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00:01 Have you ever wondered
00:02 what happens the moment after you die?
00:04 Have you ever been fearful of death?
00:06 And what does the Bible teach about the afterlife?
00:10 You might be surprised... it may not be what you think.
00:14 My name is Cami Oetman.
00:15 Stay with me for the answers to these questions
00:18 as Unlocking Bible Prophecies starts now.
00:22 The rise of an international pandemic
00:25 polarizing global politics.
00:28 Increasingly destructive natural disasters.
00:32 Bush fires in Australia
00:33 are warning of may be to come around the world.
00:36 What does it all mean?
00:38 What does the future hold?
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00:41 Join international Speaker, Cami Oetman
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00:48 In her travels around the world,
00:51 she's come face to face with real-life struggles
00:53 but in the midst of that, she has found miracles of hope.
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00:58 Join Cami Oetman for Unlocking Bible Prophecies
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01:14 Can you believe it?
01:15 Tonight marks the half-way point
01:17 of Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
01:19 This continuing Series of Presentations
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01:36 I hope that you were inspired by yesterday's Presentation:
01:41 The Counterfeit.
01:42 We saw that there is no Biblical evidence
01:45 that God's day of worship has changed
01:48 from the Seventh-day Sabbath to the first day Sunday.
01:51 History confirms that Sunday worship is a man-made tradition.
01:56 Constantine united pagan sun worship and Christianity
02:00 under the helm of Sunday worship.
02:02 Let's remember, that for every Bible truth
02:06 Satan has his counterfeit.
02:08 God's law is like His character...
02:11 it never changes.
02:12 Tonight we will discover...
02:14 prophecy reveals that what people believe about death
02:18 will be a major influence in last-day events.
02:21 Can we find hope that goes beyond the grave?
02:24 What really happens at death?
02:26 The question of what really happens at death
02:29 has a solid Biblical answer.
02:32 Let's pray now before we study the grave.
02:34 "Dear heavenly Father,
02:36 King of the Universe... King of our hearts...
02:38 Lord, empty me of self... fill me with Your Holy Spirit
02:42 and anoint my lips with only Your words.
02:44 We praise you for the truth that we find in Your Word
02:47 because we can count on You
02:49 and we so love you Lord,
02:51 in Jesus' precious name, amen. "
02:53 Have you ever been at the bedside of the dying
02:57 or felt the sting of losing a child in the prime of life?
03:00 If death's black veil has separated you
03:04 from the love of your life,
03:05 maybe you've wondered, "Is this all there is to life?"
03:08 We live... we die and then what?
03:11 Since the beginning of time, the cycles of life and death
03:15 have left holes in people's hearts.
03:17 Tonight we will find the Bible pulls back the veil
03:21 and solves death's mystery.
03:23 The Bible will expose the popular lies
03:26 regarding what happens when you die.
03:28 Ephesians 5:11 says,
03:31 "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness,
03:35 but rather expose them. "
03:37 Jesus makes sure to provide us with solid evidence
03:41 in Scripture
03:43 so that we do not have to guess, wonder or worry.
03:46 We can know and be grounded in the truth.
03:49 Please try to set aside all preconceived ideas
03:53 on the subject of death
03:54 and allow God's Word to speak.
03:57 Let the Bible inform you.
03:59 Now, I recognize that even Christians and non-Christians
04:03 look at this subject of death differently.
04:06 Some religions believe in reincarnation...
04:08 some secular people believe that death is the end
04:12 with nothing beyond the grave.
04:13 If you would ask most Christians,
04:15 "What happens when you die?"
04:17 They would say... a person has a soul...
04:20 it goes to heaven or hell when they die.
04:23 Others might believe in purgatory...
04:25 an in-between stop...
04:27 Are the dead asleep waiting for the resurrection
04:30 when Jesus comes?
04:32 Or are they already in heaven?
04:34 And if they are in heaven, do souls have eyes?
04:38 Can they speak?
04:40 Do they have mouths or ears?
04:42 If a soul has eyes and a mouth and ears
04:46 and you could see it up in heaven,
04:47 why does it have to come back for the body?
04:51 Hmmm...
04:52 So there are all kinds of confusing questions.
04:55 People are really perplexed about the subject of death.
04:58 Is the soul immortal
05:00 or is there a resurrection?
05:02 You see, if the soul is immortal,
05:05 then it could go to either heaven or hell
05:07 immediately after death.
05:09 If the soul is immortal,
05:11 then the dead could actually talk to the living.
05:14 The whole issue of death has to do
05:16 with the question of immortality.
05:19 Do we have it now?
05:21 Will it be given to us at the second coming of Christ?
05:23 Hmmm...
05:25 Our theme will give us the answers.
05:27 If it's in the Bible, I believe it.
05:30 If it disagrees with the Bible,
05:32 then, it's not for me.
05:33 There once was a little boy walking in a graveyard.
05:37 One of the headstones caught his eye.
05:39 In inscription read:
05:41 Friend, stop as you go by,
05:43 as you are now... once was I,
05:45 as I am now... you soon shall be,
05:48 so prepare yourself to follow me.
05:51 Well, the little boy took out his crayon from his pocket
05:54 and scribbled on the headstone,
05:56 "To follow you, I'm not content...
05:58 until I know just where you went. "
06:01 All ages from all times want to know
06:04 where you go when you die.
06:06 The Bible gives us dependable answers
06:09 that reveals not only what happens after death
06:11 but also, how to face death with new hope and confidence.
06:16 The very first chapter of the book of Revelation
06:20 introduces us to a glorious person... the person of Jesus.
06:24 He is dressed in a glowing white robe.
06:27 His eyes are like flames of fire.
06:29 Jesus identifies Himself in Revelation 1:18,
06:33 "I am He who lives, and was dead,
06:37 and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen.
06:41 And I have the keys of Hades and of Death. "
06:45 Jesus conquered death
06:48 so He holds the keys to the grave.
06:50 Any believer who dies and rests in Jesus
06:53 can look forward to the resurrection.
