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00:01 Does God really have a true church on the earth today?
00:03 Can we really trust any man-made institutions?
00:07 And in Revelation, who is God referring to as the Remnant?
00:10 It says... the dragon makes war with the Remnant.
00:13 Why?
00:15 Hi, I'm Cami...
00:16 let's explore the Bible answers to these questions together
00:19 on: Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
00:22 The rise of an international pandemic.
00:26 Polarizing global politics.
00:28 Increasingly disruptive natural disasters.
00:32 Bush fires in Australia are a warning of what may be to come
00:35 around the world.
00:37 What does it all mean?
00:38 What does the future hold?
00:40 Join international Speaker Cami Oetman
00:45 on a journey for answers in unlocking Bible prophecies.
00:49 In her travels around the world,
00:51 she's come face to face with real-life struggles
00:54 but in the midst of them, she's found miracles of hope.
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00:58 Join Cami Oetman for: Unlocking Bible Prophecies
01:01 as she shares how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled
01:04 faster than ever before.
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01:14 Hi Friends, I am so excited you have joined us
01:17 for: Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
01:18 This is a continuing Series of Presentations
01:21 exploring the greatest prophecies of the Bible.
01:23 Tonight is Number 12 of 14.
01:26 I'm so honored to spend this time with you
01:29 from all around the globe.
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01:38 I want to remind you that these topics build on each other
01:42 so it's important that you watch them in order
01:45 to have a foundation for each successive Presentation.
01:48 Even though we only have two more Presentations after tonight
01:52 you can stay connected with us through our Bible School.
01:55 Tonight's Presentation is really a continuation
01:59 of last night's Program
02:00 as we learned about spiritual Babylon
02:03 and the confusion that she has caused.
02:05 We also read about God is calling His people
02:08 out of Babylon now.
02:10 We can rejoice in the fact
02:11 that God never calls us out of something
02:13 unless He is calling us into His something.
02:17 Jesus says, "Follow My footsteps...
02:19 I have left you an example in My life and My teachings. "
02:23 We read the various truths from God's Word
02:26 like you and I have been doing here together.
02:28 Then, we take these truths like a map
02:31 and we go find a church that upholds and stores
02:34 all God's truths like treasure.
02:37 Tonight, we will answer the question,
02:39 "Does the Bible really reveal
02:41 what God's last-day church will look like?"
02:43 Stay tuned...
02:44 Let's pray in preparation for our study: The Remnant.
02:48 "Heavenly Father,
02:50 Lord, thank you so much for bringing us all together.
02:53 Please empty me of self
02:55 and fill me with Your Holy Spirit
02:56 and use me as a vessel tonight to describe from Your words
03:01 the Remnant and what the characteristics are
03:04 in Your true church, Lord
03:06 so, it's very clear to all of us
03:08 on how to find and be a part of Your end-time group.
03:12 We love You so much and be with us here tonight.
03:16 In Jesus' name, amen. "
03:17 Pause...
03:19 Armand and his wife Clarisse live in Madagascar.
03:22 Every day for work, he rides his bike from shop to shop
03:25 selling various products.
03:27 He enjoys his job
03:28 and at the time of this story,
03:30 they were living far away from the capital city
03:32 in a remote mountain village.
03:34 One day, Armand's brother shared that he and their father
03:38 were daily listening to an interesting radio broadcast.
03:41 Later that day, when Armand visited the family,
03:44 they heard the Program together.
03:46 Armand was interested but Clarisse was unhappy.
03:51 She was a devout Catholic
03:53 and felt that what was being said on the radio
03:55 was speaking wrongly against her church.
03:57 But though Clarisse did not like Adventist World Radio Programs,
04:01 her conscience began bothering her
04:03 and the only way to quiet it
04:05 was listening to the only radio program she despised.
04:08 As Armand listened daily to the radio,
04:11 he became convinced by the words he heard.
04:14 Unbeknownst to him,
04:15 the Lord was working on Clarisse's heart as well
04:18 and she too was being convicted.
04:21 Armand finally went to his wife and said...
04:23 they must find a church which preaches this truth.
04:27 She happily agreed and they searched and searched
04:31 but the only one they heard about was far away
04:33 and too far to attend.
04:35 Then one day, someone told Armand about a church
04:38 in a nearby village.
04:39 They went to check it out
04:41 and found a group meeting on Saturday
04:44 just like the radio talked about.
04:46 Soon the whole family was attending the church
04:49 every Sabbath
04:50 and together, they were baptized
04:52 into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
04:53 Just like Armand and Clarisse, there are millions of people
04:57 who are seeking for something they can hold on to...
05:00 something that gives them hope and peace.
05:03 Many have tried everything the world has to offer...
05:07 wealth, fame, power, pleasure and entertainment.
05:13 Yet they still find their hearts are empty
05:16 and their lives filled with problems.
05:18 There certainly is a hunger for genuine Christianity
05:22 in the hearts of thousands right now.
05:24 There is a longing for something more than they have
05:27 so that longing is not merely for a church
05:30 but to be connected with God and His truth.
05:34 Does God have a church on earth today
05:37 that is solidly grounded in the Bible?
05:40 With recent events like COVID-19 and riots around the world,
05:44 Perhaps you are feeling desperate
05:46 to know Bible truth and how to find God's church.
05:49 Pause...
05:51 But can you find the right one
05:53 when there are hundreds of church denominations
05:55 in the world?
05:56 Most claim to be God's true church
05:59 and all are alike in certain areas
06:01 and different in others.
06:02 It would take an entire lifetime
06:05 to examine the teachings of all these groups.
06:08 It would be so overwhelming, frustrating and futile.
06:12 Tragically, millions share such sentiments.
06:15 Perhaps you yourself feel that same way tonight.
06:18 Did you know that in Revelation,
06:21 God clearly describes His church for these last days?
06:24 Once you know what He says,
06:27 you can easily select His true church
06:30 from among all churches
06:32 just like you can easily select your country's flag
06:35 from all other flags.
06:36 Let's review our theme:
06:38 If it's in the Bible, I believe it.
06:42 If it disagrees with the Bible, then, it's not for me.
