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00:01 Is COVID-19 a sign that the world is about to end? Will we
00:05 have another economic collapse? Is Jesus appearing in different
00:09 places around the world right now? Did you know that the Bible
00:12 precisely predicts events surrounding the end of the world
00:15 But most importantly the Bible gives instruction on how we can
00:19 be ready for that end. Together we will be answering these
00:23 questions from the Bible right now on Unlocking Bible
00:26 Prophecies.
00:30 The rise of an international pandemic polarizing global
00:34 politics. Increasingly destructive natural disasters
00:38 Bush fires in Australia are a warning of what may be to come
00:41 around the world.
00:43 What does it all mean? What does the future hold? Join
00:49 international speaker Cami Oetman on a journey for answers
00:53 in Unlocking Bible Prophecies. In her travels around the world
00:57 she's come face to face with real life struggles but in the
01:00 midst of them she's found miracles of hope. Join Cami
01:05 Oetman for Unlocking Bible Prophecies as she shares how
01:08 Bible prophecy is being fulfilled faster than ever
01:12 before.
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01:21 Hi, I'm Cami Oetman. Welcome back to Unlocking Bible
01:24 Prophecies, a thrilling journey through some of the most
01:26 important prophecies in the Bible. Yesterday we began with
01:30 in incredible story of the ancient king Nebuchadnezzar and
01:33 his dream given to him by God that predicted the rise and fall
01:38 of the major world empires. When Jesus foretold how this world's
01:42 final end time events will play out can we trust that this is
01:46 what will happen? Absolutely, friend. God keeps every one of
01:50 his promises to us. The Bible also lets us know that God cares
01:54 for this world and most importantly he cares for you.
01:57 As we look to the past we will sit at the feet of Jesus and
02:01 hear a most sobering teaching on the signs of the end of the
02:04 world. You won't want to miss his incredible instruction on
02:07 this, an all important topic. But before we get into the
02:11 presentation I'd like to go over some of the logistics of
02:14 Unlocking Bible Prophecies. We have several resources we would
02:17 like to offer you, all of which can be accessed by going to
02:21 awr.org/bible. First you can find all of the archived
02:27 presentations to watch and share with others. Second, our goal
02:30 at Unlocking Bible Prophecies is for you to receive tools to grow
02:34 spiritually. So we invite you to enroll in our online Bible
02:37 school where you will have the opportunity to dig more deeply
02:41 into many Bible topics. Before we begin our second presentation
02:44 The Signs, let's pray together.
02:47 Heaven Father, King of the Universe, Lord we come before
02:52 tonight. We want to learn about the signs that you have given
02:55 us so that we are warned in advance of how to prepare for
02:59 them so that we're not frightened but that we are
03:02 relying on you and have us fall deeply in love with you tonight
03:06 as we study your warnings for us Lord. We love and adore you and
03:11 many people out there that have been wondering about these
03:14 things have their questions answered tonight so they can
03:17 feel assured by you in your Holy Word. In Jesus' precious,
03:21 powerful name, Amen.
03:22 We have been in the midst of a worldwide global shutdown, a
03:27 global pandemic. This is something unprecedented
03:31 and many people are afraid for themselves and their loved ones.
03:35 Potential economic disaster might be around the corner.
03:39 And many shelves in the grocery stores are now empty and you may
03:43 not be able to get what you need You may be afraid of what the
03:47 future holds. Our minds are flooded with unanswered
03:50 questions. Will the economy collapse? Will I be able to feed
03:54 my family or have a place to live? Will a vaccination be
03:59 found quickly for COVID-19? When we look around the world
04:04 tonight we see many people are perplexed and troubled. People
04:08 of all backgrounds and cultures are becoming increasingly
04:11 anxious. They are worried as they look toward the future.
04:14 They wonder what is coming next? Bible prophecy clearly reveals
04:20 God's plan for the future. Let's repeat our theme for this series
04:32 The book of Revelation begins and ends with the glorious
04:36 climax of the coming of Jesus. Revelation 1:7 promises:...
04:55 Revelation lifts our eyes upwards to heaven, taking us
04:59 from the problems of this world to the solution who is Jesus.
05:03 The last chapter of the book of Revelation shows us how close we
05:07 are to Jesus' second coming. Revelation 22:20 says:...
05:21 In Revelation 22 Jesus says three times:...
05:27 He wants us to be prepared for this climactic event. You may be
05:31 wondering how soon is Jesus going to come? Jesus' disciples
05:36 wondered the same thing. They asked him directly in
05:39 Matthew 24 verse 3:...
05:45 In chapter 24 Jesus outlines more than 20 signs of his return
05:52 Isn't that exciting? He loves us so much he lets us know in
05:57 advance, so let's go through some of these together tonight.
06:00 In a masterful presentation, Jesus blended the events
06:03 associated with the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. with those
06:08 that would take place at the end of the world. He foretold signs
06:13 of his return that would be occurring in the world of
06:15 religion, the arena of politics, the sphere of nature and in the
06:20 culture of society. The first of these signs concerns the world
06:25 of religion. Let's go to Matthew 24:24 and see what Jesus warns.