06:55 But somebody says,
06:57 "What does the Bible teach
06:59 about the idea of the immortal soul?"
07:01 Well, let's go back to Genesis to the creation week
07:05 to find a clue as to what happens when a person dies.
07:08 Maybe if we understand what happened at our creation,
07:12 we can understand something about what happens when we die.
07:15 The Bible says in Genesis 2 verse 7,
07:18 "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,
07:22 and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life;
07:25 and man became a living soul. "
07:29 Notice these three key phrases here,
07:32 God formed man of the dust of the ground...
07:34 breathed into him the breath of life...
07:37 and man became a living soul.
07:40 Does the Bible say that God put an immortal soul in Adam?
07:45 No, it doesn't say that...
07:48 instead it reveals the formula for the human being.
07:53 Dust + Spirt
07:55 = A Living Soul.
07:57 Or another way to describe it,
07:59 Element of earth + Breath = A Living Being.
08:05 A living soul means a living person.
08:08 Adam became a living being or a living person.
08:12 You see, I don't have a soul... I am a soul...
08:17 a living creature... a person
08:19 and so are you.
08:20 We want to find out what a soul is
08:23 and if it is immortal and if it can ever die.
08:26 Ezekiel 18:4 tells us,
08:29 "Behold, all souls are Mine...
08:32 the soul who sins shall die. "
08:35 Hmmm...
08:37 the Bible says... a living soul dies.
08:40 So, a person dies... a life dies...
08:44 these three words are interchangeable.
08:46 Matthew 16:25 to 26,
08:49 "For whoever desires to save his life will lose it,
08:53 but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.
08:56 For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world,
09:00 and loses his own soul?
09:02 Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?"
09:06 Mortal means: subject to death.
09:10 You can die.
09:12 Immortal means: imperishable...
09:15 you cannot die...
09:17 1st Timothy 1:17 says,
09:20 "Now to the King eternal,
09:22 immortal, invisible, to God who alone is wise,
09:27 be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen. "
09:31 Only the King of the Universe is immortal.
09:36 We believers who live and die on earth
09:39 will receive immortality only when Christ comes.
09:43 1st Timothy 6:15, 16...
09:46 "He who is the blessed and only Potentate,
09:50 the King of kings and the Lord of lord,
09:53 who alone has immortality,
09:55 dwelling in unapproachable light... "
09:57 Again, the repeated truth is that God alone has immortality.
10:03 You see, pagan Greek Philosophy
10:07 taught that the soul is immortal.
10:09 It is a man-made teaching
10:11 that the soul could live separately from the body
10:14 and it... somehow is a life of its own.
10:16 The Bible teaches that human beings are an integrated unit...
10:21 Physical... Mental... and Spiritual.
10:23 These components are inseparable.
10:26 It takes all three parts to make a whole person.
10:30 Whereas Spiritualism and the New Age Philosophies
10:34 teach that the soul is immortal.
10:37 These man-made teachings
10:39 separates the soul from a person at death
10:42 as if they are two separate entities.
10:45 Spiritualism teaches that when you die,
10:49 there is this essence of you that floats up to heaven
10:52 and lives on
10:54 and that you can come back and communicate with the living.
10:58 Friends, do you see and understand
11:01 why this is such a deadly idea?
11:03 The devil can use these false ideas about death to deceive us
11:09 and he does.
11:10 Read what the Bible says in 1st Corinthians 15:51, 52,
11:15 "Behold, I tell you a mystery:
11:18 We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed...
11:21 in a moment,
11:22 in the twinkling of an eye,
11:24 at the last trumpet.
11:25 For the trumpet will sound,
11:26 and the dead will be raised incorruptible... "
11:29 meaning... indestructible
11:31 "and we shall be changed. "
11:33 When God created Adam, He placed His breath within Him
11:37 not an immortal soul.
11:39 Genesis 2:7,
11:41 "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,
11:46 and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life;
11:50 and man became a living soul.
11:53 Think of it,
11:55 death is creation in reverse.
11:57 So, then, what happens when a person dies?
12:00 What is it that goes back to God?
12:03 Is it a mystery?
12:04 Let's have the Bible answer as always.
12:07 Ecclesiastes 12:7,
12:09 "Then the dust will return to the earth as it was,
12:13 and the spirit will return to God who gave it. "
12:16 Okay, so the body goes to the dust
12:19 but the spirit that goes back to God
12:22 is not something that is conscious.
12:24 It is the breath or power of God that returns to God.
12:29 God has preserved the identity of that person in His mind.
12:34 The Old Testament Hebrew word for "Spirit" is "Ruach,"
12:38 which means "Breath".
12:40 So, spirit and breath are the same thing.
12:43 The spirit and soul are different.
12:46 God forms man out of the dust of the ground...
12:49 that is his body.
12:51 God breathes into man His Ruach...
12:54 the Hebrew word for spirit or breath
12:57 and then, man becomes a living soul.
13:00 When a person dies, the body returns to dust.
13:04 The "spirit" or breath of life...
13:07 the power of life goes back to God.
13:10 Job 27:3 shows us breath and spirt are the same.
13:15 "All the while my breath is in me,
13:18 and the spirit of God is in my nostrils. "
13:21 So, the "spirit of God" is obviously breath
13:24 and not some spirit ghost coming out of your nose.
13:27 I will illustrate this concept with a light bulb.
13:31 Say I want to light up this room.
13:33 I will need this light bulb
13:35 but I need more than just a plain light bulb.
13:37 Let's make this bulb represent a person's body.
13:40 In order to have illumination or light,
13:44 I need to get power to this light bulb.
13:46 This bulb alone cannot give me light.
13:49 I need a power source.
13:52 So, the power... the spark of life
13:55 represents God's breath.
13:57 The power comes through the cord into the bulb
14:00 and that produces light.
14:02 Just like when God's breath entered Adam's body,
14:07 it produced life.
14:09 Then, what happens when you unplug the light?
14:12 The power is gone.
