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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:04 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:08 Welcome to the New Journey,
00:10 where you meet real life people with real life testimonies
00:12 and real life working ministries for Jesus.
00:15 I'm your host Aaron Chancy.
00:16 Come join us on The New Journey.
00:48 Welcome to The New Journey.
00:50 We have an exciting testimony by young woman
00:52 by the name of Claire Madeus.
00:54 Claire, we want to thank you for being on the program.
00:55 Well, thank you, Aaron.
00:57 Thank you. All right.
00:58 Let's get started.
00:59 Where were you born and where were you raised?
01:01 I was born in Haiti, Port-au-Prince,
01:04 was raised in Saint-Marc,
01:05 then moved to America
01:08 and was raised in Lake Worth, Florida.
01:10 Okay. Okay.
01:11 Describe your early childhood for me?
01:14 My childhood, it was...
01:17 I consider it was a bad childhood.
01:19 It was 13 of us in a family and I'm the youngest,
01:22 so I never really get much attention
01:24 as a child is supposed to get.
01:26 My dad was working
01:28 and I was home with my stepmother.
01:31 Okay.
01:32 And pretty much...
01:37 kind of, left abandoned, somewhat abandoned.
01:39 Okay. Okay.
01:40 I mean I was there but it was just like
01:42 I didn't get much attention as I should have got.
01:45 Yeah, and I can imagine
01:46 how hard it could be with 13 in a household
01:48 and you being the youngest.
01:50 I can understand how difficult it would be
01:53 to get the needed attention.
01:55 Now talk about the religious atmosphere of the house?
01:58 Were you guys Christian? Did you go to church?
02:00 What was that like?
02:02 Yes, we were Christian family, all of us was.
02:04 My dad did raised us up in a church
02:07 who was raised as Baptist.
02:09 Majority of my families are Baptist,
02:11 it's like three of us
02:13 who are the Seventh-day Adventist Christians now.
02:15 Okay.
02:17 All right, and we're actually going to get into later on
02:18 in the program,
02:20 how you got
02:21 into the Seventh-day Adventist church.
02:23 So don't answer that just yet,
02:24 but we will transition into that.
02:26 Growing up, 13 kids in a household,
02:30 stepmother and father,
02:31 what were some of your positive influences
02:34 in your life growing up?
02:36 I really didn't have any positive influences growing up.
02:40 Okay. Okay.
02:41 What were some of the negative influences that you had?
02:45 Not listening,
02:46 hanging with the wrong crowd of friends.
02:48 I don't have too many bad friends,
02:50 but I did find myself hanging with few friends
02:53 that were heading to a different path,
02:56 a wrong path in life.
02:57 Okay. Okay.
02:59 Now eventually,
03:00 you got involved in a homosexual lifestyle.
03:03 Talk about that,
03:05 how long were you involved in a homosexual lifestyle?
03:08 How did you get involved in it and eventually
03:10 how did you break free from that lifestyle?
03:12 Okay.
03:14 I don't remember,
03:15 recall how long I was in living that lifestyle
03:19 but I started as innocent,
03:21 you know, just going out to the gay club,
03:23 with me and my friends,
03:24 we would go there just to have fun, dance, and party.
03:29 We never actually paid no attention
03:31 then as I started going there more often
03:35 and I started to get involved with certain people
03:38 because they would approach me and I couldn't resist.
03:42 For me that temptation was strong,
03:44 so I decided to head down that path.
03:46 Okay.
03:47 And I believe I was homosexual for while.
03:53 Yes, so I came to a point where
03:56 that's all I wanted to be with and hang around so.
04:00 But how did I break free from it is when 2004,
04:06 I moved to Huntsville, Alabama.
04:08 You know, as I sit down and think about my lifestyles
04:12 and how I was raised in Christian home,
04:15 it made me realize that the path
04:17 that I was taking was not the right path.
04:20 And I know God didn't made Eve and Eve,
04:25 but I just know it was more of the flesh reacting
04:28 than the spiritual being.
04:30 Okay.
04:31 About how old were you when you got involved
04:33 in that type of lifestyle?
