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00:01 Music...
00:02 Would you like to know from your Bible
00:04 how Jesus is going to rescue us from this decaying planet?
00:08 Are you ready for the greatest rescue mission
00:11 in all of earth's history?
00:12 Let me tell you a secret...
00:14 the Lord does nothing in secret.
00:17 He is transparent with all of His plans for you.
00:21 Let's study... my name is Cami Oetman
00:24 and I'll be sharing the great news next
00:26 on: Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
00:28 The rise of an international pandemic...
00:31 polarizing global politics...
00:34 increasingly destructive natural disasters.
00:38 Bush fires in Australia
00:40 are warning about what may be to come around the world.
00:43 What does it all mean?
00:44 What does the future hold?
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00:48 Join International Speaker, Cami Oetman
00:51 on a journey for answers in unlocking Bible prophecies.
00:55 In her travels around the world,
00:57 she's come face to face with real-life struggles
01:00 but in the midst of that, she's found miracles of hope.
01:03 Join Cami Oetman
01:05 for unlocking Bible prophecies
01:07 as she shares how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled
01:11 faster than ever before.
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01:20 Isn't it amazing that we have been together
01:22 for eight sessions already?
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01:33 Last night we studied the truth about death.
01:36 I love how the Bible is so clear.
01:39 Wasn't it reassuring and comforting
01:41 when Jesus tells us 50 times
01:44 that death is simply a momentary sleep
01:47 until he wakes us up on resurrection morning.
01:50 Did you know that all of heaven is orchestrating your rescue
01:54 right now?
01:56 That Jesus, the King of the Universe,
01:58 is preparing and personalizing your heavenly home
02:02 at this moment.
02:03 We are going to look at this truth tonight.
02:06 Stay with me
02:08 and you will be thrilled about God's plan for you.
02:11 Now, come with me to the continent of Africa
02:14 where I met Assad face to face in an undisclosed country.
02:19 He is one of our faithful radio broadcasters
02:23 and his story helps introduce our topic tonight...
02:26 The Rescue...
02:28 but first, pray with me, Friends.
02:31 "Dear Heavenly Father,
02:32 Lord, thank You so much
02:34 for bringing us together again tonight
02:36 to study the most awesome moment in all of history.
02:40 Lord, we can't wait for you to return
02:42 and we know it's soon... we've seen the signs...
02:44 we're hearing the... the warnings in the Bible
02:46 and everything is taking place and we want to be ready, Lord,
02:49 and so, we want to know the truth of Your coming...
02:52 Your second coming... so that we are prepared.
02:54 Lord, thank You for this rescue that we all await
02:57 and we just love and adore You,
02:59 in Jesus' precious powerful name amen. "
03:02 Late one afternoon,
03:05 Assad closed the door to his office
03:07 at the Adventist World Radio Station.
03:09 He'll be gone for several days.
03:11 Assad boarded the bus and nothing seemed unusual.
03:15 It was like any other day...
03:16 only today, he was traveling farther...
03:19 this time... back to his home country
03:21 for a short visit.
03:22 Despite religious persecution in his home country,
03:26 Assad longed for his people to know Jesus
03:29 and this spurred him on.
03:30 All of a sudden, Assad's thoughts were interrupted.
03:33 Three masked men stopped the van and their guns were drawn.
03:37 Assad cringed as they reached for him
03:40 and to his horror they yelled,
03:42 "This is the man we are looking for. "
03:44 They told him they knew of his work with the radio
03:47 and wanted his contacts.
03:49 Unsatisfied with the answers he gave,
03:51 they threw him into a large, empty shipping container.
03:54 Shut out from fresh air and sunshine,
03:57 he sat in darkness.
03:59 His socks, shoes and jacket were taken
04:02 and Assad suffered from the extreme conditions.
04:04 As the sun beat down in the day,
04:07 the metal container intensified the heat
04:09 while at night, a sharp chill set in.
04:13 Without food or water, Assad soon fell very sick.
04:17 As he sat in the dark, isolated container,
04:21 his mind went back to his childhood.
04:23 Scenes of his village being raided by night
04:25 flashed before him.
04:27 Those men had worn masks too.
04:30 Somehow he escaped them and he ran with all his might.
04:34 Alone in the darkness, he wondered for the first time,
04:37 "What would become of me?"
04:39 Assad's mind lingers on the memories.
04:42 There was an orphanage he was taken to
04:44 and the boys that had introduced him to Adventist World Radio.
04:47 They had huddled together listening
04:50 knowing that if caught, punishment would ensue.
04:53 Christianity was not allowed there.
04:55 But this only made them long all the more for truth.
04:59 Then, there was the day when the Orphanage Director
05:02 had called him into her office
05:04 and Assad was old enough now
05:06 that he must leave the orphanage.
05:08 His heart ached as he walked away, never to return.
05:12 Again, he wondered, "What will become of me?"
05:15 Now, he sat alone in a metal shipping container
05:18 pondering the same question he had as a lonely child
05:21 and dejected orphan.
05:24 Assad closed his eyes and thought about his work with AWR.
05:28 Since escaping his home country, Assad had been producing
05:31 Adventist Radio Programs in his native tongue
05:34 for his people back home.
05:36 Christianity was forbidden
05:38 but the radio could carry the message
05:40 that missionaries could not.
05:42 Assad wondered what would become of his radio program now.
05:46 Who would carry on the work if he didn't return?
05:49 The days and weeks passed.
05:51 Assad was suddenly released from the container
05:54 but the inhumane conditions remained.
05:57 Starved... beaten and even electrocuted,
06:00 he had endured more than any human should
06:03 and one day, without notice, his hands were unbound
06:07 and he was told he could return home.
06:09 He could hardly believe it.
06:11 He was free and praised the Lord as he boarded a bus again.
06:15 This time... headed home to his family
06:18 and his work at the radio station.
06:19 Despite the harrowing experience
06:22 Assad has been through,
06:24 he trusts the Lord to keep him safe
06:26 and knows that as long as God wants him to be producing
06:29 these Programs, nothing can stop him.
06:32 God is all about the rescue, Friends.
