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00:01 Have you ever been without directions
00:03 and got terribly lost?
00:05 Did you know that God has given us a roadmap
00:08 for this life?
00:10 And if God has a plan,
00:12 how can I know what His plan is for me specifically?
00:16 My name is Cami Oetman and Unlocking Bible Prophecies
00:20 starts now.
00:22 The rise of an international pandemic.
00:24 Breaking news about the Coronavirus.
00:26 Polarizing global politics.
00:27 The mismanagement and corruption.
00:29 Increasingly destructive natural disasters.
00:31 Bushfires in Australia
00:33 are a warning of what may be to come around the world.
00:36 What does it all mean?
00:37 What does the future hold?
00:42 Join international speaker Cami Oetman
00:44 on a journey for answers in Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
00:48 In her travels around the world,
00:50 she's come face to face with real life struggles,
00:53 but in the midst of them,
00:54 she's found miracles of hope.
00:57 Join Cami Oetman for Unlocking Bible Prophecies
01:01 as she shares how Bible prophecy
01:02 is being fulfilled faster than ever before.
01:13 It's difficult to believe
01:14 that tonight is our final night together
01:17 of Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
01:19 These past 14 days
01:21 have been an exciting exploration of the Bible,
01:23 where we have asked and answered
01:25 some of life's toughest questions.
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01:43 Since the topics builds on each other,
01:45 please be sure to try and watch them in order.
01:48 My prayer is that
01:50 you will continue to study the Bible
01:52 and draw closer and closer to Jesus.
01:55 Today I want to do something a little different,
01:58 and begin with a short video of a miraculous testimony
02:02 of a man in Nazareth and how he stands up for God
02:06 and how God stands up for him.
02:13 Being born Muslim,
02:14 Wisam was taught to hate Christianity.
02:17 So when his sister decided to become a Christian,
02:19 he was sent by his family to kill her.
02:23 But because of a miraculous dream from God,
02:25 he decided to begin studying the Bible.
02:29 He soon returned to Nazareth
02:31 to share his new belief with his family
02:34 and his uncle upon hearing this became very angry
02:37 and ordered his stoning.
02:39 This happened over and over
02:41 until finally his brother stepped in.
02:44 Then his father advised Wisam
02:46 to flee the country.
02:48 Years later, after his father and uncle died,
02:51 Wisam's mother invited him to return.
02:54 He immediately saw an opportunity
02:56 to share Jesus in Nazareth.
02:58 So he decided to set up a center of influence,
03:01 where he used the Bible
03:03 to teach English to his fellow people.
03:05 We also gave Wisam AWR God Pods,
03:09 which he distributed among his community.
03:12 Recently, though, things took a turn for the worse,
03:15 as the sons of his dead uncle found out what Wisam was doing.
03:20 They too had participated in his stoning
03:22 many years before,
03:24 and now rallied a mob
03:25 and went to Wisam's house to attack him.
03:34 Wisam's wife Adri heard the commotion downstairs
03:37 and rushed out to see what was happening.
03:41 She knew right away that Wisam was in serious trouble
03:44 and fell on her knees and began to pray.
03:47 Wisam's brothers rushed to protect him
03:49 when he was hit with a metal rod.
03:51 But then his own cousin pulled out his knife
03:54 and stabbed with him.
03:56 But to his astonishment,
03:57 the knife bent, leaving him unharmed.
04:02 Wisam's brother then picked up the bent knife and said...
04:06 "Try again to kill the man of God."
04:08 As the mob retreated, they threatened,
04:10 you will not know where or when,
04:12 but we will kill you.
04:14 Several months later,
04:15 Wisam received a shocking phone call
04:17 that these same two cousins have been killed
04:19 while riding their motorcycle.
04:21 It just reminds me that if God is for us,
04:24 who can be against us.
04:27 This miraculous event agitated the Muslim community so much
04:30 that Wisam knew it was the perfect time
04:32 to use AWR cell phone evangelism.
04:36 He immediately sought out
04:37 someone to translate the sermons into Arabic.
04:40 He found a man named Jamil who readily agreed to help.
04:45 Jamil work for days sometimes late into the night
04:48 translating the Bible based sermons.
04:51 As he read he was so greatly moved
04:53 by the presentations
04:55 that he felt compelled to share them
04:57 with one of his friends from the Baptist Church.
04:59 She was so amazed by the sermons
05:02 that she shared them with her pastor
05:04 who was also impressed by what he read.
05:06 He then sought out Wisam to preach at his church.
05:09 Wisam presented at the Baptist Church
05:11 sharing Bible prophecy,
05:13 a health message and Ellen White's writings.
05:16 Their hearts were so convicted,
05:18 that the pastor and almost his whole congregation
05:20 made the decision to be baptized
05:22 into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
05:25 And on a beautiful Sabbath day,
05:27 we held a church service at the Jordan River,
05:30 then one by one, they entered into the water.
05:34 Wisam had the joy of baptizing these precious souls
05:37 with Elder Duan McKey.
05:40 Isn't that an amazing testimony of God's power?
05:44 You know, the new start that Jesus makes available
05:47 through baptism is really amazing.
05:50 And I hope you have made that decision
05:52 to follow through with Jesus in baptism.
05:56 Everything we have studied has led to this moment today.
06:00 What is God's final plan for this earth?
06:03 And what is His final plan for you and me?
06:06 We will see how God had a plan
06:08 right from the very beginning of earth's history,
06:11 to protect and ultimately place a hedge around us,
06:15 His beautiful bride, His true church,
06:18 to bring her through to the final end.