14:15 So, when we stop breathing and our heart stops beating,
14:19 we die
14:20 and our breath or our spark of life
14:23 returns to God.
14:24 As Job told us, breath does not equal soul.
14:29 Breath equals life.
14:31 Is there any consciousness in death?
14:34 Psalm 146 verse 4 says,
14:38 "His breath goeth forth,
14:40 he returneth to his earth;
14:42 in that very day his thoughts perish. "
14:46 Ecclesiastes 9:5 and 6,
14:49 "For the living know that they will die;
14:51 but the dead know nothing,
14:54 and they have no more reward,
14:57 for the memory of them is forgotten.
14:59 Also, their love, their hatred,
15:02 and their envy have now perished;
15:05 nevermore will they have a share
15:08 in anything done under the sun. "
15:10 What does it say?
15:12 "The dead know nothing... " why not?
15:15 Because at death their thoughts perish
15:18 and there is no longer any consciousness.
15:21 They no longer have feelings of love, hatred or envy.
15:25 Our dead loved ones are resting peacefully in their graves.
15:29 Now, this next fact might surprise you.
15:32 Did you know that the Bible teaches death is like a sleep...
15:36 a peaceful sleep that lasts until Jesus' second coming?
15:40 And did you know that the Bible refers to death as sleep
15:45 more than 50 times?
15:47 Psalm 13 verse 3 says,
15:50 "Consider and hear me, O Lord my God;
15:53 enlighten my eyes,
15:54 lest I sleep the sleep of death. "
15:57 Again we see that the Bible calls death... a rest.
16:01 Nowhere in Scripture is there an immortal soul.
16:04 No...
16:06 One day, as Jesus and His disciples
16:08 were traveling to visit the home of His friends...
16:10 Lazarus... Mary and Martha,
16:12 He received urgent news that Lazarus had become very sick
16:16 and died.
16:17 Jesus waited three days before arriving in their home.
16:21 What's interesting are the statements He makes
16:24 on the way there.
16:26 John 11: 11 through 14,
16:29 "Our friend Lazarus sleeps,
16:31 but I go that I may wake him up... "
16:33 His disciples were puzzled,
16:35 "Lord, if he sleeps he will get well. "
16:38 They assumed Jesus meant Lazarus was sick and was resting.
16:42 However, Jesus was speaking of his death...
16:46 not about getting rest while sleeping.
16:48 The disciples thought he would wake up in the morning
16:51 and feel better.
16:53 "Then Jesus said to them plainly,
16:55 'Lazarus is dead. '"
16:57 For Jesus... as for all Bible writers,
17:00 death is sleep.
17:02 Jesus then visited Lazarus' home and said to Martha,
17:05 now, notice the words here very carefully.
17:07 John 11:23,
17:09 "Your brother will rise again. "
17:12 Jesus didn't say to Martha, "Don't cry...
17:16 this is amazing news...
17:17 your brother's soul is now in heaven. "
17:20 No, Jesus said,
17:22 he would rise from his grave.
17:24 We are told next what Martha believed about death
17:28 in John 11:24, 25.
17:31 "Martha said to Him,
17:33 'I know that he will rise again
17:35 in the resurrection at the last day. '
17:37 and Jesus said to her,
17:39 'I am the resurrection and the life.
17:42 He who believes in Me,
17:45 though he may die, he shall life. '"
17:47 Martha who received her religion directly from Jesus,
17:52 believed her brother would be resurrected
17:55 at Jesus' second coming.
17:56 As Christ approached the tomb,
17:59 He called, "Lazarus, come forth... "
18:02 and on Jesus' command,
18:04 Lazarus woke and came out of his grave alive.
18:09 Let's imagine this scenario with the popular belief
18:13 that once you die, you go straight to heaven.
18:15 At graveside, Jesus would have looked up to heaven calling,
18:19 "Lazarus, come on down. "
18:21 Now, I'll tell you something,
18:24 if I were Lazarus and I had been up in heaven
18:26 for three or four days
18:27 and Jesus commanded me to come down
18:30 my immediate response would be, "Oh, please Lord, no...
18:34 I love it up here so much...
18:37 I really don't want to come back to earth. "
18:39 Wouldn't you have said that too?
18:41 If what people believe is true,
18:44 Lazarus should have written a whole book in the Bible
18:48 about the glories he saw in heaven.
18:50 Or the paparazzi of that day
18:52 would have asked him a million questions
18:54 about what heaven is like.
18:56 But there's no record of anything
18:58 because there couldn't be.
19:00 Lazarus was asleep the whole time in the grave
19:06 exactly like Jesus said.
19:09 The Bible describes how there are no tears in heaven
19:13 and its joys are unimaginable.
19:15 People says, "I love to think of my mother up in heaven
19:19 looking down at me... "
19:20 but what if you had a husband that abused you
19:24 and your mother is up in heaven watching that abuse?
19:29 What if a mother is up in heaven
19:31 and her son is shooting up drugs in his veins
19:34 and ruining his life?
19:36 Do mothers in heaven bear all this pain
19:39 for their children's problems here on earth?
19:41 God is too merciful for that.
19:44 We are told in Job 14:21,
19:47 "His sons come to honor, and he does not know it;
19:52 they are brought low, and he does not perceive it. "
19:55 And in Psalm 115:17 it says,
19:59 "The dead do not praise the Lord,
20:02 nor any who go down into silence. "
20:05 The dead do not go straight to heaven, Friends,
20:09 because if they were in heaven,
20:11 they'd be praising the Lord for bringing them there.
20:13 The Bible mentions the word "soul" 1600 times
20:19 but never uses the term "immortal soul"
20:23 and it always describes death as a sleep.
20:27 Think of it this way,
20:29 people who have surgery frequently describe
20:33 going "under" when the anesthetic is administered.
20:36 They experience a dizziness.
20:39 Many hours can pass before the patient wakes up.
20:43 Sometimes, they wake up in a fog
20:46 or feeling the pain
20:47 and wonder, "What just happened?"