06:36 Not only does He have incredible plans
06:39 to rescue us from this planet
06:41 that were set into motion thousands of years ago,
06:44 but He daily rescues humans through miraculous moments
06:49 while we walk our individual paths through this life
06:51 just like Assad's experience.
06:54 Our Lord will deliver us from the clutches of death.
06:57 God's end-time plan is revealed in His Word
07:01 and that is what gives us confidence
07:03 to take the stand on the Scriptures.
07:05 If it is in the Bible, I believe it
07:08 and if it disagrees with the Bible,
07:10 it's not for me.
07:11 Did you know one out of every 11 New Testament verses
07:17 speak about the return of Jesus?
07:19 This event is mentioned 2500 times in all of Scripture.
07:25 Every prophecy from Genesis to Revelation
07:29 builds to the climax of earth's history
07:31 which is the second coming of Jesus
07:33 which is your personal rescue.
07:36 When you look at the book of Revelation,
07:38 there is one central theme and that is: Jesus.
07:42 It is not the dragon...
07:44 it is not the seven-headed beast...
07:46 no... Revelation 14:14 says,
07:49 "Then I looked, and behold, a white cloud,
07:52 and on the cloud sat One like the Son of Man,
07:55 having on His head a golden crown,
07:57 and in his hand a sharp sickle. "
07:59 When the book of Revelation paints the picture
08:02 of Jesus' coming,
08:04 it portrays Him coming with a crown on His head
08:07 because he comes as the King of kings and Lord of lords.
08:11 You will see that the Bible does not describe
08:14 Jesus' second coming with Him sneaking into the world silently
08:18 or secretly.
08:19 Pause...
08:21 Could Christians be expecting Jesus' second coming
08:23 to be different than what the Bible clearly describes?
08:26 The people in Jerusalem were surprised...
08:29 confused and unprepared
08:32 for how Jesus came to the earth the first time
08:35 in a meek, quiet, unassuming manner
08:38 with only a few to welcome Him
08:39 as an infant born to a poor family.
08:42 Unfortunately, the people were applying the prophecies
08:46 of the Messiah's second coming to His first coming.
08:50 They expected the opposite.
08:52 They expected a conqueror to overthrow Rome
08:55 because they were being suppressed under its rule.
08:58 So, the Jews thought a king would come
09:01 and reestablish them as the governing power
09:03 and flip the hierarchy on Rome.
09:06 History has a way of repeating itself, Friends.
09:09 Many Christians today,
09:12 are expecting Jesus' second coming to be different
09:15 than what the Bible clearly describes.
09:18 Jesus gave us definite signs...
09:21 actual details of His Second Coming
09:24 so that we can distinguish him from any imposter.
09:27 He comes with a crown of gold on His head.
09:31 The Bible always portrays Christ's coming
09:33 in power and glory.
09:35 When you look at the book of Revelation,
09:37 it always portrays Him coming in heavenly majesty.
09:40 Let's look at Revelation 19:11,
09:42 "Now I saw heaven opened,
09:44 and behold, a white horse.
09:46 And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True,
09:49 and in righteousness He judges and makes war. "
09:53 Verse 14, "And the armies in heaven,
09:56 clothed in fine linen,
09:57 white and clean,
09:59 followed Him on white horses. "
10:01 Why does the Bible picture Jesus
10:03 symbolically coming on a white horse?
10:05 A white horse is a symbol of purity, victory and triumph.
10:10 When Jesus comes with a crown of gold upon His head,
10:13 riding a white horse,
10:15 He is pictured as a victorious General
10:17 coming to defeat all the forces of evil.
10:20 Jesus returns victoriously... triumphantly
10:24 and gloriously.
10:25 Revelation 11:15, "The kingdoms of the world
10:28 have become the kingdoms of our Lord
10:30 and of His Christ,
10:32 and He shall reign forever and ever!"
10:35 When Jesus comes, the great controversy will end.
10:39 Sin and sinners will be no more.
10:41 Jesus' coming is not some mysterious event.
10:45 He comes to reign over the entire universe.
10:47 He comes to be worshipped and praised by the redeemed
10:51 forever and ever.
10:53 There are two very important questions that many ask
10:56 concerning the second coming.
10:58 Number one: How will Jesus come back the second time?
11:01 Number two: How can I know that I will be ready when He comes?
11:06 The Bible gives very clear answers to both questions.
11:10 God's end-time plan is revealed in His Word.
11:14 Jesus plainly describes one of the deceptions
11:17 before his return this way.
11:19 Luke 17:23,
11:21 "And they will say to you, 'Look here!' or 'Look there!'
11:25 Do not go after them or follow them. "
11:28 In other words, if anyone says,
11:31 "Hey, Jesus is meeting secretly right now
11:33 with a select few in Tokyo or New York... "
11:36 or in some secret temple chamber
11:38 with a particular religious group,
11:40 or... "right now He's gathering a massive followers
11:42 in the desert... "
11:44 or anywhere on earth,
11:45 we can know... this is an imposter
11:47 and these claims are false.
11:50 Do not go running after them.
11:52 Luke 17:24,
11:54 "For as the lightning that flashes out of one part
11:57 under heaven,
11:59 shines to the other part under heaven,
12:00 so also the Son of Man will be in His day. "
12:03 Christ won't suddenly appear on a talk show in Hollywood
12:07 or as a miracle worker on the streets of Paris.
12:10 Our Jesus won't walk down some major streets in this world.
12:14 Our Jesus won't hold up His hands boasting,
12:17 "I'm the Messiah... "
12:18 He's coming like lightning
12:22 which lights and flashes up the whole sky.
12:26 Christ is coming down from above.
12:29 He won't rise up from below.
12:31 Remember the story I told you last night
12:33 how Nick warned that the goddess will soon be rising from below?
12:37 If you missed that story,
12:39 go back to the archive Presentation: The Grave.
12:42 You don't want to miss it.
12:43 Such an important discrepancy.
12:46 That's why Jesus gives us details
12:49 like He's coming in the clouds of glory,
12:51 so that we aren't looking for some goddess
12:53 coming up from the earth.
12:54 Is it really necessary to understand all this?
