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00:01 One of my favorite physicians is with us via Skype...
00:04 Stay tuned... you won't want to miss
00:06 his life-saving tips...
00:07 My name is Yvonne Lewis and you're watching
00:10 Urban Report...
00:32 Hello and welcome to Urban Report...
00:35 My guest today is Dr. James Marcum
00:38 Physician, Author and Host of 3ABN's Program
00:41 "Ultimate Prescription"
00:43 Welcome to Urban Report Dr. Marcum...
00:46 Thank you... I'm so glad to be here...
00:49 I hope the weather is good there as it is here...
00:51 It is so beautiful here, it's going to be in the 80s here
00:54 we're at the... well, I won't say where we are
00:56 because we don't want people to know
00:58 we're taping this... but it is wonderful...
01:02 the weather here is beautiful, what about... where you are?
01:04 It's great... and actually the sun's out today
01:07 we want everyone to get out in the sun at least 20 minutes
01:10 three times a week... that will help their Vitamin D
01:13 which will increase the medicine in the brain called
01:16 Serotonin... which will help fight depression
01:19 Come on now... see, already, we're learning
01:21 stuff... already... you know, Dr. Jim, some people
01:24 might not know about your background
01:27 tell us where you grew up and how did you get
01:30 into this whole medical field?
01:31 Well, you know, years ago, I grew up in Florida
01:35 and subsequently I moved to Texas
01:38 and I went to School... Undergraduate...
01:40 to the University of Texas, and then after that
01:42 I went to Medical School, in San Antonio...
01:45 and then I did Internal Medicine and ultimately Cardiology
01:49 and what I found out... that modern medicine is great,
01:52 at treating symptoms... but it doesn't do a whole lot
01:55 about getting at the cause of disease...
01:58 Come on... you're talking my language now.
02:01 So, about... in 2006, we formed a ministry
02:03 to let people know the truth of Medicine
02:06 called, "Heartwise Ministries" and slowly we started
02:09 getting the word out... we realized that the ultimate
02:12 text book was the Bible, and that within the Bible,
02:16 we had tons of great prescriptions
02:19 for chronic disease, ways to help us keep
02:21 from getting sick, and treatments for people
02:25 that were actually sick... So, you mean to say,
02:28 that the Bible which so many people
02:31 especially in this modern time that we live in...
02:35 so many people think that the Bible is irrelevant
02:38 to modern-day life... and certainly...
02:42 not connected to Science, you're telling us
02:44 that the Bible has prescriptions for living,
02:47 for Health and Wellness, Absolutely, Yvonne, and you know
02:53 we don't want people not to think that there's
02:55 not a place for modern medicine, there is a place
02:58 for modern medicine... especially in emergencies...
03:00 if your heart's going too slow, I want a person to have
03:03 a pacemaker if you're having a heart attack,
03:06 I want to put in a stent...
03:07 if you're bleeding to death, I want to stop the bleeding...
03:10 but for chronic disease, a lot of the conditions we're in
03:14 the Bible has Science-proven methods to change
03:18 our Chemistry to get us back more to the original design
03:22 which doesn't turn on some of our genetics
03:24 you know, there's a spiel called epigenetics right now,
03:28 where certain genes are turned on by environmental factors
03:31 so the Bible dealt with all of this
03:33 and helped us learn about this many, many years ago...
03:36 Wow, that is so exciting... one of the things
03:40 that affect African Americans more than the general population
03:45 in fact, about 40 percent of adult African Americans
03:50 have Hypertension...
03:53 what would you say
03:55 are some of the causes of Hypertension...
