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00:08 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when He sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot worship.
00:39 We're so happy that you've joined us.
00:41 And you know what,
00:43 Jesus is happy that you've joined us, too.
00:46 It makes Jesus so happy
00:48 when we take time to spend with Him.
00:51 And today, boys and girls,
00:53 our special guest is Mrs. Bonita Shields.
00:58 Mrs. Shields is from
00:59 the General Conference Sabbath School Department.
01:02 Do you know that she helps write
01:05 our children Sabbath school lessons?
01:09 Welcome, Miss Bonita.
01:10 Welcome. Thank you.
01:11 I'm happy to be here with you.
01:13 Oh, we're so happy to have you.
01:16 And do you know what, boys and girls,
01:17 today, we are going to be talking about
01:20 "Jesus always loves you."
01:26 Do you think Jesus loves you when you're naughty?
01:30 Yes.
01:32 Do you think Jesus loves you? And when you're bad.
01:34 Do you think He does?
01:36 Yes. Yes?
01:38 Well, I happen to know that Miss Bonita has a story for us
01:43 and she's going to be talking about
01:47 someone named Peter.
01:51 It's going to be interesting, huh?
01:54 But there's something I think we should do first.
01:57 What do we like to start our worship with?
01:59 Prayer.
02:00 That's right, boys and girls. We like to start with prayer.
02:04 Carter, would you have a prayer for us?
02:06 Okay, bow your heads and close your eyes.
02:08 Dear Jesus, thank You that
02:10 we're almost going to have a good worship.
02:13 And I thank you for that we're having prayer
02:15 and thank You that we're spending time with You.
02:17 Amen. Amen.
02:20 Thank you, Carter.
02:21 Well, you know, boys and girls, since I know
02:24 Miss Bonita is going to be talking about Peter,
02:27 I have a song that I love to sing.
02:33 Who knows what this song is?
02:34 "Peter, James, and John had a little sailboat."
02:36 Oh, very good.
02:38 Boys and girls, will you sing this song with us?
02:41 Ready? Did you sail boats? Okay.
02:44 Peter, James, and John had a little sailboat
02:47 Peter, James, and John had a little sailboat
02:51 Peter, James, and John had a little sailboat
02:54 Out on the deep blue sea
02:57 Fished all night, got no fishes fished all night, got no fishes
03:04 Fished all night, got no fishes
03:08 Out on the deep blue sea
03:11 Jesus said, "Fish on the other side"
03:15 Jesus said, "Fish on the other side"
03:18 Jesus said, "Fish on the other side"
03:22 Out on the deep blue sea
03:24 Get ready, boys and girls.
03:26 Then their boat was filled with fishes
03:27 Then their boat was filled with fishes
03:29 Then their boat was filled with fishes
03:30 Out on the deep blue sea
03:34 That was fun. That was a new song for me.
03:36 Isn't that a fun song? Yes, I like that.
03:39 Well, we also...
03:41 You know, it's really important to learn memory verses,
03:44 and that's something we also like to do here on Tiny Tots.
03:47 And this might be a little long memory verse,
03:50 but I think we can learn it.
03:52 Where's it found, boys and girls?
03:54 Luke.
03:55 Very good. Luke 22:32.
03:59 I'll say it first, and then you all say it with me, okay?
04:02 Or after me.
04:04 "But I pray for you..." "But I pray for you..."
04:08 "That your faith should not fail."
04:11 "That your faith should not fail."
04:14 "And when you have returned to Me"
04:17 "And when you have returned to Me"
04:20 "Strengthen your brethren." "Strengthen your brethren."
04:24 That's right.
04:26 And, you know, I know that
04:27 Miss Bonita is going to explain that memory verse to us, huh?
04:30 But first, Miss Bonita... Yes?
04:33 The boys and girls have been working on a special for you.
04:37 Can you go sing their song for them?
04:39 Ben's going to play the piano. Oh, nice.
04:40 And what song are you kids going to sing?
