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00:08 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near Smiling when he sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:39 Welcome, boys and girls!
00:42 We're so happy that you've joined us
00:44 and, you know what?
00:46 Jesus is happy that you've joined us too.
00:48 It makes Jesus so happy
00:50 when we take time to spend with Him.
00:53 Today, boys and girls,
00:55 we have such a special program for you.
00:57 Let's have a prayer and invite Jesus to our worship with us.
01:01 Joshua, would you have our prayer for us today?
01:05 Boys and girls, close your eyes and fold your hands.
01:09 Thank You, Jesus, for keeping us safe. Amen.
01:15 Amen.
01:18 Well, today we're going
01:19 to be talking about heaven is our home,
01:23 and who knows where our memory verse is?
01:25 John. John. John, what?
01:28 John 14:2. Very good.
01:31 Let's all say it together.
01:33 Boys and girls, you want to say it with us?
01:35 "In my Father's house..."
01:37 "In my Father's house..."
01:39 "Are many mansions."
01:42 "Are many mansions."
01:43 Oh, and you know what?
01:46 Let's sing that song, Do Lord,
01:48 because that talks about I've got a home in glory land.
01:52 You sing it with us and sing...
01:55 Ready? You sing it with us, boys and girls. Okay.
01:58 I've got a home in glory land that outshines the sun
02:04 I've got a home in glory land that outshines the sun
02:09 I've got a home in glory land that outshines the sun
02:15 Way beyond the blue
02:21 Do Lord, O, Do Lord, O
02:23 do remember me O yes, I do, Lord, O
02:27 Do, Lord, O do remember me
02:30 O yes, I
02:32 Do Lord, O, Do Lord, O do remember me
02:37 Way beyond the blue
02:43 Well, I think Carter and Ben
02:46 have worked up a special for us, boys and girls.
02:48 Let's hear this, Carter.
02:50 And, Ben and Carter,
02:52 what are you going to be playing?
02:53 The dulcimer.
02:55 Oh, I love the dulcimer,
02:57 and what song are you going to be playing?
03:00 When the roll is called up yonder...
03:02 Up yonder? Okay.
03:30 Very good.
03:31 And, Ben, you're going to play it on the piano now?
04:22 Very good.
04:27 Okay, boys and girls,
04:30 Carter would you like to open the door?
04:32 Okay.
04:39 Hello, kids, how are you guys?
04:41 It's Mr. Rich Aguilera!
04:44 He is. Mr. Rich is the host of Nature Time on Kids' Time.
04:49 Yes.
04:50 Welcome, Mr. Rich. Thank you so much.
04:52 I'm so happy to see you guys.
04:53 Now, I wanted to talk about something
04:55 but I need a volunteer, don't you think?
04:57 Carter, do you want to help us? Awesome, come on up here.
04:59 All right, Carter, you stand right here
05:01 so that everybody can see you,
05:03 and I'm going to pull something out of here.
05:05 I'm going to pull out a handkerchief,
05:08 and I'm going to blindfold you, okay?
05:10 All right, you'll be fine. Here we go.
05:13 Here we go. You'll be fine.
05:14 Here we go. All right, can you see anything?
05:17 No.
05:18 All right, here we go, here we go.
05:19 So I'm going to spin you a couple times like that.
05:21 Okay, ready? Ready?
05:23 Carter, can you walk home?
05:28 Okay, think you can make it home?
05:30 That'd be, kind of, hard, huh?
05:32 Yeah, that'd be, kind of, hard to walk home
05:33 when you're blindfolded, isn't it?
05:37 Do you think you could even walk home all by yourself?
05:39 Even if you weren't blindfolded,
05:40 that'd be, kind of, hard too.
05:42 Yeah, no?
05:43 Well, you know what? You can have a seat.
05:45 Thanks, Carter.
05:46 God created a lot of
05:48 very interesting animals, right?
05:50 All sorts of creatures, and fish, and birds,
05:54 and mammals, and insects, but, you know what?
05:58 There's one very interesting animal
06:00 I want to talk to you guys about.
06:02 It's a bird, kind of, like Billy Boy over there.
06:05 Maybe it's one of his friends.