04:35 I believe I was 23.
04:39 Okay. Okay. So from 23 to about when?
04:44 About how long that it last approximately?
04:47 You can say about four or five
04:50 so that would make me how old.
04:53 Now the thing is
04:54 there's a lot of people that struggle
04:56 with the homosexual tendencies,
04:58 homosexual relationships
05:00 that realize maybe it's not the best.
05:04 And they want to break free from it,
05:06 but they don't know how.
05:09 For you, you were able to break free from it
05:11 when you kind of sat down and analyzed your life.
05:13 Do you think that that can work for many individuals
05:17 who deal with the same type of lifestyle?
05:20 It can and I can see it can fall.
05:23 Okay, true. You know, it's within the in.
05:26 I didn't start off homosexual. Okay.
05:29 It was just something that I pick along the way
05:31 so it depends on the person,
05:34 I can't really tell or explain it,
05:37 it depends on
05:39 who you really are in the inside.
05:42 Okay. Okay.
05:43 Now you eventually got involved in dancing at nightclubs,
05:47 how did this come about?
05:49 Well, that's a long story. There you go, take your time.
05:53 I started, I remember September 11,
05:57 before September 11 that we,
05:59 you know, I'm from Haiti so I have to carry green card
06:02 because I never applied for my citizenship.
06:04 So I had my green card in come to September 11
06:07 around in that area,
06:08 end up losing all my documents,
06:09 I left in a friend car and it was gone.
06:13 So it was too strict for me
06:15 like I didn't have no documentation back
06:19 I'm like someone get my license with.
06:21 So my best options were to go to the strip club
06:24 because they did not need no identification
06:27 from me or anything,
06:29 so that's how I began that lifestyle.
06:31 Okay.
06:32 Now talk about your experiences in working in a strip club
06:36 as a dancer?
06:39 At the time it felt right but then as time go by,
06:44 when you know the place is not for you,
06:46 you start thinking and it was bad.
06:49 You're on alcohol, drugs, and the money was good
06:54 but, hey, at the end of day that's not what I wanted to do.
06:58 Now you said it at the beginning it felt right.
07:02 What was it that was making it feel right?
07:04 I've never worked in a strip club.
07:06 Now when I was younger or before I changed my life,
07:09 I used to visit strip clubs.
07:11 But I don't know
07:13 the whole back ground scene about the dancers,
07:15 different things like that
07:16 but for you as a former dancer in the strip club,
07:19 what made it feel so right?
07:21 Because, of course,
07:22 you have a whole lot of people there coming
07:23 in from all different walks of life.
07:25 Yes.
07:27 Who will say certain things, who will do certain things
07:29 and, of course, I hear that the money is good.
07:32 But what makes it feel so right
07:35 and then when you compare
07:36 that to knowing that it's wrong?
07:39 The attention, the money,
07:43 I was a party girl that booze,
07:46 you know, the drugs.
07:49 It felt right at the time,
07:50 you know, getting the attention that you...
07:53 The attention that you actually want
07:55 and you're getting it just from basically anybody.
07:59 Or they come so poor, you find guys that this,
08:02 you know, worship you basically,
08:05 cares and just worship you.
08:08 Okay.
08:09 Do you think that, because you said something key,
08:11 you said something of the effect of the attention,
08:15 and you grew up in a household, 13 kids in a house?
08:19 Do you think not getting the attention
08:21 in the home per se played a big part
08:24 with how you felt so right with dancing
08:27 because you would get that attention?
08:30 I can say that but I was...
08:32 I'd admit I was a hardheaded child,
08:35 very disobedient,
08:37 but it did lead the lifestyle that I did chose
08:40 kind of had impact of how I was raised up in a home.
08:43 Okay.
08:44 As the youngest,
08:46 I want to be daddy's little girl.
08:47 Okay.
08:48 You know, where you do things together,
08:50 get hugs, say you love me, I love you daddy.
08:53 I've never got all the attention
08:55 so that has a bad impact on me.
08:58 That's far as so the guys that I would choose to date
09:00 because my dad was never really there.
