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00:01 Have you ever had a dream and felt like it meant something?
00:03 Have you ever wondered about where this world is heading?
00:06 Do you have questions about Bible prophecy? Have you ever
00:10 wondered if God really exists? My name is Cami Oetman and
00:14 I'll be answering these questions and more right now on
00:17 Unlocking Bible Prophecy.
00:20 The rise of international pandemic, polarizing global
00:25 politics and increasingly destructive natural disasters
00:29 Bush fires in Australia are a warning of what may be to come
00:33 around the world.
00:34 What does it all mean? What does the future hold? Join
00:40 international speaker Cami Oetman on a journey for answers
00:44 in Unlocking Bible Prophecies. In her travels around the world
00:48 she's come face to face with real-life struggles but in the
00:51 midst of them she's found miracles of hope. Join Cami
00:56 Oetman for Unlocking Bible Prophecies as she shares how
00:59 Bible prophecy is being fulfilled faster than ever
01:03 before.
01:05 Greetings friends. My name is Dr. Duane McKey, president of
01:14 Adventist World Radio. We've been broadcasting for 50 years
01:18 on about a thousand radio stations around the world
01:21 internationally in 130 different languages. It's exciting as we
01:25 see what is happening in today's world and actually we're
01:28 starting to do something different just on You Tube just
01:30 for you. Cami Oetman, our Vice President, who's done about 350
01:35 meetings herself is going to bring to us Unlocking Bible
01:39 Prophecies for these last days. This is such an exciting,
01:43 thrilling series of meetings. You won't want to miss a one
01:47 as she takes the Bible and unlocks the prophecies to bring
01:50 us right to the day we're living in just before Jesus comes back.
01:54 Don't miss a one.
01:55 Welcome to Unlocking Bible Prophecies. My name is Cami
02:00 Oetman. I'm the vice president for Adventist World Radio and a
02:04 vital part of my work is documenting miracles. This
02:07 involves traveling to remote areas in the world to film
02:10 miraculous testimonies of Jesus' saving power, like at the DMZ
02:14 border of North Korea or meeting face to face with rebel
02:18 terrorist groups in the Philippines or visiting death
02:21 row inmates in Zambia. God fore told that he would do amazing
02:25 things in our day and he is. Each night I look forward to
02:30 sharing incredible miracle stories that I have personally
02:32 documented. You won't want to miss one of them. During our
02:36 time together over the next 14 days I am presenting biblical
02:40 material that I personally find exciting and mind blowing.
02:44 This same information profoundly changed my life from the pursuit
02:48 of the world to the pursuit of heaven. God has given me the
02:52 purpose to share his word. I trust in the Holy Bible because
02:57 God's predictions or prophecies are true. Tonight we will begin
03:00 by unlocking the truth on whether the Bible's prediction
03:04 is truth or fable. The key to unlocking Bible prophecies is to
03:09 let the Bible speak for itself. Our theme for this series is
03:14 If it's in the Bible, I believe it. If it disagrees with the
03:19 Bible then it's not for me. Now you may be wondering what are
03:23 the benefits of this seminar? Why does this matter to me?
03:26 Why should I care? This biblical information will give meaning to
03:30 your life and the conditions that we see in the world right
03:34 now. The Bible informs us about the earth's timeline, from how
03:38 it began to how it will end. People need to be warned about
03:42 the final events about to occur on earth. We must become aware
03:46 of Satan's many traps to deceive and distract us away from God's
03:50 truths that are revealed in the Bible. We need to understand the
03:54 battle between God and Satan because both are seeking your
03:59 devoted worship. With all of the uncertainty in our world right
04:03 now where can we go for real answers? God's Son Jesus
04:08 forewarns and reveals to us in his scriptures, the Bible, what
04:12 we need to know. Each of our Bible topics will build and
04:16 expand upon the last. Do not miss one. These topics provide
04:19 us with different snapshot views of who Jesus truly is and what
04:24 he teaches so we can follow in his footsteps. By the end of the
04:28 end of the series you will know from your Bible the answers to
04:32 questions like: Who is the beast of Revelation 13? What is the
04:37 mark of the beast? Is 666 really in the Bible? How does God
04:42 describe the seal of the living God? Did you know the Bible says
04:46 you need to be sealed in order to enter heaven? We will learn
04:50 what Babylon represents and how to make sure you are not a part
04:53 of it. What does the Bible say happens when you die? This might
04:57 surprise you. Did you know that God describes the
05:01 characteristics of his last day remnant people, his church in
05:05 Revelation? What does Revelation say is happening during the
05:08 millennium? Mmm. Did you know you get to choose where you will
05:12 be during these thousand years? If God is loving, would he
05:16 really burn people forever and ever? We will look at what the
05:20 Bible says about hell. It's different than what man has come
05:23 up with. How does the Bible describe Jesus' second coming?
05:27 Jesus is very specific so that we are not fooled by many false
05:33 Christs. The Bible provides incredible insights on the
05:37 invisible war going on around us. Friends pray with me.
05:42 Heavenly Father, King of the Universe, King of our hearts.