20:49 He next recognizes... he is in a recovery room.
20:53 As his mind clears, he realizes that time elapsed
20:57 between the dizziness and the pain
21:00 even though the pain seemed to come right after the dizziness.
21:06 The person was asleep and unaware while time passed.
21:10 This demonstrates what happens at death
21:13 as people will not realize they have died.
21:16 The next moment they are aware of
21:19 would be Jesus coming in the clouds.
21:21 Now, what about the thief on the cross?
21:24 Didn't Jesus say... he went to heaven?
21:27 Luke 23:42 and 43,
21:31 "Then he said to Jesus,
21:33 'Lord, remember me when you come into Your kingdom. '
21:37 And Jesus said to him,
21:39 'Assuredly, I say to you, today
21:41 you will be with Me in Paradise. '"
21:44 Jesus did not promise the dying thief
21:47 he would be with Him in heaven that exact same day.
21:49 No...
21:51 Jesus Himself did not go that day into Paradise.
21:54 Remember, in death He slept in the tomb
21:57 and on resurrection morning,
21:59 Jesus clearly says in John 20:17,
22:03 "I am not yet ascended to My Father. "
22:06 So, how are we to understand what Jesus told the thief?
22:10 What Christ did say that day to the thief
22:13 on the day of crucifixion...
22:15 on the day of apparent defeat and darkness,
22:17 when all seemed lost was this,
22:19 "You will be with Me in Paradise. "
22:22 The promise was given.
22:24 The thief died with the assurance of eternal life
22:27 like any other child of God
22:29 to be raised on that great resurrection morning
22:32 at Christ's second coming.
22:33 Keep in mind, in the original manuscripts of the Scriptures,
22:37 the Greek language was without punctuation
22:40 and was put in centuries later.
22:42 There are two places in the Bible
22:44 that we will look at right now
22:45 where commas have been misplaced.
22:47 The first is the text we just read in Luke 23 verse 43,
22:52 by moving the comma by only one word,
22:56 the Bible completely harmonizes with itself.
22:59 The text says, "I say to you today,
23:03 you will be with Me in Paradise. "
23:05 The second we'll look at a missing comma
23:09 is in Acts 19:12.
23:10 The King James Version talks about sick handkerchiefs.
23:14 Hmmm...
23:15 "So that from his body
23:17 were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons,
23:19 and the diseases departed from them... "
23:21 Okay, now let's put a comma in.
23:25 "So that from his body were brought unto the sick,
23:27 handkerchiefs or aprons,
23:29 and the diseases departed from them... "
23:31 The comma makes all the difference.
23:33 So, we can see super clearly that when you die,
23:37 you sleep and awake... the resurrection.
23:40 So, if we know this is the truth,
23:42 then, immortality before the second coming is a lie.
23:47 Only God has immortality.
23:50 Why would Satan want us to believe that we do not die?
23:54 It began with his first lie in the Garden of Eden
23:58 and the human race is still believing it.
24:02 Thousands of years later,
24:05 his evil angels can masquerade as our dead loved ones.
24:09 They can bring us so-called messages from beyond the grave,
24:13 they can mislead us into accepting Satan's lies.
24:16 Do not fall for the old serpent Satan's first lie.
24:21 Why does Satan want people to believe that the dead are alive
24:25 and can be contacted?
24:27 So, his fallen angels can pose as spirits of the dead
24:30 and deceive many people and lead them astray.
24:34 There is a channel that is regarded as sacred by many...
24:37 a channel through which Satan binds souls...
24:40 voices speak... apparitions appear...
24:43 and a bewitching power enters a human being.
24:47 This is Spiritualism.
24:49 It can begin so simply by toying with Ouija boards,
24:54 learning how to cast spells,
24:56 how to become a witch...
24:57 but later there seems no escape.
25:01 The position that is of no consequence...
25:04 what men believe
25:06 is one of Satan's most successful deceptions.
25:08 He knows that the truth received and the love of it
25:12 sanctifies the soul of the receiver.
25:15 Therefore, he is constantly seeking to substitute
25:18 false theories... fables... and a whole other gospel.
25:23 My colleague Sue and I
25:27 were on an early flight from Palm Springs to Denver.
25:29 It was a very small plane
25:31 and I sat down next to a very distinguished-looking
25:35 business man.
25:36 He introduced himself as Nick with a lovely English accent.
25:40 He shared that he was flying to one of his homes in Colorado
25:45 at a popular ski resort.
25:47 After some pleasantries were exchanged,
25:51 I simply commented, "God has blessed you. "
25:55 Oooh... he retorted, "No, the goddess has... "
26:00 and his whole body grimaced.
26:02 Next, a two-hour friendly but frank conversation ensued.
26:08 I knew right then and there
26:10 I needed to pray to my heavenly Father for the right words
26:14 and God always comes through.
26:16 Nick had devoted his life to goddess worship
26:20 at a very young age.
26:21 He told me point blank,
26:23 "Christians are the enemy which makes you my enemy.
26:27 We are on opposing sides,
26:29 for I am a soldier of a goddess. "
26:32 Well, I turned to him and I said,
26:35 "Well, I am a soldier for the one almighty God. "
26:40 There was a bit of a stalemate there for a moment...
26:44 I said, "Nick, you are not my enemy,
26:48 Satan is.
26:49 The Bible tells us who wins this war. "
26:52 Now, my friend Sue was only two rows ahead
26:56 and overheard bits and pieces of our conversation
26:59 because it's early in the morning
27:00 and the plane is quiet except for Nick and I
27:02 and she began to pray.
27:03 Nick continued to share,
27:06 "I have been training my whole life
27:08 to annihilate the Christians.
27:09 It is positioned to happen soon.
27:11 Years ago the goddess gave me step-by-step instructions
27:14 on building my software company for this... for this fight.
27:17 She has made me very wealthy and successful.
