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00:01 What does 666 mean in the Bible?
00:03 What does the Mark of the Beast represent
00:06 and how can I avoid its Mark?
00:09 Who is the beast of Revelation 13?
00:12 You will want to know these Bible answers.
00:14 My name is Cami Oetman
00:16 and this is: Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
00:19 The rise of an international pandemic...
00:23 Polarizing global politics...
00:25 Increasingly destructive natural disasters...
00:29 Bush fires in Australia are warning of what may be to come
00:32 around the world.
00:34 What does it all mean?
00:35 What does the future hold?
00:37 Join international Speaker Cami Oetman
00:42 on a journey for answers in unlocking Bible prophecies.
00:46 In her travels around the world,
00:48 she's come face to face with real-life struggles
00:51 but in the midst of them,
00:52 she's found miracles of hope.
00:54 Join Cami Oetman
00:56 for unlocking Bible prophecies
00:58 as she shares how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled
01:01 faster than ever before.
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01:10 Welcome back for another episode of: Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
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01:22 Yesterday's topic is one of my favorites.
01:25 It is so comforting to me to know that the God of love
01:29 is doing everything He can to save us.
01:32 Today we turn our attention to a topic
01:34 that even draws a response
01:36 from those who do not believe in the Bible.
01:37 It has been popularized by Hollywood
01:40 and is greatly misunderstood.
01:42 The Mark of the Beast is a serious topic
01:45 that deserves in-depth study.
01:47 You will want to stay with me, Friends.
01:49 Let's pray and move into our topic: The Mark.
01:52 "Heavenly Father,
01:55 Lord, empty me of self...
01:57 fill me with Your Holy Spirit...
01:59 may it only be Your words that I speak here today
02:02 as Your vessel
02:04 and Lord, grant us clear understanding
02:08 of this topic: The Mark of the Beast.
02:10 It is so important for us to know, Lord,
02:12 and open our hearts to You
02:17 so we fall deeper in love with You today.
02:19 Even with this serious truth, Lord, we see Your love.
02:23 In Jesus' precious name, amen. "
02:26 Pause...
02:28 I want to tell you about Michael
02:30 who lived in the northern part of Tanzania.
02:33 He has a beautiful wife and family
02:36 and he grows vegetables to sell.
02:38 As a teenager he was a Christian
02:40 but as the years went by he slowly forgot about God.
02:43 Michael settled down... married
02:45 and started growing vegetables for sale.
02:47 He took pride in his lush garden and always kept it neat.
02:51 Then something happened
02:53 that would disrupt their peaceful happy lives
02:55 and ruin Michael's crops.
02:57 He started having a terrible problem with wild pigs
03:02 destroying his plants and eating his vegetables.
03:05 In order to protect the crops, he began staying up all night
03:08 to keep watch.
03:10 One evening as he kindled the fire
03:11 and prepared for another long night,
03:14 Michael switched on his radio.
03:16 The Station playing was new to him.
03:19 The message sounded strangely familiar.
03:21 It had been so many years
03:23 since he had heard anything about Jesus.
03:26 It was all such a distant memory.
03:28 The night went more quickly this time.
03:30 when morning broke, the radio was still playing the station
03:33 which he would later learn was Adventist World Radio.
03:36 The second night, Michael again turned his radio to AWR.
03:41 and this time, invited five of his neighbors to join in
03:45 and listen with him.
03:46 The third night,
03:48 a message of faith was presented on the radio.
03:50 His heart was so touched and he said to his friends,
03:54 "There is a God big enough to protect our crops.
03:57 Why are we staying up all night?"
03:59 Michael decided he would give God another chance.
04:04 In an effort to test and see if God was real,
04:07 Michael remained home that night
04:09 instead of going out and watching over his crops.
04:12 He gathered his family to listen to AWR
04:15 and pray for God's protection.
04:17 The next morning, Michael dashed outside to survey his crops.
04:21 Amazingly, there was no damage.
04:24 He was so excited and ran back to share the good news
04:28 with his family.
04:29 For the first time in his life,
04:31 he realized that God is real and cares for him.
04:36 Night after night, Michael returned home...
04:39 listened to his radio and again prayed for protection
04:42 before peacefully sleeping.
04:45 His neighbors began to ask questions.
04:47 They had watched as the pigs passed by his fields
04:51 only to eat their surrounding crops.
04:54 They felt sure... this must be witchcraft.
04:57 Michael gladly explained about the radio and about God
05:02 who would even protect vegetables from pigs.
05:05 Music...
05:07 Several of his neighbors decided to test God too
05:10 and listen to AWR at home
05:12 instead of going out to guard the crops at night.
05:15 The pigs no longer bothered their vegetables either.
05:19 Before long, Michael, his family and 30 other people
05:23 from his village gathered to give their lives to Jesus
05:27 through baptism.
05:29 With a smile, Michael shared, "We are so thankful for AWR
05:33 because if we had not heard this broadcast,
05:35 we would still be out in the dark
05:37 guarding our crops from pigs
05:39 and would have missed hearing about Jesus. "
05:42 Three years later,
05:44 Michael's gardens continue to grow
05:48 and the wild pigs have never returned.
05:51 Michael loves to tell everyone about God
05:54 and has now become a missionary.
05:57 His love for Jesus has been rekindled
05:59 and he has a passion born from a personal experience of faith
06:03 and trust.
06:05 All of this is a simple result of a radio broadcast
06:08 and a God big enough to answer prayer.
06:11 This story is an excellent demonstration
06:15 of a man putting full faith in God's care.
06:18 We need to start practicing putting our trust
06:22 in the little things of life
06:24 so that when the big issues come up,
06:26 we have built up our courage and faith
06:29 to take a firm stand for God
06:31 no matter the earthly consequences.
06:33 God's plan is the best.
06:36 In the overall picture and in the tiny little details,
06:40 His way makes sense.
06:42 It is of ultimate justice.
06:44 So, when we look at how this world ends,
06:47 we can put our trust in how God does things
06:50 because His way of doing things is rooted in love.
06:55 It is my sincere desire tonight
06:59 to lay the clear Word of God before you.
07:03 I believe you are here with me
07:07 because you are seeking the truth.
07:09 You must decide for yourself what is truth
07:13 and what is error.
07:14 If you find anything contrary to the Word of God,
07:18 you need to reject it
07:20 but if you desire to seek for truth as for hidden treasure,
07:24 accept that truth as it is revealed to you
07:27 by the Holy Spirit.
07:28 Friends, it is so important for you and me to know
07:32 what to expect and what to avoid.