12:58 If I just love Jesus, is that enough?
13:01 Satan attempts to deceive people and many are deceived.
13:05 He's called: The Great Deceiver.
13:07 He counterfeits the truth to lead millions astray.
13:10 Let me share with you some very clear facts
13:14 about the second coming of our Lord Jesus.
13:16 Christ's coming will be a literal event.
13:19 Acts 1:11,
13:21 "This same Jesus,
13:23 who was taken up from you into heaven,
13:25 will so come in like manner
13:27 as you saw Him go into heaven. "
13:29 Jesus ascends...
13:31 the power of gravity cannot hold Him down.
13:34 As the disciples gaze up at Jesus in wonder,
13:37 He ascends higher and higher and higher.
13:40 They saw Him go... they will see Him return.
13:44 A real Christ ascended and a real Christ will descend.
13:49 This Jesus who healed the sick,
13:51 fed the 5,000 and raised the dead
13:53 ascended and will return again.
13:56 I love how the Bible says...
13:58 the coming of Jesus will be a visible event
14:01 because I can't wait to see Him.
14:04 Revelation 1:7 says,
14:06 "Behold, He is coming with clouds,
14:09 and every eye will see Him... "
14:11 don't you love that? Every eye...
14:14 this text re-emphasizes how Jesus will not come secretly
14:19 especially just to a chosen few,
14:21 "Behold, He is coming with clouds
14:24 and every eye will see Him. "
14:27 This event is literal and visible.
14:31 Christ's coming will also be an audible event.
14:35 1st Thessalonians 4:16,
14:37 "For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven
14:41 with a shout,
14:42 with the voice of the archangel,
14:44 and with the trumpet of God.
14:45 And the dead in Christ shall rise first. "
14:48 Can you imagine hearing the voice of God thundering
14:53 through the universe trumpeting His arrival?
14:56 That's no secret...
14:58 He's not coming quietly or secretly.
15:00 God's magnificent shout will awaken
15:04 all of those who have died in Christ.
15:06 His voice will pierce their graves
15:09 and they shall awaken to their conquering king
15:12 who has come to rescue them.
15:13 They will hear the voice of the archangel
15:16 with a trumpet signifying victory...
15:18 triumph over death
15:20 and the dead in Christ will rise first.
15:22 This is the incredible moment
15:25 each body will receive immortality
15:28 meaning... forever... we will live in perfection.
15:32 1st Thessalonians 4:17 promises,
15:35 "Then we who are alive and remain
15:37 shall be caught up together with them in the clouds
15:40 to meet the Lord in the air... "
15:43 So, not only do the righteous dead rise from their graves,
15:47 but also, the righteous who are alive
15:49 when He comes will meet Jesus in the air
15:53 surrounded by 1,000s and 1,000s of glistening angels.
15:57 You don't want to miss this, Friends.
15:59 If we would only take time to think about such a moment,
16:03 then, any trial that we are experiencing on this earth
16:06 is worth going through
16:08 because not only will Jesus get you through this trial
16:11 but He promises you such an incredible reward.
16:14 Take it because He's freely giving it to you.
16:18 Pause...
16:19 Now, does Jesus come to live on this earth at this time?
16:22 No...
16:24 Scripture has us meeting Him in the air
16:27 so, let's not mess with Scripture.
16:29 We don't meet Him on the earth.
16:31 His feet do not touch the ground.
16:33 We meet Him in the air.
16:35 This point alone clears up any question about imposters
16:39 walking around on this earth.
16:41 In Matthew 24:26,
16:43 "Therefore if they say to you,
16:45 'Look, He is in the desert!'
16:47 do not go... "
16:49 Suppose your friend comes to you and tells you,
16:52 he's found Jesus
16:53 who's preaching warm, beautiful Bible truths with power
16:58 and even calls fire down from heaven...
17:00 heals the sick and blesses the children...
17:04 reads people's minds and stops wars...
17:06 what will you tell your friend?
17:09 Because now you know from Scripture yourself.
17:12 Immediately you should tell him that he is an imposter.
17:17 The Bible says, "Do not go... "
17:19 because when the real Christ comes,
17:21 He will perform a dazzling light show in the sky
17:25 with ten thousand times ten thousand angels
17:28 as shown in Matthew 24:27,
17:31 "For as the lightning comes from the east
17:33 and flashes to the west,
17:35 so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. "
17:38 Christ's coming will be a glorious event.
17:42 Only Christ is a life giver.
17:45 Only He can resurrect the dead.
17:47 The real Christ will catch us up in the sky
17:51 to travel with Him
17:52 past the moon...
17:54 past the stars...
17:55 past the sun...
17:56 to the very throne room of God in the universe...
17:59 and there we will always be with Him...
18:01 hmmm...
18:03 Matthew 24:30,
18:04 "the Son of Man will appear in heaven,
18:07 and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn... "
18:10 Christ's coming is like lightning
18:12 that flashes from the east to the west.
18:14 He appears in the sky to all tribes of the earth
18:17 and Revelation 1:7 tells us this,
18:20 "every eye will see Him... "
18:22 You see, it is not only believers
18:25 who will see Him when He comes,
18:27 but also the masses who have rejected Him.
18:30 This is the prime opportunity for God's character
18:34 to be vindicated.
18:36 Every person will see and hear the exact truth from the Bible
18:41 being fulfilled before their very eyes.
18:43 When Jesus comes... there are only two classes of people...
18:48 the unsaved and the saved.
18:50 The lost and the redeemed.
18:53 There is no second chance when Christ comes again.
18:56 This is the climax of earth's history.
18:59 So, Jesus is making sure to come literally...
19:02 visibly...
19:04 audibly...
19:06 and Jesus comes gloriously.
19:08 So, there is no question what is happening.
19:10 The entire universe is witnessing this
19:14 decisive event in human history.
19:16 1st Corinthians 15:51 to 52,
19:20 "Behold, I tell you a mystery:
19:22 We shall not all sleep,
19:24 but we shall all be changed... in a moment,
19:26 in the twinkling of an eye,
19:28 at the last trumpet.
