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00:08 Worship bells are sweet
00:10 Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when He sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet
00:30 Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:39 Welcome, boys and girls!
00:41 We're so happy that you've joined us.
00:44 And you know what?
00:45 Jesus is happy that you've joined us too.
00:48 Do you know, it makes Jesus really happy
00:51 when we take time to spend with Him.
00:54 First, let's have a prayer
00:56 and ask Jesus to join us in our worship.
01:00 Joshua, would you like to have a prayer for us today?
01:03 Okay, let's fold our hands, boys and girls,
01:06 and close our eyes.
01:08 Okay, Joshua.
01:09 Thank you, Jesus for this day.
01:14 Amen. Amen.
01:19 Today, we're going to be talking about
01:22 "I'm Special to Jesus."
01:25 Do you know, boys and girls, that you're special to Jesus?
01:28 Yeah. Who is special to Jesus?
01:31 Me! Yes.
01:33 We're all special to Jesus.
01:36 Boys and girls, you're special to Jesus, too.
01:39 We have a song, it's called, "I am so glad".
01:45 So let's sing it.
01:46 And sing it with us, boys and girls.
01:49 I am so glad that my Father in heaven
01:53 Tells of His love in the book He has given
01:58 Wonderful things in the Bible I see
02:02 This is the dearest that Jesus loves me
02:06 I am so glad that Jesus loves me
02:11 Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me
02:15 I am so glad that Jesus loves me
02:20 Jesus loves even me
02:24 You know, Jesus does love all of us, doesn't He?
02:27 Jesus loves the little children all over the world,
02:31 so let's sing,
02:33 "Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me."
02:35 I can sing that, too.
02:36 You can sing that one? Okay.
02:39 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me
02:43 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me
02:48 Little ones like me Sat upon His knee
02:53 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me
03:00 Me.
03:01 You know, we have another surprise.
03:04 Carter has a surprise for us. Don't you, Carter?
03:07 Carter's going to play for us.
03:08 What are you going to play, Carter?
03:10 "Jesus loves me".
03:11 But what are you playing it on?
03:13 The bells.
03:14 The bells. Okay.
03:47 Very good, Carter. Thank you.
03:52 Okay, it's time to say our memory verse.
03:54 It's important to learn memory verses,
03:56 isn't it, boys and girls?
03:57 Mm-hmm.
03:59 Who knows where our memory verse is found?
04:00 Me! Psalm.
04:02 Psalm 100:3 Psalm 100:3
04:06 Very good.
04:08 Boys and girls, I'll say it first
04:10 and then you all say it with me, okay?
04:12 Okay. Psalm 100:3.
04:15 Psalm 100:3.
04:18 "It is He who made us..." "It is He who made us..."
04:22 "And we are His." "And we are His."
04:27 Would you like to open our door?
04:29 Okay, go open the door.
04:33 Oh, Sofiya, see who it is.
04:37 Come in. Hello. It's Mr. Rich Aguilera.
04:43 And Mr. Rich hosts the Nature Time on Kids' Time.
04:49 Welcome, Mr. Rich.
04:51 Thank you so much. Thank you.
04:52 It's great to be here with you guys.
04:55 Check out what I have in my pocket.
04:57 I have a little red ball.
04:58 I'm just going to put it here in this hand, okay?
05:00 And now...
05:02 Wait a second. It's still in this hand.
05:07 That was kind of tricky, wasn't it?
05:09 I can be sneaky sometimes. It was in that hand.
05:11 Yeah. It was in that hand.
05:13 I was just being funny and tricky.
05:14 But you know what?
05:16 We have an enemy and God has an enemy
05:18 that's really mean, and tricky, and sneaky.
05:20 His name is Satan
05:22 or some people call him the devil, too,
05:24 and he is mad at God,
05:26 and he is trying to spread lies about God.
05:29 Yeah, it's kind of sad.
05:30 For example, for a lot of people,
05:34 Christmas has to do with Santa Claus
05:37 or reindeer or presents,
05:39 but the real reason for Christmas
05:42 is to celebrate when Jesus was born,
05:44 but he's tricking people into thinking
05:46 that it has to do with that other stuff.
05:48 And there's another holiday, Easter. Right?
