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Jesus Wants Us to Think of Others

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00:08 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when He sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:35 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:38 We're so happy that you've joined us,
00:40 and, you know what?
00:42 Jesus is happy that you've joined us too.
00:44 It makes Jesus so happy
00:46 when we take the time to spend with Him.
00:49 And today, boys and girls,
00:51 our special guest is from Florida,
00:54 Miss Lecia Bromley.
00:56 Welcome, Miss Lecia.
00:57 Welcome.
00:58 Well, thank you, boys and girls.
01:01 It's so nice to meet with all of you today.
01:05 Oh, we are happy to have you.
01:07 And, you know, today, boys and girls,
01:08 we're talking about sharing,
01:10 and I know Miss Lecia has a good story for us.
01:14 So first, you know, let's talk to Jesus
01:17 and invite Jesus to join our worship with us.
01:20 Luke, could you have a prayer for us?
01:22 Okay.
01:23 Bow your heads and close your eyes,
01:25 boys and girls.
01:26 Dear Jesus, please be with us in our worship
01:28 and please bless our worship.
01:29 Amen. Amen.
01:32 You know, let's start right off by saying our memory verse.
01:35 Because this really...
01:37 Our memory verse really
01:39 is what we're talking about today,
01:41 almost word for a word.
01:43 So I'll say it first and then you guys say it, okay?
01:45 Okay. Acts 20:35.
01:49 Acts 20:35.
01:52 "Jesus said..."
01:54 "Jesus said..."
01:56 "It is more blessed to give..."
01:59 "It is more blessed to give..."
02:02 "Than to receive."
02:04 "Than to receive."
02:07 That's interesting, isn't it?
02:10 Well, let's sing a song
02:11 that will tell us
02:14 even a little bit more about this,
02:16 I Have Two Apples.
02:19 I have two apples and I am glad
02:24 You have no apple and that's too bad
02:28 I'll share my apple because I love you
02:33 And that's what Jesus wants me to do
02:39 That is what Jesus wants us to do, isn't it?
02:42 And I think that's why Jesus says,
02:45 "It is more blessed to give than to receive."
02:49 And we're gonna learn a little bit more about that
02:51 with Miss Lecia's story.
02:53 But right before your story, Miss Lecia,
02:57 Ben's been practicing something for you.
02:59 He wants to play something special for you
03:01 on the piano.
03:02 And, boys and girls, you're gonna like this too.
04:06 Very good, Ben.
04:09 Well, come sit down.
04:10 Boys and girls, it's time for a story.
04:14 Hi, boys and girls,
04:15 I'm so glad all of you out there are here to join us.
04:20 And today, we're going to talk about a special little boy.
04:26 His name is Billy,
04:29 but I'm gonna call him selfish Billy right now.
04:33 And I'm gonna tell you
04:35 about what happened with selfish Billy.
04:38 He was invited to a birthday party
04:42 about three doors down the street from him.
04:46 Oh, he was so excited
04:48 about going to this birthday party.
04:52 He told his sister, he told his brother at home,
04:57 he got dressed up in his best clothes,
05:00 and, oh, he just felt so good today.
05:03 Okay, and then he went to the party
05:07 and there were ice cream at the party and...
05:11 Who likes ice cream? Me!
05:12 Yes, you guys like ice cream?
05:15 Guess what else they had?
05:17 They had candy.
05:19 Do some of you like candy too? Yeah.
05:22 Yes, they had lots of candy.
05:25 They had balloons, all different colored balloons.
05:29 Do you have a special color that you like?
05:33 What do you like, Nicole? Pink.
05:34 Pink, oh, do any of you love that?
05:38 Anyone else has a color that you like?
05:40 Red. Red.
05:41 Ben? Blue.
05:42 And Ben? Oh, Blue.
05:44 And Jasmine? Blue.
05:45 Blue, wow, did you hear that?
05:47 We've got a few blues. Oh, I'll get green.
05:49 And green, but guess what?
05:52 All those colors were at that party
05:55 with those balloons.
05:56 He had such a good time.
05:59 And then it was soon time for him to go home.
06:03 And at the end of the party,
06:04 I don't know if any of you boys and girls
06:06 been to a birthday party
06:08 where they have these little gift bags
06:10 with goodies and candies inside
06:14 and a little basket at the door,
06:17 so when you're leaving,
06:18 the children can take those little goody bags
06:22 and take them home.
06:24 But do you think those goodies bags
06:26 was for one person to take all those candy home with them?
06:31 No. No.
06:33 Was that goody bag there
06:35 to share with other children as well?
06:38 Yes. Yes.
06:40 Well, what do you suppose Billy did?
06:45 He saw those candy there and it was time to go home.
06:49 He had two pockets,
06:50 like what I have here but his was inside.
06:53 And you know what he did?
06:55 He started grabbing as much as he could
06:59 and put them all inside of his pocket.
07:01 And his pocket started bulging, it got bigger and bigger,
07:06 full of candy.
07:07 Do you think he's gonna go home
07:09 and share that candy with his brother and sister?