03:58 High blood pressure? First, I want to make sure
04:01 everyone understands what Hypertension is
04:04 or High blood pressure... Yvonne, sometimes they call it
04:08 the hidden killer... because you don't even know
04:10 that the blood pressure is going so fast
04:13 in your body... but High blood pressure
04:15 over time can lead to heart disease
04:17 can lead to strokes, it can lead to kidney disease,
04:21 it can cause aneurysms, it can lead to dementia,
04:25 and a lot of people don't even have their
04:27 blood pressure checked, but everyone should
04:29 get out there and get their blood pressure checked
04:31 it's the devise that goes around your arm
04:34 called a Blood Pressure Cuff, a fancy name for what is
04:37 called a sphygmomanometer and if your blood pressure
04:41 is above a 140 on the top... that's when the heart
04:44 first pumps... or above 90 when it relaxes
04:48 you might have High blood pressure
04:50 so, when anyone has a diagnosis of this...
04:53 let's say 3 or 4 times when they're nice and relaxed
04:56 their blood pressure is high, now everyone goes up
04:59 occasionally... you know, you get excited when
05:01 you're doing your television program
05:03 or you get excited about something...
05:05 it might go up, but that blood pressure
05:06 should come right back down... so, if it's up all the time
05:10 you might have High blood pressure
05:11 and when a person comes in with High blood pressure
05:14 first thing I want to do is, first of all...
05:15 make sure that no organs have been damaged...
05:19 and we do that by checking the urine and EKG...
05:22 making sure they're thinking right...
05:24 making sure the heart's doing well,
05:25 but the next thing I ask, "Why... why do they have
05:29 High blood pressure? What is putting stress
05:32 on the body that could make the adrenalin and cortisol
05:35 go up... for the blood pressure to go up...
05:37 and guess what that the number one causes
05:39 of High blood pressure is now? What?
05:42 just carrying extra weight, Wow!
05:45 extra weight makes these chemicals... adrenalin cortisol
05:48 which raises blood pressure... so some people...
05:50 just by becoming active and losing a few pounds
05:53 their blood pressure will come down...
05:55 another cause of High blood pressure is
05:57 inactivity... well when you sit around
06:00 that leads to High blood pressure...
06:02 there are some conditions that people don't even realize
06:04 they have... one that's called Sleep Apnea...
06:07 where people don't breath good at night...
06:09 well when people don't breathe good at night
06:11 that makes the stress chemicals go up
06:13 which causes high blood pressure as well
06:16 So, there is a relationship between Sleep Apnea
06:19 and High Blood Pressure... Absolutely...
06:21 and other things that people don't think
06:23 Thyroid Disease can cause High blood pressure...
06:26 Kidney disease can cause High blood pressure...
06:29 chronic pain can cause High Blood Pressure
06:32 there are certain things that we eat
06:34 that cause High blood pressure, everyone's heard of salt...
06:37 but there's sodium in almost all the processed food
06:40 that we eat... things like licorice
06:42 can raise your blood pressure, Yes...
06:44 and even certain medicines can raise your blood pressure
06:47 as well... so, when a person has
06:49 High blood pressure, I go down that big list
06:51 and see if I can figure out why they have High blood pressure...
06:54 And see, that's so important because, one of the things
06:58 that people are told, many times...
07:00 is... they're given the diagnosis of
07:03 essential Hypertension... and that essentially means
07:06 we don't know what causes it... Exactly...
07:09 So, it's so important and this is why
07:11 you are one of my favorite physicians
07:13 because... you really do consider the root cause...
07:18 you're not just about treating the symptoms
07:21 through medication... you are... into...
07:24 finding out, "What is the root cause of this disorder...
07:28 and it can also be... related to emotions
07:32 Exactly... Tell us how unforgiveness,
07:34 for example, can lead to hypertension...
07:38 Well, Yvonne, if you get back to anything that stresses
07:42 the body... makes chemicals like adrenalin and cortisol
07:46 which raises the blood pressure, so any type of stress
07:49 which I define as living in ways that God didn't intend us to do,
07:54 and that could be living in pain...
07:55 living in fear, and also, having guilt...
07:58 when you have this, the part of the brain
08:01 that governs our stress part the Limbic system
08:04 the medulla starts firing like crazy...