04:43 "Oh, How I Love Jesus."
04:45 Yes, "Oh, How I Love Jesus." Okay.
04:53 Oh, how I love Jesus
04:59 Oh, how I love Jesus
05:02 Oh, how I love Jesus
05:05 Because He first loved me
05:10 Oh, how I love Jesus
05:15 Oh, how I love Jesus
05:19 Oh, how I love Jesus
05:23 Because He first loved me
05:27 Oh!
05:29 That was wonderful. That's a beautiful song.
05:31 You did such a nice job.
05:34 Who's ready for a story?
05:36 Me! Okay.
05:39 Okay, well,
05:40 Miss Cinda already told you who the story is about.
05:43 Peter.
05:44 But I want to tell you a little more.
05:48 Before Jesus went to the cross,
05:50 remember, He went to the cross to die for our sins
05:53 so we could live with Him forever.
05:55 Before He did that, He was telling His disciples
05:59 that He would have to suffer and people would hurt Him.
06:03 And Peter, he was very energetic and he said,
06:07 "No way! I will die before I deny You.
06:13 "Well, Jesus, He knew that Peter would deny Him,
06:18 deny that He knew Him.
06:20 And so He said, "Peter, before the rooster crows,
06:25 you will deny Me three times."
06:29 And so this is how it goes, when Peter went to the house
06:34 where they were hurting Jesus...
06:36 Did He get hurt? He did.
06:38 The soldiers came and took Him
06:41 and they beat Him, and they were just...
06:42 Was Peter angry?
06:44 Peter wasn't angry, Peter was afraid
06:47 that if people knew that he knew Jesus,
06:50 they would hurt him, too.
06:53 Why did they know that He was from God?
06:57 Why did they know that Jesus was from God?
06:59 Because He told them that He was from God,
07:03 and that God was His father, and He was going to die
07:05 so we could go live with Him forever.
07:09 And so Peter, he went to the house
07:12 where they were hurting Jesus, and he got in
07:14 because John helped him get in.
07:16 And when he got in,
07:18 a servant girl saw him, and said,
07:20 "Hey, you! You were with Jesus, weren't you?"
07:25 What did Peter say? No.
07:27 No, right. He said, "I don't know Him."
07:30 So he walked off and he went to warm his hands
07:32 'cause it was cold outside.
07:34 He went by...
07:35 And peter was Jesus' friend. He was.
07:38 So he was saying he didn't know his friend.
07:41 Yeah. That's sad.
07:43 And then he went...
07:45 When he was standing by that fire,
07:47 a second man came to him, and said,
07:51 "You were with that Man from Nazareth?"
07:54 What do you think Peter said? No.
07:56 No, he said it twice. "I don't know Him."
08:00 So he walked away from that man
08:01 before that man questioned him some more.
08:04 And then he was standing somewhere else.
08:08 And a third person came up to him, and said,
08:11 "You were with that Man! I know you were!"
08:15 And Peter to prove that he didn't...
08:17 He said no. Right.
08:18 He said no again, but he said a lot of bad words with it
08:22 to make this person think that he wasn't with Jesus.
08:26 And at that time,
08:28 Jesus was at another part of the house there,
08:32 but He turned around, and He looked right at Peter,
08:36 and Peter saw Him from a distance,
08:39 and Jesus had hurt in His eyes because Peter had denied Him,
08:44 but He loved Him.
08:46 He had love in His eyes, but Peter saw the look.
08:50 So what did Peter do? Do you remember the story?
08:55 He ran off and wept. He did.
08:57 He ran and he wept
08:58 because he had betrayed his friend.
09:00 He didn't mean to, he was just scared.
09:03 But Jesus forgave him, and after Jesus went to heaven,
09:08 Peter had a work to do for Jesus.
09:12 And so what I want to leave the thought with you today is
09:15 there are going to be times when we may deny Jesus,
09:20 we may do things that hurt Him,
09:22 but do you think He's going to forgive us, too?