09:03 So I had to really make a decision of the choices
09:08 that I chose of a man basically.
09:11 Now you said your father wasn't there.
09:13 I know in the beginning of the program
09:15 you said, you had your,
09:17 one of your stepparents were there.
09:19 Do you know your biological, your biological father,
09:22 your biological mother?
09:23 Do you know them?
09:24 Yeah, he was my biological father.
09:30 It's a long story.
09:31 My dad was married with 11 kids.
09:35 And then he had an affair with my mom had me
09:37 and one of my other sibling, my sister.
09:40 So basically, I knew my mother,
09:42 she just was not around and she was...
09:45 I loved my mother so much
09:47 and that was a big impact on my life too,
09:50 because I've never get to see her
09:51 and I was the mother's child so...
09:53 Okay. Okay.
09:54 Now you got involved in the homosexual lifestyle,
09:57 you got involved in the club scene,
09:59 and we're going to transition to another thing
10:00 that you got involved with,
10:02 but how did you...
10:03 How long were you involved
10:04 with the club scene working as a dancer?
10:07 And what brought you to that point
10:09 where you said, "You know what?
10:10 I need to leave the club scene alone."
10:15 I could say about five, six years.
10:17 Okay. Okay.
10:20 And you were how old when you got involved with it?
10:23 I think I was 19. Okay.
10:26 And what made me change my mind was just,
10:28 I was no longer happy,
10:30 I was not motivated to go to work,
10:33 like that whole lifestyle with the alcohol
10:36 and all that religious not motivating at all.
10:39 Okay.
10:40 So I had to sit down and think of how...
10:45 What else can I do besides going there?
10:47 But at the same time I didn't I have a choice,
10:50 I was going there.
10:52 And you say you didn't have a choice
10:53 because of the whole green card issue
10:54 and thin around 9/11 things like that.
10:57 Yes, it was, for if you weren't a citizen,
11:01 it was really hard
11:02 and then it could have been easier
11:04 if I would communicate with my dad
11:06 because I left home at 18 and never looked back.
11:09 Okay.
11:10 So what caused you to leave home at 18?
11:12 Just, you know, he was never there.
11:16 My step mom,
11:17 you know, he was, she was, she had 13 kids.
11:20 She was doing all that at home by herself,
11:22 so I kind of understand her situation now
11:25 that I'm grown up.
11:26 And he was never there,
11:29 I never got the attention I feel like
11:30 I would've been better off out there.
11:32 But at the end of the day it's like now
11:35 they're very loving and very supporting like,
11:38 it's nothing compared
11:40 to what I've pictured in the back.
11:41 So they're actually making up for the lost times
11:44 and for the lifestyle that I've actually lived
11:46 because my dad actually felt bad
11:48 that I had to go through all that.
11:49 But he also praises God
11:51 that I was able to come out of those lifestyles
11:53 and be better than what I was then.
11:56 Great. Great.
11:57 Now, you were involved in a homosexual lifestyle,
12:00 you were involved in the dancing in the clubs,
12:04 you got involved with selling and using drugs,
12:07 talk about that?
12:09 Well, I wasn't a big time drug dealer
12:11 or anything like that,
12:13 it was just the opportunity presents itself
12:16 and I just took it.
12:17 Okay. But I did sell it to get by.
12:22 And there wasn't because,
12:24 it wasn't something that I had to do.
12:25 It's something I wanted to do. Okay.
12:27 Now, why do you say it was something
12:29 that you wanted to doversus something that you had to do?
12:33 I mean, like I said it is something
12:35 that I wanted to do, like I felt like, "Okay,
12:38 I'm going to start selling weed or selling crack."
12:41 It's just the opportunity
12:43 and then when you have clients themselves coming in,
12:45 it makes it much easier to know,
12:48 "Hey, I can make some fast money that way."
12:50 Okay. Okay.
12:51 And to really go work out there.
12:54 Now working between a nightclub,
12:57 because I hear that you can make
12:59 good money from it.
