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00:08 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when he sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:39 Welcome, boys and girls.
00:42 We're so happy that you've joined us,
00:45 and do you know what,
00:46 Jesus is happy that you've joined us too.
00:49 It makes Jesus so happy
00:51 when we take time to spend with Him.
00:54 Today, boys and girls,
00:56 our special guest is Pastor John Lomacang.
01:00 Welcome, Pastor John.
01:02 Welcome. Thank you.
01:03 You know, I'm so glad I am here.
01:07 And guess what, I have got a story for you.
01:11 I love stories. Well, hang on.
01:14 And I love to tell stories, so thanks for having me.
01:17 Oh, we're happy to have you, Pastor John.
01:20 And today, boys and girls,
01:22 we're going to be talking about being careful what you say.
01:27 And I know Pastor John's going to have a good story
01:30 that will help us be careful what we say
01:33 because that's important, isn't it, boys and girls?
01:35 Uh-huh.
01:37 But first, let's have a prayer
01:38 and invite Jesus into our worship.
01:41 Fold your hands and close your eyes.
01:43 And, Joshua, would you have a word of prayer?
01:46 Thank you, Jesus...
01:51 for worshipping together.
01:55 Amen. Amen.
01:59 Since we're talking about being careful what we say,
02:03 let's sing a song about that,
02:06 Oh Be Careful Little Lips What You Say.
02:10 Sing it with us, boys and girls.
02:13 Oh, be careful little lips what you say
02:18 Oh, be careful little lips what you say
02:22 There's a Father up above
02:25 And He's looking down in love
02:27 Oh, be careful little lips what you say
02:31 Let's sing that one more time.
02:33 Oh, be careful little lips what you say
02:37 Oh, be careful little lips what you say
02:42 There's a Father up above
02:44 And He's looking down in love
02:46 Oh, be careful little lips what you say.
02:52 Pastor John, before we listen to your story
02:57 and say our memory verse...
02:59 That's right.
03:00 The boys and girls have been working on a surprise for you.
03:03 Wow.
03:04 Because I told them you were coming and they said,
03:06 "We know Pastor John sings
03:08 and so we want to have a special for him."
03:11 So, kids, let's go show Pastor John your special.
03:15 Wow. What song are you singing?
03:18 Love Is Something To You.
03:27 Love is something when you
03:29 Give it away, give it away, give it away
03:34 Love is something when you give it away
03:37 It comes right back to you.
03:41 Love is something when you
03:42 Give it away, give it away, give it away.
03:47 Love is something when you give it away
03:50 It comes right back to you
03:54 Wow.
03:55 Thank you, boys and girls, for that special.
03:57 That was for me? That was for you, Pastor John.
04:00 What a great job.
04:01 Now I know the secret behind keeping love, and you do what?
04:05 You give it away. We give it away.
04:06 Thank you for that wonderful song,
04:09 and what a musician he is.
04:11 Do you know that Ben plays by ear?
04:14 It's a talent God gave him.
04:16 I would play by ear too, but mine are too big.
04:23 Well, before the story, let's say our memory verse
04:26 because we like to learn memory verses
04:28 here on Tiny Tots,
04:30 and it's really important, boys and girls,
04:32 so see if you could say it with us.
04:35 It's found in Psalms 19:14.
04:38 19:14.
04:41 "Let the words of my mouth,"
04:43 "Let the words of my mouth,"
04:46 "And the meditation of my heart,"
04:48 "And the meditation of my heart,"
04:51 "Be acceptable in Your sight,"
04:54 "Be acceptable in Your sight,"
04:57 "O Lord," "O Lord,"
05:00 "My rock and my redeemer."
05:03 "My rock and my redeemer."
05:06 Wow, what a verse.
05:09 That's a huge verse
05:10 and, you know, it talks about words.
05:13 Remember the theme of our story,
05:15 be careful what you say.
05:19 Have I got a story for you about this one,
05:21 I mean, this is an amazing...
05:23 Are you ready for it?
05:25 There's a little boy named Jack.
05:27 What's his name? Jack.
05:29 And he lived in the country out in California.
05:34 California's not like out here, they got mountains,
05:38 they got big...
05:39 Have you ever seen a big mountain before?
05:40 Me, I have.
05:42 You've ever been there?
05:44 Well, you got to see a big mountain
05:45 before you get to my age.
