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00:01 Jesus met people at their points of need...
00:03 Stay tuned to meet a young man that's following
00:06 after Christ and meeting the needs of
00:08 inner city children and youth...
00:09 My name is Yvonne Lewis and you're watching
00:12 Urban Report...
00:34 Hello and welcome to Urban Report...
00:37 My guest today is Keith Hackle...
00:39 Outreach Coordinator for Harbor of Hope Ministry
00:42 in Benton Harbor, Michigan... welcome Keith...
00:45 Hey, thanks for having me today, how are you?
00:48 Great... praise the Lord, thank you for being here
00:51 You're doing well? I'm doing wonderful...
00:53 Oh, that's great... that's great...
00:54 You know, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with you
00:58 at this past ASI... we did a brief interview then,
01:01 and I wanted to bring you back to really expand some more
01:06 about Harbor of Hope Ministries, so, let's talk a little bit
01:10 about you and then, let's talk about the ministry
01:13 that you're doing...
01:15 Where did you grow up Keith? I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio,
01:19 inner city and we bounced around...
01:22 I went to probably 7 different schools
01:25 from Kindergarten to High School single-parent household
01:31 I knew my dad but he really wasn't around
01:34 so, Cincinnati is where I was brought up
01:36 and just got the blessing a year-and-a-half ago
01:39 of actually moving outside of Cincinnati for the first time
01:43 to Michigan... Yes...
01:45 so it's been different... Yeah...
01:47 it's been nice... Now, why did you move around
01:49 7 times... why were you moving so much?
01:51 My mother was a... like I said... a single parent
01:55 and sometimes we were able to stay with a relative
01:59 or sometimes finances were okay
02:02 for us to be in a better neighborhood
02:04 we just depending on her finances...
02:06 her personal situation that dictated
02:08 where we would be at a certain point in my life.
02:11 Wow... so was that hard on you
02:13 or did you just kind of roll with it?
02:15 It was very difficult I was able to play sports,
02:20 so that helped me to kind of overlook
02:24 those situations and I've always been able
02:26 to kind of mingle with individuals and be friendly
02:30 so that allowed me to make friends
02:31 regardless of where we were
02:33 but at the same time, it did draw me closer
02:36 to my mother... and then I had two younger sisters
02:39 we became more close-knit as a result of having
02:42 only each other every time that we moved
02:44 to a different location...
02:45 Yes... yes that would be difficult because
02:50 you have to make new friends you have to adjust to
02:53 a whole new environment
02:55 sometimes you're not living in your own space...
02:57 so that had to be... that had to be challenging
03:00 for you but also I can see how it could draw you
03:03 closer together... did you grow up in a Christian
03:06 home... was your mom a Christian... or
03:07 Um... my mother... there were talks of Christ
03:13 we went to Church twice a year...
03:15 so Easter and Christmas those were the times
03:18 that we would go to Church so it wasn't a Christian home
03:21 in the sense that every single day you're starting
03:24 with a word from God and every day you're ending
03:27 with a word from God
03:28 we knew to pray and we knew to do certain things
03:32 but it wasn't that structure...
03:34 Christian structure that individuals need
03:37 as they are being brought up,
03:38 Yes, yes... it was kind of an occasional thing
03:42 not a regular routine kind of... integrating God into
03:46 your-daily-routine type of situation
03:48 Correct... So, at what point
03:50 did you come to know the Lord for yourself?
03:52 I would say I was about 17-years-old
03:57 What happened? Well, I had gone through a lot
04:01 like I said, my dad wasn't there
04:04 so I began to look to the streets
04:06 for examples of how to be a man, the things to do...