06:37 Before the second coming we should expect an explosion of
06:41 false teachings from religious leaders who are misleading
06:44 people away from the word of God by false signs. Not all
06:50 miraculous works are done by God friends. The Bible teaches that
06:53 evil spirits can perform miracles too. Let's look in
06:56 Revelation 16:14:...
07:09 You see these false teachers call attention to their supposed
07:14 miracles as proof of their powers so that you believe
07:18 whatever they teach. But these signs will be demon inspired to
07:23 deceive men and women. They are counterfeits. The closer they
07:28 get to the original the more credible the counterfeit appears
07:31 That's why you need to know the Bible for yourself, my friend.
07:36 Beware if any religious teacher tries to lead you away from the
07:41 Bible. So what is the Bible standard of a true teacher then?
07:45 I John 2 verse 4:...
07:56 Therefore, a true teacher will keep the commandments and speak
08:01 the truth. So beware if anyone comes to you, even if they claim
08:05 miraculous signs and they can heal the sick, if they disregard
08:09 the plain teachings of the Bible run! Run to your Bible. And this
08:14 is precisely why each Bible text is on the screen so you can see
08:17 it with your own eyes and please look it up in your very own
08:22 Bible. I commit to you that we will only use God's word as our
08:27 guide during these meetings. I invite you to study it for
08:30 yourself. Don't take my word for it. You need to make sure that
08:34 what you believe is truth. A Thus sayeth the Lord. False
08:40 teachers leading religious cults are rising up around the world.
08:43 We can see that. For example: Shoko Asahara published a book
08:47 declaring himself Christ. He also claimed to be Japan's only
08:52 fully enlightened master and took the title Lamb of God.
08:56 Asahara claimed that he could transfer spiritual power to his
09:00 followers and take away their sins and they bad karma. Three
09:05 years after his book was published his followers released
09:08 a deadly gas in the Tokyo subway killing 13 and injuring
09:13 thousands of people. In the last 50 years there has been a rapid
09:18 increase in those claiming to be divine spiritual leaders. On the
09:22 continent of Africa Joseph Kibwetere and Credonia Mwerinde
09:27 led hundreds of their cult followers to a fiery death
09:30 after feasting on three bowls and drinking 70 crates of soft
09:35 drinks. The final death toll settled at 924 people. Jesus
09:41 also cautioned there would be an end time explosion in occult
09:45 activity, in psychic phenomena. Books on the occult and magic
09:50 continue to sell in the multimillions. Supernatural
09:54 themes permeate our blockbuster movies, our hit TV shows and
09:59 there are countless sites promoting it on the internet.
10:01 More and more people are turning to psychics, mediums,
10:05 astrology, et cetera. Desperate people are seeking real answers
10:11 to their problems, but they won't find them in the stars.
10:14 We can see these false Christs and false prophets are a sign of
10:19 the last day. Next, let's turn to Matthew 24 verses 6 and 7.
10:24 Jesus says:...
10:33 Jesus predicted just before the end there would be international
10:39 conflicts on a global scale. In other words, there would be
10:43 world wars. Now looking back at the last century we know it has
10:47 been the bloodiest of all. One sociologist estimated in the
10:52 20th century there were 180 million deaths just from war
10:57 alone. In the 21st century, there have been so many
11:01 conflicts across the globe, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine,
11:06 Yemen, Syria. That's just to name a few. So much devastation
11:12 as war rages on. All the uncertainty and unrest in so
11:17 many of the nations around the world. People are looking for
11:22 hope and the only real hope is in Christ our Savior. It doesn't
11:26 matter where you live on this planet, people are longing for
11:31 peace. But world peace is very fragile. The Bible predicts that
11:36 all human attempts to achieve global peace will fail.
11:40 The apostle Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:3
11:43 describes it this way:...
11:53 A classic example of a peace treaty that was supposed to end
11:57 all war is the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919,
12:01 which then led to the League of Nations. But that didn't work.
12:06 No. It wasn't long until the worst world war in history,
12:10 World War II, broke out and then this led to the formation of the
12:13 United Nations in 1945. But it's best efforts have also failed
12:18 to achieve world peace. You see war has continued to just
12:22 engulf this planet. God's word is so accurate. It speaks of our
12:28 day. Never before in history has the human race had the ability
12:32 to exterminate itself. When Jesus comes again it will be at
12:38 a time when the human race has a capacity to destroy the whole
12:41 earth. Did the human race have this ability a hundred years
12:45 ago? No. Today we have the nuclear capability to annihilate
12:50 earth's population multiple times over. Jesus promised that
12:55 when the world would be gripped with fear, he would step in,
12:59 intervene and deliver us. Luke 21:26 says:...
