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When I Am Afraid

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00:08 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when he sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet
00:30 Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:39 We're so happy that you've joined us
00:42 and you know what else?
00:43 Jesus is happy too.
00:45 Jesus loves it when we spend time in worship with Him.
00:50 And today, we have a special guest,
00:54 Mrs. Shelley Quinn.
00:56 Welcome, Miss Shelley. Thank you.
00:58 I am so excited to be here with my friends,
01:02 with Camille, and with Sabby,
01:05 and with you, Miss Cinda, and with Maya,
01:07 and Carter.
01:09 Thank you for inviting me to come and worship with you.
01:12 Oh, we're so excited to have you.
01:15 Today, boys and girls, we're talking about
01:18 when we are afraid.
01:20 And I know that Miss Shelley has a good story
01:24 about Jesus helping us when we're afraid,
01:27 and we'll hear that in just a little bit.
01:30 But first, let's start off with prayer.
01:33 Camille, could you have prayer for us?
01:35 Yes.
01:37 Boys and girls, fold your hands and close your eyes.
01:41 Dear, Jesus, help us to have a good worship.
01:45 Amen. Amen.
01:49 Well, we also have a memory verse
01:51 that we're trying to learn, Miss Shelley,
01:54 and you can learn it with us.
01:56 Boys and girls, can you say it after me?
01:59 Hebrews 13:6.
02:02 Hebrews 13:6.
02:05 "The Lord is my helper..."
02:08 "The Lord is my helper..."
02:11 "I will not fear."
02:14 "I will not fear."
02:18 Boys and girls, when you're afraid, what can you do?
02:22 Pray.
02:23 Pray, and sometimes Jesus sent someone to help us.
02:28 What, Carter? Angels.
02:31 That's right.
02:32 Let's sing the song, Jesus sends the angels.
02:36 Boys and girls, sing with us.
02:40 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
02:44 Jesus sends the angels to help us while we're playing
02:51 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
02:55 Jesus sends the angels to help us when we're sleeping
03:02 Very good.
03:04 Maya, you have a song for us, don't you?
03:07 Would you like to sing it now?
03:10 What's your song?
03:12 Wonderful?
03:14 Okay, sing it for us.
03:17 Isn't He wonderful, wonderful, wonderful
03:23 Isn't Jesus, my Lord, wonderful!
03:30 Eyes have seen, ears have heard
03:33 It's recorded in God's Word
03:36 Isn't Jesus, my Lord, wonderful!
03:43 Thank you, very good.
03:46 Well, Miss Shelley, you're in for a treat,
03:48 and, boys and girls, you're in for a treat
03:50 because Carter's going to play a special for us.
03:54 Can you tell us what you're playing, Carter?
03:56 Bells.
03:58 Let's pull your stool over.
04:03 Oh!
04:06 This is going to be good. Oh, yes.
04:09 Okay, Carter, go ahead.
04:50 Yes. Very good.
04:55 He's just learning that.
04:56 Boys and girls,
04:58 maybe you'd want to learn how to play the bells.
05:00 I think they sound pretty, don't you?
05:01 Oh, me too.
05:03 I want to learn how to play bells.
05:05 You want to learn how to play? Okay.
05:08 Well, you know what? I think it's time for a story.
05:12 Who's ready to hear a story?
05:13 Me.
05:15 Okay, Miss Shelley.
05:17 Okay, we're talking today about when I am afraid,
05:20 and I'm going to tell you a story, it's a true story
05:23 'cause it happened to my mommy and me,
05:26 and my mama lived on a really busy street.
05:30 It was a real wide street, almost like a highway.
05:34 And, you know what?
05:35 Across the street from my mama,
05:38 there was a dog that barked all the time at our house.
05:42 And my mama had a little dog named Buffy.
05:46 Can you say Buffy? Buffy.
05:48 Buffy, and Buffy was just a little dog like this
05:52 but he thought he was a big protector.
05:55 So Buffy would stand at the door every day,
05:58 and he'd look over across the street,
06:01 and he barked back at that dog,
06:04 and they had this contest going all day long
06:07 where they were barking at each other,
06:09 and I think Buffy thought he was protecting our house.
06:12 So guess what happened?
06:14 One day somebody came to visit my mama
06:18 and when they opened the door,
06:20 Buffy charged out of that door, fast across the street,
06:25 and I was praying 'cause I was afraid
06:28 he was going to get run over.
06:30 There were so many cars,
06:32 and he made it all the way across the street,
06:36 and guess what happened?
06:37 He thought he was going to go over there
06:39 and take care of that dog
06:41 'cause from far away, the dog looked little.
06:44 But all of a sudden,
06:46 Buffy came up to that dog and he looked up.
06:50 It was a big Doberman Pinscher and Buffy went,
06:55 "Oh, oh," and he just rolled over.
06:57 Do you know what it means
06:59 in dog language when a dog rolls over?
07:03 It means, "Whoops, I'm afraid of you.
07:05 Don't hurt me." And Buffy just rolled over.
07:08 Well, I went and got Buffy, and it turned out
07:11 he was smart to be afraid of a big dog like that.
07:15 But it turned out he was a nice dog
07:17 and then I carried Buffy back across the street.
07:21 And, you know what? Here is the story.
07:24 Sometimes it's okay to be afraid,
07:27 did you know that?
07:29 When you think about a little dog
07:32 with lots of traffic, that's why I was afraid.