05:47 I mean, they're glorious and beautiful.
05:48 Anyway, he lived out on the country, lots of trees,
05:51 there was a lake not too far from his house,
05:55 they had a little boat that they would roll on...
05:57 You ever been on a rowboat before?
05:59 Was there a little lake?
06:00 There was a little lake, that's right, beautiful lake,
06:02 nice tall green, evergreen trees.
06:05 That means they stay that same color all year long,
06:08 and Jack loved playing outdoors.
06:12 How many of you like playing outdoors?
06:13 I do.
06:15 I tell you, what could you do outdoors?
06:16 You could play in the dirt, when it rains,
06:18 you could jump in the mud, you ever did that before?
06:21 That's a fun thing to do.
06:22 But don't tell mom.
06:24 When it rains, let's jump in the mud together.
06:26 Anyhow Jack's mom said,
06:29 "Jack, it's a nice day, go outside and have fun.
06:33 Remember Dad is at work
06:34 and I have some chores to do in the kitchen,
06:37 and when you go outside, don't go too far."
06:40 What did she say?
06:42 "Don't go too far,
06:44 I want to be able to make sure that you're safe.
06:47 I'm going to want to look out my kitchen window
06:48 and I'll see you playing in the yard.
06:50 Jack, remember, don't go too far."
06:53 Don't what?
06:54 Don't go too far.
06:56 And Jack was so excited about going outside,
06:58 he was lacing up his sneakers kind of like yours,
07:00 and he put on his jacket, it's a little chilly.
07:03 But he was not really listening to what his mom said,
07:06 all he was thinking about was going outside and play.
07:10 You ever think about that?
07:12 Play, do children like to play?
07:14 Uh-huh. Adults like to play too.
07:16 Anyway, Jack is outside in front of the house,
07:19 and he had a little shovel,
07:21 he was digging holes in the ground,
07:23 and he was piling sticks up together,
07:26 and, you know, kids have a great imagination.
07:28 You know what an imagination is?
07:30 You could think of things that adults can't think of.
07:33 You could build houses out of wood and stone,
07:36 and Jack was outside having a whole lot of fun,
07:39 and his mom saw him, and she went to the bedroom,
07:42 and came back, and looked out the window,
07:44 and there was no Jack.
07:47 What do you think happened to him?
07:48 He was gone.
07:52 Jack...
07:53 And she ran out to the porch, she was...
07:55 You ever see your mother when your mother's nervous?
07:57 "Where is my son? Where is my daughter?"
07:59 She said, "Jack?
08:01 Jack? Jack?
08:05 Jack!"
08:07 No Jack.
08:10 Do you think his mother was nervous?
08:12 Yeah.
08:14 Oh yeah, she was kind of afraid,
08:15 "What happened to my..."
08:16 Because it was a huge forest out there
08:18 with tall trees and a mountain,
08:21 a lake not too far away, and animals, lions,
08:26 and tigers, and bears, maybe, not sure.
08:29 But it was a forest,
08:30 and anything could be out there,
08:31 and a little boy named Jack, how could he defend himself?
08:34 So Jack was picking up sticks
08:36 and didn't know where he was going.
08:37 He kept wandering and wandering,
08:39 and all of a sudden,
08:40 he turned around and looked behind him,
08:42 and he couldn't see his house.
08:45 Do you think he was afraid?
08:47 Oh, all of a sudden,
08:48 he was afraid and he remembered the words of his mom,
08:51 "Don't go far away."
08:54 Well, now he was not only afraid,
08:56 but he got upset.
08:58 And he started calling his mom's name, "Mom!"
09:01 All of a sudden, he said, "Mom,"
09:04 and he heard, "Mom, mom, mom."
09:09 He said, "Who's that?"
09:11 And he heard, "Who's that?
09:12 Who's that? Who's that?"
09:15 What do you think was happening?
09:16 Echo.
09:18 And he had never heard an echo
09:20 before 'cause he had never been that far
09:21 in the forest by himself,
09:23 his mom and his dad was always with him.
09:27 So he thought somebody was out there mocking him
09:29 and he said, "Stop."
09:30 What do you think he heard?
09:32 "Stop, stop, stop."
09:36 Now all of a sudden, Jack got really angry
09:38 because he felts somebody was making fun of him
09:40 and he said, "Don't do that."