06:45 It is no doubt that Satan panics
06:48 when people begin studying the book of Revelation.
06:51 He knows God's church is clearly described in this book.
06:55 He uses every imaginable tactic
06:58 to prevent us from getting serious over its study.
07:00 If everyone understood Revelation,
07:03 Satan's kingdom would be in immediate jeopardy
07:06 and God's great name and His Church
07:09 would be lifted up and exalted.
07:11 When God created us,
07:13 He planted an innate longing deep within our souls
07:17 to desire Him...
07:19 to hunger for Him...
07:20 to thirst for Him and His Word.
07:23 As you look back through the history of the Christian church,
07:27 God always had a people to stand up for Him
07:30 and proclaim His truth to that generation.
07:33 In the Old Testament,
07:36 God instructs His people to have voices like trumpets
07:39 to loudly proclaim His Name... His truth...
07:43 like in Isaiah 58:1...
07:44 we are not to hold back
07:46 or be afraid of sharing His gospel messages.
07:49 In page after page of our Bibles,
07:53 we read incredible examples of how mightily
07:56 God can work through humans that listen to Him.
07:59 When people stand up for the truth
08:02 and are faithful in following the Lord's lead,
08:05 they are greatly rewarded.
08:07 Let's look at a favorite.
08:09 The story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho falling down.
08:13 It is recorded in Joshua 6:1 through 27,
08:16 this example vividly demonstrates
08:19 the miraculous power of God
08:21 when His people follow His direction.
08:24 The strategy to conquer Jericho was unique
08:28 and laid out by God Himself.
08:30 The key was that Joshua followed God's instructions
08:34 to the letter... so should we.
08:36 Jericho was one of the strongest fortresses in the area.
08:40 Wealthy palaces and temples of luxury,
08:44 vice and idol worship dominated the land.
08:47 This was all in defiance of God.
08:52 So, Christ appeared to Joshua
08:53 and promised victory over this impenetrable city.
08:56 In direct obedience to the divine command,
08:59 Joshua marshalled the armies.
09:02 They were instructed that no assault was to be made.
09:05 God's plan was to use the most unexpected...
09:08 innocent method of operation.
09:11 His ways are always the best and they're not always our ways.
09:17 When the people did finally shout,
09:20 the massive walls collapsed instantly
09:23 and obedience to God's commands always brings victory.
09:27 When we face seemingly insurmountable odds,
09:30 we must learn that our Jericho victories
09:33 are won only when we are faithful.
09:36 There is a vast difference between God's way and man's way.
09:40 From a military standpoint,
09:43 it was irrational to storm Jericho with simple marching
09:46 and trumpet blasts...
09:48 but we need never to question God's purpose or instructions.
09:52 We must have faith that God is who He says He is
09:57 and will do what He says He will do.
10:00 This story beautifully illustrates
10:03 how God keeps His every promise...
10:05 always has... always will.
10:08 The walls of Jericho fell because God said they would.
10:12 God's promises to us today are just as certain, Friend.
10:16 They are exceedingly great and wonderfully precious.
10:20 We must simply be instruments in the will of God
10:24 just like Noah listened and obeyed God's instructions
10:28 over a 120-year period.
10:31 Now, that's a lot of patience and dedication.
10:34 Noah did not give up and say,
10:36 "Why you're taking so long Lord?"
10:39 No...
10:40 Noah trusted in His friendship with God
10:43 and was ultimately saved because of it.
10:46 Jesus says in Luke 17:26,
10:50 "And as it was in the days of Noah,
10:52 so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man. "
10:55 So, that says... the time just before His second coming
10:59 will be like Noah's day.
11:01 How many ways of escape were there in Noah's day?
11:05 Only one...
11:07 Genesis 7:1 says,
11:09 "Then the Lord said to Noah,
11:11 'Come into the ark, you and all of your household,
11:14 because I have seen that you are righteous before Me
11:17 in this generation. '"
11:18 In Noah's day, only eight chose God's way
11:23 into the ark of safety.
11:24 In the last days,
11:26 the Bible says the ark of safety is God's true church
11:29 who stands for all of God's truths.
11:32 Was God's one-way message to safety
11:36 that was preached through Noah
11:37 popular in the world?
11:39 No...
11:41 Matthew 7 verses 13 to 16,
11:43 "Enter by the narrow gate;
11:46 for wide is the gate and broad is the way
11:48 that leads to destruction,
11:49 and there are many who go in by it.
11:52 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way
11:55 which leads to life,
11:57 and there are few who find it.
11:59 Beware of false prophets,
12:01 who come to you in sheep's clothing,
12:02 but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.
12:05 You will know them by their fruits... "
12:07 How many faiths or churches did Paul say Jesus has?
12:13 Ephesians 4 verse 5,
12:15 "One Lord, one faith, one baptism. "
12:19 In the last moments before Jesus comes,
12:23 two groups will form...
12:25 one group following man's popular word
12:28 and one group following God's eternal word.
12:30 Just like in Noah's day,
12:32 God has but one boat or church
12:35 that is going through to safety.
12:36 Be certain you board the right boat.
12:39 Jesus died to bring His church into His kingdom.
12:42 Ephesians 5:25-27,
12:45 says, "Husbands love your wives,
12:47 even as Christ also loved the church,
12:49 and gave Himself for it;
12:51 that He might sanctify and cleanse it
12:54 with the washing of water by the word,
12:56 that He might present it to Himself a glorious church,
13:00 not having spot, or wrinkle,
13:02 or any such thing;
13:03 but that it should be holy and without blemish. "
13:06 In the days of the New Testament,
13:09 Peter preached powerfully.
13:11 3,000 were baptized on the day of Pentecost.
13:14 As they were baptized,
13:16 they stepped out and became God's special people
13:18 to keep His commandments.
13:20 1st Peter 2:9 says,
13:22 "But you are a chosen generation,
13:24 a royal priesthood,
13:25 a holy nation, His own special peculiar people,
13:30 that you may proclaim the praises of Him
13:32 who called you out of darkness
13:34 into His marvelous light. "
13:35 God's special people were always characterized by obedience.
13:41 They loved Him enough to obey Him.