04:11 and a lot of those things as you know
04:14 were bad examples... so I got myself
04:16 in a lot of trouble and I had a friend though
04:20 that went to Church funny... even though we were
04:23 getting into a lot of trouble his mother was a Pastor
04:27 and he went to Church on a regular basis
04:29 so he invited me one day... and it was there
04:31 sitting in the pews the Pastor was doing a sermon
04:34 about giving your life to Christ
04:35 and how you don't have to
04:37 keep going through the same cycles
04:39 over and over again... that you see your relatives
04:41 and family members go through
04:43 and it was at that time that I walked up
04:45 for the appeal and at that time...
04:48 I began my walk with Jesus.
04:50 Wow... you know... I want to talk about that
04:53 for a minute Keith because this is so important
04:56 for our viewers to know...
04:57 number one... number one is that you can get caught up
05:02 out there... and that there are so many
05:05 distractions for you as a young person
05:08 there are so many... and an older person... I mean...
05:10 there are so many distractions out there because
05:12 Satan just has all of these other things
05:15 for you to get into... Correct...
05:18 so, there are so many distractions out there
05:20 but you don't have to stay in that...
05:23 That's true... you have alternatives,
05:26 there are options... God has something better for you
05:29 and so... you know that God called you
05:32 from that life that you had gotten tired of
05:36 and God placed you in a situation
05:38 where you could hear about Him...
05:40 and that's what you're doing with Harbor of Hope
05:44 that's what it seems to me you're doing...
05:47 you took your... and we're going to talk about
05:50 Harbor of Hope of course, but you took... your whole...
05:53 the trajectory of your life...
05:55 the path that you were going down
05:57 and God's been able to turn that around and now
06:01 you can use that to help others that are going through
06:04 that same kind of thing...
06:05 God is so... to me... and you know
06:08 I mean... He's so awesome...
06:10 He's awesome... He's awesome... yes He is...
06:12 and I think if people really knew
06:14 who He was and how he was...
06:16 they would want to try Him out You're right...
06:19 just try it... because what you're doing
06:21 is not making you happy, right,
06:23 I mean, were you happy at 17, were you happy?
06:26 I wasn't happy and I think what Satan does
06:29 is he does an excellent job of making you seem like
06:32 while you're in it... you're happy...
06:34 a lot of times, while you're out in the streets
06:36 while you're doing all the negativity... it seems like...
06:38 you're having fun... but it was those times...
06:40 when I was alone... actually... when no one else was around,
06:44 that God would speak to me and it's like,
06:47 "Dude, you're not happy with what you're doing...
06:49 you're not receiving the joy
06:51 that you could be receiving right now... "
06:53 and I thank Him also, because He put individuals
06:56 in my life that encouraged me to be better
06:59 Hmmm... while there were individuals
07:01 who told me... that by 25...
07:03 I would be in one of two places...
07:04 either dead or in jail... there were also
07:06 individuals in my life, through sports
07:08 and things like that they were like...
07:09 "Hey, I want to put you in a position
07:11 where you're going to be the leader of this team... "
07:13 they were saying to me... "You have talent...
07:16 you have an ability... you can stop leading
07:19 individuals to the wrong way
07:21 use those talents
07:22 and lead them to do something positive... "
07:24 and that's what it was all about...
07:26 and I think that's our call also as we're in the Community,
07:29 we're interacting with individuals
07:31 is to give them that encouragement
07:32 to let them know that God has something better
07:36 for them... and that's what it's about...
07:39 Yes... yes... there is something better
07:42 you don't have to be stuck in that whole negative
07:45 lifestyle... you can have an abundant life...
07:48 no matter how much money you have or don't have
07:51 it's not about the money so much
07:52 as it is about the mind-set, you know...
07:56 I tell people that money can come...
08:00 you follow your passion, God can bless you,
08:03 you give to the Lord's causes,
08:06 and money can come so it's not about money,
08:09 it's about your mind-set...
08:10 and God wants to give you a different mind...
08:13 "Let this mind be in you that is in Christ Jesus... "
08:16 so, He wants to change the way you're going
08:19 and the way you're thinking and put you
08:23 onto another path... and, you know,
08:25 another thing that you said, Keith,
08:28 to me that was so significant was... you talked about
08:31 how, there were some people that really told you
08:36 they were only two things...
