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00:08 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when He sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:35 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:39 We're so glad you joined us.
00:41 We love worship here at Tiny Tots.
00:44 Yes. Yeah, we do.
00:47 And, you know, we're really, really excited today
00:51 because we have a very special guest,
00:53 Mr. Danny Shelton.
00:56 Hi, Miss Cinda, and kids,
00:57 thank you for letting me come and join you today.
00:59 This is going to be fun.
01:01 I am looking forward to this.
01:02 Oh, and, boys and girls,
01:04 I know that Mr. Danny tells really good stories.
01:10 Do you have a story for us? I absolutely do.
01:12 If you want one, I have it.
01:13 Oh, you're going to love this.
01:16 Oh, I'm excited, you all excited?
01:18 Yes.
01:20 Because do you all know who Mr. Danny Shelton is?
01:23 Do you know that he's the one
01:26 that founded Three Angels Broadcasting Network?
01:29 Did you know that?
01:31 Yes.
01:33 And so we're really excited to have you today, Mr. Danny.
01:36 Oh, thank you.
01:38 I'm happy to be here and get to know
01:39 all these young folk and those of you at home.
01:41 And we got great stories
01:43 because today we're talking about
01:44 "Jesus answering prayer."
01:46 And all of us need to get in a position where we can believe
01:50 and understand that Jesus does hear us, Miss Cinda,
01:54 and He hears our prayers, and He'll answer them for us.
01:57 Oh, I love that.
01:58 I'm so glad you're talking about that.
02:01 And, boys and girls, we have
02:02 a memory verse about that, don't we?
02:04 Who knows the memory verse? Me.
02:06 Sabby and Isaiah...
02:07 All right. Can you say it for us?
02:08 "Ask and it shall be given you."
02:12 Matthew 7:7.
02:14 Good job. Good job.
02:16 Can we say that all together?
02:18 "Ask and it shall be given you."
02:22 Matthew 7:7.
02:25 What else do we like to do here at Tiny Tots in our worship?
02:30 Sing. Yes.
02:32 Okay. Okay, you know what?
02:34 I love this song.
02:35 Let's stand up.
02:37 Boys and girls, if you don't know this song,
02:39 you can learn it, and then next time we sing it,
02:41 you'll be able to sing it with us.
02:43 We're going to sing
02:44 "Read your Bible, pray every day."
02:46 But first, we're going to start off with,
02:49 "Neglect your Bible, forget to pray."
02:52 Let's see what happens.
02:54 Okay, you ready?
02:56 Neglect your Bible, forget to pray Forget to pray,
03:03 Forget to pray Neglect your Bible,
03:07 Forget to pray
03:09 And you'll shrink, shrink, shrink
03:13 And you'll shrink, shrink, shrink
03:17 And you'll shrink, shrink,
03:20 Neglect your Bible, forget to pray
03:24 And you'll shrink, shrink, shrink
03:28 Let's see what happens when we read our Bibles.
03:34 Read your Bible, pray every day Pray every day,
03:41 Pray every day Read your Bible, pray every day
03:46 And you'll grow, grow, grow
03:51 And you'll grow, grow, grow
03:55 And you'll grow, grow, grow
03:59 Read your Bible, pray every day
04:03 And you'll grow, grow, grow
04:07 Yay! Good job.
04:09 And, you know, that is true, boys and girls.
04:11 Absolutely.
04:12 We do grow strong in Jesus when we read our Bibles.
04:16 You know what else is important?
04:19 A little talk with Jesus.
04:21 Do you know what that means
04:23 when we say a little talk with Jesus?
04:25 What does that mean when we say,
04:26 what am I saying when I say,
04:28 "We're going to have a little talk with Jesus?"
04:29 Pray with Him a little bit?
04:31 That's right. That's right.
04:33 So let's sing "A Little Talk with Jesus."
04:37 A little talk with Jesus makes it right, all right
04:42 A little talk with Jesus makes it right
04:46 All right
04:47 With trials of every kind
04:50 Praise God, I always find
04:51 A little talk with Jesus makes it right
04:56 All right
05:00 You know, let's just have a little talk with Jesus,
05:02 right now.
05:03 Isaiah, could you have a prayer for us?
05:05 Yes.
05:07 Okay, let's fold our hands, boys and girls.
05:09 Dear Father in heaven,
05:10 help us to know that You answer prayer.
05:14 And in Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
05:16 Amen. Thank you.
05:18 Well, boys and girls, I'm ready to hear Mr. Danny tell a story.
05:23 Are you ready? Yes.
05:24 Everyone hears a story, who wants to hear a story?
05:26 Me. All right, well, let's do it.
05:28 Okay, look over this way.