08:07 it makes all these stress chemicals
08:10 and stress chemicals are great if you're running from danger
08:13 or if you're running away from a snake
08:15 or if there is a fire in your home,
08:17 but you make the stress chemicals
08:19 chronically day after day
08:20 year after year... it starts to damage your body...
08:24 so what happens... all these chemicals raises
08:26 your stress chemistry, so it raises your blood pressure
08:29 so you can run from the danger, but it can also cause
08:33 long-term damage... also chronic stress
08:36 chronic guilt, fear, these types of things
08:38 also damage the front part of our brain,
08:41 so we can't think as well...
08:42 and things that can also, in addition to guilt
08:46 we think of fear, we think of people who watch
08:49 prolonged violence on TV... that can also stimulate
08:53 the stress cascade... things like pornography
08:56 or anything that our body wasn't designed to have
08:59 done to it... could trigger the stress cascade
09:02 which could raise your blood pressure...
09:03 So, "as a man thinketh" has so much truth to it,
09:06 just by controlling our thoughts our fears, our anxiety...
09:10 our guilt... we could lower the chance of us
09:13 turning on these chemicals and lower our blood pressure...
09:16 You know, it's so interesting to me that there is this
09:20 mind-body connection... that God did not create
09:24 us as these beings that have isolated aspects
09:28 but actually inter-dependent aspects
09:31 so that when we are subjected to violence
09:36 and a lot of video games, I think for young people too
09:41 and we're probably finding more hypertension
09:44 in younger people as well now because of this whole
09:48 thrust of violence, it's so interesting to me that
09:52 we have this connection between the mind and the body
09:56 and the spiritual aspects of the person...
09:59 one of the things that I found also
10:04 in my research
10:05 was... because I used to have a wellness practice
10:08 in Dallas... and I had patients that would come to me with
10:12 Hypertension, and one of the things
10:14 can be a Magnesium deficiency, that can be a source of
10:19 the Hypertension as well... and many people
10:21 don't realize that if they test
10:23 the Erythrocyte Magnesium the Red Blood Cell Magnesium
10:27 that's better than the Serum Magnesium
10:30 for determining that there is a deficiency...
10:33 some people don't even know that they might have
10:35 Hypertension just because they have a Magnesium deficiency
10:38 and if they eat certain fruits and vegetables
10:40 they can get more Magnesium into their diet...
10:43 Tell us how the Bible fits in to
10:48 High blood pressure... health... You know, I think Yvonne,
10:53 the Bible fits into everything
10:55 and God wants us to feel well and be well
10:58 and if we go back... to the original design
11:02 we weren't designed to have High blood pressure...
11:04 we were designed to have normal blood pressure,
11:07 our original design was not to have stress
11:10 on our body from all the things we talked about...
11:13 whether the low Magnesium or extra weight
11:16 or not sleeping good at night, or putting a lot of sodium
11:19 in our bodies... having chronic physical pain
11:22 or having chronic mental pain,
11:24 all which can cause stress
11:26 which raises the blood pressure,
11:27 so what I encourage people to do is
11:29 get into the Bible, and study how God made us
11:32 originally... and try to work towards that
11:34 in our lives... God made us to rest,
11:37 so rest is a wonderful, Biblical treatment...
11:40 for High blood pressure... both a weekly rest,
11:43 as well as a nightly rest, how many people now
11:46 take a day off and rest? Oh, Dr. Marcum, that is such
11:52 a critical piece... because if God hadn't built
11:55 into the Ten Commandments... the Commandments on rest...
11:58 I think we'd just work ourselves to death...
12:00 That's right... we just keep going...
12:03 and keep going... and you also said something
12:05 that really, really resonated with me... and that is
12:08 chronic emotional pain
12:11 Yes... so many people...
12:13 are carrying these heavy
12:15 burdens and they don't realize that
12:17 if they just take their burdens to the Lord
12:20 and leave them there, what a physical blessing
12:22 that would be... involved in that...