13:43 This group was carved out from the majority
13:46 by being a commandment-keeping group.
13:49 God called them from darkness to light...
13:52 from error to truth...
13:54 from commandment breaking to commandment keeping
13:58 into a deeper relationship with Him.
14:01 When some people listen to a series of meetings like this
14:05 and they learn new truth,
14:06 they go through a struggle.
14:08 They discover new truths from God's Word
14:10 and it produces a conflict
14:12 because it calls them to make a change.
14:15 There is a battle in the mind
14:17 and they wonder... to follow new truth,
14:20 will I have to deny everything I believed in the past?
14:23 Certainly not.
14:24 Look back at the past and say,
14:27 "I thank God for it.
14:29 Every church has some truth... some light from God. "
14:32 While we may appreciate our past,
14:34 we commit ourselves to following all the truth
14:37 God has for us today.
14:39 If you were brought up as a Methodist, a Baptist
14:43 or a Pentecostal,
14:44 why not say, "God, thank You for the path You have led me on.
14:48 I will now accept further light
14:50 because you have blessed me with further truth. "
14:52 So, you are not denying anything
14:55 that was true in your past heritage.
14:57 You are just leaving off errors that you accepted
15:01 because they were handed down to you.
15:03 You are simply letting go
15:04 of what does not harmonize with God's Word.
15:07 God is calling...
15:09 and you are walking ahead in the fullness of truth.
15:12 Since God has only one true church which He will save,
15:17 what will happen to the sincere Christians in other churches?
15:20 John 10 verses 16 and 27,
15:23 "And other sheep I have which are not of this fold;
15:27 them also I must bring,
15:30 and they will hear My voice;
15:31 and there will be one flock and one shepherd. "
15:34 "My sheep hear My voice,
15:36 and I know them, and they follow Me. "
15:39 Here Jesus is pictured as the good Shepherd with one flock.
15:44 His people are His precious sheep... His church
15:49 and they are His fold.
15:51 Jesus plainly says
15:52 that some of His sheep are not yet in His church,
15:55 but that He will call them
15:57 and they will follow Him into His church.
15:59 John 17 verse 17,
16:02 says, "Sanctify them by Your truth,
16:05 Your word is truth. "
16:06 John 8:32,
16:08 "And you shall know the truth,
16:10 and the truth will set you free. "
16:12 Friends, if we come to God with an open mind...
16:16 with a seeking spirit...
16:17 and an honest heart,
16:18 He will reveal His truth to us.
16:21 But if I come locked in my own opinions
16:26 or only desire to prove my position,
16:29 then I will be unable to understand further truth
16:33 and discover His will.
16:35 My own thoughts will influence what I read in His Word.
16:39 Pause...
16:40 We need to pray, "Lord, show me the truth
16:43 even if it's different from what I already have already believed"
16:46 through His Holy Spirit,
16:48 He will reveal His will and His ways.
16:51 The book of Revelation describes God's faithful people
16:54 who will cling to truth at any cost.
16:57 Revelation the 12th chapter
16:59 describes more clearly than any place in the Bible,
17:02 the history of the Christian Church.
17:04 Like a movie, it shows us God's plan and people
17:09 down through the ages
17:10 along with Satan's vicious attacks.
17:13 It reveals to us without a shadow of a doubt
17:16 the identifying characteristics of the special group of people
17:20 called God's Church today.
17:21 The Bible begins in Revelation 12,
17:24 by describing a woman... a woman who appears in heaven,
17:28 the Bride of Christ.
17:29 We learned that a woman represents the church
17:32 in Bible prophecy
17:34 and great battle between good and evil ensues.
17:38 Revelation 12:9,
17:39 So the great dragon was cast out,
17:42 that serpent of old,
17:44 called the Devil and Satan,
17:45 who deceives the whole world;
17:47 he was cast to the earth,
17:49 and his angels were cast out with him. "
17:51 Let's follow the story through Revelation chapter 12.
17:55 Satan rebels against God in heaven...
17:58 but Christ wins and Satan loses.
18:01 Satan is cast out of heaven
18:03 while God is victorious as we see in the following text,
18:07 Revelation 12:4 and 5,
18:09 "His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven
18:12 and threw them to the earth.
18:13 And the dragon stood before the woman
18:15 who was ready to give birth,
18:17 to devour her Child as soon as it was born.
18:19 She bore a male Child
18:21 who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron.
18:24 And her Child was caught up to God and His throne. "
18:27 Jesus is this male Child that Satan tried to destroy.
18:31 Satan through Herod passed a decree
18:35 that all male children under the age of 2
18:37 be killed in Bethlehem.
18:39 Joseph and Mary were forewarned by an angel
18:42 and they fled to Egypt and God preserved them.
18:45 They escaped the ruler of Rome's death decree.
18:48 Though the dragon represents Satan
18:51 it also has a secondary dual application to pagan Rome.
18:55 Herod was a Roman ruler
18:58 whom Satan used to attempt to murder Jesus as an infant.
19:02 Satan's intentions from the very beginning
19:05 were to deceive the universe...
19:08 all the angels...
19:09 Adam and Eve...
19:10 all of mankind...
19:12 to destroy all opponents.
19:15 What outstanding and extremely crucial facts
19:18 are mentioned in Revelation 12:10-12?
19:21 Let's look,
19:22 "Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven,
19:25 'Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God,
19:28 and the power of His Christ have come,
19:31 for the accuser of our brethren,
19:33 who accused them before our God day and night,
19:35 has been cast down.
19:37 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb
19:40 and by the word of their testimony,
19:43 and they did not love their lives to the death.
19:45 Therefore rejoice, O heavens,
19:48 and you who dwell in them!
19:50 Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea!
19:52 For the devil has come down to you,
19:55 having great wrath,
19:56 because he knows that he has a short time. '"
19:59 So, we see the accuser, Satan, is cast down.
20:03 God's remnant overcame by the blood of the Lamb Jesus.
20:08 The devil is angry because his time is short.
20:12 Three facts are established here.
20:14 Jesus defeated Satan...
20:16 the accuser of the brethren at the cross
20:19 and all of us can overcome through the blood of Jesus
20:23 and by witnessing.