07:34 It matters because when the Bible warns
07:37 that something is going to happen,
07:39 we can believe it does
07:41 exactly as it says right on time.
07:45 We've been together now for nine Presentations
07:48 and have already seen how God keeps His every word.
07:52 He alerts us with prophecy not to paralyze us with fear
07:56 but to equip us with knowledge resulting in courage.
08:01 God's truth is never sent to embarrass anyone.
08:06 It is always sent to enlighten.
08:08 My focus tonight and always
08:11 is to not make you fearful
08:13 but faithful.
08:15 True Christians are never against people
08:18 but they must be against false systems
08:21 which enslave people.
08:23 The devil's purpose is to counterfeit truth
08:26 and everything God gives for the good of man...
08:29 the devil gives for your destruction.
08:32 That's why you were given a choice.
08:35 Revelation 1:3,
08:36 "Blessed is he who reads this book,
08:39 hears this prophecy,
08:41 and keeps those things written:
08:44 for the time is at hand. "
08:46 Will you put your trust in the popular traditions of men
08:49 or will you give God the final word
08:53 on tonight's incredibly important topic?
08:55 Remember, the theme of our Series is:
08:58 If it's in the Bible, I believe it.
09:00 If it disagrees with the Bible,
09:02 it's not for me. "
09:04 The most fearful, awesome and shocking language
09:08 in all of the book of Revelation
09:10 is used to describe the Mark of the Beast.
09:12 Let's read how God describes
09:15 the punishment for those who receive the Mark.
09:18 Revelation 14:9 through 11,
09:21 "Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice,
09:25 'if anyone worships the beast and his image,
09:28 and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,
09:32 he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God,
09:36 which is poured out full strength
09:38 into the cup of His indignation.
09:40 He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
09:43 in the presence of the holy angels
09:45 and in the presence of the Lamb.
09:46 And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever;
09:50 and they have no rest day or night,
09:52 who worship the beast and his image,
09:54 and whoever receives the mark of his name. '"
09:57 Pause...
09:59 We will soon identify the characteristics
10:01 of the Mark of the Beast
10:02 but before we do, it is important to know
10:05 that any person who receives the Mark of the Beast
10:08 is forever lost.
10:09 Prophecy states that vast majority of people on this earth
10:13 will choose to receive the Mark of the Beast.
10:15 God teaches in Revelation that all people on the earth
10:19 are rapidly dividing into two groups.
10:22 One group will be following the God of heaven
10:24 and will receive the Seal or Mark of God.
10:27 The other group will be following Satan
10:29 who is represented by the Beast
10:31 and they will receive his Mark.
10:34 Tragically, unless a person knows for certain
10:37 what the Mark of the Beast is,
10:39 he will no doubt end up with that Mark.
10:42 We need to be positive
10:43 that we can identify the Mark of the Beast
10:45 in God's Word.
10:47 Remember, we studied how God's fourth commandment is His Seal.
10:51 We learned that a Seal has three components.
10:54 1. God's name
10:55 2. His Title or Office as our Creator.
10:58 3. And His Territory or Dominion over Heaven and Earth.
11:03 God provided for His people a Sign... a Seal...
11:07 a Mark of His creating redeeming power.
11:10 The 7th-day Commandment found in Exodus 20 verses 8 through 11
11:15 says, "Remember to keep the Sabbath day holy... "
11:18 We are to observe the Sabbath throughout our generations
11:22 as a perpetual... meaning ongoing covenant with God.
11:26 It is a sign between God and His redeemed people forever.
11:31 Ezekiel 20 verse 12 says,
11:34 "I gave them My Sabbaths,
11:35 to be a sign between Me and them,
11:38 that they might know that I am the Lord that sanctify them. "
11:41 In order to identify the Mark,
11:44 we must first identify the Beast.
11:47 In prophecy, what does a beast represent?
11:50 Daniel 7 verse 23 says,
11:53 "The fourth beast shall be a fourth kingdom on earth... "
11:58 Beasts in prophecy represent kingdoms...
12:02 Governments of earthly ruling Organizations.
12:04 The term does not denote disrespect.
12:07 It does not mean beastly characteristics.
12:11 The description of each beast
12:12 is a description of the government involved.
12:16 According to Revelation 13 verse 1,
12:19 this beast... with a mark... comes up out of the sea.
12:22 What does water represent in prophecy?
12:26 Revelation 13:1,
12:28 "Then I stood on the sand of the sea.
12:31 And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea,
12:34 having seven heads and ten horns,
12:37 and on his horns ten crowns,
12:39 and on his heads a blasphemous name. "
12:42 Revelation 17:15,
12:44 "Then he said to me,
12:46 'The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits,
12:50 are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues. '"
12:54 So, Scripture interprets itself.
12:58 We see that the waters are people
13:01 and multitudes and nations and tongues.
13:02 Water in prophecy represents a very populated area...
13:07 masses of people.
13:09 In Revelation 13,
13:11 notice that this beast which has a Mark
13:14 that I must not receive
13:15 has eight pronounced characteristics.
13:19 So, we will look at these eight characteristics
13:22 from the book of Revelation.
13:24 There is only one entity that has all eight
13:30 in all of history.
13:31 There's only one
13:33 and I'd like to pause right here.
13:35 Before we continue,
13:37 it is important for me personally
13:39 to tell you that we will be addressing a heavy
13:43 sensitive subject tonight.
13:45 I will be quoting from different historical documents
13:49 that are not intended to accuse individuals
13:52 but to show prophecy fulfilling.
13:54 God has His children in every culture, sect and belief system.
14:00 When they hear His voice, His truth...
14:04 they do not hesitate to follow Him
14:07 even if it means leaving their traditions.
14:11 The information quoted here is directed only towards a System
14:16 that has a number of doctrines which we will see clearly
14:20 go against Scripture.
14:21 Characteristic Number 1:
14:24 The Beast would receive its power... Seat and Authority.
14:29 Revelation 13:2,
14:31 "Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard,
14:34 his feet were like the feet of a bear,
14:36 and his mouth like the mouth of a lion.
14:38 The dragon gave him his power, his throne,
14:42 and great authority. "
14:43 Scripture describes Satan as the dragon.
14:47 Revelation 12:4,
14:49 "His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven
14:52 and threw them to the earth.
14:54 And the dragon stood before the woman
14:56 who was ready to give birth,
14:58 to devour her Child... Jesus...
15:01 as soon as it was born. "
15:02 The dragon primarily represents Satan
15:06 but also symbolizes pagan Rome...