12:24 Can you give us an example of one of your patients
12:27 that had chronic emotional pain that changed that through
12:32 Biblical principles? Well, I had a female
12:35 that came to me not too long ago,
12:36 that had a plethora of problems in her middle forties
12:41 and it was a disaster because originally it started
12:44 because she had foot pain... because she wore high heels
12:48 to work every single day and she started to have
12:51 bad foot pain... well, that led to a surgery
12:54 gaining of 50 pounds when she gained 50 pounds,
12:56 she got High blood pressure,
12:58 diabetes and sleep apnea she kept adding on
13:01 more and more medications, they eventually fired her
13:05 from her job... because she was on narcotics
13:07 and couldn't function well, she didn't know where to go,
13:10 she was on 7 or 8 medications when I first met her,
13:13 and the poor thing... she didn't choose this
13:16 and it all started with pain from high heel shoes...
13:18 and that was the standard in their office
13:22 to wear high heel shoes everyday so, we slowly got her back
13:26 to God's plan... we said,
13:27 "Listen, let's teach her how to rest better...
13:30 how to get some of the stress off her life...
13:32 to turn to God... to eat healthy foods...
13:34 to start an exercise program, to come off some of these
13:38 medications which were causing side effects...
13:41 and then, we also talked to her about something
13:43 that's very interesting now Yvonne, you know a lot of people
13:46 don't realize that everything that comes into our body
13:50 our food, our thoughts, our fears, the way we view God,
13:53 can affect our genetics, there's an evolving field
13:57 out there called "Epigenetics"
13:59 where we activate genes by the way we think,
14:02 the way we feel, and the way we act,
14:04 and these genes can make a lot of bad things
14:07 that damage our bodies too, it can cause mutations
14:10 which can cause... predisposes to all sorts of
14:13 bad medical conditions... so, as she realized that
14:16 modern medicine didn't fix things...
14:18 but getting back to the way God made her... in the beginning
14:21 could get her off these medications,
14:23 the whole world came alive to her...
14:25 and then when she realized that she could turn it over
14:28 to God and He would love her, and He would nurture her,
14:30 because she was made to have a relationship
14:32 with her creator and He was designed
14:34 to help her learn the truth, that sets her free...
14:37 from all of these medical conditions,
14:39 she became a new woman literally...
14:41 That's a great story... you know there's such an
14:45 emphasis on fashion... and these high heels
14:48 can do so much damage... to women
14:51 without us really realizing the kind of damage...
14:54 that it can do... it set off a whole cascade
14:56 of issues... with this young lady...
14:59 Yeah... So, once a patient finds out
15:02 that there is hope for them, that there is
15:06 another way... that includes wellness...
15:09 it would seem to me... that it would make such a
15:12 difference to know that... I don't have to be sick
15:16 all the time... I don't have to have
15:18 these conditions... if I follow Biblical principles
15:21 Yeah, that's so important to let people know...
15:25 you know modern medicine does not necessarily
15:27 teach this all the time, many times, I tell people that
15:31 as a cardiologist... a lot of times,
15:34 I just treat the symptoms I manage risks...
15:37 that's what I do in the office...
15:39 but if they don't want me to do these things...
15:42 here is the plan...
15:43 and you can get back to a very healthy life...
15:45 now, not everyone is going to be perfect...
15:47 because we do have genetic disease,
15:49 but as we get back to God's plan...
15:51 He can heal us now and if He doesn't heal us now...
15:55 He can heal us eternally... and that's what we want
15:57 everyone... all your listeners to know today
15:59 that you can be healed eternally by plugging into this
16:02 relationship that we were designed to have
16:05 with our creator... Absolutely... absolutely...
16:08 plugging in... that is such an important
16:12 concept... we plug in because
16:13 He is our power source... Exactly...