08:37 two ways you're going to end up
08:38 either in prison or in jail...
08:40 I mean... in prison or dead...
08:41 but then... there were others that encouraged you
08:45 and told you that there was greatness in you
08:47 there were things that you could do
08:50 that could change your circumstances
08:51 if you would speak a little bit about that
08:54 and tell us how Harbor of Hope is doing now.
08:58 Not a problem, I think that's vitally important
09:01 in everyone's life... if you look at where we're at
09:05 Harbor of Hope... we're operating in the
09:07 inner city of Benton Harbor, and in that environment
09:11 we have a lot of individuals that aren't trying
09:14 to do their homework...
09:15 they go to class everyday
09:16 and they're going to asleep... they're not picking up their
09:18 books and reading anything,
09:20 they're not trying to do the Math assignments
09:23 and I believe that a reason for that...
09:25 a big reason contributing to that is because
09:27 they've been told... for the majority of their lives
09:30 if not all of their life, that they "Can't"
09:33 individuals are telling them "you can't do this,
09:35 you can't do that... " whether it's their parents
09:37 when they come home or
09:38 their friend while they are outside playing
09:39 all they keep hearing is,
09:41 "You can't... you can't... you can't... "
09:42 and over time what happens...
09:45 is that individuals begin to believe that,
09:47 "I can't... I can't... I can't" God blessed me with individuals
09:51 that came and even when I said, "I can't" they were saying
09:55 "You can... " Yes...
09:56 and they were pushing me to do what I didn't even believe
10:00 that I could do... they were pushing me and
10:03 daring me to even dream... and now as we go out
10:06 we tell these kids whether they're in the 5th Grade
10:10 or whether they are in High School...
10:11 we're challenging them to dream big...
10:14 even if it doesn't make sense, because that's essentially
10:17 what God has called us to do, He has called us
10:19 to trust in him... Yes...
10:21 He's called us to build a relationship with Him
10:23 and He has called us to believe that even in those times
10:26 where it doesn't look like it's possible...
10:28 as long as we trust in Him, and allow Him to use us
10:31 in the way that He wants to use us...
10:32 that we can do anything... and that's essentially
10:35 what Harbor of Hope is doing we're out here...
10:38 we're encouraging everyone in the Community
10:41 that they can overcome their circumstance...
10:44 Yes... this is so... this is just so important
10:47 and this is so much of what Dare to Dream is about
10:50 I mean... just the name Dare to Dream...
10:53 this is what it's about... knowing that
10:55 you can do anything by the grace of God
10:58 and God will help you to achieve those goals
11:01 as long as those goals are in compliance
11:03 with His will for you... You're right...
11:06 You're right...
11:07 Tell us...
11:09 what is Harbor of Hope really...
11:13 I mean... tell us about the ministry...
11:15 What is Harbor of Hope?
11:16 Harbor of Hope... it is just that...
11:20 it's a harbor of hope... again, we're in Benton Harbor
11:23 we're in a city where jobs are gone...
11:26 we're in a city where pregnancy for young girls
11:30 is through the roof...
11:31 we're in a city where young men
11:33 are going to jail at an early age
11:35 and individuals are dropping out of School
11:38 and what's happening is that...
11:39 there's this environment of individuals who
11:41 don't believe that they can do anything...
11:44 Hmmm... so, as a result...
11:46 they're looking for something, they're looking for hope
11:50 and they can come to Harbor of Hope
11:52 and they receive the word from God
11:54 and they receive messages that say,
11:56 "Listen, God loves you... you were created
11:58 with a purpose... God wants you to do something
12:02 in your sphere of influence and even in the world... "
12:06 and if you look
12:08 at what we've been experiencing
12:10 at Harbor of Hope and helping these people to...