15:09 a nation that Satan worked through
15:11 and we know this because in Matthew 2 verse 16,
15:15 we see that Satan used King Herod...
15:19 a Roman Ruler to try to destroy Jesus
15:22 by killing all the babies of Bethlehem.
15:25 History is clear that Papal Rome...
15:29 meaning the Roman Catholic Church or Papacy
15:33 received its Power, Authority,
15:35 and the Capital City from Old Pagan Rome
15:39 the ancient political government.
15:42 Quoting Historian Carl Eckhardt The Papacy and World Affairs,
15:48 states... quoting...
15:50 "When the Roman Empire had disintegrated
15:53 and its place had been taken by a number of rude,
15:56 barbarous kingdoms,
15:57 the Roman Catholic Church not only became independent
16:01 of the state in religious affairs
16:03 but dominated secular affairs as well. "
16:06 Quoting Adolf Harnack, What is Christianity?
16:10 "The Roman Church
16:12 pushed itself into the place of the Roman world empire,
16:16 of which it is the actual continuation.
16:18 The Pope is Caesar's successor. "
16:22 Let's look at characteristic number 2,
16:26 The Beast would become a Worldwide Power.
16:29 Revelation 13 verses 3 and 7,
16:33 "And I saw one of his heads
16:35 as if it had been mortally wounded,
16:37 and his deadly wound was healed.
16:39 And all the world marveled and followed the beast. "
16:43 "It was granted to him to make war with the saints
16:46 and to overcome them.
16:47 And authority was given him over every tribe,
16:50 tongue, and nation. "
16:52 None would dispute the during the Middle Ages,
16:56 the Papacy was indeed a worldwide power.
16:59 Once again, the Papacy fits the identification.
17:03 Pope Gregory the 7th proclaimed the perfection
17:06 of the Roman Catholic Church
17:08 declaring that the church had never erred
17:11 nor would it ever err according to the Scriptures.
17:15 The proud Pontiff next claimed the power to dethrone emperors
17:19 and declare that no sentence which he pronounced
17:23 could be reversed by anyone
17:25 but that it was his prerogative
17:27 to reverse the decisions of all others.
17:30 Pause...
17:32 Characteristic Number 3:
17:33 The Beast would rule for 42 months.
17:36 Revelation 13:5,
17:39 "And he was given a mouth
17:40 speaking great things and blasphemies,
17:43 and he was given authority
17:44 to continue for forty-two months. "
17:47 The time of the Papacy's rule
17:49 is repeatedly referred to in prophecy as 1,260 days
17:54 which is the same thing when you say, "42 months"
17:58 or... it's the same thing when you say
18:00 "three-and-a-half years. "
18:01 They all equal the same amount of 1,260 literal years.
18:07 You see, in prophecy one day equals one year.
18:13 So then, one week equaling seven days
18:18 would equal seven years.
18:20 We see this in Ezekiel 4:6.
18:23 God says, "I have appointed thee each day for a year. "
18:28 Numbers 14:34,
18:31 "After the number of the days in which ye searched the land,
18:35 even forty days,
18:36 each day for a year, shall ye bear your iniquities,
18:40 even forty years. "
18:41 History shows that the Papacy persecuted the saints
18:45 for 1,260 years.
18:47 The legally recognized supremacy of the Pope began in 538 A.D.
18:52 when Emperor Justinian elevated himself
18:55 to the Bishop of Rome...
18:57 to the position of Head of all churches.
18:59 This is known as the Edict of Justinian.
19:03 The year 538 A.D. became the turning point
19:07 in the history of the Roman Empire
19:09 when Justinian declared himself to be a theologian
19:13 from this year and no longer a soldier.
19:16 He crossed the barrier of his mandate
19:19 from the Pagan Roman Empire
19:21 to the Holy Roman Empire.
19:23 Adding exactly 1,260 years to 538 A.D.
19:30 brings us to the year 1798
19:33 which is the year the Pope was dethroned
19:36 when the French General Berthier under Napoleon
19:39 led him into captivity.
19:41 About 18 months later, the Pope died in exile in France.
19:44 This act ended Papal power
19:47 in terms of enforcing Papal Decrees
19:49 just as prophecy predicted.
19:52 Characteristic Number 4:
19:54 The Beast would be guilty of blasphemy.
19:57 Revelation 13:5 and 6,
20:00 "And he was given a mouth
20:01 speaking great things and blasphemies,
20:03 and he was given authority to continue
20:06 for forty-two months. "
20:07 "Then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God,
20:11 to blaspheme His name,
20:13 His tabernacle,
20:14 and those who dwell in heaven. "
20:16 The Holy Bible defines blasphemy as claiming to be God
20:21 as shown in John 10:33.
20:23 "The Jews answered Him, saying,
20:25 'For a good work we do not stone You,
20:29 but for blasphemy,
20:31 and because You, being a Man, make Yourself God. '"
20:34 And blasphemy also claims the power to forgive sins
20:39 as shown in Luke 5:21.
20:41 "And the scribes and the Pharisees began to reason,
20:44 saying, 'Who is this who speaks blasphemies?
20:47 Who can forgive sins but God alone?'"
20:49 So, does the next statement qualify as blasphemy?
20:53 Quoting from Ferraris' Ecclesiastical Dictionary,
20:57 "The Pope is of so great dignity and so exalted
21:01 that he is not a mere man, but as it were God...
21:05 the divine monarch and supreme emperor... king of kings
21:09 so that if it were possible
21:11 that angels might err in the faith...
21:14 they could be judged and excommunicated by the Pope. "
21:18 Quoting from Christopher Marcellus,
21:22 Oration in the Fifth Lateran Council,
21:25 "Thou art another God on earth. "
21:29 Quoting from the Catholic National,
21:32 "The Pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ,
21:35 but that he is Jesus Christ, Himself,
21:39 hidden under the veil of flesh. "
21:41 Pause...
21:43 2nd Thessalonians 2:3 and 4,
21:45 "Let no one deceive you by any means;
21:48 for that Day will not come
21:50 unless the falling away comes first,
21:52 and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,
21:56 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God
22:01 or that is worshiped,
22:02 so that he sits as God in the temple of God,
22:06 showing himself that he is God. "
22:09 Let's quote from the Catechism of the Catholic Religion
22:13 New York, 1929,
22:15 "Question: Does the Priest truly forgive the sins,
22:20 or does he only declare that they are remitted?"
22:22 "Answer: The Priest does really and truly forgive the sins
22:27 in virtue of the power given him by Jesus Christ. "
22:31 Pause...
