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Jesus Wants Us to Be Honest

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00:08 Worship bells are sweet
00:10 Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when He sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet
00:30 Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:35 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:39 We're so happy that you've joined us,
00:41 and you know what?
00:42 Jesus is happy that you've joined us too.
00:45 It makes Jesus so happy
00:47 when we take the time to spend with Him, boys and girls.
00:51 And today, our special guest is Mrs. Angie Lomacang.
00:57 And Mrs. Angie Lomacang
00:59 is a production assistant at 3ABN Radio.
01:03 Welcome Mrs. Angie. Thank you.
01:05 I'm so excited to be here
01:07 with all the boys and girls today.
01:10 And, boys and girls, today,
01:12 we are going to be talking about "honesty".
01:14 And Mrs. Angie has a good story for us.
01:18 But first, let's invite Jesus to join our worship.
01:22 Will you fold your hands and close your eyes with us,
01:25 boys and girls.
01:26 And, Jasmine, would you have a prayer for us?
01:29 Yeah.
01:30 Dear Jesus, thank You for this day
01:32 and please be in our worship,
01:34 amen. Amen.
01:36 Thank You.
01:38 Well, since today we are talking about honesty,
01:41 I thought
01:43 this song would be a good one for all of us to sing.
01:47 Remember the song,
01:48 "Oh, be careful little lips, what you say".
01:53 We want to say honest things, don't we?
01:55 Yes. Let's sing that song together.
01:59 Oh, be careful little lips what you say
02:04 Oh, be careful little lips what you say
02:09 There's a Father up above
02:12 And He's looking down in love
02:15 Oh, be careful little lips what you say
02:21 And speaking of what we should be careful, what we say.
02:25 You know, that it's always
02:27 very good to remember scripture,
02:30 to put it in our mind,
02:31 so that we can say scripture. Yes.
02:33 So, boys and girls,
02:34 help to learn our memory verse today.
02:36 You can help us say it.
02:38 It's found in 2 Corinthians 8:21...
02:42 2 Corinthians 8:21.
02:46 "Providing for honest things..."
02:49 "Providing for honest things..."
02:52 "Not only in the sight of the Lord..."
02:55 "Not only in the sight of the Lord..."
02:58 "But also in the sight of man."
03:02 "But also in the sight of man."
03:06 So do you know what that means,
03:07 boys and girls?
03:09 In fact, you know,
03:10 you may think that you are hiding something
03:13 and you don't have to tell the truth
03:15 but who always sees and hears us?
03:18 God.
03:19 That's right.
03:21 So, Mrs. Angie, before we hear your story,
03:25 the boys and girls have been practicing
03:27 something very special for you.
03:28 Oh, really? So go get ready.
03:30 All right, how exciting.
03:32 And, boys and girls, you're going to love this too.
03:37 I love music, and you know what?
03:39 Jesus loves music too, doesn't He?
04:36 Oh!
04:38 That was beautiful. Yes.
04:40 You know what?
04:41 I think all the angels in the heavens
04:44 were singing with you.
04:45 Oh!
04:47 That does makes me so happy? Okay.
04:50 Who's ready for a story?
04:51 Me! Me!
04:53 Boys and girls, are you ready for a story?
04:56 Okay, Mrs. Angie.
04:57 All right.
04:59 I have a story to share with you
05:01 about a little girl by the name of Emma.
05:04 Well, actually she was a big girl.
05:06 Well, she was in academy.
05:08 Do you know what academy is?
05:10 What's an academy?
05:11 Well, a school?
05:13 Teenagers go to school... A college...
05:15 A teenager go to school, a high school,
05:17 it's like a high school.
05:19 Well, Emma went away to school, far away home,
05:24 and she was so excited about her school
05:27 she was going to.
05:29 And she loved her school,
05:30 she loved all the boys and girls in the school.
05:34 And one day, it was time for her to go home for a break,
05:40 like a spring break.