13:13 When the world is closing in on you and fear is gripping your
13:19 heart you need to turn your eyes on Jesus because he's the peace
13:23 maker. All of history is moving towards a grand climax. Jesus
13:30 says, Lift your eyes off this earth and focus them on Divine
13:35 reality. He says, I am about to return. Unlocking these Bible
13:42 prophecies reveals there is hope friends. We have looked at the
13:46 signs in religion and politics. Now what does the Bible say are
13:50 the signs in nature? The Bible predicts that all nature will be
13:54 out of control just before the coming of Jesus. We should
13:57 expect tornadoes, fires, floods, hurricanes and an epidemic of
14:03 destruction that we can hardly even imagine. Among these
14:07 natural disasters is the Bible's prediction for worldwide hunger
14:11 and famine. Matthew 24 verse 7:
14:20 Now we have always had famines and hungry children but the
14:25 difference is that it is escalating on an international
14:28 scale at an unprecedented rate. According to the World Food
14:33 Program at the end of 2019, 135 million people were living with
14:39 acute hunger. But with many countries around the world
14:43 enforcing quarantine that number is likely to rise to 265 million
14:49 The article goes on to say before the coronavirus even
14:54 became an issue 2020 would be facing the worse humanitarian
14:58 crisis since World War II for a number of reasons. As deaths
15:04 caused by coronavirus around the world continue to rise the World
15:08 Food Program has warned that the world faces a possible hunger
15:13 pandemic as a number of people most in need of food could
15:19 almost double this year. For example, right now there are
15:24 millions in India who have been without work for weeks during
15:28 COVID-19 that are facing hunger. BBC reports that this shutdown
15:32 could lead to a global famine. Another contributing factor to
15:37 human hunger is a strange occurrence that is happening in
15:40 several places. Beginning in 2019 there has been a locust
15:45 infestation spreading across Africa, the Arabian Peninsula
15:49 and South Asia. This outbreak of desert locusts is threatening
15:54 the food supply across the region. There are more and more
15:57 people to feed and less and less food to feed them. We can see
16:02 with precise accuracy that what the Bible has predicted is
16:06 coming true. Let's look at Matthew 24:7 again, it says:...
16:14 Hmm. That is a uncommon word. What is a pestilence? It is a
16:19 contagious or infectious epidemic disease that is
16:23 poisonous and lethal, such as we have all experienced with
16:28 COVID-19. Again Bible prophecy is being fulfilled. There are
16:34 millions of deaths from vector borne diseases or pestilences
16:37 such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis.
16:42 You've heard of pesticides on our crops. Well the reason
16:46 farmers put pesticides on crops is because diseases are
16:49 destroying them. Jesus also warned in Matthew 24:7 there
16:54 would be earthquakes:...
17:01 Well the National Earthquake Information Center records an
17:04 average of 20,000 earthquakes every year. That's about 50 a
17:09 day around our world. There are, however, millions of earthquakes
17:13 estimated to occur every year that are too weak to even be
17:16 recorded:...
17:24 Let's now look at Luke 21 verse 11:...
17:37 This upheaval in nature would reveal itself in various ways.
17:41 Hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, floods and fires would manifest
17:47 themselves in rapid succession. Did you know that in 2019
17:51 40 billion dollars was spent on weather disasters alone? We have
17:58 seen so many fires happening recently like in California and
18:02 the devastation in Australia. In New South Wales, well they just
18:07 had the worst fire season in history with 13.6 million acres
18:11 burned or six percent of their entire state. Zimbabwe faced the
18:17 deadliest weather-related disaster on record last year
18:20 as a result of a tropical cyclone Ida. The Bahamas
18:24 suffered their most expensive weather-related disaster when
18:27 Hurricane Dorian hit in 2019. Just months ago in Batangas,
18:32 Philippines the world witnessed the eruption of Taal Volcano.
18:37 My video crew and I had just been filming a miracle story at
18:40 the top of this beautiful mountain weeks before. These
18:45 natural disasters are signs of prophecy being fulfilled. We can
18:49 have confidence in the Bible because Jesus told us these
18:53 things in advance, not to scare us but to inform us because he
18:58 loves us so much. We see what the Bible says regarding the
19:02 signs of Jesus' coming in religion, politics, and nature.
19:06 Now let's look at his predictions regarding the social
19:09 life around us. Our Lord predicted society's morals
19:13 would be degraded and fall apart before the second coming. Jesus
19:17 says in Matthew 24 verse 37:...
19:25 So what did the days of Noah look like? People were focused
19:31 on themselves self-gratification They only cared about having fun
19:36 and attending the latest parties They sought pleasure and
19:39 relaxation, drinking and feasting. They just cared about
19:43 having a good time. They had numbed themselves from Godly
19:47 things. In Genesis chapter 6:11,12 we are told regarding
19:52 this time:...
20:08 In Noah's day God destroyed the world with a flood because it
20:11 was filled with violence. Through their actions they
20:14 illustrated they had little desire to repent of their sins.
20:17 People had become so hardened by their persistent rejection of
20:22 God's word and were so out of tune of spiritual natters that
20:26 when they witnessed the supernatural miracle of the
20:29 animals filing through the ark's door in perfect organization it
20:33 didn't even phase them. Only for a brief moment were they
20:37 slightly impressed with God's sign that their world was coming
20:41 to an end. Friend, let's not be numb like in Noah's day. Can you
20:47 see the signs? Even the most casual observers among us know
20:52 that this past year, this past month, was an important time in
20:56 human history. Something is brewing; everyone can feel it.