05:47 Lord I ask that you empty me of self and fill me with the Holy
05:51 Spirit. Anoint my lips with only your words and surround each one
05:58 of us with holy angels as we study your word tonight.
06:01 In Jesus' precious, most powerful name, Amen.
06:05 So friend, how do you fit into this unseen war, this battle
06:12 over planet earth? How do you fit in tonight's topic,
06:16 The Prediction. We will begin by unlocking the truth on whether
06:20 the Bible's predictions came true and why should you care.
06:24 Because no matter your age, your gender or where you live on this
06:28 planet, you are in the very center of this prediction
06:32 whether you want to be or not. So let's just see how did we get
06:36 into the predicament? Our world, planet Earth, the human race is
06:41 a territory being fought over. The enemy's intent is to claim
06:46 every human heart, yours and mine, as his own territory.
06:50 Scripture calls this enemy Satan who is hell bent on overcoming
06:55 the human race. He will lie, cheat and steal to bring us
06:59 under his dominion, his control. But how did this all happen?
07:04 By understanding the back story we will have a much easier time
07:08 figuring out what is true and what is false. This angel story
07:13 of epic proportions needs to be told and understood. It is about
07:18 a cosmic war and a cosmic rescue It begins within the universe
07:23 in a place called heaven, home to God the Father. You see, God
07:29 is all about love. The theme of love runs through the entire
07:34 Bible. One of our earliest demonstrations of God's love
07:38 is the he created us with the freedom of choice. There must
07:42 have been a time when God explained to his angels about
07:45 their free will. Perhaps God said something like, Angels, I
07:50 want to share with you something very precious. It is called
07:53 liberty. In the beginning before I created a single life I had
07:58 to make a decision, Should I give you the freedom or should I
08:02 control your wills? If I controlled your will I would be
08:06 guaranteed your obedience. But it would have taken away your
08:09 freedom of choice which is the most precious gift I can give
08:13 you and the most precious gift you can give me is spontaneous
08:17 love. And I would have been robbed of that. So I gave you
08:20 liberty, freedom of choice. I knew that somewhere in the
08:24 future this could all go wrong and backfire but I took the risk
08:28 to be loved by you freely. As we all know, friends, something did
08:32 go terribly wrong. A high ranking angel named Lucifer left
08:37 his place beside God the Father to stir up trouble among the
08:40 angels. Lucifer became all puffed up with his high position
08:44 and talents and beauty. Pride grew in his heart and he became
08:48 jealous. He desired to be God not to be a servant of God.
08:52 Let's read the many I, I, I statements Lucifer makes in
08:58 Isaiah 14:12-14:...
09:22 Satan desired to be God, to kick God off his throne and rule
09:28 the universe. He appeared to give God reverence but secretly
09:31 he hid his real intention. He lied telling the angels their
09:36 own wisdom was good enough. They did not need God's law telling
09:41 them what to do. As a result some of the angels began to
09:45 doubt God and Lucifer challenged Jesus, the Son of God, for
09:50 control of the universe. Lucifer desired to be his equal.
09:55 In Revelation 12:7 it says, it sums it up:...
10:01 One third of God's angelic forces joined Lucifer's
10:04 rebellion and fought violently. The battle spilled out across
10:08 the universe itself and finally Lucifer and his fallen angels
10:13 were cast out of heaven. So Lucifer and his deceived angels
10:17 found themselves cast to a tiny planet, a territory named Earth.
10:22 From the beginning of this great war between good and evil
10:26 scripture promises us a warrior. This warrior's name is Jesus,
10:30 the Son of God. He loved us so much that in advance he devised
10:35 a plan to rescue us. There's a theme from Genesis to Revelation
10:40 that shows us that planet Earth is a territory under dispute.
10:44 God wants us and Satan wants us. We humans need to understand
10:50 this fierce battle of unseen forces going on over our planet
10:55 Earth. This is a matter of life or death friends. The very first
10:59 line in the Bible is all about territories. Genesis 1:1 says:
11:08 This sets up two regions. Two territories. One the heavens and
11:14 two the Earth. God says in Genesis 1:26:...
11:24 What does dominion mean? It means the right to rule, the
11:29 power to control, the authority to govern. A territory where a
11:35 ruler is in charge. In Genesis 1:28:...
11:53 God is saying, The whole Earth is your domain, your dwelling
11:59 place. However, within the garden of Eden there was another
12:03 place of dominion allowed, a little enemy territory called
12:07 the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God warned in
12:11 Genesis 2:17:...
12:20 This tree reminded Adam and Eve of their own free will to choose
12:25 to obey God or not. Satan was allowed a place at the tree of
12:31 the knowledge of good and evil. He could not just wander freely
12:34 wherever he wanted to go. No. This one tree was his turf and
12:39 here he staked out his territory Of course, Satan's goal was to
12:44 expand his territory, right? He's hoping that Adam and Eve
12:48 will approach his space in the garden. He's eager to spread his
12:52 own governmental ideas that oppose God. All he has to do is
12:57 lie about God's true character and sway human
13:01 perspective on who God is just like he did with the angels.