22:32 Quoting Saint Alphonsus Liguori,
22:36 The Dignities and Duties of the Priest,
22:38 "The priest has the power of the keys,
22:42 or the power of delivering sinners from Hell,
22:45 of making them worthy of Paradise...
22:47 And God Himself is obliged to abide
22:51 by the judgment of priests...
22:52 The priest may, in a certain manner,
22:55 be called the creator of his Creator.
22:58 'Let the priest,' says St. Laurence Justinian,
23:02 'approach the altar as another Christ. '"
23:05 Pause...
23:07 Characteristic Number 5:
23:08 The Beast would receive a deadly wound
23:11 which would heal.
23:13 Then the entire world would follow him.
23:15 Revelation 13:3,
23:18 "And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death;
23:21 and his deadly wound was healed:
23:23 and all the world wondered after the beast. "
23:26 That "wondered" is with an "o" and not with an "a. "
23:31 They do not physically walk or wander after the beast.
23:35 This is a cognitive function.
23:38 They "wondered" after the beast
23:40 so that they have the same mindset as the beast.
23:44 They choose to unite with the beast power.
23:47 The Papacy was dealt what appeared to be a death blow
23:52 when in 1798 Berthier took the Pope captive
23:56 and he died in exile.
23:57 Half of Europe thought that the Papacy had ended
24:00 with this event.
24:02 However, God was on record that the wound would be healed
24:07 and the influence of the Papacy would grow
24:10 till all the world followed her lead.
24:12 Pause...
24:14 Pope Francis has expressed an intense desire
24:17 for unity with the Eastern Orthodox...
24:19 the Anglicans...
24:21 and many other major Protestant Denominations.
24:23 He began this initiative with the memorable live video chat
24:27 with Kenneth Copeland and his congregation.
24:29 "The Catholic and Charismatic renewal
24:32 is the hope of the Church,"
24:34 exclaimed Anglican Episcopal Bishop Tony Palmer,
24:37 "My wife saw that she could be a Catholic, and a Charismatic,
24:41 and an Evangelical, and Pentecostal,
24:44 and it was absolutely accepted in the Catholic Church... "
24:47 The crowd cheered.
24:48 Pause...
24:50 The chasm between Catholicism and Protestantism
24:53 is rapidly closing.
24:54 However, while Rome itself has not changed,
24:58 many Protestant churches have
25:01 and are compromising their foundational beliefs
25:04 to resemble Rome
25:06 and are no longer protesting
25:08 against their man-made traditions.
25:11 The Papacy's influence and power steadily increases.
25:15 Over the past century,
25:17 the number of Catholics around the globe
25:18 has more than tripled to nearly 1.3 billion
25:21 according to the Census of the 2019 Pontifical Yearbook.
25:25 The world looks to the Pope today
25:28 as the only hope for global unity...
25:30 love, peace and decency precisely as God predicted.
25:36 Characteristic Number 6:
25:38 The beast would have the mystical number 666.
25:42 Revelation 13:18,
25:45 "Here is wisdom.
25:46 Let him who has understanding
25:48 calculate the number of the beast,
25:50 for it is the number of a man:
25:52 His number is 666."
25:54 So, the Bible clearly states that 666
25:58 is the number of a man.
26:00 Modern interpretations of this prophecy
26:03 incorrectly apply the 666 to various technologies.
26:08 But we don't have to waste our time wondering which one
26:11 because the Bible states it is a man.
26:15 Obviously technology, barcodes, chips or whatever else
26:19 did not persecute the saints for 1260 years.
26:22 They did not blaspheme by claiming to be God
26:25 and chips do not claim to forgive sins.
26:28 Instead, these attributes belong to the Beast Power...
26:32 the Antichrist.
26:34 However, before we can call any entity the Antichrist,
26:38 we must be sure that it fulfills every descriptor
26:42 that the Bible gives.
26:44 This text clearly states
26:46 the number is a man's but also the beast.
26:50 The number 666 applies to the Papacy...
26:54 a Kingdom represented by a Beast
26:57 as shown in that chart of Papal titles
27:00 and is a number of a man
27:02 the Supreme Ruler of that Kingdom
27:04 bringing it in line with the man of sin
27:07 as we earlier read in 2nd Thessalonians 2:3.
27:10 One of the official titles of the Pope
27:13 Vicarius Filii Dei or Vicar of the Son of God
27:17 is easily verified in Papal Canons
27:19 and other Catholic publications.
27:21 On a notarized page from 1943,
27:25 Dr. Yohan Quastan of the Catholic University of America
27:29 said, the title: Vicarius Filii Dei
27:33 as well as the title: Vicarius Christi
27:35 is very common as the title for the Pope.
27:38 Quoting Our Sunday Visitor, a Jesuit publication,
27:43 the title of the Pope of Rome is: Vicarius Filii Dei.
27:46 This is inscribed on his Miter
27:49 and if you take the letters and add them together,
27:51 they come to 666.
27:53 Quoting Protestant Dr. Henry Grattan Guinness
27:58 in: Babylon and the Beast,
28:00 an English Officer of high rank who in 1799
28:04 made a special favor while in Rome
28:06 got a close look at the Pope's jewels and precious things...
28:10 discovered thereby
28:11 that the Papal Tiara bore this inscription:
28:14 Vicarius Filii Dei.
28:16 Many Protestant Churches today
28:18 wish to apply 666 to all of humanity
28:22 rather than the Papacy.
28:23 But both Catholics and Protestants agree on the title
28:26 and even the Jesuits...
28:28 the Society sworn to protect the Pope at all costs,
28:31 all confirm it in their own publications.
28:35 Take the value of the Roman numerals
28:38 and add them together as shown on the screen.
28:40 So, V equals 5
28:44 I equals 1
28:46 C equals 100 and so forth.
28:50 By adding each character, the total is 666.
28:54 Quoting New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia,
28:58 "Since the 14th century,
29:00 the Pope's tiara has had three tiers.
29:02 According to the Vatican,
29:04 the three layers symbolize 'The Triple Power of the Pope:
29:08 the Father of Kings, the Governor of the World,
29:11 and Vicar of Christ. '"
29:12 Characteristic Number 7:
29:16 The Beast would be a Religious Power.
29:18 It is involved in worship.
29:21 Revelation 13:5 and 8,
29:24 "And he was given a mouth speaking great things
29:27 and blasphemies,
29:28 and he was given authority to continue for forty-two months. "
29:32 "All who dwell on the earth will worship him,
29:35 whose names have not been written in the Book of Life
29:38 of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. "
29:41 Pause...
