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Learning to Obey

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00:08 Worship bells are sweet
00:10 Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when He sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet
00:30 Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tots Worship.
00:39 We're so happy you've joined us.
00:41 And you know what?
00:43 It makes Jesus happy when we have worship with Him.
00:46 Something else that's gonna make you happy
00:49 is we have a special guest.
00:51 This is Miss Irene, and I'm gonna try
00:54 and say this name right, Becerra.
00:59 Great! That's me.
01:01 Miss Irene is all the way from Chile.
01:05 Yes, I come all the way
01:07 from way down, down, down there.
01:09 America is here, and you have to fly
01:12 a whole night to get down, there to Chile, where I live.
01:17 I would love to see Chile someday.
01:20 You can come. I've never been...
01:22 Has any of you boys and girls been to Chile?
01:25 No.
01:26 Have you been to Chile, Lauryn?
01:28 No?
01:30 I would like to.
01:31 And you know what?
01:32 Miss Irene has a special story for us today.
01:36 I don't like to fly on airplanes.
01:39 Oh, I like to fly.
01:42 It's fun.
01:44 They're scary.
01:46 Oh, well, you know Jesus will protect you.
01:49 You know, let's start our worship off with the prayer.
01:52 Cereline, would you have a prayer for us?
01:54 Fold your hands, boys and girls.
01:56 We can just sit right here.
02:00 Dear Jesus, help us to have a good worship.
02:03 Amen. Amen.
02:07 Well, I hope you like to sing, Miss Irene,
02:10 because we love to sing.
02:11 I love to. Yes.
02:13 So I'll be happy to sing with you.
02:14 Well, today, we're talking about
02:17 "Jesus wants us to obey."
02:20 Does any of you remember our memory verse
02:22 we were talking about?
02:23 Let's say it all together.
02:25 "To obey is better than sacrifice."
02:31 1 Samuel 15:22.
02:37 Let's sing a song about obeying, okay?
02:40 Let's sing, "When I obey my mommy."
02:45 When I obey my mommy Happy, happy home
02:52 Happy, happy home Happy, happy home
02:56 When I obey my mommy
02:59 Happy, happy home Happy, happy home
03:05 How about our daddies?
03:07 When I obey my daddy Happy, happy home
03:13 Happy, happy home Happy, happy home
03:17 When I obey my daddy
03:21 Happy, happy home Happy, happy home
03:27 How about when we obey Jesus?
03:30 When I obey dear Jesus
03:34 Happy, happy home Happy, happy home
03:39 Happy, happy home
03:41 When I obey dear Jesus Happy, happy home
03:46 Happy, happy home
03:52 You know, Jesus is very happy when we obey Him.
03:55 Isn't He, boys and girls?
03:58 Sofiya has a special song for us, Miss Irene.
04:02 Wow. I want to hear it.
04:04 Sofiya, can you sing our song?
04:05 The song you were singing?
04:08 She's singing "God is so good."
04:10 Oh, that is so good.
04:12 God is so good God is so good
04:19 God is so good He's so good to me!
04:26 I love Him so I love Him so
04:34 I love Him so He's so good to me!
04:41 He answers prayers He answers prayers
04:49 He answers prayers He's so good to me!
04:57 Thank you, Sofiya. Thank you.
04:59 I loved that. Yeah.
05:01 Well, boys and girls,
05:02 I know that Miss Irene has a story.
05:06 Who wants to hear a story?
05:08 Me! Me!
05:09 Okay.
05:11 I'm going to tell you a story that happened to me.
05:15 When I was about your age, I was six.
05:18 Anybody around here is six?
05:21 Is six years old?
05:23 Not yet.
05:26 I'm four. A little bit older than...
05:28 You're four. I'm three.
05:30 And you're three.
05:31 Oh, I was a little bit older than...
05:35 You know what?
05:36 I just loved to go over to my grandparents' home.
05:42 It was up in the mountains, the place was so beautiful.
05:48 They had made a beautiful house with big stones,
05:53 and if you walked a little bit behind the house,
05:59 we went down the stairs Grandpa had made,
06:03 there was a beautiful river.
06:05 It was really, really cold because it came from the snow
06:10 that was melting up in the mountains.
06:14 So we just put our foot inside and ran out.
06:18 It was not good for swimming,
06:20 but it was really, really nice to go there.
06:24 We were having a great time with them because Grandpa had
06:29 had also made this big table out of wooden logs,
06:35 and he put it outside, close to the river,
06:38 so that we could go and have lunch
06:40 right there in the beautiful scenery.
06:44 So I was helping Grandma
06:46 to take everything to the table,
06:49 and as I was doing that...
06:51 Were there chairs?
06:53 Yes, he also made some log chairs,
06:56 so that we could sit down.
06:59 And I was helping, and you know, all of a sudden,
07:02 I saw a little chicken that was going
07:05 caw, caw, caw, caw all around.
07:08 She wasn't pretty big, but she made lots of noise.
07:12 And all of a sudden, I saw these little, little,
07:14 peeny little chicks.
07:18 I bet they were going...
07:22 And I go, "Wow! Grandma!
07:25 I didn't know the chicks were already born."
07:29 Grandma had chickens, and I hadn't seen
07:32 the new little chicks, so,
07:34 "Wow. Grandma, look."
