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00:01 Is there a One-World Government coming?
00:02 Is this something that God will want for our world?
00:06 Do you need to be afraid of this power?
00:09 What can you do now
00:10 so you're prepared for what is to come?
00:13 I'll share these answers next.
00:15 My name is Cami Oetman.
00:17 Unlocking Bible Prophecies starts now.
00:20 The rise of an international pandemic.
00:24 Polarizing global politics.
00:26 Increasingly disruptive natural disasters.
00:30 Bush fires in Australia
00:31 are a warning of what may be to come around the world.
00:34 What does it all mean?
00:36 What does the future hold?
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00:40 Join international Speaker, Cami Oetman,
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00:47 In her travels around the world,
00:49 she's come face to face with real-life struggles
00:52 but in the midst of them, she's found miracles of hope.
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01:12 Welcome back to: Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
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01:17 and that you have a clear sense of God's plan in your life.
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01:31 Isn't God amazing?
01:33 Yesterday we learned that we do not need to fear
01:36 the Mark of the Beast
01:38 and most certainly do not need to receive it.
01:41 In fact, God is preparing His people right now
01:44 through the Holy Spirit
01:46 so we are ready to face the end days.
01:48 You can receive His Seal
01:51 through a Holy-Spirit inspired prayerful obedience to Him.
01:55 Today, we will continue to focus our attention
01:58 on end-time events
02:00 and see an amazing prophecy unfold.
02:02 God through the Apostle John in the book of Revelation
02:06 predicted a time in our future
02:08 where Church and State will reunite once again.
02:13 Has that already begun?
02:15 Are we about to enter that time?
02:17 Stay with me for the answers to these very important questions.
02:22 Let's pray now and begin our Study: The Harlot.
02:26 "Heavenly Father,
02:28 Lord, empty me of self
02:30 and fill me with Your Holy Spirit.
02:32 Anoint my lips with only Your words
02:35 and may I be Your vessel right now
02:38 to clearly give a message, Lord,
02:40 that is so important for our generation.
02:43 Be with me now, Lord, and speak through me.
02:46 In Jesus' precious name, amen. "
02:48 Pause...
02:50 A pastor in Tanzania encouraged His members
02:53 to use a Christian Radio Program as a witnessing tool
02:57 to share the messages with their friends and family.
03:00 Mama Meambe took this to heart
03:03 and began carrying her little radio
03:04 with her wherever she went.
03:06 Now, Mama Meambe had a garden located by the town's bar.
03:11 Daily as she tended to her plants and vegetables,
03:14 she sat down her radio and turned the volume up.
03:18 Inside the nearby bar the owner began to listen
03:22 and take interest.
03:23 He became so intrigued with what he heard
03:26 coming from the radio in the garden,
03:28 he decided to find the channel on his own radio
03:31 so he could hear it better.
03:33 While serving his customers, he listened intently
03:36 to sermons like: Unlocking Bible prophecies.
03:38 Soon, he was not the only one listening.
03:41 The drunkards who daily came by started to listen
03:45 and ask questions.
03:46 Finally, they all agreed to meet together
03:50 and listen to the radio instead of drinking.
03:53 The owner and his customers met in the bar
03:56 with their Bibles and radio.
03:58 As the Adventist World Radio Program presented
04:01 Bible-based messages,
04:03 the men discovered precious truths
04:05 they had never heard before.
04:07 At the end of the 20-day Series,
04:10 the owner decided to give his life to Jesus
04:13 and was baptized along with 20 of his customers.
04:17 It was a joyous day.
04:18 After their baptism this new little congregation
04:22 decided to change the bar into a place of worship instead.
04:27 They meet together every Sabbath
04:29 to sing praises and study the Bible together.
04:32 Mama Meambe often joins them with a heart full of joy
04:36 for what God was able to do through her.
04:39 Is this not an amazing testimony to the power of the gospel?
04:44 A place of frivolity and drunkenness
04:47 is now a place of praise and worship to our Creator.
04:50 These men heard the truth...
04:52 confirmed it in their Bible
04:55 and committed to following it.
04:57 It can be that easy.
04:59 The book of Revelation describes two systems of religion.
05:03 It depicts two ways of worship.
05:05 Revelation presents us with one of two choices.
05:10 It really does not leave us any middle ground...
05:12 you can no longer remain neutral.
05:15 It presents a strong appeal to men and women
05:18 in the last days of earth's history.
05:20 Jesus makes an urgent call to commitment.
05:24 This appeal can be summarized in the symbolism
05:27 of the two women in Revelation.
05:29 The women in white is described in Revelation 12.
05:32 In prophecy, a pure woman symbolizes the...
05:37 the bride of Jesus or the true church.
05:39 the prophet says,
05:42 "I have likened the daughter of Zion
05:45 to a lovely and delicate woman. "
05:47 "The daughter of Zion" is a term portraying God's people.
05:51 Here God compares His church to a beautiful pure woman.
05:56 In Ephesians chapter 5,
05:57 Jesus is a faithful husband to His church... the bride.
06:01 In Revelation 12, there is a striking symbol
06:05 of a woman dressed in white.
06:07 She is faithful to her true lover Jesus.
06:10 She is undefiled with the corruption of false doctrine.
06:13 She is described as Christ's bride or His church on earth.
06:17 In Revelation 17, another woman arises.
06:21 This woman rides upon a scarlet-colored beast.
06:25 The Bible calls her a harlot woman.
06:27 She has left her true lover, Jesus,
06:30 and this harlot is the apostate system of religion.
06:34 Tonight we will look especially at this harlot.
06:37 As we study this subject together,
06:39 we will see how crucial our theme is.
06:42 If it's in the Bible, I believe it.
06:45 If it disagrees with the Bible, then it's not for me.
06:48 Even if the whole world follows fables and human dogmas,
06:53 we need to stand on God's Word
06:55 and if none go with me... I still will follow.
06:59 The New Testament Church... God's true church
07:03 radiates purity and holiness
07:05 because Jesus is predominant in her life.