21:01 Friends is our Lord coming soon Yes he is and it would be well
21:06 for us to be like Noah who had an understanding of the time in
21:10 which he lived. And he and his family followed God's word and
21:14 got into the ark. The Bible also predicts economic uncertainty as
21:19 a sign of the last days. James 5:1-3 describes it this way:...
21:43 Wow! Revelation 18:17 then says
21:48 Within the last few months we have all seen the stocks markets
21:52 crash. Jesus is coming. These prophecies are being fulfilled
21:56 before our very eyes today. But there is one more sign which
21:59 will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that indeed we are living
22:03 in the very last days of this world's history. What is it?
22:07 The final sign that Jesus gives is in Matthew 24: The gospel
22:12 will be preached to the whole world. Matthew 24 verse 14.
22:17 I love this text:...
22:27 Revelation 14:6 says:...
22:41 In my travels documenting miracles in the most remote
22:44 corners of this world, I have witnessed with my own eyes, God
22:48 is reaching the unreachable. It is happening right now. Those of
22:54 you watching this series are a part of this great prophecy.
22:57 As you are hearing this gospel message being aired in every
23:00 time zone around the world tonight. In my work, I see first
23:04 hand how God has no walls, no borders and no limits. Let me
23:10 show you what I mean. Come with me to the Philippine Islands.
23:13 Here we find a group of terrorist rebels hiding
23:16 throughout the mountain tops. For the past 49 years, they have
23:20 been dominating these areas with guerilla warfare. They call
23:25 themselves the New People's Army the NPA. These men and women are
23:30 determined to overthrow the government. Over 40,000 locals
23:34 have died in this war between the NPA and the government
23:37 military troops. These mountain natives have traditionally been
23:42 pagans. You see each family is only allowed to have three
23:45 children. If a fourth child is born the child is immediately
23:48 buried alive. This is a culture where 13-year-old girls are
23:52 forced to marry and men can pay 400 Philippine pesos to swap
23:58 wives. That's equal to about eight dollars in U.S. currency.
24:02 Like all of us, these people need Jesus and his lifesaving
24:06 principles. Less than three years ago Adventist World Radio
24:10 began broadcasting Bible messages from the coastal cities
24:13 to the highest mountain tops. Some of the NPA rebels tuned in
24:17 to this Christian station and became intrigued. Their hearts
24:20 were softened by the stories of Jesus' love. One of the top
24:24 commanders sent four of his soldiers to find the radio
24:28 broadcaster and bring him to their remote camp. They did just
24:33 that. They questioned him about Jesus and about the Bible. Soon
24:38 Bible workers were sent to study with many of the troops up in
24:41 the jungle forest. God's truth quickly spread to over 118
24:48 villages. Isn't that incredible? Our team was able to witness the
24:52 baptisms of 60 rebel soldiers and five of their top commander
24:56 generals and that was just the beginning. There have been 100s
25:00 more since. These terrorists have laid down their AK-47 guns
25:05 in exchange for a Bible and a new life in Christ. Many of them
25:10 have learned new trades like farming and selling goods in the
25:14 outdoor markets. My video crew and I had the opportunity to
25:18 film several of their personal testimonies and recreate their
25:22 stories into a short documentary film. I have to share one of
25:27 them with you. His name is Daniel. His father was a
25:32 commander in the NPA and his uncle and cousins also had
25:36 joined the troops. Daniel grew up through the ranks. It was the
25:39 only life he knew. At the age of 13 he killed for the very first
25:43 time. Soon after he was given the important title,
25:47 The Executioner, for the entire NPA. He became really, really
25:53 good at killing and was promoted to the lead hit man throughout
25:56 the Philippines. He could not even count how many he has
26:01 killed as there have been too many from politicians to
26:04 military soldiers, policemen and local criminals. The more he
26:09 killed the more numb he became never wanting to remember their
26:13 faces. Until one day. He was given a termination order, a TO
26:18 for a Christian pastor. He abducted the pastor and isolated
26:23 him in the forest jungle. The pastor was begging for his life.
26:27 And even though Daniel was stunned by the kindness in this
26:31 man's eyes he pulled the trigger You see, Daniel always completed
26:36 his killing assignments. He was known for getting the job done.
26:41 But Daniel could not forget the pastor's face and the memory
26:45 tormented him. He could find no rest. NPA soldiers are allowed
26:52 to leave their hidden posts to go home to their families for
26:55 three days every two months. So when Daniel entered his house he
27:00 heard a radio playing loudly. His wife and children were
27:04 listening to a Christian bible program. He recognized the
27:07 station as Adventist World Radio He knew other NPA comrades who
27:12 were listening and had given up fighting and were baptized. But
27:16 this was the first time he really listened.
27:19 Daniel heard stories
27:21 about a loving Savior who would leave his 99 sheep and go out
27:25 and search for the one that was lost. Daniel's heart was moved
27:29 and in that moment he understood that he was the one lost sheep.
27:35 His heart softened and Daniel and his wife took Bible studies
27:40 and were baptized along with four more generals of the NPA.