07:36 And I started trying to count them,
07:39 and they were about 10.
07:41 Since they were running around, it was hard to count.
07:44 And they were all picking up...
07:47 Looking for food.
07:49 And Mama Chicken did some caw, caw, caw, caw.
07:52 And they would come along, they knew that Mama meant
07:55 there was food there where she was.
07:59 All of a sudden,
08:01 I heard Mama Chicken do caw, caw, caw, caw!
08:08 I thought what happened.
08:10 And she pulled up her wings like that,
08:13 caw, caw, caw, caw.
08:16 And in no time, all of the little chicks
08:19 came running under her, and she did like that,
08:23 and no more chicks around.
08:24 I couldn't see any of them.
08:26 You couldn't even see them under the chicken's wings.
08:32 I thought what happened.
08:34 She got scared with one of Grandpa's dog?
08:37 There was no dog around.
08:39 She got scared with one of Grandma's cat?
08:43 No cat around.
08:46 What happened? Why did she do that?
08:49 It was a beautiful day. Oh, no.
08:50 Isaiah, what happened? Everything was okay.
08:55 Why did she do that?
08:58 And she wouldn't move,
09:00 neither would the chicks down there.
09:03 What do you think happened?
09:05 Do you kids know what happened?
09:07 What?
09:08 Me.
09:09 What happened?
09:11 They fought on their ground weeks,
09:13 and they fell down.
09:14 Oh, you think they fell down?
09:17 They didn't. She called them.
09:19 I could see that.
09:21 What do you think, Isaiah? What do you think they did?
09:22 There was something scaring them?
09:25 You think so?
09:27 You are right.
09:28 There was something scary
09:31 that the Mommy Chicken had seen.
09:35 I hadn't seen it, probably, the little chicks,
09:40 they didn't either, but Mama Chicken had seen it.
09:44 And you know what?
09:46 When she did caw, caw, caw, caw,
09:48 all of them ran fast.
09:51 You know what I remembered?
09:53 When my mom said, "Irene!"
09:57 I didn't run as fast as those little chicks.
10:02 Oh, that got me to thinking,
10:07 "Those little chicks are really obedient, huh?"
10:11 Mama Chicken says caw, caw, caw, caw,
10:15 and they run right away,
10:19 and they go where Mama is calling.
10:24 I thought I better start doing that
10:27 because when my mom called me
10:29 and I was doing something that was fun,
10:34 I didn't feel like running.
10:37 You know what I found?
10:38 All of a sudden, I look up in the sky,
10:41 and way up, up, up, there was this big, big,
10:45 big bird that was turning round and round and round.
10:51 You know what?
10:53 That's a type of bird that eats little animals.
10:57 That's what happened.
10:59 He had seen the little chicks, yeah, and he saw,
11:03 "There's a whole bunch of them that will be easy to get."
11:08 And he was getting ready to dive.
11:11 They dive really fast...
11:13 They get hold of the animal they chose and they go up.
11:19 Who had seen that?
11:20 Mama Chicken.
11:22 She had seen it.
11:23 Oh, and Mama was protecting her little babies.
11:27 She was.
11:28 And the good thing was that those little babies
11:32 were obedient, that's why that big bird
11:38 couldn't catch any of them.
11:40 Oh, I like that. Isn't that...
11:43 And, boys and girls, does that help us
11:45 to remember that when mom and daddy
11:48 tell us to do something, what should we do?
11:51 Obey right away, huh? Right away.
11:54 Right away like the little chicks did.
11:57 Oh, thank you, Miss Irene.
11:59 You know that reminds me of a song,
12:01 "When a mommy says, 'Come here.'"
12:04 Let's sing that.
12:05 Sing it with us, boys and girls.
12:07 Yes, let's.
12:08 When a mommy says, "Come here"
12:12 Who comes running, who comes running?
12:16 When a mommy says, "Come here"
12:20 All the little children come running
12:24 How about a daddy?
12:25 When a daddy says, "Come here"
12:30 Who comes running, who comes running?
12:35 When a daddy says, "Come here"
12:39 All the little children come running
12:42 All the little Tiny Tots.
12:45 Yes. Yes.
12:46 Well, you know, let's have a prayer and thank Jesus.
12:49 Lauryn, could you have our prayer for us today?
12:52 Let's sing our song.
12:54 I will bend my knees
12:58 I will fold my hands
13:02 I will bow my head
13:06 I will close my eyes
13:10 And very, very quiet be
13:15 While the prayer is said
13:21 Dear God, thank you for to obey our mommy and daddies.
13:26 We love you, Jesus.
13:27 Amen.
13:29 Amen.
13:32 Mr. Rooster says that's all the time we have for now.
13:36 We'll see you tomorrow, boys and girls.
13:39 Bye-bye.
13:48 Worship bells are sweet
13:50 Calling us to meet
13:52 With our best friend Jesus
13:57 Come and worship here
13:58 Jesus will be near
14:00 Smiling when He sees us
14:08 Worship bells are sweet
14:10 Calling us to meet
14:12 With our best friend Jesus
14:16 Come and worship here
14:18 Jesus will be near
14:20 Smiling when He sees us


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