16:15 He is the source of our power, what about hypercholesterolemia
16:21 what about people who have high cholesterol
16:23 that need to have bypass operations
16:28 and all of that... what would you suggest
16:30 to them... to do naturally to A. perhaps dissolve the plaque
16:35 or to stop the plaque... what would you recommend
16:38 to them? I get that everyday, Yvonne,
16:41 because we do bypasses and I tell the people...
16:44 I say the Bypasses just help your symptoms...
16:46 they do not take away the problems
16:49 but I say, the first place I start...
16:51 is in a relationship with the Heavenly Father...
16:54 because in that relationship, they find peace
16:56 which turns down their stress chemistry...
16:59 it helps change their brains, they can learn what the truth is
17:02 and it's hard to find truth in this well-marketed world...
17:06 and I'm glad you're doing programs that help
17:08 bring truth to people, another thing that it helps them
17:11 when they start on this relationship is...
17:13 it gives them the power to make changes
17:15 that might be hard and some of these changes,
17:17 if you've had blockages in the arteries...
17:20 is... is try not to eat things that have lots of cholesterol
17:23 in them... try to eat healthy things
17:25 like lots of fruits and vegetables and nuts and grains,
17:28 and eat less of the bad stuff
17:30 hopefully... none if possible... and I tell people...
17:33 just eat enough of the bad stuff just to make you happy,
17:36 because if you're not happy inside...
17:39 that chemistry that comes from being a grumpy person
17:42 that's bad for you too... so it's about balance...
17:46 so I start people in that relationship
17:48 and then I say, "Well, let's talk about
17:50 what would be the next thing... well, let's drink enough water
17:52 everyday... since 70 percent of your body is water
17:55 then you won't eat as much of the bad stuff...
17:57 let's try to focus on not eating big at night,
18:00 because that big meal at night...
18:01 is when we store a lot of that cholesterol
18:04 in our body... try to eat 4 to 5 fresh fruits
18:07 and vegetables a day... then if that's going good,
18:10 get on a Movement Program... where you can walk
18:12 you know, maybe start... one minute, five minutes,
18:14 build up to 45 minutes a day of exercise...
18:18 and then if that goes good, continue to follow God's leading
18:22 and work on your relationship with each other
18:26 being happy... that helps your chemistry...
18:29 listen to good music, all of these things
18:31 can help lower the stress which will bring down
18:33 our cholesterol levels... that is great...
18:36 that is great... plugging in...
18:39 to the source...
18:41 and developing that relationship with Jesus Christ
18:44 to help us make lifestyle choices that are
18:47 healthier... you know, you said something,
18:49 and again... it's so true that it is difficult for some people
18:54 to make changes... in their diets,
18:56 and in their lifestyle, I've had a patient in Dallas
18:59 that... I was... she had...
19:02 breast cancer...
19:03 and I was telling her some natural things to do
19:06 and some changes in the diet, and she began to cry
19:10 because she said, "I don't want to...
19:12 I really don't like those things I don't want to change... "
19:15 and we need... if you continue to do
19:18 the same things... those are the things that
19:21 triggered the disease process in the first place...
19:25 so you have to make some changes and God will help you
19:28 to do that... And you know, Yvonne,
19:31 one thing that I found as I tried to meet people
19:33 where they're at... we try to love them
19:36 and not judge them... and I just pick one thing
19:38 and I say, "Just stick with it for one month...
19:41 and with God helping you I guarantee you
19:43 when you come back next month, you'll have something positive"
19:46 and then when they see how God has led them
19:49 on that one thing... we start on thing Number 2,
19:51 Ah... remember...
19:52 Rome wasn't built in a day... and remember
19:55 the chemistry that comes from
19:56 not feeling like you can do it,
19:58 or being discouraged or stressed that chemistry is just as bad
20:02 as almost anything else... so we got to encourage people
20:05 and love them... and try not to overwhelm them
20:07 as we move along this path, to wellness and health...