20:24 The devil is furious.
20:25 We cannot expect him to behave like a gentleman.
20:28 Satan is the arch enemy.
20:30 In the wilderness years later,
20:34 Satan appeared as an angel of light
20:36 tempting Jesus in hopes of destroying Him.
20:39 Through this entire experience found in Matthew 4...
20:43 and I love how Jesus remains steadfast.
20:47 With an aura of majesty He says,
20:49 "It is written,
20:51 you will worship the LORD your God,
20:54 and Him only will you serve.
20:56 I command you to leave Me, Satan. "
21:00 The great dragon was repulsed and silenced.
21:04 He has zero power to withstand this imperial dismissal.
21:09 Jesus has this power and courage
21:13 because He stays connected to His heavenly Father
21:16 through prayer
21:18 and quotes Scripture as His shield against the devil.
21:23 He's giving us a perfect example of what we need to do.
21:28 In Ephesians 6:10 to 11,
21:31 says, "Finally, be strong in the Lord
21:34 and in His mighty power.
21:35 Put on all of God's armor
21:37 so that you will be able to stand firm
21:39 against all strategies of the devil. "
21:42 On the cross, Satan tried to destroy Christ
21:46 but our Lord triumphed again.
21:48 Jesus' last words are,
21:51 "Father, into Thy hands I commend My Spirit... "
21:55 and then He draws a deep breath
21:57 and He gives what seems to be a shout of victory.
22:02 The words ring out over the hillside.
22:05 "It is finished... "
22:07 Jesus dies triumphantly.
22:11 There is a peal of thunder
22:13 and the very sun seems to go out.
22:15 Darkness almost as thick as black wool
22:18 settles over the land
22:20 as if the earth has finally seen all it can stand.
22:23 A terrible earthquake shakes the ground.
22:27 Jesus had foreshadowed His victory
22:29 but Satan could have never anticipated this plot twist.
22:34 John 12:31 to 32 says,
22:37 "Now is the judgment of this world:
22:40 now shall the prince of this world... " Satan...
22:43 "be cast out. "
22:45 The ruler of this world with his evil principles
22:48 is about to be cast out...
22:50 he's going down.
22:51 Well how? How will that happen?
22:54 Will it be with force?
22:56 Will it be with might?
22:57 No...
22:59 Verse 32...
23:00 Jesus says, "If I am lifted up from the earth,
23:05 I will draw all people to Myself. "
23:09 When people look at the cross,
23:11 they encounter love that draws their hearts to their Savior.
23:15 Jesus does not force you
23:17 or manipulate you
23:19 or deceive you... no.
23:21 Those are Satan's methods.
23:23 Jesus simply completely loves you.
23:28 By giving His own life, He wins the war.
23:31 He went into the grave and was raised from the dead.
23:35 Jesus is our only Savior.
23:38 He alone has the power over the grave.
23:41 Jesus' mission of salvation is accomplished
23:45 and he ascends to heaven.
23:47 After Jesus' ascension,
23:50 Satan now turns his wrath on the followers of Christ.
23:54 He must change his tactics.
23:56 So, the evil one intensely pursues each of the disciples
24:01 as they spread the gospel message.
24:03 All but one of the disciples died a martyr's death.
24:08 But to no worry...
24:09 their reward is great in heaven.
24:12 After Satan failed in destroying Jesus when He was here on earth,
24:17 he turned his focus... his fury
24:20 and continued to attack the church
24:22 represented as a pure woman in white.
24:25 You know, Satan not only deceives
24:28 but he attempts to completely destroy.
24:31 He persecutes and makes brutal attacks
24:34 on Christ's followers.
24:35 Today, Satan has thousands of ways to persecute Christians
24:39 through family troubles... addictions...
24:42 depression... loneliness...
24:44 financial burdens...
24:46 even total self-destruction.
24:49 Satan allures them to give up their faith
24:53 or he keeps them distracted and so busy
24:55 that they make no time for their relationship with Jesus
24:59 who is their only life line to victory.
25:02 Pause...
25:04 In the days of Constantine,
25:06 Church and State united.
25:08 For a while the Church enjoyed the State's favor
25:11 and unusual popularity.
25:13 As Church and State joined hands,
25:15 Satan attacked and took the opportunity
25:18 to fiercely persecute God's true believers.
25:21 So, now in Revelation 12:6 it tells us,
25:25 "Then the woman... " God's church...
25:28 "fled into the wilderness,
25:30 where she has a place prepared by God,
25:33 that they should feed her there
25:35 one thousand two hundred and sixty days. "
25:38 Now, remember in Bible prophecy
25:42 one prophetic day equals one literal year.
25:46 Ezekiel 4 verse 6 says,
25:49 "I have appointed thee each day for a year. "
25:53 Numbers 14 verse 34,
25:56 "After the number of the days in which ye searched the land,
25:59 even forty days,
26:00 each day for a year... "
26:03 God's remnant church was in the wilderness for 1260 years
26:11 of persecution.
26:12 There is only one time period in earth's history
26:16 that can be represented by this particular number of years
26:19 of Christian persecution and it reveals so much.
26:23 This period of tribulation is repeatedly mentioned
26:26 in the Bible because it is the worst ever
26:28 that God's people will face up to that time.
26:31 Matthew 24:21...
26:33 "For then there will be great tribulation,
26:36 such as has not been since the beginning of the world
26:38 until this time, no, nor shall ever be. "
26:42 I love how Isaiah 59:19 promises
26:46 that when the enemy comes in like a flood,
26:48 the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him. "
26:52 We must hold on to Jesus and His standards...
26:56 His ways... to overcome evil.
26:58 At this time in history,
27:01 we see that the popular Church and State and still united.
27:05 Faithful men and women of God
27:07 clung to the truths of God's Word
27:08 as they hid in seclusion.
27:11 The wilderness typifies the deserted
27:13 and remote places of earth.
27:15 God's people fled for their lives
27:18 and hid in solitary places of refuge.
27:21 God's church dared not operate in the open
27:24 or else its members would not have survived.
27:27 God warns us that His true church did not exist openly
27:32 as an Organization during these 1260 years
27:36 because it fled into the wilderness... out of sight.