12:13 these individuals to see this... and to believe this
12:16 and then to carry it out in their lives...
12:18 what's happening is that... gradually families are being
12:22 affected by this and then...
12:23 by the families... the neighbors are being affected
12:26 Yes... and the classmates are being
12:28 affected... and it becomes contagious
12:30 Yes... if you feed into individuals
12:32 that they're not going to be anything
12:33 that becomes contagious... but if you feed the hope
12:36 into the individuals, and just let them know that
12:38 that Jesus loves you... and so do I...
12:40 I'm going to walk with you through this thing...
12:42 we've been seeing... amazing growth...
12:45 Praise the Lord... tell us about some specific
12:49 instances where children or young people's lives
12:52 have been changed as a result
12:54 of the intervention of Harbor of Hope...
12:57 Awesome... there are a lot of stories
13:00 but one... that I would like to touch on is...
13:04 a young lady... and she has a...
13:06 there are actually two of them,
13:08 and they attend the Church on a regular basis...
13:11 they come... and they receive the Word
13:14 we sit down and we eat meals together
13:17 we do Bible Studies... we play games...
13:19 there are a lot of things that go on...
13:21 while they're there at Harbor of Hope...
13:24 but what I found with her mother coming forward
13:28 and requesting baptism,
13:29 we started doing the Bible Studies...
13:31 and when I was in the home one day...
13:33 mommy cooked dinner and the kids came down
13:36 they looked into the kitchen and they're like,
13:38 "Mom, what's for dinner?" they looked in the oven
13:40 and they come in the room...
13:42 where we're doing the Bible Study and they said...
13:44 "Mom, is this something I can eat?"
13:45 and it amazed me because
13:49 you think sometimes that you're telling these kids
13:52 these stories... and it's going in one ear and out the other...
13:54 but already what they've done is
13:57 they've kind of "dared to be a Daniel... "
14:00 I'd like to say... they're looking at the diet
14:02 and they're looking at what God has said
14:04 that He doesn't want us putting in our body,
14:06 and they're saying... even in this environment
14:08 where unclean foods are running rampant...
14:15 I mean... everybody eats unclean foods in these environments...
14:18 they're saying... even in this environment
14:20 I'm willing to say, "No" to this thing
14:22 and what has happened is mom has begun to adjust
14:26 the menu that she puts together for her kids...
14:29 so now, she's not putting those foods before her kids
14:32 and she's recognizing that that if they're going to be
14:36 involved in this... and they're going to feel this
14:39 way about this thing, then she too believes that
14:42 she needs to start understanding those things...
14:44 so it becomes more than just activities on the Sabbath
14:48 and it becomes more than just leaving home...
14:51 it's becoming more...
14:52 "I'm leaving home and I'm coming back,
14:54 I'm going to give to you everything that I've received
14:58 and that's that Jesus wants us
14:59 to have a better life than what we've had... "
15:01 Oh, that's great... that's great...
15:05 so, Harbor of Hope is it a Church...
15:08 is it a Program, what is Harbor of Hope?
15:10 Harbor of Hope is definitely a Church
15:13 we get together on Sabbath morning...
15:15 we pick the kids up... those that don't have rides
15:19 and their parents... we bring them in...
15:20 have lunch... have breakfast in the morning
15:22 then we have Divine Worship Service
15:24 and then we have Sabbath School, and then we have lunch...
15:28 but along with that...
15:30 the things that we do on Sabbath
15:32 we also have other activities that the kids can get
15:35 involved in... we have a mentoring program
15:37 we have Thursday night basketball program,
15:40 we have activities where we go out to the Community
15:42 and we take the Church to the Community,
15:44 there are a lot of things that are going on
15:47 in Harbor of Hope... Wow... that's incredible
15:50 what is the population that it serves...
15:53 what are the ages that you serve...