19:29 For the trumpet will sound,
19:31 and the dead will be raised incorruptible... "
19:34 meaning... indestructible...
19:35 "and we shall be changed. "
19:38 Can you imagine
19:39 seeing the earth illuminated with the glory of God?
19:43 The ground rumbles...
19:45 the buildings shake
19:46 and the lightning flashes
19:48 and the thunder crashes.
19:50 Ten thousand times ten thousand angels
19:54 speed with haste to graves
19:56 as righteous believers rise from the earth.
19:58 This tells us again that the dead are in their graves
20:03 not already in heaven.
20:05 Our bodies no longer have the curse of sin.
20:08 There are no more deaf ears...
20:10 there no more blind eyes.
20:12 no more arthritic limbs
20:13 and no more diseased bodies.
20:15 As believers, we are looking up to meet the eyes of Christ.
20:20 Can you imagine that very moment
20:23 when your eyes meet with His for the first time?
20:27 I hope I'll be able to see Him through my tears.
20:32 This is the most magnificent event in the heavens.
20:37 Instantly our mortal bodies which are subject to disease
20:41 and death receive immortality.
20:44 Instantly, we are transformed.
20:47 New life pulsates through our every cell.
20:51 We radiate with health and joy.
20:53 As Christ descends in glory, we sing His praises
20:57 as our bodies are changed from disease and degenerated
21:01 to flawless.
21:02 Revelation 15:3,
21:05 "Great and marvelous are Your works, Lord God Almighty!
21:09 Just and true are Your ways, O King of the saints!"
21:12 Finally, the King of kings
21:15 receives the praise He's always deserved
21:18 as every believer acknowledges Him as Savior.
21:22 What a beautiful scene!
21:24 Reuniting with families...
21:26 embracing our loved ones...
21:28 this is the greatest drama of the ages,
21:31 Isaiah 25:9 says,
21:34 "Behold, this is our God;
21:36 we have waited for Him,
21:38 and He will save us.
21:39 This is the Lord: we have waited for Him;
21:42 we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation. "
21:45 You see, we have not accepted the false Christ...
21:48 the counterfeit messiah who pretended he was Jesus Christ.
21:52 We need to remember that the great controversy has two sides
21:55 to the battle
21:57 and the other side is also present during this event.
22:01 Can you imagine how Satan will see his every lie...
22:05 every counterfeit...
22:07 every deception crumble before him.
22:10 He will see God's children rising to Jesus.
22:15 Those same people he persecuted
22:18 are now forever known as the overcomers
22:22 throughout the universe.
22:24 Perhaps, even the evil angels will quiver
22:28 as they see those they tempted being made immortal.
22:32 They realize they've lost the war.
22:36 It's over...
22:37 it's done.
22:39 Pause...
22:40 2nd Corinthians 6:2,
22:42 "Behold, now is the accepted time;
22:45 behold, now is the day of salvation. "
22:48 Our eternal destiny is being settled by the choices we make
22:53 right now today, Friends,
22:54 I believe we are living on the very edge of eternity.
22:58 We are living in the days
23:00 just before the second coming of Christ.
23:02 Don't you want to make it a priority today
23:05 to be ready for this crowning event?
23:07 Let's look at seven Biblical facts that happen at His return.
23:12 First, there will be stupendous seismic upheavals.
23:16 Mountains and islands will disappear
23:18 and a great earthquake will shake this planet
23:21 as shown in Revelation 6:14.
23:23 "Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up,
23:27 and every mountain and island was moved out of its place. "
23:30 Second, the righteous dead are raised.
23:34 Paul tells us in 1st Thessalonians 4:16,
23:37 "the dead in Christ shall rise first. "
23:40 All who sleep in their graves
23:42 will hear Christ's trumpet-like voice
23:44 and rise up to eternal life.
23:46 Next... Righteous living are changed.
23:50 Then... immortality is given
23:53 and then the wicked living are destroyed.
23:56 In Revelation 6:15,
23:58 "And the kings of the earth, the great men,
24:01 the rich men, the commanders,
24:03 the mighty men, every slave and every free man,
24:06 hid themselves in the caves
24:08 and in the rocks of the mountains. "
24:10 We can see... they have no change of heart
24:13 when they see the God of the universe descend.
24:16 They actually still reject Him by wanting to hide from Him.
24:20 In this very action,
24:22 we can see that God's judgment of every heart is correct.
24:26 The wicked still want to run away from Him.
24:30 Their actions in this verse also show
24:34 that when Jesus comes, there will be no second chance,
24:37 no second opportunity.
24:39 When Jesus comes, the wicked living are destroyed.
24:43 The details of this will be studied tomorrow night...
24:46 don't miss it.
24:48 Next: The righteous welcome Christ.
24:52 The Bible says when Christ comes,
24:54 we are caught up to meet Him in the air.
24:56 Over and over Scripture describes how this...
24:59 the saved sing praises to their long-awaited Jesus
25:02 as they embrace their rescue.
25:04 And then, finally, Righteous will go to heaven.
25:09 Hallelujah...
25:11 Now, let's look at a popular misconception.
25:13 The Bible mentions that Christ is coming as a thief.
25:18 Let's read a few texts about it.
25:20 2nd Peter 3:10,
25:22 "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night,
25:25 in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise. "
25:28 Matthew 24:43,
25:31 "But know this,
25:32 that if the master of the house had known
25:35 what hour the thief would come,
25:37 he would have watched and not allowed his house
25:39 to be broken into. "
25:41 Are these texts speaking about the manner of Jesus' coming
25:45 or the time of His coming?
25:47 When the Bible talks about a thief,
25:49 it is talking about the unexpected time He comes.
25:53 Now look... does a thief cup his hands around his mouth
25:56 and call out a warning like, "Here I come...
25:58 get ready...
26:00 I'm going to steal everything you've got. "
26:02 No... he comes when we least expect it...
26:06 quickly... rapidly...
26:07 between 1995 and 2001,
26:11 St├ęphane Breitwieser, a French Waiter and Art Connoisseur
26:15 stole more than 200 items from museums,
26:18 galleries and castles across Europe.