27:44 Daniel is now on a mission to share Jesus with the thousands
27:49 of other NPA troops in the jungle mountains so they too can
27:53 have better life filled with peace and the hope of life
27:57 eternal. Matthew 24:14 is coming true friends. This gospel
28:03 of the kingdom will be preached in all the world. Now come with
28:07 me to Zambia, a country in southern Africa where my three
28:10 videographers and I were entering the highest maximum
28:14 security prison in the entire country. As soon as we entered
28:18 they confiscated our camera equipment and put us in a
28:21 holding room. The guards on duty were not aware of
28:24 our invite and told
28:25 us that no media has ever been allowed inside their prison
28:29 walls. But once they confirmed that we were Adventist World
28:32 Radio they escorted us in onto their prison grounds. This was
28:38 unprecedented. You see God had made a way for gospel truth to
28:42 reach these prisoners through the airwaves into their jail
28:46 cells. This prison averages around 2400 inmates and over
28:52 1150 have now been baptized. Can you believe it? And out of
28:58 250 death row prisoners more that 50 have accepted Jesus.
29:03 That's a lot of the prison who are now Bible believing, Jesus
29:07 loving, peace filled Christians. They have the hope in Jesus.
29:11 Even Zambia's general commissioner met with us
29:14 to express his appreciation for AWR changing the atmosphere of
29:19 his prison camp. You see Jesus can do that. Hallelujah! Isn't
29:24 God incredible. He is reaching the unlikeliest in the deepest
29:28 darkest corners of this earth. That's what Jesus does. Just as
29:32 the thief who hung on the cross must have thought about his life
29:35 and the choices he had made, he knew that his crimes were
29:39 deserving of this punishment. If the man next to him, Jesus, was
29:43 so peaceful and kind, He even prayed for his persecutors.
29:48 The thief was convinced this man was the Son of God. In his last
29:53 act he only asked to be remembered. Jesus assured the
29:56 thief that he would be redeemed. From that moment on he died with
30:01 the hope of salvation. This is the same hope given to these
30:04 inmates on death row today. During this trip when we were
30:08 visiting the prison in Zambia AWR had over 1070 evangelistic
30:13 sites across the country. And 1000 of these were in the
30:16 capitol city of Lusaka alone. This has never happened before.
30:20 These people were listening to the same Bible topics that we
30:24 are studying together now. And at the end of three weeks 18,000
30:29 were baptized. Isn't that amazing? But wait. God had an
30:33 even bigger surprise when we preached across the country of
30:36 Rwanda as there were almost 108,000 baptized at the end of
30:42 three weeks. Did you hear that? One hundred and eight thousand
30:45 baptisms in a day. People are hungry for the straight truth
30:49 from the Bible. No matter the culture or where they live
30:53 There's a human desire to need the Lord. I've been sharing with
30:58 you grand scale stories but remember that within these mass
31:01 baptisms God is pursuing each one of us individually,
31:06 personally. So next I want to tell you about Rubin. Rubin
31:12 lives in Argentina. He grew up in a Christian home, but once he
31:17 set out on his own to pursue his dreams of becoming a successful
31:20 businessman, he drifted away from God. Soon he was at the
31:25 top of his game with a thriving business and everything seemed
31:28 to be going well in his world. But one day on his way home from
31:33 work he tried to hail a bus by stretching out his arm and the
31:36 driver didn't see him and Rubin was dragged under the bus.
31:40 He woke up in the ICU with broken legs, a collapsed lung
31:44 and multiple other injuries. A long and painful recovery
31:49 followed. But something strange happened that sustained him
31:52 through those grueling months. As Rubin drifted in and out of
31:56 consciousness he heard a voice telling him, You are not alone.
32:02 You will make it through this. And a peace he had never known
32:07 before washed over him and he felt hope. After four months in
32:12 the hospital Rubin went home in a wheelchair. He soon realized
32:16 he was unable to do the activities that he had once
32:20 enjoyed. He shared with us that we gradually fell into a deep
32:23 depression. I lost my job, my money, my business and the
32:29 prestige that I'd felt in my community. I was just a shell of
32:32 myself and in my anguish I decided I just didn't want to
32:36 live anymore. One day Rubin decided that he would end his
32:41 painful life by committing suicide. As he grabbed a knife
32:46 to slash his wrists the radio playing in the background
32:50 suddenly changed stations. This had never happened before and
32:54 it took him by surprise. Rubin was startled by this especially
32:59 when he a voice coming through the radio. The very same voice
33:04 he'd heard in the hospital ICU telling him that he was not
33:10 alone and he would pull through. He again felt the peace he'd
33:14 felt in the hospital. It washed over him now and all thoughts of
33:19 suicide vanished. Amazingly unbeknownst to Rubin, this is
33:24 what's really interesting, he was listening to the very first
33:29 test broadcast of one of our AWR stations. He listened to that
33:34 station all that day and every day afterward. The messages he
33:39 heard touched his heart and Rubin felt a burning desire to
33:43 get to know the truth. Today Rubin has been completely healed
33:47 He is active in his local church and leads out in a weekly
33:50 Bible study group. But the best part is that he gets to walk all
33:55 day, something he thought he'd never be able to do again,
33:57 sharing the saving gospel of Jesus. As you can see friends
34:03 the gospel leaps across all barriers through radio,
34:07 television and the internet. Many people can receive text
34:10 messages even on their phones. Biblical presentations right on
34:15 their cell phones. God is reaching people in every way
34:19 possible, from remote villages to barren deserts, to wealthy
34:24 homes in gated communities to prisons and the cities with
34:27 their teeming masses. The gospel is going forth in these last
34:31 days in remarkable ways. Millions are being stirred as
34:35 never before with a sense of urgency. Times are changing.
