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00:01 Have you ever had someone tell you to remember something?
00:04 That usually means they think that you will forget it?
00:08 Would you find it hard to believe
00:09 that most of the world has forgotten something
00:11 that God Himself told us to remember?
00:14 Would you believe that if we remembered
00:17 it would be the key to our overworked,
00:19 overstressed, and overanxious society?
00:22 I will be sharing what God said to remember
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00:33 The mismanagement and corruption.
00:34 Increasingly destructive natural disasters.
00:37 Bushfires in Australia are a warning
00:39 of what may be to come around the world.
00:41 What does it all mean? What does the future hold?
00:47 Join international speaker Cami Oetman
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00:54 In her travels around the world,
00:55 she's come face to face with real life struggles,
00:58 but in the midst of them, she's found miracles of hope.
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01:47 In the last presentation,
01:48 we learned that God's way the law is timeless
01:52 and it's actually His character.
01:54 God wrote the Ten Commandment law,
01:56 so we could enjoy an abundant life.
01:59 He wants us to share in His character.
02:03 What's really interesting to me
02:04 is that there are thousands of man-made laws in the world.
02:08 But God in His infinite wisdom
02:11 has summarized His law in only Ten Commandments.
02:15 We can see that many of our modern law codes
02:18 are based in God's laws.
02:20 Would you be surprised that one of the commandments
02:22 has been almost entirely forgotten?
02:25 Yesterday's presentation
02:27 The Way supplied the foundation for tonight's topic.
02:32 My video crew and I visited a remote village in Madagascar
02:35 to document Mama Cisit's shocking journey,
02:38 what she learned what you will learn tonight.
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02:58 Let's pray now as we study The Authentic Seal.
03:03 Heavenly Father, King of the universe,
03:05 king of our hearts.
03:07 Lord, thank You so much for giving us Your Word,
03:10 to guide us through this dark world
03:13 so that we would have You as our lighthouse, Lord.
03:18 As we study the authentic seal,
03:20 it is important for us to have clear minds
03:22 so that we can grasp your truth, Lord.
03:24 Lead us in such a way.
03:26 Have every listener be imbued with the Holy Spirit right now,
03:31 as we want to know You more
03:33 and fall deeper in love with You today.
03:35 In Jesus' precious powerful name, amen.
03:40 Now, I feel impressed to share with you
03:43 that my intention for standing before you
03:45 is to share only truth straight from the Bible.
03:49 Now some of these truths may be new to you,
03:52 as they once were to me, but stick with me, friend.
03:55 I promise you that I'm speaking from a heart out of love
03:58 for honesty and integrity.
04:01 Each topic builds upon the last
04:03 and as we are making our way to some shocking Bible subjects
04:06 know that the truth may hurt or be uncomfortable,
04:10 but it never betrays or leads you astray.
04:13 You need to see the answers from your Bible
04:15 to make informed decisions.
04:18 Also, we will be going through many scriptures tonight,
04:20 and for the sake of time,
04:22 we will only show portions of a few of the longer texts.
04:25 So I encourage you to look up each text for yourself
04:29 after this program is initially streamed,
04:31 you can go back pause the video and read each verse in full.
04:37 I want you to meet Shrek the sheep.
04:40 He became famous a while back.
04:43 Shrek had wandered away from a shepherd and got lost.
04:46 For six years he was hiding in caves for taking cover
04:52 and survived there alone.
04:54 And during this isolation
04:55 his wool grew and grew to an extra 60 pounds,
05:02 that's 27 kilograms of extra wool on him.
05:06 Most sheep have a fleece of about 10 pounds
05:09 or four and a half kilograms.
05:11 Shrek was so burdened and weighted down
05:14 as he carried six times
05:16 the regular weight of his fleece,
05:18 which Shrek didn't know
05:20 is that the shepherd never gave up
05:22 searching for him.
05:24 The day came when he found and rescued his lost sheep.
05:28 It took just moments to shave off
05:31 the extra burden of wool
05:33 that Shrek had accumulated for those six years.
05:36 Friends, in Matthew 11:28-30,
05:40 Jesus says, "Come to Me,
05:42 all you who labor and are heavy laden,
05:45 and I will give you rest.
05:47 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me,
05:51 for I am gentle and lowly in heart,
05:53 and you will find rest for your souls.
05:56 For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light."
06:00 Friends, let's be unburdened tonight
06:04 by our shepherd Jesus, as His truth sets us free.
06:09 Let's remember our theme.
06:11 If it's in the Bible, I believe it.
06:14 If it disagrees with the Bible, then it's not for me.
06:19 Would you be surprised to learn
06:20 that God has a special sign, seal, or mark
06:24 that He places upon His people?
06:26 Would you be shocked to learn
06:28 that unless a person has this mark at Jesus return,
06:32 he cannot enter the kingdom of God?
06:35 I want us to start by looking in the last book of the Bible
06:38 where we will unlock an end-time prophecy.
06:40 In Revelation 7:1-3,
06:43 a mighty angel has commanded
06:45 that the final winds of war and destruction,
06:48 not unleash upon us
06:50 until something very important has been completed.
06:54 What is that important something?
06:56 Let's read Revelation 7:1-3.
07:01 "After these things I saw four angels
07:03 standing at the four corners of the earth,
07:06 holding the four winds of the earth,
07:08 that the wind should not blow on the earth,
07:11 or the sea or any tree."
07:13 In symbolic language, winds represent war,
07:16 strife, and destruction.
07:18 Verse 2,
07:20 "Then I saw another angel ascending from the east,
07:22 having the seal of the living God.
07:26 And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels
07:29 to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea.
