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Jesus Wants Me to Forgive

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00:08 Worship bells are sweet
00:10 Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when he sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet
00:30 Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Hello, and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:40 We're so happy you've joined us.
00:42 We love to have worship here on Tiny Tots.
00:45 We do.
00:47 And, you know, today,
00:48 we are going to be talking about
00:50 "Jesus wants us to forgive others."
00:54 And we have a very special guest today.
00:57 Miss Jill Morikone.
00:59 I'm so glad to be here, Miss Cinda.
01:01 Thank you for having me.
01:02 And for each one of you kids and each one of you at home.
01:05 We have a special exciting story
01:08 about forgiving other people today.
01:10 Oh, I love your stories, Miss Jill.
01:12 Oh, I can't wait! How about you?
01:15 You like stories? Yes.
01:17 Yes!
01:18 We know, we also have a memory verse.
01:21 Does anybody know what our memory verse is?
01:24 I do. You do, Isaiah?
01:26 What is it?
01:27 "Forgive as Christ forgave you."
01:30 Colossians 3:13. Very good.
01:34 Can we all say that together?
01:36 "Forgive as Christ forgave you."
01:40 Colossians 3:13.
01:44 Oh, that's a good one. Mm-hm.
01:47 We need to learn to forgive others, don't we?
01:49 Yes. That's right.
01:51 Well, we also love to sing here on Tiny Tots.
01:54 So let's start our worship off by singing,
01:57 "My God is so great."
01:59 I like that song.
02:02 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty
02:06 There's nothing my God cannot do
02:09 For you!
02:11 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty
02:16 There's nothing my God cannot do
02:19 For you!
02:20 The mountains are His, the rivers are His
02:25 The stars are His handiwork too
02:30 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty
02:34 There's nothing my God cannot do
02:38 For you!
02:41 That's fun.
02:42 You know, we do have a great big God, don't we?
02:44 Mm-hm.
02:46 And you know something we should do every single day?
02:49 Who knows? Boys and girls, do you know?
02:52 We should... What, what?
02:56 We should ask Jesus into our hearts.
02:59 Ask Jesus into our hearts. That's right.
03:03 And so we're going to sing, "In to my heart."
03:06 Sing it with us, all right?
03:09 Into my heart, into my heart
03:16 Come into my heart, Lord Jesus
03:24 Come in today
03:28 Come in to stay
03:31 Lord, help me forgive like you do
03:40 We changed the ending, didn't we?
03:42 We did.
03:43 "Lord, help me forgive like you do," that's beautiful.
03:45 And I love that. Mm-hm.
03:46 Let's do that one more time because...
03:48 Mommy does that differently.
03:50 She does a little bit different?
03:51 Yes, there are many different ways, isn't there?
03:53 There's lots of different verses.
03:54 Okay.
03:55 Into my heart, into my heart
04:02 Come into my heart
04:06 Lord Jesus
04:10 Come in today
04:14 Come in to stay
04:18 Lord, help me forgive like you do
04:28 Okay, I think we're ready to hear a story by Miss Jill.
04:33 It's story time.
04:34 Okay, story time is fun.
04:38 Once upon a time, there was a little girl
04:41 and her name was Sarah.
04:44 Do you know anybody named Sarah?
04:46 Oh, I know a Sara Lynn.
04:47 Well, that's just a little different from your name,
04:49 isn't it Sara lynn?
04:50 There was a little girl named Sarah,
04:52 and her best friend was Mary.
04:55 Now Sarah and Mary were best friends
04:58 and they liked to go
04:59 riding bikes together up the hill...
05:03 Up the hill and down the other side.
05:05 They loved, in the summertime,
05:07 they would go swimming in the pond
05:10 and the little fishes would nibble at their toes.
05:14 They liked to pick flowers
05:16 and they would give them to their mommies.
05:18 They were best friends.
05:21 When they were in first grade,
05:23 six years old, they went to school.
05:25 I'm in second. Are you in second grade?
05:27 Okay, good job, Carter. I'm six.
05:30 Okay, good job. When they went to...
05:32 I'm four. You're four? That's good.
05:35 They went to first grade and Sarah and Mary...
05:39 That's good.
05:40 Sarah and Mary went to school,
05:42 they sat together, they played together,
05:44 and they even ate lunch together
05:46 and they shared their peanut butter
05:47 and jelly sandwiches.
05:49 Well, one night, Sarah said, "I'm going to make a picture,
05:53 draw a picture for my best friend Mary."
05:57 And she drew...
05:58 See the picture, she drew the lake
06:01 that they went swimming in
06:03 and then the fishes nibbled at their toes,
06:05 she drew the flowers that they picked for each other
06:08 and their mommies,
06:09 she drew the house that Mary lived in,
06:12 and the trees they would play and the tree house.
06:15 And she said, "I'm going to give it
06:17 to my best friend Mary tomorrow."
06:19 Well, the next morning, her mommy said,
06:21 "It's time to go to school!
06:22 Hurry up, it's time to go to school"
06:25 So she took her to school and Mary had all her books,
06:28 she got her books.
06:29 She got her picture she wanted to give
06:31 to her best friend Mary.
06:34 So she was running out of the car,
06:36 running up the steps of the school,
06:38 she did not want to be late.
06:39 I'm running, I'm in a hurry, and here comes Mary.
06:42 She came running and she knocked into Sarah.
06:46 And the books feel. Oh!
06:49 And Mary was...
06:50 Sarah was upset and she said,
06:54 "That was my books and that was my picture.
06:58 How could you do that to me? How could you do that?"