13:00 Selling drugs, of course,
13:02 you know, depending on
13:03 what you're selling things like that,
13:04 you can make good money from it.
13:06 How was the money flow for you between the two things?
13:09 Because and I'm asking this
13:11 because you said, you really didn't need to do the drugs,
13:13 selling the drugs and then you said, eventually,
13:16 you know, you kind of lost the desire
13:18 or the happiness to dance in a strip club.
13:23 How was it, how was it money wise
13:25 working in those two fields for you?
13:28 Money wise for the strip club,
13:31 like I said I was making $200, $300 a night.
13:35 Okay. Okay.
13:36 So...
13:37 And I think for a lot of people that has a great appeal.
13:41 Two to three hundred dollars in one night
13:42 because you look at and say, well...
13:44 And even speaking of my own life,
13:47 I looked at people who could sell drugs
13:51 and make a $1000 in one day
13:53 like at one point when I was selling weed,
13:55 transporting it from state to state,
13:58 it was nothing to make a $1000 in two hours.
14:01 And when I parallel that with, "Okay,
14:04 I can sell drugs two hours,
14:06 make a $1000 or I can work a regular 9 to 5
14:10 and at the end of two weeks get a paycheck and it's $245."
14:15 You look at the two and you say,
14:17 well, this makes more sense.
14:19 And I think what happens for a lot of young people
14:22 is that they see that,
14:23 they see the fast money and they see the appeal to it.
14:28 But even though there is that appeal to it,
14:29 it gets old as it got old for you,
14:32 so talk about that?
14:34 Well, before I get into that,
14:36 me selling I was actually in a relationship with guys
14:40 that was exposed to that lifestyle
14:44 so thus I was really exposed it too
14:46 and also the environment I was in,
14:49 that played a big part
14:51 in my life for the time that I lived in.
14:53 In Florida?
14:54 No, in actually Huntsville,
14:56 all those thoughts take place in Huntsville.
14:58 Okay.
14:59 All right, so you moved from Florida to Huntsville,
15:03 you were selling drugs and the appeal towards it?
15:09 Why I got tired of?
15:10 Yeah, why you got tired of it with the making the money
15:13 from the dancing, from the strip clubs?
15:15 What is that underlying factor?
15:17 Like for me, the underlying factor was,
15:20 I hit rock bottom, I was fed up.
15:22 Like, "Okay.
15:23 Yeah, you're making this money,
15:24 you go into the club using these drugs,
15:26 you getting this high."
15:28 All these things, it's fun.
15:29 But eventually, you get tired of it
15:33 and so for me I hit that rock bottom,
15:35 it's kind of like the story of the prodigal son
15:38 in the Bible, Luke 15.
15:39 He goes out there,
15:40 he asked for a portion of his goods from his father.
15:44 He goes out there, he spends all of it in riotous living
15:47 and next thing you know, he's eating with the pigs,
15:50 and he hits the bottom of the barrel,
15:52 and all he can do is look up.
15:54 And so the thing is we look at music videos on TV,
15:59 we look at movies,
16:01 we look at how easy it is to make fast money
16:04 and like where I used the instance
16:05 of you comparing
16:07 selling drugs with working a regular 9 to 5.
16:10 You're looking at all these things
16:11 and there's great appeal
16:13 but to that you get fed up with it.
16:15 Why for you did you get fed up with it?
16:18 For me, I know why I got fed up,
16:20 but why do you get fed up with all of these things?
16:22 Well, I can say I did not hit rock bottom.
16:24 It did not lead to going to prison or jail.
16:28 Praise God for that but the relationship I was in.
16:33 He was constantly in and out of prison.
16:37 And like I said,
16:38 he was the supplier at some times
16:41 and I would stay at home and I do it so.
16:43 It was basically...
16:48 Just wanted to change I think on the whole like...
16:53 I did not hit the rock bottom but I just know it was wrong.
16:56 You know, I'll go through life and want to do this,
16:58 especially at a younger age and not at home,
17:02 you know, out there doing what I want to do.
17:04 But I do come to a sense sometimes
17:06 where I'm like, "Yo, this is not me."