34:39 Millions are turning from the uncertainty of this world to
34:43 seek for a better world to come. Many have sacrificed all to take
34:48 the gospel to the far regions of this world. God is on the move.
34:52 He is doing something special. He is fulfilling prophecy. We're
34:57 on the verge of the kingdom of God. The signs that Jesus
35:01 forewarned us of in Matthew 24 are becoming more frequent and
35:07 intense. It is the midnight hour friends. And God is appealing to
35:11 you to be ready for his return. Jesus' last words to his
35:15 disciples before ascending back to heaven were something like
35:19 this: I have to leave you now, but not forever. One day I will
35:25 return and just before I do the world will seem as if it is
35:29 falling apart. Nations will grow angry with each other. Wars will
35:34 come. Even nature will seem deranged. Earthquakes will
35:38 escalate in magnitude. There will be infectious outbreaks in
35:42 epidemic proportions. And when these things begin to happen the
35:47 majority of people will be terrified. But my followers need
35:52 not be. Indeed, when all of this begins it is time to look up for
35:59 their redemption draweth nigh. Jesus says: Lo I am with you
36:04 always even unto the end of the world. And remember I love you.
36:10 Jesus is after just one thing. He longs for you to give him
36:16 your heart and enter into a relationship with him.
36:20 The second coming of Jesus is all about a reunion with you.
36:24 Right now would you like to offer up your heart to him?
36:28 Would you like to say, Jesus I see the signs of the times. It
36:32 is clear that you are coming soon. It is clear that I want to
36:38 be ready for you.
36:39 Heavenly Father, as we see the chaos in the world today, we are
36:45 so thankful that you forewarned us that these things would take
36:49 place. You have given us the assurance that you are in
36:53 control. Please take our hearts and help us to be prepared for
36:57 the soon coming of Jesus. In his precious name, Amen.
37:03 Thank you so much for watching and join us tomorrow night for
37:08 a topic titled, The Warning, where we will learn the three
37:12 angels messages and what God specifies for our generation.
37:16 You won't want to miss it. Thanks again for joining us in
37:21 Unlocking Bible Prophecies. Choose God's way.
37:24 Good night friends.
37:25 As a special bonus for our 3ABN viewers we wanted to share
37:31 stories of God's incredible miracles before we end this
37:34 program. Thank you for your prayers and support of Adventist
37:38 World Radio. Everyday lives like these are being changed
37:42 for eternity.
37:50 Find out how AWR radio has gone past the steel
37:56 cold guns straight
37:58 into the heart of youthful rebels. This is AWR 360.
38:05 ♪ ♪
38:19 Adventist World Radio has been broadcasting God's last day
38:22 message to the unreached people groups of the world in their own
38:25 languages from its very beginning. AWR began 48 years
38:30 ago in 1971 and our mission and vision have grown beyond all
38:36 expectations. Jesus is coming very, very soon and all God's
38:41 people in spreading the gospel all around the world, all around
38:45 this little ball of mud. Our expanded focus of AWR 360
38:49 Broadcast to Baptism reaches people not only through the
38:53 radio but also through most media platforms, cell phone
38:56 evangelism and mobile medical clinics. Now incredible results
39:00 are happening all over the world because of this intense
39:03 direction, which by the way, was the dream of Allen Steel, the
39:07 founder of Adventist World Radio
39:09 One of those meetings took place one year ago on the island of
39:13 Mindoro in the Philippines. Along with the broadcast many
39:17 meetings took place and more than 2000 were baptized. Then
39:22 soon after over 77 new villages turned their lives over to the
39:27 Lord as the laymen radio hosts kept preaching. But then some of
39:31 the new listeners made a surprise visit to one of our AWR
39:35 radio broadcasters, Robert Dulay As he was biking home one day
39:41 he saw four strangers at his front door. They told him they
39:47 were rebels. On March 29, 1969 the New People's Army was formed
39:53 Armed with weapons they gradually infiltrated the
39:57 country. Their goals have been to overthrow the government
40:01 and establish a Maoist style communist regime. They regularly
40:07 ambush police and military forces. Are these men and women
40:12 to be feared for their brutality to be rejected and abandoned?
40:16 Or is God calling his faithful to go out into the highways and
40:20 byways to preach there too.
40:23 They pleaded with us to send
40:24 someone to the village to preach as they had been listening to
40:27 the radio and wanted to know more about Jesus.