27:40 The Waldensians were the first people of Europe
27:43 to obtain a translation of the Holy Scriptures.
27:45 Hundreds of years before the Reformation,
27:48 they possessed the Bible in manuscript
27:50 in their native tongue.
27:52 The had the truth unadulterated and were persecuted
27:56 for upholding God's Word.
27:58 History is clear that the Papacy... the Pope of Rome
28:02 was the Power which persecuted Jesus' followers
28:05 for 1260 years... 538 A.D. to 1798.
28:11 The period began in 538 A.D. when Papal Power became supreme
28:16 in Christendom
28:17 due to the letter of Roman Emperor Justinian
28:20 which acknowledged the Bishop of Rome
28:22 as the head of all churches.
28:24 This notorious letter became a part of Justinian's code...
28:28 the fundamental law of the Empire.
28:31 This brutal time for Christians ended in 1798
28:34 when Napoleon's General Berthier took the Pope captive.
28:38 History establishes... at least 50 million Christians died
28:44 for their faith during this period of death decrees
28:47 by the Roman Catholic Church.
28:48 Doctrinal unity is achievable
28:52 only when the church rules by fear.
28:54 In the Fifth Lateran Church Council... 1512 to 1517...
28:59 Cardinal A. Pucci took note
29:01 that no dissenters had dared to attend.
29:05 In the book Romanism and The Reformation,
29:07 Pucci told the Pope quote,
29:09 "The whole body of Christendom is now subject to one head,
29:14 even to thee;
29:15 no one now opposes, no one now objects. "
29:19 End quote.
29:20 The irony of the Cardinal's statement
29:23 is that shortly afterward on October 31st, 1517,
29:27 Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the church door
29:31 in Wittenberg
29:32 sparking the Protestant Reformation.
29:34 There are always some who are fearless
29:38 or who fear God more than man.
29:41 Satan persecuted the Reformers for their solid faith.
29:45 Their minds were bound by the principles of God's Word.
29:48 As we stated the wilderness period ended in 1798
29:53 with the capture of the Pope by Napoleon's General, Berthier.
29:57 Here is where the prophecy becomes fascinating.
30:01 We know now that God would raise up His end-time people
30:05 some time after 1798.
30:08 This is important to note Friends
30:10 because it helps make it clear who the Remnant Church is today.
30:14 Since God's woman of Revelation 12
30:17 hides or disappears out of sight for 1260 years,
30:21 then God's woman... His Church
30:24 must come back on to earth's scene after 1798.
30:29 Just like in the days of Noah, Abraham and Moses...
30:34 God has special commandment-keeping people
30:37 throughout the Old Testament,
30:39 New Testament,
30:40 the Dark Ages...
30:41 so it makes logical sense
30:43 that He would have His followers...
30:46 His church in the world's last days.
30:48 The identifying characteristics of God's last-day people
30:53 is found in Revelation 12:17.
30:55 God's remaining church
30:57 is the church that will preach the final warning message
31:00 to the world.
31:01 "And the dragon was wroth with the woman,
31:04 and went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
31:08 which keep the commandments of God,
31:10 and have the testimony of Jesus. "
31:13 In the last days, God will raise up a people
31:17 who love Him so much
31:18 that they obey Him and keep His Law.
31:21 In the heart of His Ten Commandments,
31:23 we discovered the very basis for worship.
31:26 We exalt God because we are His created beings.
31:30 The Sabbath command leads us to worship Him supremely
31:35 as the Creator of heaven and earth.
31:39 Exodus 20 verses 8 through 10,
31:42 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
31:45 Six days you shall labor and do all your work,
31:48 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. "
31:53 This is important to Jesus
31:55 that His remnant group follows in His footsteps
31:58 by keeping the seventh-day Sabbath.
32:00 Here are the people of the New Covenant.
32:04 God says of them in Hebrews 10:16,
32:07 "I will put My laws into their hearts,
32:10 and in their minds I will write them. "
32:12 God's people are not some super saints.
32:16 They are weak and make mistakes
32:18 and require God's forgiveness.
32:20 They acknowledge that they need their Savior Jesus.
32:24 God has placed His law in their minds... so they know it
32:28 and in their hearts... so they love it.
32:31 Let's discover more.
32:33 The book of Revelation describes this last-day people
32:36 as having two characteristics.
32:38 They keep the Commandments all of them...
32:42 and they have the testimony of Jesus.
32:44 The Bible defines the Testimony of Jesus
32:47 in Revelation 19:10,
32:50 it says, "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. "
32:55 Well, that's clear...
32:57 God's last-day people
32:59 will be guided by the gift of prophetic word.
33:02 In 1st Corinthians 1:7,
33:04 "So that you come short in no gift,
33:07 eagerly waiting for the revelation
33:09 of our Lord Jesus Christ. "
33:11 The church waiting for the coming of Jesus
33:14 will not be lacking any spiritual gift.
33:16 One of the gifts of the Spirit is the Gift of Prophecy.
33:20 If the gift of prophecy was needed in the 1st-century church
33:24 to guide it and protect it from error,
33:26 it will certainly be needed in the last-day church.
33:29 All the gifts of the Spirit will be manifested
33:33 in God's church.
33:34 It will be a powerful Spirit-filled church
33:37 that impacts the world.
33:39 He will bless His church with unusual prophetic insight.
33:43 There will be dramatic breakthroughs.
33:44 The Holy Spirit will be poured out.
33:47 Thousands upon thousands
33:49 will become part of His spiritual community.
33:51 Jesus commissioned His disciples to go into all the world.
33:55 The true church will be a world-wide body
33:58 committed to Christ and obedient to His Word.
34:01 He said in Matthew 28:19 and 20,
34:04 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations...
34:08 teaching them to observe all things
34:10 that I have commanded you;
34:12 and lo, I am with you always,
34:14 even to the end of the age. Amen. "
34:17 In every age, God would have people who respond to His grace,
34:22 commit their lives to Him
34:24 and obediently follow Him into baptism.
34:26 Revelation 14:6 describes this last-day movement.
34:31 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
34:34 having the everlasting gospel
34:36 to preach to those who dwell on the earth...