20:11 Yes, how good... to give them one thing
20:14 at a time... to do which gives them
20:16 a sense of accomplishment, because they've been able
20:19 to do that one thing... and then they can add...
20:22 another modification so that's a great idea...
20:26 Another thing is... it's about relationships too
20:29 you know... we were designed to be with each other
20:32 and encourage and love each other
20:33 and all be healers for each other
20:35 Yes... so when we embark
20:36 on these journeys, you know, not only do we want God's help
20:39 but get other people's help... get people praying for you,
20:42 helping you, encouraging you, praising you,
20:45 learn as much as you can about being healthy
20:47 Absolutely... absolutely... what about patients that have
20:53 congestive heart failure, what would you recommend
20:58 for them? Yeah, well you know all of these
21:00 principles luckily that work for High blood pressure
21:03 and high Cholesterol... also help for heart failure...
21:06 but when I deal with someone with heart failure...
21:09 that's when the heart's not doing it's job...
21:11 first again you have to ask...
21:12 "Why is the heart not doing it's job?"
21:15 Is the thyroid overactive?
21:17 Is the heart weak? Is there a bad valve?
21:19 sometimes if it's something
21:21 like a bad valve... that could be repaired...
21:23 if it's something more complicated
21:25 like a chronically ill heart... then things like exercise
21:29 eating a healthy diet, being happy,
21:32 keeping the blood pressure good,
21:34 and here's one... getting enough rest...
21:36 I had a stockbroker from New York City
21:39 that came to me recently... he had been
21:41 to see doctors all over the United States...
21:44 on all the right medicines, he already had
21:47 two Bypass surgeries... he's on all the perfect
21:50 medicines... all the dosages had been
21:52 titrated perfectly... I asked him,
21:54 I started going through God's certain plan for him...
21:58 and found out that he didn't rest at night...
22:00 he stayed up to 11:30 every night...
22:03 he worked till 9 or 10 cell phones, iPads, e-mails,
22:07 you name it... just by starting to rest
22:10 at night... his blood pressure came down
22:13 he started having less angina, his cholesterol came down,
22:18 his inflammation in his body just came down...
22:20 just by keeping a nightly rest...
22:23 well the next thing I'm going to move him to...
22:25 is a weekly rest... and can you imagine how his
22:28 chemistries then continued to improve...
22:30 I love it... so, with your patients,
22:32 you introduce that weekly rest, that Sabbath rest
22:36 to your patients? Yes, I do...
22:37 how do they usually respond, those who are not familiar with
22:41 the Sabbath rest... how do they usually respond?
22:44 One thing I like to do is... not everyone believes
22:46 in the Bible out there, Yvonne, and in all of our principles...
22:49 are on the Bible... so I talk to them first about
22:52 getting to know the Bible and see if you think it's true,
22:56 and I try to give them a lot of evidence
22:58 that the Bible is true... both historically...
23:02 we've proven it with modern medicine
23:04 archeologically, the prophecies, and then I say,
23:07 "Well, why don't you read the Bible yourself
23:10 and let God prove it to you... "
23:12 and I've not had anyone that didn't believe the
23:14 Bible after they honestly were searching
23:17 to see if it was true...
23:18 Well, that's so great... because what you're doing...
23:22 again is you're showing the relevance of the Bible
23:25 to modern times... I think so many people
23:27 think that the Bible is a book of antiquity...
23:30 and it's not relevant to anything in our lives now...
23:34 and those principles, the original diet,
23:37 in going back to God's original plan...
23:40 which is the "Ultimate Prescription"
23:42 if you will... it just makes all the difference
23:45 And when they get back to that
23:48 and realize that there's a God that loves them...
23:50 all of a sudden... truth starts coming alive
23:53 in their lives... they discover things
23:54 that they never heard before, that goes with their health
23:58 that goes with the relationship
24:00 and the healing actually starts at that place...
24:02 and when they understand these things...
24:05 understand that the Bible is true...