07:03 And Mary said, "I'm so sorry, I did not mean to.
07:07 It was an accident. Please forgive me."
07:12 And Sarah had two choices,
07:15 I'm getting Sarah and Mary mixed up,
07:16 Sarah had two choices, she could say,
07:20 "I don't want to forgive you. You knocked my books down."
07:25 And if she had done that, she would have gone
07:27 in to school sad, upset, and not very happy.
07:32 And that wouldn't be what Jesus wanted her to do.
07:33 She would have sat all by herself
07:36 and ate lunch all by herself.
07:39 But if Sarah had said, "It's okay.
07:43 I know you didn't mean
07:44 to knock down my books, I forgive you."
07:48 Then Mary would have come and helped her.
07:52 They would have picked up the books together,
07:54 Sarah could have said,
07:56 "This is the picture I drew for you."
07:58 And they would have gone into school together,
08:02 they would've walked in together,
08:03 they would have sat side by side as good friends,
08:07 and they would have eaten their peanut butter
08:09 and jelly sandwiches together.
08:11 Now which way do you think made them happier?
08:15 To forgive. You're right, Isaiah.
08:17 To forgive, that does make us happy.
08:20 Now if someone takes your toy or if someone says something
08:23 mean about you and it hurts your feelings
08:26 or if someone knocks your books on the floor, we have a choice.
08:31 We can do what our memory text says,
08:33 "Forgive as Christ forgave you."
08:37 Or we can say, "I'm not going to forgive you."
08:41 Can anybody tell me what these are?
08:44 Flowers. They are flowers.
08:46 What kind of flowers are they? Roses.
08:48 They're roses.
08:50 Do you know... Pink rose.
08:51 They are kind of pink, aren't they Sara Lynn?
08:53 That's right.
08:54 Now these roses, when they grow,
08:55 they grow on a bush,
08:57 but if I took my scissors and I cut...
09:03 Oops, what...
09:05 And it went flying, it did go flying.
09:07 What happens if I cut the roses and bring them in,
09:10 do you know what's going to happen to the roses?
09:12 Die. What, Sabie?
09:15 They're going to die, won't they?
09:16 That's right, Sabie. And Isaiah said it too.
09:18 That's right, they're going to die.
09:19 So every time, if someone takes your toy,
09:22 if someone knocks your books on the floor,
09:25 or if somebody says something mean about you,
09:27 you have a choice.
09:29 You can cut your connection with Jesus by saying,
09:33 "Oh, I don't want to forgive.
09:35 I'm going to hold on to my bad feelings."
09:37 Or you can say, "Jesus, please help me.
09:41 I want to be connected to you,
09:44 I want to keep growing like the pretty flower
09:47 and I want to forgive as Christ forgave me."
09:52 That's my story. Oh, thank you, Miss Jill.
09:55 Who wants to be just like Jesus and forgive others?
09:59 I do. I do too.
10:03 Well, you know what?
10:04 I think Maya and Camille
10:07 have been practicing a special song.
10:09 Would you girls like to sing it for us now?
10:11 Yes. What song is it?
10:13 "With Jesus in the Vessel." Oh, okay.
10:17 Boys and girls, let's learn this.
10:19 With Jesus in the vessel
10:22 We can smile at the storm
10:25 Smile at the storm, smile at the storm
10:29 With Jesus in the vessel
10:32 We can smile at the storm
10:35 As we go sailing by
10:40 Sailing, sailing by
10:44 Sailing
10:46 Sailing by
10:49 With Jesus in the vessel
10:51 We can smile at the storm
10:54 As we go sailing by
10:59 Oh, thank you, girls. I like that.
11:03 Well, boys and girls, we have a special treat
11:05 now from Carter.
11:08 Carter, what are you going to do for us?
11:11 A dulcimer.
11:13 You know how to play the dulcimer?
11:15 Does anybody know what a dulcimer is?
11:18 Boys and girls, do you know what a dulcimer is?
11:20 I do. You do?
11:23 Well, let's let Carter tell us.
11:26 Oh, Carter, that looks like
11:28 a really interesting instrument.
11:32 Would you like to play it? Yes?
11:34 Okay.
12:13 Oh, very good, Carter.
12:17 Good job, Carter. It's beautiful.
12:21 I would like to learn how to play that.
12:22 Mm-hm, me too.
12:25 I don't have a dulcimer.
12:27 I don't either, but maybe someday.
12:31 Well, you know, boys and girls?
12:32 It's time for our prayer, so let's sing our prayer song.
12:36 Boys and girls, sing it with us.
12:38 I will bend my knees
12:43 I will fold my hands
12:47 I will bow my head
12:51 I will close my eyes
12:55 And very, very quiet be
13:00 While the prayer is said
13:05 Our Father in heaven, help us to be willing
13:10 to forgive others like You forgive them.
13:14 In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
13:16 Amen.
13:20 And you know that, it should be our prayer
13:23 always to be forgiving, isn't it?
13:25 Mm-hm, that's right. Yes.
13:27 Forgive as Christ forgave you.
13:29 That's right. Well...
13:32 Oh, do you know what?
13:34 Mr. Rooster says that's all the time
13:35 we have for worship.
13:37 We hope you join us tomorrow, boys and girls.
13:49 Worship bells are sweet
13:51 Calling us to meet
13:53 With our best friend Jesus
13:57 Come and worship here
13:59 Jesus will be near
14:00 Smiling when he sees us
14:09 Worship bells are sweet
14:11 Calling us to meet
14:13 With our best friend Jesus
14:17 Come and worship here
14:19 Jesus will be near
14:21 Smiling when he sees us


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