05:52 We celebrate Easter
05:53 because we believe it's when Jesus died,
05:56 so we remember when He died, but then we remember
05:58 when He came back to life again.
06:01 But Satan has people thinking that
06:03 it has to do with Easter bunnies
06:05 or with little eggs, right?
06:07 Or those little marshmallow chicks.
06:11 Well, no, the real reason is different,
06:13 it has to do with Jesus, right?
06:14 Yeah.
06:15 So he is kind of tricky, trying to get people not to see
06:18 and know about Jesus.
06:19 That's kind of nice.
06:21 I believe it's important to know the truth.
06:23 Do you guys think it's important
06:25 to have the truth?
06:26 Yes, it is, isn't it?
06:27 Yeah, I think it's very important.
06:29 Sofiya, maybe you can help me out.
06:31 In my pocket here, I have two dollars.
06:34 One of them is a real dollar,
06:37 but the other one is a fake dollar.
06:40 I want to see if you can help me figure out
06:42 which one is which.
06:43 Go see if you can see which one's which.
06:45 All right, here we go.
06:46 And you guys aren't going to help her, okay?
06:48 So here's one dollar right there.
06:51 See?
06:54 And here's the other dollar.
06:59 Which one do you think is the real dollar?
07:02 That's right. Did she get it right?
07:04 Yes, she got it right. Good job.
07:06 You know what? This is for you.
07:07 I'm going to put it right there in your pocket.
07:09 Whoa! Whoa.
07:11 You can... Come, sit down.
07:13 You can sit with Miss Cinda again.
07:16 That's awesome. She got a dollar.
07:17 Isn't it good to have a real dollar?
07:19 Mm-hmm.
07:21 Could she do anything with this
07:22 if she took this one to the store?
07:23 No. No.
07:25 Fake. That's a fake.
07:26 It's good to have the truth.
07:27 But this one... Very important.
07:29 This one is way kind
07:31 because I'll go and mama's buy something
07:35 for my babies.
07:36 That's right. That's right.
07:37 You couldn't buy it with the fake one.
07:39 But you know what?
07:40 Our enemy, Satan, he is trying to trick people
07:42 in lots of different other ways, too.
07:44 For example, he doesn't want people to know
07:46 that God created you, that God made you special,
07:50 which is our verse today.
07:51 He made you and He loves you so much,
07:53 but he doesn't want people to know that.
07:55 So you know what lies he is spreading around people?
07:57 What lies do you think he is spreading?
07:59 Oh, man, he is saying to people that God didn't create,
08:03 that people just kind of evolved,
08:05 that means they just appeared all by themselves.
08:08 And you know what he even says?
08:10 He is trying to convince people
08:12 that we originally came from slime.
08:17 Slime? That doesn't sound very nice.
08:20 Can you help me out and hold this slime for me?
08:22 Stand right here.
08:23 And right over there so all the boys and girls can see you.
08:25 Okay, Ben.
08:26 Can you put your hands like that, Ben?
08:27 And you're going to hold my little slime for me here.
08:30 Here's our slime. Oh, it's kind of gooey.
08:34 Come out, slime.
08:38 Wow.
08:40 Can you believe that?
08:41 He is trying to get people to believe
08:42 that we came from slime.
08:45 But you know what the Bible says,
08:47 that God created us, right?
08:50 Thanks, Ben.
08:51 Yeah, we didn't come from slime.
08:53 That's just another one of Satan's tricks and his lies.
08:56 But when we really look around us,
08:58 to nature, and to animals, and to people,
09:01 there are so many wonderful things
09:03 that God has created, and they're very complex,
09:07 they're not something that you can just invent
09:08 like just really easy.
09:10 For example, one of my favorite creatures
09:13 is the firefly.
09:15 Do you guys know what a firefly is?
09:17 Yeah, those little lightning bugs.
09:18 I don't know that.
09:19 I catch them. It's a little bug...
09:21 You catch them? I catch some at night time.
09:23 Oh, isn't that fun in the middle of the summer?
09:25 There's these little bugs and they fly around
09:28 and they turn on this little light.
09:31 And they're so cool-looking.
