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00:14 Hi, I'm Cami Oetman, Vice President for Adventist World
00:17 Radio at the General Conference. I am super excited to be with
00:21 you tonight. Only a few months ago, friend, our world was
00:24 completely a different place. Since then we have been in the
00:28 midst of a global shutdown, a worldwide pandemic. We are
00:32 living in uncertain times as people are still afraid about
00:36 the effect it has made. People fear for themselves and for
00:40 their loved ones. We have all seen the stock markets crash.
00:44 Potential economic disaster might be just around the corner.
00:47 Riots have been popping up around the nation. You may be
00:52 afraid of what the future holds. Our minds are flooded with
00:55 unanswered questions. Will the economy collapse? Will I be able
00:59 to feed my family or have a place to live? What's next?
01:03 Bible prophecy clearly reveals God's plan for the future.
01:07 Friends, I believe we are now in that future. What does he expect
01:13 from us in times like these? Let's begin with prayer.
01:17 Heavenly Father, King of the universe, King of our hearts.
01:21 Thank you for bringing all of your precious people together
01:24 at this camp meeting Lord in such a magnificent way. May we learn
01:28 something new about you and what you expect of us in times like
01:32 these. In Jesus' precious, powerful name, Amen.
01:35 I love that our heavenly Father gives us prophetic warning, not
01:42 to scare us, but to prepare us. He does not leave us in the dark
01:47 ever. God desires for us to put our full trust in his word.
01:53 In Matthew 24 Jesus lays out the many signs that we will see
01:57 right before he comes again. And when you read that list of
02:00 verses you see these prophecies are being fulfilled before our
02:05 very eyes today. The final sign will prove beyond a shadow of a
02:10 doubt that indeed we are living in the very last days of this
02:14 world's history. And what is it? Let's read in Matthew 24:14:...
02:31 This is the final sign. Then in Revelation 14:6 it says:...
02:48 Friends, this is our calling in times like these. God's message
02:54 is going forward. In my travels with Adventist World Radio my
03:01 small video crew and I document miracles in the most remote
03:05 corners of this world. In Habakkuk 1:5 it says this:...
03:10 God says this:
03:24 God is doing exactly that right now. Shocking things, things
03:30 you would never imagine could be possible. These are the
03:34 experiences that I'm going to share with you tonight. God is
03:38 reaching the unreachable. I was there to witness it all with my
03:42 own eyes and see first-hand how God has no walls, no borders,
03:49 and no limits. Let me show you what I mean. Come with me to the
03:54 Philippine Islands. Here we find a group of terrorist rebels
03:58 hidden throughout the mountain tops. For the past 49 years they
04:03 have been protecting and dominating these areas with
04:06 guerilla warfare. They call themselves the New People's Army
04:12 or the NPA. These men and women are determined to overthrow the
04:17 government. Over 40,000 locals have died in this war between
04:22 the NPA and the government military troops. These mountain
04:27 natives have traditionally been pagans. Each family is only
04:31 allowed to have three children. If a fourth child is born that
04:37 child is immediately buried alive. This is a culture where
04:42 13 year olds are forced to marry and men can pay 400 Philippine
04:46 pesos to swap wives. This is equal to about eight dollars in
04:51 U.S. currency. Like all of us these people need Jesus and his
04:57 life-saving principles. Less than three years ago Adventist
05:02 World Radio began broadcasting Bible messages from the coastal
05:07 cities to the jungle mountain tops and some of the NPA rebels
05:11 tuned in to this Christian station and became intrigued.
05:15 As they listened to the stories of Jesus' love their hearts were
05:20 softened. One of the top commanders sent four of his
05:25 soldiers to find the radio broadcaster and bring him to
05:29 their remote camp. They did just that. Let's watch what happened.
05:35 Find out how AWR radio has gone past the steel cold guns
05:44 straight into the heart of ruthless rebels.
05:48 This is AWR 360.
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06:05 Adventist World Radio has been broadcasting God's last day
06:10 message to the unreached people groups of the world in their own
06:13 languages from its very beginning. AWR began 48 years
06:17 ago in 1971 and our mission and vision have grown beyond all
06:23 expectations. I believe Jesus is coming very, very soon and all
06:28 God's people must take part in spreading the gospel all around
06:32 the world, all around this old ball of mud. Our expanded focus
06:35 of AWR 360 Broadcast to Baptism reaches people not only through
06:40 the radio but also through most media platforms, cell phone
06:43 evangelism and mobile medical clinics. Now incredible results
06:48 are happening all over the world because of this enhanced
06:50 direction, which, by the way, was the dream of Allen Steele
06:54 the founder of Adventist World Radio.
06:56 One of those meetings took place on the island of Mindoro in the
07:01 Philippines. Along with the broadcast many meetings took
07:05 place and more than 2000 were baptized. Then soon after over 77
07:10 new villages turned their lives over the Lord as the layman
07:14 radio host kept preaching. But then some of the new listeners
07:19 made a surprise visit to one of our AWR radio broadcasters,
07:23 Robert Dulay. As he was biking home one day he saw four
07:29 strangers at his front door. They told him they were rebels.