07:08 Her affections and heart are fixed on Him.
07:11 Her love can be given to no other...
07:14 she will never betray Him as He is her everything.
07:18 She is a faithful bride of Christ.
07:21 But this beautiful picture changes.
07:24 Another woman saunters on to the scene
07:27 in direct contrast to the pure woman in white.
07:31 Revelation 17:1 says,
07:34 "Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls
07:37 came and talked with me, saying,
07:39 'Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot
07:42 who sits on many waters,
07:44 with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication,
07:47 and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk
07:49 with the wine of her fornication. '"
07:51 Pause...
07:53 Here's a picture... not of the true church
07:55 but of the fallen church.
07:57 The harlot has walked away from her true lover... Jesus.
08:01 What does it mean? She sits on many waters?
08:05 The Bible interprets itself.
08:07 In Revelation 17:15,
08:09 "The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits,
08:13 are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues...
08:16 with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication. "
08:20 Well, what is fornication?
08:22 It is an illicit, adulterous union.
08:25 In the Fallen-Church System,
08:28 the church is united with the State.
08:30 In the True-Church System, the Church is united with Jesus.
08:35 The fallen church looks to the kings
08:38 and the political leaders of the earth for power
08:41 and when the church leaves its true lover Christ,
08:44 it instead has to look for power from a secular source
08:48 as it is no longer connected to Jesus.
08:51 This church looks for power from the kings of the earth
08:55 or the State authorities.
08:57 This adulterous woman catches the attention of the masses.
09:01 She knows how to seduce new lovers
09:04 draped in her purple and scarlet red...
09:06 dripping in jewels and sitting upon a scarlet-colored beast,
09:09 This fallen church gets her power from the State
09:13 as she influences the governing bodies
09:16 to support her false teachings.
09:18 She passes around her wine cup of false doctrine.
09:22 This world becomes intoxicated with error.
09:26 Millions drink of the wine of Babylon and are deceived.
09:31 Pause...
09:32 Revelation 17 verse 3,
09:34 "So he carried me away in the Spirit, into the wilderness.
09:38 And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast
09:41 which was full of names of blasphemy,
09:43 having seven heads and ten horns. "
09:45 This false System of religion is an opposition to God.
09:50 This is Satan's counterfeit.
09:53 God is painting a vivid picture of warning
09:56 when He assigns kings and kingdoms to beasts in prophecy.
10:01 He's saying, "Heads up Everybody,
10:04 pay attention. "
10:05 These beasts fall into the harlot's traps
10:08 from which she then derives her power
10:11 to influence kings and govern laws
10:14 for her own agenda and corruption.
10:17 The harlots buys an illicit union between Church and State.
10:22 On page 593 of the Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary
10:27 Volume 4: Philippians to Revelation,
10:30 "these Protestant authors
10:32 make a remarkable statement on Revelation 17...
10:35 'State and Church are precious gifts of God.
10:39 But the State being desecrated...
10:42 becomes beast-like;
10:43 the Church apostatizing becomes the harlot. '"
10:47 Revelation 17:4 says,
10:50 "The woman... " or fallen church...
10:52 "was arrayed in purple and scarlet,
10:54 and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls... "
10:57 Let's think about this.
10:59 Do you know of a religious System
11:02 whose priests wear purple and scarlet?
11:04 Yes...
11:06 Frequently, Cardinals wear scarlet
11:09 and these priests wear red on Good Friday and Palm Sunday,
11:12 Pentecost
11:14 and purple on Advent, Lent and at funerals.
11:17 The official clothing worn by the Pope
11:19 is richer in gold and jewelry than any earthly crown.
11:23 The Papal Tiara's value is beyond comprehension.
11:27 Pause...
11:29 Riches are lavished on the icons of Catholicism.
11:32 Golds, pearls and precious stones deck the statutes
11:36 of saints and Catholic buildings worldwide.
11:39 Pause...
11:40 Now, I'd like to pause right here.
11:43 It's important for me to personally tell you
11:45 that the topic we are talking about tonight
11:47 is a sensitive one
11:49 and the information shared
11:50 is not intended to accuse individuals
11:53 but show prophecy fulfilling.
11:55 I believe there are many sincere seekers of truth
11:59 in every walk of life
12:00 and when truth is revealed, they follow it.
12:04 The information quoted here
12:07 is directed only towards the System of Roman Catholicism
12:10 that has a number of doctrines which we will see
12:13 clearly go against Scripture.
12:16 I believe you are here with me because you seek truth
12:20 no matter how difficult it is to hear, Friend.
12:22 Now, continuing in verse 4,
12:26 "having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations
12:30 and the filthiness of her fornication.
12:32 In other words,
12:33 in the hand of this fallen System of religion
12:36 whose colors are purple and scarlet,
12:39 there is a golden wine cup
12:41 and all the world drinks and becomes confused
12:44 and intoxicated by these false doctrines.
12:47 Revelation 17:5 says,
12:51 "And on her forehead a name was written:
12:58 Okay, so the Bible says she's a harlot
13:03 as well as a mother
13:04 which means... she must have children.
13:06 We will see
13:08 that not only does the Bible identify Roman Catholicism
13:12 as the Mother,
13:13 but the Catholic System calls themselves
13:16 the mother of all churches.
13:17 In September of 2000,
13:20 the Vatican decreed that the Catholic Church is the quote
13:23 "Mother of all Churches" end quote...
13:26 and banned the term "Sister Churches"
13:29 to describe other denominations
13:31 as this could harm Vatican efforts towards unity
13:34 with other believers.
13:36 Hmmm...
13:37 Not sisters... but daughters.
13:40 Quoting Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
13:43 who later became Pope Benedict, he said,
13:47 Quote "It must be always clear
13:49 that the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic universal church
13:53 is not the sister but the mother of all the churches. "
13:58 End quote.
13:59 Pause...
14:00 Protestant Denominations came out of Catholicism
14:03 but have retained some of her false doctrines.
14:06 These are the daughters of the mother church.
14:09 Pause...