27:22 She will soon emerge and rise up from the earth. "
27:25 He continued,
27:27 "Since I gave myself over to her in my childhood,
27:30 I've had no choice but to follow her directions. "
27:33 Nick and I went on to discuss free will...
27:36 what happens at death...
27:38 the truth behind apparitions...
27:40 and Satan's deceptions
27:41 similar information you and I are discussing here tonight.
27:45 I shared my view of a loving, mighty, personal God
27:49 who protects and provides for me.
27:51 Whereas he described...
27:53 his thoughts were that God's a tormentor
27:56 and fiercely cruel.
27:57 He shared many pieces of his life with me
28:01 including how his dead family members appear
28:04 to speak with him
28:05 as well as three additional apparitions
28:07 that he called demons who torment him often.
28:10 I shared from the Bible how the dead know not anything,
28:14 how evil angels impersonate and harass.
28:18 I informed Nick, "Only God can rid you of these demons.
28:22 I implore you to fall on your knees
28:24 and ask God to prove Himself to you
28:27 because He will...
28:28 He is real and cares about you, Nick.
28:31 Just give God a try. "
28:33 Nick divulged, "I have been training my whole life
28:37 to annihilate the Christians.
28:39 It is positioned to happen soon.
28:42 The goddess will soon emerge and rise up from the earth. "
28:45 I responded, "Yes, I believe that Bible prophecy tells us
28:50 that some of those who stand for Bible truth
28:52 will be persecuted before Jesus returns
28:55 but at the second coming, believers will return to Eden,
28:59 eternal life in heaven... "
29:01 I turned towards him and asked him,
29:04 "So Nick, what is your endgame?"
29:08 He became quiet...
29:10 appeared stunned...
29:11 and finally said,
29:13 "I've honestly never thought about that...
29:17 nor has the goddess revealed an endgame to me...
29:20 I will have to ask her. "
29:24 Nick was increasingly intrigued with what he described
29:28 as a warm glow that he saw around me.
29:31 He said, "I don't understand...
29:33 you're exuding a light and strength from within you. "
29:35 I looked him in the eyes and I smiled.
29:39 I said, "Nick, that's Jesus and you can have Him too. "
29:44 Pause...
29:45 Friends, we are in the center of the great controversy battle
29:50 with little time left on this earth.
29:52 Even devil worshippers know time is short.
29:56 Pause...
29:59 Satan's fallen angels appear as messengers
30:01 from the spirit world.
30:03 In other words,
30:04 evil angels impersonate dead friends and relatives
30:07 in order to commune with those
30:09 that are willing and open to such things.
30:11 While professing to connect the living
30:14 into communication with the dead,
30:16 the Prince of Evil exercises his enchanting influence
30:20 over their minds.
30:21 Satan has the power to bring before men the appearance
30:25 of their departed friends.
30:26 The counterfeit is perfect...
30:29 the familiar look...
30:30 the words, the tone even...
30:32 are all reproduced with exact distinctness.
30:36 and there is a perfect example
30:38 of an evil spirit impersonating the exact likeness
30:42 of a prophet in Scripture.
30:44 1st Samuel 28 tells the story of the Witch of Endor.
30:48 She was a woman that King Saul consulted to summon the spirit
30:52 of the Prophet Samuel
30:55 in order to receive advice against the Philistines
30:58 in battle the next day.
31:00 Even though Saul knew that witchcraft was considered a sin
31:04 shown in 1st Samuel 15:23,
31:07 "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft... "
31:10 Earlier in his reign, Saul decreed
31:14 that all mediums should be put to death.
31:16 So, there were a very few magicians and wizards
31:19 left in his kingdom at this point in time.
31:22 So, in the middle of the night, he disguised himself
31:26 and sought out a witch hiding in a cave.
31:29 She summoned "supposed" Prophet Samuel
31:33 but this was a demon impersonating the prophet.
31:36 Saul received terrible news
31:39 and died the following day in battle.
31:41 We can see that Satan uses any method to deceive
31:46 and witchcraft has been prominent since Bible times.
31:49 Many are comforted with the assurance
31:53 that their loves ones are enjoying the bliss of heaven
31:56 and without suspicion of danger,
31:58 they give ear to evil spirits and devils.
32:01 Let me show you this exact warning for our day
32:05 because we are living in the latter days.
32:08 1st Timothy 4:1, 2...
32:10 "Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times
32:13 some will depart from the faith,
32:16 giving heed to deceiving spirits
32:18 and doctrines of demons,
32:19 speaking lies in hypocrisy,
32:22 having their own conscience seared with a hot iron. "
32:25 Evil angels are pretended visitors
32:28 from the spirit world,
32:29 sometimes utter warnings and foretell future events
32:33 giving the appearance of reliability
32:35 and their false teachings are readily accepted.
32:38 They claim to be happy in heaven
32:40 and occupy an exalted position there,
32:43 then, as the confidence is gained,
32:45 they present doctrines that undermine the Scriptures.
32:49 If there is any spirit coming to you,
32:52 you need to compare it to Scripture...
32:55 what are they saying?
32:56 Does it match with Scripture?
32:58 This is how you will know...
32:59 this is why we need to know the Bible for ourselves, Friends.
33:03 The very foundation of Spiritualism
33:06 is at war with Scripture.
33:08 Ecclesiastes 9:5 alerts us,
33:11 "the dead know nothing... "
33:14 God has forbidden pretended communication
33:18 with departed spirits.
33:19 1st Corinthians 10:20 says,
33:22 "Rather that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice
33:25 they sacrifice to demons and not to God,
33:28 and I do not want you to have fellowship with demons. "
33:32 That's clear...
33:34 Revelation 16:14,
33:36 "For they are spirits of demons,
33:38 performing signs, which go out to the kings of the earth
33:41 and of the whole world,
33:43 to gather them to the battle of that great day
33:45 of God Almighty. "
33:47 Interacting with demons from the spirit world
33:50 was forbidden under penalty of death.