09:25 Uh-huh.
09:26 And do you know he has a special work for you,
09:29 and you, and you, and all of us.
09:32 In spite of our failing Him, He loves us,
09:35 and He gives us the strength like our memory verse says,
09:39 "To strengthen our brethren,"
09:40 which means our brothers and sisters,
09:43 all of His children.
09:44 So now when you go home for worship,
09:47 do you think maybe you can talk to your family
09:49 and ask them of a time
09:51 when either they hurt someone or someone hurt them,
09:55 and how they worked through that, and if they forgave them?
09:59 Do you think you can do that?
10:01 Mm-hm. Good.
10:02 Because we want to remember that Jesus loves us
10:06 all the time and He wants us to forgive others too.
10:10 That's right.
10:12 And, boys and girls, when somebody...
10:14 If you have a friend that hurts you,
10:18 what are you going to do?
10:20 Be nice to them.
10:21 And forgive them 'cause that's what...
10:24 When you're a friend,
10:25 you should be a friend all the time, huh?
10:28 And you can work it out with them,
10:30 you can go talk to them, and that's what Jesus wants.
10:33 And do you know just like when we do something bad,
10:37 and we know that we've disappointed Jesus,
10:40 what can we do?
10:42 Ask Him to forgive us.
10:44 Yes, we can go talk to Jesus, can't we, boys and girls?
10:47 And how do we talk to Jesus?
10:49 Praying. Praying.
10:50 That's right.
10:52 Do you guys remember the song "Whisper a Prayer?"
10:57 should we sing that?
10:58 You know why I like this song?
11:00 Because it says we can whisper a prayer when?
11:04 Noon. In the morning.
11:06 Noon and night. That's right.
11:08 So in other words,
11:10 we can whisper prayer to Jesus any time, can't we?
11:13 Right.
11:14 And sometimes we don't even have to close our eyes,
11:17 we can just think of prayer in our head.
11:19 "Oh, Dear Jesus, I didn't mean to mean.
11:22 Please help me to be better."
11:25 That's praying to Jesus, too, isn't it?
11:26 That's talking to Jesus like He's our friend.
11:29 Let's sing "Whisper a Prayer."
11:32 Whisper a prayer in the morning
11:37 Whisper a prayer at noon
11:42 Whisper a prayer in the evening
11:47 To keep your heart in tune
11:52 Let's sing "God answers prayer."
11:53 God answers prayer in the morning
11:59 God answers prayer at noon
12:04 God answers prayer in the evening
12:10 To keep your heart in tune
12:15 Boys and girls, do you know what it means,
12:17 like the song says that "To keep your heart in tune"?
12:21 What does it mean?
12:23 That means we can pray to Jesus
12:25 and it keeps our hearts close to Jesus, doesn't it?
12:28 Just like when you have a friend,
12:30 when the more you talk to your friend,
12:32 the closer you are to your friend, aren't you?
12:36 Right? Uh-huh.
12:37 That's right.
12:38 You know, let's sing our prayer song right now
12:41 and let's talk to Jesus right now.
12:43 And, Ben, would you have a prayer?
12:44 Let's talk to Jesus and thank Him for our worship.
12:47 Sure.
12:49 I will bend my knees I will fold my hands
12:55 I will bow my head I will close my eyes
13:01 And very, very quiet be
13:05 While the prayer is said
13:08 Dear Jesus, please help us to be honest,
13:12 and please help us to love one another.
13:18 I love You, Jesus. Amen.
13:20 Amen.
13:22 And, boys and girls, we want you to always remember
13:25 that Jesus always loves you no matter what.
13:32 That's Mr. Rooster.
13:34 That's all the time we have for now.
13:36 Bye-bye.
13:46 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
13:50 With our best friend Jesus
13:54 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
13:58 Smiling when He sees us
14:06 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
14:10 With our best friend Jesus
14:14 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
14:18 Smiling when He sees us


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