24:07 they start following the principles in the Bible,
24:10 they fall in love with the God of love...
24:12 they start having probably
24:14 the greatest healing force in the universe...
24:16 and that's love in their life, Yes...
24:17 God is love,
24:18 and once you have love, that's a healing force
24:21 for your body too... when you love people...
24:23 you make endorphins... remember we were designed
24:25 to love each other, and people that don't love
24:28 are selfish... and that damages the body's
24:30 chemistry... so as they learn
24:32 all these things, their body becomes chemically
24:35 more like what God made them, and they...
24:37 get very excited... they get very happy...
24:39 eventually, they want to share this good news...
24:42 with other people... and it's all very...
24:44 really... it's very exciting when they realize
24:46 that their God wants to heal them...
24:48 not only physically... but also, emotionally as well.
24:53 Absolutely... you are one of those enthusiastic Docs...
24:57 I love that about you... because you're not
25:00 you're not just caught up into the day-to-day...
25:03 you actually seem to love what you're doing...
25:06 you have a passion for what you're doing...
25:09 Oh yeah, Yvonne, but I think we were all designed
25:12 to heal each other... we were designed
25:13 to love each other... and take care of the earth
25:16 which includes... each other... and help each other
25:18 to come into a relationship with God...
25:20 this is sort of evangelism, and as you talk to...
25:23 your people out there, just a simple thing
25:26 as saying a prayer... and ask God
25:28 to start a relationship with you...
25:30 that can be a start... of a healing relationship
25:33 that you can't really put... you can't really measure that...
25:36 and all the good it can do, and all the power
25:38 it can give a person... Absolutely... absolutely...
25:41 I don't know where our time is gone...
25:43 but we're ending this program
25:46 and you've just given us so much information.
25:49 Tell us... before we go...
25:51 what you're doing now... tell us about the Program
25:54 that you have... and the book...
25:56 and all of that... Yeah, well we have a ministry
25:58 called Heartwise Ministries and they can
26:01 plug into the website HeartwiseMinistries. org
26:04 we'd be happy to answer your questions...
26:06 we also have a weekly live Program...
26:09 that's going to be seen on 3ABN starting in January
26:12 where people can call in and ask their questions live...
26:15 we have another Program called "The Ultimate Prescription"
26:19 where we continue to teach these principles
26:21 so people continue to learn more about
26:23 taking care of their bodies, coming into a relationship
26:27 with the Creator, and letting the Holy Spirit
26:29 take each individual
26:30 to that unique place they need to be...
26:33 Thank you so much Dr. Marcum for today...
26:35 would you come back and share some of that
26:37 information with us? Absolutely, I will be happy to.
26:40 That will be Great... may God bless you
26:42 as you continue to serve Him
26:43 and help others to... toward health and wellness.
26:46 We know that Jesus is the Divine Physician
26:51 and that He, as our Creator, has put certain laws into place,
26:54 if we follow those laws of health,
26:57 we can be well... illness ensues when we disregard
27:01 those laws... a lack of nutrition, rest,
27:04 and a spirit of unforgiveness can lead to disease...
27:07 true health is found in an integration
27:11 of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects
27:14 of one's being... Jesus asked the man
27:17 by the Pool of Bethesda...
27:19 "Wilt thou be made whole, do you want to be well?"
27:23 Do you want to be well?
27:25 Well, if you do... then you'll make healthy choices
27:29 you'll plug into the Creator, you'll develop a relationship
27:32 with Him... you'll ask Him for the power
27:35 to make changes in your life, because it isn't easy...
27:38 as Dr. Marcum said... it's really not easy
27:41 to make these changes, but we can
27:43 through the power of the Holy Spirit...
27:46 and we can be made whole...
27:48 and we can be well... if we just follow
27:51 the laws of health...
27:53 Well, where did our time go?
27:56 We hope that you'll join us next time...
27:59 It just wouldn't be the same without you...


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