29:43 The Papacy is different from the pagan kingdoms before it
29:46 because it is both a political power and a religious power.
29:51 This Power is not a secular government
29:55 but it is involved in spiritual matters.
29:57 The word "worship" is used four times
30:01 in Revelation 13 alone...
30:03 a chapter of warning against false worship.
30:07 Pause...
30:09 Quoting Pope Pius the 9th, December 8th, 1864,
30:14 "The Catholic religion should be held as the only religion
30:18 of the people,
30:19 to the exclusion of all other forms of worship. "
30:23 Characteristic Number 8:
30:27 The Beast would war with and persecute the saints.
30:31 Revelation 13:7,
30:33 "It was granted to him to make war with the saints
30:36 and to overcome them.
30:38 And authority was given him over every tribe,
30:41 tongue and nation. "
30:42 Protestant Christians were falsely accused
30:46 of the most dreadful crimes
30:47 and declared to be the cause of great calamities.
30:50 They were viciously condemned as rebels against the Empire...
30:54 as foes of religion.
30:55 Great numbers were thrown to wild beasts or burned alive
31:00 in the amphitheaters.
31:01 Their punishment was often made the chief entertainment
31:05 at public celebrations.
31:06 Vast multitudes assembled to enjoy the sight
31:10 and greeted their dying agonies with laughter and applause.
31:14 Historians D'Abujean and Wylie
31:18 say more than a million innocent people were massacred
31:22 in just one single event.
31:24 Pause...
31:26 Quoting John Calvin
31:27 from a letter he wrote to Emperor Charles the 5th,
31:30 "I deny that See to be the vicar of Christ,
31:35 who, in furiously persecuting the gospel,
31:38 demonstrates by his conduct that he is Antichrist. "
31:42 Quoting W. Lecky,
31:45 History of the Rise and Influence
31:47 of the Spirit of Rationalism,
31:49 "The Church of Rome has shed more innocent blood
31:52 than any other institution
31:54 that has ever existed among mankind. "
31:57 Quoting John Daniel,
32:00 The Great Design Exposed,
32:02 "For the unbiased researcher,
32:04 history reeks of the butchery of Romanism,
32:07 where whole cities and populations
32:09 were unmercifully wiped out,
32:11 just because they worshipped God
32:14 in a manner that was different from Roman Catholicism. "
32:17 1st John 2:22 says,
32:22 "Who is a liar but he that denieth
32:25 that Jesus is the Christ?
32:26 He is antichrist, that denies the Father and the Son. "
32:31 Pause...
32:33 These quoted sources are not an attack on any group of people.
32:37 It is an attack upon the Devil
32:39 who is responsible for this entire mess.
32:42 God Himself has told us that this System has a Mark
32:47 which we dare not receive.
32:49 Praise Jesus that He has uncovered
32:52 in His book of Revelation, Satan's deadly plans
32:55 to destroy us all.
32:56 Since we have now positively identified
32:59 the eight characteristics of the beast of Revelation 13
33:03 as the Papal System,
33:05 let's permit the Papacy to tell us what its Mark is.
33:08 Quoting His Eminence James Cardinal Gibbons,
33:11 Ninth Archbishop of Baltimore
33:14 who wrote:
33:15 One day a man picked up
33:16 Peter Geiermann's Convert's Catechism of Catholic Doctrine
33:20 and read on page 50,
33:21 "Question: Which is the Sabbath day?"
33:24 "Answer: Saturday is the Sabbath day. "
33:27 "Question: Why do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday?"
33:31 "Answer: We observe Sunday instead of Saturday
33:35 because the Catholic Church transferred the solemnity
33:39 from Saturday to Sunday. "
33:42 The man was shocked
33:44 and supposed there must be some mistake
33:46 so he wrote a letter to the then-famous
33:48 James Cardinal Gibbons of Baltimore
33:50 and asked if the Catholic Church did indeed
33:53 change the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday.
33:56 "Of course, the Catholic Church claims
33:59 that the change was her act.
34:01 And the act is a mark of her ecclesiastical power
34:05 and authority in religious matters. "
34:08 Quoting the Catholic Record of London,
34:11 "Sunday is our mark of authority...
34:15 the church is above the Bible,
34:19 and this transference of Sabbath observance
34:22 is proof of that fact. "
34:24 Pause...
34:26 God's holy Sabbath
34:28 was never intended to be changed by anyone, Friends.
34:31 We read in Exodus 31:16, 17...
34:35 "God said to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations,
34:39 for a perpetual covenant.
34:40 It is a sign between Me... " God...
34:44 "and My children... " you
34:45 "forever... "
34:47 Ezekiel 20 verse 20 says,
34:49 "Hallow My Sabbaths;
34:51 and they shall be a sign between Me and you,
34:53 that you may know that I am the Lord your God. "
34:57 Also, in Ezekiel 20 verse 12
35:01 God says, "Moreover also I gave them My Sabbaths,
35:05 to be a sign between Me and them,
35:07 that they might know that I am the Lord that sanctify them. "
35:11 Pause...
35:13 Quoting a doctrinal catechism by Stephen Keenan,
35:16 "Question: Have you any other way
35:19 of proving that the church has power
35:21 to institute festivals of precept
35:24 meaning a general rule intended to regulate behavior
35:27 or thought?
35:29 Answer:
35:30 "Had she not such power,
35:32 she could not have done that in which all modern religionists
35:36 agree with her.
35:38 She could not have substituted the observance of Sunday,
35:41 the 1st day of the week,
35:42 for the observance of Saturday, the 7th day,
35:45 a change for which there is no Scriptural authority. "
35:49 Friends, we have seen in their own writings
35:53 that the System of Roman Catholicism
35:55 claims that it changed the day of worship
35:58 from Saturday to Sunday.
36:02 Sunday keeping is its Mark of authority and power.
36:06 This is a battle over time to worship your God...
36:10 your Creator...
36:12 your Redeemer.
36:14 Remember, for every Bible truth, Satan has his counterfeit.
36:19 God's Mark... His sign of power is the seventh-day Sabbath...
36:24 Sabbath keeping
36:26 whereas, the Beast's Mark...
36:28 his sign of power is First-day Sunday
36:32 or Sunday keeping.
36:34 Pause...
36:35 It seems incredible... unbeknownst to most
36:38 that the Papacy claimed to change the day of worship
36:40 from Saturday to Sunday.