33:54 Leviticus 19:31,
33:56 "Give no regard to mediums and familiar spirits;
34:00 do not seek after them,
34:03 to be defiled by them:
34:06 I am the Lord your God. "
34:10 Chapter 20 verse 27,
34:13 "A man or a woman who is a medium,
34:16 or who has familiar spirits,
34:18 shall surely be put to death;
34:21 they shall stone them with stones... "
34:23 But today, Spiritualism has its foothold in scientific circles.
34:30 It's invaded churches
34:31 and has found favor in Legislative bodies.
34:34 This mammoth deception is a revival in a new disguise
34:40 of the witchcraft condemned of old.
34:42 Matthew 24:24 says,
34:45 "For false christs and false prophets will rise
34:47 and show great signs and wonders to deceive,
34:50 if possible, even the elect. "
34:53 Fallen Christendom is referred to as Babylon in Revelation.
34:58 What does God say is largely responsible for its fall?
35:03 Revelation 18:2,
35:06 "Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen,
35:10 and has become a dwelling place of demons,
35:14 a prison for every foul spirit,
35:17 and a cage for every unclean and hated bird!"
35:22 In other words,
35:24 Babylon is a state of confusion due to devils and spirits
35:29 penetrating the Christian churches.
35:31 Christendom is falling
35:34 because Satan has gained access to the churches
35:37 through his falsehood that the dead are alive.
35:41 In too many cases, messages from Satan's ambassadors
35:45 who pose as spirits of the dead
35:46 are welcomed as marvelous counsel to the churches
35:51 from the redeemed in glory.
35:53 As we just saw in the Bible,
35:55 the dead are sleeping in their graves.
35:57 They are not talking ghosts.
36:01 This lie gives Satan full power
36:04 to deceive and he makes every contact count.
36:09 No wonder the Apostle Paul so solemnly warned us
36:13 against such deception from seducing spirits
36:16 and doctrines of devils.
36:19 According to Revelation,
36:21 these same evil angels posing as spirits of the dead
36:24 approach the kings and leaders of the earth.
36:27 Why do they do that?
36:30 Revelation 18:23,
36:32 "by your sorcery all the nations were deceived. "
36:36 These angels... claiming to be...
36:39 let me just say...
36:40 these evil angels
36:42 claiming to be the spirits of the dead
36:44 will be the powers which will influence the rulers
36:47 of the nations of the world
36:49 and lead them into the final battle of Armageddon
36:52 which will end in a total destruction.
36:55 Revelation 16:14 says,
36:58 "gather them to the battle of that great day
37:00 of God almighty. "
37:01 Tragically, leaders of many nations today
37:04 consult with those who claim to receive messages from the dead
37:07 before deciding on an important issue.
37:10 No wonder this planet is in such turmoil.
37:12 The world's decision makers are giving access to Satan
37:16 to rule through them.
37:18 Isaiah 8:19 and 20,
37:20 "And when they say to you,
37:22 'Seek those who are mediums and wizards,
37:24 who whisper and mutter,'
37:26 should not a people seek their God?
37:28 Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living?
37:32 To the law and to the testimony!
37:35 if they do not speak according to this word,
37:38 it is because there is no light in them. "
37:40 Scripture plainly states
37:43 that we must refuse to listen to those
37:45 who claim to speak for the dead
37:47 and instead obtain our information
37:50 from God's Word only.
37:52 Messages which supposedly come from dead loved ones
37:55 are never from your dead loved ones
37:58 but rather... from Satan.
38:00 What a sobering thought.
38:02 Revelation says... those who obey God
38:06 will enter His kingdom.
38:08 Who will be among us that are shut out?
38:11 Revelation 22:15 says,
38:15 and this is a strong text but we need to...
38:17 we need to see what it says,
38:18 God's giving us a warning... a guidance here.
38:20 "outside the holy gates... "
38:24 so, these are the people on the outside of the New Jerusalem,
38:27 The new Holy City in the new earth, okay...
38:32 "Outside the Holy City gates,
38:34 are dogs and sorcerers...
38:36 which are mediums, witches, wizards...
38:39 and whoremongers... sexually immoral...
38:41 and murderers, and idolaters,
38:43 and whosoever loves to tell a lie. "
38:47 Those who consult the dead
38:49 will be shut out of heaven, Friends.
38:51 In Moses' day God commanded that such be stoned to death.
38:55 Leviticus 20:27,
38:57 "A man or a woman who is a medium,
38:59 or who has familiar spirits, shall surely be put to death. "
39:02 Witchcraft which claims to contact the dead
39:06 is called in the Bible one of the works of the flesh
39:09 for which people will be shut out of God's kingdom.
39:13 Pause...
39:14 Jesus warns us
39:16 in Galatians 5:19 through 21,
39:19 "Now the works of the flesh are evident,
39:22 which are: adultery,
39:25 fornication,
39:26 uncleanness,
39:27 lewdness,
39:29 idolatry,
39:30 sorcery,
39:32 hatred,
39:33 contentions,
39:34 jealousies,
39:36 outbursts of wrath,
39:37 selfish ambitions,
39:38 dissensions, heresies,
39:40 envy, murders,
39:42 drunkenness,
39:43 revelries, and the like;
39:45 of which I tell you beforehand,
39:48 just as I told you in times past,
39:50 that those who practice such things
39:52 will not inherit the kingdom of God. "
39:55 Friends, I'm sharing this with you
39:57 because we want to know...
40:00 we want to know how we can be in heaven
40:04 and we don't want to practice things
40:05 when God makes it so plain
40:07 that we will be shut out of heaven if we practice them.
40:09 That's why we need to know these lists
40:11 and so, I... I say this to you with... with...
40:15 with my heart of... with a heart of love...
40:17 I want to share this with you so that you see...
40:19 God is a God that has standards
40:23 and we don't want to be in heaven
40:25 with those that are lying... et cetera...
40:27 murdering... all that...
40:28 so, that's why we have this list.
40:29 From all these verses we've studied tonight,
40:32 it is undeniable that we need to stay as far away as possible
40:36 from anything that in any way resembles witchcraft
40:39 no matter how innocently it is packaged.