14:10 Friend, no matter what your religion,
14:12 God is calling you back to His truth...
14:14 that's all that matters.
14:15 He is so merciful that He is giving us warning
14:19 that we are running out of time.
14:21 God is calling people from all around the world...
14:25 in every culture
14:27 and religious Sect
14:28 and they're responding.
14:30 Like in India,
14:31 when I was asked to share a similar message
14:34 with a congregation of pastors and bishops
14:36 in a capital city,
14:38 these prominent church leaders
14:40 are searching for prophetic truth
14:42 and currently, making important decisions
14:45 on whether to leave their tradition
14:47 or to follow their Bibles.
14:49 And like in Papua New Guinea,
14:51 now, this is just in one Province,
14:54 64 Sunday Pastors and their families
14:58 have accepted the Bible Sabbath truth
15:00 and are now baptized members
15:02 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
15:03 This is not just happening in Papua New Guinea,
15:07 but in Uganda,
15:08 Kenya,
15:10 and the Philippines...
15:11 across the globe.
15:12 People are coming out of Babylon right now.
15:16 God is calling them from the errors
15:19 that have slipped into the church from paganism...
15:21 simply put... paganism is in opposition to God and His ways.
15:27 God is calling His people to the truth of His Word
15:32 and Friends, I believe you want something more
15:34 than sweet soothing words that keep you comfortable.
15:37 Being comfortable makes you vulnerable to the counterfeit.
15:41 Pause...
15:43 For me personally,
15:44 my desire to know truth is stronger
15:47 than wanting to be soothed or pacified.
15:49 I believe you are studying with me
15:51 because you too want to see truth directly
15:54 and simply from the Bible.
15:57 So, let's look together some more.
15:59 What does the Bible mean when it says: Mystery Babylon the Great?
16:05 By the first century, literal Babylon...
16:08 a city that existed in the Old Testament
16:10 had already perished.
16:12 So, this is not talking about "Literal" or "Physical" Babylon.
16:16 This is referring to "Spiritual Babylon. "
16:19 In other words,
16:20 a religious System that would depart
16:23 from the pure teaching of God's Word.
16:24 False doctrines would come into the church
16:27 through the counterfeit religious System called Babylon.
16:30 Now, notice... they would be accepted by the church
16:33 but not by God.
16:36 John 17:17 says,
16:38 "Sanctify them by Your truth, Your word is truth. "
16:42 What does the word "sanctify" mean?
16:45 It means: to set them apart.
16:48 So, God says, "I'm calling my people
16:50 from the false doctrines of Babylon
16:52 to the truth of My Word.
16:54 In the Old Testament right after the flood,
16:57 humans devised a plan to outright defy God.
17:00 A massive structure which became known as the Tower of Babel
17:05 is mentioned in Genesis 11 verse 9.
17:08 "Therefore its name is called Babel,
17:11 because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth. "
17:16 As man built the skyscraper to reach heaven,
17:20 they were erecting it in defiance to God's promise.
17:24 They did not believe
17:25 that the earth would never again be destroyed by a flood,
17:28 they substituted a man-made idea to outsmart God.
17:33 But you can't outsmart God.
17:36 Every time man substitutes a counterfeit for God's Word,
17:40 it is because there is a rebellion in their heart.
17:43 This world is in a perpetual mess because of rebellion
17:48 tracing all the way back to Lucifer's fall from heaven.
17:51 Lucifer... now Satan...
17:54 rebelled against God's government of love.
17:57 In a brilliant strategic move,
18:00 God confused their languages at the Tower of Babel.
18:03 People could no longer communicate.
18:06 They were unable to understand each other so the work stopped.
18:10 I find this super interesting and so symbolic.
18:14 Later, the city of Babylon
18:16 was built on the very site of the Tower of Babel.
18:20 Now, the word "Babylon" comes from "Babel. "
18:25 Babel means confusion.
18:27 Babbling is to make speech sounds
18:31 that do not make sense to the hearer...
18:33 to talk foolishly or too much...
18:35 to mutter or mumble meaningless confusion of words and sounds.
18:39 Friends, I'd like to point out here
18:42 something else very interesting related to this babbling.
18:45 Serious instruction is given by Jesus
18:49 in Matthew 6:7,
18:50 "When you pray, do not use vain repetitions... " like mantras...
18:57 "or babbling like heathen pagans do,
18:59 for they think they will be heard
19:01 because of their many words. "
19:03 Pause...
19:04 So, in the matters of religion,
19:05 when a church accepts man's ideas
19:08 rather than God's instruction,
19:10 it becomes muddled and confusing.
19:14 It becomes man's confusing ideas...
19:18 babbling man's tradition
19:19 and when a church babbles in confusion,
19:22 it loses all of its God-given power.
19:25 In contrast, when a church clearly preaches
19:29 God's straight simple truth,
19:31 it is not babbling... it is proclaiming
19:34 and there is a huge difference
19:36 between proclaiming truth and babbling tradition.
19:39 Pause...
19:41 The Bible says in Daniel 4:30,
19:43 "The king spoke saying,
19:45 'Is not this great Babylon,
19:47 that I have built for a royal dwelling
19:49 by my mighty power
19:50 and for the honor of my majesty?"
19:52 Spiritual Babylon represents a man-made religion
19:57 established by men based on human teachings...
20:00 established on human ideas.
20:03 There is a form of man-made religion that is built by clever
20:07 brilliant human religious leaders
20:10 that stands in opposition to the power of the gospel
20:13 and the true church that Jesus built.
20:16 Jesus is calling us from all human systems of worship.
20:20 He is directing us back to the Bible...
20:23 back to being loyal to Scripture.
20:26 He is steering us to faithfulness to His Word.
20:30 The Church of Jesus is not a man-made institution
20:33 because it was built by Jesus Himself.
20:36 In Colossians 1:18 it says,
20:39 "And He is the head of the body, the church,
20:42 who is the beginning...
20:43 that in all things He may have the preeminence. "
20:47 Jesus is Number One in the true church
20:51 and maintains preeminence.
