let me ask you something with that
12:21 because I have a lot of parents who come to me and say,
12:24 "You know what, can you talk to my son,
12:25 can you talk to my daughter?
12:27 He, she was involved in things that you're involved,
12:29 that you used to be involved in."
12:31 And what parents it seems want to know sometimes
12:34 is what made you want to change,
12:37 I'm speaking of myself and what do I think
12:39 can help that child to want to make a change.
12:42 So do you think that a person has to hit rock bottom
12:45 or what do you think that person has to come
12:48 to the point of to say, "You know what?
12:50 It's time that I make a change in my life.
12:52 I need to make that transition from the streets,
12:55 from this type of lifestyle
12:56 over to this type of lifestyle now."
12:58 Yeah, and I believe that a parent can want it
13:02 for their child for all day long
13:04 but until that individual wants it.
13:07 There's not going to be a lot of change.
13:08 I may change in your presence again
13:12 but I'll be straddled the fence
13:13 and I'll have my one foot much deeper in that lifestyle
13:18 than what I may even want you to know, you know,
13:21 at some point you may get to the...
13:23 You may get to an area in your life
13:25 where you don't care whether people know
13:26 that this is, this is just me, accept it.
13:28 Exactly.
13:30 But when somebody begins to want it,
13:31 that's when you need some of these backup support groups,
13:34 they need to come in.
13:35 And I had one individual start sharing
13:38 some information with me, shared an amazing facts tract
13:40 and then I began doing Bible studies on Friday night.
13:44 I had two or three people, they would come to my house.
13:47 And so three people were studying
13:49 just with one individual,
13:50 but that's the kind of investment
13:52 that we need church members to do.
13:55 It's not the pastor's job.
13:56 The pastor's job is to train you how to do it.
13:58 But then, you know, we need our members to get involved
14:02 and that's easy enough, you can find people.
14:03 And we're going to talk about getting involved in a second.
14:06 And you know, one of the things that you said
14:08 that was interesting just now is that the individual
14:10 has to want to do it for themselves,
14:12 they have to want to make the change for themselves
14:14 because looking at my own life, you know, I didn't want it,
14:18 I didn't want to change enough for myself.
14:19 Yeah, a lot of people wanted me to change but I didn't want to.
14:22 I still love the fast money, I love the drugs,
14:24 I just love the...
14:26 I don't know why you love it because it's a lot of misery
14:27 most of the time, I spent a lot of time incarcerated
14:30 but I love it and it wasn't until for me
14:33 I hit rock bottom at 25 years old
14:35 where I said, "You know what?
14:37 It's time to make a change.
14:38 I'm fed up with this and I'm ready to...
14:40 I'm ready to get out of this circle of foolishness."
14:42 So I agree with that.
14:44 And now what I want to talk about,
14:45 okay, so the person has been out there,
14:47 they've made that transfer into the church,
14:49 the transformation process and now we want to talk
14:52 about getting involved.
14:53 How do we get a person involved
14:56 and why should they get involved?
14:57 Sure.
14:58 And I think the easiest way to get individuals
15:01 in a church involved is simply to find something
15:03 that they like to do.
15:05 Okay.
15:06 I love to give Bible studies,
15:08 I had gone to Arise and David Asscherick
15:11 and his team had showed me how to do Bible studies.
15:14 Okay. So I love to do that.
15:16 And a friend was like, "Would you like to get involved
15:19 in jail and prison ministry?"
15:21 And I really thought, "No, that's not for me,
15:24 you know, I may have the felony but I'm just a cut above that."
15:29 Yeah. Wow.
15:30 And through jail and prison ministry,
15:33 I came to a realization
15:35 of what transformation needed to be.
15:37 Okay.
15:38 It can't be something that I'm just involved
15:40 in during church.
15:41 It needs to be my way of life every day
15:45 for the rest of my life.
15:46 Yeah, definitely, definitely.
15:48 So I got involved in jail and prison ministries
15:50 and then baptism just started to flow.
15:52 So I suggest whatever it is that you like,
15:55 you can find other people that aren't
15:58 Seventh-day Adventists, maybe aren't even Christians
16:00 and get to know them.