36:42 Did the Papacy really substitute Sunday
36:46 for God's fourth Commandment... Sabbath?
36:48 Or did they only think they changed it?
36:51 Daniel 7 verse 25,
36:54 "He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,
36:58 shall persecute the saints of the Most High,
37:01 and shall intend to change times and law.
37:05 Then the saints shall be given unto his hand
37:07 for a time and times and half a time. "
37:11 Daniel 7 is a parallel prophecy to Revelation 13.
37:16 Other versions like the King James Version says,
37:19 "They think to change times and laws. "
37:23 Pause...
37:25 Catholic Catechisms show
37:27 that the Papacy has tried to change the law of God...
37:30 the Ten Commandments have been tampered with.
37:34 The Second Commandment
37:35 which refers to images and saint-idol worship
37:38 is absent in Catholic literature
37:41 and to make up for the loss of one,
37:44 the Tenth Commandment is divided then into two.
37:47 The Fourth Commandment which God talks about His Sabbath
37:52 now is shifted and becomes the Third Commandment
37:56 in the Catholic Catechism.
37:58 Pause...
37:59 The day of worship is shifted by Papal Decree
38:02 from Saturday to Sunday.
38:04 The Papacy only thought a change had been made.
38:07 According to God, Sunday is not a holy day.
38:11 The Sabbath of the Fourth Commandment
38:13 is still binding, Friends.
38:15 John A. O'Brien writes in this book: Faith of Millions:
38:20 The Credentials of the Catholic Religion,
38:22 Quote: "But since Saturday, not Sunday,
38:27 is specified in the Bible,
38:29 isn't it curious that non-Catholics
38:32 who profess to take their religion directly from the Bible
38:35 and not from the Church,
38:36 observe Sunday instead of Saturday?"
38:39 Yes, of course, it is inconsistent;
38:42 but this change was made about fifteen centuries
38:45 before Protestantism was born,
38:47 and by that time the custom was universally observed.
38:50 They have continued the custom,
38:53 even though it rests upon the authority of the Catholic Church
38:58 and not upon an explicit text in the Bible.
39:01 That observance remains as a reminder of the Mother Church
39:05 from which the non-Catholic sects broke away...
39:08 like a boy running away from home
39:11 but still carrying in his pocket a picture of his mother
39:14 or a lock of her hair. "
39:15 Pause...
39:17 You know, Friends, God hurts
39:19 when religious leaders are selective
39:21 with only nine commandments
39:23 and cause people to stumble over His Sabbath command.
39:27 What was God's criticism of His ancient priests or pastors?
39:31 Malachi 2:7 to 9,
39:34 "You have caused many to stumble at the law...
39:37 you have not kept My ways,
39:40 but have been partial in My law. "
39:43 God said the religious leaders in Ezekiel's day
39:47 were not following His ways
39:49 and making a mockery of His laws.
39:51 In Ezekiel 22:26, 27 says,
39:57 "Her priests have violated My law
39:59 and profaned My holy things;
40:02 they have not distinguished between the holy and unholy,
40:07 nor have they made known the difference between the unclean
40:10 and the clean;
40:11 and they have hidden their eyes from My Sabbaths,
40:15 so that I am profaned among them. "
40:18 Pause...
40:19 This is still happening today.
40:21 Many religious leaders say,
40:23 "There is no difference between Sabbath and Sunday... "
40:27 or... "Any day will do if you are sincere. "
40:31 Hmmm... Friends, God still says in Ezekiel 22:8,
40:37 "You have despised My holy things
40:40 and profaned My Sabbaths. "
40:42 The Lord will pour out His wrath on those who say,
40:45 like in Ezekiel 22:28,
40:47 "Thus saith the Lord...
40:49 when the Lord has not spoken it at all. "
40:53 God will not ignore or forget these additions
40:56 or subtractions to His words.
40:58 It is serious to claim that our ideas are His.
41:03 We should never put words in His mouth
41:06 or discredit what He has said.
41:08 Scripture warns us
41:10 that religious activity is quite useless
41:12 if we are not doing the will of God.
41:14 Christ is clear that calling on God's name
41:18 and even leading out in great selfless-humanitarian programs
41:22 will be wasted if obedience to God's will is not followed.
41:27 Scripture states that obedience is the true test
41:31 of a valid religion or genuine follower of Christ.
41:34 Those who engage ever so fully
41:37 in the preaching of the name of Jesus
41:39 and do not keep His Commandments,
41:41 cannot meet the approval of God.
41:44 Those who uphold Sola Scriptura...
41:47 the Bible and the Bible alone as the supreme authority,
41:52 do meet the approval of God.
41:54 Pause...
41:55 Now, let's clarify what it means to be a Protestant
41:59 or Protest... ant.
42:01 To protest against, to deny,
42:04 to reject the universal authority of the Pope...
42:08 Papacy, Roman Catholic Church, Papal System.
42:11 To affirm the Reformation principles
42:14 that thousands of Reformers died for.
42:16 You see, original Protestantism believed in Sola Scriptura
42:22 and protested against the false religious beliefs of the Papacy.
42:26 Protestants asked the Pope,
42:28 "How could you change God's holy law?"
42:30 Quoting Saint Catherine Catholic Church,
42:34 May 21, 1995...
42:36 Quote: "Perhaps the boldest thing,
42:39 the most revolutionary change the Church ever did,
42:42 happened in the first century.
42:44 The holy day, the Sabbath
42:47 was changed from Saturday to Sunday.
42:51 'The Day of the Lord' dies Dominica was chosen,
42:56 not from any directions noted in the Scriptures,
42:58 but from the Church's sense of its own power.
43:02 The day of resurrection, the day of Pentecost,
43:05 fifty days later,
43:07 came on the first day of the week.
43:09 So this would be the new Sabbath.
43:12 People who think
43:14 that the Scriptures should the sole authority,
43:16 should logically become Seventh-day Adventists,
43:19 and keep Saturday holy. "
43:21 Pause...
43:23 End quote.
43:25 So, where is the Mark of the Beast placed on a person?
43:28 God tells us in Revelation 13:16,
43:31 "He causes all, both small and great,
43:35 rich and poor, free and slave,
43:37 to receive a mark on their right hand
43:39 or on their foreheads. "
43:40 The "Mark" is not literal.
43:43 Remember, we are dealing with symbols...
43:46 prophecy...
43:47 the forehead represents the mind with which we serve God.
43:51 Romans 7:25...