07:34 I thought he was going to get run over,
07:37 and I bet you, your mommy and daddy have told you
07:41 never cross the street by yourself, haven't they?
07:45 Has your mommy told you that? No.
07:47 You don't cross the street by yourself.
07:49 You know why?
07:51 You should be afraid of that traffic.
07:53 When you're a little person,
07:56 you should be afraid of that traffic.
07:57 It's okay.
07:58 You want to hold on to an adult's hand,
08:01 to mommy's, or daddy's, or somebody's hand
08:05 when they're going across the street
08:07 because it's, kind of, a scary thing
08:10 if they can't see you.
08:12 Isn't it?
08:13 Now, besides streets,
08:16 you know what else, kind of, scares me?
08:20 What? Fire.
08:23 You know, once I had to fight a forest fire
08:26 when I just got out of college and it was scary.
08:32 But fire is something God gave us, isn't it?
08:36 He gave us fire so we can cook our food,
08:39 and it's so nice when Daddy makes a fire in the fireplace
08:43 to keep us warm.
08:45 Those kind of fires... We roast marshmallows.
08:50 You mean, roast marshmallows, exactly.
08:53 And so fire is not a bad thing
08:56 but I'm afraid a house fire
08:58 would scare me or a forest fire.
09:00 And see, that's why mommies and daddies tell you,
09:04 "Don't play with matches.
09:07 Don't play with matches.
09:09 Don't play with a lighter."
09:11 You should be afraid of fire
09:14 if you don't, it could hurt you.
09:17 You could get burned bad, huh, or burn the house down.
09:20 So that's something you don't want to do.
09:24 Something else that, kind of, scares me is loud noises.
09:31 Have you ever heard somebody that's mad and shouting?
09:34 Ah, that scares me.
09:35 I'm afraid of fireworks, loud ones.
09:38 Yeah, and that's... That's not good.
09:42 That's not good at all, and it's scary.
09:46 What about thunder?
09:47 And that's what I was going to say
09:49 'cause Camille said that's what scares her,
09:51 when it's raining and all of a sudden
09:53 you hear kaboom and crack, crack, crack...
09:59 And the whole house rattles and you think, "Oh, no.
10:03 Oh, no." That's kind of scary, isn't it?
10:07 Yes.
10:09 And the other thing that sometimes used to scare me
10:15 when I was little was to be alone in the dark.
10:20 Did that ever scare you to be all alone in the dark?
10:23 Yeah? You did?
10:25 I'm afraid to shut my door
10:26 and go upstairs into the hallway because it's dark.
10:29 It's dark. But you...?
10:30 I'm afraid when I'm going to bed
10:32 and the door shut with the light off.
10:35 Yeah?
10:36 Well, you know, like I said,
10:38 sometimes it's okay to be afraid
10:40 but there's some times we don't need to be
10:42 afraid of those kind of things
10:43 'cause here's what Jesus promises.
10:46 Did you know Jesus promises?
10:48 He says, "I am with you always.
10:52 I will never leave you or forsake you."
10:55 Jesus is right here with us, right now.
10:58 And so your... In heaven.
10:59 Yeah, He's in heaven but He lives in your heart,
11:01 and He also sends His angels, doesn't He?
11:04 So the good news is you're never really alone.
11:08 So when you get to the dark,
11:10 if you ever feel like you're afraid,
11:13 all you have to do is have a little talk with Jesus
11:18 'cause He's right here with you.
11:20 He never leaves you alone, and when you pray,
11:24 then you're going to feel so much better.
11:26 And guess what else Jesus gave us?
11:28 Jesus gave us mommies and daddies
11:30 so that when we feel afraid,
11:33 we can go talk to them
11:34 'cause sometimes there's things that they need to explain to us
11:37 or that they need to know.
11:39 So anytime you feel afraid, talk to your mommy and daddy,
11:43 and talk to Jesus 'cause He's your helper,
11:46 and you don't have to fear when He's there.
11:48 That's right. Thank you, Miss Shelly.
11:51 You know, let's sing whisper a prayer, right now.
11:54 All right.
11:57 Whisper a prayer in the morning
12:04 Whisper a prayer at noon
12:11 Whisper a prayer in the evening
12:17 To keep your heart in tune
12:22 Amen.
12:25 Let's have a prayer right now.
12:26 Let's sing our prayer song, and, Sabby,
12:29 will you have a prayer for us?
12:33 I will bend my knees
12:37 I will fold my hands
12:41 I will bow my head
12:45 I will close my eyes
12:49 And very, very quiet be
12:54 While the prayer is said
12:59 Dear, Jesus, help us not to be afraid.
13:01 Amen. Amen.
13:04 And, you know what, boys and girls?
13:06 It's important to remember that Jesus will be with us.
13:11 Whenever you're afraid,
13:13 you just need to fold your hands,
13:16 and ask Jesus, and He will help you not to be afraid.
13:21 Okay?
13:23 That's Mr. Rooster.
13:25 That's all the time we have for now.
13:27 Bye-bye, boys and girls. Bye-bye.
13:30 Bye-bye, boys and girls.
13:40 Worship bells are sweet
13:42 Calling us to meet
13:44 With our best friend Jesus
13:48 Come and worship here
13:50 Jesus will be near
13:52 Smiling when he sees us
14:00 Worship bells are sweet
14:02 Calling us to meet
14:04 With our best friend Jesus
14:08 Come and worship here
14:10 Jesus will be near
14:12 Smiling when he sees us


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