16:02 You don't have to show them doctrinal stuff
16:04 to get to know somebody.
16:05 They don't even have to know that you're an Adventist,
16:08 but just let them know that there's something in you
16:11 that makes you different than the rest of the world.
16:13 Yeah, definitely. Now let me ask you this.
16:15 You know, people come into the church all the time,
16:17 they were out there, they change their life,
16:19 they come in.
16:21 They're on fire and then next thing you know
16:23 in a couple of weeks they fizzle out
16:25 and they're right back out the door.
16:26 In your opinion why do you think
16:28 that this may be happening so much?
16:31 I think that possibly it's because your churches
16:33 aren't warm enough to keep them there.
16:35 Churches, it doesn't matter whether they're,
16:39 what race they are, it doesn't matter
16:41 what size they are.
16:42 You can have a church of 10 people
16:44 and there can oftentimes be just a click, you know,
16:47 this is our little church family
16:49 and we'd like you to come
16:50 but we don't know how to fit you in.
16:52 So, and you don't have to rush to get somebody involved.
16:56 Yeah.
16:58 They'll be sharing their testimony
17:00 and their witness, and so you begin
17:03 to help them expand their witness
17:06 and as their testimony grows,
17:08 then hopefully it will encourage the church
17:11 to become a little bit more active
17:13 and then everyone gets blessed.
17:15 Okay, praise the Lord.
17:16 From your personal experience how much of an impact
17:19 do you think getting involved have for you
17:21 coming into the church, coming back into the church?
17:23 I wanted to be involved
17:25 from the time that I got re-baptized.
17:29 And when I caught the felony charge, you know,
17:32 the church put sanctions against me,
17:34 it was kind of a big public ordeal,
17:36 I'm on television, "Ricky Wade gets arrested."
17:40 So, you know, I had all the shame and regret.
17:45 I wasn't sorry at that point, you know,
17:48 I was only sorry for the consequences
17:49 and sometimes maybe that's what prevents our life
17:52 and our faith from growing because we aren't truly sorry.
17:56 We just wish that the circumstances
17:58 weren't so heavy upon us.
18:00 Okay. So...
18:05 If you can just deepen your relationship with the Lord
18:09 by studying the Bible and praying a little bit,
18:12 I think that it'll lead you to exactly where you need to be.
18:14 Okay, okay.
18:15 Now you're a pastor of three churches now.
18:18 What led you from growing up as Adventist,
18:21 getting involved in drugs, having a felony,
18:23 getting involved in church but then feeling
18:25 called to the ministry?
18:27 David Asscherick preached a sermon at Kentucky-Tennessee
18:30 camp meeting one year.
18:32 Okay.
18:33 He made the appeal call, I wasn't meeting,
18:36 I felt an extreme conviction, I felt a heavy burden.
18:40 Souls weren't a part of my Christian walk
18:42 and I wanted this burden for souls
18:45 and whenever he made the appeal that's what lit the fire.
18:48 Okay.
18:49 And just to...
18:54 By then I'd already had my felony conviction.
18:56 So when he made that call, I made the commitment,
18:59 "Lord, if you will seriously just open up the door,
19:02 I don't know what you want me to do."
19:04 So I went to Arise, started doing Bible work,
19:07 South Central Conference picked me up.
19:10 This year is the 70th year anniversary
19:12 for South Central Conference and I'm the first
19:15 and only Caucasian guy,
19:16 only white boy in South Central,
19:19 so I'm grateful to President Edmond
19:23 and the rest of this conference for what they're doing.
19:26 You know, they're trying to expand ministry,
19:29 trying to involve everybody,
19:31 and so I'm really grateful for that.
19:32 But, you know, when you want to serve God and you ask Him,
19:39 He says, "The workers are few," and so if you want to work
19:42 and you're willing to submit, He'll open the door.
19:45 So I went from Bible worker to pastor and...
19:47 Okay.
19:49 I had just graduated this last May with a degree
19:53 from Andrews, so I've got my master's
19:56 in pastoral ministry...
19:57 Okay, praise the Lord.
19:58 And this three church district is just another blessing,
20:03 I mean, three churches is a lot of work.
20:04 Yeah, definitely. But it's just time management.