13:05 Immediately in the opening chapters of the Bible in Genesis
13:09 one, two and especially three you sense there is a conflict.
13:14 There is a dispute. Something is amiss. Satan disguised himself
13:19 as a cunning serpent and tantalized Eve with his beauty.
13:23 He lures her with a lie about magical fruit that would make
13:26 her to be like God. By falling for this deception Adam and Eve,
13:32 with their own free will, transfer their authority over
13:35 Earth given to them by God over to the serpent. Satan could not
13:40 actually bypass their free will. He needed to verbally persuade
13:45 them to change their thinking about God to bring their free
13:49 will over to his side. As Satan sways Eve's thinking with lies
13:54 to question the character of God he thinks he has won. From the
13:59 very beginning Satan lies to humans and has them question
14:03 God's character. Satan's most powerful tool is to sell an idea
14:09 Ezekiel 28:16 says: By thy multitude of your merchandising,
14:15 another word for selling, thou has sinned.
14:19 So Lucifer is not selling items or widgets. He was marketing an
14:23 illusion that Eve could become like God. He was selling ideas
14:28 and Eve bought his ideas. Scripture says that Adam was not
14:33 so sure about these ideas but he was really sure about loving Eve
14:37 and unfortunately he followed her instead of God. Additional
14:41 scripture that shows earth as a territory under the control of
14:44 the enemy is found in Luke 4:6 where Satan is tempting Jesus in
14:49 the wilderness:...
15:01 This Bible text uncovers the back story. Satan's talking in
15:06 terms that something has happened in the past, someone
15:10 gave him the authority. Notice Jesus does not dispute that it
15:14 is Satan's to give. At no point does Jesus say, Wait a minute
15:18 Satan. Earth does not belong to you. No Jesus understands that
15:24 Adam and Eve transferred their God-given authority over to
15:28 Satan. Satan now has the right to make this claim. Look at
15:33 these scriptures where Jesus and Paul acknowledge the
15:37 position of the
15:38 evil enemy. In John 12:31 Jesus says:...
15:47 Jesus is referencing that he is in the process of overcoming the
15:51 enemy, Satan. He calls him by a title, the ruler of this world.
15:56 In 2 Corinthians 4 verse 4 the Apostle Paul literally calls
16:01 Satan the God of this age who has blinded the minds of
16:06 unbelievers. Satan is currently the God of this world.
16:12 In Ephesians 2:2 Satan is called:...
16:17 Now that doesn't mean he controls the oxygen supply.
16:21 This means he is prince of the moral atmosphere or culture of
16:25 this world. I John 5:19 says:...
16:33 Are you seeing the picture of the Bible's painting here? Our
16:37 culture is influenced by the popular opinion of the day.
16:41 The social trends are the lust of the flesh, the lust of the
16:45 eyes and the pride of life. Those are Satan's principles,
16:49 not God's, on which our whole world operates. Now here is an
16:55 interesting insight into the unseen war. Job 1 verse 1 reads:
17:10 Then drop down a few verses. Job 1:6 says:
17:21 Hmm. This verse indicates organization. You see there was
17:26 a time and there was a place, and the Lord calls a meeting.
17:30 And the sons of God travel from their territories where they
17:34 reside in the universe. In Ephesians Paul called the sons
17:38 of God principalities and powers meaning rulers and authorities
17:42 in the heavenly universe. So the devil comes sauntering in to
17:46 this heavenly council. Notice in Job 1:7, God asks Satan:...
17:53 God does not say, What are you doing here? He does not even say
17:59 Get out of here. God is asking Satan for his point of origin.
18:04 What right do you have to be here? Who are you representing?
18:09 Where are you coming from? Here the devil proudly boasts:...
18:19 Here you can see that Satan is claiming planet Earth, us, as
18:25 his territory in God's universe. Satan alleges I have a right to
18:30 be here in this meeting if all these other rulers of other
18:33 worlds can attend I can be here to represent the planet that
18:36 belongs to me. Look at how God replies in verse 8. It's like
18:42 whoa, Satan. You think you represent Earth. But have you
18:47 considered my servant Job. He does not follow your way of
18:51 thinking or living. Even there, just briefly, God begins to
18:57 dispute the legitimacy of Satan's claim. Satan escalates
19:01 the dialogue in verse 9, basically saying, Well of course
19:04 Job honors you. You are taking care of all of his needs.
19:07 Of course he's following you because you bought him off with
19:11 all your blessings. Well I love that in verse 8, God points to a
19:17 human and says, Oh, but I have a foothold in the world. I have
19:21 someone who represents me and my principles and my kingdom on
19:26 Earth. Satan we are not giving up on the great controversy.
19:31 We are not giving the world over to you. No. I still have some
19:35 loyal people in the world that choose to follow me fully and
19:39 Job's one of them. Job's my man. So in Job 1:10 Satan accuses:...
19:56 Now what does this hedge about Job mean? Was it a garden or a
20:02 bunch of bushes. No. The answer is in Psalm 34:7, a favorite
20:07 text of mine where it says:...