05:42 And her mom and dad, they didn't have much money,
05:45 but they sent her a bus fare, so she can go home.
05:50 They put it...
05:51 Her mom and dad put it in a real pretty envelope,
05:54 they put little flowers on the envelope,
05:56 little stickers,
05:58 and they put her name all pretty
06:00 for little Miss Emma,
06:02 and she got the envelope
06:05 and in the envelope was some money for her ticket.
06:08 So she took the envelope,
06:09 she was so excited about getting her tickets
06:13 to go home to see her brothers and sisters,
06:16 so you know what she did?
06:17 She took the envelope
06:18 and she put it in her favorite book
06:21 and she closed that book,
06:22 she took that book everywhere with her.
06:25 She closed the book
06:26 and she took the book to her classes with her.
06:30 She took the book to her lunch period
06:35 where she ate lunch at cafeteria.
06:37 She's like, she ate her lunch, she put her book down,
06:39 she says, I'm looking at that book
06:41 'cause you know what was in that book?
06:42 What was in that book?
06:45 Pretty envelope. A pretty envelope.
06:46 And money for her ticket.
06:48 That's right. Was in that book.
06:50 So she was so excited, everywhere she went,
06:53 when she went to bed,
06:55 she looked in that and opened her little book at night
06:57 and she smiles it,
06:59 "Oh, I'm going home in a few days.
07:02 I'm so excited."
07:03 And she closed the book and she prayed at night,
07:06 said Lord, "I can't wait to go home to see mom and dad."
07:09 And she put the book away,
07:11 and the next day she went to school again
07:13 and she walked around and you know what?
07:17 And that evening she went to her room
07:20 and she opened up her book.
07:22 Guess what?
07:24 The envelope was gone.
07:28 What do you think she's...
07:29 How does she feel?
07:31 How do you think she felt?
07:32 Sad. Sad.
07:34 Oh! She was so sad.
07:37 There was no envelope!
07:38 And she started to cry and she says, oh,
07:42 and then you know what she says?
07:43 I'm gonna pray to Jesus.
07:45 So Jesus can help me find this envelope and she prayed,
07:49 "Dear Jesus, please help me to find this envelope.
07:53 I need it so badly so I can go home.
07:56 Please, Lord, help me to find it."
07:58 And she thanked the Lord and she said amen.
08:02 And she went to bed and she had a peace about her.
08:04 She says, "Well, I'm so happy,
08:07 I'm not gonna worry about this envelope.
08:10 I'm just gonna give it to Jesus."
08:12 And she gave it to Jesus in her heart.
08:14 So you know what?
08:16 The next day she went to school,
08:18 she got up in the morning
08:19 and prayed and thanked the Lord for new day,
08:21 she went to her classes.
08:23 And then after she went to her classes,
08:25 everything was okay and...
08:27 But she had a song in her heart
08:29 that Jesus will take care of me.
08:31 Jesus will find that envelope for me and you know what?
08:35 When she went to her classes,
08:37 everything was okay
08:38 and she just was so happy throughout the day.
08:42 And next thing you know was Friday, Sabbath was coming,
08:45 so was time for worship,
08:48 so they all went to the church and then Sabbath morning,
08:51 they went to church, Sabbath morning.
08:54 On Friday night they went to church
08:55 and the Sabbath morning, they got nothing.
08:57 Nobody found the envelope.
08:59 So Sabbath morning, when they went to church,
09:03 she sat there and she says,
09:05 "Lord, please help me to find this envelope."
09:07 She prayed again in her heart,
09:09 and she sat down in church and she sang all the songs.
09:14 And you know what?
09:16 The pastor stood up, he said, I...
09:21 Somebody found an envelope.
09:24 Oh, and I want,
09:27 whoever lost an envelope
09:29 to come and see me after church.
09:32 Was she excited or what?
09:35 Why do you think she was excited?
09:37 Who could tell me?
09:39 Why was she excited?
