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00:08 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near
00:19 Smiling when he sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet
00:30 Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:39 We're so happy that you've joined us.
00:41 And you know what?
00:43 Jesus is happy that you've joined us too.
00:45 It makes Jesus so happy
00:47 when we take time to spend with Him.
00:50 And today, boys and girls,
00:52 our special guest is Mrs. Bonita Shields.
00:56 And Mrs. Shields is from the
00:58 General Conference Sabbath School Department.
01:00 Why, do you know?
01:02 She helps write the children's Sabbath school lessons.
01:06 Welcome, Miss Bonita. Thank you.
01:09 I'm excited to be with you today.
01:12 And, boys and girls, today,
01:13 we're talking about our forever home.
01:18 What do you think that means?
01:20 When we say our forever home, what do you think that means?
01:24 We're going to heaven soon? Yes!
01:28 Jesus is up in heaven building us a forever home.
01:32 And I know Miss Bonita has a story about that.
01:36 Who likes stories? Me!
01:40 I do too.
01:42 But first, Cadence, do you think
01:44 you could have a prayer and ask Jesus to be with us?
01:47 Okay, boys and girls, close your eyes.
01:51 And I thank You for the food...
02:03 Thank You. Amen
02:06 Amen.
02:08 Thank you, Cadence.
02:09 Well, we have a memory verse today, boys and girls.
02:13 Who knows what our memory verse is found?
02:15 John! Oh, very good, Carter.
02:17 John 10:28.
02:20 Can you all say it with me?
02:22 "I give them eternal life..." "I give them eternal life..."
02:28 "And they will never die." "And they will never die."
02:33 "No one will steal them..." "No one will steal them..."
02:38 "Out of my hand." "Out of my hand."
02:42 You know, that's God saying that He's going to protect us,
02:45 and no one's going to take us out of the hand of God.
02:48 Isn't that special?
02:51 Do you know what else is special?
02:53 Yeah. I have a song.
02:55 Who likes to sing? Me!
02:58 Boys and girls, do you like to sing?
03:01 Let's sing "Heaven is a Special Place."
03:04 Sing with us.
03:06 Heaven, heaven
03:09 Heaven is a special place
03:11 Heaven, heaven
03:15 I want to go there
03:18 Let's sing...
03:21 I think I know another song about heaven.
03:23 Can you guys guess it?
03:25 "Staying on the Promised Land."
03:26 Oh, that's a good one.
03:28 That wasn't what I was thinking.
03:29 How about let me hum it?
03:34 "Do Lord" Ah, that's it! Good guess.
03:37 Okay, boys and girls, sing this one with us.
03:40 I've got a home in glory land that outshines the sun
03:45 I've got a home in glory land
03:47 That outshines the sun
03:49 I can't hear you guys singing.
03:50 I've got a home in glory land that outshines the sun
03:55 Way beyond the blue
03:59 Ready?
04:01 Do Lord, oh, do Lord, oh, do remember me
04:04 Yes I do.
04:06 Do Lord, oh, do Lord, oh, do remember me
04:09 Oh, yes I do.
04:11 Do Lord, oh, do Lord, oh, do remember me
04:16 Way beyond the blue
04:20 That song just makes me happy.
04:23 Does it make you guys happy? Yeah.
04:25 Well, Miss Bonita,
04:27 Ben and Carter have been working on a special
04:30 they want to play for you.
04:32 Oh, nice. So, boys, go play your special.
04:36 I loved it.
04:37 You know, Carter's going to play the dulcimer
04:41 and then Ben's going to play the same song on the piano.
04:44 Oh, talented boys here. Okay, Carter.
05:24 Very good, boys! Nice.
05:27 Very talented you are. Look at that.
05:31 Who's ready for a story? Me!
05:34 Okay, we're ready.
05:36 Oh, I get to tell a story.
05:39 Okay, I thought you were going to tell me a story.
05:42 No?
05:43 No. Okay, I'll tell a story.
05:46 Really what I want to ask you about, though,
05:48 before I start this is do you think much about heaven?
05:55 You do? Yeah.
05:56 What do you think about heaven?
05:58 Are we going there soon?
06:00 A land. Land? Land.
06:03 Yup, land? Land.
06:06 Did you hear what Carter said?
06:07 No. What did you say? Tell her.
06:10 That we're going... Going there soon.
06:12 We're going there soon.
06:14 Yes, Jesus is going to take us there.
06:16 Well, you know, often, heaven,
06:18 we don't always think about it a whole lot of time,
06:20 so I want us to think about it, okay?
06:22 Today? And to do that...
06:24 You're going to wonder what I'm talking about.
06:27 These two items here,
06:29 of course, you know what they are.
06:30 Glass of water...
06:32 Water and apple. And an apple.
06:36 Might these things help us think about heaven?
06:40 Do you think so, Cadence?
06:43 Do you think that would help us think about heaven?
06:45 A little trick question I know. What do you think?
06:47 Apple. Apple.
06:49 Well, here's why I'm sharing this with you.
06:51 Water...
06:53 Did you know that in heaven, when we go to heaven
06:56 and we're going to spend forever with Jesus,
06:59 there's going to be a river of life
07:03 where the water you can see all the way to the bottom.
07:06 Have you ever been to a river
07:08 where you could see all the way to the bottom?
07:11 No. No.
07:12 I know you don't see many here on earth now
07:15 because a lot of them are just so muddy and dark,
07:19 but it's going to be so pure
07:22 that you'll be able to see right to the bottom,
07:25 and you'll be able to drink lots of it.
07:30 It'll taste better than anything we have here.
07:34 And this apple, did you know
07:38 that there's going to be the tree of life there
07:42 where we can eat that fruit on the Tree of Life
07:46 and we'll live forever to be with Jesus?