07:34 On March 29, 1969, the New People's Army was formed. Armed
07:41 with weapons they gradually infiltrated the country. Their
07:45 goals had been to overthrow the government and establish a
07:49 Maoist style communist regime. They regularly ambush police
07:55 and military forces. Are these men and women to be feared for
07:59 their brutality, to be rejected and abandoned with God calling
08:04 his faithful to go out into the highways and byways to preach
08:08 there too?
08:09 They pleaded with us to send someone to the village to preach
08:13 as they had been listening to the radio and wanted to know
08:15 more about Jesus.
08:18 It is now four months later. AWR 360 is heading to the forbidden
08:23 mountain area in the midst of where these rebels live. Where
08:29 Jesus went he often healed those around him. In like manner, we
08:32 are bringing in a team of medical laymen who are committed
08:36 to following God's healing message across the Philippines.
08:39 Helping take the medical supplies to the staging point
08:42 is the Philippine military, the Fourth Division Scorpion Unit.
08:46 Seeing the good work that AWR has done in reaching the rebel
08:50 soldiers they put forth their full support of what we are
08:54 doing. They load the supplies and before we head out we have a
08:57 prayer, AWR, the medical laymen, and the military, all praying
09:04 hand in hand to our God for his blessing on what we are about to
09:08 do. Finally after a long and difficult drive we reach the
09:12 staging point. As we wait we notice many porters coming down
09:17 the trail. They will help carry the supplies the rest of the way
09:20 up the mountain. This will be a long trip with a very heavy load
09:25 Some of the porters are members of the rebel group. Once again
09:31 we have a prayer. And then the supplies are loaded for the
09:34 journey ahead. We say goodbye to the laymen and the villagers as
09:39 they make their way up the trail It will be a tiresome trek
09:42 through the jungles, rivers and mud. It will take at least eight
09:48 hours for some to reach the village. For others it will be
09:51 an overnight walk. The next morning we board a small mission
09:57 helicopter and it takes us to the top of the mountain. I smile
10:02 as I relive God's miracle and how he reached the rebellious,
10:06 militant minded soldiers that we were about to meet face to face.
10:10 As the helicopter comes to a halt I look at the crowd
10:14 gathered before us. They are lit with smiles. We are welcomed and
10:20 the natives eagerly give us a tour. It's amazing to see how
10:24 these precious people live. Then I sit down with Efron the first
10:28 one who started listening to AWR.
10:32 My life was always on edge.
10:35 I did many things I would rather not talk about. But one day as I
10:40 was listening to the radio something different came on.
10:46 It was AWRs health program. As I listened I discovered that these
10:51 people were helping many with their health problems. They also
10:54 talked about the supreme Healer, one whose life was devoted to
10:58 others rather than himself.
11:00 This thought appealed to him and he felt the need to share it
11:04 with others. Then he began to wonder, who are these people
11:09 who are sharing this loving message? He knew he had
11:13 to find out for himself.
11:15 I had to know more. So I sought out the speaker of this program.
11:20 I sent fellow members of my unit to invite him to the mountain
11:24 top. The road they took down many times had been used to hurt
11:29 or injure, but this time it was different. My friends asked him
11:35 Please come preach to us in the mountains.
11:49 As they met Efron shared how he has a desire to learn more
11:54 about Jesus and AWR 360 was happy to oblige. Many laymen
12:01 pastors also climbed the mountain to preach and soon many
12:06 new rebels heard about God through the radio and Bible
12:10 studies. And they too have a need to share it with others.
12:17 And then the day came when Efron himself walked down the mountain
12:21 with one final request.
12:25 I want to be baptized and so do many others.
12:31 And so on top of this once dangerous mountain laymen
12:34 doctors healed those who were sick and the mouths were cleaned
12:39 by the volunteer dentists. Our AWR 360 team spoke with many
12:44 villagers and prayed with many more. Additional rebels arrived
12:50 because they were interested in witnessing what was going on.
12:54 Our team preached to them and then it was time to baptize
12:58 those who had made their decision for Christ. It was a
13:02 joyous walk to the baptismal site and I believe all of heaven
13:07 was rejoicing with us as we watched Pastor McKey baptize
13:11 five rebel generals along with 60 other soldiers. These men who
13:18 were once killers in the land have now died to self. They have
13:23 laid down their earthly weapons and exchanged them for heavenly
13:28 rewards. What I witnessed today was truly a miracle. In one of
13:35 the most dangerous places on earth Adventist World Radio
13:38 boldly went forth so yearning ears could hear the mercy and
13:43 forgiveness of Jesus. Lives are changed for eternity and now
13:48 many more have a new hope of heaven forever. And this is only
13:54 the beginning. Friends the far reaching work of AWR is only
13:59 possible with your fervent prayers and generous financial
14:04 support. Every donation is so important. Visit our website now
14:08 to donate online. Keep in touch with AWR. We want and need you
14:13 with us. Remember it is only working together that we will
14:17 reach the whole world with the good news of our Lord and Savior
14:21 He is coming back so soon. This is AWR 360.