34:38 to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people...
34:42 saying with a loud voice,
34:44 'Fear God and give glory to Him,
34:47 for the hour of His judgment has come;
34:49 and worship Him who made heaven and earth,
34:53 the sea and springs of water. '"
34:54 Friends, this is not a little non-denominational movement.
34:59 This is a world-wide global movement
35:03 that is proclaiming the gospel loudly.
35:06 To fear God does not mean to be afraid...
35:09 it means respect and give reverence to Him.
35:13 We glorify God by honoring Him in how we live
35:16 both in our diet and lifestyle.
35:19 1st Corinthians 10:31 says,
35:22 "Whatever you eat or drink,
35:24 do all to the glory of God. "
35:26 The angel's message flying in the midst of heaven
35:29 represents a church... a movement
35:32 which calls men and women to the fact
35:35 that we are accountable to God for our actions.
35:38 In an age of irresponsibility,
35:42 God is calling for us to be moral and obedient.
35:45 God's final message for mankind declares,
35:48 "The hour of His judgment has come. "
35:51 This is a special time in earth's history...
35:55 no more "business as usual. "
35:57 God's final call is to worship the Creator.
36:02 The Sabbath is part of God's urgent last-day message.
36:05 Jesus hands you the specifications and says,
36:10 "Go find My church. "
36:12 What does He promise when we seek?
36:15 Luke 11 verse 9,
36:16 "So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you;
36:20 seek, and you will find;
36:22 knock, and it will be opened to you. "
36:25 I treasure this promise.
36:26 God's remnant will meet the identifying characteristics
36:30 of the true church in Revelation 12.
36:32 Through Scripture we can see that God's church
36:36 will appear after the wilderness...
36:39 after the dark ages.
36:41 We studied in Bible prophecy
36:43 God's remnant church appears on earth's scene
36:45 after the year 1798.
36:48 That is very telling.
36:50 Friend, the Seventh-day Adventist Church qualifies.
36:54 The Remnant will hold the same truths
36:57 as the New Testament Apostles.
36:59 Teachings will agree with all the Holy Bible.
37:02 God's New Testament Church was simple and Biblical.
37:07 God's last-day church is simple and Biblical.
37:11 They are the same.
37:13 The Remnant Church will teach what Jesus taught.
37:16 So, when Christ said, "Lazarus is in the grave asleep"
37:20 and I see the Bible refers to death as a peaceful sleep
37:23 until Jesus comes,
37:25 and then I learn that when Jesus does come
37:28 in the sky to rescue us,
37:30 it's with all the power and glory of heaven...
37:32 so, it's no secret.
37:34 I then must find a church that upholds Jesus' description
37:38 and teaches that too.
37:40 The Seventh-day Adventist Church qualifies.
37:43 The Remnant will keep all of the Ten Commandments
37:46 including the fourth
37:48 which is to remember the 7th day Sabbath.
37:50 The Remnant will lead people back to the Bible Sabbath
37:53 and worship their Creator.
37:55 The Seventh-day Adventist Church qualifies.
37:58 The Remnant will have the gift of prophecy.
38:01 They will proclaim and teach Bible prophecies to the world.
38:04 Again, the Seventh-day Adventist Church qualifies.
38:08 The Remnant will preach the final end-time message...
38:12 the three angels' messages of Revelation 14.
38:16 We studied these verses and saw clearly
38:18 that the hour of God's judgement is come
38:21 and we are to worship Him who made heaven and earth
38:24 and that Babylon is fallen, and we are to come out of her.
38:27 We are not to be partakers of any of her sins.
38:31 God's church for today must be calling people out of Babylon
38:35 not uniting with it.
38:37 And beware of the beast and his image and his mark.
38:41 God's church today
38:42 will be telling people how to avoid the Mark of the Beast.
38:45 Jesus says, "These are my three important last-day messages
38:50 to take to the world.
38:51 His Remnant Church will carry out His instruction
38:54 because they love Him
38:56 and out of their love for others,
38:58 they want to warn them so they are saved.
39:02 The Seventh-day Adventist Church qualifies.
39:05 The Remnant God's Church
39:08 will be teaching that God's judgment is now in session
39:11 and that we must worship and honor Him as Creator
39:13 by keeping His Sabbath... the sign of His creative power.
39:17 The Remnant will call people to a total commitment to Christ.
39:20 Again, the Seventh-day Adventist Church qualifies.
39:24 Pause...
39:25 The Remnant will be a world-wide mission-driven movement
39:28 spreading the gospel to every nation, kindred,
39:30 tongue and people.
39:32 It will be a movement that accepts men and woman
39:35 of all races... all language groups
39:37 and all creeds.
39:39 A movement that does not believe
39:41 that God is the God of any one race or people.
39:44 The Seventh-day Adventist Church
39:46 is the largest international Protestant mission movement
39:51 in the world
39:52 established in over 215 of the 237 countries
39:57 and territories as listed by the United Nations.
40:00 So, the Seventh-day Adventist Church qualifies.
40:04 The Remnant will teach that salvation is only through
40:08 Christ Jesus... He is the everlasting gospel
40:11 and the true church will stress Revelation 12:11,
40:14 "And they overcame by the blood of the Lamb. "
40:17 God's last-day people are overcomers of sin.
40:21 They become like their Master Jesus.
40:24 God's church will make it very clear
40:26 that salvation and righteousness
40:28 come by faith in Jesus Christ alone.
40:31 The Seventh-day Adventist Church qualifies.
40:35 And the Bible tells us that the Remnant will exemplify Christ
40:40 in how they live
40:41 maintaining a healthy mind and body.
40:44 The Remnant will encourage people
40:46 to take care of their total health
40:48 and treat their bodies like a temple of God
40:50 to promote overall wellness in both mind and body
40:55 exemplifying the positive attitude of a Christian.
40:59 We can choose what kind of attitude we live.
41:02 This reminds me of a simple illustration.
41:05 An old native told his grandson, "My son,
41:08 there is a great battle between two wolves inside us all.
41:12 One is evil: it represents anger, jealousy,
41:17 greed, inferiority, resentment, lies and ego
41:23 while the other one represents good.