07:32 Do not harm the earth, the sea, or the trees
07:34 till we have sealed the servants of our God
07:38 in their foreheads."
07:40 Okay.
07:41 The angel is saying that God will not permit
07:44 destruction to come upon the earth
07:46 until His people have all received His seal.
07:50 How far and wide
07:52 will this serious message be presented?
07:54 That includes the truth
07:55 about God's seal, sign, or mark?
07:59 Let's look in Revelation 14:6,
08:02 "Then I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven,
08:06 having the everlasting gospel
08:08 to preach to those who dwell on the earth,
08:10 to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people."
08:15 What a colossal task.
08:17 But Jesus said in Matthew 28:18-19,
08:20 "All authority has been given to me.
08:23 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."
08:28 The terms sign, seal, and mark
08:31 are used interchangeably in Scripture,
08:33 all representing the same thing.
08:36 Now here are a few examples of just this.
08:39 Romans 4:11
08:41 says the sign, a seal of the righteous of the faith.
08:46 Another example, Ezekiel 9:4,
08:48 put a mark on the foreheads.
08:51 Revelation 7:2-3,
08:54 speaks about a seal of the living God
08:57 and sealed the servants.
09:00 So what is a seal?
09:02 How is it sometimes used in a figurative manner?
09:06 Ephesians 1:13 says,
09:09 "After you heard the word of truth,
09:11 the gospel of your salvation,
09:13 having believed you were sealed
09:15 with the Holy Spirit of promise."
09:19 Ephesians 4:30,
09:21 "And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God,
09:23 by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption."
09:28 Okay, friends, now in the Bible
09:30 two figurative uses of the seal are made.
09:33 First, a seal may stand
09:35 for truth or requirement of God.
09:38 Second, a seal may indicate God's ownership and approval.
09:44 In ancient times, a seal is used to signify ownership
09:47 to indicate genuine intent and to show authenticity.
09:52 God's seal which He places on the foreheads
09:54 of His true followers indicates we belong to Him.
09:58 We are genuine, trusted, authentic followers of Christ.
10:03 Placing his seal on the forehead implies
10:06 that the one sealed has a total commitment to God
10:09 and His will to the principles of His government
10:14 not because of any tradition or custom
10:16 and not just for show.
10:19 Matthew 7:20,
10:20 "For by their fruits, you will know them."
10:24 Our action show who we truly belong to
10:28 and who we really worship.
10:30 What three things does a government seal contain?
10:33 Okay.
10:35 Government seals are used to officially identify
10:38 national laws and authorize legal documents,
10:42 such a seal must give the lawgiver's name.
10:46 So the name of its presiding officer,
10:48 the title that would be like President,
10:51 Prime minister, King,
10:53 and the territory over which he presides.
10:57 What is God's seal in His holy law?
11:00 Let's go to the Ten Commandments
11:02 in Exodus 20:8-11.
11:05 "The seventh day is a Sabbath of the Lord your God.
11:09 For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth."
11:14 The fourth commandment
11:16 is the seal of God's Ten Commandment laws.
11:19 Let's look at why.
11:21 Because it has God's name, says the Lord thy God,
11:26 God's title or office as Creator
11:29 because He made, and
11:32 thirdly it has God's territory, heaven and earth.
11:37 The fourth commandment declares an unmistakable language,
11:40 the authority that backs the Ten Commandments,
11:43 the authority of our Creator, and the government of God.
11:48 Revelation is clear, we worship God
11:50 because He's our Creator and our Redeemer.
11:54 Revelation 4:10-11 shows us just that.
11:58 "Worship Him who lives forever and ever.
12:01 You are worthy, O Lord,
12:03 to receive glory, honor, and power,
12:06 for You created all things,
12:08 and by Your will they exist and were created."
12:12 Then in Revelation 5:9, it says,
12:14 "You are worthy, for you were slain,
12:17 and have redeemed us to God by Your blood."
12:20 So what right does God have
12:22 to ask us to worship Him His way?
12:25 The fact that He is our Creator.
12:29 And what has God provided for His people
12:31 as a sign, seal or mark of His creating
12:33 and redeeming power?
12:36 Let's have Him tell us.
12:37 Exodus 31:16-17,
12:41 God says, "Keep the Sabbath,
12:43 to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations,
12:47 for a perpetual covenant."
12:49 That means ongoing promise.
12:52 "It is a sign between Me
12:53 and the children of Israel forever:
12:56 for in six days, the Lord made the heavens and earth,
13:00 and on the seventh day He rested and was refreshed."
13:04 Ezekiel 20:12,
13:05 says, "Moreover I also gave them My Sabbaths,
13:09 to be a sign between them and Me,
13:14 that they might know
13:15 that I am the Lord who sanctifies them."
13:19 God Himself made the Sabbath a sign
13:23 of His creating redeeming power.
13:26 When I keep it holy,
13:27 I demonstrate my acceptance of Him
13:30 as my Creator and Savior.
13:33 Where does the great angel of Revelation 7 say the sign
13:37 or seal of God will be placed on a person?
13:40 Let's look.
13:41 Revelation 7:3
13:43 says, "Sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads."
13:49 Is this a literal stamp in our flesh?
13:52 Romans 7:25, "I thank God, through Jesus Christ our Lord!
13:57 So then, with the mind I myself serve the law of God,
14:02 but with the flesh, the law of sin."
14:06 Friends, the forehead represents the mind,
14:10 the crown of the brain.
14:12 One thing that separates us from the rest of creation
14:16 is the ability to choose and discern
14:19 between right and wrong.
14:22 That is our morality.