14:29 On that day alone our team witnessed the baptisms of 60
14:35 rebel soldiers and five of their top generals. And that was just
14:40 the beginning. There have been hundreds more since. The latest
14:44 number. Get this! I just checked with Pastor Dulay in the
14:48 Philippines and God's truth has now been taken over to 118
14:55 villages. These terrorists have laid down their AK-47 guns in
15:00 exchange for a Bible and a new life in Christ. Many of them
15:07 have learned a new trade like farming and selling goods in the
15:11 outdoor markets while sharing their new way of life. My video
15:16 crew and I had the opportunity to film several of their
15:20 personal testimonies and recreate them into short
15:24 documentary films. I want to tell you about one of them right
15:29 now because I cannot resist sharing Daniel's testimony.
15:32 His father was a commander in the NPA and his uncle and
15:37 cousins also had joined the troops. Daniel grew up through
15:41 the ranks. It was the only life that he knew. At age 13 he
15:47 killed for the very first time. Soon after he was given the
15:52 important title The Executioner. He became really good at killing
15:59 and was promoted to the lead hit man throughout all of the
16:02 Philippines. He told us that he cannot even count the number he
16:07 has killed as there have been too many. From politicians to
16:12 military soldiers, policemen and local criminals. The more he
16:16 killed the more numb inside he became never wanting to
16:21 remember their faces. But one day he was given a termination
16:27 order for a Christian pastor. Abducting the pastor, he
16:31 isolated him in the forest jungle. The pastor was begging
16:34 for his life. Even though Daniel was stunned by the kindness in
16:39 this man's eyes, he pulled the trigger. You see, Daniel always
16:45 completed his killing assignments. He was known for
16:48 getting the job done. But Daniel could not forget the pastor's
16:52 face and the memory tormented him. He could find no rest. NPA
17:00 soldiers are allowed to leave their hidden posts to go home
17:04 to their families for three days every two months. So the next
17:09 time Daniel entered his house he heard a radio playing loudly.
17:14 His wife and children were listening to a Christian Bible
17:19 program. He recognized the station as Adventist World Radio
17:23 and because he knew other NPA comrades who were listening to
17:28 that very same station and had given up fighting and were
17:33 baptized, but this was the first time he really listened. Daniel
17:38 heard stories about a loving Savior who would leave his 99
17:41 sheep and go out and search of the one that was lost. Daniel's
17:48 heart was moved by what he heard and in that moment he understood
17:53 that he was one of the lost sheep. His heart softened and
17:59 Daniel and his wife took Bible studies and were baptized along
18:04 with four more generals of the NPA. Daniel is now on a mission
18:10 to share Jesus with thousands of other NPA troops in the
18:14 jungle mountains so they too can have better lives filled with
18:19 peace and the hope of life eternal. Even executioners are
18:25 coming to Jesus in times like these. Now in one of those
18:30 remote villages high up in the mountain tops lives an
18:34 influential pagan chief by the name of Perfecto. Spiritualism
18:40 and local lore were his way of life. Sometimes people would
18:44 visit the village and try to convert him to Christianity.
18:47 But what they said was different from what they
18:51 practiced and the confusion annoyed him. He would tell them
18:55 Go away. Then he would find comfort in his prized possession
19:00 his radio. He only listened to one station because it played
19:05 the music that he liked. One day after his favorite song ended
19:10 a new program came on which caught his attention. The
19:14 broadcaster was talking about the seventh day Sabbath as the
19:18 true day of worship. Well this was new to him and was different
19:22 from other Christians, that annoyed him, had professed.
19:26 Happily he went to the Sunday keepers in his village and he
19:30 proudly proclaimed, You guys have been worshipping on the
19:33 wrong day. Well this pagan chief was shocked. He did not
19:37 anticipate the response he got. Perfecto thought he had
19:41 outwitted his neighbors but something unexpected happened.
19:45 They showed a genuine interest in what he shared. The next day
19:51 the whole village showed up to their pagan chief's home to
19:55 listen to his radio with him. Everyone loved the program so
20:00 much that it became a daily gathering. Perfecto became
20:04 convicted. He was convinced that what he was hearing was the
20:08 truth. He sought out the radio broadcaster and informed him
20:12 that his whole village wanted to be baptized, all 77 of them.