17:08 And I was not even though my dad wasn't the greatest
17:11 but I know how to try to raise us
17:12 and this was not the way out
17:14 and I believe I had my older kids.
17:17 So it was not really healthy environment
17:19 for them neither.
17:21 So that's what really happened
17:23 but I didn't go to jail or anything like that,
17:24 so praise God for that.
17:26 Okay, praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
17:27 Now from all of this,
17:29 from going to Florida to Huntsville,
17:31 you sold drugs, you made money from working in nightclubs.
17:37 How did you learn about
17:38 the Seventh-day Adventist church?
17:40 What brought you
17:41 into the Seventh-day Adventist church?
17:43 Okay, after all that transaction took places,
17:47 I met a loving, caring man, his name is Mike Tucker.
17:53 And I know he used to come over.
17:56 How he came about I can't recall
17:58 but I know one time he came over with Amazing Facts
18:02 and I used to take that read it.
18:04 And he'll do it to take the test, the quizzes,
18:08 and he'll come back and pick it up and test me
18:11 and I would pretty much score 100 on everything.
18:14 And as I began to read,
18:17 you know, and I was just inspired.
18:20 So, you know, by reading changing my lifestyle, so.
18:24 I know one main thing that really...
18:28 I don't recall the name of it
18:30 but it was a pour away was shown by the cigarette,
18:32 and the alcohol,
18:34 and one part was talking about the cleaning, the meats,
18:38 the clean meats which is in Leviticus.
18:40 Yeah, so after reading
18:42 that I used to eat pork and all that.
18:44 After reading that I just kind of like,
18:47 don't want so anymore so.
18:49 And then he introduced me to a church
18:51 that was not so far
18:53 from where I lived in Mason Court was my Calvary
18:55 and that's where I started going to church
18:58 and that was actually my first home.
19:00 Okay, okay. First Day Adventist church.
19:03 So, you learned about
19:04 the Seventh-day Adventist church
19:06 through a guy named Mike Tucker.
19:07 You're studying these Amazing Facts
19:09 Bible study lessons.
19:11 Now, was it hard to make that transition
19:14 into the Seventh-day Adventist church being that...
19:17 Of course, you grew up as a Christian,
19:18 but you have been away from that for so long.
19:21 Was it hard to get back into that?
19:24 And I say this because for myself,
19:27 I grew up Seventh-day Adventist,
19:28 I didn't have to come from a different faith
19:30 but I got involved in a lot of things.
19:32 And it's very hard sometimes to make that transition
19:35 because for so many years,
19:36 I was used to smoking every day.
19:38 I was used to snorting cocaine every day.
19:40 I was used to popping pills. I was used to drinking alcohol.
19:43 I was used to all of these things
19:45 as an every single day habit.
19:47 I wasn't like what you call a weekend drinker,
19:49 a social drinker.
19:51 This is like I wake up in the morning,
19:52 this is what I do,
19:53 you know, this is part of my life.
19:55 But then to make that transition to, now,
19:57 I don't do any of that, I go to church,
19:58 I read the Bible,
20:01 that's a bit of a change, a bit of a transition.
20:04 How is that for you? Well, I can say it's not easy.
20:07 Something were easy to grasp like,
20:09 you know, as far as the meat, the drinking,
20:13 and the smoking was not the easiest thing
20:16 at all for me.
20:18 What was the most challenging thing
20:19 for you to stop?
20:21 Because for me, I know...
20:23 The cigarette.
20:24 Yeah, you said the cigarettes
20:25 and that's what it was me as well.
20:27 The cigarettes, first it was with,
20:28 alcohol was not 'cause I was never a drunk
20:30 but I used to drink just to drink and have fun.
20:33 But the weed was at one time, but then when I used to smoke,
20:37 I've always pictured myself being a nonsmoker
20:40 or doing other things besides smoking.
20:43 But that was one of the challenges
20:45 but the biggest was the cigarettes.
