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The Power of Prayer Part 2

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Participants: Aaron Chancy (Host), Patrick Baker, Jay Beckley, Andrew Wilson, Shanice Whitely


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material may be too candid
00:06 for younger children.
00:08 Welcome to The New Journey
00:10 where you meet real life people with real life testimonies
00:12 and real life working ministries for Jesus.
00:15 On today's broadcast we're going to have part two
00:17 of the two part series
00:19 of the ministry Button to Christ.
00:21 You may not have seen part one or maybe you did,
00:23 but you definitely do not want to miss part two
00:26 of this amazing ministry.
00:28 Join us on The New Journey.
01:01 Thanks for joining us.
01:03 I'm Patrick Baker
01:04 from the Button to the Christ Ministry.
01:07 I'm just here to share a little bit
01:09 of how we got started.
01:11 This ministry was started over 13 years ago,
01:15 and as part of the slogan that says,
01:18 "What does it take to be free?"
01:21 This is a family help ministry that reaches families
01:26 especially those who are locked away in jail.
01:30 We've been working with many mothers,
01:34 single mothers crying for their children.
01:37 And they wore button as people will ask
01:41 is closeness, relationship with God,
01:44 that's where the name came from Button to Christ.
01:48 But here I just want to say,
01:50 I'm so grateful to have part of the team here.
01:54 I have with me here sharing about our journey
01:59 going into different homes and into the jail system
02:02 rescuing people.
02:04 I have with me here Shanice Whitely,
02:07 and also Andrew Wilson, and Jay Beckles.
02:13 And we're going to be sharing with you.
02:15 I just want to say welcome.
02:17 And I'm so happy just to be a part of this family of God
02:21 working and going into homes rescuing people.
02:26 And I know a lot of people are delighted
02:28 just to hear what is going on here
02:31 your own personal journey.
02:35 It's not about me or me sharing what God has done for you,
02:39 but you sharing with everyone who is watching
02:42 and being a part of this family on this journey.
02:46 Could you share, Sister Shanice,
02:48 could you go ahead and share with us,
02:50 how this ministry have impact you
02:52 and how you are blessed?
02:55 Go ahead. Praise God.
02:58 My helping ministry has impacted my life.
03:01 One Sabbath, I remember you, Brother Patrick,
03:04 coming to my church
03:05 with a young man to share a testimony.
03:08 The young man shared
03:09 how the Lord, Jesus Christ had delivered him from prison
03:15 and from demonic attacks.
03:16 He was unloved, betrayed and hurt by family.
03:22 Hence the pathway, you know, that led him to go into jail.
03:28 I was really touched
03:29 because he was seeking some help from Christianity
03:35 'cause he's of Hindu religion.
03:37 And I was amazed
03:39 that he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ
03:42 and became a baptized member.
03:45 And I had a friend
03:46 who is still a good friend of mine
03:48 who is Hindu
03:50 and I have been trying to figure out
03:52 how do I get her to turn to Jesus Christ,
03:56 you know, what strategy, you know,
03:58 being led by the Holy Spirit.
04:00 And I was really touched
04:02 by the testimony that was shared that day,
04:05 and as you can recall I did, you know, after the Sabbath,
04:08 after church I came to you and I asked
04:12 and enquired about your ministry.
04:14 And that same day you said that
04:16 you were going to all night prayer meeting
04:18 at a local Seventh-day Adventist church.
04:20 And keep in mind, if you recall again
04:23 that day was my birthday,
04:24 and I had plans to celebrate after the Sabbath,
04:28 but I was impressed by the Holy Spirit
04:30 to join you at the all-nighter.
04:33 And in the latter part of that all-nighter,
04:36 I saw something that I've never seen before
04:38 in my entire life.
04:40 You know, there was a young lady there
04:42 and her mouth was shut sealed,
04:44 she couldn't speak, she couldn't talk,
04:47 she couldn't verbalize anything at all.
04:49 And I remember you praying, you a few elders and pastors,
04:54 you know, took her
04:55 and you guys were praying for her
04:57 and she couldn't verbalize,
04:59 so you gave her a pen to write what she was experiencing
05:03 and immediately, you know,
05:05 the devil shut her hands, sealed.
05:08 She couldn't open her hand and then you took the pen
05:10 and you push it through her hand like this.
05:12 And she said my tongue is sealed to my mouth
05:17 and then immediately you said,
05:18 Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ
05:20 loose her tongue
05:21 and she could speak that instant moment.