06:21 Let's pray, friends,
06:23 and get right into the Great Controversy.
06:27 Heavenly Father, King of the universe,
06:29 King of our hearts, Lord,
06:31 empty me of self and fill me with the Holy Spirit.
06:34 Anoint my lips with only Your words,
06:37 and have us become acutely aware
06:39 of the times in which we live.
06:42 Open our hearts and sharpen our minds, Lord,
06:44 to Your truth,
06:46 so that we are ready for these last days.
06:49 We know that You are protecting us,
06:51 and we praise You in all of Your glory,
06:53 Lord, in Jesus' precious name, amen.
06:58 I am so excited
06:59 to share this particular message with you.
07:02 Because this is the very material
07:05 that woke me up,
07:07 that personally changed me and my life's direction,
07:11 from the pursuit of the world, to the pursuit of heaven.
07:15 Let's remember our theme.
07:17 If it's in the Bible, I believe it.
07:19 If it disagrees with the Bible, then it's not for me.
07:24 Today we are going to cover the entire story
07:27 of the great controversy between Christ and Satan,
07:31 from Genesis to Revelation.
07:33 Are you ready?
07:34 How many of you have ever juiced before?
07:37 You take about 20 carrots
07:39 and you juice it down to one little cup.
07:42 We're going to do that to the Bible,
07:44 the super juiced version.
07:47 I'm going to need your mind to become like a movie screen,
07:52 because I want you to visualize this with me.
07:56 In the Book of Ezekiel Chapter 28,
07:59 begins our story with an angel named Lucifer
08:02 who is described as a covering cherub.
08:05 Now to understand what a covering cherub is,
08:07 we must go back to the Old Testament
08:10 to Exodus 25,
08:13 where the Bible describes a building,
08:16 this building is important.
08:18 It's called the sanctuary.
08:21 God has instructed Moses to make this building,
08:24 this sanctuary for a reason,
08:27 a reason for us today.
08:30 Inside that sanctuary, is the Most Holy Place
08:34 where it is a reflection of God's throne room in heaven.
08:39 In that throne room was something called
08:42 the Ark of the Covenant.
08:44 And on top of it sits the Mercy Seat.
08:47 The Mercy Seat represents God's throne.
08:52 That tells us something very important that in heaven,
08:56 the very foundation of God's throne is His law.
09:00 You see because the Ten Commandments
09:03 are found inside the Ark of the Covenant.
09:07 The Bible says that on either side
09:10 of the ark were two angels
09:13 that were called Covering Angels.
09:16 That word cover means to defend or protect.
09:21 That tells us a lot about Lucifer's job description
09:25 when he was in heaven.
09:27 Lucifer was supposed to protect
09:31 and defend the law of God.
09:34 He stood in the very presence of God.
09:38 He was to guard the sanctity of the law,
09:41 the foundation of God's government.
09:44 But the Bible tells us in Ezekiel 28,
09:47 that Lucifer was perfect in every way,
09:50 until iniquity or sin was found in Him.
09:55 The Word of God says
09:57 that iniquity is sin and sin is what?
10:00 The transgression or the breaking of the law.
10:04 So Lucifer who was supposed to be guarding the law of God
10:08 ends up turning against the law.
10:11 And thus, the very first war broke out across heaven
10:16 over the law of God.
10:19 Satan hates the law.
10:24 We've spent several evenings together
10:25 studying this fact.
10:28 The Bible tells us
10:30 that Lucifer deceived a third of all the angels in heaven.
10:34 How is that?
10:36 Billions of angels.
10:39 Did Lucifer say, hey, you holy angels,
10:43 you wanna be evil with me?
10:46 No, that wouldn't be deception.
10:49 He's slicker and more cunning than that.
10:52 The Book of Isaiah Chapter 14 tells us
10:55 that Lucifer proclaimed, "I will be like the Most High."
10:59 To be like the Most High means to be righteous
11:03 or right doing as God is, and holy like He is.
11:09 Lucifer, he's actually saying,
11:12 I can be holy like God,
11:15 without some law, telling me how to do it.
11:20 Have you ever heard that argument before
11:23 that we don't need the law in order to be like God?
11:27 Friends, that is an argument of self righteousness,
11:31 thinking we can do all things without God.
11:35 And that is what deceived
11:37 a third of the angels of heaven.
11:41 I hope you're following me in your mind's movie so far,
11:44 because this epic story is how our world began,
11:48 and shows the reason
11:50 why our planet is in such turmoil.
11:53 But this state is temporary,
11:55 as God has a masterful plan
11:58 to save you and me.
12:02 Next, the Bible tells me
12:03 that Lucifer and his angels were cast out of heaven.
12:06 Why is that?
12:08 Why is it that Lucifer was not immediately judged?
12:12 Have you ever questioned that?
12:14 Have you ever asked yourself?
12:16 Why not then?
12:18 The answer is simple, yet profound.
12:21 Deuteronomy 19:15-19,
12:24 lays out a principle given to Moses
12:27 and the children of Israel,
12:29 that whenever a controversy arose between two parties,
12:33 there had to be a third party
12:36 to discern between the two.
12:38 That's only fair, right?
12:40 Now, let's take that very same principle
12:43 back to our story in heaven.
12:47 When Lucifer and his angels rebelled,
12:49 how many sides are there in heaven?
12:54 Two opposing sides,
12:56 you have God and His holy angels,
12:59 and you have Lucifer and his deceived angels.
