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The Power of Prayer Part 1

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Participants: Aaron Chancy (Host), Patrick Baker, Jay Beckley


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:08 Welcome to The New Journey
00:09 where you meet real life people with real life testimonies
00:12 and real life working ministries for Jesus.
00:14 I'm your host Aaron Chancy.
00:16 Today, we have a very exciting program of a ministry
00:19 by the name of Button to Christ.
00:21 It's an amazing powerful prayer ministry.
00:24 This is part one of a two-part program.
00:26 Join us on the new journey.
01:00 My name is Jay Beckles,
01:02 and I'm from the Button to Christ Ministry.
01:04 Today, I'm here with the president
01:07 and founder of the Button to Christ Ministry,
01:09 Patrick Baker.
01:10 We're here to tell about God's goodness
01:11 and His love and His mercy
01:13 and how He has worked in lives and has brought change.
01:17 So while we go right into it Brother Patrick,
01:19 could you tell us a little bit about
01:21 Button to Christ Ministry,
01:22 what it is, how did it get started?
01:24 Okay, Button to Christ, as you noticed,
01:27 the word button meant closeness.
01:30 So we're thinking about getting close to Christ
01:34 and how closer can you get than a button.
01:37 So it's about relationship,
01:39 building relationship with Christ.
01:41 So that's what it's all about.
01:43 It is pretty amazing that you buttoned this.
01:45 You thought about that button and being connected to Christ.
01:48 So in the ministry, I know that we've done a lot of things,
01:52 helping people is the main priority,
01:54 right, within the ministry.
01:56 Could you tell us about your experience, what we do?
01:59 Could you just tell us a little bit about that,
02:01 tell the audience about how is it that we impact lives?
02:05 Okay, for sure,
02:07 it goes way back to 13 years ago
02:12 when we got started.
02:14 And it was two young men in the church
02:18 looking for just prayer.
02:21 And when we were searching, we were wondering,
02:24 "Is there anyone within the church
02:28 who knows about the Spirit of authority
02:30 that can pray and something really happened?"
02:33 So what we started to do was actually go into the church
02:37 and said, "Why don't we be those people?"
02:39 And I'm talking about praying without ceasing.
02:42 So we will go to the church
02:45 from early in the morning at times
02:47 and we will pray at the altar of God,
02:50 and praying there,
02:52 we experienced a lot of miracles.
02:54 Okay, you said the altar, what's the significance,
02:56 could we just pray at the house?
02:58 What's the significance of praying at the altar?
02:59 You see, Button to Christ Ministry
03:01 takes prayer to a different level.
03:04 It's like when you've gone through the Bible
03:07 and seen the experiences.
03:09 I'll share with you.
03:10 There was one day we were at the altar praying,
03:13 and while we were praying,
03:15 I felt like an unfamiliar spirit enter,
03:20 so right away, I stopped praying,
03:22 I opened my eyes, I look,
03:23 everybody's eye was closed
03:25 and I saw a young man
03:28 turn his back to the altar with his fingers in his ears.
03:32 And I ran over and said, "You have to face God."
03:36 And immediately, I felt the power withdraw.
03:39 So here it is know what we are saying,
03:42 facing the altar, it's powerful.
03:45 We learned that through this ministry.
03:47 And I think in the initial stage,
03:50 God was just encouraging us
03:52 to press forward with the ministry.
03:54 Never to mention, I should mention also that
03:58 there was one time a young man was with me
04:01 and he had two big diamond earrings.
04:04 And we never tell people what to do,
04:06 it's all between you and God.
04:09 And here it is now, while we're praying,
04:12 I turn around I saw the young man standing
04:15 and his tears rolling.
04:18 And I said, "What happened?"
04:20 And he goes like this,
04:22 and I look I saw other
04:23 two diamond earrings on the ground.
04:27 I said, "What happened?"
04:28 He said, "The Lord spoke to me
04:30 and said you are on holy ground,
04:31 take them out."
04:33 And he was tearing and he was crying.
04:35 I had to embrace him and said,
04:36 "The Lord loves you and I prayed with him."
04:40 That's the initial stage of God saying,
04:43 "I have a plan for this ministry."
04:45 And that's when we started to press on.
04:48 Amazing, amazing.