20:53 Christ in heaven is the only Head of the Church.
20:56 Earthly Babylon in the Old Testament
20:59 had an earthly Head.
21:01 When a Babylonian king spoke, it was law.
21:04 King Nebuchadnezzar sat in his temple on his royal throne
21:08 and ruled as a god.
21:10 His commands were supposedly the voice of God.
21:13 Jesus is warning us to look out for a System
21:18 that would rise called: Spiritual Babylon...
21:20 who would have a spiritual leader
21:22 claiming to speak as God.
21:25 A mere mortal claims to speak in the place of God.
21:30 Spiritual Babylon would have a leader
21:33 who professes that his word has the authority and power
21:36 when speaking from his throne
21:38 as if he's the very God of heaven.
21:41 The first identifying feature of Spiritual Babylon
21:45 is that it has an earthly head who speaks for God...
21:48 in place of God.
21:50 2nd Thessalonians 2:4,
21:53 "Who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God
21:58 or that is worshiped;
22:00 so that he sits as God in the temple of God,
22:03 showing himself that he is God. "
22:05 Pause...
22:07 Isaiah 37:16,
22:09 "O Lord of hosts,
22:10 God of Israel,
22:12 the One who dwells between the cherubim,
22:14 You are God, You alone... "
22:17 Pause...
22:19 Now truly, this is the ultimate act of blasphemy
22:22 to sit yourself in throne between two golden cherubim
22:26 dressed in white linen like God.
22:28 Even in the time of the apostles,
22:31 Paul sought errors creeping into the church
22:34 that would prepare the way for the development of the Papacy.
22:38 Heathen customs found their way into the church and stayed.
22:43 The Apostle Paul warns his brethren
22:45 that "For the mystery of lawlessness
22:47 is already at work... "
22:49 in 2nd Thessalonians 2:7.
22:51 But there is a second thing
22:53 about this Babylonian System of religion.
22:56 Babylon was the center of image worship
22:58 through all of the Old Testament.
23:01 To have deeper understanding of Revelation 17's
23:04 Mystery Babylon the Great,
23:06 let's gather insight from Old Testament Babylon.
23:10 Image worship thrived in Babylon
23:12 whereas Christ invites us to come directly to Him...
23:16 directly.
23:18 We do not need anything between us... no...
23:21 like images... priests or saints.
23:24 There is no need to come to Jesus through intercessors.
23:28 He loves you so much that He wants you close to Him.
23:34 Nothing needs to come in between you and your Savior.
23:37 Exodus 20 verses 4 and 5,
23:41 God says,
23:43 "You shall not make for yourself a carved image...
23:46 any likeness of anything that is in heaven above,
23:49 or that is in the earth beneath,
23:50 or that is in the water under the earth;
23:52 you shall not bow down to them nor serve them.
23:56 For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God... "
24:00 Did you hear that?
24:02 Jesus says, "Do not use images in your worship service. "
24:06 Period.
24:07 Babylon used images prolifically
24:10 and many of those images found their way from paganism to Rome
24:15 and then creeped into the Christian church.
24:17 Church Fathers and Leaders deemed these images
24:20 as sacred and holy.
24:22 Theodore Maynard a Catholic Historian
24:25 in his book: The Story of American Catholicism,
24:28 says, "Catholicism is overlaid with many pagan incrustations.
24:33 Catholicism is ready to accept that accusation...
24:37 and even to make it her boast...
24:39 The great god Pan is not really dead, he is baptized. "
24:43 End quote.
24:44 The Bible clearly repeats... there is only one Mediator
24:49 between God and Man and that is Jesus.
24:53 Your salvation...
24:55 your way to eternal life is only through Him...
24:59 not His mother or any of His apostles.
25:02 Pause...
25:04 Jesus proclaims in John 14:6,
25:06 "I am the way, the truth, and the life.
25:10 No one comes to the Father except through Me... "
25:13 and... "for unless you believe that I am He,
25:17 you shall die in your sins. " John 8:24.
25:21 The Apostle Peter echoed these words,
25:24 "Nor is there salvation in any other,
25:27 for there is no other name under heaven given among men
25:31 by which we must be saved. " Acts 4:12.
25:34 Millions of Christians revere so-called images
25:37 as objects of worship.
25:39 This is a counterfeit
25:41 distracting you away from the only One that can save you.
25:44 This is one of Satan's deceptions
25:47 to cloud human minds from the truth of God's Word.
25:50 The third important characteristic
25:53 we need to know about Old Testament Babylon
25:55 is that it was the center of false teachings about death.
25:58 It taught the counterfeit about what happens to you
26:02 when you die.
26:03 This is where you get the pagan doctrine
26:05 of the immortality of the soul.
26:07 The false idea that the dead live on.
26:10 The lie that when you die there is an immortal soul
26:14 that continues eternally.
26:15 This does not come from Christianity
26:18 and definitely not from the Bible.
26:20 Ezekiel 8:13 and 14, and God said to Ezekiel,
26:25 "Turn again, and you will see greater abominations... "
26:29 meaning: detestable actions that they are doing...
26:32 "So He... " God
26:33 "brought me to the door of the north gate of the Lord's house;
26:36 and to my dismay, women were sitting there
26:40 weeping for Tammuz. "
26:41 Now, who is Tammuz?
26:43 Tammuz is the pagan god of vegetation.
26:47 The Babylonians believed that when winter darkened,
26:51 the sky... and there were long nights
26:54 that Tammuz had died
26:56 but in the spring... he would resurrect
26:58 and some of God's people... the Jews...
27:01 accepted this false idea from Babylon
27:03 straight out of paganism.
27:05 That's why Ezekiel describes them as "worshiping Tammuz. "
27:10 They are worshipping the dead.
27:12 This false doctrine that the dead live on
27:15 and the soul is immortal
27:17 slithered into the Old Testament church
27:19 directly from paganism.
27:21 Friends, those of you that have been with me each night
27:25 know what the Bible says about death.