15:56 well, it depends on the
15:59 different facets... for the regular church
16:01 anybody is invited anybody can come
16:03 and if you need a ride,
16:04 we'll come and get you, where you're at...
16:07 then there are programs, each Sabbath School
16:10 is branched off... by the age group
16:12 the activity... when we go to the Community,
16:16 and take the Church to the Community
16:18 every Friday and Sabbath, that is for the younger group
16:21 ranging from 3 to 12...
16:24 the mentoring group is from 13-17...
16:27 Basketball on Thursday nights is for anyone
16:31 ages 11 through... we have individuals that are 25
16:34 and older that come out and play basketball...
16:37 so there's a range of activities and individuals
16:40 that we look to reach... through this ministry...
16:42 Wow, that is so incredible... because, again, it meets people
16:48 at their points of need... you are feeding them...
16:50 you feed them breakfast? Yes...
16:52 so you give them the physical food
16:54 you give them the spiritual food then you hit them back some
16:58 physical food... and you're teaching them
17:01 how to eat... because one of the things
17:04 that you mentioned about that family...
17:07 where the children were telling the mom...
17:10 how they can't eat this... and they can't eat that...
17:13 and the mom finds out what's good to cook
17:15 so it does kind of spread out over the family,
17:20 the neighborhood, the Community...
17:22 that's exactly... what we should be doing...
17:25 it's practical Godliness, it's living out... the Word...
17:30 Yes... and that is incredible...
17:32 so, when a child gets picked up
17:36 do the parents go as well,
17:38 there's a bus or something isn't there that picks up the...
17:42 Correct... there's a bus that picks them up...
17:43 we would love for the parents to come but unfortunately
17:46 all parents don't attend, that's where my focus is
17:52 as the Outreach Coordinator, I do visitation
17:55 and I go into the homes and what we've found is that
17:59 if you can reach someone, by just treating them
18:02 as an individual... treating them as an individual
18:05 talking to them... seeing what's on their mind
18:08 understanding their problems, praying with them,
18:10 and then coming back and asking about
18:12 those prayers that you prayed about...
18:14 how's God been answering, and praising God every time
18:17 they give you feedback... you're just building
18:19 a relationship with them, then gradually
18:22 what happens is that the parents begin to come
18:24 we have many instances in which the kids started coming,
18:27 and they've seen how it's affecting their children,
18:31 and then the parents have come, so, it's a gradual
18:34 intentional thing... we're not accidently
18:37 building relationships with individuals...
18:38 but we're intentionally building relationships with them,
18:41 so that when they finally do come,
18:43 they feel comfortable and they understand
18:45 that the same love that we've showed them
18:47 before they got there, is going to be shown to them
18:49 when they get to the Church...
18:50 Wow, that, again... that's a wonderful thing...
18:55 because, that word "intentional" that word "intentional"
18:59 is so important... because this is not haphazard...
19:02 this is not random... this is part of a plan...
19:05 you build relationships,
19:06 why? because there's trust there...
19:09 if they can trust you... then, they can trust
19:13 your opinion on what's good, what's not...
19:16 and then... your opinion can lead them
19:19 to the ultimate opinion, which is the Word...
19:23 so, I mean, you know, because you're...
19:25 hopefully, everything that you're leading them to
19:28 is ultimately leading them to the Word of God
19:30 and that is... that's a critical thing...
19:33 Yes... it is... So, are you find that
19:36 people are sharing the Harbor of Hope Program
19:41 with others in their Community telling them about it
19:44 and then... bringing more children
19:47 in to the Program... is it growing?
19:50 Definitely... definitely... it's definitely growing
19:52 and we started out with one bus
19:55 and we had to go to two buses
19:57 and these are school buses that are picking kids up
20:01 and what happens... when a child likes something...
20:05 when anyone like something... you end up telling
20:07 people about it... Yes...
20:09 and then when you communicate it with that passion
20:12 and that vigor... what happens is that
20:14 individuals want to experience it themselves...