41:25 It is peace, love, joy, hope, humility, kindness,
41:32 empathy and truth.
41:34 The little boy put his head in his hands
41:37 and thought about it for a while.
41:39 Then he asked, "Grandfather, which wolf wins?"
41:44 The old man quietly replied with a solemn face,
41:47 "The one you feed, Son... the one you feed. "
41:51 The Seventh-day Adventist Church
41:54 has a beautiful biblical health message
41:57 and again... it qualifies.
41:59 In the days of Noah, God had a unique message for all humanity.
42:04 Noah appealed to men and women to enter into the ark of safety.
42:09 The majority rejected God's call
42:12 but God still had a few faithful people
42:15 who entered through the ark's door.
42:17 The faithful stepped out from the majority...
42:20 away from the popular masses.
42:23 There was a call to take a step in faith
42:25 and get into the ark.
42:27 Today, there is a call
42:29 to obey God and get into His ark of safety... His church.
42:34 Noah preached, "Repent of your sins...
42:38 come out of the world...
42:39 get into the ark...
42:41 judgment is coming...
42:43 the end is upon us.
42:45 The Remnant church is preaching: repent of your sins...
42:49 come out of Babylon...
42:50 run... get into the ark... the true church...
42:54 judgment is upon us...
42:55 Jesus is coming.
42:57 The Seventh-day Adventist Movement
42:59 is the only church spreading God's end-time message...
43:02 His three angels' messages in full.
43:05 The everlasting gospel... the Mark of the Beast...
43:09 and calling God's children out of Babylon...
43:11 the warning in its entirely, Friends,
43:15 throughout the whole world just as Jesus commands us to do.
43:20 Satan sees the signs of impending doom
43:23 and is currently making his push
43:25 to gain the loyalty of all the world through his agents
43:28 like the beast of Revelation 13
43:30 So much so that almost the whole world
43:34 is wondering after the beast.
43:35 Pause...
43:37 Satan would much prefer
43:38 that God have no territory left on this planet
43:41 so that Jesus does not have the right to return
43:45 and rescue His people.
43:47 We must stand up for all God's truth
43:50 just as Noah did
43:52 even though, we may be laughed at... mocked
43:55 and jeered by unbelievers.
43:58 As God's Remnant, we must live a life of prayer,
44:01 Bible Study and witnessing to others.
44:04 We need a generation of believers
44:07 who are not ashamed of the gospel... the 3 Angels' messages
44:10 who will stand on God's holy Word above all else.
44:14 We need a generation
44:16 that will proclaim salvation is in Jesus' name alone.
44:19 We need to better understand the power in prayer.
44:22 It is an act of war.
44:24 Our communication with Jesus is our armour... our shield
44:28 in this great-controversy battle.
44:30 We need to learn to fight on our knees in prayer.
44:34 We must have the kind of personal relationship with Jesus
44:38 that will help us through the upcoming trials ahead.
44:41 We must do our very best to represent Jesus
44:45 and share His words of salvation to others right now.
44:49 Just as in Noah's day, people must understand
44:53 that there are only two options...
44:55 they either choose God's way and get into the ark of safety
44:58 or choose popular man's way
45:00 and be swept away to eternal destruction.
45:03 People must have a clear understanding
45:06 of these two options...
45:08 the Bible... or man's tradition.
45:12 This is the battle of good versus evil.
45:14 The Bible tells us who wins...
45:17 King Jesus.
45:18 From Genesis to Revelation,
45:22 God has only ever had a small percentage of humanity.
45:26 Think about it.
45:27 A small Remnant who follow His commands completely
45:32 and wholeheartedly.
45:34 Consider this...
45:35 Noah entered the ark as the minority
45:39 but he stepped off the ark as the majority.
45:44 Our Jesus offers His matchless power
45:48 as a free gift.
45:49 With Jesus' power we cannot fail.
45:52 Satan's fury need not affect us.
45:55 He is already a defeated foe.
45:57 He was defeated in the war in heaven and cast out.
46:01 He was defeated by Jesus at the cross and lost his dominion.
46:05 He will be defeated legally
46:07 in his case... in the great and final judgment.
46:10 He will again be defeated when he attacks God's holy city
46:15 and finally, he suffers the defeat
46:18 of being blotted out from the face of the earth
46:21 in the lake of fire.
46:22 Before he suffers his fate,
46:25 the enemy of God does not want the world warned.
46:29 Satan feverishly builds walls up
46:31 and places roadblocks in the way of spreading the gospel.
46:33 Friend, make sure nothing or no one stops you
46:39 from attending and learning your Bible
46:41 during this Series.
46:43 Pause...
46:44 Satan is like a roaring lion knowing that his time is short
46:49 and he tries to discourage us in every which way
46:52 but these barriers... borders and obstacles
46:56 and obstructions tumble down just like the walls of Jericho
47:01 when we call on the power of Jesus.
47:03 My Friend, with God as your leader,
47:07 there are no wall... no borders
47:10 and no limits that He can't help you overcome.
47:13 My Friends,
47:15 we know there is only one perfect Christ crucified...
47:19 one empty tomb...
47:21 one risen redeemer who is coming back soon.
47:26 Do not be tempted to dilute the power of God
47:29 to just be pleasing to the ear.
47:31 Now is not the time for placating.
47:34 Time is marching closer and closer
47:37 to when the last trumpet will sound
47:39 and then, there will be no more.
47:42 People crave truth
47:44 that they could put their wholehearted in.
47:47 They need to know who they can bank their eternal lives on.
47:51 Jesus only.
47:52 Let us not be ashamed of our king
47:56 or be concerned about being peculiar.
47:58 Every person who makes God the ruler of His life
48:02 will be considered peculiar.
48:04 But this is the faith we need...
48:06 this is the experience that we must have.
48:09 We must stand out from the world and be different
48:13 if we are to be the sons and daughters of God...
48:16 the heirs of heaven.
48:18 All through the ages,
48:21 God has had moral heroes
48:23 and He has them now.
48:25 Leaders like Joshua, Daniel and Elijah
48:28 were not ashamed to be His peculiar people.
48:30 My Friends, those that stand for Jesus in these last days...