26:20 Some authorities have estimated the total value of his thefts
26:24 at 1.4 billion US dollars.
26:28 Breitwieser claimed that his motive was purely artistic.
26:33 He didn't sell any of the items he stole
26:35 although many were destroyed by his mother
26:37 when she learned of his arrest.
26:39 Breitwieser obviously timed his thefts
26:42 so he would be unexpected.
26:44 The museums, galleries and castles
26:46 were not ready for him.
26:48 When Jesus comes as a thief in the night,
26:50 the world will not expect Him either.
26:53 Matthew 24:36,
26:55 "But of that day and hour no one knows,
26:58 not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only. "
27:01 The Bible does not teach that He comes secretly as a thief...
27:06 not at all.
27:07 Notice, Matthew 24:44,
27:10 "Therefore you also be ready,
27:12 for the Son of Man is coming at an hour
27:14 you do not expect. "
27:16 In other words, you want to be prepared at all times
27:21 because you don't know when Jesus will return.
27:24 The second coming is a surprise to the unprepared
27:28 but those that have studied their Bibles like you
27:32 will be ready.
27:34 Pause...
27:35 Now, what about the expression: One taken and the other left
27:40 found in Luke 17:36?
27:42 There it says, "Two men will be in the field:
27:45 the one will be taken and the other left. "
27:48 Does this text say that the one that is left is left alive?
27:52 No...
27:54 that's what popular opinion says
27:57 much like the fictional books and movies
27:58 in the "Left Behind" Series.
28:00 But that is not what Scripture says.
28:02 Luke 17:26,
28:05 "As it was in the days of Noah,
28:07 so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man. "
28:10 At the second coming, there will be two classes of people
28:14 just like in Noah's day.
28:16 One class was saved alive in the Ark.
28:19 The other was swept away and died.
28:22 Jesus continues in verse 28,
28:25 "Likewise, as it was also in the days of Lot... "
28:29 Well, what happened in the days of Lot?
28:31 One class... taken out of the city and saved.
28:35 The other was burned up.
28:37 There will be two classes right before Jesus comes.
28:41 One saved: That will ascend to meet Christ
28:44 and one lost: They are dead and destroyed
28:47 at Christ's second coming.
28:49 Revelation is plain about this division of the world
28:52 at the second coming of Christ.
28:53 Those who love Christ... and those who fear His arrival.
28:58 Revelation 6:16, 17 describes those who rejected Him
29:03 and they said to the mountains and rocks,
29:05 "Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him
29:08 who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!
29:12 For the great day of His wrath has come,
29:14 and who is able to stand?"
29:16 How tragic! He comes to save them
29:20 but they run and hide themselves.
29:22 Their hearts are gripped with fear.
29:25 They have not crowned Him as the King of Glory
29:27 in their hearts today.
29:29 So, they don't want to crown Him
29:30 as the King of Glory in the universe.
29:32 They run... they are frightened.
29:34 They cry for the rocks and mountains to fall on them.
29:37 So, when the Bible describes the second coming of Christ,
29:40 one of the greatest deceptions is
29:42 that some will be left on earth
29:44 and have a second chance during the tribulation.
29:47 No...
29:49 The devil has sold that lie to deceive people
29:52 to put off their salvation.
29:54 They think, "I can put off my salvation
29:58 and during the tribulation, I can get serious then. "
30:01 No...
30:03 Do not delay your decision.
30:05 Friends, according to the book of Revelation
30:08 and according to the teaching of Jesus,
30:10 there is no second opportunity.
30:12 The time to get serious about your salvation is now.
30:16 Just as in Noah's day when the angel sealed the ark's door shut
30:21 and the rain began to fall,
30:23 from that moment
30:25 no one could get inside the ark to safety.
30:28 No matter how loud they screamed
30:30 or how hard they knocked on the door,
30:32 it was over.
30:33 Pause...
30:36 There was no second chance to be rescued
30:38 just like when you see Jesus coming in the clouds,
30:43 He brings his reward with Him.
30:45 Everything has been decided.
30:48 You cannot look up and say, "Oh, now I see...
30:52 oh, now I believe in Him... "
30:53 because then... it will be too late.
30:57 Don't let another day go by
30:59 without making this most important decision of your life.
31:02 Choose Jesus
31:05 and when you do,
31:07 oh, the sweet reward that you cannot possibly imagine
31:13 but let's take a glimpse of what the reward of heaven
31:17 will be like.
31:19 Jesus says in John 14:2 and 3,
31:23 "I go to prepare a place for you.
31:26 And if I go and prepare a place for you,
31:30 I will come again and receive you to Myself;
31:34 that where I am, there you may be also. "
31:38 Can you believe that?
31:40 The King of the Universe wants you to be with Him
31:46 for all of eternity.
31:48 So, He is holding back the winds of strife right now
31:52 because He wants all of us to have the opportunity
31:56 to choose Him.
31:58 Choose to be ready at the second coming... choose heaven.
32:01 You see, Jesus wants just one more soul...
32:04 just one more.
32:06 This reminds me of the true rescue story of Desmond Doss...
32:10 a Seventh-day Adventist
32:12 who stood boldly for God and His convictions.
32:15 He was in Okinawa during the bloodiest battle of World War 2
32:19 and saved 75 men without firing or carrying a gun.
32:25 As an Army Medic,
32:28 he single handedly evacuated the wounded from behind enemy lines.
32:33 He braved a barrage of gun fire while tending to the soldiers
32:38 and was even wounded by a grenade
32:41 but God preserved his life.
32:44 Desmond was loyal to God
32:46 and was a witness to the whole world
32:48 and God used him to rescue so many others.
32:52 All through the ages, God has had moral heroes
32:56 just like Desmond Doss.
32:58 I love Desmond's prayer,
33:01 let us each pray, "Please Lord,
33:04 give me just one more... just one more soul for heaven. "
33:08 Because heaven is the ultimate gift from God
33:12 and I would love... wherever that is
33:15 as long as I'm with Jesus...
33:17 but since God did give us a glimpse of heaven,
33:20 let's go there together now.