05:24 And tears have flowed from her eyes
05:27 because for the first time in a long time
05:29 she could say, "Thank you Jesus.
05:32 Thank you Lord."
05:33 And ever since that moment,
05:35 I really appreciate the fact
05:36 that this ministry understands the scripture that says,
05:40 "We wrestle not against flesh and blood
05:42 but against principalities."
05:44 And that moment
05:45 I chose to become a part of the ministry.
05:47 And over the past few years I've been on many missions.
05:51 I've been to the jail many times,
05:53 look for young men
05:55 who were, you know, who were hurt,
05:58 who got into the wrong company
06:00 because of brokenness in the home.
06:02 And through praying with them, fellowshipping with them
06:06 sharing the message,
06:09 present truth message with them.
06:11 They've come to surrender their life to Jesus Christ
06:14 and share their testimony
06:15 and bring others to Jesus Christ.
06:19 And I've been really touched
06:20 and, you know, really impressed
06:23 and I'm happy to be a servant of the Lord
06:25 and to be a part of this ministry.
06:27 I really appreciate that.
06:29 You know something,
06:31 what I remember as we move on
06:33 is that there was a young man locked away in a jail
06:37 called Milton jail.
06:39 And you took the bus
06:41 that no one will ever drive so far
06:44 and you go and visit that young man many times
06:47 and brought hope to his life.
06:49 I just want to say, praise God. Thank you, Sister Shanice.
06:52 We'll now move to Brother Andrew.
06:54 Brother Andrew, I know you have been around,
06:56 you are full of energy and zest for the Lord.
07:00 And I'm always happy to ask you,
07:03 how does this ministry impact you?
07:05 It's not me again Brother Patrick,
07:07 it's you speaking directly from your heart.
07:10 Could you share with the viewers?
07:12 I just want to give God, praise and thanks.
07:15 At a time when I heard about a ministry,
07:18 I was going through some situation
07:21 in my home with a family and we needed help.
07:25 So a friend of ours directed us to the ministry.
07:28 And by, you guys coming and praying
07:30 and showing certain things to us,
07:32 I mean, James talk about,
07:35 you know, having a form of godliness
07:36 and denying the power thereof, that was me.
07:39 And I was like, Lord, you are now calling me,
07:41 you know, in Corinthians it says, "Wake up."
07:43 And finally, it clicked in, it clicked in as in.
07:48 Okay, Andrew, now your eyes have been open
07:51 and you guys have directed me to Christ.
07:54 And I'm like what was I doing all this time?
07:57 What really was I doing?
07:59 What was I doing as a Christian,
08:01 as a man of God I was sleeping.
08:04 You know, and the Lords says, "Awake, awake from you sleep."
08:07 And the ministry has impacted my life
08:09 in such a way where now prayer in the home
08:13 is our number one,
08:15 like there is no other thing, it's just prayer.
08:18 It's all about praying and fasting and seeking God,
08:21 situations arise, we pray.
08:23 You know, it's just like when Moses reached the sea,
08:26 you got to pray through it.
08:27 You know, the storms, the ship are bruised,
08:29 we're back to that times.
08:31 You know, what we do, we pray through it,
08:33 we pray, we pray.
08:34 So the ministry point me to Christ
08:36 and Christ has showed me,
08:38 the ministry have showed me how as well to pray.
08:41 You know, because you need to know how to pray,
08:43 the warfare that we fight is not carnal
08:46 but it's a spiritual warfare.
08:48 And so the ministry have kind of point me
08:50 and the Lord point me as well as into direct me
08:54 how okay, how to pray.
08:56 For example a situation happened at my home
08:58 at one point where one of my daughters,
09:01 she was just coughing uncontrollable
09:04 and we had a cough medicine and I have the anointed oil.
09:08 I mean, anointed from learning
09:11 and going around through the ministry
09:13 what I see is the anointed breaks every plan,
09:15 every chain, every yoke, every bondage
09:19 and I'm like, Lord, okay, I'm going to step out in faith.
09:22 I mean, this is a man who was sleeping
09:24 and now this situation arises
09:27 where now I have to step out in faith.
09:29 So I have the cough syrup
09:31 and I have the anointed oil in one hand.
09:33 What do I do?
09:34 I know for sure, if I give her the cough syrup,
09:36 it's supposed to do what it's supposed to do.
09:38 The anointing oil now it's like,
09:41 okay, it's my faith, it's like I got to pray
09:43 and I got to see what's going to happen?
09:46 You know, I mean
09:48 and that's where the faith comes in.