20:18 The Bible truth not only changed his life but the lives of his
20:24 entire village. I'll never forget seeing Perfecto coming up
20:29 out of the baptismal water, raising his hand towards heaven
20:34 along with 1400 additional souls who had joined him in the ocean
20:41 giving their lives to Christ. Isn't it exciting to live in
20:45 times like these? God is doing something spectacular. He is
20:50 calling out to all his lost sheep. Now come with me to
20:55 Zambia, a country in southern Africa where my three
20:59 videographers and I entered the highest maximum security prison
21:03 in all of the country. As soon as we entered they confiscated
21:08 our camera equipment and put us in a holding room. The guards on
21:13 duty were not aware of our invite and told us that no media
21:17 is ever allowed inside their prison walls. But once they
21:22 confirmed that we were Adventist World Radio they escorted us
21:25 onto their prison grounds. This was unprecedented. We had a
21:31 chance to worship and pray with these convicted felons. You
21:36 could that their hardened hearts had become softened. God had
21:41 already been bringing his gospel truth to these prisoners through
21:45 the radio airwaves into their jail cells. The prison averages
21:51 around 2400 inmates and get this! Over 1150 of them are now
21:58 baptized Seventh-day Adventists. Can you believe it? Out of the
22:02 250 death row prisoners more than 50 have accepted Jesus. That's a
22:08 lot of the prison who are now Bible-believing, Jesus-loving,
22:13 peace-filled Christians. They have the hope in Jesus. Even
22:20 Zambia's general commissioner met with us to express his
22:24 appreciation for AWR changing the atmosphere of his prison
22:29 camp. Hallelujah! Isn't God incredible?! He is reaching the
22:35 unlikely in the deepest darkest corners of this earth. That's
22:39 what Jesus does in times like these. The gospel brings eternal
22:44 hope even to these inmates on death row today. Now during this
22:50 trip, when we were visiting the prison in Zambia, AWR had over
22:55 1070 evangelistic sites. Yeah! A thousand of these were just in
23:01 the capitol city of Lusaka alone This has never happened before.
23:06 And at the end of three week 18,000 were baptized. Isn't that
23:13 amazing! Matthew 24:14 is coming true friends. This gospel
23:19 of the kingdom will be preached in all the world. People are
23:22 hungry for the straight truth from the Bible no matter their
23:26 culture or where they live. It is a human desire to need the
23:32 Lord. Now in times like these it is possible for the gospel to
23:36 leap, literally leap, across all barriers through radio,
23:39 television and the internet. Just like we are doing here
23:44 together tonight, right now. Many people can receive text
23:48 messages and biblical presentations right on their
23:52 cell phone. God is reaching people in every way possible.
23:57 From remote villages to barren deserts to wealthy homes in
24:02 gated communities, from maximum security prisons to the cities
24:06 with their teaming masses. The gospel is going forth in
24:10 remarkable ways. Millions are being stirred as never before
24:15 with a sense of urgency. Times are changing. Millions are
24:21 turning from the uncertainty of this world to seek for a better
24:25 world to come. Many have sacrificed all to take the
24:30 gospel to the far regions of this world. God is on the move.
24:35 He is doing something special. He is fulfilling prophecy.
24:40 We are on the verge of the kingdom tonight friends.
24:44 Let's travel now together to the island of Madagascar off the
24:49 coast of Africa. There it is flooded with blatant
24:53 spiritualism. Ronja was dedicated as a baby to the devil
24:58 and as she grew evil spirits dominated everything in her life
25:02 She became a witch and excelled in supernatural powers and
25:07 status. These spirits enabled Ronja to be able to stop bullets
25:13 and produce medicines for healing the sick She became very
25:18 popular and very wealthy. She would even dive down to the
25:22 bottom of a river to meet with the spirits and commune with
25:26 them for days without coming up for air. This was not a happy
25:32 life for Ronja but a torturous one. One day, overhearing two
25:38 people talk about the one almighty God Ronja became
25:43 intrigued. She questioned these two people because she thought
25:46 her gods were the most powerful. As she began listening to AWR
25:52 radio programs to learn more the spirits were furious with her.
25:56 She attempted to disconnect from them. Strangely, however, when
26:01 the radio played Adventist messages and Christian music
26:04 they left and never returned. Ronja was once known as a witch
26:10 throughout the land but is now known as a powerful Bible
26:14 evangelist. You know we are told that in the end time
26:19 spiritualism will become more and more prevalent. But not just
26:23 in Africa, but all over this planet. We are warned to stay
26:27 away from such practices. It is not innocent fun, friends. God
26:32 warns us to:...
26:41 Don't think that Satan doesn't know Bible prophecy. He knows it
26:45 better than humans. Even the devil worshippers know that it
26:50 is the midnight hour. My colleague Sue and I were on an
26:54 early flight from Palm Springs to Denver. It was a very small
26:59 plane. And I sat down next to a very distinguished looking
27:02 businessman. He introduced himself as Nick with a lovely
27:07 British accent. He shared that he was flying to one of his
27:11 homes in Colorado at a popular ski resort. After we exchanged
27:16 some pleasantries I simply commented, Wow, God has really
27:21 blessed you. I saw his whole body grimace. He retorted, No
27:29 the goddess has. Hmm. Next a two-hour friendly but frank
27:36 conversation took place. Nick had devoted his life to goddess
27:40 worship at a young age. He told me point blank, Christians are
27:44 the enemy which makes you my enemy. We are on opposing sides
27:49 for I am a soldier of the goddess. Well I turned to him
27:54 and said, I am a soldier for the one Almighty God. You are not my
28:01 enemy, Nick. Satan is. The Bible tells us who wins this war.