13:02 It is as though there is a stalemate.
13:05 The devil is accusing God
13:07 for and for God to sit over judgment
13:09 of the devil at that point in time,
13:12 would have seemed unfair,
13:15 because the accused God
13:18 would have also been the judge.
13:22 In Ezekiel 28:17, God cast out Lucifer saying,
13:27 "I am going to lay you before the kings that you,
13:30 that they may behold you."
13:32 This term appears to be some kind of judgment.
13:35 And you can picture Satan wondering,
13:37 yeah, who are you going to get to judge me, God?
13:41 Don't you realize that all of heaven
13:43 is polarized into two sides?
13:47 Here's the question, who would be the jury,
13:51 that third party that God would use
13:55 to judge Lucifer?
13:56 Remember, a few nights ago,
13:58 we studied about the millennium and judgment.
14:02 It is the saved who are going over the books in heaven
14:05 at this time, that are the jury.
14:08 Listen, there are three things
14:10 that we need to know about jury selection.
14:12 Number one, when a jury is selected,
14:15 they like to choose people who have little
14:18 or no first-hand knowledge of the crime, right?
14:22 Guess what?
14:24 Where was humanity when Lucifer rebelled?
14:27 At this point, the human race had not even been created yet.
14:32 So far, we humans qualify to be on that jury.
14:36 Let's look at the second requirement
14:37 to be a jury member.
14:39 A juror must be a law abiding citizen.
14:45 We know that Adam and Eve were created with a law of God
14:49 written upon their hearts.
14:51 So humans, again, qualify to be jury members.
14:55 And number three, a juror must be able to discern
15:00 between right and wrong,
15:02 and must not be swayed by public opinion.
15:06 1 Corinthians 6:2-3 says,
15:09 "Know ye not that we shall judge angels?"
15:12 We are the kings that God created
15:15 partially to serve as jurors.
15:18 So men and women qualify
15:20 on all three points to serve on this jury.
15:24 So Lucifer sees this creation of man and wonders,
15:27 "Are these the ones that are to judge me?"
15:31 We'll see about that.
15:34 Now, let's think about this.
15:36 When Satan finds out from God,
15:38 that someday he will be judged by the human race,
15:42 what does he do next?
15:44 He seeks to bribe or sway us,
15:48 the jury members over to his side,
15:51 his way of thinking and rebelling.
15:54 He begins his lies in Eden at the tree.
15:58 He had to con or convince humans
16:02 to follow his instructions and not God's.
16:06 When Satan beguiles Eve in the garden,
16:08 does he say to Eve,
16:11 "Would you like to be evil?"
16:14 No, that would not have worked.
16:17 That would have been too obvious.
16:20 So instead, he says, "Eve,
16:23 let me show you
16:24 how you can be just like God."
16:29 Does that sound familiar?
16:31 It's the same lie he used to convince
16:34 a third of the angels in heaven,
16:36 to follow his ways in place of God.
16:42 The old serpent led the human race
16:44 to a warped concept of God's character
16:48 from the very beginning.
16:51 So unfortunately,
16:53 our parents Adam and Eve chose to sin against God,
16:57 and they were disqualified from jury selection,
17:00 because they are no longer law abiding citizens.
17:05 This creates a very serious situation.
17:08 So Jesus comes to the garden, and gives them a promise
17:13 that He would die for their sins,
17:16 so that they can have their choice of heaven again.
17:20 Wow.
17:22 We can ultimately know that the gospel was given
17:25 to restore mankind to be in sound jurors
17:28 who know the difference between right and wrong,
17:32 and who are law abiding citizens.
17:36 I am so grateful to God for making a way
17:39 for you and me to be reinstated,
17:42 so that we can return to the garden of paradise
17:44 someday soon.
17:47 Now, let's fast forward our movie
17:48 from Genesis down to the Book of Exodus,
17:51 where God is about to call a people
17:53 out of captivity in Egypt.
17:56 Who are they?
17:57 Yes, the Israelites.
17:59 Now, listen, when Lucifer rebelled against God in heaven,
18:04 he did not like God's way.
18:07 Do you know what Psalm 77:13 says?
18:11 It reads, "Your way, O God,
18:15 is in the sanctuary,
18:17 who is so great a God as our God?"
18:21 So when Lucifer rebelled against God's sanctuary
18:24 in heaven,
18:25 he was really rebelling against God's way.
18:29 God next calls on the children of Israel.
18:32 He's getting ready to use them as His people
18:35 who are to bring the message of salvation
18:38 to the whole world.
18:40 God gives the Israelites something special.
18:43 Let's call it the blueprint, or God's GPS,
18:49 the Gospel Plan of Salvation.
18:54 God knew we would need a map, His GPS.
19:00 He foresaw that we would wander around lost
19:04 and need guidance to get back home.
19:07 The way is back to Him, friends.
19:11 So God lovingly looks down on Israel, and He says,
19:14 "I'm going to give you a special gift
19:17 and in that gift, is the way.
19:21 I want to use you Israelites to give this map,
19:25 this special GPS to the whole world.
19:30 He wants to give the gospel plan of salvation
19:33 to the whole world through the Israelites.
19:38 We can begin to understand and imagine
19:40 how Satan must have felt raged
19:44 once he saw a replica of God's throne room in heaven,
19:49 God's sanctuary being built by the Israelites down here
19:54 on earth in the wilderness,
19:56 because now humans would have the opportunity
19:59 to understand God's plan of salvation.