09:49 So by being around in ministry, it impacted my life
09:52 so I said, "Okay, Lord, I'm stepping out," right?
09:56 I prayed, I anoint her and to God be the glory,
10:00 to God be the praise.
10:02 You know what I mean.
10:03 And it just, the thing that I love about this ministry
10:07 and the ministry really move within my heart is that...
10:12 It doesn't stop at the church door.
10:15 The ministry actually it's practical.
10:17 You know a lot of ministries we have,
10:19 it stops at the church door, it stops inside the church.
10:23 The practicality of this ministry
10:25 is what really gets me
10:27 and I'm like, I'm happy to be a part of it.
10:29 And I thank the Lord that Jesus continues to show me
10:34 and continues to lead me and direct my path.
10:36 Praise God.
10:38 Brother Andrew, just before we move on,
10:40 I want to ask you one personal question here
10:42 because your brother just returned from jail.
10:47 And since this ministry is part of that,
10:50 we were visiting families.
10:52 How do you encourage a mother,
10:54 your mother at home go into brokenness,
10:59 because if your children locked away,
11:02 grew up in the church know the right thing,
11:05 how do you encourage your mother?
11:07 Just a short version, how could you?
11:09 Wow.
11:11 That one really gets
11:12 because what the Holy Spirit just reminded me is,
11:14 for my mom, I mean, you know, my mom I encourage her,
11:18 this is a situation.
11:20 At one point both my brothers are sharing the same jail cell.
11:25 Imagine both my brothers,
11:27 my younger brother and, you know, older brother
11:29 sharing the same jail cell.
11:31 And what I want to encourage,
11:33 what I want to encourage the viewers
11:35 or people watching is that stay strong.
11:39 Where the battle is won is on your knees.
11:42 Stay in the word, stay on your knees.
11:44 And that's what I used to encourage my mom.
11:46 I prayed with her, we fasted together, you know.
11:49 And that's where the burden is lifted.
11:52 You know, that sometimes you feel like heaviness like,
11:54 I can't do it anymore, I don't know what to do.
11:57 This is where you pray and you fast and you seek God,
12:00 and God just lift that burden, you know that reassurance.
12:03 You know, sometime as a child you're growing up,
12:06 and you want to make that step, but you're just so timid
12:08 and somebody come along and said to you,
12:10 "You can make it, you can do it."
12:12 And that reassurance has helped to propelled you,
12:15 to encourage you.
12:16 And that's what the Holy Spirit does
12:18 for each and every one of us.
12:20 It helps us to push us forward
12:22 so I would say stay strong and keep praying.
12:25 That's where the battle is won, pray, pray, pray
12:28 when you have nothing else to do.
12:30 And just to inform our viewers
12:32 that this is a man speaking from his heart
12:36 because he's in this situation
12:38 where his entire family needs help
12:41 and where does he turn?
12:42 To God.
12:43 And God is calling all of us
12:45 to come higher into our prayer life
12:48 because we have seen power
12:51 that no ordinary Adventist have ever seen.
12:55 That's the power of God.
12:56 Are we going to sit there
12:58 while our children locked away in jail
13:02 when we have the promises?
13:04 I don't know about you,
13:06 but this ministry have seen the power of God work,
13:10 not yesterday, now today.
13:12 We're going to hear further now
13:14 as we are going to speak to Jay Beckles.
13:17 And he's going to share
13:18 his personal encounter with God.
13:21 Could you share with us, Brother Jay?
13:22 You know my heart is happy and full.
13:27 Praise God.
13:29 I have to say that I believe in prayer.
13:32 I believe in the power of prayer.
13:36 I believe that everything that we do in life
13:39 is not coincidence.
13:41 The people we meet is not coincidental.
13:45 And that's the backdrop to my story.
13:49 I grew up in the church
13:50 and you can't tell me anything about the church
13:52 because I think I know it.
13:54 Verbally, convicted on some levels
13:58 and maybe converted.
14:00 But God places us in a situation
14:04 when He's calling us for specific reason.
14:09 Hear me what I mean.
14:12 My wife and I, we lived a very good life.
14:16 We were blessed with two amazing daughters.
14:20 Our life was too good.
14:22 I would say, I didn't need to pray that type of a prayer.
14:27 So we would do the routine as a Christian.
14:29 We would get up, we would have worship
14:31 and we pray, and we just do that.
14:32 But that was selfish prayer. Okay.
14:36 Until the enemy decided
14:39 that he's going to rock the boat a little bit.
14:43 So, you know, our life all of a sudden
14:45 became chaotic.