09:40 Because they had found her envelope.
09:43 Oh, yes, she thought it was her envelope, didn't she?
09:45 So you know what?
09:47 After the church,
09:49 she just couldn't hardly wait till the last song
09:52 at the end of the service,
09:53 so they sang last song,
09:55 and she dashed to front of the church and say,
09:57 "Pastor, Pastor, did you find my envelope?"
10:01 And the pastor says,
10:02 "Well, you have to tell me what the envelope look like."
10:06 And she says, "Well, it had flowers on it
10:10 and my name is written real pretty,
10:12 and inside was $22.50."
10:17 And you know what?
10:19 The pastor opened up the envelope and says,
10:22 "Yes, $22.50. This is your envelope."
10:27 Was she excited or what?
10:29 She says, "Oh, thank you, Pastor,
10:32 but most of all thank you Jesus for somebody being so honest."
10:37 And he said, you know what the pastor said?
10:41 Somebody gave me this envelope,
10:43 they found it and they said here,
10:47 somebody lost this envelope, I'm giving it to you,
10:51 maybe they'll come to you
10:53 and ask for their envelope
10:56 and sure enough somebody turned in that envelope.
10:59 You know, people, students, they don't have much money,
11:02 they could have kept that money, right?
11:04 But thank you Jesus for honest people.
11:08 That was so honest to turn it in.
11:11 So I was...
11:13 When I say I, that story happened to me.
11:17 So that's why I said I...
11:21 I made a mistake but I was going to tell you,
11:23 but that story really happened to me
11:26 when I was away at school,
11:29 and I was so thrilled
11:32 that somebody found the envelope.
11:34 And you know what?
11:35 I said, "Thank you Jesus for finding that envelope."
11:39 And I was able to go home.
11:41 I was able to buy my bus ticket,
11:44 and go home and able to see my mom and dad,
11:47 and brothers and sisters.
11:49 And thank You, Lord, for providing an honest...
11:53 For sending an honest person. Okay.
11:56 To find it. To find it.
11:58 Because, you know, boys and girls,
12:00 have you ever found money,
12:02 or have you ever found a wallet or purse?
12:03 Oh, yeah.
12:05 You have, Jasmine?
12:06 What did you do?
12:08 I just left it where it was.
12:10 So they could come back and find it.
12:11 Yes.
12:13 That was honest too,
12:14 because you know, whoever found that money,
12:16 they could have kept it for themselves, couldn't they?
12:19 They could have, boys and girls.
12:21 So remember, if you find something that's not yours,
12:26 and you have a chance to get it back to the person,
12:29 I hope you're honest too
12:30 because that's what makes Jesus happy, isn't it?
12:34 Well, let's sing our prayer song.
12:37 Oh, yes.
12:38 And to close our worship and thank you Mrs. Angie
12:41 and, Ben, would you have our closing prayer?
12:43 Sure. Okay.
12:45 I will bend my knees
12:49 I will fold my hands
12:53 I will bow my head
12:56 I will close my eyes
13:00 And very very quiet be
13:05 While the prayer is said
13:10 Dear Jesus, please help us to be honest.
13:12 I love you Jesus.
13:14 Amen. Amen.
13:17 And you know what?
13:18 Oh, that's Mr. Rooster.
13:20 He says, that's all the time we have for now.
13:23 Thank you for joining us for some worship today,
13:25 boys and girls.
13:26 And as you go throughout this day,
13:29 I hope that you will always remember
13:31 that no matter where you are
13:33 or what you do, Jesus loves you.
13:46 Worship bells are sweet
13:48 Calling us to meet
13:50 With our best friend Jesus
13:54 Come and worship here
13:56 Jesus will be near
13:58 Smiling when He sees us
14:05 Worship bells are sweet
14:08 Calling us to meet
14:09 With our best friend Jesus
14:14 Come and worship here
14:16 Jesus will be near
14:17 Smiling when He sees us


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