20:04 Satan must have been rounding up his army
20:06 of fallen angels saying,
20:08 so this is the thing to guide all people to salvation.
20:11 Well, we hate it and we're gonna annihilate
20:15 God's plan to save this world.
20:17 We will destroy the people who possess God's truth.
20:21 We cannot allow this truth to get to take over the world.
20:26 So you must be asking, what is this blueprint?
20:29 How is this the path to salvation?
20:32 We are going to take a picture,
20:35 and we're gonna study this picture on the screen.
20:38 Let's have a bird's eye view of the sanctuary
20:42 as if we are fine over it.
20:45 You see the outer court,
20:48 you come to two articles of furniture.
20:51 And now what is fascinating is the real meaning
20:54 of each furniture piece,
20:57 personally for you and me.
21:02 First, we see the altar of sacrifice,
21:04 where animals were sacrificed.
21:07 What does that represent?
21:10 The sacrifice of who?
21:13 Christ Jesus.
21:15 Next, you have the laver.
21:17 That is where the priest would wash their hands and feet.
21:21 And what does that symbolize in the gospel?
21:24 Baptism.
21:26 Let's make our way inside the Holy Place now
21:29 and you see a table of showbread.
21:31 It represents the Word of God, the bread of life.
21:36 Matthew 4:4,
21:38 "Man shall not live by bread alone,
21:40 but by every word
21:42 that proceeds out of the mouth of God."
21:45 Next, you turn and you see you have the altar of incense,
21:49 which represents our prayers.
21:52 And then you see the seven-branched candlestick
21:55 representing the Holy Spirit,
21:57 or our witness to others through the Spirit of God.
22:02 Friends, you see, you are the light of the world,
22:05 a city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.
22:08 We must shine brightly for Jesus.
22:11 It is all about your witness, friends.
22:14 Now, let's make our way inside the Most Holy Place,
22:18 you see the Ark of the Covenant
22:22 with the Ten Commandments inside.
22:27 Friends, this is a layout of our blueprint.
22:30 So how is it that this sanctuary
22:32 is God's gospel plan?
22:35 If you look closely at this picture,
22:37 and trace around the outer edges
22:40 of the articles of furniture,
22:41 do you know what you would find?
22:44 Yes, a cross.
22:47 Can you imagine thousands of years
22:50 before Jesus comes upon the scene,
22:52 the sanctuary is prophesied that the sanctuary prophesied
22:57 that Christ would die upon a cross for our sins.
23:02 He says, "I am the way,
23:04 the truth, and the life," in John 14:6.
23:08 Also, when you look at the sanctuary,
23:11 you will find something else very interesting
23:13 because in each place where an article of furniture is,
23:17 there Christ was wounded.
23:20 A nail in the left hand, a nail in the right hand,
23:24 a crown of thorns upon his head.
23:27 He died of a broken heart, nails in His crossed feet,
23:31 even to the point where He was pierced,
23:34 pierced in his side, and blood and water came out.
23:38 You see, God delivers His people through this plan,
23:42 His path over and over again.
23:46 Let's take the children of Israel,
23:48 for example.
23:50 In Exodus 12,
23:51 they're being led out of captivity.
23:54 The first thing God told them to do
23:56 was make a sacrifice
23:57 and put the blood on the doorposts.
24:00 And what article of furniture does this represent?
24:03 The altar of sacrifice.
24:06 Now we'll go to Exodus 14.
24:09 They're on their way to freedom and Pharaoh says,
24:12 wait, "What have I done?
24:14 I've changed my mind.
24:15 Go get them.
24:17 Bring them back."
24:18 What does God do?
24:20 He opens the Red Sea.
24:23 And what does that symbolize?
24:25 The laver, baptism.
24:27 After they get to the other side of the Red Sea
24:29 in Exodus 16, guess what happens?
24:32 They cry, we're hungry
24:35 and guess what God does for his people?
24:38 He rains down manna, bread from heaven,
24:42 representing the table of showbread.
24:45 Next in Exodus 19, God says to them,
24:47 "You are My peculiar treasure.
24:50 You are My light to the world,
24:52 My people that I'm going to use
24:54 to bring salvation to the earth,"
24:56 which in essence is God bringing them
24:59 to the seven-branched candlestick.
25:01 God says to Moses,
25:03 "I want you to tell My people
25:04 to spend three days preparing themselves to meet with Me
25:08 in heart preparation, in prayer,"
25:11 which symbolizes the altar of incense.
25:15 Why should they prepare their hearts?
25:17 Because what happens in Exodus 20?
25:20 That's right.
25:22 God comes down and speaks the Ten Commandments.
25:26 Now let's look at the life of Jesus
25:28 and how it matches the pattern of the sanctuary.
25:31 Jesus is born in a manger among animals.
25:34 You might say He was born on the altar of sacrifice.
25:38 He was baptized at the age of 30,
25:40 that's the laver.
25:43 He is then led up into the wilderness
25:45 where He is tempted by Satan
25:47 and that first temptation is for Him to turn the stones
25:52 into bread.
25:53 The second temptation,
25:55 throw yourself down from this cliff
25:57 and offer up a presumptuous prayer to God.
26:00 Third temptation,
26:02 I know you came for your people,
26:04 your seven-branched candlestick,
26:06 bow down, and I'll give you your people.
26:11 But Jesus refuses Satan,
26:13 and Jesus overcomes all three temptations,
26:17 and goes on to preach the law,
26:19 combined with mercy.
26:22 Or how about this, the same pattern?
26:25 Let's look at the New Testament books.