14:25 The only part of the brain that controls discernment
14:27 is the frontal lobe or the prefrontal cortex.
14:31 This area is responsible for the executive functions.
14:36 It is a center for thinking, reasoning,
14:39 judgment, behavior, and emotions.
14:42 The frontal lobe is so important
14:45 that the Lord says
14:46 that it is the center of worship.
14:51 Our ability to be informed, to understand,
14:54 and to make choices come solely from this area of our brain.
15:00 When we consent to keep God's Sabbath,
15:03 we are mat marked or signed in our minds,
15:08 which is represented by the forehead.
15:12 Just think of it.
15:13 Angels are holding back the fury of Satan
15:17 until God's people have accepted his sign.
15:21 What mercy.
15:23 This is happening now, friends.
15:25 People are learning about the Bible Sabbath
15:28 and deciding to accept it.
15:30 When did God make the Sabbath?
15:32 Genesis 2:1-4,
15:35 "When in the day that the Lord God made
15:38 the earth and the heavens."
15:40 After the six days of creation,
15:42 God made the Sabbath on the seventh day, Saturday.
15:46 From what did God make the Sabbath?
15:49 Exodus 20:10,
15:51 "The seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God."
15:56 God made the Sabbath from a 24-hour day,
16:00 the seventh day, it is made of time,
16:03 and time is what it takes to develop a warm,
16:07 loving friendship with your Lord.
16:10 He offers me 24 hours a week of His priceless time,
16:15 so He and I can become close friends.
16:18 It's just like a marriage.
16:19 It cannot succeed
16:21 unless the partners spend time together,
16:24 neither will my love relationship with the Lord
16:27 succeed unless I make our time spent together a priority.
16:32 The devil hates the Sabbath truth
16:35 because you cannot be saved
16:36 without a relationship with God,
16:39 knowing and loving the Lord.
16:42 You see, all relationships are built
16:44 within the context of time.
16:48 What happens to a marriage
16:49 when a husband and wife stop spending quality time?
16:52 It begins to fall apart.
16:55 We need to make time
16:56 to communicate with each other to stay close.
17:00 The devil wants to keep us so busy
17:02 working and stressed out so we do not make time for God.
17:07 Why did God choose the element of time
17:10 to focus our minds on Him?
17:13 He created us for fellowship with Him,
17:16 which requires time.
17:17 For God so loved the world that He gave us His Son
17:21 for 33 and a half years.
17:23 So we would have face-to-face time with Him
17:26 on this earth.
17:28 Nothing is more meaningful
17:29 than a unit of time spent together.
17:32 God did three things at creation
17:35 that made the seventh day special.
17:37 Genesis 2:2-3, "And on the seventh day,
17:42 God ended His work which He had done,
17:44 and He rested on the seventh day
17:47 from all His work which He had done.
17:50 Then God blessed the seventh day
17:53 and sanctified it."
17:55 Sanctify means to set apart for a sacred use.
18:00 This literal 24-hour period
18:02 was made holy by the God of the universe,
18:05 from the very beginning of time itself.
18:08 When God blesses something, for how long is it blessed?
18:12 A year, a decade, a century?
18:16 1 Chronicles 17:27 gives us the answer,
18:20 "That it may continue before You for forever,
18:24 for You have blessed it, O Lord,
18:26 and it shall be blessed forever."
18:30 For whom did God make the Sabbath?
18:33 Mark 2:27. Jesus said,
18:36 "The Sabbath was made for man
18:39 and not man for the Sabbath."
18:43 If you think about it,
18:44 man was created on the sixth day
18:47 and the Sabbath was made for man
18:50 on the next day, the seventh.
18:53 Was the Sabbath made for only Jews?
18:56 When God made the Sabbath, there was no Jew or Gentile,
19:00 only mankind.
19:03 God made the Sabbath for Adam and all his descendants.
19:07 That includes you and me.
19:10 Let's look at how God's commandments existed
19:13 before Moses on Mount Sinai.
19:16 We find in Exodus 16
19:18 the Israelites have escaped Egypt
19:20 and are now wandering in the wilderness.
19:23 There's no easy access to food.
19:25 So they cry out to God
19:27 to help them please they're hungry.
19:30 In return, God promises in Exodus 16:4
19:35 to provide them with manna or sweet bread from heaven,
19:39 which they are to gather six days
19:42 but in verse 5 says God instructs
19:45 that on the sixth day
19:46 which is called preparation day in the Bible,
19:48 they are to gather twice as much manna.
19:51 Later in verses 25-26,
19:54 God warns there will be no manna
19:56 found in the fields on the seventh day,
19:59 which is the Sabbath.
20:01 And verse 30 tells us why.
20:03 They kept the seventh day holy by resting from any work.
20:09 The manna shows us today
20:11 that God's people knew to keep the Sabbath holy
20:15 before the commandments were given on Mount Sinai.
20:18 Found four chapters later in Exodus 20.
20:22 You see, by then, it was a reminder,
20:25 God wrote on tables of stone,
20:27 not in the sand or on a piece of paper,
20:30 His law is to endure forever.
20:33 Exodus 20:8,
20:35 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy."
20:39 This is the only commandment
20:41 that begins with a word remember,
20:44 because God knew people would forget.
20:48 The question arises, then,
20:50 what could possibly cause man
20:52 to forget God's original command
20:54 to keep the seventh day holy?
20:57 God foresaw that the archenemy
20:59 would mess with His commandments,
21:02 as we studied last night,
21:04 and He foresaw the need to bring us back to His ways.
21:10 We need to know whether the Ten Commandments
21:12 which mandate Sabbath keeping have ever been changed.