20:17 This hedge is God's angelic protection, his angels around
20:21 around his loyal followers. Satan petitions God: So remove
20:27 your hedge and I will get to Job and then he won't serve you
20:32 anymore. So why did Job have this protective circle of
20:36 guardian angels? Job knew the secret friends. Man needs to ask
20:41 for God's protection so that God can protect. It is a cooperative
20:46 effort between the Divine and the human. Think of prayer as an
20:50 act of war. You are calling on your troops. Those are the rules
20:55 of engagement that's in the universe that we much abide by.
20:58 We must ask for protection in order to receive it.
21:02 In Job 1 verse 11 Satan taunts God:...
21:10 Now consider the serious fact. If Job did curse God, God would
21:15 not be able to protect him. It would then place Job in Satan's
21:19 territory. But Job continues to say:...
21:24 And remains God's man. Such battles happen frequently. Satan
21:29 plagues people and instead of praising God they curse God.
21:33 If people would only realize this removes God's presence away
21:38 from them. A sinner's only remedy against Satan is prayer.
21:42 Prayer is an act of war, yet surprisingly most people forget
21:47 to pray and this gives Satan the advantage in their lives. But
21:52 listen. We have some exciting news. In Genesis 3 verse 15 we
21:57 are given a forecast, a prediction. God promises us a
22:01 way out. He predicts a Savior. We have a warrior promised to us
22:07 God is speaking to Satan in the hearing of Adam and Eve and he
22:11 says this:...
22:30 In this text, God is redeeming the woman, which later in
22:34 scripture we will see symbolizes the church, but God gives the
22:38 devil the heads up. Listen, you just took Earth from Adam and
22:43 Eve. But I'm going to send someone through a woman to birth
22:47 a baby and when that baby is born he's going to be a warrior.
22:51 He's going to engage you and he's going to crush your head
22:55 Satan and you will only injure him. Of course, Satan is going
23:00 to resist this forecast, this prediction. You can imagine the
23:04 hair is going to start to stand up on the back of his neck and
23:07 he's going to say, Oh really? Game on! Because remember Satan
23:12 already won a third of the angels in heaven. He just won
23:15 over Adam and Eve and had them believe his lies. So when God
23:20 challenges him to this conflict, to a battle, in Genesis 3 Satan
23:25 must be feeling pretty good about his chances. But... Satan
23:30 has no idea about is what's coming his way.
23:34 He anticipates that it
23:36 will be a battle of force but the way that God will win the
23:40 war is totally unexpected. There's no way for Satan to know
23:46 what is about to come. Satan is told that someone is going to
23:50 come and crush his head. What the Lord doesn't say is that it
23:54 will be me. God himself will come as a human being. There is
24:00 a war between good and evil over every single soul. That means
24:04 you and me and whether we want to acknowledge it or not friends
24:08 we must establish in our minds that the Bible is valid and that
24:12 we can trust and believe in it. A vital key story in the Bible
24:16 is found Daniel chapter 2 where King Nebuchadnezzar has a dream.
24:21 Here in the book of Daniel God gives us an insider view to show
24:27 humanity the timeline of Earth's territories or kingdoms so that
24:32 there's no question who God is because he declares the end from
24:37 the beginning. Look what God says about himself in
24:40 Isaiah 46 verses 9 and 10:...
24:54 Wow! God promises he will tell you ahead of time what will
24:59 happen from the beginning until the end of time. There's no
25:02 need to guess. So why does Daniel 2 matter? Well although
25:08 the book of Daniel was written thousands of years ago it is
25:11 brimming with vital information for today's world. The prophet
25:16 Daniel received words from God about the kingdoms that shaped
25:20 the world's history. This short prophecy is fundamental in
25:24 helping us unlock more complex prophecies in Daniel and
25:28 Revelation that discuss this great controversy between the
25:32 forces of good and the forces of evil. So let's go back in time
25:37 to about 600 years before Christ to the greatest city that ever
25:42 existed on the planet, Babylon. Let's make our way into an
25:46 ancient king's palace made of shimmering gold. It's nighttime
25:50 and we find King Nebuchadnezzar tossing and turning in his
25:55 royal bed. The great king is having an intense dream.
25:59 Suddenly he wakes. He's very troubled. Even though it was
26:03 just moments before, he cannot seem to remember the dream.
26:06 He knew it had been extraordinary. Indeed!
26:11 It was a prophetic dream given by God outlining history for the
26:15 next two-and-a-half thousand years. Daniel 2 verse 1 says:...
26:28 You see the king was agitated and very distraught. He summoned
26:33 his wise men, magicians and astrologers and sorcerers and
26:37 Chaldeans to his royal palace. Now you might be thinking, how
26:41 primitive. Here's a man, he had a dream, and he summons
26:45 enchanters? That's what kings did in ancient days. They were
26:50 considered wise insiders. Each one of these categories had a
26:53 certain function. The enchanter would throw and read charms.
