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00:01 Stay tuned to meet a man that has an amazing story
00:04 of redemption to tell.
00:05 You won't want to miss it.
00:07 My name is Yvonne Lewis and you're watching Urban Report.
00:30 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:33 My guest today is Michael Harris: singer, author,
00:36 and speaker. Welcome to Urban Report, Michael.
00:40 Thank you for having me here, Yvonne.
00:41 Oh it's great to have you. Listen to that voice.
00:43 Already you can tell that this man is a singer.
00:46 I've always enjoyed this telecast though. Great job.
00:49 Well praise the Lord. God is really so faithful.
00:52 And you know that - yes, oh yes - because you know
00:56 where He's brought you from. I am blessed and highly favored.
00:59 Yes... yes... amen... amen.
01:01 Let's talk about where God brought you from.
01:04 Well, I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana,
01:07 but I was raised in Chicago.
01:10 The south side of Chicago... a place where you
01:12 probably wouldn't want to have an accident or a flattened tire.
01:16 It was a very gang and drug-infested community...
01:20 a place where I practically had to fight my way to and from
01:23 school every single day. You know, Michael,
01:26 I was watching some documentary
01:30 or some program not too long a... Oh, it was a program on
01:34 another Christian network where they were talking about
01:37 this family in Chicago and how they lost both of their sons
01:41 in the span of like three weeks
01:44 to gangs. Yes, the death rate is so high
01:48 on the south side of Chicago. Every weekend
01:53 gang violence. And I say right now:
01:56 "Stop the violence and we need to come together.
01:59 Come up with a conclusion to all this pain and hate. "
02:04 Yes. So many young black kids and Hispanic kids
02:07 who are just falling by the way- side because of their decisions
02:10 to be a part of gang activity.
02:12 And a lot of those guys are not involved in gangs.
02:15 Some of them are just going to and fro like I was
02:17 trying to do in my life.
02:18 I was constantly approached by "gangbangers"
02:21 because of my size... my height.
02:23 But thanks be to God, He was with me every step of the way.
02:26 Yes... amen. You know, the pull
02:30 is so strong on our young men.
02:34 Well, it's all about decisions so - yes - what... which...
02:36 the Bible says "Choose you this day" - that's right -
02:39 "who you will serve. " That's right.
02:40 "Me and my house I choose to serve God. "
02:42 It's all about choices. Amen; amen.
02:44 If we make the wrong choices, we can find ourselves in a very
02:47 bad predicament. I'm so glad that I decided that I didn't
02:50 want to be a part of gang activity.
02:52 So how did you avoid that?
02:54 Well, I played basketball in high school.
02:56 OK. I stayed busy by doing that.
02:58 But even there I had to come back and forth on the bus.
03:01 I had to travel several miles from school back to home.
03:07 And I was approached many many nights just walking
03:09 from the bus stop to my home.
03:11 But I decided I didn't want to be a part of gangs.
03:13 So I just flat outright didn't like what they represented,
03:17 the things that they were doing, and so I made a decision
03:20 after I was... after I graduated.
03:22 I had several scholarships, but choices again.
03:26 My grade average wasn't that great because of the choices
03:30 that I made, and I started using drugs
03:32 at a young age as well.
03:33 Now let's talk about that. How did you start?
03:35 How did you fall into that? Well I started using what I
03:38 call "gateway" drugs. OK. The cigarettes; the alcohol;
03:42 the marijuana. How old were you?
03:44 I was probably around 12 or 13 years old when I first started
03:47 using marijuana. And I'm not sure if I used it as a crutch
03:50 because of the turmoil around me. I'm not sure why.
03:53 I'm not sure if it was peer pressure, but
03:55 I know that I used drugs just to make me feel better.
03:59 And actually, I wasn't feeling better.
04:01 It's like... have you ever seen a dog chase its tail around -
04:04 yes - in circles? It was like "grasping the wind"
04:06 as Solomon says... King Solomon says.
04:09 I couldn't get any satisfaction.
04:11 But I continued to use drugs, and I must say
04:14 to our young people today: be smart
04:16 and don't ever start because drugs can and will kill you.
04:20 You see, our God has a wonder- ful plan laid out for our lives,
04:23 and if we just take that opportunity.
04:25 And I wish that would have listened earlier in my life.
04:28 Yeah. I went through so much pain and trouble
04:31 because of drugs. But God was even still with me.
04:34 Even with the choices that I was making at that time
04:37 God continued to love me - yes - anyway.
04:39 Isn't that? That is what's so great about God.
04:43 No matter what we do His love never falters.
04:47 Never fails. We walk away from Him - exactly.
04:49 He never walks away from us.
04:51 He's constantly beckoning us to come to Him. Yes! Yes.
04:54 And what you said just a few minutes ago about
04:57 God having a plan... we always talk about that
04:59 on this program. Yes. God has a plan for each person.
05:04 Every person has a specific plan for their lives that God
05:08 wants to give them... the abundant life - yes -
05:10 but choices make a difference. You know, I have several nephews
05:13 who are incarcerated today. And I am constantly writing them
05:16 letters and I send them money occasionally.
05:18 But I tell them the story about two wolves.