21:16 When Jesus was accused of doing away with God's law,
21:20 He made it very clear.
21:22 In Luke 16:17,
21:24 "It is easier for heaven and earth to pass
21:29 than for one tittle or detail of the law to fail."
21:33 God's law and His commandments are the same thing.
21:37 Matthew 5:17-19, Jesus said,
21:40 "Do not think that I came to destroy the law
21:44 or the prophets.
21:45 I did not come to destroy, but to fulfill."
21:49 Meaning, to uphold the law.
21:51 Romans 13:10 references many of the commandments
21:55 in these New Testament verses, summing them up with,
21:59 love is the fulfillment of the law.
22:03 Note that in the New Testament,
22:05 it tells us what day Jesus and Paul kept holy.
22:10 I want to know that.
22:11 Let's look, Luke 4:16,
22:13 "So He, speaking of Jesus, came to Nazareth,
22:17 where He had been brought up.
22:19 And as His custom was,
22:21 He went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day,
22:26 and stood up to read."
22:28 Jesus kept the Sabbath day holy.
22:31 Let's look at Acts 17:2, then Paul.
22:34 Now Paul comes after Jesus has died
22:37 and rose again and ascended to heaven.
22:39 And here Paul tells us what he's doing.
22:42 "Paul, as his custom was, went into them,
22:46 and for three Sabbaths
22:47 reasoned with them from the Scriptures."
22:50 Acts 18:4,
22:51 "And he Paul reasoned in the synagogue every Sabbath,
22:57 and persuaded both Jews and Greeks."
23:01 You see the Sabbath is for everyone
23:03 and Paul was keeping it himself.
23:06 Does it surprise you to learn
23:08 that Jesus and His followers even after Christ's death,
23:11 kept the Sabbath, God's seventh day holy.
23:15 Whenever in doubt, with what to do,
23:18 do what Jesus did.
23:21 Jesus is our example, in all things,
23:24 including Sabbath keeping.
23:28 1 Peter 2:21 reads,
23:31 "Because Christ also suffered for us,
23:34 leaving us an example,
23:37 that you should follow His steps."
23:40 To learn that Jesus kept the Sabbath
23:42 affects me personally
23:44 because I want to follow Him as He is my Lord and Savior,
23:49 so if He kept the Sabbath, so will I.
23:53 The Christian Gentiles also kept the Sabbath.
23:56 In Acts 13:42-44, it tells us,
23:59 "So when the Jews went out of the synagogue,
24:02 the Gentiles begged
24:04 that these words might be preached to them
24:06 the next Sabbath.
24:08 Paul and Barnabas persuaded them
24:10 to continue in the grace of God.
24:12 And on the next Sabbath,
24:15 almost the whole city came together
24:17 to hear the Word of God."
24:20 Keep in mind these scriptures are after Jesus died,
24:23 rose from the grave, and ascended to heaven.
24:26 It is vital for us to understand
24:28 how the Bible identifies these three days.
24:33 The order of events over these three days
24:35 goes like this.
24:37 Friday, which is the sixth day of the week,
24:41 was the day Christ died,
24:43 which is called
24:44 the preparation day in the Bible.
24:46 The next day would be the seventh day of the week.
24:51 The Bible calls the Sabbath.
24:54 Jesus rested on in the tomb on Saturday,
24:59 the Sabbath, and then the next day,
25:02 which would be the first day of the week,
25:04 Jesus rose from the grave.
25:06 Scripture called Sunday, the first day.
25:10 The identity of the Sabbath is clear.
25:13 Sabbath is the seventh day of the weekly cycle
25:17 or the day we call Saturday.
25:21 Many Christians have said,
25:23 but we worship on Sunday in honor of the resurrection.
25:28 Well, Christ has given us a symbol of the resurrection.
25:32 Yes, that is true.
25:34 What does Jesus say
25:35 is a celebration of His resurrection?
25:38 Romans 6:3-4,
25:41 "Or do you not know that as many of us
25:43 as were baptized into Christ Jesus
25:46 were baptized into His death?
25:49 Therefore we were buried with Him
25:51 through baptism into death,
25:54 that just as Christ was raised from the dead
25:56 by the glory of the Father,
25:58 even so we also should walk in the newness of life."
26:04 So just as Jesus died,
26:06 was buried, and was resurrected,
26:09 we do that by being baptized, friends.
26:13 We come up from the watery grave,
26:15 to live the new life.
26:17 Baptism is the New Testament symbol
26:20 of the resurrection.
26:23 There is no doubt
26:24 that Christ's resurrection was an important event.
26:28 And so is His birth, His baptism,
26:32 His crucifixion, His ascension?
26:35 Would it be logical for Jesus to change a Sabbath day
26:38 at each important event in His life?
26:42 It is curious then
26:45 why so many Christians worship on the first day of the week?
26:49 Here's evidence that Jesus did not plan
26:52 to change the Sabbath
26:53 at the time of His resurrection.
26:55 One day, Jesus gathered His disciples together
26:58 and discussed the coming destruction
27:00 of Jerusalem.
27:01 Matthew 24:20, Jesus says,
27:04 "And pray that your flight may not be in winter
27:07 or on the Sabbath."
27:09 Why?
27:10 What sense would it make for Jesus
27:12 to say to His disciples,
27:14 pray that your flight not be on the Sabbath?
27:16 If they were not going to be keeping the Sabbath,
27:19 it wouldn't have made any sense at all.
27:21 Why did He say that?
27:23 You see, if they were all worshiping
27:25 on the Sabbath together in one place,
27:27 and the Roman armies attack the city,
27:30 what would have happened?