09:42 And what do you think he heard?
09:43 "Don't do that, don't do that, don't do that."
09:49 And he began to run and he began to run,
09:51 he says, "Cut it out."
09:52 And what do you think he heard?
09:54 "Cut it out, cut it out, cut it out."
09:58 You ever heard an echo before?
09:59 Yeah.
10:00 You got to be in a pretty big and empty place for an echo,
10:02 like in a big old parking lot or maybe in a forest.
10:07 But since we don't have forests out here,
10:08 you have to wait to go to California.
10:10 So anyhow, his mom was looking for him,
10:12 and she called his dad,
10:14 and he rushed home, and she said,
10:15 "Something happened to Jack, he's out in the forest."
10:17 And by now Jack was no longer just afraid,
10:21 he was angry
10:23 because somebody was mocking him
10:24 and he said, "Stop it."
10:26 And he then said something he shouldn't have said,
10:28 he said, "Stop it, you are not kind."
10:32 "Kind, kind, kind."
10:35 Your...
10:36 This is the word you should never say, "Stupid."
10:39 And you know what he heard?
10:40 "Stupid, stupid, stupid."
10:45 And all of a sudden,
10:47 he stood still and started crying,
10:49 and he started crying louder, and what do you think he heard?
10:56 And he started running.
10:58 And then all of a sudden, he's looking behind him,
11:00 and he runs into somebody, looks up,
11:02 guess do you know who it was?
11:05 It was his mother.
11:08 Aren't you happy for Jack?
11:09 His mother found him, and he grabbed his mother,
11:11 and he looked up with tears in his eyes,
11:12 "Mommy, I'll never do that again."
11:15 She said, "What happened?"
11:17 He said, "Mommy,
11:18 there's a guy out there that's mocking me,
11:20 everything I says he repeats it."
11:23 She says, "Really?"
11:24 And she started to smile 'cause she knew what it was.
11:27 She said, "What happened, Jack?"
11:28 He said, "When I said hello, he said hello.
11:30 When I said stop it, he said stop it."
11:33 She said, "Really? And what else?"
11:35 And then he said, "He said bad things to me."
11:38 "He did?"
11:39 "Yes, and that really made me upset."
11:41 And she took Jack home, and sat him down, and she said,
11:44 "You know, Jack, you know what happened today?
11:46 First of all, you didn't listen to me.
11:48 And secondly, the reason why you heard bad things
11:53 is because you said bad things."
11:57 Have you ever said anything that you shouldn't have said?
12:02 You don't want to admit it, but that's okay.
12:04 Jack learned a valuable lesson that day.
12:06 And what do you think he learned?
12:07 He learned be careful what you say.
12:12 Say that with me.
12:13 Be careful what you say. Be careful what you say.
12:16 You know why?
12:17 Because what you say
12:19 it's going to echo back to you.
12:21 If you want to hear nice things,
12:22 what do you do?
12:24 You say nice things.
12:25 If you want to hear kind things,
12:27 what do you say?
12:28 You say kind things.
12:29 So, boys and girls,
12:31 one day when you hear your echo,
12:33 make sure you say good things
12:35 'cause good things will always come back, all right?
12:39 Oh, I enjoyed that, Pastor John.
12:41 Me too.
12:43 And, boys and girls,
12:44 I hope you remember to be careful
12:45 what you say too.
12:47 Right now, let's sing our prayer song.
12:50 And, Carter, could you have a prayer for us?
12:53 Okay.
12:55 I will bend my knees
12:58 I will fold my hands
13:01 I will bow my head
13:04 I will close my eyes
13:07 And very, very quiet be
13:11 While the prayer is said
13:14 Dear Jesus, we love You,
13:17 we don't want us to say bad things.
13:19 I love You.
13:21 Amen. Amen.
13:24 That's right, Carter.
13:26 We don't want to say bad things, do we?
13:29 We want to be like Jesus...
13:31 That's Mr. Rooster.
13:32 That's all the time we have for now, boys and girls.
13:34 Until next time, remember that Jesus loves you.
13:39 Bye-bye.
13:48 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
13:52 With our best friend Jesus
13:56 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
14:00 Smiling when he sees us
14:08 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
14:12 With our best friend Jesus
14:16 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
14:20 Smiling when he sees us
14:28 Worship bells...


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