20:16 Yes... that's what happens
20:18 with us being intentional about our relationships
20:21 that we're building with the kids and the parents
20:23 individuals are saying, "Yes, this is something good,
20:26 this is something real, this is something different...
20:27 that we've never experienced before...
20:29 Exactly... this is what makes Harbor of Hope different...
20:34 Yes... because it's not just a Church,
20:36 that's open every Saturday, Hmmm... hmmm...
20:39 this Church is open... how many days of the week
20:42 do you do your various programs?
20:45 We have a Thursday, a Friday,
20:49 Sabbath of course,
20:51 and then... we have a Sunday... and then there's visitation
20:54 even throughout the week...
20:55 where we're going into the homes
20:58 even if we're not visiting the parents, so to speak,
21:01 we're visiting the kids... and we're saying,
21:02 "Hey, how's your week going, do you need help with anything?"
21:04 and that's where the Mentoring Program comes in
21:06 that takes us outside of just the Sabbath
21:10 and the other Programs, and it's like,
21:12 "Hey, we're going to also help you with School...
21:14 we want you to be successful in School,
21:15 we want you to dream big, we want you to become
21:17 doctors and lawyers, and we're going to show you
21:19 how to do that... " Yes... yes... let's talk a
21:21 little bit about that Mentoring Program,
21:25 do you have... are there Church members
21:28 that are volunteering to do the mentoring
21:30 do you bring in people from the Community,
21:33 how does that work? It's a variety,
21:36 we have, of course, we're not that far from Andrews University
21:39 so, there are individuals... students from Andrews University
21:42 that come out and help, they help with the practical...
21:46 because a lot of these kids are in High School
21:49 and they want to go to College,
21:50 and it's like, "Okay, if you want to go
21:51 to College, this is what you need to do... "
21:52 we have Church members, we have individuals
21:55 from the Community that are all coming together,
21:57 as a team, as a family, and we'll say,
22:00 "Okay, if this is what you want to do... we're going to
22:02 walk along with you and we're going to help you achieve
22:05 your goals... " That is wonderful!
22:08 so how many different Programs
22:11 do you have running... with Harbor of Hope?
22:13 We have
22:16 5 Programs... at the moment... 5 Programs... yes...
22:19 Wow, would you name them for us?
22:21 That's the T and L... which is the Open Gym Basketball
22:25 on Thursday nights... Kids' Zone which is taking
22:29 the Church to the Community on Friday and Sabbaths...
22:32 then we have the regular Harbor of Hope Programs,
22:36 we have SOTC and there's another one that I'm missing
22:40 that I know is going to come to me
22:43 a little later...
22:44 That's okay... what's SOTC... what's that?
22:46 That's the mentoring... that's "Soldiers of the Cross"
22:49 Oh... nice... nice... nice...
22:52 Are you finding that children and young people
22:56 are open to getting baptized...
22:58 are they excited about it
23:00 are people doing it,
23:02 what's happening with the baptisms?
23:04 There are baptisms, it's a little difficult
23:07 because we're dealing with children...
23:09 but we've had... we always end... every service
23:13 with an appeal... there's an appeal
23:15 for individuals to come forward, even when we go
23:18 to the Community... or even talking about baptism,
23:21 we're letting kids know that there is a God
23:23 that loves you... that created you...
23:25 and He wants you to spend eternity with Him...
23:28 even in the SOTC Program there are children
23:31 that have been in the Church
23:32 and they've gone to Bible Studies
23:34 and they've been baptized so on every front
23:37 there's an opportunity and there are individuals
23:39 that have actually have been baptized
23:41 through interacting with the Program...
23:43 That's great... what is your vision
23:46 for Harbor of Hope... what do you hope to achieve
23:50 through this Ministry?