20:07 Once everyone realizes that
20:09 what a pastor should be doing is training his people.
20:11 Okay.
20:13 Train them how to serve God too and then your churches
20:15 will grow because that's God's will.
20:17 Okay.
20:18 So you have a church not just, not just speaking of you
20:21 but in general, you have churches
20:23 who are close by prisons.
20:27 And they want to get involved but they're scared
20:30 to get involved in prison ministries
20:32 or not really sure
20:33 what kind of ministries they want to get involved with,
20:35 but they know that they need to do something.
20:38 So how do you go about training the church to get involved
20:41 in prison ministry or ministry period,
20:44 and even those who are coming into the church
20:46 so that they're active in the church?
20:47 Sure.
20:49 I think that some of the first steps
20:50 or maybe meeting with the mayor of your city.
20:52 Okay.
20:54 And just trying to find out what some of the needs
20:56 of the city might be.
20:57 Do you have single moms,
21:00 maybe that can be your ministry focus.
21:02 Do you have individuals
21:04 that English is the second language,
21:08 they need a GED.
21:09 Basically make anything a ministry.
21:10 Yeah, because the whole point is to help somebody
21:14 where there is a need and then allow God to open those doors
21:17 so that you can begin to share
21:19 the love of Christ with everybody.
21:21 Okay, okay. And that's very important.
21:23 I know for me when I came back into the church,
21:26 I really needed to get involved because I felt like
21:29 if I didn't get involved with something that, you know,
21:32 I just go right back out the door.
21:33 That's right.
21:34 And I think when you stop one thing,
21:36 you need to put something else in its place
21:38 because if you don't, then the devil will definitely
21:40 find something for you.
21:42 And so the individuals that you've seen,
21:44 that you've worked with, what have you seen for them
21:46 has been some of the biggest struggles
21:48 that they've had with being, staying in the church
21:53 with getting involved in the church,
21:55 and remaining in that transformation process
21:58 and allowing them to do the work
21:59 because so many people I see,
22:01 they said, it says, "Well, I messed up today,
22:03 I messed up tomorrow and I messed up the next day.
22:05 Well, God doesn't want me."
22:06 So what can we do for that individual that believes that
22:10 that he's saying that says, "You know what,"
22:12 say to them that, "You know what,
22:14 despite that you mess up God still loves you."
22:17 What can we say to that individual
22:19 to not decide to just walk out the door
22:20 because they messed up?
22:23 Ultimately Jesus died
22:26 while we were still yet sinners.
22:28 And so I think that individuals,
22:33 I love the individual that is sparkly clean.
22:35 Never, I wish that we could all be like that
22:39 and I think they've got the strongest testimony.
22:42 But when you find somebody that has messed up
22:45 and then you can show them, "Look, God can take
22:48 the nastiest picture and He can transform it.
22:51 He can move you to a different level of life."
22:54 And so the biggest factor that's going to be involved
22:56 is helping that person feel like
22:58 he's part of the church family
23:00 and if he's not going to be a part of the church family,
23:02 make him feel that he's a part of your family.
23:05 Okay. Invite him over.
23:08 Help him, go to his house, visit on a regular basis,
23:10 develop that friendship and make sure
23:12 that he has something to do
23:14 that is going to be different from the activities
23:17 that he used to be involved in
23:18 because if not he'll go back to finding those old friends.
23:21 If he loves motorcycles he's going to,
23:23 and his friends rode motorcycles with
23:25 and you need to... Get back involved with it.
23:27 Yeah, you need to attach him to a church group of people
23:29 that ride motorcycles.
23:30 You know, whatever it is get that individual attached
23:34 to a friendly warm person that can help walk them along
23:38 and then teach people.
23:39 Yeah, okay.
23:41 Get up and study your Bible on a regular basis.
23:42 Read the word, let God talk to you
23:44 and then begin talking to Him in prayer.
23:46 At first it may be only a minute or two
23:48 but your muscles will grow if you use them.
23:50 Definitely, definitely.
23:51 You know, I forgot to ask you in the beginning
23:53 when you were doing the recap of your testimony.
23:55 What was that motivating factor that led you
23:58 to from the Adventist Church, a Christian home
24:01 into getting involved with drugs?