14:50 What do we do?
14:52 I remember a friend sharing a phone number,
14:55 it was a phone number to contact you.
14:57 And we held on to that number for a bit,
14:59 but we were supposed to call you just to say,
15:02 we need the prayer for a particular situation.
15:04 It wasn't like that drama
15:06 until the enemy say or I would say
15:09 God said, "I want to move My son
15:11 a little bit closer to me."
15:13 So what do we do?
15:15 We have your number and we didn't call it
15:17 until we say "Okay, this is a bit much.
15:19 I think we need some help."
15:21 And I'm talking about spiritual warfare in the home.
15:25 So my wife made that leap of faith,
15:26 she called you and I think it was late one night.
15:29 She got in contact with you
15:31 because again you are kind of difficult guy
15:33 to get in contact with.
15:35 And you said to her,
15:38 we're having a prayer session at 2 am in the morning,
15:41 we would pray for you then.
15:42 Are you going to be up?
15:43 And my wife saying "Yeah, I'm going to be up,
15:45 we need help, you know."
15:46 It's kind of a thing that we needed that help.
15:49 So I'm saying, if my wife is so excited
15:52 and she's going to be up,
15:54 I may as well be up too at 2 o'clock.
15:55 I want to hear the answers from God.
15:57 And we prayed, you pray and you called us
15:59 and you give us, you said you know what?
16:00 "We're going to be at a particular church
16:02 in the Sabbath
16:03 and we'll be fasting."
16:05 Why don't you guys join us in that fast and, you know,
16:07 and come along to that church,
16:09 and we'll pray and see where God leads.
16:11 You know, what's interesting about that.
16:14 You said, "We're going to pray and see how God leads."
16:16 And I remember growing up
16:18 these little old ladies in the church,
16:20 they always used to say,
16:22 "Young man, you're praying and get up of your knees.
16:24 How are you gonna hear God speak?"
16:26 And I said, "What are they talking about?"
16:29 A prayer is a two way dialogue with us and God.
16:33 So when we pray
16:34 and we just pop up off our knees,
16:36 we didn't hear what God is saying.
16:38 So that was important
16:40 because now I'm learning that you have to pray and wait
16:45 in regards to your response to us that we gonna...
16:47 You said to us that you gonna pray
16:49 and see how God leads, right?
16:52 I can't remember my wife giving you all the details,
16:55 but I remember you saying,
16:56 you are going to pray with both your prayer partners
16:59 and you will call us back.
17:01 And wow, did God move?
17:03 We never shared with you
17:05 the intimate stories of what was happening.
17:07 But through the revelation of the Holy Spirit,
17:10 your prayer partners were able to tell us what was going on.
17:13 And spiritual warfare is crazy.
17:15 I mean, we talk about a cursed items
17:18 we had it in the home.
17:20 And God revealed all the things that we needed to get rid of.
17:23 And you know, we came out, we visit with you,
17:25 you said, I remember the prayer partner,
17:29 I think it was Shanice that was there.
17:32 And she said,
17:33 "The Holy Spirit impressed
17:34 that you would come to us immediately."
17:36 And it was and you said to me, you were laughing at the point
17:39 you said, "Wow, this is crazy."
17:43 Because we already booked solid.
17:44 How are you going to make that happen?
17:46 And you said, God is going to have to work it out.
17:49 To me that kind of spoke to my spirit
17:53 in a sense that God is going to work it out,
17:54 what type of a guy
17:56 is that just only saying God is going to work it out?
17:58 No, you fix your calendar yourself.
18:00 So that kind of like, you know,
18:03 helped me to think something is up with this guy,
18:06 he's serious about prayer.
18:09 I listen to your testimony that day and we left.
18:12 Just to say, the week later,
18:16 the team came to my home and started to pray,
18:18 and God started to reveal.
18:21 And before even that, God started to talk to myself,
18:25 He started to talk to my wife about things.
18:26 When I say God started,
18:28 you know, what the Bible talk about spiritual gifts.
18:31 Can you talk about the gift of discernment?
18:33 And that's what I'm talking about
18:34 when I say the Holy Spirit leading.
18:36 He impresses us to do different things
18:37 and speak to our hearts about different conditions.
18:41 So we started in preparation, we started to de-clutter.
18:44 What I mean de-clutter?
18:45 We started to get rid of clothes or things,
18:49 we started to get rid of paintings
18:50 that we've amassed in our homes.
18:52 And the Bible talk about the cursed things
18:54 and the cursed items.