20:48 I will quit, and I'll go back to it,
20:51 and I'll smoke one and feel guilty about it,
20:55 where I'm like, why did I do it,
20:56 but at the same time,
20:58 what really made me overcome these,
21:01 I really had, I was really passionate about
21:04 changing that lifestyle.
21:05 So I really got on my knees and I cried,
21:08 I prayed and cried and prayed,
21:10 that's what really delivered me.
21:11 And I just thank God nowadays it's been what,
21:13 two years I stopped smoking and everything else
21:17 and no cravings, not want to.
21:19 Praise the Lord.
21:21 Want to go to church every day, read the Bible,
21:23 so I praise God for that,
21:25 but I had a desire to change that within me.
21:27 Praise the Lord.
21:28 You know, and it's interesting that you said cigarettes.
21:30 I got excited when you said that because for me
21:32 that was the same thing.
21:33 Out of all the drugs that I had used,
21:35 there's about
21:36 five different types of narcotics I was on.
21:38 Cigarettes was by far the hardest one
21:40 for me to get off.
21:42 And I went through the same thing
21:43 of where I would buy a pack of cigarettes
21:45 smoke one out the pack,
21:46 throw the rest of the pack away,
21:48 then I go try to find that pack in the trash,
21:50 smoke another one.
21:52 And then what I would do is I would break the cigarettes,
21:55 I would try to crumble them,
21:56 and flush them down the toilet or something.
21:58 Then I would go to the store
22:00 and buy a single cigarette or something.
22:02 And so I went through that same process,
22:04 and it wasn't until I came to the point where I said,
22:06 "You know what?
22:07 I'm going to challenge myself." And I said, you know, what?
22:09 When people climb a mountain, I use this little terminology,
22:12 "When people climb a mountain like Mount Everest,
22:14 you don't climb that thing in one day.
22:16 It's basically one step at a time."
22:18 And so what I said to myself is,
22:20 I'm going to do one day at a time
22:23 with this thing so I said,
22:24 "Okay, I'll see if I can go one day without smoking."
22:27 One day, I didn't even challenge myself
22:28 to a whole week, just one day.
22:30 So the one day went by and it was kind of like,
22:33 "Okay, man, I made one day and in 10 years of smoking
22:35 I've never made one day.
22:37 Okay, now let me try two days, tried two, I tried three."
22:40 After the third day,
22:41 I said to myself, "You know what?
22:42 Let me try a week.
22:44 After that week had passed, I had come back,
22:47 I had got a cigarette, and I tried to smoke it.
22:50 I took maybe one or two puffs and I couldn't handle it,
22:52 and I ended up throwing away and I knew from that point on,
22:55 it was it.
22:57 No desire, the Lord had delivered me from it
22:59 and everything like that.
23:01 But it's amazing how out of all the drugs
23:03 that you have done that I have done
23:05 that the hardest one to get off of is cigarettes.
23:09 It's the one that's legal too.
23:11 Yeah, and it's the one that is legal.
23:12 Alcohol and cigarettes are the ones they're legal
23:14 and the most challenging ones to get out.
23:16 Now you're currently a member at Oakwood University Church
23:20 under the direction of Dr. Colton Byrd.
23:22 How did you end up at Oakwood University Church?
23:25 Well, I remember I came to a time
23:28 my car broke down
23:29 and I was attending First Church
23:31 and I stayed home,
23:33 it's off and on thing.
23:35 So I stayed home 'cause my car was broke down
23:39 and I was not motivated to go to church
23:41 because when I go to church I get the,
23:44 you know, the message,
23:46 I fell it but then when you're not communicating
23:49 with church members or the pastor,
23:51 don't know much you kind of feel empty
23:52 when you go back home.
23:54 So I stayed home for a while for about five months
23:57 and we end up moving from the apartment
24:00 which is on Baker Road to Oakwood Avenue.
24:03 And one of my daughter came from Monrovia had to go
24:06 to Mount View, and praise God,
24:08 she ended up and a teacher
24:10 who was Seventh-day Adventist Christian
24:12 which is Donna Walker.
24:16 We didn't communicate much
24:20 but I believe one of my child add some kin,
24:23 she picked them up to go to church.