09:33 But I started thinking about them,
09:35 and I was like wow, those bugs are amazing
09:39 'cause they can make two chemicals in their body,
09:41 right?
09:43 And then when it wants to make light,
09:44 it mixes those chemicals and the chemicals light up,
09:48 and this is a living creature.
09:50 And I was like whoa.
09:52 And it reminded me of these sticks
09:55 that we take camping sometimes.
09:57 It's almost the same
09:59 'cause inside, there are two chemicals, two liquids,
10:02 and there's a little piece of glass inside
10:04 that's separating them,
10:05 but if we were to break the glass
10:07 and let those chemicals mix,
10:09 it's going to be just like a firefly.
10:11 Let's check it out.
10:16 Look at that.
10:18 Oh, my. Kind of like a firefly.
10:20 We mix two chemicals and they made light.
10:25 Now does anybody think
10:26 this stick just kind of made itself?
10:29 No, somebody had to make this stick, right?
10:32 Somebody also made the firefly.
10:35 And which do you think is more complex?
10:37 The firefly or this little stick?
10:39 Firefly. The firefly, yeah.
10:41 The firefly can fly, it can breathe and live,
10:46 has organs, it can make light,
10:48 it can reproduce, much more complex.
10:51 So to me, the evidence is very clear
10:54 in everything that we see when we go outside,
10:57 all those wonderful things that we see,
10:58 God made them very complicated, very complex,
11:02 they couldn't have happened by themselves.
11:04 The evidence is clear that God loves us
11:08 and that He made each one of us.
11:10 I want to see a firefly.
11:11 You want to see a firefly?
11:12 You have to come in the summer,
11:14 and they're flying around all over the place outside.
11:17 But... I see some in the night.
11:18 You see some in the night?
11:19 That's right. And I think they hide.
11:21 Yeah, they hide during the day,
11:23 but that is a little clue that shows us
11:25 that God is amazing and He is a wonderful creator.
11:29 And every little thing, He knows about you.
11:31 Did you know that the Bible even says,
11:32 He knows how many hairs are on your head?
11:35 He has them... Wow.
11:37 He has them numbered. That's amazing.
11:39 That's how much He knows you and how well He created you.
11:42 He knows every special little thing about you
11:45 'cause to God, you guys are very, very special.
11:50 Thank you, Mr. Rich. Thank you.
11:54 You're still trying to count the hairs on your head,
11:56 aren't you, Joshua?
12:00 I don't think you'll be able to do it.
12:03 Who is the only one that knows
12:06 how many hairs are on your head?
12:07 Jesus.
12:08 Jesus is the only one, isn't He?
12:11 What do we say to Mr. Rich? Thank you.
12:15 You're very welcome.
12:16 Here, Joshua, why don't you hold this stick for us?
12:19 And, boys and girls, what did you learn today?
12:23 That you're special to Jesus, aren't you?
12:26 Mm-hmm. Yes.
12:28 And, you know, we need to spend time
12:30 talking to Jesus and praying to Jesus
12:33 and singing songs and reading our Bibles, right?
12:39 Let's have a prayer right now
12:41 and thank Jesus for being with us in our worship.
12:45 Sofiya, would you like to pray for us today?
12:47 Yes.
12:49 Okay, let's sing our prayer song.
12:52 I will bend my knees
12:56 I will fold my hands
13:00 I will bow my head
13:03 I will close my eyes
13:07 And very, very quiet be
13:11 While the prayer is said
13:14 Dear Jesus... Dear Jesus...
13:17 Thank you for being with us...
13:18 Thank you for being with us...
13:20 And thank you for loving us. And thank you for loving us.
13:24 I love you, dear Jesus.
13:26 I love you, Jesus. Amen.
13:27 Amen. Amen.
13:31 That's Mr. Rooster.
13:32 That's all the time we have for now.
13:35 Bye-bye.
13:44 Worship bells are sweet
13:46 Calling us to meet
13:48 With our best friend Jesus
13:52 Come and worship here
13:54 Jesus will be near
13:56 Smiling when He sees us
14:04 Worship bells are sweet
14:06 Calling us to meet
14:08 With our best friend Jesus
14:12 Come and worship here
14:14 Jesus will be near
14:16 Smiling when He sees us


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