40:30 It is now four months later. AWR 360 is heading to the forbidden
40:36 mountain area in the midst of where these rebels live. Where
40:42 Jesus went he often healed those around him. In like manner, we
40:46 are bringing in a team of medical laymen who are committed
40:49 to following God's healing message across the Philippines.
40:52 Helping take the medical supplies to the station point is
40:56 the Philippine military, the Fourth Division Scorpion Unit.
41:00 Seeing the good work that AWR has done in reaching the rebel
41:04 soldiers they put forth their full support of what we are
41:08 doing. They load the supplies and before we head out we have a
41:11 prayer, AWR, the medical laymen and the military, all praying
41:18 hand in hand to our God for his blessing on what we are about to
41:22 do. Finally after a long and difficult drive we reach the
41:26 staging point. As we wait, we notice many porters coming down
41:30 the trail. They will help carry the supplies the rest of the way
41:34 up the mountain. This will be a long trip with a very heavy load
41:39 Some of the porters are members of the rebel group. Once again
41:44 we have a prayer. And then the supplies are loaded for the
41:48 journey ahead. We say goodbye to the laymen and the villagers
41:52 as they make their way up the trail. It will be a tiresome
41:55 trek through the jungles, rivers and mud. It will take at least
42:01 eight hours for some to reach the village. For others, it will
42:05 be an overnight walk. The next morning we board a small mission
42:10 helicopter and it takes us to the top of the mountain. I smile
42:15 as I relive God's miracles and how he reached the rebellious
42:20 militant minded soldiers that we were about to meet face to face.
42:24 As the helicopter comes to a halt I look at the crowd
42:28 gathered before us. They are lit with smiles. We are welcomed and
42:33 the natives eagerly give us a tour. It's amazing to see how
42:37 these precious people live. Then I sit down with Efron, the
42:42 first, one who started listening to AWR.
42:47 My life was always on edge. I did many things I would rather
42:51 not talk about. But one day as I was listening to the radio
42:56 something different came on.
42:59 It was AWRs health program.
43:02 As I listened I discovered that
43:04 these people were helping many with their health problems.
43:07 They also talked about the Supreme Healer, one whose life
43:11 was devoted to others rather than himself.
43:14 This thought appealed to him and he felt the need to share it
43:18 with others. Then he began to wonder. Who are these people who
43:23 are sharing this loving message. He knew he had to find out for
43:27 himself.
43:29 I had to know more so I sought out the speaker of this program.
43:33 I sent fellow members of my unit to invite him to the mountain
43:38 top. The road they took down many times had been used to hurt
43:42 or injure, but this time it was different. My friends asked him:
43:48 Please come preach to us in the mountains.
44:01 As they met Efron shared how he has a desire to learn more about
44:08 Jesus. And AWR 360 was happy to oblige. Many laymen pastors also
44:16 climbed the mountain to preach. And soon many new rebels heard
44:20 about God through the radio and Bible studies. And they too have
44:26 a need to share it with others. And then the day came when Efron
44:32 himself walked down the mountain with one final request.
44:38 I want to be baptized and so do many others.
44:42 And so on top of this once dangerous mountain laymen
44:48 doctors healed those who were sick. And the mouths were
44:52 cleaned by the volunteer dentists. Our AWR 360 team spoke
44:57 with many villagers and prayed with many more. Additional
45:02 rebels arrived because they were interested in witnessing what
45:06 was going on. Our team preached to them and then it was time to
45:11 baptize those who had made their decision for Christ. It was a
45:16 joyous walk to the baptismal site and I believe all of heaven
45:21 was rejoicing with us as we watched Pastor McKey baptize
45:25 five rebel generals along with 60 other soldiers. These men who
45:32 were once killers in the land have now died to self. They have
45:37 laid down their earthly weapons and exchanged them for heavenly
45:41 rewards. What I witnessed today was truly a miracle. In one of
45:48 the most dangerous places on earth Adventist World Radio
45:52 boldly went forth so yearning ears could hear the mercy and
45:56 forgiveness of Jesus. Lives were changed for eternity and now
46:01 many more have a new hope of heaven forever. And this is only
46:07 the beginning.
46:09 Friends, the far reaching work of AWR is only possible with
46:14 your fervent prayers and generous financial support.
46:17 Every donation is so important. Visit our website now to donate
46:22 online. Keep in touch with AWR. We want and need you with us.
46:28 Remember, it is only working together that we will reach the
46:32 whole world with the good news of our Lord and Savior. He is
46:36 coming back so soon. This is AWR 360.
46:41 ♪ ♪
46:57 Come with me as I discover how a self-tuning radio divinely
47:01 thwarted a suicide attempt right here in Argentina.
47:05 Hi, I'm Cami and this is AWR 360.
47:10 ♪ ♪
47:28 Today I'm in the western part of Argentina in the city of Mendoza
47:31 Situated at the base of the Andes mountains this peaceful
47:36 place is home to just over 100,000 people. The many streets
47:41 are lined with lovely trees offering shade to passersby and
47:45 those who stop to enjoy the many colorful shops and cafes.