18:55 So we started to de-clutter ourselves of other things
18:58 that enabled the enemy to be in our home.
19:01 So that you guys came
19:03 and there were some other items that we needed to remove.
19:06 You didn't force us to remove them,
19:07 but through the Holy Spirit.
19:09 And you have to think about
19:11 when you're going to spiritual warfare,
19:12 you need a help,
19:14 you are saying, "God,
19:16 worldly possessions
19:17 are what you have blessed us with to enable to amassed,
19:19 and some of the things
19:21 we amassed them out of just, they're there under this light.
19:24 The Bible also said,
19:26 "My children have been destroyed
19:27 for lack of knowledge,"
19:29 and sometimes we don't know.
19:31 But we need to spend time in the word
19:33 in order for us to know.
19:35 So as we continue down that journey,
19:37 I remember at the end of, I have to say, praise God,
19:40 deliverance came through prayer,
19:43 persistent prayer.
19:45 And knowing for a fact
19:46 that the enemy was not going to stay in my home.
19:49 I was decided as I love my wife,
19:51 he was eradicated.
19:53 My brother here always says, "Time is up."
19:56 You know, you've evicted the enemy.
19:58 So that day I said, "The enemy was evicted."
20:02 One of the thing that happened on that visit,
20:05 you said to us, "Wow.
20:09 I think God is calling you guys.
20:11 You guys, you know,
20:13 you guys need to pray about it."
20:14 And I said to you for years,
20:16 I have been asking God what is that you want me to do?
20:20 I was determined
20:22 because I'll recall having this ability
20:25 which I then knew it was the gift of discernment,
20:29 to kind of discern things spiritually, well, you know.
20:34 And as you left,
20:36 my wife and I were in prayer constantly
20:38 because we were determined to find and to seek God
20:42 more earnestly.
20:45 So as you left, I remember praying one evening
20:48 and I say, "God...
20:50 if this is, show me.
20:52 Show me in your words.
20:54 I don't want to guess, I don't want anything else.
20:56 I want you to show me,
20:57 I want to hear it audibly
21:00 or direct me to what is it you want me to do."
21:03 And as that little lady said that little old lady said,
21:06 I remain on my knees,
21:08 because you said when you came
21:10 also that we have to listen to the Holy Spirit,
21:13 I said, "Okay, I'm going to listen
21:15 for the Holy Spirit to speak to me more."
21:17 As I was there, I heard, "Mark."
21:22 I was like, so I jumped up, sat in the chair,
21:25 took my Bible and went to the Book of Mark
21:27 and I started to read.
21:28 I read, started reading Mark 1, Jesus' ministry,
21:32 Mark 2, He's casting out demons and He's doing that.
21:35 So I said "Oh, my God."
21:37 I started to laugh to myself,
21:38 I said, "God, you are amazing
21:40 but you are funny," you know.
21:42 So I continue reading the Book of Mark,
21:43 I think that same evening
21:45 I read all those chapters of the Book of Mark.
21:47 And I knelt down and I prayed and I wept.
21:50 Reason being is that for all this time,
21:53 God took me down this path to show me,
21:56 now show me what the ministry was about.
21:59 And what, I don't think that's coincidence.
22:01 I don't think for a minute it's coincidence
22:03 because I've seen you before, I sung at your church
22:05 but we never had that type of rapport, you know.
22:09 I'm saying that God is powerful.
22:13 He's amazing.
22:15 And shortly thereafter you ask, you know,
22:19 you called me and said, you know what?
22:20 "Brother Jay, we think that God is using,
22:23 we've prayed about it.
22:24 And He wants to use you."
22:26 Amen.
22:27 And I said, "Well, even so Lord Jesus,
22:29 I'm willing,
22:31 if this is what You want me to do, I am willing."
22:33 So I came out since then and we've been in missions,
22:36 I've seen all that stuff but God is good.
22:39 I've learned a lot from this ministry.
22:41 Praise God. Praise God.
22:42 Again you heard directly from Jay Beckles here
22:46 speaking about his own experience
22:49 and journey with God.
22:50 How powerful God is and how God has led him.
22:54 It's not about us.
22:55 And just to reflect back,
22:57 I remember also
23:00 me and Sister Shanice went into this home,
23:02 this pastor called us and say,
23:06 "Could you a come and pray for my sister?"
23:10 She wanted to be set free
23:12 because she was going to go to jail.
23:15 And when we got to her home, their family was there
23:18 because we work with a lot of families.
23:21 And I asked her,
23:22 "Could you get the court paper."