27:28 Ecclesiastes 9:5,
27:30 "For the living know that they will die;
27:32 but the dead know nothing,
27:34 and they have no more reward,
27:36 for the memory of them is forgotten. "
27:39 Satan's first lie to the human race
27:42 was, "You shall not surely die. "
27:44 He schemed... "Eve, you are immortal. "
27:48 This ancient lie is still deceiving humans
27:53 1,000s of years later.
27:54 Immortality of the soul or worshiping the dead...
27:58 bowing down before images that supposedly represent the dead
28:02 all of these are counterfeit ideas
28:04 that led to the pagan doctrine
28:06 of bringing offerings for the dead.
28:09 Let's look at the false doctrine of saints
28:11 that are supposed to be hovering around.
28:14 This goes against what we have read together.
28:18 We studied how the Bible equates death to sleep
28:21 50 times in Scripture.
28:23 Since the dead are in their graves,
28:26 then who are these hovering spirits?
28:28 They are not dead people.
28:31 Revelation 16:14 tells us,
28:33 "For they are spirits of demons, performing signs,
28:37 which go out to the kings of the earth
28:38 and of the whole world. "
28:40 2nd Kings 23:24,
28:42 "Moreover the workers with familiar spirits,
28:46 and the wizards, and the images,
28:48 and the idols,
28:50 and all the abominations that were spied
28:52 in the land of Judah and in Jerusalem,
28:54 did Josiah put away,
28:56 that he might perform the words of the law. "
28:59 Also, think about this,
29:02 The teaching of the soul having immortality
29:06 takes away the power of the second coming of Christ.
29:10 Pause...
29:12 Why then would we need a Savior to save us from this earth
29:15 if we float to heaven once we die?
29:17 If you believe in the immortality of the soul,
29:20 then you believe that when you die,
29:22 you will immediately go to heaven,
29:24 but if this were true,
29:25 why would Jesus come to resurrect the dead
29:28 from their graves if they were already in heaven?
29:30 This false teaching deletes the need of the Second coming.
29:36 Pause...
29:37 God wants us to be longing and excited for Jesus to come.
29:41 All of heaven is eager for this climactic event.
29:44 It was God's intent that the church in every age
29:48 would long for His return.
29:50 Pause...
29:52 According to the Bible,
29:53 our loved ones sleep in Jesus until then.
29:56 Together with them,
29:57 we will be caught up to meet Jesus in the air.
30:00 So, why is it today that many churches are spiritually dead?
30:04 Why do so many churches lack spiritual power?
30:08 They have lost the urgency of the second coming of Christ...
30:13 the burning passion for Jesus to come.
30:16 The Bible... our guide...
30:19 constantly points humanity towards our rescue
30:22 from this sinful world to take us home to heaven.
30:26 Pause...
30:28 Now, back to the Babylon...
30:29 it was also the center of sun worship.
30:33 All sun worship came through varying pagan channels.
30:38 Ezekiel 8:16 says... and this is an important text,
30:42 "So He brought me into the inner court of the Lord's house;
30:46 and there, at the door of the temple of the Lord,
30:49 between the porch and the altar,
30:51 were about twenty-five men
30:53 with their backs toward the temple of the Lord
30:56 and their faces toward the east,
30:58 and they were worshiping the sun... "
31:01 S... U... N...
31:02 "towards the east. "
31:04 Here is a fascinating bit of history
31:06 which helps us understand the origin of Sunday worship.
31:09 The Jews accepted the Babylonian idea that the soul was immortal
31:15 so, they were praying to dead Tammuz.
31:17 They were in the temple of the Lord's house...
31:20 the Jewish temple...
31:21 where they were supposed to be worshiping God.
31:24 They literally turned around and faced the sun
31:27 so that they would be facing the sun rise towards the east.
31:31 Pause...
31:33 These leaders were worshiping the sun...
31:35 that's S... U... N...
31:37 instead of Son... S... O... N.
31:40 This is a slap to the face of God.
31:43 Sun worship slithered its way into the church.
31:47 Babylonian religious practices united with Judaism.
31:51 Then the worship of sun came into the Christian church.
31:54 Pause...
31:56 The Worship of Nature by James G. Frazer Volume 1,
32:00 Page 529 says this,
32:02 Quote, "In ancient Babylonia
32:05 the sun was worshipped from immemorial antiquity. "
32:09 End quote.
32:10 The sun was revered... considered holy.
32:14 The sun was part of that worship system.
32:16 This was Satan's attack early on in the Christian Church.
32:20 Pause...
32:21 The history book... The Two Babylon's
32:23 by Dr. Alexander Hislop, Page 105 says this,
32:27 Quote, "To conciliate the Pagans to nominal Christianity,
32:32 Rome, pursuing its usual policy,
32:34 took measures to get the Christian and Pagan festivals
32:38 to amalgamate,
32:39 and to get Paganism and Christianity...
32:42 now far sunk in idolatry...
32:44 in this as in so many other things,
32:48 to shake hands. "
32:49 End quote.
32:51 So, Christianity and paganism shook hands.
32:55 Sunday became a vehicle to unite paganism and Christianity.
33:00 Do you see what God is saying in Revelation 17?
33:05 He is saying that many false doctrines
33:07 would come into the church.
33:09 He is warning that the great mother church
33:11 drifted away from the truth of Scripture.
33:13 Now, here is probably the most incredible, amazing statement
33:18 I've ever read by a Baptist author.
33:20 Those of you that are Baptists
33:22 will be interested in this as well.
33:24 The author of the Baptist's Manuel is Dr. Edward T. Hiscox.
33:28 He made this interesting statement in 1893
33:32 to 100s of Baptist ministers.
33:34 He was explaining about how Sunday came into the church.
33:38 Quote: "What a pity that it... Sunday...
33:42 comes branded with the mark of paganism,
33:45 and christened with the name of the sun god,
33:47 then adopted and sanctioned by the papal apostasy,
33:51 and bequeathed as a sacred legacy to Protestantism!"
33:55 End quote.
33:57 Now that is a revealing statement
33:59 by the author of the Baptist's Manuel.