47:49 Outside of town lie sprawling vineyards surrounded by majestic
47:54 mountains. It's a beautiful place, but I'm not here only to
47:59 enjoy the sights. I'm here to meet Rubin and hear his
48:03 conversion story.
48:04 I find Rubin in town and I am struck by his contagious laugh
48:10 and smile. Rubin grew up in a Christian home learning about
48:14 God from his parents. But as he grew older he began to trust
48:19 more in himself than God.
48:26 I worked hard pursuing my dreams and soon became a successful
48:31 businessman. There were ups and down economically but always I
48:35 would look at myself and proudly say, Thanks to me I'm getting
48:40 back up again.
48:44 But then something happened that would challenge Rubin's ability
48:49 to get back up again and alter his life forever.
48:55 ♪ ♪
49:01 One day on his way home from work Rubin stretched out his arm
49:04 trying to flag down an oncoming bus. For some reason though the
49:11 bus driver did not see him. The next thing he remembers is
49:19 waking up in the hospital. ♪ ♪
49:27 Both of his legs were broken and he had a collapsed lung
49:30 along with other injuries. This terrible accident and the
49:34 complications that ensued would take Rubin two long years to
49:39 recover from. But God was at work.
49:43 ♪ ♪
49:47 When I was in ICU drifting in and out of consciousness I felt
49:51 a peace that I had never experienced before. And I heard
49:54 a voice telling me that I was not alone and that I would make
49:57 it through alive.
50:00 After four months in the hospital, Rubin returned home
50:04 alone. Unable to do the activities he once enjoyed
50:08 depression set in.
50:12 I was a terrible mess. People would look at me strange and
50:16 they would start to cry. I was no longer the man I used to be.
50:21 I had lost my job, my money, my prestige as a businessman and
50:26 professor, everything. My life was one of anguish. I didn't
50:32 want to life anymore and decided to kill myself.
50:36 ♪ominous music♪
50:51 On the day Rubin had decided to commit suicide something strange
50:55 and miraculous happened. While listening to his radio, it
50:59 suddenly changed stations on its own. Rubin recognized the voice
51:08 on the other end. It was the voice he had heard in the
51:11 hospital and the same feeling of peace washed over him.
51:15 Unbeknownst to Rubin what he had heard was the first test
51:19 broadcast for the new Adventist World Radio station called
51:23 Nuevo Tiempo.
51:24 I anxiously listened to Nuevo Tiempo day
51:29 after day and the words touched my heart. I wanted to know who
51:34 is the man speaking and who are Seventh-day Adventists? To find
51:40 answers Rubin went the phone book and searched for Adventists
51:44 He called the number he found
51:48 and a sweet voice answered. It was the wife of the local church
51:52 pastor and she invited him to attend church that Sabbath.
51:56 The only problem was the church was a mile and a half from his
52:00 home and he had no transportation.
52:02 I felt God telling me to walk. Walk? I can't walk with my legs
52:12 like this. But God gave me the strength and I walked the whole
52:23 way. When I got there the members welcomed me so warmly
52:30 and when I walked into the church the same feeling of peace
52:34 flooded my soul.
52:39 While at the church, he met the local pastor who recognized his
52:44 talent in sales and encouraged Rubin to attend colporteur
52:48 school. This he did and when he finished he was invited to the
52:52 conference office. He went at the appointed time, not knowing
52:55 what to expect and was ushered into a room and given a brief
53:00 case books and a colporteur jacket.
53:03 I was so excited to become a colporteur. I knew in my heart
53:09 that this was truth and I wanted to share it with others.
53:14 After completing Bible studies Rubin was baptized into the
53:18 Seventh-day Adventist church. Today he's very active in the
53:28 local church serving as a deacon leading out in prayer meeting
53:31 and a small group study. He goes door to door daily sharing the
53:39 saving gospel of Jesus through the books he sells. Rubin has
53:45 been healed completely. You would never know he once could
53:50 not walk.
53:52 I have not seen God but I feel like I hear his voice through
53:58 the messages and music of Adventist World Radio. Jesus
54:04 truly does exist. He is real. And I know this because of the
54:11 radio. To me it's a spring of living water. I owe my life to
54:16 the word of Adventist World Radio.
54:20 ♪ Music and voice over radio ♪
54:25 ♪ ♪
54:37 Across the globe there are millions living in difficult to
54:39 reach places where missionaries cannot go. North Africa, the
54:44 Middle East, China, North Korea, and many more. It is into these
54:49 very countries that AWRs broadcasts are penetrating
54:53 every single day from our strategic network of short wave
54:57 AM, FM, and internet stations. So how can you help spread the
55:03 gospel in these difficult to reach places? Here are two
55:07 practical ways: First pray. Prayer is the key in the hand
55:11 of faith that can unlock heaven's storehouse.
55:14 And second, visit AWR.org where you can help to expand the reach
55:19 of AWRs broadcasts by your generous donation. Thank you
55:23 for joining us and hastening Jesus' soon coming by your
55:27 needed prayers and support. Until next time: This is AWR 360
55:33 ♪ ♪


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