04:49 So what's important about that is that the Holy Spirit led
04:54 that individual to remove the earring.
04:56 No one told him to. Right.
04:58 And we see that that's the power of God
05:00 moving and working in the lives of people.
05:03 But tell us more about,
05:04 you know, we've been in several other missions.
05:07 Tell us more about what you've encountered,
05:09 what board spectrum of people that we meet from day to day.
05:14 Okay.
05:15 This ministry, as I said, has been around for 13 years
05:19 and we have prayed
05:21 for more than 5,000 requests per year,
05:25 and we visit, I'll say, up to 60 homes per year.
05:31 And what we've seen happening within the church
05:35 and within the whole aspect of reaching out,
05:40 we've seen molestation within the home,
05:44 where we've seen eight out of ten people
05:46 within the family
05:48 are being molested by family members.
05:50 And we've seen accursed things, we've seen generational curses,
05:55 and we've seen abuse is at its highest level,
06:01 and we've seen a lot of witchcraft within the families.
06:03 So because of that
06:05 and because of the ministry going around
06:08 and reaching people,
06:09 we're being flooded with calls from around the globe.
06:13 Well, people want to know how do I go through this.
06:16 For example, you may be sleeping
06:18 and you felt something holding you down at night
06:20 and you're wondering is this a disorder?
06:23 What is happening?
06:24 But this ministry is able to break down
06:26 and have the experiences of everything
06:29 that happened within the home that's,
06:31 so as to speak, strange.
06:33 Right. I'll give you an example then.
06:36 There was one day I was called to a young lady
06:41 who got married
06:43 but she attempted suicide several times.
06:47 And as a matter of fact, before we visited her,
06:50 just the day before she attempted suicide,
06:53 so when we got to the home, I went to the pastor,
06:56 an Adventist pastor, and we went in.
06:59 And when we got there, her husband was there
07:02 and we sat at the table with her
07:05 and we said, "We are here."
07:07 Deliverance in this ministry is based upon forgiveness.
07:11 So when we got there, we said, "You know what,
07:13 we're going to pray and see where the hurt and pain,
07:17 what would want you to take your own life."
07:20 By praying, we recognized that
07:22 she was molested by a family member,
07:26 like close family,
07:27 and it went even to a higher level.
07:30 So by we praying with her
07:32 and she was willing to ask the Lord
07:36 for forgiveness and to say,
07:37 "I have forgiven those who hurt me."
07:40 That's the key.
07:41 When she agreed on that,
07:43 she jumped up
07:45 and she just ran to the kitchen.
07:47 And we ran with her and she opened the drawer,
07:50 trying to get the knife and said,
07:52 "I'm going to end it now."
07:53 But when you look at her, it wasn't her anymore,
07:56 she was taken over by a spirit, her eyes changed.
08:00 So what we did now,
08:01 we held her, me and the pastor, and we had a hard time.
08:05 We had to call on the power of God.
08:07 And as if the power of God came down and subdued her,
08:13 and when we were able to get the knife from her
08:16 and we took her back to the living room area,
08:19 she was able to pray
08:22 and she prayed a powerful prayer of saying,
08:24 "Lord, forgive me.
08:27 I am going to forgive those who hurt me."
08:30 And that's when the breakthrough
08:31 came at that moment
08:33 and she was delivered right there
08:35 and her life never been the same,
08:38 so many testimonies.
08:40 Praise the Lord.
08:41 So that's one amazing testimony,
08:43 and I'm sure there are many others.
08:45 I know that we've talked several times
08:47 about your visit to Jamaica.
08:50 We had callers on the prayer line from the UK,
08:54 could you just share a little bit
08:55 more about those scenarios or those testimonies
08:58 that would help,
08:59 you know, explain to the people of God,
09:02 what it is that God's power does for them?
09:05 Okay, you see as an Adventist all my life,
09:11 we have discovered that within the church
09:14 we need to claim the Spirit of authority,
09:17 Matthew 10:1, because God has commissioned us.
09:21 So what happened is now we claim this Spirit.
09:24 I was in Jamaica visiting a beautiful little church
09:28 in Spanish town,
09:29 and at the church we went for lunch
09:32 and somebody came after they heard
09:34 about the ministry and says,
09:36 "Can you go and help that family over there."