26:58 The sorcerer was a deep occultist using occult communications to
27:02 find things out. The astrologers would look at the stars to tell
27:07 him what to do. Is this really an ancient custom or is it alive
27:13 and well today? Do presidents and prime ministers use this
27:17 system today? Ho, yes they do. King Nebuchadnezzar instructed
27:23 them: Tell me what I dreamed last night and tell me its
27:25 significance. I know it was vitally important but I can't
27:29 remember it. What's the meaning of my dream? The wise men replied
27:34 Daniel 2 verse 4:...
27:42 Ho ho, the king was upset. He said, I don't know what I
27:46 dreamed. Don't you see? God had mysteriously took it from his
27:52 mind. So in Daniel 2 verse 9, the king insists:...
28:02 In other words, don't pretend you know what you really don't
28:06 know. You're supposed to be able to see into the future.
28:08 Now prove it to me. Tell me what I dreamed.
28:12 So in Daniel 2 verse 10, the Chaldeans who were the highly
28:16 educated ones in this informed group, like the intelligencia of
28:21 the day; well they protested and said:...
28:26 And it was true. There was no one on earth who could do what
28:30 the king asked. God removed this dream from the king's mind so
28:35 that it would expose all of these counterfeit informers.
28:39 Only the God of heaven could reveal what the king dreamed
28:43 in his bedroom and only the God of heaven can accurately,
28:47 precisely reveal the future. News of the kings command to
28:52 kill all the king's wise men reached Daniel. And you see
28:55 Daniel was not a psychic but he was one of the king's wise men.
28:58 When Daniel asked why he was to be killed Arioch the executioner
29:04 told him the story of the dream. Daniel was granted permission to
29:09 go before the king and he said King, give me time. Let me go
29:13 and pray and ask the God of heaven and the God of heaven
29:16 will reveal the dream that you had in your bedroom and I will
29:19 return and explain it to you what you dreamed. So Daniel
29:25 prayed and God revealed the dream and its interpretation to
29:29 his servant Daniel. You see, friends, the mysteries of God
29:33 are explained to men and women who pray so in Daniel 2 verse 23
29:39 he says:...
29:46 And then Daniel went before the king stating that it was true
29:49 that no Wiseman, no astrologer, no magician could reveal the
29:54 dream. And Daniel 2 verse 28 says:...
30:05 Hmm. I love that Daniel doesn't take the credit. He gives all
30:09 the credit to God. This is important. You see there are two
30:13 religious systems on this planet right now. The one system is man
30:17 centered and the other is God centered and this is the battle
30:21 for every soul on this planet. You will be surprised who today
30:26 advocates a man centered religion. As we go on throughout
30:29 the series you will it for yourself, friends. Now back to
30:34 Daniel, chapter 2 verse 21:...
30:41 I love that. So it's going to be a story of how kingdoms rise
30:45 and disappear on the planet. This prophecy takes us down the
30:49 stream of time from Daniel's day through the nations of Babylon,
30:53 Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome, even to the current divided
30:57 empires of Europe. So Daniel chapter 2 is for our time,
31:02 friends. As God said, in the latter days. God revealed to
31:07 Daniel in verse 31:...
31:20 Next is says:...
31:43 Then verse 35:...
32:02 Daniel 2 verse 36-38:...
32:16 The head of gold represented Babylon or Nebuchadnezzar's
32:19 kingdom. His kingdom ruled the world from 605 B.C. to 539 B.C.
32:25 Nebuchadnezzar established one of the most fantastic,
32:29 wealthiest empires in the entire world. His kingdom was lavishly
32:33 adorned with gold. In just one temple alone Nebuchadnezzar used
32:39 18 tons of gold. That's 16,000 kilograms. He even built for his
32:46 queen the hanging gardens, a wonder of the ancient world.
32:50 It is a fact that gold is a precious metal whereas silver is
32:55 less precious but it is harder. You see each kingdom carried on
33:01 a philosophy of manmade teachings from the previous
33:05 kingdom thereby becoming more brutal and less refined all the
33:09 way down to the legs of iron. Nebuchadnezzar thought he had
33:14 built up a kingdom that would never be destroyed. The whole
33:17 earth lay prostrate at her feet. Daniel pointed at the king and
33:22 said, Your kingdom will disappear. The proud king said,
33:26 Whoa, never. And he initially humbled himself but then he
33:31 later hardened his heart and thought to himself that Babylon
33:35 will last forever. I will defy the King of kings. My kingdom of
33:39 gold will never be destroyed, it will never go to silver, to
33:43 bronze, to iron and of clay. I will build myself a statue of
33:48 gold from head to foot. Now what was Nebuchadnezzar really saying
33:53 there? He was defying the God of heaven. He was saying, I oppose
33:59 you God. I will set up my kingdom and you will not
34:03 destroy it. Is it possible that there is a power today claiming
34:08 the same thing and is it in opposition to God's kingdom?
34:12 Yes. We will see that is exactly the case. It is an unfortunate
34:19 reality, but it is a reality. Stay tuned but don't worry, God
34:24 has a plan to save you. Daniel's prophecy goes on.
34:29 Daniel 2 verse 32:...