33:22 When we look at chapters like Revelation 21 and 22,
33:26 we could imagine
33:27 that after rising to meet the Lord in the air,
33:30 we soar past planets
33:33 and our eyes see heaven for the very first time
33:36 with its 12 gates made of gigantic pearls
33:39 and its 12 foundations each made of precious gems.
33:43 We see the streets of pure gold that we've dreamed about
33:47 and now, we see them with our own eyes
33:51 and we are enveloped with the light from the glory of God.
33:55 The verses tell us... there will be no sun or moon needed
33:58 as wherever God resides,
34:00 it glows with a brightness like fire.
34:03 Next, we run towards the river of life
34:06 which flows out of God's throne
34:08 because we see that infamous tree...
34:11 that tree that we will feast on
34:13 where we receive immortality.
34:16 The Tree of Life that bears 12 kinds of fruit
34:19 and what we initially cannot wrap our minds around,
34:23 is how huge the holy City is.
34:25 It is perfectly square...
34:27 each wall 375 miles
34:31 and everyone fits inside perfectly.
34:35 God has prepared every detail so beautifully
34:40 just like our new bodies are so beautiful
34:43 with our immortal perfect flesh
34:45 and bone bodies just like our Creator...
34:48 our Master... our King... Jesus
34:51 and as the days pass,
34:53 it becomes more and more apparent
34:56 that there really is no more pain...
34:58 no more fear and no more tears.
35:01 We are overwhelmed with all the joy that is in us...
35:07 that is around us...
35:08 that we share with all believers from all time.
35:12 Together side by side we praise our Creator...
35:16 our Savior.
35:18 Oh Friends, just thinking about it
35:20 hmmm...
35:22 Now, this is not make believe,
35:23 let's look at some Scripture together
35:26 so that you have all of these beautiful promises
35:29 and descriptions of heaven marked in your own Bible.
35:32 Let's look at Scripture...
35:34 there really are giant pearls... listen to this,
35:37 Revelation 21 verse 21,
35:40 "The twelve gates were twelve pearls:
35:43 each individual gate was of one pearl.
35:46 And the street of the city was pure gold,
35:49 like transparent glass. "
35:51 Did you know that pearls are the product of suffering?
35:55 A tiny irritant slips inside an oyster shell
35:59 and as the little creature suffers,
36:01 it transforms that irritant into a lustrous gem.
36:05 The gates are of pearl...
36:07 your entrance... my entrance...
36:10 God provided at infinite personal suffering
36:14 as in Christ, He reconciled all things to Himself.
36:18 Revelation 21 verses 19 and 20,
36:22 "The foundations of the wall of the city were adorned
36:26 with all kinds of precious stones:
36:28 the first foundation was jasper,
36:31 the second sapphire,
36:33 the third chalcedony,
36:35 the fourth emerald,
36:37 the fifth sardonyx,
36:38 the sixth sardius,
36:40 the seventh chrysolite,
36:41 and the eighth beryl,
36:43 the ninth topaz,
36:45 the tenth chrysoprase,
36:47 the eleventh jacinth,
36:48 and the twelfth amethyst. "
36:50 Wow! God has used only the very finest materials
36:55 in building the city.
36:57 If you were to layer each of these gems on top of one another
37:01 it makes the most beautiful rainbow.
37:04 Isn't our Creator so artistic?
37:06 A rainbow of promise is the foundation of the holy city.
37:11 Revelation 22:5,
37:14 "There shall be no night there:
37:15 They need no lamp nor light of the sun,
37:18 for the Lord God gives them light.
37:21 And they shall reign forever and ever. "
37:23 Revelation 22:1 and 2,
37:26 "And he showed me a pure river of water of life,
37:30 clear as crystal,
37:32 proceeding from the throne of God
37:35 and of the Lamb.
37:36 In the middle of its street,
37:40 and on either side of the river,
37:43 was the tree of life,
37:44 which bore twelve fruits,
37:47 each tree yielding its fruit every month.
37:50 The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. "
37:54 First, let's notice how the Tree of Life's roots
37:58 are on either side of the river.
38:00 How massive that tree must be!
38:03 The leaves and fruit perpetuate immortality
38:07 providing eternal youth for God's people.
38:10 Genesis 3:22 says,
38:12 "take also of the Tree of Life, and eat,
38:16 and live forever. "
38:17 God designed us to live forever with Him.
38:22 The Holy City is an architect's dream
38:26 described in Revelation 21:16,
38:29 "The city is laid out as a square;
38:31 its length is as great as its breath.
38:34 And he measured the city with the reed:
38:37 twelve thousand furlongs.
38:38 Its length, breadth, and height are equal. "
38:43 Ancient cities were measured by outside wall circumference.
38:47 A furlong is an eight of a mile
38:50 which means the city will have a circumference
38:53 of 1500 miles
38:56 and since it is square,
38:58 each wall will be 375 miles in length.
39:02 Now, it's a perfect square.
39:04 It is the same long as it is wide
39:07 but notice... the height is also equal.
39:10 So, it will be 375 miles up
39:14 and it will contain 140,625 square miles
39:20 which is more area here in the US...
39:23 if you think about it...
39:24 it would be more than Virginia, the District of Columbia,
39:27 Pennsylvania,
39:29 Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island
39:31 and Vermont combined
39:33 estimating at least 39 billion at least
39:38 could fit inside the city.
39:39 We currently have 7.8 billion living on this earth
39:44 so, that's almost five times more
39:46 can easily fit inside the city.
39:48 Wow! I cannot wait.
39:50 Now, in 1st Corinthians 15:53,
39:53 "For this corruptible must put on incorruption,
39:56 and this mortal must put on immortality. "
39:59 Revelation 21:4,
40:02 "And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes;
40:05 there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying.
40:09 There shall be no more pain,
40:10 for the former things have passed away. "
40:13 Isaiah 40:31,
40:16 "But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength;
40:20 they shall mount up with wings like eagles,
40:23 they shall run and not be weary,
40:25 they shall walk and not faint. "
40:27 Every faculty will be developed fully...
40:32 every capacity increased.
40:34 The acquirement of knowledge will never weary the mind
40:38 or exhaust the energies.