34:01 He says, it's a pity
34:03 that Sunday has come through the muddy waters of paganism...
34:06 then into Catholicism...
34:08 and then, we Protestants have accepted it.
34:10 Pause...
34:12 Ezekiel the prophet would also say, "What a pity... "
34:14 because God gave us the Sabbath as His sign.
34:17 Ezekiel 20 verse 12,
34:19 "Moreover I also gave them My Sabbaths,
34:22 to be a sign between them and Me,
34:25 that they might know that I am the Lord who sanctifies them. "
34:28 Teachings from ancient Babylon
34:31 would sneak into the large Mother Church.
34:34 Protestant churches would leave the Mother Church
34:37 and God would raise up great men... the Protestant Reformers
34:42 but they would retain errors from the Mother Church
34:45 like the immortality of the soul and Sunday worship.
34:49 Many of them loved Jesus, of course,
34:52 but we are living in the last days, Friends,
34:55 truth is truth and must be followed.
34:58 Pause...
34:59 God is unlocking Bible prophecies to everyone
35:02 the Baptists, Catholics... Methodists...
35:04 Episcopalians... Pentecostals...
35:07 Evangelicals...
35:08 everyone who loves Jesus and wants to follow His truth.
35:12 You may be learning new things from God's Word.
35:15 As you learn these new teachings,
35:18 you identify it as truth.
35:19 There is something in your heart that responds... this is truth,
35:24 these are things I always wondered about...
35:26 that have always troubled my mind...
35:28 and now, I've read them for myself.
35:32 Pause...
35:33 This makes me think of a married couple in Papua New Guinea...
35:36 Helen and Simon.
35:37 They were both Sunday church pastors
35:40 that became increasingly uncomfortable
35:42 with texts in the Bible about the Sabbath
35:45 and while Helen was preaching,
35:46 she would intentionally skip over
35:49 any text that referred to the Sabbath.
35:51 One Sunday while she was delivering her message at church
35:55 again, she had to avoid one of those texts.
35:58 She knew right then and there... she needed to do a deeper study.
36:02 On the way home, she and her husband prayed
36:06 that if God would lead them to His truth,
36:08 they would follow it.
36:09 Friends, this prayer is a prayer that God will always answer.
36:16 God revealed His truth to them in the fourth commandment.
36:19 In response, they accepted the beautiful seventh-day Sabbath
36:23 and now, Helen and Simon are preparing to be baptized
36:27 and join the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
36:29 They... with their seven children
36:32 are so committed to sharing this truth
36:35 that they have even torn down their own house
36:37 to build a church on their property.
36:40 Amazing!
36:41 Pause...
36:42 Now, in the days of Ezekiel,
36:44 when error slipped in among the people of God,
36:47 God cried out as He would today.
36:50 In Ezekiel 22:26,
36:52 "Her priests have violated My law
36:55 and profaned My holy things;
36:57 they have not distinguished themselves between the holy
37:01 and unholy,
37:02 nor have they made known the differences
37:04 between the unclean and the clean;
37:06 and they have hidden their eyes from My Sabbaths,
37:10 so that I am profaned among them. "
37:12 Pause...
37:13 Daniel cried out that there would be a Power today...
37:16 and this is in Daniel 7:25...
37:19 that this Power would think to change times and laws.
37:23 Friends, no earthly church
37:26 has the authority to change God's Law
37:28 or change His Word.
37:30 There is no question
37:32 that preachers need to get back to preaching from the Bible
37:35 God's truth and flee Babylon... the harlot woman.
37:39 Babylon's false teachings
37:41 about God's character and government
37:43 are His reason for calling His people out.
37:46 God abhors these false systems of worship.
37:49 They are doctrines of devils.
37:52 However, God clearly loves His people
37:57 who seek Him sincerely
37:58 and even though they may be currently deceived,
38:01 He wants them to leave Babylon
38:04 and all its counterfeit teachings.
38:06 Proverbs 16:25,
38:08 "There is a way that seems right to a man,
38:11 but its end is the way of death. "
38:13 Ignorance is no excuse for error or sin.
38:17 When there is every opportunity, Friend, right now
38:20 to know the will of God...
38:22 He has given us His Word
38:24 that we may become acquainted with His teachings
38:27 and know for ourselves what He requires of us.
38:31 When the lawyer came to Jesus
38:33 and asked, "What shall I do to inherit eternal life?"
38:37 The Savior referred him to the Scriptures saying,
38:40 "What is written in the law?"
38:43 It is not enough to have good intentions...
38:46 it is not enough to do what you think is right
38:49 or what the Minister tells you is right.
38:52 Your soul salvation is at stake
38:55 and you should search the Scriptures for yourself
38:59 because for every Bible truth,
39:02 Satan has his popular counterfeit
39:04 so you need to know your Bible for yourself.
39:08 Think of it this way,
39:10 if you smelled smoke coming from outside
39:13 and you ran outside to see your neighbor's house is on fire,
39:17 you would at the very least call out to them,
39:20 "Fire... get out... run...!"
39:23 Wouldn't you?
39:24 Friend, if your church teaches
39:29 that God's Ten Commandments are no longer binding...
39:32 that God's moral law which reflects His character
39:36 was somehow done away with
39:37 and no longer applies to us now,
39:40 run...
39:42 run to the Bible.
39:43 Jesus pleads in the New Testament, John 14:15,
39:47 "If you love Me, keep My commandments. "
39:50 Friends, that's New Testament.
39:53 If your church teaches Sunday sacredness... 1st day worship...
39:57 in the place of God's 7th day Sabbath,
40:00 run... run to the Bible.
40:03 This change in God's law
40:05 is fully admitted by the Catholic Church
40:08 as their prerogative... not God's.
40:10 "For I am the Lord, I do not change... "
40:14 Malachi 3:6.
40:16 Pause...
40:17 And if your church teaches...
40:19 that you have a second chance to be saved after Jesus comes,
40:22 run Friend.
40:25 We have seen repeatedly in Scripture together
40:27 that Jesus brings His reward at His Second Coming
40:30 for each person.
