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00:08 Worship bells are sweet
00:10 Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when He sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet
00:29 Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:40 We're so happy that you've joined us.
00:42 And do you know what,
00:43 Jesus is happy that you've joined us too.
00:46 It makes Jesus so happy
00:48 when we take the time to spend with Him.
00:51 Today, boys and girls, we're going to be talking
00:54 about Letting Your Light Shine for Jesus.
00:57 And our special guest today is Mrs. Angie Lomacang.
01:02 Mrs. Lomacang is a production assistant
01:05 at the 3ABN Radio.
01:07 Welcome, Mrs. Angie.
01:09 Welcome!
01:10 Thank you, boys and girls, and, Miss Cinda,
01:12 for having me here today.
01:13 I'm so happy to be here.
01:14 And I know, boys and girls,
01:16 that Miss Angie has a story about Letting Your Light Shine.
01:21 You're going to enjoy it.
01:23 But first, let's have a prayer and invite Jesus to join us.
01:28 Luke, would you have a prayer for us?
01:30 Sure.
01:31 Close your eyes and bow your heads, boys and girls.
01:33 Dear Jesus, help and be with us in our worship.
01:36 Amen. Amen.
01:38 That's right.
01:40 Well, talking about letting our light shine,
01:43 we have a song that we're going to sing.
01:45 Sing it with us, boys and girls.
01:48 I'll share my light in the morning
01:54 I'll share my light at noon
02:00 I'll share my light in the evening
02:06 Just letting His love shine through
02:13 And we need to remember that all day long,
02:15 we can shine our light for Jesus, can't we?
02:17 Uh-huh.
02:19 Well, there's lots of ways we can let our light shine.
02:22 And Ben is going to play us a song on the piano.
02:27 And, you know, we can let our light shine
02:29 by sharing our gift of music, can't we?
02:32 Thank you, Ben.
03:24 Very good.
03:27 Oh, I loved that.
03:29 Excellent. Me, too.
03:31 Well, right before the story, let's say our memory verse.
03:34 I'll say it first, boys and girls,
03:35 and then you can say it with us, okay?
03:38 Matthew 5:16. Matthew 5:16.
03:44 "Let your light so shine before men..."
03:48 "Let your light so shine before men..."
03:52 "That they may see your good works..."
03:55 "That they may see your good works..."
03:59 "And glorify your Father in Heaven."
04:03 "And glorify your Father in Heaven."
04:07 Okay, let's hear our story, Miss Angie.
04:10 Wow, I'm so excited to share this story with you today.
04:14 This story is about a man named Mr. George.
04:18 He lived in a big city, lots and lots of people.
04:23 And you know what, He's a type of man
04:25 that always liked to help people.
04:28 He would help people with their cars,
04:30 he would help people fix things in the house,
04:33 whatever anyone and whenever anyone needs help,
04:36 Mr. George was right there ready to help.
04:39 And you know what,
04:41 Mr. George always carried a flashlight.
04:46 Wherever he went, he had the flashlight with him.
04:49 And you know what, he took the flashlight,
04:52 and he put it in his back pocket,
04:54 and he went to work every day.
04:57 And he'd come home, and he'd take his flashlight,
05:00 and put it right by his pillow at night,
05:03 and he'd go to sleep.
05:04 And people used to say,
05:06 "Hey, why is this man always with his flashlight?
05:08 It's daytime.
05:10 What's wrong with him?"
05:11 They were like... He was like, "That's okay.
05:14 I always like to be ready.
05:16 I'll always carry my flashlight."
05:18 And he took his flashlight with him everywhere.
05:21 So one day, he was at work.
05:24 And while he was at work, guess what happened.
05:28 Who could tell me what happened?
05:30 The lights went...
05:32 Off. Off.
05:34 Everywhere the lights went off.
05:36 The whole city, the lights went off.
05:38 All over it was dark.
05:41 But guess what Mr. George had with him.
05:44 Flashlight.
05:45 He had his good old flashlight with him.
05:48 And you know what?
05:50 When people didn't have their flashlight,
05:52 other people didn't have their flashlights at work,
05:55 Mr. George turned on his flashlight,
05:57 and he shined the light,
06:00 so people could see their way down the steps.
06:03 He helped them walk out the door.
06:06 And some people, somebody start...
06:08 That lady started to trip, "Oh, I don't..."
06:10 "I can't see where I'm going."
06:12 Guess what Mr. George did.
06:14 He took his light and he shined the light,
06:18 so the lady could see her way through,
06:21 and she was able to get out the door
06:24 because Mr. George had what?
06:26 His flashlight.
06:28 There you go. His flashlight.
06:30 And he was so happy.
06:32 And you know what?
06:33 The next day, guess what happened.
06:36 All the lights came back on in the city.
06:40 Everybody...
06:41 And, you know, before that,
06:42 people thought Mr. George was strange
06:45 because he was carrying a flashlight with him
06:47 in the day time,
06:49 and after that, they didn't think
06:50 he was strange anymore, did they?
06:52 No.
06:53 They said, "Mr. George, you're such a good man."
06:56 And Mr. George, what did he do for people?
06:58 Who could tell me?
07:00 What did he do for the people? Help them.
07:02 He helped them. He helped them.
07:03 He helped them in every way possible,
07:07 and he always carried the light.
07:09 Who is the light of the world?
07:12 Yes?
07:13 Who could... You all tell me.
07:15 Who is the light of the world, boys and girls?
07:16 Jesus. Jesus.
07:18 He is the light of the world.
07:20 And how does Jesus shine through us?
07:24 Who could tell me?