26:27 Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John,
26:30 all deal with the sacrifice of Christ.
26:33 The next book which is Acts
26:35 is about baptism of the Holy Spirit.
26:37 That's the laver.
26:39 Making our way through the sanctuary we see also then,
26:43 the next book of Romans through Jude all talk about
26:46 the importance of Bible study, prayer, and witnessing.
26:51 And then Revelation brings us
26:53 into the very throne room of God,
26:55 the Most Holy Place.
26:57 Friends, we are to know this blueprint,
27:00 it's the plan of salvation.
27:03 So now I know that when I want to be saved,
27:06 there is a process.
27:08 Romans 10:9 says, I must first accept who?
27:12 Christ, and if I genuinely fall in love with Christ
27:16 as my personal Lord and Savior,
27:18 I will then be what?
27:20 Baptized.
27:22 Now, do we stop here?
27:24 Is there more to God's path beyond baptism?
27:28 Yes, there is.
27:30 Next, if I'm genuinely baptized,
27:32 and I'm following Christ,
27:34 I will then want to study and claim God's Word.
27:38 I will pray to God to deepen our relationship.
27:41 And I will witness to others about His good love.
27:45 While on God's pathway to salvation,
27:48 guess where you are ultimately led to?
27:50 That's right.
27:52 John 14:15.
27:54 Jesus says, "if you love Me,
27:57 keep My commandments."
28:01 Now the devil is angry at this plan of salvation
28:03 of course, the entire Old Testament
28:06 is really about how the devil is trying to destroy the people
28:10 who possess the blueprint,
28:12 and to destroy the blueprint itself.
28:14 Imagine it like this, the blueprint is a football,
28:18 and God gives us football to Israel.
28:20 And he says, take it down the field.
28:23 So Israel begins running down the field,
28:25 but they choose to rebel against God.
28:28 And instead, they get so stubborn,
28:31 that God allows them to go their own way off
28:34 into falling into Babylonian captivity.
28:37 What happens next?
28:39 We are introduced
28:41 into the first of three prophecies
28:43 in the Book of Daniel.
28:45 The first prophecy is a 70 week prophecy.
28:48 What does this prophecy all about?
28:51 We'll keep it simple for this illustration, friends.
28:54 The prophecy is God saying to Israel,
28:57 they wonder whom the sanctuary points
29:00 will come in 70 weeks.
29:02 If you are not ready to receive Him
29:04 and if you continue in your rebellion,
29:07 I will take the blueprint from you,
29:09 and I will give it to somebody else.
29:12 Well guess what happens?
29:14 Israel is not ready when Jesus comes
29:17 and Israel rejects Christ.
29:20 You know what happens when He dies?
29:22 The veil in the sanctuary is torn in two top to bottom,
29:28 signifying the end of the earthly blueprint.
29:33 Jesus after His resurrection ascends to heaven,
29:37 in a heavenly sanctuary.
29:39 And the blueprint or that ball
29:41 is now taken from literal Israel
29:44 and given to spiritual Israel.
29:48 Guess what?
29:49 We've just gone through the entire Old Testament
29:52 for this evening, halfway.
29:55 God gives Israel the gift of tongue,
29:57 so that they can take the message
29:58 of a heavenly sanctuary and heavenly High Priest
30:02 into all the world,
30:04 off spiritual Israel goes down the field,
30:07 nothing can stop them.
30:08 And Satan says, "I must block these guys,
30:11 these incessant Christians."
30:14 So what does Satan do?
30:16 First, he raises up literal Israel
30:19 to attack spiritual Israel.
30:22 And then he raises up literal Rome
30:25 to attack spiritual Israel.
30:29 But Satan finds that every time a Christian dies,
30:32 it is working against him
30:35 because their blood is like seed,
30:38 it only multiplies.
30:41 More determined than ever, Satan says,
30:44 now I've really got to change my tactic.
30:47 And this introduces us
30:48 into the second of three timeline prophecies
30:51 in the Book of Daniel.
30:54 The prophecy of the 1260 years.
30:57 As we studied, this prophecy simply states
31:01 that there would rise a power called the little horn.
31:03 This beast power would seek to cast down God's blueprint.
31:08 How does the devil use this little horn power?
31:11 This counterfeits spiritual power
31:13 to cast down God's sanctuary?
31:17 Let's put our blueprint back up on the screen.
31:20 You see,
31:21 the devil is the master of counterfeit.
31:25 He manipulates the masses with his popular substitutions.
31:30 Remember, friends, for every Bible truth,
31:33 Satan has his counterfeit.
31:37 So what happened during the Dark Ages
31:39 that 1260 year period that we studied?
31:43 Well, the church of the Dark Ages,
31:45 the Roman Catholic Church cast down God's truths
31:49 that were being taught by God's sanctuary.
31:52 What do I mean?
31:54 The altar of sacrifice,
31:55 which represented Christ's sacrifice
31:57 was cast down and replaced with a teaching called penance.
32:03 People were told that Christ's sacrifice
32:05 is not enough to pay for your sin
32:08 so you must pay penance.
32:10 The effectiveness of Christ's suffering,
32:13 His sacrifice was cast down,
32:17 and a counterfeit was taught in its place.
32:21 Now what about the laver which represents baptism?
32:25 The Church of the Dark Ages said,
32:27 we are going to substitute infant sprinkling
32:30 in the place of genuine baptism by immersion,
32:33 which calls for confession and wholehearted repentance.