24:04 It wasn't peer pressure because I was the one
24:07 trying to always peer pressure people into doing things.
24:11 It's just temptation, by nature we're evil people,
24:15 we're carnal.
24:16 And so it's much easier to do those things
24:19 than it is to surrender
24:21 and give God control of your life.
24:22 We all, we all want to be in control,
24:24 maybe that's why some Christians
24:26 don't have transformation
24:27 because they don't have confidence in God's word
24:30 and so they never fully surrender to Him.
24:33 They want to finish the work but the Bible promises
24:35 that He'll finish the work if I'll just let Him, right?
24:38 Definitely, definitely.
24:39 So, how long was that time span
24:41 that you were involved with drugs?
24:44 From the time I was about 17 until probably about 10 years.
24:50 Okay.
24:51 And being that you grew up in a Christian household,
24:54 how did that affect that you saw,
24:55 what kind of effect did that have upon your family?
24:58 The drugs weren't that big of a deal
25:00 because we wouldn't,
25:02 I wouldn't try to be very open with it.
25:04 You know, people may have known that we were running
25:08 and we were the wrong group to hang around with
25:10 but overall we didn't let everybody know exactly
25:17 what we were doing so, and you know, you...
25:20 If you're trying to sell a little something, you know,
25:24 you try to keep on the down low as much as possible.
25:27 So, you know, the family knew that
25:32 that I wasn't on the path that I should have been on,
25:34 but I would still be going to church.
25:35 Okay.
25:37 You know I'd be using drugs, drinking the night before
25:39 and still get up and go to church.
25:41 Okay.
25:42 But I was, I was a cold Christian,
25:44 I wasn't even lukewarm.
25:47 And so when the conviction came
25:50 I was ready to follow a conviction,
25:52 I was ready for something different.
25:53 Okay, okay. Praise the Lord.
25:55 What I want you to do, I want you to take
25:56 about a minute or so, and I want you to talk
25:57 to that individual who is struggling
25:59 with their Christian walk.
26:00 I want you to look into the camera
26:01 and talk to that individual who is,
26:03 who has made the change in their life
26:05 or trying to make the change in their life.
26:07 They're transitioning into the church
26:09 and transitioning into a whole new lifestyle,
26:12 something totally different than what they're used to
26:15 and they're struggling.
26:16 But I want you to talk to that individual,
26:18 give them some words of encouragement
26:20 to help them press forward.
26:22 Very good.
26:24 When you feel that point in your life
26:27 where God is calling you, this is the point
26:29 that you must surrender
26:31 and surrender is kind of a hard thing at first
26:33 because you don't know exactly
26:35 what it entails but get a Bible,
26:38 find some church people that can walk with you
26:41 that will lead you into a deeper relationship
26:44 with Jesus.
26:46 Ask them to pray with you.
26:47 You don't have to be together physically to pray with people,
26:50 call them on the telephone, Skype and FaceTime
26:55 and just ask them to pray for you even.
26:59 You may not even know how to pray,
27:00 but begin to ask God to pour into your life,
27:03 begin to have...
27:05 Ask Him to show you verses in the Bible that are promises
27:08 that you can cling to that you can hang on to
27:12 and then let your faith, let your confidence grow
27:15 in what God is saying
27:17 what those promises are claiming,
27:19 believe that they can come true in your life.
27:21 And if you begin to claim those promises
27:24 on a regular basis, if you begin to believe
27:27 that what God says that you can take to the bank,
27:31 then your Christian life will grow.
27:33 You'll begin to tell your friends,
27:35 the ones that used to be more like you
27:38 and less like new church friends
27:40 that you have, you'll begin to want
27:42 to share with them and begin to want to help them
27:45 to come out of that lifestyle.
27:46 And when you begin serving other people,
27:49 when you begin serving God,
27:50 that's when your life will be transformed eternally.
27:55 Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
27:56 Well, Pastor Wade, we want to thank you once again
27:58 for being on the program and sharing
27:59 that important information, I know it would be
28:02 such a great blessing to many viewers.
28:03 Amen.
28:05 We want to thank you once again
28:06 for tuning in to another exciting episode
28:08 of The New Journey.
28:09 Until next time, be blessed.


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