09:40 So they were two young pastors, and I said,
09:42 "Why don't we go over there?"
09:44 And they were saying, "Well, we got to know
09:45 what we're getting ourselves in."
09:47 So when we enquired, there's a young man over there,
09:51 15 years old,
09:53 and where he was living with his mom, fire came,
09:58 and everywhere he goes in the home,
10:00 real fire would come and burn
10:03 until the entire home was burnt down.
10:05 He went next door to his grandmother
10:07 and stone was thrown and broke all the windows out,
10:12 all the glass windows,
10:13 and they said to me that
10:15 anywhere they take this young boy for help,
10:18 stone will come and break out
10:20 all the windows of whoever helps him.
10:23 So here it is now, I'm on the hot seat, they said,
10:26 "We need your help."
10:27 And this is what the ministry does.
10:29 So I said, hear what, "This is my card
10:32 because we don't run after people to help them,
10:34 people come for help."
10:36 So the next morning I went home,
10:39 I received a call from the grandmother
10:41 and the grandmother said, "We truly need help."
10:45 And I asked her, she said,
10:46 "Sometimes the piano will move by itself into the backyard.
10:53 Strange things happen, things levitating in the home."
10:56 So when she told me, I said, "Okay.
10:59 This is my address. They can come and see me."
11:02 I was a little bit shaky
11:03 because my sister is Adventists all her life,
11:07 you know, as Adventists,
11:08 we don't really understand the spiritual warfare
11:11 and we don't believe some people.
11:12 So I went home and my sisters, I did not tell them,
11:17 I just tell them a visitor was coming.
11:19 So here it is their mom came with two sons,
11:22 a 15-year-old and a 19-year-old.
11:24 And the mom had a big cut in her face from here to here,
11:29 and I asked her, she said,
11:30 it's one of the stone that hit her and cut her.
11:33 She had stitches in her face.
11:35 So I sat them down and I asked them,
11:40 "What is the background of this boy?"
11:42 We found out that
11:43 the boy's father is a Freemason,
11:47 he's from the lodge and he passed away.
11:50 So I prayed to the Lord and said,
11:52 "Lord, I'm asking You to show us what to do."
11:56 And the Lord says, "Accursed things.
11:59 Get rid of all the clothing that he have, that is a curse."
12:04 So I asked him to change,
12:06 I gave him a new pair of jeans and a shirt
12:10 and also I called the grandmother and said,
12:13 put all his clothing out.
12:15 And what I did, I got the olive oil,
12:18 I blessed it, and I anoint him, the mom, and brother.
12:22 And while we were there...
12:24 Not to cut you, but can you just tell us a little bit about
12:26 the olive oil and the anointing,
12:28 accursed things,
12:30 as you give us a little bit more,
12:32 what's the significance of the anointing
12:34 and the accursed item?
12:35 As the Bible said,
12:37 the anointing shall break the yoke of the enemy.
12:39 Anointing is so powerful, nothing to do with the oil,
12:43 but when you blessed it,
12:44 the Lord adds power to anointing oil
12:48 and every parent should anoint their children.
12:51 So what I did now, I blessed the anointing oil,
12:54 I anoint him, and we changed his clothes,
12:58 and then his phone started to ring.
13:02 And he said that the demon actually called his phone,
13:05 and he picked it up and he said, "That's them."
13:07 And I said, "We don't answer spirit here."
13:10 So what happened now is that
13:12 we anoint him and he said, "That's it."
13:14 He said, "People come from all over Jamaica
13:17 and they had to run away from the house.
13:18 And you haven't come there and you say that's it."
13:21 I said, "It's not about us.
13:22 Our power comes from God." Praise God.
13:25 So he went home, the next morning,
13:28 he texts me and said no stone came.
13:30 It's the first, the next day none,
13:33 and the next day.
13:34 So two young men came and said, "We had to come and see you.
13:37 Who are you are you? Are you really an Adventist?"
13:41 I said, "Of course."
13:42 Adventists, most people
13:44 don't believe in spiritual warfare,
13:46 but we have seen it.
13:47 So what happened is that the next morning
13:53 we received a message the next, the next,
13:55 until I went back to Canada.