06:06 I want to talk to you about a bird called a pigeon.
06:10 A pigeon, I know everybody knows what a pigeon is,
06:13 it's a very common bird.
06:15 But I want to tell you about a very special thing
06:18 that the pigeon can do.
06:19 So here's what we're going to do.
06:21 Let's pretend that right here,
06:24 we are raising baby pigeons.
06:26 He was just born,
06:27 he's so cute little tiny bird
06:29 that came out of the egg.
06:30 And they've never been outside
06:32 and they've never flown around all by themselves
06:34 or anything like that.
06:35 And so we raised their pigeons, raised these pigeons
06:37 until they're big, and they can fly,
06:40 and now you know what we're going to do?
06:42 We're going to put them in a little cage
06:44 and we're going to cover them up so they don't see
06:46 where we're going to take them.
06:48 Now we're going to take the pigeons on a trip.
06:52 You guys like to travel? Yeah, okay.
06:54 Well, I don't know if pigeons like to travel.
06:56 I think they do.
06:57 So here's what we do with this pigeon.
06:58 We take the pigeon
07:00 and we put him in the back seat of our car, still covered up
07:02 so he can't see where we're going,
07:04 and we start driving, and we're driving,
07:07 and we're driving, and we're driving,
07:09 and driving, and we're driving,
07:10 the pigeon's probably in the backseat wondering,
07:12 "Where are we going?
07:13 That's, kind of, strange.
07:15 We're just driving all over the place,
07:16 and driving, and driving."
07:18 And we drive for 24 hours.
07:22 That's a long way, that's like a thousand, five hundred miles.
07:26 And we drive, and we drive, and we drive,
07:28 and I bet that kid is going to be curious
07:30 but we finally get to where we're going,
07:32 and we take the pigeon cage out,
07:34 and we open up the little door,
07:36 and we take out the little pigeon,
07:38 and we say, "Okay, pigeon, fly away."
07:40 And we take the pigeon, and throw it up in the air,
07:43 and it flies away.
07:45 Now here's the question, where do you think
07:50 the pigeon is going to fly?
07:53 To its house. To its house.
07:55 Exactly, Carter, he flies to his house.
07:58 Now wait a second, how did that pigeon know
08:00 how to go to his house?
08:02 He went straight to his house.
08:05 He doesn't go by any other place,
08:06 he goes straight back to his house.
08:08 And he's never even been on a trip.
08:11 Now that's, kind of, strange.
08:12 I've been driving around a lot, and when I get lost,
08:16 sometimes I ask at the gas station
08:19 for instructions or directions.
08:21 Have you guys ever gone to a gas station
08:22 and you see a pigeon standing at the counter
08:24 talking to the guy, "Excuse me,
08:26 how do I get back home?"
08:28 No, that's, kind of, silly.
08:32 Yeah, I've never seen a pigeon do that.
08:35 What about, have you ever seen a pigeon
08:37 walking around with a map?
08:41 Yeah, that's, kind of, silly too, with map, huh?
08:43 "Let's see, I got lost flying my way back home
08:47 and I need to check out the map."
08:49 I've never seen a pigeon with a map either.
08:51 Have you guys seen a pigeon with a map?
08:53 No, I've never seen a pigeon with a map.
08:55 How in the world does he do that?
08:59 I don't see them anymore.
09:01 Yeah? Well, you know what?
09:03 I keep wondering about how they're making at home.
09:06 So I started wondering to myself,
09:08 is it possible that the pigeons have a GPS?
09:13 Have you ever seen a pigeon with a GPS?
09:15 Maybe he's got it strapped.
09:17 Maybe he's got it strapped right here
09:18 and he's flying around,
09:19 he's trying to fly to get home,
09:21 and he's trying to listen to the directions,
09:23 fly farther to the left and to the right.
09:26 Have you ever seen a pigeon with a GPS?
09:29 No.
09:30 Yeah, how many of you guys have a GPS in the car?
09:32 He is saying his daddy does.
09:34 Yeah, a lot of people have GPS
09:36 because they help us get to where we're going.
09:39 The pigeon was created by God to fly straight home,
09:44 even if it's never been on a trip.
09:46 I think that's pretty amazing.