28:06 Now my friend Sue was only two rows ahead of me and overheard
28:11 our conversation and began to pray. Praise God for prayer
28:16 warriors. Now years ago, Nick continued, a goddess gave me
28:22 step-by-step instructions on building my software company for
28:25 this fight. She has made me very wealthy and successful and since
28:31 I gave myself over to her in my childhood I've had no choice but
28:35 to follow her directions. Nick and I went on to discuss free
28:40 will, what happens at death, the truth about apparitions,
28:44 and Satan's deceptions. I shared my view of a loving, mighty,
28:50 personal God who protects and provides, whereas he described
28:55 his view of God as a tormentor and fiercely cruel. He shared
29:00 many pieces of his life with me including how dead family
29:04 members appear to speak with him I shared from the Bible how the
29:08 dead know not anything, how evil angels impersonate and
29:13 harass. I said, Nick, only God can rid you of this torment.
29:18 Why don't you fall on your knees and ask him to prove himself to
29:22 you because he will. He's real and cares about you, Nick.
29:26 Give him a try. Nick divulged, I've been training my whole life
29:32 annihilate the Christians and it's positioned to happen soon.
29:35 The goddess is about to emerge and rise up from the earth.
29:41 Friends, we are in the center of the great controversy battle
29:46 right now with little time left on this earth. Even goddess
29:51 worshippers know time is short. I responded to Nick. Yes, I
29:58 believe that Bible prophecy tells us that some of those who
30:01 stand for Bible truth will be persecuted before Jesus returns.
30:04 But at the second coming believers will receive eternal
30:09 life in heaven with perfect bodies and there's no more pain
30:13 or suffering. I said, Nick, what is your end game? He appeared
30:18 stunned and became silent, then finally admitted, The goddess
30:26 has never revealed that to me. I will need to ask her. Nick was
30:33 increasingly intrigued with what he describes as a warm glow
30:38 around me. He said, I don't understand, While we have been
30:42 talking you have been exuding a glow around you and there's like
30:46 a rod of strength within you. I looked at him in the eyes and
30:52 I said, Nick, that's Jesus and you can have him too. You know
30:59 after that flight I called my dad and my dad reminded me of
31:05 page 612 in The Great Controversy where it says this:
31:26 Our God instructs us in Isaiah 58:1 that we are to have
31:33 voices like trumpets to loudly proclaim his name, his truth
31:39 We are not to hold back or be afraid of sharing his gospel
31:43 message. My friends, God empowers you. He has chosen you
31:48 to be his ambassadors to your beautiful country. Today I want
31:53 to encourage you to be bold in Jesus. Stand up for him. The
31:59 Holy Spirit will give us the power to reach every soul. Do
32:03 you believe that he is mighty enough to do that. I want to
32:07 look in Ephesians 3 verses 20-21 Let's look together.
32:35 Friends, I want you to think big I want you to ask God for big
32:42 because as big as you think and ask God can do exceedingly,
32:47 abundantly more. Believe in his power, believe in his ability,
32:53 his desire to shine through you because that is when miracles
32:57 happen, just like the one's I've been telling you about. We are
33:01 God's light-bearers. In Testimonies Volume 5 it says:...
33:19 Jesus specifically commands us to go, preach, teach and baptize
33:26 So how powerful is our God? How mightily can his work through
33:34 humans affect the planet when we adhere to his will? Page after
33:40 page in the Bible we read of incredible examples. When people
33:46 stand up for the truth and are faithful in following the Lord's
33:50 lead they are greatly rewarded. Let's look at a favorite Bible
33:55 story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho falling down. It is
34:00 recorded in Joshua 6:1-27. This example vividly demonstrates
34:07 the miraculous power of God when his people follow his direction.
34:12 The strategy to conquer Jericho was unique and laid out by God
34:18 himself. The key was that Joshua followed his instructions to the
34:23 letter. Jericho was one of the strongest fortresses in the area
34:27 Wealthy palaces and temples of luxury, vice and idol worship
34:32 dominated the land. This was all in defiance of the God of Israel
34:37 So Christ appeared to Joshua and promised victory over this
34:42 impenetrable city. In direct obedience to the divine command
34:47 Joshua marshalled the armies. They were instructed that no
34:52 assault was to be made. You see God's plan was to use the most
34:55 unexpected, innocent method of operation. His ways are not
35:02 always our ways. God does use surprises and catches people
35:07 off guard. In this incident, God simply used feet and voices.