13:57 After I went back to Canada,
13:59 I received a bad news that the spirit returned."
14:04 The reason why he went back outside
14:07 and put on all clothes and the accursed things.
14:09 So we're still working with them
14:11 to tell them what to do at this moment.
14:13 I know that we've helped people in the penal system
14:17 who have been incarcerated.
14:19 Why don't you tell us a little bit about
14:21 those type of situation, how they were delivered?
14:25 I want to tell you,
14:27 this is a really huge part of the ministry
14:30 going into jail and into the court system
14:33 and seeing what really goes on
14:36 because a lot of mothers
14:38 are going through a lot of pain.
14:40 And this part of the ministry is really huge as I said
14:44 because the mothers will come to us and say,
14:46 "My son or my daughter is locked away.
14:50 Can you help?"
14:51 And we are practical people. We actually get lawyers.
14:57 We have a few lawyers that work with the ministry
14:59 and we actually go to the court house
15:02 and be practically visible.
15:05 As a matter of fact, one year,
15:08 we had this amazing story
15:10 where this young lady from Toronto
15:12 was going through a lot of spiritual warfare,
15:15 mental sickness also.
15:17 And she jumped in her car
15:19 and drove her car to the US border
15:23 and she ran the border,
15:25 going at over 190 miles per hour
15:30 and they were chasing her until they had to call it off,
15:33 and she crashed.
15:35 When she crashed, they got her,
15:38 she wasn't injured and they brought her
15:41 to the hospital nevertheless,
15:42 and they handcuffed her after and brought her to jail.
15:47 So we got the message now from her mom
15:50 that she needed help.
15:52 And this was about an hour and a half
15:54 from the Niagara Falls Canadian border.
15:58 So we drove down and we went to visit.
16:03 I'm just going to highlight a few points
16:05 because we are people
16:07 that believe in the power of prayer.
16:08 There was one day, we were going to visit.
16:12 And when we got there,
16:13 the mom was there and the lawyer was there.
16:17 Her own lawyer wasn't showing up
16:19 because he had never seen a case like this.
16:22 The charges against her were stark high,
16:26 hundreds of charges.
16:27 The lawyer said he don't know what to do with this case.
16:30 So when I got there,
16:32 I saw her and she was all in chain,
16:36 and I said to the mom,
16:38 "I'm going to ask the Lord for the Spirit of authority
16:42 and I'm going to go to them
16:43 and we're going to get what we want today.
16:47 And the mom says, "Really?"
16:48 So when they came out with her,
16:51 I went up to the prison guard and I said,
16:54 "Listen, I want to pray for her.
16:57 I want you to walk and follow me outside.
17:01 I want to pray for her."
17:03 That was the Spirit of authority.
17:05 Wow.
17:06 And when I did that,
17:08 they walked out with her beyond the barriers
17:13 and walked and she followed me, I stood outside,
17:17 I laid a hand on her and prayed for her right there.
17:21 Now when I prayed for her, the prison guard says, "Wow!
17:26 I'm going to take care of her."
17:27 And her own lawyer came up and says,
17:31 "What religion are you?"
17:34 Because they have never seen such Spirit of authority.
17:37 We are just talking about helping
17:39 and now she is doing well,
17:42 you know, we have invited her
17:43 to Button to Christ Ministry and her testimony is beyond,
17:48 how the Lord has been using...
17:50 I heard about that testimony once
17:51 and, you know, it gives me chills
17:52 to know that God is amazing,
17:54 that he could break beyond all shackles.
17:56 And I remember the Bible story about Paul and Silas
17:58 and how God was able to cause
18:00 that earthquake to remove that shackle.
18:02 I think we have to claim
18:04 that type of power and it's amazing.
18:05 Tell us, share a little bit more about like rape victims,
18:10 you know, we've seen these type of molestations happening
18:13 and we've talked about generational curses.
18:15 We've done all that stuff,
18:17 how that helps relieving the forgiveness
18:22 that caused them to break that barrier
18:24 and we see that the Holy Spirit comes in
18:26 and remakes and remolds that person.
18:28 You know what, I mentioned that
18:31 abuse in the home is the main thing.
18:34 And most times
18:36 when we go to jail to help people,
18:39 we recognize that
18:41 the upbringing have a lot to do with it.