40:42 There are not many movies or TV Shows or books anymore
40:45 that don't slip in nuances of life after death
40:49 depicting ghosts, witches, idol-saint worship...
40:53 any presumed contact with the dead
40:55 is always contact with Satanic forces.
40:57 Beware Friends.
40:59 Ephesians 5:11...
41:01 "And have no fellowship
41:02 with the unfruitful works of darkness,
41:04 but rather expose them. "
41:06 Pause...
41:08 When Rhonda was ten years old,
41:10 she became possessed by evil spirits.
41:12 Her parents took her to a witch doctor
41:15 and sold ten cows for her healing... but nothing worked.
41:19 At 16, she realized new spirits were entering her
41:24 and they were worse than the first.
41:26 She would both see and hear them
41:28 but others could only hear them.
41:31 When her first child was born,
41:33 the spirits asked her to become a witch.
41:36 But when she refused,
41:37 they caused her baby to become sick and die.
41:40 Distraught she finally consented to do what the spirits wanted,
41:45 if they would give her another child.
41:47 So, nine months later, a daughter was born.
41:50 Over the next years, she became a very powerful witch.
41:55 She had no control over her own life...
41:58 only doing what the spirits told her to do.
42:01 Through the powerful medicine she concocted,
42:05 many people were healed and miracles were performed.
42:07 She had the power to make guns and bullets useless.
42:11 She became a valuable member of her community
42:14 and very wealthy because of it.
42:16 One time, 27 armed men came to her house
42:21 and even though they tried to harm her with their weapons,
42:25 they became powerless before her.
42:28 She even had the power to shut the mouths of crocodiles.
42:32 When another set of spirits came into her,
42:35 they would take her to the bottom of a river
42:37 where she would communicate with them for days at a time
42:40 not even coming up to the surface to breath.
42:44 Although she was so powerful and could heal people...
42:48 stop bullets with her hands...
42:50 she was miserable.
42:52 One day Rhonda met two young people
42:55 who told her that they worship the one almighty God.
42:59 Intrigued by this,
43:00 Rhonda went to church with them the following week.
43:03 She continued to be miserable
43:05 and was often sick from the punishment of the spirits.
43:08 Just when she was about to give up,
43:10 she met a Seventh-day Adventist man
43:13 who told her about Jesus and gave her a Bible.
43:16 Listening to this man immediately brought peace
43:20 to her house and she began feeling better.
43:22 The spirits were not happy and warned her
43:25 that bad things would happen if she left them.
43:28 Rhonda decided to choose Jesus anyway
43:32 and the spirits kept their promise.
43:34 Her house burnt down and she lost everything to the flames.
43:39 The spirits tormented her day and night with such power
43:43 that she considered giving in and remaining a witch.
43:45 But during this time something happened
43:48 that would change her life forever.
43:50 Rhonda discovered an Adventist World Radio Broadcast
43:55 and as she listened daily,
43:57 her decision was made.
43:59 Her resolve was strengthened.
44:00 She would follow Jesus no matter what.
44:04 The spirits continued to fight against her
44:07 but she found out that when she played the AWR Radio Station,
44:11 the spirits would leave her alone.
44:14 Through much prayer...
44:16 the reading of Scripture and the radio,
44:19 the spirits are now gone
44:21 and today, she is a free daughter of God.
44:24 Pause...
44:26 Rhonda tells everyone that true freedom
44:29 comes only through Jesus.
44:31 I remember looking into her eyes
44:34 when we embraced in a hug and I saw Jesus there.
44:39 Now, she is spreading the word of God's truth
44:44 throughout all the villages that once knew her as a witch
44:48 but now know her as a follower in Jesus.
44:53 All whose faith is not firmly established upon the word of God
44:57 will be deceived and overcome by Satan and his seducing spirits.
45:02 Revelation 3:10 warns...
45:04 just before us is the hour of trial
45:07 which shall come upon the whole world
45:09 to test those who dwell on the earth.
45:12 But Satan... really listen to this, Friends,
45:15 Satan can only win over those
45:18 that voluntarily yield to his temptations.
45:21 Those who are earnestly seeking the knowledge of Bible truth
45:26 like you are tonight,
45:28 striving to purify your soul through obedience...
45:31 you will find assured defense in God's Word.
45:35 From Genesis to Revelation,
45:37 angels are sent on a mission of mercy to the children of God.
45:41 Just like they are today,
45:44 God sent angels to Abraham with promises of blessing...
45:48 to the gates of Sodom to rescue righteous Lot
45:50 from its fiery doom.
45:52 Angels were sent to Elijah as was...
45:54 as he was about to perish from weariness and hunger
45:57 in the desert.
45:58 To Elisha with chariots and horses of fire
46:01 surrounding the little town
46:03 where he was shut in by his foes.
46:05 Angels were sent to Daniel
46:07 while seeking divine wisdom in the court of a heathen king,
46:10 or abandoned to become the lion's prey...
46:12 to Peter who was doomed to death in Herod's dungeon...
46:16 to the prisoners at Philippi...
46:18 to Paul and his companions on the night of tempest on the sea,
46:22 to open the mind of Cornelius to receive the gospel...
46:25 to dispatch Peter with a message of salvation
46:29 to the Gentile stranger...
46:30 thus, holy angels have in all ages
46:35 ministered to God's people.
46:37 Jesus would sooner send every angel out of heaven
46:42 to protect His people
46:44 than leave one soul that trusts in Him
46:47 to be overcome by Satan.
46:50 Have you made a decision to follow Jesus tonight?
46:53 There has never been a moment that you were forgotten.
46:57 Jesus will send out an army to fight for you.
47:01 No matter where you are or what you have done,
47:05 He will rescue you.
47:07 He delivers the captive...
47:09 He overcomes evil...
47:11 He defends the weak...
47:13 and He protects the feeble.
47:16 He strengthens and He sustains.
47:19 He guards and He guides.