48:35 He will stand for you in the courts of heaven.
48:39 Pause...
48:41 The commandment-keeping Seventh-day Adventist movement
48:44 is the only church spreading God's end-time message
48:48 throughout the whole world.
48:50 Just as Jesus commands us to do,
48:52 we must stand up for all God's truth.
48:56 As His Remnant people, we must live a life of prayer,
49:00 Bible Study and witnessing to others.
49:02 We need to be the generation of believers
49:07 who are not ashamed of this book.
49:10 We need to be the army of believers
49:13 that hates to be lukewarm
49:15 and will stand on God's holy word above all else.
49:19 We need to understand the incredible power in prayer
49:24 that our communication with Jesus
49:27 is our armour... our shield
49:30 in the great controversy battle.
49:32 Jesus wants you as His forever.
49:38 Jesus is coming soon
49:40 and He desires to spend eternity with you.
49:44 Let me pray for you.
49:47 "Heavenly Father,
49:49 thank You Lord that You seek us
49:52 and You hear our faintest cries.
49:55 Even at just the whisper of Your name... Jesus...
49:59 You would end out an army to rescue us
50:02 from the darkest places.
50:03 Lead us into Your truth.
50:06 Take us by the hand and carry our loads
50:09 when they are too heavy.
50:10 Alert us to the snares of Satan that might trap us.
50:14 Make the way clear when life seems muddy.
50:17 We courageously follow in Your footsteps tonight.
50:20 Give us the strength, Lord, not to cower or compromise
50:23 under outside pressures
50:25 but be firm in our convicted hearts.
50:28 We want to stand by You as Your chosen Remnant people.
50:32 Save us in Your kingdom to come,
50:34 in Jesus precious powerful name, amen. "
50:38 Thank you so much for watching tonight.
50:41 We have two more topics left in this Series.
50:44 Our final topic will sum up the great controversy...
50:47 the unseen war that we are in...
50:50 but first, please join us tomorrow night
50:53 where we will study what to do next
50:55 once you recognize God's true church from Scripture
50:58 in our topic: The New Life
51:00 on Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
51:03 Choose God's way.
51:05 Good night Friends.
51:07 As a special bonus for our 3ABN Viewers,
51:11 we want to share this story
51:13 featuring one of God's incredible miracles
51:15 before we end this Program.
51:17 Thank you for your prayers and support
51:19 of Adventist World Radio.
51:20 Every day, lives like these are being changed for eternity.
51:25 Music...
51:30 An island nation located off the coast of Africa...
51:33 this biodiverse land home to thousands of animal species.
51:38 Rainforests... beautiful beaches...
51:41 and towering Baobabs.
51:44 Join Ray Allen and myself as we discover
51:47 how God is using the radio to transform lives.
51:50 We are in Madagascar and this is AWR 360.
51:57 Trumpet: Lift up the Trumpet and loud let it ring,
52:01 Jesus is coming again.
52:10 Music...
52:15 My name is Armand...
52:17 my wife, Clarisse, and I live in Antanamalimfu, Madagascar.
52:21 Every day for work, I ride my bike from shop to shop
52:25 selling various products.
52:27 Music...
52:31 I enjoy my job.
52:33 When this story began,
52:36 Armand and Clarisse were living far away from the city
52:40 in a remote mountain village.
52:42 One day Armand's brother shared that he and their father
52:46 were daily listening to a very interesting
52:49 Christian radio broadcast.
52:51 Later that day when Armand and Clarisse visited the family,
52:54 they heard the Program.
52:55 Radio...
52:58 Armand was interested but Clarisse was unhappy.
53:03 Music...
53:08 I was a devout Catholic
53:11 and believed what I'd heard on the radio
53:13 was speaking wrongly against my church.
53:16 But though Clarisse did not like the AWR Program,
53:21 her conscience began bothering her
53:23 and the only way to quiet it
53:25 was listening to the very radio program she despised.
53:28 Radio...
53:34 As Armand daily listened to the radio,
53:36 he became convinced by the words he heard.
53:39 Unbeknownst to him,
53:41 the Lord was working on Clarisse's heart as well
53:44 and she too was being convicted.
53:46 My husband finally came to me and said,
53:51 "We have to find the church
53:53 that preaches the truth on the radio. "
53:55 I happily agreed.
53:58 We searched and searched
54:00 but the only one we heard about was far away...
54:04 too far to attend.
54:06 Then one day, someone told Armand
54:10 about a church in a nearby village.
54:12 They went to check it out
54:14 and found a group meeting on Saturday
54:16 just like the radio talked about.
54:18 Soon the whole family was attending church
54:22 every Sabbath morning
54:24 and together they were baptized
54:25 into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
54:27 Sometime later, Armand and Clarisse moved to Antananarivo
54:32 and one day Armand happened to meet
54:34 one of our AWR Radio Broadcasters.
54:36 When the Broadcaster introduced himself,
54:39 Armand got all excited...
54:41 this was the voice he had listened to for over 20 years.
54:46 The two embraced and Armand shared
54:48 that he and Clarisse had named one of their sons after him
54:52 because of the impact his radio program had on their lives.
54:56 Some people think an Adventist came to teach us in person
55:02 but no... everything we know... we learned it from the Radio.
55:08 We are grateful to God for Adventist World Radio.
55:12 Today, Armand is a faithful missionary
55:18 sharing the good news of Jesus and AWR wherever he goes.
55:22 Armand speaking...
55:25 Narrator: He witnesses to his community weekly
55:29 preaching and distributing Bible lessons
55:32 in the open markets of his town.
55:34 He is known as "Pastor" here
55:36 and the vendors are always happy to see him.
55:39 To Armand's joy, many have requested further Bible Studies
55:43 and are interested in baptism.
55:46 Together Armand and Clarisse are doing their part
55:50 to hasten the soon coming of Jesus.
55:53 Music...
55:56 There are many more stories like Armand and Clarisse
55:59 still to be discovered.
56:01 God is at work in this land
56:02 and we are excited to be partnering with Him
56:05 in spreading the three angels' messages.
56:07 And together, we are making waves
56:11 from Broadcast to Baptism, this is AWR 360.


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