34:32 After Babylon another kingdom would arise you see. The Medes
34:36 and Persians overthrew the Babylonians. You don't have to
34:40 guess at the meaning of prophecy Just look at it in Daniel 2:39:
34:48 Bible prophecy predicted the nation of Babylon would not last
34:53 forever. Another kingdom would arise. History reveals exactly
34:57 how this happened. In Daniel chapter 5 King Belshazzar,
35:01 grandson of King Nebuchadnezzar, hosted a drunken feast for a
35:05 thousand of his lords and as the wine was flowing, the music was
35:10 playing long robed men held closer lavishly dressed women
35:14 in the midst of the drunken debauchery, the enchanting music
35:18 and the seductive immorality God interrupted Belshazzar's feast.
35:22 A bloodless hand wrote upon the wall these words: Mene which
35:29 means:...
35:33 Tekel:...
35:39 Peres:...
35:46 Daniel's interpretation can be verified any good history book
35:51 on Babylon. You see Cyrus, the general of the armies of the
35:55 combined countries of Mede and Persia overthrew the proud
35:59 kingdom of Babylon. Daniel, however, was not the only one
36:03 who predicted this. In fact, God named Cyrus approximately 150
36:07 years before he was born. Wow! Look at this amazing prediction
36:12 written by Isaiah the prophet sometime around 680 B.C.
36:17 In Isaiah 45 verse 1:
36:36 Here is exactly what happened, friends. His soldiers dug canals
36:42 to divert and dry up the River Euphrates and marched under the
36:46 walls of Babylon. They came through the open gates into the
36:50 city. The Bible is not an ordinary book. When you and I
36:55 open the word of God we are opening the word of the living
36:58 God. It's prophecies are indeed true. Next Daniel 2 verse 39:...
37:10 Alexander the Great led his armies with their bronze armor.
37:14 If you were going to go to the Acropolis Museum today located
37:18 in Athens, Greece you would find how fitting it is for this third
37:23 nation to be represented by bronze. There you can see the
37:26 armory that the ancient soldiers wore. With all their military
37:31 advances that Greece had coupled with the wisdom of Alexander the
37:34 Great and his military expertise the nation of Greece was able to
37:39 conquer the then know world in lightning speed. He acquired
37:43 the largest empire up to that time. By the age of 32 Alexander
37:49 achieved what it took many an entire lifetime to do. After
37:53 attaining world dominance at his young age he was soon on his
37:57 deathbed which was thought to be as a result of his intemperate
38:01 behavior. Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece. But would Greece rule
38:05 the world forever? Hmm. Daniel 2 verse 40:...
38:12 The great English historian, Edward Gibbon, though not a
38:16 Christian or Bible believer himself wrote in the
38:19 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire quote:...
38:33 Indeed that happened. Rome dominated the world from
38:37 168 B.C. to 476 A.D. It was in the days of Rome that Baby Jesus
38:42 was born, that Joseph and Mary fled from the oppressive Roman
38:46 Empire into Egypt. Jesus was tried by a Roman Governor and
38:51 crucified by Roman soldiers. For more than 500 years Rome
38:56 appeared to be invincible as one of the largest empires in the
38:59 world. But what did the Bible predict? Daniel 2 verse 41:...
39:12 The Bible did not predict a fifth ruling empire which would
39:16 rise after Rome. It predicted a divided empire. Another single
39:21 world empire would not follow Rome. The feet of iron and clay
39:26 represented divisions of the Roman empire. Europe was
39:29 divided like the prophecy described it would be.
39:32 Daniel 2 verse 43 declares:...
39:44 Throughout history the kings of Europe attempted through
39:48 intermarriage to unite the empire. One famous example of
39:52 this was Napoleon who divorced his wife Josephine and married
39:55 Louise of Austria in order to secure their countries'
39:59 relations and further his goal to unite all of Europe.
40:02 As prophecy predicted he utterly failed. Besides intermarriage
40:07 there was a second way political leaders
40:09 attempted to unite Europe
40:10 They attempted to accomplish their goals through military
40:13 conflict and war. Charles V wanted to unite Europe. He
40:19 failed. Charlemagne wanted to unite Europe. He failed.
40:24 Napoleon tried to unite all of Europe. He failed too. Napoleon
40:29 wrote in his journal a description of his ambitious
40:33 plans. There will be one Europe. There will be one currency.
40:37 There will be one language. There will be one government
40:40 over all of Europe. But when Napoleon was defeated in the
40:44 Battle of Waterloo in June of 1815, he said, God almighty is
40:50 too much for me. Friends, the Bible is accurate. Europe has
40:55 been divided. Charles V, Charlemagne, Napoleon, Hitler,
41:00 Stalin were would-be world leaders. And they have all
41:05 failed. Consider Hitler and his fiery speeches, how they whipped
41:09 up the masses. His motto was One people, one empire, one
41:13 leader. It appeared he was going to accomplish his ambitious goal
41:18 and unite all of Europe. The Allied forces were trapped.
41:22 Defeat seemed certain. But remarkably Hitler ordered his
41:26 tanks to stop and resupply. What stopped Hitler's tanks?