32:39 Not only did they do that,
32:41 but they went up into the Holy Place
32:43 to the table of showbread,
32:44 which represents the Word of God and declared,
32:48 you can't understand the Word of God for yourself.
32:51 Only the priest can explain it to you.
32:55 In this way, they promoted
32:57 that the traditions of the church
32:59 are more important than the Word of God.
33:04 Not only did they do that, history shows,
33:07 but they reached up into the altar of incense
33:10 which represents prayer and claimed,
33:12 you cannot pray directly to God,
33:14 you have to go through a priest.
33:17 In fact, they even created their own two compartment room,
33:22 divided by a curtain with a man sitting on the place of God,
33:27 hearing the confessions of other men.
33:31 This is mimicking God's Most Holy Place, friends.
33:35 These counterfeit teachings
33:36 put the light right out of the church,
33:40 thus creating the Dark Ages.
33:45 Finally, the Roman Catholic Church
33:47 went up into the Most Holy Place
33:49 and took God's law,
33:51 His Ten Commandments, and just messed with them.
33:56 We spent much time
33:57 looking at these details together in a series.
34:01 They took the fourth commandment,
34:02 the seventh day Sabbath, and cast it down
34:05 and put in its place a first day worship.
34:09 Satan is determined to mess with God's GPS.
34:14 He wants you lost.
34:17 Shall we despair?
34:20 What's God going to do now?
34:23 Well, there was one more prophecy
34:26 called the 2300 year prophecy
34:29 and this prophecy stated
34:31 that at the end of the 2300 years,
34:34 which would end in 1844.
34:38 Friends, this is a deeper study,
34:40 which I recommend you ask our Bible instructors about,
34:43 but I need it to make this point.
34:47 In this 2300 year time period,
34:51 the sanctuary would be cleansed or restored.
34:56 You see Daniel 8:14 says
34:59 that it should shall be restored to its rightful state,
35:03 back to God's way.
35:05 So watch this,
35:07 you know, what our God begins to do
35:10 over a period of 500 years,
35:13 He begins to restore every truth
35:16 that have been cast down during the Dark Ages.
35:20 Let's return to our last blueprint slide
35:22 showing the truths being cast down.
35:25 Watch closely what our God does.
35:30 There was a man by the name of John Wycliffe,
35:33 who comes upon earth's scene in the 1300s.
35:37 What does God have Wycliffe do?
35:40 He translates the Bible
35:41 into the language of the common people,
35:44 thus restoring the table of showbread.
35:48 He is why each of us have a Bible to read
35:51 in our own language today.
35:54 Friends, if I was living in the 1300s,
35:57 I would have been following John Wycliffe all around.
36:01 Now in the 1400s,
36:03 a man by the name of Martin Luther is born.
36:06 What a man of God.
36:08 Martin Luther begins the Protestant Reformation
36:11 in the 1500s.
36:13 And through him, God restores the truth,
36:17 that it is Christ Jesus sacrifice on the cross
36:20 that pays for our sins, not penance.
36:25 So If I was living in that time,
36:27 I know I would have been a Lutheran.
36:30 Praise God for the Lutheran Movement.
36:32 Amen.
36:33 In the 1500s,
36:35 a man named John Calvin comes upon the scene,
36:38 the founder of the Presbyterian Movement.
36:41 John Calvin had a special burden for prayer.
36:44 He said, "We could go directly
36:46 to the throne of God for ourselves."
36:49 And John Calvin effectively restores the altar of incense.
36:54 I pray that during this time,
36:56 I would have been a Presbyterian.
36:59 Do you see, friends,
37:00 that God's people continue to accept any new truth
37:04 or new light that God reveals to them?
37:07 Fantastic.
37:08 In the 1600s,
37:10 there was a man named John Smith,
37:12 who upon studying his Bible, he said wait a minute,
37:18 you can't baptize by infant sprinkling.
37:21 The Bible clearly says you have to be fully submerged,
37:24 confess and repent of your sins
37:28 before you were baptized.
37:31 This effectively restored the laver.
37:35 He became a founder of the Baptist Movement.
37:37 And, friends, if I was living in the 1600s,
37:40 I definitely would have been a Baptist.
37:44 In the 1700s, a man by the name of John Wesley
37:47 enters the scene and John Wesley is the founder
37:50 of the Methodist Movement.
37:52 He has a special burden for the gospel
37:56 getting out into the whole world.
37:58 And God through Him effectively restores
38:01 the seven-branched candlestick,
38:03 Let your light so shine.
38:06 If I was living in the 1700s,
38:08 I pray I would have been a Methodist.
38:11 Friends, one more article of furniture
38:15 is left to be restored.
38:20 What movement would God call upon the scene
38:24 in the 1800s
38:27 to restore the final piece of missing truth?
38:30 What movement restores the Ark of the Covenant?
38:35 Seventh-day Adventism restores the Ten Commandments
38:39 found inside the Ark of the Covenant,
38:42 including the fourth commandment,
38:44 remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy,
38:48 God's chosen day.
38:50 His Sabbath is our seal.
38:53 We study this, friends,
38:54 it's His mark on you to be saved.
38:58 We saw that in the presentation the authentic seal.
39:03 God has called you for such a time as this.
39:08 He wants you to know His Bible truth.
39:12 We are told in the Bible in Revelation 7
39:15 that we must have the seal of a living God
39:19 to make it through the end time.
39:21 We must be sealed for heaven, friends.
39:25 We studied how the first angel in Revelation 14
39:28 takes the gospel into the whole world.