09:48 Now every time I travel, I take my GPS.
09:50 But, you know what...
09:54 Yeah.
09:56 Well, there's this one button on the GPS,
09:57 that's my favorite button
09:58 'cause when I'm done with my trip,
10:00 I press this button right here that says "go..."
10:04 Where do you think? Home.
10:05 Home, that's right.
10:07 That's my favorite button 'cause I push the button,
10:09 and then all I got to do is listen,
10:10 and follow the instructions.
10:12 So I push it and it says,
10:13 "Go 10 miles, and then turn left,
10:15 and then go 50 miles, and turn right on highway 2."
10:18 Whatever it does, as long as I obey them,
10:21 follow the instructions,
10:22 it's going to take me home, and that's pretty cool.
10:24 Now if I decide, "Hmm,
10:27 I don't want to follow the instructions."
10:28 What's going to happen? You're going to get lost.
10:30 You're going to end up
10:31 on the other side of your home.
10:32 Exactly, I'm going to get lost
10:34 and I'm going to end up in the wrong place.
10:35 That's not good.
10:36 We need to follow the instructions to get home, yeah?
10:38 But, you know what?
10:40 Each one of us are always trying
10:41 to get home because earth isn't our home.
10:43 You know where our real home is?
10:46 Heaven. Heaven.
10:48 Heaven is our real home.
10:49 That's what our Bible verse for today says.
10:50 We need GPS.
10:52 Yeah, but we don't have a GPS to get to heaven, Dwight,
10:55 does this have a little button here that says, "Go to heaven"?
10:59 No, it doesn't.
11:01 But, you know what?
11:02 God is good because He did give us a GPS
11:06 with instructions that help us get home.
11:08 I brought my GPS right here.
11:13 He gave us the Bible.
11:15 The Bible has instructions
11:17 that help us get home to our real heaven.
11:20 And the most easy,
11:21 simple instruction is to accept Jesus.
11:23 But there's other ones that help too like obey mom and dad,
11:26 and help other people, and pray to God.
11:29 Yeah, these are all instructions
11:31 that will help us get to our real home,
11:34 which is in heaven.
11:36 You know, I think of earth sometimes as more like a hotel.
11:40 Have you guys ever stayed at a hotel before?
11:42 That's not our home, right?
11:44 We're just staying there for a little while.
11:46 Earth is like that too. We're just here
11:47 for a little while 'cause we want to get
11:49 to our real home which is in heaven.
11:52 How many of you guys want to get to home in heaven?
11:55 Yeah, me too.
11:57 Oh, thank you, Mr. Rich.
12:00 What do you, boys and girls, say?
12:02 Thank you. Oh, you're very welcome.
12:04 And who wants to go to heaven?
12:07 Me!
12:08 Oh, me too, boys and girls.
12:10 Do you want to go to heaven?
12:13 Heaven is going to be such a wonderful place.
12:16 I can't wait to go.
12:18 We're going to get to see Jesus,
12:21 and play with animals, and meet our angels.
12:25 It's such a wonderful place.
12:27 But we need to make sure
12:29 that we follow the directions in God's book,
12:32 the Bible, and we pray, and spend time with Jesus.
12:36 Let's just sing our kneeling, our prayer song right now,
12:40 and let's thank Jesus for being with us.
12:45 I will bend my knees
12:49 I will fold my hands
12:53 I will bow my head
12:56 I will close my eyes
13:00 And very, very quiet be
13:05 While the prayer is said
13:10 Dear, Jesus, please help us
13:12 to follow the instructions to go to heaven.
13:16 Thank You, that You sent the Bible.
13:19 I love You, Jesus, and amen.
13:21 Amen.
13:23 Oh, thank you, Mr. Rich, for being with us today
13:28 and I do hope you come again.
13:30 That's Mr. Rooster,
13:32 that's all the time we have for now.
13:34 So until next time, bye-bye, boys and girls.
13:37 Remember, Jesus loves you.
13:49 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
13:53 With our best friend Jesus
13:57 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
14:00 Smiling when he sees us
14:09 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
14:12 With our best friend Jesus Come and worship here
14:19 Jesus will be near Smiling when he sees us


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