23:52 Excellent question... and like I said earlier,
23:55 I've been taught to dream big, I have a friend who says,
24:00 "We serve a big God... and as a result
24:02 we need to start asking Him for big things... "
24:05 so, what I look at in Harbor of Hope is
24:07 I say that... in the next couple of years
24:10 what we are going to do is get more acquainted
24:12 with the people in the Community,
24:13 what individuals are going to start to see
24:15 because there are kids that have grown up
24:17 through Harbor of Hope, that are now...
24:18 on their way to College and what they're going to see
24:22 is that through this Program, through this Church
24:25 and through the other activities,
24:26 the kids come here, they get motivated...
24:28 they get encouraged to be great...
24:30 and what's happening is... they're not just receiving
24:32 the encouragement, but they are actually
24:34 applying it... and then the parents
24:36 are also... seeing change
24:39 where they're making differences in their jobs
24:41 and making differences in the Schools
24:43 that they go to... there are a lot of things
24:45 that are happening right now, what I see is that
24:48 Harbor of Hope is going to be that "Beacon of Hope"
24:50 for Benton Harbor that is going to change
24:53 the trajectory of this City...
24:54 Wow... that would be so wonderful...
24:58 and I say "Would" but it "Will be"
25:01 because that is the plan... Yes... yes...
25:05 that is the Divine Plan... that Harbor of Hope
25:09 is actually a "Harbor of Light"
25:10 in a dark place... Yes...
25:12 and so...
25:14 that is a wonderful thing
25:16 What would you like our Viewers to know
25:21 about their circumstances, and the lives
25:25 that they are living now... what would you tell...
25:28 Viewers that are caught up in negative lifestyles...
25:30 like you were at 17...
25:32 what would you say to that Viewer?
25:34 To the Viewer... I would say...
25:36 "I've been where you are... a lot of times
25:39 you hear messages from individuals
25:40 and they're telling you what you should or shouldn't do
25:42 and these individuals haven't necessarily
25:44 walked in your shoes... you feel but I've been there...
25:47 and I fully understand where you're coming from
25:49 I understand how you feel,
25:50 I understand that...
25:51 in those nights when you are alone...
25:53 and you're in your room and you're not happy,
25:56 with what you're experiencing,
25:57 and what I want you to know is that there's a happiness
26:00 for you... and that happiness is found
26:02 in Jesus Christ... find someone in your Community
26:05 that's a model... a model of positive things
26:09 not negative things... and attach yourself to them...
26:11 attach yourself to the Bible and start reading the Word,
26:14 find in your Church... someone who cares about you
26:17 and loves you and that will help you
26:19 to understand those things in the Bible
26:21 that don't make sense... and gradually what will happen
26:24 through your prayers, through your efforts
26:26 is that God will start to mold you
26:28 and grow you into the young man
26:30 or young woman that you would like to be...
26:33 Wow... God has a plan for you...
26:35 and you need to experience it...
26:37 you need to see it and you'll be happy
26:40 when you do... Amen... thank you so much Keith,
26:42 tell our Viewers how they can reach you...
26:44 what's your contact information...
26:46 My contact information is... keithhackle@yahoo. com
26:52 or you can send us an e-mail to harborofhope@gmail. com
26:57 All right... and your website?
27:00 The Website is...
27:01 harborofhopesda. org
27:08 and or dot com
27:16 Okay... that's great... thank you so much...
27:19 thank you for being with us, for sharing your vision
27:23 and your Ministry with us, we so appreciate
27:25 all that you do for the cause of Christ...
27:28 Harbor of Hope Ministries is doing great things
27:32 for the Lord... this is so important
27:35 because... really... wherever you're planted...
27:38 you can do... great things...
27:40 there is something in you... that wants more...
27:44 and God has something better for you...
27:47 so just focus on Him... and ask Him
27:50 what is His plan for you?
27:52 Well, we've reached the end of another Program,
27:55 thanks for tuning in... join us next time...
27:58 because it just wouldn't be the same...
27:59 without you...


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