39:30 This gospel could not have been preached
39:33 during the Dark Ages,
39:34 because God's truth had been taken away and cast down,
39:40 they're taken away from the people.
39:43 By 1844, all articles of truth
39:46 had been restored by God.
39:49 So who were the Seventh-day Adventists?
39:51 Our heritage is Lutheran,
39:54 Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian.
39:58 We just kept taking all these restored truths
40:02 by God, His blueprint in its entirety,
40:06 and moving it down the timeline of earth's history.
40:11 In 1988, there was a football game.
40:15 Cal State versus Stanford, it was called the Play.
40:20 There were four seconds left on the clock.
40:22 Cal State was down by one point.
40:26 The band had already begun to celebrate.
40:28 All Stanford had to do was kick the ball off.
40:32 They figured the game was over.
40:34 I mean, what are the odds of the other team
40:36 returning the ball and winning.
40:39 So they kicked the ball off
40:40 and down the field, the ball goes,
40:42 Cal State gets the ball and they begin running
40:45 as the first guy begins running,
40:47 someone tackles him.
40:48 But before he hits the ground,
40:50 he tosses the ball to his teammate.
40:52 On the other side of the field,
40:54 the band is already marching in celebration,
40:57 people are on their feet screaming.
41:01 The second guy gets the ball
41:04 and begins running.
41:06 The commentators are getting excited,
41:08 and they're raising their voices
41:10 because the second guy gets tackled,
41:12 but before he hits the ground, he passes the ball off.
41:16 The third guy, the same thing.
41:19 The fourth guy, the same thing.
41:22 The fifth guy, the same thing.
41:25 The six guy catches the ball,
41:28 everybody screaming and are on their feet
41:31 and that sixth guy runs into the end zone.
41:35 Listen to me, friends.
41:37 The Devil's band is on the field right now.
41:41 They think the game is over.
41:43 They think that we commandment keeping Christians
41:46 those that believe the Bible fully
41:49 Seventh-day Adventist are a beaten people.
41:52 Friends, God wants us to finish the game.
41:56 Let's wrap it up and go home.
41:59 There is no time left on the clock.
42:02 1844 was the last time prophecy in the Bible.
42:08 Friends, study that out for yourself.
42:11 In my mind, I see the angels on their feet
42:15 or on their wings, they're cheering for us,
42:18 come on, take it into the end time, the end zone
42:23 and off God's people go down the field,
42:26 the first angel's message the second angel's message,
42:28 the third angel's message, it's all there, friends.
42:31 The third angel's message is nothing more
42:36 than the message of Noah,
42:39 get into the ark.
42:43 Bible truth get into the ark
42:46 before it's too late.
42:50 Why?
42:52 Because the seal of God is found inside the ark.
42:55 The Bible says those who are outside the ark
42:59 will be marked for death.
43:01 We read in Revelation 15:16
43:03 that the angels with the seven last plagues
43:06 are seen coming out of the Most Holy Place.
43:09 Why?
43:10 Because those who received the plagues
43:13 are those who ignored and rejected
43:17 what is found inside the Most Holy Place.
43:21 Our message is to get into the ark.
43:25 For those who choose to get into the ark
43:28 and receive God's seal,
43:30 do we need to fear
43:31 the impending seven last plagues?
43:35 As always, scripture has our answer.
43:38 Psalms 91, a favorite chapter of my.
43:43 Verse 1,
43:45 "He who dwells in the secret place
43:47 of the Most High shall abide
43:50 under the shadow of the Almighty."
43:53 This is a promise of protection, friends,
43:56 claim it.
43:58 Verse 10, "No evil shall befall you,
44:02 nor shall any plague come nigh or near your dwelling."
44:07 Not one plague.
44:09 Just like the Israelites.
44:11 Do you believe God's promises?
44:14 Our God throughout all of earth's history
44:17 has kept His every promise to us.
44:20 He is so ready to have His character vindicated.
44:25 He promises that your bread and water will be sure.
44:29 I trust Him.
44:31 In Isaiah 43:1-5 God says,
44:34 "Fear not, for I have redeemed you.
44:37 I have called you by your name.
44:40 You are Mine.
44:42 Fear not, for I am with you."
44:46 Let's put that to memory, friends,
44:48 because we are going to need it
44:50 probably sooner than we think.
44:55 So it may be the only treasure that you may own.
44:59 It's the only possession that no one can take from you
45:04 is what you have stored in your mind.
45:08 May it be of saving value.
45:14 So Hallelujah, Jesus comes, He cracks the sky,
45:20 the Bible is so clear
45:22 that every eye shall see Him coming.
45:25 We've studied how the righteous dead
45:27 in their graves are raised to meet Him in the air.
45:31 This is no secret, friends, everyone sees it happening.
45:36 Don't be fooled.
45:39 We then studied how the righteous go to heaven
45:42 for the millennium, or jury duty.
45:45 When the books were open back in 1844, it was simply this.
45:50 In Revelation 12:10,
45:52 we see Satan was accusing God's people.
45:56 And the reason God opened the books
45:59 is not to try and condemn you or me,
46:02 but to prove Satan, a liar.
46:07 So when Satan threatens, well,
46:10 but he did this or, but she did that.
46:15 God affirms heaven's book records,
46:19 they repented of them all.
46:22 So they are white as snow.
46:25 They're My children.
46:30 The books contain key evidence to save you,
46:34 not to destroy you.
46:37 Now, when the judgment begins at the millennium,
46:39 the righteous get to see the books,
46:41 and they too join the chorus of angels
46:45 just and true are thy ways Oh, God, You judge righteously.