27:31 The Roman armies would have destroyed them.
27:34 Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD
27:37 years after Jesus had already ascended to heaven.
27:41 From the beginning, God used the Sabbath
27:44 as a covenant with His people.
27:46 Let's think about that.
27:48 How many people must there be to form a covenant or contract?
27:52 Two.
27:54 Can just one of the parties change the contract?
27:57 No.
27:58 Can we then change our covenant with God
28:01 without His acknowledgment?
28:04 Let me illustrate this.
28:05 The word sanctify meaning set apart
28:08 is used when pertaining to the Sabbath and marriage,
28:12 when one woman is set apart or sanctified for one man.
28:16 Let's imagine a wedding ceremony right now.
28:19 The handsome groom is thrilled
28:21 as he's about to marry his beautiful bride.
28:25 The woman he's chosen to marry has six sisters.
28:29 After the ceremony, he's eagerly waiting in the car
28:32 excited to go on their honeymoon.
28:34 One of her sisters opens the car door
28:36 and slips in beside him and says, let's go.
28:40 He looks at her amazing response.
28:42 I didn't marry you. I married your sister.
28:46 Her reply is, what difference does it make?
28:49 I'm one in seven.
28:51 Friends, does it make any difference?
28:54 Yes, to the married couple, it certainly does.
28:57 There was only one who is sanctified,
28:59 one who is chosen.
29:01 One woman the groom set apart for himself.
29:04 All seven women were not the same.
29:07 Just like not all days are the same are created equal.
29:12 Let's not be confused and misunderstand
29:14 the one special day amongst the seven.
29:17 In our society, the term Lord's Day
29:20 has become attached
29:21 to the first day of the week, Sunday.
29:24 Because when some read Revelation 1:10,
29:27 "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day."
29:29 There are many assumptions made.
29:32 This verse does not say the first day of the week
29:35 is the Lord's Day.
29:36 Human beings may try to define the Lord's Day,
29:40 but Jesus knows best.
29:41 Let's allow Him to define His own day.
29:44 Matthew 12:8,
29:46 "For the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath."
29:50 Mark 2:28,
29:52 "For the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath."
29:56 Luke 6:5,
29:58 "The Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath."
30:03 Isaiah 58:13,
30:05 "If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath,
30:08 from doing your pleasure on My Holy day,
30:12 the holy day of the Lord."
30:14 We can clearly see that the Lord's Day is the Sabbath,
30:18 Saturday the seventh day.
30:22 More than 100 ancient and modern languages
30:24 named the seventh day of the week Sabbath.
30:28 Here are just a few,
30:29 in Arabic: Sabet, Spanish: Sabado,
30:34 Ukrainian: Subota.
30:37 No matter where you are on the planet,
30:39 the different languages spell it out
30:42 that Sabbath is Saturday, the seventh day of the week.
30:46 According to such trustworthy sources
30:48 as the Royal Greenwich Observatory in England,
30:52 and the United States Naval Observatory,
30:54 the weekly cycle has never changed.
30:58 Also, let's think about our planet's solar system.
31:02 We measure our year cycle by the earth orbiting the sun.
31:07 The month is by the moon orbiting the earth.
31:12 The day is by the earth,
31:14 turning on its axis every 24 hours,
31:19 but where do we get the seven-day week from?
31:24 Bible creation.
31:27 God created the evening and the morning
31:29 for each day and saw that it was good.
31:33 A 24-hour day is in the Bible
31:36 is measured from evening to evening,
31:39 which means from sundown to sundown.
31:42 So let's be clear.
31:44 When does the Sabbath begin and end?
31:47 Mark defines the word evening in Mark 1:32,
31:53 "At evening when the sun had set, sunset."
31:58 Leviticus 23:32, "From evening to evening,
32:02 you shall celebrate your Sabbath."
32:06 We see that Sabbath begins at sunset,
32:09 Friday, sunset.
32:12 Genesis 1:5, "And God called the light Day,
32:16 and the darkness He called Night.
32:18 So evening and morning were the first day."
32:22 When speaking about a 24-hour period or day,
32:24 the evening is always counted before the morning.
32:28 So Sabbath is celebrated
32:30 from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset.
32:35 For those of you who may not think
32:37 that Ten Commandments are in the New Testament,
32:39 they're there.
32:41 In the following texts,
32:42 we can see that Jesus and His followers
32:44 continue to teach the commandments
32:46 in the New Testament.
32:48 Note that the Sabbath commandment
32:49 is mentioned the most
32:50 because He wants us to remember its importance.
32:54 The first commandment is found in Matthew 4:10.
32:57 The second commandment is in 1 John and Acts.
33:01 The third commandment is in 1 Timothy.
33:04 And you can see
33:05 that the fourth commandment is in Matthew,
33:08 Mark, Hebrews, Colossians.
33:12 Friends, remember
33:14 that later you can come back to this slide.
33:16 Pause the screen
33:17 and read each one of these texts in full please,
33:20 on your own time in your own Bible.
33:23 Are God's commandments called the 10 suggestions,
33:26 the 10 recommendations, or how about the 10 good ideas?
33:31 It is not enough to have good intentions, friends,
33:33 it is not enough to do what you think is right,
33:36 or what the minister tells you is right.
33:38 Your soul salvation is at stake
33:41 and you should search the scriptures for yourself.
33:44 However strong maybe your convictions,
33:47 however confident you may be
33:48 that the minister knows what is truth,
33:51 this is not your foundation.
33:53 The Bible provides us a sure path
33:57 always pointing us to heaven.
34:00 What more can God do to emphasize the permanence
34:03 of His holy Sabbath day?