23:24 So she got the court papers
23:26 and she brought it and set it on a coffee table.
23:28 And I said, listen,
23:30 we're going to see a miracle of God here.
23:32 I said, "What do you want the Lord to do?"
23:35 And she says, "I'm asking for a diversion."
23:38 And I said, "Listen, well, God is going to give you
23:41 because we are a people of prayer.
23:43 And when God say something and direct us,
23:46 it's about authority."
23:48 So I said, "We're going to pray."
23:51 While we are praying, the Lord spoke and says,
23:54 "Get rid of all this secular music that is around.
23:57 All they are cursed things."
23:59 So they ground fast,
24:01 and they put it into a garbage bag.
24:03 I have witness here.
24:04 And they put it in the garbage bag.
24:06 When everything was cleared, the young lady said to me,
24:10 I'm an Adventists. My brother is a pastor.
24:14 And I have never heard the voice of God.
24:16 I said, "Well, you're going to hear God today."
24:19 We're going to ask the Lord to speak to you now.
24:22 So what we did, we started to pray.
24:25 When I was finished, the Lord not only spoke to her
24:29 but He spoke to her mom,
24:31 confirmation according to the Word.
24:33 And the Lord says, "Diversion I will give you."
24:37 The long and short to this story,
24:40 she went to court
24:41 and they try hard and they put it off.
24:43 And then they went back to court
24:45 and the judge says,
24:47 "No way, I'm giving her a diversion."
24:50 We have hundreds of testimonies.
24:54 We can share
24:56 how God has impact so many lives
24:59 through this ministry.
25:00 I remember a gentleman received my number
25:05 from a jail in Florida.
25:08 We're talking about a general penitentiary
25:11 where a maximum security and he called me.
25:14 And you know when he called me,
25:15 I heard the voice mail in the background,
25:18 this is the general penitentiary
25:20 in Florida.
25:21 And I said, "How can I help you?"
25:23 He said, "I am in jail
25:24 and I heard about your ministry.
25:26 I need help."
25:28 I started first by saying,
25:29 "Listen, you are there for a purpose.
25:32 Anywhere we are, we're there for a purpose."
25:37 And the Lord says,
25:39 "Encourage him to reach the people
25:42 where you are."
25:43 That's your job.
25:45 Sometimes God put us in a situation to use us.
25:49 This ministry, people are going through a lot.
25:53 We receive hundreds of calls from all over the world
25:57 with people, mother that is struggling
26:00 and needs to be set free.
26:01 We received calls from people who do not know what to do.
26:06 I remember a gentleman called me from Florida
26:09 and he said,
26:10 "I have a young lady here 20-year-old.
26:12 She is demon possessed
26:14 and every time we pray,
26:16 she went silent and unconscious."
26:19 And I said, "Make a circle around her.
26:21 Let us pray."
26:23 We prayed, immediately everything manifested
26:27 and she was delivered on the spot.
26:29 It's about the knowledge of God.
26:32 And how God is so powerful.
26:35 And how God can use all of us as He has been using us.
26:39 And also all the viewers that is watching.
26:42 God can use you,
26:44 you can make a difference being an Adventist
26:48 that is not only other religions
26:50 that have this so-called power,
26:52 but we have the true power
26:54 because we keep the commandments of God.
26:57 God is saying, why don't you try Me?
26:59 Test the Spirit, test Me
27:01 and see the power of God work in the last days.
27:05 Is there power available still?
27:07 It's still available.
27:09 If you want to know,
27:11 go to your knees and pray without ceasing,
27:14 and you're going to see the power of God.
27:16 I'm so happy
27:18 that this amazing team could join us
27:22 to share to the globe
27:24 what the Lord has been doing personally to Sister Shanice,
27:28 Brother Andrew and Brother Jay Beckles.
27:31 The Lord is rejoicing
27:32 because you are sharing not only with me
27:36 but with the viewers around the globe
27:39 that God has impact your life through this ministry.
27:42 And many others who are watching
27:45 can start their own ministry and dig deeper.
27:49 We pray for hours,
27:51 ten, five, eight hours tapping into the power source.
27:56 You can do the same.
27:58 You can reach us at
28:02 Or you can email us
28:04 at buttontochrist70@gmail.
28:10 And you can hear more.
28:12 God bless you until then.
28:20 Thank you for tuning in to part two
28:22 of this amazing ministry Button to Christ.
28:24 Join us next time
28:26 on an amazing program of The New Journey.
28:28 God bless.


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