40:41 This text lets us know
40:44 that what we know about heaven is just a teaser.
40:47 As 1st Corinthians 2:9 reads,
40:50 "But as it is written:
40:51 Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
40:54 nor have entered into the heart of man
40:56 the things which God has prepared
40:58 for those who love Him. "
41:00 Pause...
41:02 Matthew 8:11,
41:03 "And I say to you
41:04 that many will come from east and west,
41:07 and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
41:10 in the kingdom of heaven. "
41:12 Pause...
41:13 Did you hear that?
41:15 We're going to sit down
41:16 with the great spiritual minds of the ages.
41:18 God's heroes of faith
41:21 from throughout the ages will be there.
41:24 The Bible Worthies we have only read about
41:28 and never yet met will be there.
41:30 Think about how it's going to be.
41:33 Perhaps one day you'll be working in your beautiful garden
41:36 and see a man walking down the street and say,
41:39 "Ah, that looks like Adam
41:40 and he makes his way over to you and says,
41:43 "Hi, I'm Adam, I've been admiring your strawberries... "
41:47 and you sit down together
41:48 and you begin to talk about life
41:50 and share the joys of Jesus together
41:53 and perhaps one day you meet Moses,
41:55 a Patriarch who received the Ten Commandments
41:58 written by the very hand of God.
41:59 Moses shares details about what it was like
42:03 to go through the Red Sea
42:04 with the Egyptians following behind
42:06 and the faith that it took to walk into the water.
42:09 He recalls what it was like to lead the Children of Israel
42:13 40 years in the wilderness.
42:15 Next... maybe you see Daniel play wrestling with a lion.
42:20 You run over and make friends
42:22 as he shares his lions' den experience with you.
42:25 When you ask Daniel, "Where you afraid?"
42:27 With tears of joy he responds,
42:30 "I trusted my God... "
42:32 but most of all,
42:35 heaven is a place to fellowship with Jesus...
42:38 our Christ who died for us...
42:41 the one who had nails driven through His hands for us...
42:45 the Man whose head received a crown of pressing thorns for us.
42:51 The very One... the only One who shed His blood for us.
42:55 Isaiah 66:23 says,
42:58 "from one Sabbath to another,
43:01 all flesh shall come to worship before Me," says the Lord Jesus.
43:06 I personally cannot wait to hear you tell me, Friend,
43:10 about the day that you are walking out
43:13 of the heavenly temple
43:14 when Jesus stands before you and He smiles
43:18 the most beautiful smile that you've ever seen...
43:21 as He looks at you, He reaches out His hands
43:25 and He says, "I want to take a walk with you. "
43:27 You walk through fields of waving grain
43:31 and Jesus reaches out and breaks off some of that grain
43:35 and He says, "Taste it... "
43:37 and together you walk over a hill
43:39 and He says, "Look at these flowers...
43:42 aren't they magnificent?
43:43 There are no other flowers like them in the universe.
43:47 Look at the purples, the pinks the reds, the blues...
43:51 there's no field like it.
43:53 I made this bouquet especially for you
43:56 and I painted a whole hillside with it. "
43:59 And suddenly you hear a chorus of angels and Jesus says,
44:03 "They're singing your song.
44:05 You are so valuable to me that the most precious...
44:09 and I would have entered into the agony... the pain,
44:11 the suffering and the darkness of the cross,
44:14 it was only to save you. "
44:16 Music...
44:18 He puts His hand on your shoulder and says,
44:21 "I don't have anyone else like you in all the universe.
44:25 I made each of you special.
44:29 You are a rarity... you are My prize possession
44:34 because if I lost you, I could never replace you. "
44:40 Music...
44:46 Christ came to earth and poured out all of heaven for you.
44:50 God's rescue is far more amazing than you can ever realize.
44:55 God's plans for you are unimaginable.
44:59 Is there anything or anyone
45:02 that is keeping you from being ready for the coming of Christ?
45:06 Right now, Jesus is preparing for you
45:10 to be with Him in heaven.
45:12 He wants to spend eternity with you.
45:15 Is it your desire to be with Him forever?
45:18 Do you want to surrender your life to Him
45:21 and follow the wonderful plans He has for your life?
45:24 Music...
45:26 Friends, let's pray together.
45:29 "Heavenly Father,
45:31 music...
45:33 I ask You for one thing tonight...
45:35 the only thing I want...
45:37 to live in Your heavenly home for all of eternity
45:42 and to marvel at Your goodness.
45:44 Lord, You know the hearts
45:47 of those who are listening right now
45:49 and also long to be with You in heaven.
45:52 Help us to make decisions every day
45:56 that lead us to You.
45:58 In Jesus' precious powerful name, amen. "
46:03 God bless each and every one of you.
46:07 I look forward to sharing tomorrow night's topic
46:10 titled: The Desolation.
46:12 Please join us again for: Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
46:17 Choose God's way.
46:19 Good night Friends.
46:21 As a special bonus for our 3ABN Viewers,
46:26 we wanted to share stories of God's incredible miracles
46:29 before we end this Program.
46:30 Thank you for your prayers and support
46:32 of Adventist World Radio.
46:34 Every day, lives like these are being changed for eternity.
46:39 We're here at Victoria Falls
46:43 located on the water of Zambia and Zimbabwe.
46:46 These are the largest falls in the entire world.
46:49 Music...
46:58 This is the spot where Dr. Livingston
47:01 viewed the Falls for the very first time.
47:03 He wrote, "No one can imagine the beauty
47:06 of the view from anything witnessed in England.
47:09 Music...
47:10 Scene so lovely...
47:12 must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.
47:15 Music...
47:17 To our eyes, it is a magnificent sight
47:19 but it is the work of God that captivates the angels' eyes.
47:23 Such work is being done by cell phone evangelism.
47:27 Let me tell you the story of Marius.
47:29 Marius is a man who was born a Seventh-day Adventist
47:33 here in South Africa
47:35 and he's been an Elder in his church...
47:38 taught Sabbath School
47:40 but he wanted to do something more...
47:42 more for winning souls to the kingdom.