40:31 Jesus compares it to the time of Noah
40:34 when the door of the ark was sealed shut.
40:37 There is no second chance.
40:39 Your opportunity is now.
40:41 You are not guaranteed tomorrow
40:43 especially with our world in such a riotous up rise.
40:47 Take care of what matters most...
40:50 your salvation through Jesus.
40:53 Pause...
40:54 Friend, if your church teaches the Secret Rapture,
40:57 run to the Bible.
40:59 Together we have read that every eye shall see Him
41:02 coming in the clouds,
41:04 with the brightness of His angels...
41:06 with a shout and loud trumpets...
41:09 this is a noisy, brilliant
41:11 world-wide climactic momentous event...
41:15 Jesus' Second Coming is anything but secret.
41:19 If your church teaches eternal torment
41:22 with sinners burning now and forevermore,
41:26 then run... run to your Bible.
41:29 We studied the Scriptures and saw with our own eyes
41:33 that hell is not burning somewhere.
41:35 The fire will consume the wicked completely
41:38 and then, it will go out.
41:40 Hellfire is eternal only in its effects
41:44 not in its duration.
41:46 Friend, if your church teaches the immortality of the soul,
41:52 then you must run.
41:53 We all sin and come short of the glory of God.
41:57 The Bible confirms that the soul that sins... it shall die.
42:01 Scripture clearly says, "The dead know not anything. "
42:05 Ecclesiastes 9:5.
42:07 Only God has immortality right now.
42:10 Pause...
42:12 A big danger is this...
42:14 a man reads the Bible and it says clearly to him
42:19 that the wicked are turned to ashes
42:21 and put out of existence in the fire of hell
42:24 but since he has been taught eternal torment by his church,
42:28 he assumes it is true
42:31 and surmises that he is unable to understand
42:34 the plain word of Scripture...
42:36 so, he abandons his Bible Study
42:39 thinking it is too deep and complicated for him...
42:41 that the truth is that...
42:44 the truth is...
42:45 is that he understood God's plain Word correctly
42:47 but had been taught falsely.
42:49 Pause...
42:51 Matthew 7:13 and 14,
42:53 Enter by the narrow gate;
42:55 for wide is the gate and broad is the way
42:58 that leads to destruction,
42:59 and there are many who go in by it.
43:01 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way
43:05 which leads to life,
43:06 and there are few who find it. "
43:08 Remember Friends, there were only eight people
43:12 who stepped into the ark in Noah's day and were saved.
43:15 Only eight... out of the world at that time.
43:18 This text tells us...
43:20 it will not be the majority of people
43:22 that will choose to be ready when Jesus comes.
43:25 Matthew 7:15... Jesus warns us...
43:29 "Beware of false prophets,
43:30 who come to you in sheep's clothing,
43:33 but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.
43:35 Yikes...
43:37 Ezekiel 22:25,
43:39 "The conspiracy of her prophets in her midst
43:42 is like a roaring lion tearing the prey;
43:44 they have devoured people;
43:46 they have taken treasure and precious things;
43:48 they have made many widows in her midst. "
43:50 Friends, beware of false teachers.
43:53 The teachings of men anchor people to falsehood
43:57 and prevent them from looking for truth
43:59 because they are certain that they already possess it.
44:02 Jesus refused to accept tradition
44:05 or the doctrines of men
44:06 because such teachings undermine His truth.
44:10 In Matthew 15:3, 6-9...
44:14 says, "Why do you also transgress
44:16 the commandment of God by your tradition?
44:18 You have made the commandment of God of none effect
44:22 by your tradition.
44:23 Hypocrites!" That's a strong word coming from Jesus.
44:26 "Well did Isaiah prophesy about you, saying:
44:30 'These people draw near to Me with their mouth,
44:32 and honor me with their lips but their heart is far from Me.
44:36 And in vain they worship Me,
44:39 teaching as doctrines the commandments of men. '"
44:41 God never calls you out of something
44:45 unless He is calling you into His something...
44:48 His remnant... last-day Bible-keeping movement.
44:52 What does the church or movement look like?
44:56 We will study: The Remnant tomorrow night.
44:59 Jesus is beckoning,
45:01 "Come back to Me... My simple truth. "
45:04 If your desire is to not stay in a fallen church,
45:08 Jesus will give you the courage and strength
45:10 to come out of Babylon
45:12 and to take a stand on Bible truth alone.
45:15 Pause...
45:16 Now, you may be wondering...
45:17 what about the people in my life who need to know this truth?
45:21 Friend, you will be a much greater witness
45:24 to your loved ones and friends
45:26 by following the footsteps of Jesus
45:28 more than you ever could be by staying in Babylon with them.
45:32 How then could you warn others of the Mark of the Beast
45:36 while you're worshiping on Sunday with them?
45:38 It will be seen as hypocritical and be fruitless.
45:41 Jesus openly said
45:44 that He has precious sheep who are not yet in His fold,
45:48 but when they hear His truth calling them,
45:51 they will choose His way.
45:52 We are in this timeframe now.
45:56 We see the world crumbling...
45:58 God's prophecies are coming true...
46:00 now is the time to listen and follow Him all the way.
46:05 There is no more time left to sit indecisive
46:08 on the Babylonian fence.
46:10 Pause...
46:11 When the testing time comes,
46:13 those who have made God's Word their rule of life,
46:17 will be revealed.
46:19 Just like in... in the summertime,
46:21 there is no noticeable difference between Evergreens
46:23 and other trees...
46:25 but when the blasts of winter come,
46:27 the Evergreen remains unchanged
46:30 while other trees are stripped of their leaves.
46:33 So, the false-hearted professor
46:35 may not now be distinguished from the real Christian.
46:38 But the time is just upon us
46:40 when the difference will be apparent.
46:42 When persecution begins,
46:44 the half-hearted and hypocritical will waver
46:47 and give up the faith
46:49 but the true Christian will stand firm as a rock.
46:53 His faith stronger...
46:54 His hope brighter than in the days of prosperity.