34:04 He spoke it with His voice.
34:06 He wrote it with His finger
34:08 and sent His own beloved Son Jesus
34:11 as our example to live by.
34:13 The disciples taught it
34:15 and we will keep it on the New Earth
34:18 throughout all of eternity.
34:21 We're told that in Isaiah 66:20-23,
34:25 "For as the new heaven and the new earth,
34:28 which I will make shall remain before Me,
34:30 says the Lord,
34:32 and from one Sabbath to another,
34:34 all flesh will come to worship before Me,
34:38 says the Lord."
34:40 I can't wait for that day.
34:42 The plan has always been to return to the garden,
34:45 God's original blueprint design.
34:48 What should be my motivation
34:50 for obedience to God's commands?
34:53 My love for the Lord
34:55 because Jesus says in John 14:15,
34:59 "If you love Me, keep My commandments."
35:02 If my obedience is not motivated by love,
35:06 then it becomes heavy drudgery,
35:08 resulting in legalism.
35:13 Keeping God's holy Sabbath day is a weekly reminder
35:16 of our roots as children of the Great Creator God.
35:22 As we previously studied
35:23 the three angels' messages in Revelation,
35:25 we saw the warning is to prepare a special people
35:29 who will be loyal and obedient to the commandments of God
35:33 and to be ready when Jesus returns.
35:36 These are the people who will have God's sign
35:39 or seal His Sabbath in their foreheads.
35:42 They have made their decision.
35:45 They choose Jesus, no matter what comes.
35:48 These people keep all the commandments of God
35:52 and have the faith of Jesus.
35:54 They love the truth so much
35:56 that they do whatever it takes to keep God's day holy.
36:00 There's a beautiful example of this love and dedication
36:04 that my crew and I filmed in Madagascar.
36:08 Mama Cisit and her husband left their Sunday church
36:12 when problems arose.
36:13 And one day her husband was listening
36:15 to Adventist World Radio program
36:18 when he heard the broadcaster
36:19 talk about the seventh day Sabbath.
36:22 This puzzled and intrigued him
36:24 because he had not heard this before.
36:27 The announcement was made that this same program
36:29 would rebroadcast later that evening.
36:33 He immediately searched for his wife
36:35 to tell her what he had heard.
36:37 Together, they listened intently
36:39 to the rebroadcast taking careful notes.
36:43 Convicted by the Bible texts they heard,
36:45 they began traveling from village to village
36:48 to find a church, which kept the Bible Sabbath.
36:51 Finally, someone suggested they go to the big city,
36:55 45 miles away, that's 72 kilometers.
37:00 They walked there.
37:04 After walking for days,
37:06 they found a Seventh-day Adventist Church,
37:08 and were delighted to worship with other Sabbath keepers
37:12 for the very first time.
37:14 The pastor informed them of a church
37:16 that was closer to their village,
37:18 but it was over a mountain range,
37:21 and it took two days to walk there.
37:24 They made this exhausting hike many times
37:27 and then decided to have church at home instead,
37:31 even though their neighbors made fun of them.
37:35 Because of the love for truth
37:36 and determination to follow what the Bible says,
37:40 Mama Cisit and her husband have now built three churches
37:44 in order to hold all the new believers.
37:48 The importance of this commandment
37:49 cannot be overemphasized friends.
37:52 If people had kept this commandment
37:54 throughout the centuries
37:55 there will be not one single evolutionist,
37:59 idolater, or pagan today.
38:02 We are living in the most solemn period
38:04 of this world's history.
38:06 The destiny of earth's teeming multitudes
38:09 is about to be decided.
38:11 Do you want the seal of the living God?
38:14 Our salvation depends on the course we choose today.
38:19 Choose you this day whom you will serve
38:22 because both God and the enemy wants your worship.
38:27 Satan seeks to destroy you
38:30 and Jesus wants to save you.
38:34 A little boy in Florida ran outside to go swimming
38:37 in the large canal behind his house.
38:40 His smiling mother was watching out her kitchen window.
38:44 Suddenly, the look on her face changed to panic.
38:47 Evidently, a very large alligator
38:50 had moved into the canal.
38:52 It slipped into the water
38:53 and began moving towards her son.
38:56 She ran outside screaming alligator swim back now.
39:02 The boy immediately turned around
39:04 but just as he was nearing the shore,
39:06 the alligator's jaws latched on to his legs
39:10 and begin to pull him back into the water.
39:13 Once gator's have a good grip, they drown their victims.
39:18 Mom grabbed her son's hands just as he was slipping away
39:21 and she began a tug of war with this Leviathan.
39:24 He was pulling one way and she was pulling together.
39:28 She screamed as she was knocked down
39:29 by the forces of wrestling,
39:31 but then she would get her footing again
39:33 and keep fighting for their lives.
39:35 The boy screamed in agony as the gator tried to pull him
39:39 into a death roll.
39:41 The neighboring farmer heard their screams.
39:44 He grabbed his rifle took aim and shot the alligator dead.
39:48 The boy was then hospitalized with torn-up legs
39:51 and hundreds of stitches.
39:53 On the day of his release
39:55 the local reporters gathered to interview the boy.
39:59 Show the camera your scars son, as they pointed to his legs.
40:04 The little boy smiled back and said no.
40:07 Look here at my arms at these scars.
40:12 He was so proud of the marks on his arms.
40:16 These scars are there
40:18 because my mama would not let go of me.
40:23 Friends, the alligator wants to destroy you.
40:27 The devil wants to put his mark on you,
40:30 but Jesus will hang on to you at the tightest of grip.
40:35 Do not let go of Him
40:36 because He will not let go of you.