35:13 When the people did finally shout the massive walls
35:18 collapsed instantly. Do you realize that God had given them
35:23 the victory before they even began to march? That's found in
35:27 Joshua 6:2 and 16. It was when the people of God by faith
35:32 followed the commands of God that the walls of solid stone
35:37 with the massive towers tottered and heaved from their very
35:42 foundations and with a crash fell in ruin to the ground. The
35:48 apostle Paul assures us in Romans 15:4: For everything
35:54 that was written in the past was written to teach us so that
35:58 through endurance and the encouragement of the scriptures
36:02 we might have hope. Obedience to God's commands brings victory
36:08 friends. When we face something seemingly insurmountable,
36:13 insurmountable odds, we must learn that our Jericho victories
36:18 are won only when we are faithful. There's a vast
36:23 difference between God's way and man's way. From a military
36:28 standpoint it was irrational to storm Jericho with simple
36:32 marching and trumpet blasts. But we need never to question God's
36:36 purpose or instructions. We must have faith that God is who he
36:42 says he is and will do what he says he will do. There is an
36:47 uncompromising relationship between God's grace and our
36:51 faith. Hebrews 11:30 says:...
37:01 Historically their faith had frequently wavered but in this
37:06 moment the children of Israel believed and trusted in God's
37:10 promises. They were saved by faith and so are we yet faith
37:16 must be evidenced by obedience. A saving faith impels us to
37:22 obey God. This story beautifully illustrates how God keeps his
37:28 every promise always has, always will. The walls of
37:34 Jericho fell because God said they would. God's promises to us
37:39 today are just as certain, friends. They are exceedingly
37:44 great and wonderfully precious. The Israelites had not gained
37:47 the victory by their own power. No. But wholly by God. It was
37:54 impressed upon Israel that in the conquest of Canaan they were
37:58 not to fight for themselves, but simply be instruments in the
38:02 will of God. What is the will of our heavenly King today? Just
38:08 like Joshua we are to lift up our trumpets and be his
38:12 instruments to complete his will Jesus is coming soon and has
38:17 commissioned us to go, preach, teach and baptize every nation,
38:22 kindred, tongue and people. Jesus wants you to reach the
38:27 precious souls of your neighbors and communities. Friends, we
38:32 must do our part by proclaiming his straight testimony. What is
38:37 straight testimony? In Last Day Events on page 45 it says:...
39:18 End of quote. So what work is the most important? Proclaiming
39:24 the three angels' messages? And why is that? Because it is to be
39:29 the last warning to this dying world. Well, wait. Let's think
39:35 about who doesn't want our world warned? The enemy of God, Satan.
39:40 He feverishly builds up walls and places road blocks in the
39:45 way of us spreading the gospel. But these barriers, borders and
39:50 obstacles tumble down just like the wall of Jericho when we call
39:55 on the power of Jesus. With God as our leader the gospel truly
40:02 has no limits. Right now there are people around this world
40:08 needing hope, looking for a Savior. Because of this weighty
40:13 capacity we are compelled to carry out the great commission.
40:18 My friends, we as Christians know there is only one perfect
40:23 Christ crucified, one empty tomb, one risen Redeemer who is
40:31 coming back soon. I want to really be vulnerable with you
40:36 right now. I know where many of you are coming from. Does the
40:41 great commission feel overwhelming to you personally?
40:44 I know that it once felt paralyzing to me. I'm going to
40:53 give you a sneak peek into my spiritual walk. You see I had
40:58 spent many years intently focused on worldly pursuits and
41:03 not spiritual things. I'm so grateful that Jesus never stops
41:07 wooing and pursuing each one of us. Once I truly fell in love
41:13 with him, I had the urge to share my joy with everyone. But I was
41:18 so nervous, scared, even speechless. I remember one of
41:24 the first times I decided to push through my fear and at
41:28 least be open to maybe witnessing to a stranger. Truly
41:33 on one hand, I prayed Lord, please use me. And on the other hand I
41:40 am thinking Mmm, please don't bring anybody my way today
41:44 because I'm not ready. I don't know what to say. Okay. So.
41:50 several years ago I was the last to board onto a Southwest plane.
41:55 There are no assigned seats on this airline so the only seat
41:59 left on the entire plane was a middle seat at the very front.
42:04 I could immediately see why no one sat there. A huge, massive
42:11 man meaning tall, 7 feet tall, was absorbing most of the space.
42:16 He was listening to his head phones behind dark sun glasses
42:20 and was covered in tattoos. As I squeezed in beside him I could
42:26 smell alcohol. I wasn't even thinking about witnessing at
42:30 this point. But when the beverage cart came by this young
42:34 man took his head phones off to ask for a drink and this broke
42:39 the silence. He turned and passed me my sparkling water
42:42 We exchanged a few words. I prayed, Lord if you want me to
42:47 share something then make it possible. And then, he asked.
42:53 What is your purpose of your trip? Okay. Here's my chance.
42:59 It's now or never. Um, I'm on my way to a Bible conference.