05:29 Let me tell you a story.
05:30 It's a long time ago when believe or not,
05:33 I was a little kid just like you guys, right?
05:35 I was a little boy
05:37 and I used to love going to Little Grassy Lake.
05:40 Miss Cinda used to go there with her family
05:43 because you know why we liked it?
05:44 We had a big camp, and it was a church camp,
05:47 and it was on a beautiful lake.
05:49 And in the summer kids would come from all over the state
05:52 and we would play and have fun.
05:54 But when all of the kids from Chicago
05:56 and other parts of the state went home,
05:58 we got to go every Sabbath or Sunday,
06:01 and have the whole camp to ourselves.
06:03 Miss Cinda would come, and her family,
06:05 my aunts and uncles, and cousins,
06:07 and brothers, and sisters would all come,
06:10 and our folks would get ready, we'd play all day.
06:13 They'd say, "Now be sure you're in before dark.
06:16 You can go play, but have a buddy system."
06:18 You know what that is?
06:19 Two people have to be together, so you count for each other.
06:23 My cousin Dennis and I, we were buddies.
06:25 So we would stay together.
06:27 They said, "Now you be sure and get in."
06:29 We played and we played, Miss Cinda,
06:31 and do you know what happened?
06:32 Oh-oh, time was getting away.
06:34 So we said, "We better hurry back to camp."
06:37 'Cause we didn't want to get in trouble with our parents,
06:39 we always want to mind our parents, right?
06:41 Yes, we do.
06:43 So we said, "Let's race and see who can get back the quickest."
06:47 So Dennis and I, we began to run.
06:50 But I thought, there's a main road,
06:52 and I thought to myself,
06:54 "I think if I take this back a little road, it's a shortcut,
06:59 and I can beat him back to camp.
07:01 So I'm going to not take the path I know,
07:04 but I'm going to go this back way
07:05 'cause he doesn't know it's a shortcut."
07:08 And you know what happened?
07:09 I ran, and I ran, and I started looking around,
07:13 and I didn't recognize anything.
07:16 I was out in the woods.
07:18 There was just hundreds and hundreds of acres,
07:21 millions of acres of just woods in Shawnee National Forest.
07:25 And I suddenly realized I'm by myself,
07:28 and the sun started to go down behind the trees.
07:32 My first thought is,
07:33 "Oh, I'm going to be in trouble.
07:35 My parents are going to be upset."
07:37 Second thought was, "I am in trouble.
07:40 I don't want to stay all night."
07:41 I'm scared. I'm just a little boy.
07:43 I might act tough,
07:45 but I don't want to stay out in the woods
07:46 all night by myself.
07:48 So you know what I did?
07:50 Folded my hands,
07:52 bowed my head, and I said,
07:53 "Dear Jesus, please get me back to camp safely,
07:58 and help me to get back
07:59 but not get in trouble with my parents."
08:01 Well, I might as well add that while I'm praying, right?
08:04 And I didn't know what to do, so you know what I did?
08:06 What would you do? I just started walking.
08:09 I thought, "Well, maybe, if I go back the way I came,
08:12 I'll be okay."
08:13 I walked and I walked,
08:16 and I still didn't recognize anything.
08:18 And I walked,
08:20 and all of a sudden, I saw a white house.
08:22 I had never seen that house, but was I glad to see a house.
08:26 I didn't care whose house it was,
08:27 at least I wasn't all by myself.
08:30 I ran to the door, and I knocked on the door,
08:33 and this little old lady came to the door.
08:35 She's probably old as I am now,
08:37 and I thought she was really old,
08:39 she came to the door and I was crying, she said,
08:41 "What's wrong, Son?"
08:43 I said, "I'm lost."
08:44 "You're lost?" "I don't know where I am."
08:47 "Well, come in, come in.
08:49 It's okay, don't cry." And you know what she did?
08:51 She made me some cookies, she had cookies there
08:53 and some milk, and normally,
08:55 I would've really eat that fast, but I thought,
08:58 "Oh, I'm so in trouble and I'm lost."
09:01 "Well, where are you going?"
09:02 And I said, "I'm trying to find
09:04 the Seventh-day Adventist Church camp."
09:06 "Oh, that's no problem.
09:08 It's just down the highway away.
09:10 How did you get so far away?"
09:12 "I got lost in the woods."
09:14 "How did you find my house?"
09:16 "I just prayed and asked Jesus to get me."
09:18 "Don't worry about it.
09:19 Eat your cookies and milk,
09:21 and I'll take you back to the camp."
09:22 So I got in her car, we get to the camp,
09:25 she lets me out in the driveway,
09:27 and I'm right where I was
09:29 when I started with my cousin and got lost.