46:58 Jeremiah 6:16,
47:02 "This is what the Lord says:
47:03 'Stand at the crossroads,
47:05 look and see,
47:07 ask for the old, ancient paths,
47:11 where the good way is,
47:12 and walk therein,
47:14 and ye shall find rest for your souls. '"
47:17 Some of you may be standing in the crossroads tonight.
47:21 Will you come out of Babylon and choose God's way?
47:24 Friend, would you like to anchor yourself to truth
47:28 and know that He will continue to lead you into all truth?
47:32 Pray with me Friends,
47:34 "Heavenly Father,
47:37 I pray for a special awakening in every heart tonight,
47:41 Lord, you hear those crying out.
47:44 Take my life and let it be Yours.
47:47 I give it all over to You
47:49 and when everything seems to be crashing down around us,
47:53 everything we once knew...
47:55 we know we're not alone because of You, Lord,
47:59 we can remain calm and assured in Your promises.
48:03 You have always been faithful to us.
48:05 Lord, help me run to Your Bible for every answer
48:10 and with every step that I take,
48:13 You are before Me and behind Me
48:16 and in every fear that I face,
48:18 I know that I am safe under Your wings.
48:21 You are calling me out of confusion
48:24 and into a freedom that only comes from You.
48:27 You gave Your life to give me mine.
48:30 In You... I find my worth and my identity.
48:35 I pray these things in all my heart.
48:38 In Jesus' precious name, amen. "
48:41 Pause...
48:44 Friend, is the Holy Spirit working on your heart right now?
48:47 Are you thinking to yourself, "I see it in the Bible...
48:51 but how am I going to live it?"
48:53 My Friend, when you commit to truth,
48:56 Jesus makes the way
48:58 and thank you so much for watching:
49:01 Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
49:02 Meet me back here tomorrow night
49:05 to study God's description of His last-day church
49:08 so we can identify it from all the rest.
49:11 Our topic is titled: The Remnant.
49:14 Choose God's way.
49:16 Good night Friends.
49:18 As a special bonus for our 3ABN Viewers,
49:22 we want to share this story
49:23 featuring one of God's incredible miracles
49:25 before we end this Program.
49:27 Thank you for your prayers and support
49:29 of Adventist World Radio.
49:31 Every day, lives like these are being changed for eternity.
49:35 Music...
49:41 Rising above the Serengeti landscape
49:44 is the tallest mountain in Africa...
49:45 the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.
49:48 Surrounded by grazing gazelles,
49:50 sleepy lions and the elusive leopards
49:53 this land holds wonder and enchantment to excited tourists
49:57 and the humble people who call it home.
49:59 I am in Tanzania and this is AWR 360.
50:05 Trumpet: Lift up the trumpet and loud let it ring
50:08 Jesus is coming again.
50:15 Music...
50:19 Adventist World Radio was brought to Tanzania in 1993
50:24 making it the first non-government radio broadcast
50:28 of its time.
50:29 Now, over 25 years later,
50:32 a team of dedicated locals operate ten stations
50:36 across the country.
50:37 Broadcasting in Swahili and Maasai,
50:41 thousands of people can daily listen
50:43 to programs in their own language.
50:46 After seeing thousands of baptisms
50:49 as a direct result of the radio work,
50:52 many Seventh-day Adventist churches have become excited
50:56 and desirous... of participating in some way as well.
50:59 Music...
51:02 One church decided to sponsor a 21-day Sermon Series
51:07 called: Rays of Hope.
51:08 The pastor encouraged the members
51:10 to use this radio program as a witnessing tool
51:13 and to share the messages with their friends and family.
51:16 Mama Meambe took this to heart
51:20 and began carrying her little radio with her
51:23 wherever she went.
51:24 Music...
51:26 Mama Meambe had a garden
51:28 and her garden was located close by the town's bar.
51:32 Daily as she tended to her plants and vegetables,
51:36 she set down her radio and turned up the volume.
51:40 Radio...
51:42 Inside the nearby bar
51:44 the owner named Eliya began to listen and take interest.
51:49 Radio...
51:52 I was so intrigued with what I heard
51:54 coming from the radio in the garden,
51:56 I decided to find the channel on my radio
51:59 so I could hear it better.
52:01 Music...
52:06 So, while Eliya was serving his customers,
52:09 he was also listening intently
52:11 to sermons from the Rays of Hope Program.
52:13 Radio...
52:15 Soon, he was not the only one listening.
52:19 The drunkards who daily came by
52:21 started to listen and ask questions.
52:23 Radio...
52:26 Finally, Eliya suggested they meet together
52:29 and listen to the radio instead of drinking
52:32 and they all agreed.
52:35 Music...
52:36 The owner and his customers began meeting with their Bibles
52:39 and radio.
52:40 Music...
52:42 And as the AWR Program presented Bible-based messages,
52:46 the men discovered precious truths
52:49 they had never heard before.
52:50 Music...
52:52 At the end of the 21-Day Series,
52:54 I decided to give my life to Jesus and was baptized
52:58 along with 20 of my customers... it was a joyous day.
53:04 After their baptism,
53:06 this new little congregation
53:08 decided to change their bar into a place of worship instead.
53:13 They meet together every Sabbath to sing praises
53:18 and study the Bible.
53:19 Mama Meambe often joins them with a heart full of joy
53:25 for what God was able to do through her.
53:27 I am so thankful for AWR
53:31 and for the messages of hope that saved us.
53:34 Song...
53:40 Is this not an amazing testimony to the power of the gospel?
53:44 A place of frivolity and drunkenness
53:47 is now a place of praise and worship to our Creator
53:50 and all because one woman was willing to carry her radio
53:54 with her and let it be heard from her garden.
53:57 Will you join us in spreading the good news of Jesus
54:01 to a hurting and dying world?
54:02 Through your prayers and generous support
54:05 of Adventist World Radio,
54:06 light is breaking the darkness
54:08 and truth is triumphing over falsehood.
54:11 From Broadcast to Baptism, this is AWR 360.


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