24:25 Okay, okay.
24:26 So they were attending Oakwood University Church first
24:30 and I was staying at home.
24:31 And as they started going,
24:33 he start, and I was like, "Okay, maybe I should go."
24:36 And I just started going to Oakwood,
24:38 you know, just scoping it out,
24:40 not want to change my membership or any,
24:42 transfer my membership or anything.
24:44 Just getting to the habit of going to church again.
24:46 Okay. Praise the Lord.
24:48 And since then, you know, three months,
24:50 four months come by and I started to feel
24:52 more comfortable, more welcoming.
24:55 My kids were really enjoying their self,
24:58 they had more activities for my kids to get in...
25:01 Praise the Lord.
25:02 So I just kind of stuck there. Okay.
25:05 Now you have five children? Yes, I do.
25:07 I mean four of them are in school
25:09 and they are all currently at Oakwood Adventist Academy.
25:12 Talk about the blessing that you've been able to have
25:15 to get all of them,
25:16 the school age children in church school?
25:18 It was not successful at first.
25:21 I was able to just get one there at one time
25:25 and I can say it is a blessing, did some prayers.
25:28 Donna Walker she prayed and I prayed
25:30 knowing this school that I want my kids in,
25:33 and one day God answered our prayer.
25:36 They all end going there and it is a blessing.
25:38 Amen.
25:39 It's such a good environment for them to be in,
25:42 and I just thank God,
25:44 they have that opportunity to be attending a Christian
25:47 Seventh-day Adventist school.
25:48 Praise the Lord.
25:50 Real briefly, I want you to talk about the difference,
25:53 take about 30 seconds to do this.
25:55 And, you know, some people look at one lifestyle
25:58 of what you were in drugs,
25:59 dancing as a good lifestyle to get involved in,
26:03 while the Christian life being boring.
26:05 Talk about the peace of mind
26:07 that you have in living a Christian lifestyle
26:10 now versus the lifestyle that you used to live?
26:20 Well, I learned to put my trust in God,
26:25 so therefore,
26:27 that kind of gives me a peace of mind
26:28 'cause that's what he wants us to do.
26:29 Yeah, definitely.
26:31 You know, so by him and I'm like, "Okay, Lord,
26:33 I really got tired of bumping my head."
26:35 So I had to turn to him.
26:37 Okay, you want me to head a certain way, here I am.
26:40 You have my undivided attention.
26:41 So it gave me a peace
26:42 that I didn't really had to worry about anything.
26:44 The bills gonna been due,
26:46 hey, I weren't worrying about it
26:47 because I know he guides me, and he loves me,
26:50 and wants the best for me so.
26:53 Definitely. Definitely.
26:54 And now there are young females out there
26:57 who are aspiring to that lifestyle,
27:02 who want the fast money,
27:03 who want a boyfriend
27:05 that is out there selling drugs,
27:07 who wants to be in a strip club,
27:08 and be in there making thousands of dollars
27:10 in a week's time.
27:12 But I want you to look into the camera right now
27:13 and I want you to talk to that young individual
27:16 that has a desire for that life
27:18 or is in that lifestyle right now.
27:20 And I want you to speak to them
27:22 and give them some words of encouragement
27:23 of why they should make a change in their life?
27:26 Okay.
27:28 Well, I'm gonna say,
27:30 it's not gonna be easy for you young men,
27:34 young people out there to make the right choices.
27:37 The wrong choices is always gonna be feel
27:40 more right than the right choices,
27:41 but one thing I can say is that to trust in the Lord.
27:46 No matter what it is, there's nothing too big,
27:48 too small that He cannot handle,
27:50 that you need to just trust in Him.
27:52 Even if you just take a few days,
27:54 pray here and pray there,
27:55 just rely on the Lord and He will direct your path.
27:58 Amen. Amen.
28:00 Well, Claire, our time is up.
28:02 I want to thank you for being on the program,
28:04 amazing testimony.
28:05 Viewers, we thank you for tuning in.
28:07 Tune in next time for The New Journey.


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