43:53 "and the hand is a symbol of work... "
43:56 Ecclesiastes 9:10,
43:58 Those who accept Sunday observance willingly,
44:02 are marked in the forehead... they're choosing.
44:05 Those who agree to work Sabbath to avoid persecution or death
44:10 are marked in the hand.
44:12 Do people who observe Sunday now have the Mark of the Beast?
44:17 Let's have the Bible answer.
44:19 Revelation 13:17,
44:22 "and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark
44:26 or the name of the beast,
44:27 or the number of his name. "
44:29 Not one person has the Mark of the Beast now.
44:35 There will come a day when no one will be able to buy or sell
44:39 unless you have the Mark.
44:40 It is at this time when men are forced to choose
44:45 whether or not to work on the Sabbath... God's holy day
44:48 and observe Sunday instead as a holy day.
44:54 That is when you will be marked
44:56 either on the forehead or on the hand.
44:58 Sabbath breaking is a very serious matter
45:02 because it involves sin
45:04 or transgression of God's holy law.
45:06 1st John 3:4,
45:09 "Whosoever commits sin transgresses also the law:
45:13 for sin is the transgression of the law. "
45:16 Those who knowingly profane God's holy day now
45:20 will lose the ability to think and see clearly
45:23 and will end up in darkness.
45:24 So, John 12:35 says,
45:28 "Then Jesus said to them,
45:29 'A little while longer the light is with you.
45:32 Walk while you have the light,
45:34 lest darkness overtake you;
45:36 he who walks in darkness does not know where he is going. '"
45:40 Friends, in these last days,
45:43 God has commanded His angels
45:45 to hold back the winds of strife from the earth
45:48 until something happens to His people.
45:52 What is that something?
45:53 We have a merciful God
45:55 but at some point it must come to an end.
45:58 You still have time to choose His ways.
46:02 Revelation 7 verses 1 to 3,
46:05 "After these things I saw four angels
46:07 standing at the four corners of the earth,
46:10 holding the four winds of the earth,
46:12 that the wind should not blow on the earth,
46:14 on the sea, or on any tree.
46:16 Then I saw another angel ascending from the east
46:19 having the seal of the living God.
46:22 And he cried out with a loud voice to the four angels
46:25 to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea,
46:28 saying, 'Do not harm the earth,
46:31 the sea, or the trees
46:33 till we have sealed the servants of our God
46:36 on their foreheads. '"
46:37 Winds blowing represents strife, wars and commotion.
46:43 God is holding back devastating destruction from the earth
46:48 until His people have made their decision for or against Him
46:52 and all that He stands for.
46:53 It is not enough to just claim that we serve God.
46:57 We must also obey Him.
46:59 Who will receive God's wrath in the last days?
47:01 Revelation 14:9 and 10,
47:05 "Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice,
47:07 'If anyone worships the beast and his image,
47:10 and receives his mark on his forehead
47:12 or on his hand,
47:14 he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God,
47:17 which is poured out full strength
47:19 into the cup of His indignation.
47:21 He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
47:23 in the presence of the holy angels
47:25 and in the presence of the Lamb. '"
47:26 What is the wrath of God?
47:28 Revelation 15:1,
47:30 "Then I saw another sign in heaven,
47:32 great and marvelous:
47:33 seven angels having the seven last plagues,
47:36 for in them the wrath of God is complete. "
47:39 Friends, as Commandment-keeping Christians,
47:43 do we need to fear the impending seven last plagues?
47:46 Not at all.
47:48 Our Savior says, "Do not fear... "
47:51 and provides us with hundreds of promises to claim
47:54 such as Psalm 91:10 and 11,
47:57 "No evil shall befall you,
48:00 nor shall any plague come near your dwelling;
48:02 for He shall give His angels charge over you,
48:06 to keep you in all your ways. "
48:08 Amen.
48:09 Those that have the Seal of God are promised safety
48:13 and will be shielded from all seven last plagues.
48:16 Now, many of you have asked,
48:19 "Is the United States mentioned in prophecy?"
48:21 Let's take a brief look at a much deeper study.
48:25 Revelation 13:11-12,
48:28 John saw another beast rise up out of the earth
48:31 about the time the beast of verse 1 went into captivity.
48:35 in verse 10.
48:36 "and he had two horns like a lamb
48:39 and he spoke as a dragon. "
48:40 There is only one nation that qualifies as a second beast.
48:44 The power described has to become a mighty nation
48:48 in order to exercise authority
48:50 over all the nations of the world.
48:52 It had to rise out of a land which is unoccupied territory.
48:57 The Power would have lamb-like qualities
49:00 with lofty principles of freedom and equality...
49:03 attributes of Christ
49:05 but would end up speaking like a dragon.
49:08 The US Constitution came into effect in 1789
49:13 just around the time of the end of the 1260-year prophecy.
49:16 USA... the USA was independent exactly in the timeframe
49:21 God foretold.
49:22 The Dublin Nation in 1850 spoke of the United States
49:27 as a wonderful Empire which was emerging
49:29 and quote "amid the silence of the earth
49:32 daily adding to its power and pride. "
49:34 Unquote.
49:36 You see, he had two horns like a lamb.
49:38 The lamb-like horns indicates youth, innocence and gentleness
49:42 fitly representing the character of the United States
49:45 when represented to the prophet as coming up in 1798.
49:49 The beast with lamb-like horns speaking as a dragon
49:53 points to a striking contradiction
49:55 between what this nation professes
49:58 versus what they practice.
49:59 The prediction that it will speak as a dragon
50:02 and exercise all power of the first beast
50:05 plainly foretells
50:07 a development of the spirit of intolerance
50:09 and persecution coming.
50:11 What two tragic things does the second beast cause people to do?
50:15 Revelation 13:12 and 16,
50:18 "And he exercises all the authority of the first beast
50:22 in his presence,
50:23 and causes the earth and those who dwell in it
50:25 to worship the first beast,
50:27 whose deadly wound was healed. "
50:29 "He causes all, both small and great,
50:32 rich and poor, free and slave,
50:34 to receive a mark on their right hand
50:37 or on their foreheads. "
50:38 America will lead out in forcing people
50:42 to receive the Mark of the Beast.
50:43 This magnificent country
50:45 will soon repudiate religious freedom
50:48 and force people into false worship.
50:50 When the leading churches of the United States of America
50:54 unite on common points of doctrine,
50:56 they shall influence the State to enforce their decrees
50:59 to sustain their institutions.
51:01 Then, Protestant America will have formed an image
51:05 of the Roman hierarchy
51:06 and the infliction of civil penalties
51:09 upon the centers will inevitably result.