41:31 An ancient prophecy in Daniel chapter 2 declares that from the
41:36 days of the Roman empire Europe would never be united. The Bible
41:40 predicts in the book of Revelation a final last attempt
41:43 to unite Europe, this time under a religious-political union.
41:48 It's found in Revelation 17 verses 12-14:...
42:07 Here is the significance of this prophecy. For a short period of
42:09 time the nations of Europe and the rest of the world will enter
42:13 into a religious-political confederation just before the
42:17 coming of Jesus. Notice how Revelation describes this
42:21 temporary unity:...
42:27 So here is a prediction that for one hour, a short period of time
42:32 the nations of Europe come together. So are they? Are there
42:36 movements to unite Europe today? To unite the whole world? The
42:40 flag that is the symbol of the common market of Europe is, Many
42:44 Voices, One People. The euro is the result of an effort that
42:49 seeks to establish a common currency for Europe. Revelation
42:52 tells us there will be this final attempt to unite people to
42:56 prepare the beast power that joins them religiously and
42:59 politically under one great system. When worldwide strife,
43:03 conflict and war combine with famines, pestilences and
43:07 economic failures the ideal will be so sweetly presented, a
43:12 united world, a united society. We will all become one. But the
43:17 Bible says, These are of one mind and they will give their
43:21 power and authority to the beast These will make war with the
43:25 lamb who is Jesus and the lamb will overcome them. The reason
43:30 why we are not interested in an earthly kingdom is because Jesus
43:33 has promised us a heavenly one. This prediction in Revelation 17
43:38 says:...
43:46 History has followed the prophecy of Daniel chapter 2
43:49 like a blueprint and will continue to do so. The political
43:53 workings of this planet are not random. Events happening in the
43:57 world this very minute are a sign that Jesus, the King of
44:01 kings will come soon. His return is the only hope for a planet
44:06 standing on feet of iron and clay ready to crumble. Daniel's
44:10 prophecy of the image and Revelation's prophecies point us
44:13 forward to a new time. Daniel 2 verse 34:...
44:28 Verse 44:...
44:32 So what is the rock that smashes the image? The Rock of Ages.
44:37 King Jesus. We can have no confidence in earthly kingdoms
44:42 that rise and fall. They're temporary, illusionary. But we
44:46 can put our trust in God's kingdom that will never fall.
44:50 We are in a cosmic war and our cosmic rescue is on the way.
44:56 Christ's supernatural kingdom will come and smash down all the
44:59 kingdoms of this world. Revelation 11:15 says:...
45:12 The great longing of the human heart is for peace and security.
45:16 We long for a stable society where we can bring up our
45:20 children without the fear of war poverty and devastating diseases
45:24 We want a future filled with hope, not fear. The image of
45:30 Daniel 2 makes me think of a story about Freddie that my AWR
45:35 video crew and I filmed in South Africa. Freddie grew up in a
45:39 very religious home. His father was a priest. But he just didn't
45:43 care about it. Then as an adult he ignored everything to do with
45:46 God until one day he received a phone call that his sister had
45:51 been murdered. Freddie's immediate anger turned into rage
45:56 and hopelessness. He drowned his problems in alcohol. Ultimately
46:01 his self-destructive behavior progressed to suicidal thoughts.
46:04 He would drink all day, then at night intentionally sleep on a
46:10 busy road hoping to be run over. Thankfully the police or his
46:14 friends would always return him home safe. When he would finally
46:18 wake up and out of his drunken stupor he could not remember how
46:22 he had made it home. It was in one of these moments that God
46:25 got Freddie's attention. One night he heard a voice say, Who
46:30 am I? And he answered, I don't know. God said, Think nicely,
46:37 love is an endless forgiveness. What's interesting is that
46:41 Freddie learned about his sister's last Facebook comment
46:44 which just said the exact same thing. The Holy Spirit urged him
46:50 to open his Bible and Freddie wondered if Jesus could fill his
46:53 empty heart. Freddie struggled with how he could know for sure
46:57 or he could trust what his sister said. How could she know
47:00 what the Bible said? And what was true and not just a fairy
47:04 tale someone made up. During his studies he became fascinated in
47:08 the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. He became intrigued
47:11 with how history supported the rise and fall of kingdoms just
47:15 like Daniel 2 predicted and right on time in the predicted
47:19 order. Freddie was convinced he could believe what the Bible
47:23 taught. He is now devoted to teaching others about the Bible
47:27 beginning with Daniel 2 because it proves the Bible is authentic
47:31 and credible lining right up with history because history
47:35 cannot be denied. We are living in a broken world tonight and it
47:40 can't give us any answers, friends. But the Bible does.
47:44 And as we have seen we are living in the time of the toes
47:47 of the great image that we have just studied. We know it won't
47:51 be long before the rock cut without hands will come and
47:55 smite the image destroying all earthly powers forever. Jesus
48:00 will come to set up his kingdom. I really want to be there.
48:03 Don't you? Until then, when everything in this world is
48:08 upside down, thank you Lord that this broken world is cradled by
48:13 you. Nothing on this earth can take Jesus by surprise. He has
48:18 got everything covered and he tells us not to fear. We only
48:23 need to believe in him. Don't you want to believe tonight
48:26 that there is a God in heaven who is our king and Savior?