40:39 He wants to seal you as His forever.
40:44 Jesus is our Savior
40:46 and He will gladly keep His scars
40:49 from fighting for you.
40:52 How many of you want to receive God's mark,
40:55 His Sabbath seal on you to be saved?
41:00 Let's pray together.
41:03 Heavenly Father, thank You
41:05 for never letting go of our hands.
41:09 While we struggled to not get caught
41:11 in the devil's death roll.
41:13 We ask You to have mercy on our hearts tonight.
41:17 Your name is worthy to be praised precious Jesus,
41:22 for the scars in Your hands are there because of me.
41:27 Thank You for this added truth
41:29 of the Sabbath shining through the keyhole
41:32 as we unlock Bible prophecies together.
41:36 May we have Your seal in our hearts
41:39 and our minds to save us forever and ever
41:44 in Jesus' precious, most powerful name.
41:47 Amen.
41:51 Friends, have you decided to remember the Sabbath day
41:56 to keep it holy?
41:58 Is it your desire
41:59 to be a commandment keeping Christian?
42:03 Now that we've seen that the Sabbath
42:04 is the authentic seal of God.
42:08 You may be wondering then,
42:09 why does so many worship on a different day?
42:13 Tomorrow night, you may be shocked
42:15 to find out the reason.
42:18 Thank you so much for watching.
42:21 God bless you
42:22 and please join us again tomorrow
42:24 for the counterfeit on Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
42:29 Choose God's way.
42:31 Good night, friends.
42:34 As a special bonus for our 3ABN viewers,
42:37 we wanted to share stories of God's incredible miracles
42:40 before we end this program.
42:42 Thank you for your prayers and support
42:44 of Adventist World Radio.
42:46 Everyday lives like these are being changed for eternity.
42:57 Consisting of nearly 7000 islands
43:00 and home to the largest city on earth,
43:02 Japan is a nation
43:04 full of rich history and culture.
43:14 Come with me as I discover how Adventist World Radio
43:17 is making a difference right here in Japan.
43:19 This is AWR 360.
43:39 As I explore the city,
43:40 I am amazed by not only its huge population
43:44 but also its affluence.
43:46 Of this nation's 127 million people,
43:50 an estimated 91% of the population
43:53 considers themselves Shinto or Buddhist,
43:55 even if they rarely visit the temple.
44:01 As little as 2% claim
44:03 some form of Christianity and among them,
44:06 the Seventh-day Adventist Church
44:08 has a membership of only 14,000.
44:14 And the sobering reality is that as of late,
44:17 this number has been declining, not growing.
44:21 AWR has committed to using our resources
44:24 to help bring revival to Japan
44:26 and then stories like Pastor Obara's
44:29 that give us great courage and hope along the way.
44:33 My father Esou grew up in the northern part of Japan.
44:37 His family were farmers,
44:39 but my dad got tired of the country life
44:41 and moved to Tokyo when he was 20.
44:44 He got a good paying job,
44:45 but unfortunately spent all this money
44:48 on cigarettes and alcohol.
44:51 Smoking and drinking took its toll on Esou's body
44:55 and soon he found himself sick and in the hospital.
44:59 There was nothing to do,
45:01 but lay in bed and listen to the radio.
45:06 My father loved listening to Japanese pop music,
45:09 but one day when he was tuning his radio,
45:12 he heard a different kind of music.
45:14 It was strange music,
45:16 and it drew him in and he wanted to hear more.
45:21 After being released from the hospital,
45:23 Esou continued listening to this new station,
45:26 and soon he heard
45:28 about an upcoming evangelistic meeting
45:30 at a nearby Adventist Church.
45:33 My father faithfully attended those meetings
45:36 and at the end of that series,
45:38 my father made a decision to be baptized.
45:42 His new commitment to Jesus
45:44 would force Esou to make some significant sacrifices.
45:48 Japanese highly value work
45:50 and taking Sabbath off was not an option.
45:54 Either my father could keep the Sabbath
45:56 or keep his job but not both.
45:59 He chose the Sabbath.
46:01 But sadly, this brought shame
46:02 and embarrassment to his family.
46:05 They could not understand his new diet, way of life,
46:08 and why he would quit his job.
46:11 Esou stuck to his new convictions
46:13 in the face of adversity though,
46:16 and the Lord honored him for it.
46:20 Soon, Esou was offered a job
46:22 as a janitor at the Adventist Hospital,
46:24 which he gladly accepted.
46:26 After further training, Esou went from janitor
46:29 to working in the physical therapy department,
46:32 a job he thoroughly enjoyed until his retirement.
46:37 My father loved to tell people about Jesus
46:39 and through his influence
46:41 led more than 20 different patients to Christ
46:44 during his years working at the hospital.
46:47 He had a positive influence on many lives,
46:49 including my own.
46:53 If it wasn't for my dad
46:54 and the Lord working through Adventist World Radio,
46:57 I definitely would not be a pastor
47:00 or especially a conference president
47:02 here in Japan today.
47:08 Isn't it amazing how the Lord works?
47:11 He took Obara's father who was a young drunkard,
47:13 and through the Holy Spirit and AWR,
47:16 now his son is helping to lead the work here in Japan.
47:21 A few months ago, Pastor Obara preached
47:24 his very first evangelistic series
47:26 in partnership with AWR
47:28 on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines.
47:31 He joined in baptizing over 1,400 precious souls.
47:37 Because of this experience,
47:38 Obara along with many other pastors and laymen
47:41 are excited to see how God will impact Japan.
47:48 The spirit of revival has been sparked,
47:50 and now more than ever before,
47:52 Japan is ready for the final push
47:55 of evangelism before Jesus comes.