18:44 What happened within the home
18:46 is what really impacts their lives
18:49 because when we visit the jail system
18:52 and interview people that we have worked with,
18:54 whom we have helped
18:56 to get out of jail always from a broken home.
18:59 And sometimes mom and dad is in the home
19:02 but the home is broken, there's no connection.
19:05 I remember we went to visit this young man.
19:09 And this young man is actually on the Button to Christ website
19:13 where his name is Sam,
19:15 and he was a Buddhist
19:18 and he shared the testimony of meeting Christ
19:22 within the jail system.
19:24 And when he got out,
19:26 he desired to work with us
19:29 and he started to knock doors
19:31 and help us so much in the ministry
19:33 and reaching other young people
19:35 because of how God had helped him
19:39 while he was in the jail system.
19:40 So we have been working
19:41 with hundreds of people within the system.
19:45 So tell us how the move
19:47 from being in bondage on one side
19:51 to being free today
19:53 that they could come back and help us,
19:55 how the testimony is so powerful that others
19:58 when they see their testimony
20:00 and when they're part of the ministry,
20:01 it helps us more in that realm.
20:05 You know what, when I asked one young man,
20:09 I asked him,
20:10 "How has God impact your life so far working with us?"
20:16 He's saying that
20:17 he don't really have a role model within his family
20:21 and when he sees
20:22 how we pray together as a family,
20:24 and how we help others, it helps him.
20:27 And people within his peers,
20:30 recognizing that there's a change
20:32 within his life.
20:34 Like for example, there was one time,
20:35 I was at a mall.
20:37 And I saw a young lady on the phone.
20:40 And the young lady was crying.
20:43 And anywhere help is needed,
20:46 that's where Button to Christ goes.
20:48 And I saw her crying and I said,
20:51 "Lord, I have to reach this young lady."
20:54 And when she was finished on the phone, I said,
20:56 "Can I help you?"
20:58 And she said, "You don't know where I've been."
21:01 She said, "I have been on crack cocaine.
21:05 They have taken away my children."
21:08 So what we did,
21:09 I took her and brought her somewhere
21:12 and I gave her food.
21:14 And I explained that this ministry is here to help.
21:17 But her story goes beyond
21:20 because she shared that her family
21:22 was an abusive family.
21:24 And she saw where her mother died
21:27 because of her dad.
21:30 So right there, again,
21:32 there's a connection with the home,
21:34 what goes on within the home,
21:36 how it reflects what goes on in the society
21:40 with what impact the jail system
21:43 and the people out there.
21:44 So as I said, there is so much to share concerning.
21:49 You know, I remember also
21:50 being at one of the all night programs
21:54 and I remember you interviewing a young man who,
21:57 you know, has been in crack cocaine and addicted.
22:01 And also what I needed to share
22:03 also that when we pray for someone,
22:05 it doesn't mean that they deliver that instant time.
22:07 Sometimes, deliverance could come over a period of time.
22:09 Amen.
22:11 So could you just share a little bit more about
22:13 sometimes, we have to go back on a mission as we call it,
22:17 on several occasions,
22:18 all we have to pray for that person
22:20 two, three, four, five, six times
22:23 until they're delivered.
22:24 Could you just tell us a little bit about that?
22:26 Amen. You know that there is this young man.
22:28 We were doing in door knocking in a community reaching souls.
22:33 And when we got to this young man,
22:35 he had just attempted suicide, slit his wrists.
22:40 And after speaking with them,
22:43 I took him to the church and prayed for him.
22:46 And he said, "Can't you help me?
22:50 You see I have this addiction
22:52 to crack cocaine and I need help.
22:55 Could you ask God to help me?"
22:58 Tears were rolling,
23:00 we tried to reach this young man
23:02 and it takes over the period of time.
23:05 I've known him now for five to six years
23:08 and we're still working with him.
23:10 I visited a facility in Sarnia,
23:14 a facility where he went to this rehab center
23:18 to try to get rid of the crack cocaine.
23:21 And when I went to the graduation,
23:23 they were able to introduce me,
23:25 and I went up, I spoke with them.
23:27 And he said, "God has been good."
23:30 And we continued to work with him.