48:29 A God who loves us so much he has given us a sneak peak in
48:34 Daniel 2 just how earth's history would play out. It has
48:39 happened exactly as he predicted God does not throw curve balls
48:43 or blind side us. He's clear and he never changes. We can count
48:49 on every word. Jesus reaches out to you tonight. He invites you
48:54 to ask him into your heart. Choose today to make the
48:58 commitment to seriously discover what God and his kingdom are all
49:03 about. Friend, can God claim your heart and mind as his
49:08 territory tonight? Before we close tonight let's pray
49:12 together.
49:16 Heavenly Father, you are a mighty God that has the power
49:20 to set up kingdoms and remove kings. Tonight we thank you for
49:26 letting us know in advance how you will protect and provide for
49:30 us. We trust in you. In Jesus' precious, powerful name, Amen.
49:37 Friends, I'd love to meet with you right back here tomorrow
49:43 night as we are going to have a special study on what are the
49:46 signs that are going to happen right before Jesus comes.
49:50 Is COVID-19 in the Bible? Don't miss our next topic, The Signs.
49:55 God loves us so much he warns us in advance, not to scare us but
50:00 to inform us. Choose God's way. Good night, friends.
50:06 As a special bonus for our 3ABN viewers we want to share this
50:09 story featuring one of God's incredible miracles before we
50:12 end this program. Thank you for your prayers and support of
50:16 Adventist World Radio. Every day lives like these are being
50:20 changed for eternity.
50:25 Drumbeats. Isolated in the Indian Ocean
50:30 80 percent of all the animal and plant species on this island are
50:34 found nowhere else in the world. From its towering Baobab trees
50:38 in the desert to the dense rain forest jungles this is a land of
50:43 wonder. Come with me as I discover how AWR is reaching
50:49 into the most dangerous part of this country. I'm in Madagascar
50:53 and this is AWR 360.
50:56 ♪ ♪
51:09 Is tattoo, there are three things they hate: Cars, military, and
51:18 well-dressed people. They kill when they see these things.
51:23 ♪exciting music♪
51:29 They are taught from a young age how to steal cows. When they get
51:36 older all they do is drink alcohol and steal and kill.
51:40 They are called dahalo which means bandits in the Malagasy
51:49 language. ♪intense music♪
51:59 Who are these dahalo and what do cow thieves have to do with
52:02 AWR? I'm on a journey to find out. I'm here in Madagascar with
52:09 Ray Allen, one of our vice presidents. As we travel I have
52:13 learned that nearly one-third of this country is locally referred
52:16 to Red Zones. This amounts to an area of the size of South
52:21 Dakota where the government exerts little or no control and
52:26 where bandits thrive. Stricken by poverty the majority of the
52:30 population of Madagascar live on less than one dollar a day.
52:35 Deprivation drives theft and the stealing of cows. An illegal
52:40 exploitation of natural resources is the pulse of the
52:43 culture in these areas. This makes it extremely dangerous
52:47 and difficult for the outside world to reach. A Seventh-day
52:54 Adventist couple named Angie and Marchur are bravely working to
52:58 share the gospel in these remote and dangerous areas. Both are
53:03 nurses and through their medical treatment of all people
53:06 including dahalo they have influenced the region that many
53:11 others do not.
53:14 Foreign language being translated.
53:16 One Sabbath we traveled to a distant village and were
53:20 surprised to find a group of people worshipping together and
53:25 praising God. We had never seen this before. I started to ask
53:33 questions. Angie and Marchur found that many years ago the
53:38 group leader discovered an AWR broadcast.
53:43 (Sounds of radio voice)
53:50 Fascinated by what he heard, he continued listening and soon
53:54 organized a little group that began meeting every Sabbath.
53:57 That group has grown and though they have never seen another
54:02 Adventist, met a pastor or been to a church before they sing
54:06 together and teach the truth they have heard from the radio.
54:10 And what's more, the leader is a converted dahalo cattle thief.
54:17 We could hardly believe what we are seeing and hearing. Truly
54:24 miracles are happening through the radio.
54:27 ♪ ♪
54:36 Isn't God amazing? I love what a district pastor here told us.
54:39 He said that he views the radio as the pioneer of pioneers in
54:45 these distant and difficult to reach areas.
54:47 So what do dahalo and cow thieves have to do with AWR?
54:52 They are people whose lives are being touched and transformed
54:56 by Jesus and the truth heard on the radio.
55:00 (Voice over radio)
55:06 We know there are other stories that have not yet been heard,
55:09 other Sabbath-keeping groups meeting unknown to the outside
55:13 world, other cow thieves yearning for truth. Thank you
55:17 for supporting Adventist World Radio and helping the good news
55:20 of salvation penetrate into the dark corners of the globe.
55:24 (Voice over radio)
55:27 I can't wait for heaven to hear more stories like these.
55:31 Together we are making waves. From Broadcast to Baptism
55:35 until next time This is AWR 360!
55:48 ♪ ♪


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