47:57 Will you join us in this mission?
47:59 There are two things you can do.
48:02 First, pray.
48:03 Pray for the work here in Japan
48:05 and other difficult to reach places.
48:07 And second, visit awr.org
48:10 where you can help expand the reach of AWR's broadcast
48:13 by your generous donations.
48:16 Thank you for joining us
48:17 and hastening Jesus' soon coming
48:19 by your needed prayers and support.
48:22 Until next time, this is AWR 360.
48:28 Sandwiched in between two giants
48:30 India and China lies a land that is distinct in culture,
48:34 from its crowded streets to its peaceful mountains,
48:38 this is a country that is teeming with color
48:40 and full of exotic flavors,
48:42 yet it is filled with hopeless, poverty-stricken people.
48:50 Steeped in superstition,
48:52 81% of this population is Hindu, 9% Buddhist,
48:57 5% Muslim with sadly only 1% Christian.
49:02 God is at work though
49:04 and light is beginning to pierce the darkness.
49:06 We are in Nepal and this is AWR 360.
49:20 I have come to Nepal to see for myself
49:23 how God is working in the lives of the Nepali people
49:26 through Adventist World Radio.
49:29 Today we are in search of the remote mountain village
49:31 of Sangachok, home to the Chepang people.
49:36 The past 10 hours we have traveled by jeep
49:40 on treacherously steep and windy roads.
49:43 At the town of Manahari, we leave the jeep for a bus.
49:46 This bus takes us up a flooded riverbed.
49:52 It is a strange feeling to see water rushing by
49:55 outside my bus seat window.
49:59 The bus takes us as far as it is able to go
50:02 and now we must walk.
50:04 For over two hours we trek, crossing streams,
50:10 and hiking through terraced fields of corn
50:13 higher and still higher we climb.
50:20 Finally, we reach the village of Sangachok.
50:23 It was with a feeling of amazement
50:25 and relief that I catch my first glimpses
50:28 of these precious people that I have heard so much about
50:32 and come so far to find.
50:36 They lead simple yet rigorous, isolated lives,
50:40 cooking basic meals over open fires,
50:43 living in thatched huts, and daily working in fields
50:46 carved into the mountainside.
50:48 Because many cannot read or write,
50:50 the radio is their primary window
50:53 to the outside world.
50:57 One day, I turned my radio to a station
50:59 I had never heard before
51:01 it's called Ashako Bani or Voice of Hope.
51:03 I listened closely as health, family life,
51:07 and the Christian faith were being discussed.
51:09 As the program ended,
51:11 I quickly took down AWRs contact information.
51:14 Surendra and the pastor at the AWR studio
51:18 began talking on a regular basis,
51:20 sometimes several times a day.
51:22 Surendra began to share
51:24 what he was learning on the radio
51:25 with his fellow villagers and family,
51:27 particularly his father, the community spiritual leader.
51:32 I was once the witch doctor for our village,
51:35 but I realized its limitations when my two sons died.
51:40 I tried everything in my power
51:42 to heal them with my witchcraft.
51:45 Pralad became depressed and discouraged
51:48 until one day a man visited their village
51:51 and taught him about Jesus.
51:53 Ever since then he has been seeking truth
51:55 from God's Word.
51:59 I am so grateful to be out
52:00 from under the spells of witchcraft
52:02 and be freed by Bible truth.
52:05 I thank God every day
52:07 that my son introduced me to Adventist World Radio.
52:22 It has changed my spiritual walk
52:25 to become a Seventh-day Adventist.
52:28 Through Adventist World Radio, God transforms,
52:32 He not only changes the village spiritually,
52:34 God improves all aspects of one's life.
52:39 When we listen to the radio,
52:41 we not only learn about the Bible,
52:43 we also learn about health, cleanliness,
52:46 and family life principles.
52:48 This has been a great blessing to us.
52:50 I now realize that my body is a temple of God.
52:54 He wants me to keep my body clean inside and out,
52:57 as well as my home and surroundings.
53:01 Adventist World Radio
53:03 not only provides the gospel message,
53:05 but the local staff also supplies basic food items
53:08 during particularly difficult times.
53:10 Like the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015.
53:16 Most importantly, today,
53:18 due to your generous donations to AWR's broadcast,
53:22 there is a growing community of believers
53:24 who are eager to be baptized
53:26 and are preparing for Jesus' soon coming.
53:33 Soon so far, we have 31 families,
53:36 including 17 families from our own small village
53:39 who are preparing for baptism
53:41 into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
53:50 As we began our descent down the mountain,
53:52 I cannot help but think of Nepal's 29 million people
53:56 scattered among the hills
53:58 and valleys of this beautiful land.
54:00 There are only 5,000 Adventists in Nepal,
54:03 but there are countless others who are longing to know more
54:06 about Jesus if they only had the chance.
54:11 Jesus is coming soon
54:12 and the doors of opportunity are open today
54:15 that soon may close.
54:17 Now is the time to be involved
54:19 in spreading the gospel like never before.
54:23 Nepal desperately needs Bible workers.
54:26 There are so many calls
54:27 coming into the AWR radio stations every day,
54:30 they need our help.
54:32 To support three Bible workers full time
54:35 for their salary, transportation,
54:37 and other necessities is only $1,000 per month.
54:42 That's for three dedicated workers
54:44 sharing the gospel around Nepal.
54:47 Thank you for joining us in hastening the second coming
54:49 by your needed prayers and generous donations.
54:53 Together we are making waves from broadcast to baptism,
54:57 this is AWR 360.


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