43:05 I could not believe this piqued his interest. Oh really? What do
43:10 you believe about the Bible? Oh yikes! I thought to myself. So I
43:15 began to share what little I knew and friends let me tell you
43:19 Let me just say this. If we wait to share until we think we are
43:27 ready with every answer to every question we will never
43:31 share anything. Be assured, God will give you the words. Or you
43:38 simply say, That's a great question. I need to study that
43:42 more myself. Just be honest. As this towering man listened to my
43:49 inexperienced sharing I was stunned to see a small tear
43:55 begin to stream down from under his sun glasses and slowly roll
43:59 down his cheek. He revealed the biggest surprise to me. He said,
44:06 From what you are sharing I know you are a Seventh-day Adventist.
44:10 My heart stopped. Well, yes, I replied. He continued, As a
44:19 child I attended Adventist schools but left it long ago.
44:22 I have been feeling so lost and empty. I know God sat you next
44:28 to me today. And as we stood up to retrieve our overhead luggage
44:34 he requested, Will you pray for me? Yikes! Another thing that I
44:42 was scared of. Praying out loud? I felt so exposed and visible to
44:48 everyone around me, but thought okay Lord help! As this 7-foot
44:54 man and I made our way off the plane we were suddenly
44:58 in the center
44:59 of the airport terminal and because he towers over everyone
45:03 he drew the immediate attention of every single person passing
45:07 by as he is at least a foot taller than everyone else. I was
45:12 not comfortable with praying out loud at this point in my life,
45:15 let alone in front of the eyes of staring crowds but I said
45:19 Okay Lord and I went for it. We stood facing each other,
45:23 closed our eyes and prayed to the King of the universe to draw
45:28 us closer to him and his truth. I will never forget the moment
45:33 my prayer finished and we opened our eyes filled with tears and
45:39 we stared for a brief moment at each other realizing God had
45:43 done something really special for both of us that day. I look
45:48 forward to seeing my gentle giant friend in the kingdom of
45:52 heaven. When we stay open to the Holy Spirit's leading he will
45:57 prompt us to witness and we must trust in our God who's mighty
46:02 enough to keep his every promise promises like he will speak
46:06 through you when you have no words. Ever since this
46:11 experience I claim Matthew 10:20.
46:19 It is in these moments that we open ourselves up to the highest
46:23 experiences on this earth, being used for and by the Divine Power
46:31 of the universe. Don't miss out on such opportunities. You will
46:36 be blessed not only on earth but as a reward in heaven. A pastor
46:42 in Tanzania encouraged his members to use a Christian radio
46:45 program as a witnessing tool to share the messages with their
46:49 friends and family. So Mama Niambi took this to heart and
46:54 began carrying her little radio with her wherever she went.
46:57 Now Mama Niambi had a garden located by the town's bar. Daily
47:04 as she tended to her plants and vegetables she set down her
47:08 radio and turned the volume up. Inside the nearby bar the owner
47:13 began to listen and take interest. He became so
47:17 intrigued with what he heard coming from the radio in the
47:21 garden he decided to find the channel on his own radio so he
47:25 could hear it better. While serving his customers, he
47:29 listened intently to the broadcast. Soon he was not the
47:33 only one listening. The drunkards who daily came by sat
47:38 down and started to listen and ask questions. Finally they all
47:44 agreed to meet together and listen to the radio instead of
47:47 drinking alcohol. The owner and his customers daily met in the
47:52 bar with their Bibles and radio. As the Adventist World Radio
47:57 program presented Bible based messages, straight truth, the
48:02 men discovered precious, precious truths they had never
48:05 heard before. After a few weeks, the owner decided to give his
48:10 life to Jesus. He was baptized along with 20 of his customers.
48:18 It was a joyous day. After their baptism this new little
48:23 congregation decided to change their bar into a place of
48:27 worship. They meet together every Sabbath to sing praises
48:32 and study the Bible. Mama Niambi often joins them with a heart
48:37 full of joy for what God was able to do through her
48:41 witnessing. A place of frivolity and drunkenness is now a place of
48:48 praise and worship to our Creator. These men heard the
48:54 truth, confirmed it in their Bible and committed to following
48:58 it. It can be as easy ad that. People whose hearts are opened
49:04 are quickly accepting truths. It doesn't have to take years.
49:07 Jesus is coming. What an amazing testimony to the power of the
49:13 gospel shining through one woman's daily devotion to share
49:17 truth. And this was without her even speaking one word. Friends,
49:23 allow yourself to be used by him and he will. With your willing
49:28 heart God can make miracles happen. I believe we have but a
49:34 short window of opportunity to reach hearts that are currently
49:38 open. With all the crises happening the world is primed
49:43 tonight. People are craving truth that they can put their
49:47 wholehearted trust in. They need to know who they can bank their
49:51 eternal lives on. Jesus Christ only. Let's not feed them
49:57 watered down processed food. Let's have them feast on the
50:02 nourishing hearty word of God. We know the gospel satisfies
50:07 the hungering soul. I encourage you to invite every person the
50:13 Lord brings to your mind. As a member of this church, a
50:17 believer in Jesus Christ, a Seventh-day Adventist, this is
50:21 your personal role God has assigned you right now. What an
50:26 incredible witnessing tool he has provided. It will take all
50:31 of us working together in many different capacities to finish
50:34 the work. But we can do it. Not all of us are evangelists or
50:41 pastors or teachers, but we all have a capacity to do something.