09:31 This time I said,
09:32 "I'm going to take the road
09:34 that I know gets me back to camp."
09:36 First part of my prayer had been answered, right?
09:39 The Lord helped me get out of the woods,
09:41 but the second part was going to be tougher.
09:44 I knew my parents,
09:45 and if I didn't mind, Miss Cinda,
09:47 you knew my parents, I was in trouble.
09:48 You were in big trouble.
09:50 So I started running 'cause I wanted to hurry.
09:53 There was a fire going
09:54 and everybody was roasting their veggie hot dogs,
09:57 and the kids were all talking
09:59 and the parents were all talking.
10:01 And I ran up to my cousins
10:04 'cause I've been gone for two or three hours.
10:06 Of course, there is a big family,
10:07 we have a big family, and I said,
10:08 "Guess what everybody.
10:10 I'm back."
10:11 And my cousin, my brother they said,
10:13 "Oh, where have you been?"
10:14 I said, "I've been lost for hours."
10:16 "Oh, you were?
10:17 Well, you better eat your veggie dogs
10:19 before they're all gone."
10:20 So I grabbed mine, and I said,
10:22 "Wow, that's okay, but my folks will know.
10:25 Oh, Lord, please don't let me get in trouble.
10:28 I didn't get lost on purpose."
10:30 So I walked over and I was roasting the hot dog
10:34 and I looked over my parents,
10:35 and my dad looked over, and I said, "Hi, Dad"
10:38 And he said, "Hi, Son, how is it going?"
10:39 And I said, "Fine. Thank you, Lord."
10:42 He didn't even know I was gone all that time.
10:45 So the Lord answered prayers,
10:46 but do you know what the moral of the story is?
10:49 There are roads in life that we all take,
10:53 and you are going to have choices
10:55 to take different roads.
10:57 Your Moms and Daddies have taught you
11:00 that we should take the road that follows us to Jesus.
11:03 Make the right decisions in life
11:05 and don't wear off from the main road
11:07 'cause I went in the direction
11:09 I knew nothing about, and I got lost.
11:11 But as long as we keep focus,
11:13 Jesus is at the end of our road,
11:15 and if we keep focused to the end of the road,
11:18 guess what will happen?
11:19 We'll get to go to heaven and live with Him forever.
11:23 So let's make wise choices, but always remember,
11:26 when you're in trouble, what you want to do?
11:28 Pray.
11:29 You want to pray and guess who answers our prayers?
11:31 God. Jesus, God. Thank you.
11:34 Oh, thank you, Mr. Danny.
11:37 You're welcome. I loved that story.
11:39 That teaches us a good lesson, doesn't it?
11:42 Yes.
11:43 And we can always pray to Jesus, can't we?
11:46 Well, you know, Mr. Danny, we have a special for you, too.
11:49 Oh, good.
11:51 I'm excited.
11:52 Mr. Carter here has been practicing
11:54 and he wants to play a special song for you.
11:56 Wow.
11:58 And, boys and girls, I think you're going to like it, too.
11:59 I would love it.
12:01 Carter, can you show him what you're going to do?
12:02 I don't see an instrument.
12:03 I don't see your guitar or your piano.
12:05 Oh, just wait.
12:07 I don't see...
12:08 What in the world is that?
12:11 Tell him what...
12:12 Tell the boys and girls what that is.
12:14 A harmonica. That's a harmonica, isn't it?
12:16 Some people call them French harps, but it's okay,
12:18 it's a harmonica, really.
12:20 And you're going to play that? He's just learning.
12:22 Wow. Oh, good deal.
12:24 Tell him what that is, that's your notes, isn't it?
12:27 That's your music? These are my notes.
12:28 Oh, good job.
12:29 Do you want me to hold it for you?
12:31 No, I can put it right here.
12:32 Wow. Okay.
12:34 Oh, you're going to like this, boys and girls.
12:58 Beautiful, in fact, God is so good.
13:01 Oh, thank you, Carter, I loved that.
13:05 Let's sing our prayer song right now.
13:07 And, Sabby, would you have our prayer?
13:10 I will bend my knees
13:13 I will fold my hands
13:17 I will bow my head
13:21 I will close my eyes
13:24 And very, very quiet be
13:29 While the prayer is said
13:33 Dear Jesus, thank You
13:34 that you gave us a good worship.
13:36 Amen. Amen.
13:40 That's Mr. Rooster.
13:42 That's all the time we have for now.
13:44 We'll see you tomorrow.
13:53 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
13:57 With our best friend Jesus
14:01 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
14:05 Smiling when He sees us
14:13 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
14:17 With our best friend Jesus
14:21 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
14:25 Smiling when He sees us


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