47:44 So, when he heard of cell-phone evangelism,
47:47 he thought to himself,
47:48 "Hey, that's maybe something I should give a try. "
47:51 So, after a long talk with God,
47:53 on a freeway...
47:55 driving down... you know... late night...
47:57 he said, "Lord, I needed to be doing something more. "
47:59 And all that kept coming to his mind...
48:01 cell-phone evangelism.
48:02 So, he decided right then and there
48:04 he would start a group on his cell phone App
48:07 and he added his son, actually.
48:09 His son hadn't been in church for about a decade
48:12 and he really wanted his son to reconnect with the Lord.
48:15 So, he started sending the evangelistic series out
48:20 through the cell phone and his son started listening
48:23 and they began conversations
48:24 about the different topics that were being shared
48:27 and his son was becoming more and more interested again.
48:30 And it's such a great feeling
48:32 when family members reconnect with the Lord
48:35 and you can share that with them
48:37 and this is what was happening for Marius.
48:39 So, in just a few weeks actually,
48:41 his son is going to be baptized
48:43 and everyone is so excited
48:45 along with several other people that he has reached
48:48 through cell-phone evangelism.
48:50 And what's amazing is that in only just a few months,
48:54 his network has grown to over a 1,000 people
48:57 listening to the gospel on their cell phone.
49:00 So, thanks to Marius...
49:02 these people are coming back to the Lord...
49:05 back to Bible truth...
49:06 so, now Marius is winning souls for the kingdom of God
49:10 and it's so exciting.
49:11 At AWR, we love... love spreading the gospel,
49:15 it truly is from broadcast to baptism.
49:18 This is AWR 360.
49:23 Music...
49:25 Come with me to the continent of Africa
49:29 where one of our faithful radio producers
49:32 has sacrificed so much
49:33 to reach his fellow countrymen for Jesus.
49:35 Hi, I'm Cami and this is AWR 360.
49:40 Trumpet: Lift up the trumpet and loud let it ring
49:44 Jesus is coming again.
49:51 Music... drums...
50:03 It was late one afternoon as I closed the door to my office
50:07 at the AWR Station.
50:09 I would be gone for several days.
50:11 Music...
50:21 As Assad boarded the bus, nothing seemed unusual.
50:26 It was like any other day.
50:28 Only today... he was traveling farther.
50:31 This time, returning home for a short visit.
50:34 Despite religious persecution in his country of birth,
50:38 Assad longed for his people to know Jesus
50:41 and this spurred him on.
50:43 All of a sudden, Assad's thoughts were interrupted.
50:48 Music...
51:05 I cringed as they reached for me too.
51:07 and then to my horror yelled,
51:09 "This is the man we are looking for. "
51:11 Music...
51:15 They said they knew of my work with the radio
51:18 and wanted my contacts.
51:20 Unsatisfied with the answers I gave,
51:23 they threw me into a large empty container.
51:26 Door creaking...
51:33 Shut out from fresh air and sunshine,
51:37 he sat in darkness.
51:39 His socks, shoes and jacket were taken
51:42 and Assad suffered from the extreme conditions.
51:45 As the sun beat down in the day,
51:48 the metal container intensified the heat...
51:51 while at night, a sharp chill set in.
51:55 music...
51:59 Without food or water, Assad soon fell very sick.
52:03 As I sat in the dark isolation of the container,
52:08 my mind went back to my childhood.
52:10 Music...
52:12 Scenes of my village being raided by night
52:15 flashed before me.
52:16 Music...
52:23 Those men had worn masks too.
52:25 Somehow I escaped them and I ran with all my might.
52:33 Music...
52:35 Alone in the darkness, I wondered for the first time.
52:39 "What would become of me?"
52:42 Pause...
52:44 Assad's mind lingers on the memories.
52:48 There was an orphanage he was taken to
52:51 and the boys there introduced him to Adventist World Radio.
52:55 They huddled together listening, knowing that if caught
52:59 punishment would ensue.
53:01 Christianity was not allowed here
53:05 but this only made them long all the more for the truth.
53:09 Radio...
53:12 Then, there was that day
53:13 when the orphanage director had called him into her office.
53:17 Assad was old enough now and he must leave the orphanage.
53:21 Music...
53:30 His heart ached as he walked away never to return.
53:33 Again, he wondered, "What will become of me?"
53:37 Music...
53:39 Now, he sat alone in a metal shipping container
53:42 pondering the same question he had as a lonely child
53:46 and dejected orphan.
53:48 Assad closed his eyes and thought about his work
53:51 with Adventist World Radio.
53:53 Since escaping his home country,
53:56 Assad had been producing Adventist Radio Programs
53:59 in his native tongue for his people back home.
54:01 Christianity was forbidden in his country
54:04 but the radio could carry the message
54:07 that missionaries could not.
54:09 Music...
54:18 I wondered what would become of my radio program now?
54:22 Who would carry on the work if I didn't return?
54:26 Music...
54:28 The days and weeks passed...
54:30 Assad was released from the container
54:32 but the inhumane conditions remained.
54:35 Starved, beaten and even electrocuted,
54:39 he had endured more than any human should.
54:42 One day, without notice,
54:46 my hands were unbound
54:48 and I was told... I could return home.
54:51 I could hardly believe it.
54:54 I was free...
54:55 I was praising the Lord as I boarded a bus again.
54:59 This time... headed home to my family
55:02 and my work at the radio station.
55:03 Music...
55:06 Despite the harrowing experience Assad has been through,
55:10 he faithfully continues his work with AWR
55:13 producing messages of hope and truth for his home country.
55:17 Assad trusts the Lord to keep Him safe
55:20 and knows that as long as God wants him to be producing
55:24 these programs,
55:25 nothing can stop him.
55:27 Music...
55:32 There are many others like Assad
55:33 who have suffered great persecution
55:35 to share their faith
55:37 and yet there are many more
55:39 who still need to hear about Jesus.
55:40 Please pray for these precious souls
55:43 and consider helping to further the work
55:45 of Adventist World Radio around the world
55:47 by donating today.
55:49 Together... from broadcast to baptism,
55:51 this is AWR 360.


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