07:12 No.
07:13 No? No.
07:15 Oh, well, let's find out
07:16 what he did with all that candy.
07:18 He started going on his journey,
07:21 and he started going home, and he thought
07:25 "You know, if I carry all this candy and I share it,
07:30 I won't have any for later.
07:32 So maybe I better start eating it now."
07:35 And he started eating, and eating,
07:38 and then finally when he got home,
07:41 his brother and sister were there,
07:43 do you think he had anything left for any of them?
07:47 No.
07:48 Did he think about sharing with them?
07:50 No.
07:52 Oh, did he started eating all the way home
07:54 until there were any more left in his pocket?
07:59 No, so that he didn't have anything left to share, did he?
08:02 No. Oh, no, he didn't.
08:05 So when he got home,
08:08 he got home and mom was cooking dinner.
08:12 He didn't have anything there for his brother and sister,
08:15 kind of felt a little bad now because he wasn't feeling good.
08:21 All of a sudden, his tummy started hurting.
08:25 "Oh, oh," he said, "my tummy hurts."
08:30 Mother says, "What's the matter?"
08:33 He said, "Well, it just hurts."
08:38 But mother says,
08:40 "Well, maybe I need to take you to the doctor."
08:43 Billy says, "No."
08:45 She says, "Why not?
08:47 Maybe it could be something serious,
08:49 why would you say no?"
08:51 Well, he told mommy
08:54 that he ate all that candy.
08:59 Oh, is that what was causing his belly to hurt,
09:03 boys and girls?
09:04 It was, wasn't it?
09:05 Do you think if you eat too much candy
09:07 that can cause your tummy to hurt?
09:09 Yes, it did.
09:12 And then he told the mother
09:15 the story about stuffing all of his pockets
09:18 with all that candy
09:19 and eating it through all the way.
09:22 Mother said, "Do you think it would have been better
09:24 to give and to receive?
09:27 If you had given some of that candy
09:30 instead of eating it all,
09:32 then you wouldn't have had that bad stomachache."
09:35 Is there a lesson to learn from this, boys and girls?
09:39 There is, isn't there? Yes.
09:41 What can you learn from this?
09:43 You can learn not to be selfish and we have to share.
09:46 We don't have to share, we want to share, huh?
09:49 If we want to share...
09:50 Jesus wants us to share.
09:51 Yes, He does.
09:53 Just like our memory verse, what is our memory verse?
09:57 What did Jesus say?
09:59 "It is better to give than to receive."
10:06 That's right, boys and girls.
10:07 And, you know what?
10:09 When we give something to someone else,
10:12 it makes us happy too.
10:14 Doesn't it?
10:15 Have you ever given something to someone
10:17 and, like, if they didn't have anything,
10:19 just like our song,
10:20 like you have two apples in your lunch,
10:23 one for a snack and one for your lunch.
10:26 And then you see the little boy next to you,
10:28 and he doesn't have anything, and he just looks at you.
10:31 And then you give him an apple, what happens?
10:34 You start to feel better and both of you guys get happy.
10:38 Yes, that's exactly right, Luke.
10:40 And you feel the happiest, don't you?
10:43 Because you've done something for someone else,
10:46 so remember that, okay?
10:48 And when you see somebody, try and do something for them.
10:52 Yes.
10:53 I think Miss Lecia has one more thing
10:55 you were gonna tell the kids.
10:57 Yes, I just wanted you to know
11:00 that I've got something special
11:02 that you can participate in too.
11:04 You'd be able to have something that you can share with others.
11:10 And I have it right here in this bag.
11:13 Would you like to see what it is?
11:16 Yes, okay.
11:18 I'm going to invite somebody to come in here
11:21 and hand it all around
11:23 so we can see what we have in here.
11:28 Okay.
11:29 We're gonna give... These are little fruit snacks,
11:31 so we're gonna give you each two.
11:35 And here's what we want you to do,
11:39 one of them is for you.
11:43 And then one of them,
11:45 we want you to find somebody to give them to, okay?
11:49 All right.
11:51 So remember, find someone to give it to.
11:54 And, Nicole, you want to play a song for us right now?
11:59 You know, Nicole loves to share her gift
12:01 for music, boys and girls.
12:49 Oh, thank you, Nicole.
12:52 Let's sing our prayer song.
12:53 Sing it with us.
12:55 I will bend my knees
12:58 I will fold my hands
13:01 I will bow my head
13:05 I will close my eyes
13:08 And very, very quiet be
13:12 While the prayer is said
13:16 Dear Jesus, thank You for this day
13:19 and thank You for being here worshiping with us,
13:24 and please help us to share.
13:26 I love You, Jesus. Amen. Amen.
13:30 Well, boys and girls,
13:32 thank you for joining us today.
13:33 That's all the time we have for now.
13:35 So until next time, remember, Jesus loves you.
13:48 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
13:52 With our best friend Jesus
13:56 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
14:00 Smiling when He sees us
14:08 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
14:12 With our best friend Jesus
14:16 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
14:20 Smiling when He sees us


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