51:12 How will the second beast
51:14 convince people they should listen to him?
51:16 Revelation 13:13...
51:19 "He performs great signs,
51:21 so that he even makes fire come down from heaven
51:24 on the earth in the sight of men.
51:26 And he deceives those who dwell on the earth
51:29 by those signs which he was granted to do
51:31 in the sight of the beast,
51:32 telling those who dwell on the earth
51:35 to make an image to the beast
51:37 who was wounded by the sword and lived. "
51:40 An image is a copy...
51:43 it has the attributes of the original.
51:45 The only entity that has all eight of these characteristics
51:50 in all of history is the Roman Catholic System
51:54 which is the first beast of Revelation 13.
51:57 Friends, go to history and check it out for yourself.
52:00 This was a power that utilized State resources
52:04 in order to enforce its doctrines
52:06 even when these doctrines were contrary to the Word of God.
52:10 The second beast will do the same.
52:13 Prophecy tells us so.
52:15 We are seeing signs that is taking place already in our day.
52:19 The second beast will utilize boycott and death threats
52:23 to force people into line.
52:25 Revelation 13: 15 to 17,
52:28 According to Scriptures the mark will be enforced
52:31 by imposing economic sanctions
52:33 on anyone unwilling to accept the Mark.
52:36 The image is a union of Church and State
52:39 with forced worship.
52:41 The Lamb-like beast will speak as a dragon.
52:44 Remember, God does not force your worship or obedience.
52:49 In love, He always gives us the freedom of choice.
52:52 What did the disciples say
52:54 about whether we should obey God or man?
52:57 Acts 5:29,
52:58 "But Peter and the other apostles answered and said:
53:02 'We ought to obey God rather than men. '"
53:05 In Matthew 15:9,
53:07 "And in vain they worship Me" Jesus says,
53:10 "teaching as doctrines the commandments of men. "
53:14 This warns us
53:16 that there is no point in following man's teachings
53:19 because it's senseless, ineffectual, futile and foolish.
53:24 What can I do to make certain
53:26 I will not receive the Mark of the Beast?
53:28 Revelation 14:12,
53:30 "Here is the patience of the saints;
53:33 here are those who keep the commandments of God
53:37 and have the faith of Jesus. "
53:38 God's saints are His saved that live in heaven forever
53:42 because they keep all ten of God's Commandments.
53:46 Aligning us with His character
53:48 and they've fallen in love with Jesus
53:50 and want to be just like Him
53:52 because Jesus kept the Commandments.
53:54 The question is that of loyalty
53:57 to Jesus Christ or the Antichrist.
54:00 The great controversy is all about who do you worship.
54:04 The Mark of the Beast equals Sunday worship...
54:08 man-made tradition...
54:09 Revelation 13:4,
54:11 "And they worshiped the dragon which gave power
54:13 unto the beast... "
54:14 so they worship the dragon obviously... unknowingly...
54:18 because this dragon gives the power to the beast.
54:20 It's a counterfeit System
54:22 and the world is beginning to think like this beast
54:25 and to follow in its mindset
54:27 whereas the Mark of God is Sabbath worship
54:31 God's law of liberty.
54:33 Revelation 22:14,
54:35 "Blessed are they that do His commandments,
54:38 that they may have the right to the tree of life. "
54:41 Each person has to make a decision
54:45 either for or against God.
54:48 Matthew 12:30 says,
54:50 "He who is not with Me is against Me,
54:53 and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad. "
54:56 Picture the multitude of humanity gathering together.
55:02 Before them is a fence.
55:03 On one side of the fence stands Jesus smiling.
55:07 On the other side, Satan paces back and forth.
55:12 Both Jesus and Satan began calling to the masses.
55:17 One by one each person decides for themselves
55:21 who they choose as their Master.
55:23 Jesus... or Satan...
55:26 The last man decides to not join either group.
55:30 Instead he climbs up onto the fence and straddles it...
55:34 not willing to budge.
55:36 So, Jesus turns and disappears with His followers
55:41 and Satan leaves with his group.
55:44 The man on the fence sits alone smiling...
55:48 thinking himself pretty clever.
55:51 But suddenly,
55:53 he sees a form coming towards him.
55:55 He realizes it's Satan and shudders...
55:58 the evil one demands, "Come on, let's get going... "
56:02 Baffled, the man replies,
56:04 "Ah... nooo no no... I did not choose you...
56:07 I didn't choose anybody. "
56:09 Satan smirks, "Oh yeah you did...
56:13 you see, I own that fence. "
56:15 Friends, there's no doubt in my mind
56:19 which side of the fence I want to be on.
56:20 How about you?
56:22 Jesus warns, "Whoever is not with Me,
56:26 is against Me. "
56:27 Friends, indecision is a decision.
56:32 If you are not claiming Christ as your own...
56:35 as your personal Savior,
56:37 then who will save you?
56:39 The Bible clearly says...
56:42 Jesus is the door...
56:43 the gate to heaven...
56:45 the only way in.
56:47 John 14:6 says,
56:49 "No one comes to the Father except through Me. "
56:52 We must choose Jesus and take a stand for His truth.
56:56 We have been looking at His words tonight.
56:59 He is coming soon Friends,
57:01 there is not more time to delay.
57:03 Friend, are you sitting on the fence tonight?
57:06 Do you sense Jesus calling you right now?
57:09 Are you seeing from your Bible
57:13 that the key issue surrounding end-time events is worship?
57:17 Pause...
57:19 I pray you understand the immense importance
57:22 of the eight identifying characteristics
57:25 that God gives us
57:26 showing us who the Mark of the Beast is
57:29 in Revelation 13.
57:31 Let me pray with you.
57:32 "Heavenly Father,
57:35 I pray that You comfort anyone
57:39 who is wrestling with Your Scripture right now.
57:41 I pray that we each clearly see Your identifying points
57:47 in Bible prophecy
57:49 of who the beast is and his mark.
57:52 We know You are coming soon.
57:54 Every one of us has to make our own personal decision
57:58 whose side we're on.
58:00 Be with each person, Lord, in a special way right now
58:04 and send Your Holy Spirit to guide them in Your Word.
58:08 I know there are those listening right now
58:11 that join me in committing... like Joshua
58:16 that for me and my house, I serve and choose You.
58:20 In Jesus' precious powerful name,
58:23 amen. "
58:25 Thank you so much for spending this time with me
58:29 on: Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
58:32 Choose God's way...
58:34 Good night Friends.


Revised 2022-02-07