07:25 How does Jesus shine through you
07:27 and you and you and you?
07:29 Tell me how does Jesus shine through you.
07:31 By doing...
07:33 By doing things for others. Yes.
07:35 Remember, she said that Mr. George
07:37 was always helping when somebody needed something?
07:39 Mm-hm.
07:40 Do you know that that's letting your light shine for Jesus?
07:43 Yes, it is.
07:44 Do you know that, boys and girls?
07:46 All of you boys and girls out there,
07:48 you can let your light shine for Jesus too.
07:51 Whenever you see someone...
07:53 Maybe someone's...
07:55 God, their arm is full, and they're carrying stuff,
07:59 and they come to a door, and they can't open the door.
08:02 You could run and open the door,
08:03 and say, "I'll help you.
08:05 Have a nice day."
08:07 What does that say to that person?
08:10 That you are letting your light shine for Jesus, aren't you?
08:13 And when somebody gets hurt on the playground,
08:18 and people are making fun of them,
08:20 you can go and help them and brush them off and say,
08:23 "It's okay. Are you all right?"
08:26 You're letting your light shine for Jesus, aren't you?
08:28 Mm-hm.
08:30 That's right. That's right.
08:31 And that's what Mr. George did.
08:33 He let his light shine with the flashlight,
08:37 and he let Jesus shine how?
08:39 Through him, didn't he?
08:41 By his actions, by the things he did
08:44 for people all around him.
08:47 And this is what I want you to do.
08:48 Let Jesus shine through you wherever you go,
08:52 whatever you do, Jesus will shine through you.
08:56 And as our little memory verse says,
08:58 "Let your light so shine before men."
09:03 And, yes, everybody.
09:04 That's right. That's right.
09:06 "That they may see your good works and glorify Jesus."
09:09 Right?
09:10 So, boys and girls,
09:12 always let Jesus shine through you,
09:15 and many people will be drawn to you
09:18 because you're helping others.
09:21 Isn't it good to help others?
09:22 Don't you feel good when you help somebody?
09:25 Yes.
09:26 You know what?
09:27 There's a song that I would love to sing right now.
09:31 Oh, yes.
09:32 It's, "This Little Light of Mine."
09:33 Let's sing it, sing it with us, boys and girls.
09:36 This little light of mine
09:39 I'm gonna let it shine
09:41 This little light of mine
09:43 I'm gonna let it shine Let it shine
09:47 Let it shine, let it shine
09:49 But don't let Satan blow it out.
09:51 Don't let Satan blow it out
09:54 I'm going let it shine
09:56 Don't let Satan blow it out
09:59 I'm going to let it shine
10:01 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
10:05 Where are we going to let it shine?
10:06 Let's let it shine all around our neighborhood
10:08 wherever we're at.
10:10 All around the neighborhood
10:13 I'm going to let it shine
10:15 All around the neighborhood
10:18 I'm going to let it shine
10:20 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
10:24 Amen.
10:25 Oh, remember that song, boys and girls.
10:28 Well, Nicole, you're going to let your light right now
10:31 'cause you're going to share a song with us.
10:33 Nicole plays the violin beautifully, boys and girls.
10:37 And she loves to go to other places,
10:40 she loves to go to nursing homes and to hospitals
10:45 and lets her light shine by playing music
10:47 and cheering up people.
11:23 That was great. Oh, I loved that.
11:25 Beautiful.
11:27 Well, boys and girls, can you tell me
11:30 what are you going to do today since we're having worship
11:36 and when we leave worship,
11:38 what are you going to do the rest of the day?
11:40 We let our light shine.
11:42 Very good.
11:44 And how are we going to let our light shine?
11:48 We're going to look for ways...
11:50 By being kind. Very good, Ben.
11:51 By being kind and help people.
11:53 Very good, Luke. That's right.
11:54 And we can look for ways that we can help others
11:58 because we can ask Jesus,
12:00 "Dear Jesus, open my eyes and help me to see ways
12:06 that I can help other people."
12:07 Huh? And Jesus will.
12:10 Jesus will say, "I think you should go help that
12:14 little lady over there because those packages
12:19 look too heavy for her to carry.
12:20 Maybe you could help her or maybe you could help
12:23 your neighbor reap leaves or maybe you could pick up
12:27 trash that's around at the sidewalk,
12:29 in front of her house that she can't get to."
12:33 You can help, can't you?
12:34 Yeah. Yes.
12:35 That's right.
12:37 Let's have our prayer right now.
12:39 Let's sing our prayer song.
12:41 And, Nicole, could you have a prayer for us?
12:43 Okay.
12:45 I will bend my knees
12:49 I will fold my hands
12:53 I will bow my head
12:56 I will close my eyes
13:00 And very, very quiet be
13:05 While the prayer is said
13:11 Dear Jesus,
13:15 help us to find ways to let our light shine.
13:18 I love you, Jesus.
13:20 Amen. Amen.
13:23 And you know what, boys and girls?
13:25 Jesus will let help you to find ways
13:28 that you can do things for other people.
13:31 That's all the time we have for now.
13:34 See, there's Mr. Rooster.
13:36 So until next time, boys and girls,
13:39 remember that Jesus loves you.
13:44 Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
13:54 Worship bells are sweet
13:56 Calling us to meet
13:58 With our best friend Jesus
14:02 Come and worship here
14:04 Jesus will be near
14:06 Smiling when He sees us
14:14 Worship bells are sweet
14:16 Calling us to meet
14:18 With our best friend Jesus
14:22 Come and worship here
14:24 Jesus will be near
14:26 Smiling when He sees us


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