07:49 But there are 12 different kinds of fruit on the tree.
07:53 Now tell me your favorite kind of fruit.
07:55 Apple. Apple?
07:56 What's your favorite kind of fruit?
07:58 Okay, Ben has raised his hand, what is yours?
08:00 Mango.
08:02 I always say
08:03 mangoes are going to be on the Tree of Life.
08:05 We're kindred spirits, Ben.
08:07 Mango and apple and pears.
08:11 What do you like, Cadence? Yes.
08:12 I like all the fruits. Pears?
08:14 You like pears? I like pears.
08:16 I do too. You like pears too?
08:18 Oh, they're going to be wonderful.
08:20 I like apples too.
08:22 Apples? Yup.
08:23 And those apples are going to taste better than
08:25 anything we have now too.
08:27 But even in addition to the fruit,
08:29 did you know, on those trees, there are going to be...
08:31 The leaves even are going to be good for us.
08:35 The Bible tells us that the leaves...
08:38 We can eat the leaves,
08:39 and it says it will be for the healing
08:42 of all the people.
08:43 So they'll be really good for us,
08:45 and I think they're going to taste really good too.
08:47 Now if we had a leaf now,
08:48 it probably wouldn't taste too good.
08:50 Yuck! No.
08:51 But besides the river, besides the Tree of Life,
08:55 you know, we're going to go visiting other worlds
08:59 and we're going to be climbing really high mountains,
09:02 and I might even be able to play a musical instrument
09:05 when we get there.
09:07 You're way ahead of me, Ben.
09:09 And so there are going to be things
09:10 that we can do there that we can't do it now,
09:13 but also we're going to see Jesus face-to-face.
09:17 Have you thought about that? I can't wait for that.
09:19 That's going to be wonderful.
09:21 And there will be no night, we'll have no night lights,
09:25 we won't have any flashlights, we won't have any candles,
09:30 everything will be bright.
09:32 Does that excite you? Yeah.
09:34 Is it exciting to have everything bright and sunny?
09:38 But, you know, the light's going to come
09:40 from Jesus and from God.
09:42 We won't need the sun
09:45 because God and Jesus will be light for us.
09:48 But do you know there's something else too
09:50 I want us to think about though, also we won't have
09:53 any sickness or any crying.
09:57 I'm sure you've been sick before.
09:59 Have you been sick? It wasn't any fun, was it?
10:02 You were sick?
10:04 Carter was sick? What was it like?
10:06 Were you all happy when you were sick?
10:08 "Oh, yay! I have a sore throat!"
10:11 No? No.
10:13 Being sick is no fun, is it?
10:15 Well, there'll be no sickness,
10:17 but also I hope you haven't had anyone in your family die,
10:22 but a lot of people, a lot of children your age
10:25 have had grandparents that may have died,
10:27 but, you know, there no one will die.
10:30 We'll live forever with Jesus. Isn't that exciting?
10:33 Yes. Yes.
10:35 So I just wanted us to talk about that
10:38 because remember our memory verse we said
10:42 that we will live forever with Jesus
10:44 and no one can steal us out of His hand...
10:47 Jesus made all these things
10:49 because He wants to live with us forever.
10:52 And to be able to do these things
10:53 only because He loves us,
10:55 and Satan will not be able to tempt us anymore
10:58 to do bad things.
11:00 And it will just be...
11:03 Heaven will be a happy place and a special place.
11:06 Oh, just like our song,
11:09 I can't wait to go there. Isn't that wonderful?
11:11 Now here's what I want you to do
11:13 when you have family worship next, okay?
11:15 I want you to fill up the glass of water like this.
11:18 Think you can do that?
11:20 And then when you talk to your parents
11:22 and your brothers and sisters, just tell them,
11:25 "What do you think in heaven, this will...
11:29 We'll be doing in heaven?
11:31 How does this remind you of heaven?"
11:32 I guess is the question.
11:33 Ask your family
11:35 and then you can tell them what we talked about today.
11:38 And you can talk with your family about heaven
11:40 and they may have some other ideas
11:43 of things that they know
11:45 will take place there from God's Word.
11:48 So can you do that? Okay, wonderful.
11:51 So we will plan to meet in heaven, okay?
11:55 Boys and girls,
11:56 do you know why Jesus is making a forever home for us?
12:00 Who knows?
12:02 Because Jesus loves us.
12:04 That's right, Christiana, because Jesus loves you.
12:07 Let's sing "Jesus loves me" That's a good idea!
12:11 Wonderful. Great idea. Let's sing. Ready?
12:14 Jesus loves me, this I know
12:18 For the Bible tells me so
12:22 Little ones to Him belong
12:26 They are weak, but He is strong
12:30 Yes, Jesus loves me
12:34 Yes, Jesus loves me
12:38 Yes, Jesus loves me
12:42 The Bible tells me so
12:47 Wonderful.
12:50 Let's have our prayer song
12:51 and thank Jesus for being with us through this worship.
12:55 I will bend my knees
12:58 I will bow my head
13:01 I will fold my hands
13:05 I will close my eyes
13:07 And very, very quiet be
13:12 While the prayer is said
13:15 Dear Jesus, I can't wait to go to heaven with You.
13:20 Amen. Amen.
13:23 Thank you, Christiana.
13:24 I can't wait to go to heaven either.
13:27 Heaven's going to be such a special place.
13:30 Yes, it is.
13:33 That's Mr. Rooster.
13:34 He says that's all the time we have for now.
13:36 So remember, boys and girls, Jesus loves you.
13:40 Bye-bye.
13:49 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
13:53 With our best friend Jesus
13:57 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
14:01 Smiling when he sees us
14:09 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
14:13 With our best friend Jesus
14:17 Come and worship here
14:19 Jesus will be near
14:21 Smiling when he sees us


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