47:22 You're not defenseless...
47:24 He is available to you always.
47:29 Just ask Him.
47:31 Let's pray together.
47:32 "Heavenly Father,
47:35 You are the light and our salvation.
47:39 Your ways are always the best.
47:42 Thank you for making it so plain in Scripture
47:46 that when we die, we simply sleep.
47:49 Lord, protect each one of us from all danger
47:53 especially counterfeit teachings.
47:56 Because of You, we never need to be afraid.
48:00 May each one of us completely put our trust in You.
48:04 In Jesus' precious powerful name, amen. "
48:08 God bless you.
48:10 Thank you for watching: Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
48:13 Meet me back here for tomorrow night's topic:
48:16 The Rescue.
48:18 There is no secret
48:20 as to how Jesus plans to save you.
48:23 Choose God's way.
48:24 Good night Friends.
48:26 Music...
48:28 As a special bonus for our 3ABN Viewers,
48:31 we want to share this story
48:32 featuring one of God's incredible miracles
48:35 before we end this Program.
48:36 Thank you for your prayers and support
48:39 of Adventist World Radio.
48:40 Every day, lives like these are being changed for eternity.
48:45 Music...
48:48 My first husband beat me...
48:51 my second husband was hunted by drug dealers.
48:56 What hope did I have left?
49:00 How many times have you been amazed at what God can do
49:04 with a broken heart?
49:05 We have a story today that you won't want to miss.
49:08 Hi, I'm Camy Oetman and we're in Mexico.
49:11 This is AWR 360.
49:15 Music: Lift up the Trumpet and loud let it ring
49:20 Jesus is coming again.
49:28 With its stunning historical past
49:32 and beautiful cities,
49:33 Mexican culture has deep proud roots.
49:37 But behind the smiles, many are suffering.
49:41 Maria lived a life of fear because of her husband.
49:45 "I'll beat you if I want to. "
49:48 She suffered beatings all the time
49:51 and to make matters worse,
49:53 her husband was a preacher.
49:56 Then I learned that he was having an affair
50:00 which led to him losing his job.
50:03 She left him and her heart became bitter.
50:07 She left the church vowing never to return.
50:11 Music...
50:13 A few years later,
50:15 she started to date another man
50:17 who treated her kindly and lovingly.
50:21 We married and had two precious children.
50:24 Sometime later,
50:28 her husband who was a police officer
50:30 found a huge shipment of drugs and promptly turned it in.
50:35 The drug dealers tracked him down to retrieve their product.
50:39 When the bribes failed, they threatened to kill him.
50:42 He refused because he knew how much pain and suffering
50:46 those drugs would cost the local community.
50:49 A week later,
50:52 my life came crashing down again.
50:55 As my husband opened his door,
51:00 many machine guns fired at our car.
51:02 Despite being hit, he dove back into the car
51:07 and covered his wife to protect her.
51:10 With his dying breath,
51:12 he asked me to take care of our precious children.
51:15 Crying over her dead husband.
51:23 After such a tragic event,
51:27 she sank into deep despair.
51:30 She lost her will to live
51:33 and to make matters worse,
51:35 she had also recently lost her mother.
51:38 She desperately wanted them both back.
51:42 Depression began to set in
51:44 and in her despair, she began to explore Spiritualism
51:50 trying to communicate with her mother and her husband
51:54 who had passed away.
51:55 But instead of feeling better,
51:57 things got even worse.
52:00 Each day, I considered killing myself.
52:05 One day, in her darkness,
52:07 her phone lit up with a message from her sister.
52:12 She had sent an AWR Evangelistic sermon on her phone.
52:16 She decided that with nothing else to do,
52:19 she would listen.
52:20 As she heard new things she became interested
52:23 and wanted to learn more.
52:25 She continued to the Bible sermon
52:27 which covered what happens when you die.
52:30 I became deeply convicted by this message.
52:35 She got on her knees to pray to God.
52:39 She prayed for hours seeking His guidance.
52:42 She prayed until God's peace came into her troubled heart.
52:46 As she got up, she realized that the next day was the Sabbath
52:52 and she knew she had to return to church.
52:55 Every time I thought about church,
53:02 the devil always reminded me that my husband, a pastor,
53:07 beat me...
53:09 and that thought always stopped me
53:11 but after my prayer, the devil's words had no power.
53:16 She faithfully attended every week with her children
53:21 and the messages gave her such peace that on many days
53:25 she would play the sermons nonstop... all day long
53:29 and then the Lord presented her with one last battle.
53:34 My heart became troubled as God impressed me
53:39 to forgive those I had hated for so long.
53:43 As she struggled, tears came to her eyes.
53:49 These are the people who destroyed her life...
53:52 who caused her so much pain...
53:55 but then, she gave it all to God.
53:58 She found the number of her ex-husband
54:01 and even reached out to the killers of her second husband.
54:05 Music...
54:09 I wrote to them saying, "I forgive you... "
54:13 and then I asked if they wanted to hear
54:16 Adventist World Radio's messages of hope.
54:19 Some of the killers expressed amazement and started listening
54:24 and her former husband has returned to church.
54:27 In my own strength, I had no power to overcome such grief.
54:33 It was thanks to God's love
54:35 and Adventist World Radio's messages of hope and truth
54:38 that I am whole again.
54:40 I praise God for keeping His eye on me.
54:43 Music...
54:45 2nd Peter says,
54:47 "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise,
54:49 as some men count slackness;
54:51 but is long-suffering towards us,
54:53 not willing that any should perish,
54:55 but that all should come to repentance. "
54:57 There are many that still need to hear the message of hope.
55:00 Your friends and family may be suffering
55:02 and only with God working through you
55:04 can they be saved.
55:06 Why not use AWR's cell-phone evangelism
55:08 as a tool to reach them.
55:10 Check us out online for training videos and materials.
55:14 Remember, we are all called to be missionaries.
55:17 Will you answer the call?
55:18 From Broadcast to Baptism, this is AWR 360.


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