50:45 It only took Mama Niambi to turn the radio dial and turn up
50:50 the volume. Remember there are no starless crowns in heaven.
50:55 Imagine that you have just reached the sea of glass for the
51:01 very first time. You are stunned by the beauty and peace that
51:06 surrounds you. As your eyes gaze out over the sparkling water you
51:12 hear someone calling your name. An angel is guiding a group of
51:18 people towards you. And as they approach you see tears streaming
51:23 down their smiling faces. You do not recognize them all but each
51:28 of them begins thanking you for sharing Jesus with them and
51:33 because of you they chose heaven Let us not be ashamed of our
51:40 King or be concerned about being peculiar. Every person who makes
51:45 God the ruler of their life in this world will be considered
51:49 peculiar. But this is a faith we need, this is the experience
51:53 that we must have. We must stand out from the world right now
51:57 and be different if we are to be the sons and daughters of God.
52:01 the heirs of heaven. The whole universe is watching you with
52:08 inexplicable interest as the closing scenes of the great
52:11 controversy come to pass. What decision will you make? Who will
52:18 share God's saving truth with in times like these? What is more
52:24 important than being loyal, loyal to and witnessing for our
52:30 Redeemer? All through the ages God has had moral heroes and he
52:36 has them now. Those like Joshua who are not ashamed to be his
52:41 peculiar people. Now believers from around the world are
52:46 standing up for Jesus at all costs even at the risk of their
52:51 own lives. The Seventh-day Adventist movement is the only
52:56 church spreading God's end time message, his three angels'
53:01 messages in full, the everlasting gospel in its
53:05 entirety throughout the whole world just as Jesus commands us
53:10 to do. We must stand up for all God's truth. As his remnant
53:16 people we must live a life of prayer, Bible study and
53:20 witnessing to others. We need to be the generation of the leaders
53:26 who are not ashamed of the gospel. We need a Spirit filled
53:31 army of believers that hate to be lukewarm and will stand on
53:36 God's holy word above all else. This generation needs to
53:42 proclaim salvation is in Jesus' name alone. Amen. We need to
53:49 understand the incredible power in prayer. Friends, prayer is an
53:54 act of war. Our communication with Jesus is our armor, our
53:59 shield in this great controversy battle. We need to learn to
54:03 fight on our knees. We must have the kind of personal
54:09 relationship with Jesus that will help us through the
54:12 upcoming trials. We know that they are just ahead. Let's do
54:18 our very best to represent Jesus and share his words of salvation
54:21 to others today. Please understand that God has called
54:26 you for such a time as this. If you have ever doubted your
54:31 Adventism doubt it no more. Stop sitting on the fence. Satan
54:37 wants you to believe your doubts and doubt your beliefs.
54:42 No matter what you've done Jesus has more than enough mercy to
54:47 cover you. Jesus will finish what he started in you long ago
54:51 as a child. Just ask him. All he needs is permission and he will
54:57 come in to fill your life so that you can fill others with
55:03 hope in him. Our God is able. He's more than capable to keep
55:08 his every promise. Only the Lord knows how many countless lives
55:12 will be touched by your living example and your word of
55:18 witnessing hope and truth. In times like these lift up your
55:24 trumpet, loud let it ring, Jesus is coming again.
55:28 Pray with me.
55:30 Heavenly Father, may each one personally petition I will go.
55:38 Lord, use us mightily in these last days to spread your three
55:44 angels' messages. I pray that we are your generation of believers
55:49 that are not ashamed of your truth. May we draw our courage
55:53 from your precious promises and not compromise under pressure
55:57 but proclaim you to the whole world. I pray for unity among
56:03 those that love you. Prepare, strengthen and sustain us. May we
56:09 as Seventh-day Adventists lift you up so high that all who look
56:13 to you will see their Savior, their Redeemer, their eternal
56:19 King. I pray these things with all my heart. In Jesus'
56:23 precious, most powerful name Amen.
56:29 ♪ ♪
56:45 What is in your hand right now? You may not know it but this is
56:48 a tool that is already saving many lives for eternity. AWR 360
56:53 cell phone evangelism is circling the globe. Every week
56:57 people are accepting the Sabbath truth by the mobile apps We Chat
57:01 and WhatsApp. AWR challenges you to join this mighty ministry so
57:07 that we are united in fulfilling the great commission. To learn
57:11 how to become a cell phone evangelist go to AWR.org and
57:15 click on our training tab. Together let's be laborers with
57:19 God so that soon we will welcome our Savior coming to take us
57:23 home. This is AWR 360.


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