23:32 So some cases takes a lot energy and time
23:37 but God has never given up on us.
23:39 God always want us to continue to reach out.
23:44 And one of the things I want to tap into that story is that,
23:46 you know, it takes two instead of...
23:49 you have to want that help from God,
23:52 you know, to be released from the bunch of sins.
23:54 So that first initial step
23:56 has to come from the individual.
23:57 We have to recognize that they need help,
24:00 they're addicted to something
24:01 or the devil is holding them back to something.
24:03 And then they say, "Who can I go to for help."
24:07 And then we direct them to God
24:09 because He is the one who ultimately helps them.
24:11 So I've seen it.
24:13 The story is amazing, that young man,
24:15 because every time he comes he always give God the praise.
24:18 Yes, the enemy comes back because of the addiction
24:20 but he always gives God the praise.
24:22 And this is one of the stories
24:24 that always continue to bless my heart
24:25 every time I see him.
24:27 I know we have countless other stories.
24:30 What other story you think that is so powerful
24:34 that you've seen God work in such a way
24:39 like instantly that brings about change
24:41 and their testimony is so powerful.
24:44 Well, I may have shared this
24:45 that this ministry has really impacted a lot of lives
24:48 around the globe.
24:50 And it goes back to the spirit of authority
24:53 and believe in the power of prayer
24:55 and seen God work.
24:57 I remember they brought one young lady to us.
25:00 And actually, it was such an emergency case
25:03 that they brought her to my house.
25:05 And when they brought her to my house,
25:09 I claimed again the Spirit of Authority
25:12 because it's all about their family.
25:14 Their family is disjointed, it's not functioning right,
25:19 because of the abuse, the hurt,
25:20 the pain everything is connected to the family.
25:23 So here it is.
25:24 I raised my hand, and said,
25:27 "In the name of Jesus Christ, I'm going to pray for you now."
25:31 And immediately a voice came and says, "My name is pride."
25:36 And I said, "Pride, we're going to bind you."
25:40 Because the pride is a character
25:42 that was taken on by the spirit.
25:44 And I say, "I'm going to bind you
25:45 and cast you down."
25:47 And he said, "Could you send me into somebody upstairs?
25:50 You can't send me out like this."
25:52 And I was able to bind and this family...
25:56 When I say bind, according to Matthew 18:18,
25:59 "Whatever is bound on Earth will be bound in heaven."
26:02 So I was able to pray against this spirit
26:06 and everything was restored.
26:09 We have seen that board for substance abuse,
26:12 no matter what you're going through,
26:15 once you claim the power of God
26:18 and seeing God work in these last days,
26:21 I'm telling you,
26:22 there's so much to share of the power of God working,
26:27 all we have to do is make ourselves be available
26:32 to the Spirit of God.
26:34 God is so powerful.
26:35 So how can one make themselves readily available?
26:37 Because I don't think there's anything special about you
26:40 or special about me or special about anyone
26:42 in the ministry as a matter of fact.
26:43 God could use anybody.
26:45 How could we make ourselves available?
26:47 We have to confess our sins
26:50 and go before the throne of God.
26:54 God is so powerful.
26:55 What we have seen in this ministry,
26:57 no matter what you're going through,
26:59 substance abuse,
27:01 many mothers under hurt and pain,
27:03 what you have to do is claim the promises,
27:07 confess your sin and go in authority to God
27:11 and when you go in authority,
27:13 you're gonna see God work with such power
27:17 that you're going to say,
27:18 "All these days, I was just plain church.
27:22 God is calling His people to a higher level.
27:25 Come out of the quiet zone and the comfort zone
27:28 and come higher with the Lord."
27:30 And if you come higher, bonds are going to be broken,
27:34 people are going to see your whole life reflected in Christ
27:39 all over the globe.
27:40 God's people need to wake up and smell the rose
27:45 because it's high time.
27:47 Christ is about to come
27:48 and God wants to empower His people.
27:52 Wow!
27:54 Thank you for sharing such amazing testimonies.
27:56 I was tremendously blessed to hear about the power of God.
28:01 We thank you for joining us today
28:03 and we look forward to seeing you for part two.
28:21 Join us for part two
28:23 of this amazing ministry Button to Christ,
28:26 join us next time on The New Journey.


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