46:50 And at the end of the millennium,
46:52 God comes down from heaven,
46:53 and resurrects that wicked dead on earth as we studied.
46:57 And at that time,
46:59 this planet will turn into the biggest movie theater
47:02 the world has ever seen.
47:04 We are told in panoramic view, everyone will watch this movie.
47:10 It's earth's final movie.
47:13 Now, this is reality TV.
47:16 This is no make believe.
47:18 I don't want the lost,
47:20 the wicked pointing at me and saying,
47:22 you saw this movie,
47:24 and you didn't tell me about it.
47:26 You told me about the latest
47:27 Hollywood blockbuster,
47:29 but you didn't tell me about the movie,
47:31 the story that counted,
47:34 the great controversy.
47:38 Now comes the time
47:40 when God must destroy the wicked.
47:42 But understand the reason God uses fire.
47:46 It's not because He's mad, but because He is love.
47:52 You see, God is described
47:54 as consuming fire in Hebrews 12:29.
47:58 And the Song of Solomon tells us
48:01 that consuming love burns like a fire.
48:05 Have you ever been in love before?
48:07 You felt that fire?
48:09 That's what God is like.
48:11 He is fire.
48:13 2 King 6:17 describes His chariots are a fire,
48:17 His city is a city of fire,
48:19 His throne is a throne of fire and He wants us
48:24 to be able to dwell in that fire
48:27 and not be consumed.
48:29 Friends, do you want to get to the very presence of God?
48:34 You better be fireproof.
48:38 Just like when God showed Moses,
48:40 the burning bush.
48:42 How is it this bush burns, but is not consumed?
48:46 God was trying to show Moses,
48:49 this is My ideal for humanity.
48:52 He wants us to be able to stand in His presence,
48:57 like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
48:59 who were thrown in that fire
49:01 and were not consumed.
49:05 Listen to me,
49:06 it's the righteous that burn forever
49:11 with the glory of God.
49:14 The wicked are not fireproof,
49:17 and they burn up fully consumed.
49:21 God will not allow them into heaven,
49:24 because heaven would be hell for them.
49:26 Do you see how the devil flips it?
49:31 In terrific majesty,
49:33 God with those great big arms
49:35 stretches out and embraces the wicked one last time.
49:40 All the wicked in one giant hug and in that embrace
49:45 the wicked feel the love that they have rejected.
49:49 It is then that every knee will bow down
49:53 and all will declare
49:55 just and true are thy ways, oh, God.
49:59 There is a unanimous decision to destroy the wicked.
50:04 And then God renews planet earth
50:08 to His original plan, a perfect garden paradise.
50:14 And the Bible says in Isaiah 66:23,
50:18 "From Sabbath to Sabbath,
50:20 all flesh shall come to worship before me."
50:24 You see, friends,
50:25 we'll be keeping the Sabbath in heaven for eternity.
50:30 This is earth's final movie, friends.
50:33 God has called you for such a time as this.
50:36 Stop sitting on the fence.
50:38 Satan wants you to believe your doubts,
50:41 and doubt your beliefs.
50:45 No matter what you have done,
50:47 Jesus has more than enough mercy to cover you.
50:51 Jesus will finish
50:53 what He started in you long ago as a child,
50:55 just ask Him, all He needs is permission
50:59 and He will come in to fill your life.
51:03 Our God is able,
51:05 He is more than capable to keep His every promise.
51:10 I wish I could better describe Him to you
51:12 because He's indescribable, even incomprehensible,
51:18 He's invincible, and He's irresistible.
51:22 And when you fall in love with Him,
51:25 you cannot get Him out of your mind
51:27 and He will never let go of your hand.
51:31 You can't outlive Him
51:33 and you cannot live without Him.
51:36 Death couldn't handle Him
51:38 and the grave couldn't hold Him.
51:40 The tomb is empty, friends, our Redeemer lives,
51:44 and He wants you with Him forever.
51:49 Let's pray.
51:52 Heavenly Father, King of the universe.
51:56 I pray that each of us stand firmly in Your truth,
52:00 that we remain alert to the snares of Satan
52:04 that we claim Your promises of protection
52:06 and provision during these last days.
52:11 You are mighty and merciful
52:13 and You keep protecting and providing
52:16 when we don't deserve it.
52:19 You see us as Your diamonds in the rough
52:22 and You make us shine like new.
52:25 Praise You, Jesus.
52:26 You are the King of kings.
52:29 I especially pray right now for my friends
52:31 who have been studying with me through this series.
52:35 You know the heart of each one.
52:37 Send Your Holy Spirit in a special way
52:41 and help them to walk in Your truth
52:44 so that we all meet together in heaven oh that day.
52:48 May we proclaim you to the whole world,
52:52 I pray these things in Your precious name.
52:56 Amen.
52:59 Friends, the great controversy teaches us
53:04 that God has a GPS map for you.
53:08 He continues to do everything He can
53:11 to assure your salvation.
53:14 God has a plan for this world.
53:16 And most importantly, He has a plan for you.
53:20 I want to thank each of you for entrusting me
53:23 with your time and studying these Bible topics together
53:26 over the last 14 days.
53:29 I do hope and pray that you will follow Jesus
53:34 all the days of your life.
53:37 Again, thank you so much for watching
53:40 Unlocking Bible Prophecies.
53:42 May God bless you abundantly.
53:45 Choose God's way.
53:48 Good night, friends.


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