05:22 There's an Indian chief that was telling his grandson a story
05:25 about two wolves. One wolf represented the fruits of the
05:29 Holy Spirit... you know: peace, love.
05:31 And the other wolf represented the evil of the principalities
05:35 of this world. And they fought and they tussled.
05:38 And the grandchild finally said: "Grandpa, which...
05:40 which wolf won? "
05:42 He says: "The wolf that you feed. "
05:46 Oohh... And we must concentrate, be very careful
05:51 of what we allow in our minds. Careful where we walk,
05:55 where we go. We must constantly listen for the voice of the
05:59 Holy Spirit to lead us, to direct us.
06:01 I have a couple nephews who are incarcerated because of
06:04 drugs on the south side. They thought that they
06:06 were going to take the easy way out -
06:08 um-hmm - and make all kinds of money.
06:09 I never saw them drive a limo
06:11 or I never saw them living in a house on a hill.
06:13 They're constantly in and out of jail.
06:16 And I encourage our young people: don't turn to drugs.
06:20 Absolutely. That's part of the devil's trap. Um-hmm.
06:24 So he sets up this illusion - yes - of wealth
06:28 and everything is great.
06:32 If you're a guy... "I'd rather do this
06:35 than to work at McDonalds and make $4 an hour or whatever. "
06:38 Until they're locked up. Exactly. And then they'll:
06:41 "Why did I? Why did I go for this? "
06:43 Yes. "Why did I choose this? "
06:45 Those drug dealers who claim that they love them?
06:48 Where are they once they're incarcerated?
06:50 They don't come and make sure that they're visiting them
06:53 at the penitentiaries that they are going to. Um-hmm.
06:55 They go and they find another kid to take prey on.
06:58 So I encourage our young people: drugs is not the answer.
07:02 Selling drugs is not the answer.
07:03 Using drugs is not the answer.
07:05 The only solution is Jesus. That's right.
07:08 And unfortunately, many times you can't...
07:11 you can say that - um-hmm - but the person won't get it
07:16 until they hit rock bottom - yes - and then they realize
07:19 "Man, I have made the wrong decisions here. "
07:23 Where else can they go? It's at that point
07:26 that they realize: "Man, I need something different. "
07:29 Tell us what happened to you. Did you hit rock bottom?
07:32 Well I hit rock bottom, yes.
07:33 One day I looked in the mirror - now this was after several years
07:36 of using drugs, of course.
07:37 Now first of all, I left Chicago -
07:39 OK - by way of the United States Navy.
07:41 And when I was in the Navy all I did was play basketball.
07:43 OK, OK. What I was supposed to do in college.
07:45 No drugs. No drugs. No no no no, I was still using drugs.
07:48 Oh! I was still using these gateway drugs.
07:50 I wasn't into the heavier drugs like the cocaine.
07:52 So they don't test Navy? Well, when I was in, no they didn't.
07:56 They didn't start testing until after I got out.
07:58 OK. Back in the Vietnam times... It was mostly guys that were
08:02 high on drugs in the Vietnam era. Yeah.
08:04 But I used these drugs throughout the military.
08:08 But one day I looked in the mirror at myself
08:12 and I finally saw what I had become.
08:16 And I was tired of breaking the heart of people who I loved
08:20 the most. Yes. I was just tired of being tired
08:22 of outright being tired.
08:24 And I cried out: "Dear God, what have I done to myself?
08:27 I've tried to stop using drugs so many times in my own
08:30 finite strength, but I just can't seem to do it.
08:32 I need Your divine power to come into my life. "
08:35 At that point, you were beyond the gateway drugs.
08:38 Oh yes. By that time I graduated from the marijuana
08:42 and a couple of glasses of wine and beer
08:44 to smoking crack cocaine and snorting cocaine,
08:47 and finally I began to intravenously use cocaine.
08:50 So had you lost the weight that often goes with that?
08:53 You were just looking really gaunt and sick?
08:56 Or were you? No, no. Actually I thought that I was
08:59 in control. In fact, I felt like I was in total control.
09:03 But yet I was totally out of control.
09:05 And these are the lies that the enemy will tell you.
09:07 That's right. "You're in total control. "
09:09 I didn't start actually looking at myself
09:13 until my body started to fall apart.
09:15 And I started to hear things and I became schizophrenic
09:19 and paranoid. Anything that moved in the room
09:21 I saw it move. Even if didn't move, I thought that it moved.
09:25 Yeah. I began to become paranoid.
09:26 I thought that everyone was against me.
09:28 I started hearing voices. I was chasing around.
09:32 Like I said, that dog chasing his tail around in circles.
09:35 And finally I looked at myself and I saw for the first time
09:38 what I had become. I saw something looking back at me
09:41 from the reflection in that glass that I didn't care for.
09:43 I began to reflect on all the time that I wasted.
09:47 All the scholarships that I passed on because I was...
09:50 the drugs were leading me away from the classrooms
09:53 as opposed to into the classrooms.
09:55 So many missed opportunities and relationships that were
09:59 and broken hearts that I just got tired of being tired.
10:02 Yes, yes. So let's go back a little bit before the armed
10:07 services. Tell us where you hit your lowest point.
10:12 Where were you at that point?
10:14 You know, I had several low points in my life.
10:16 Even still today I have low points, because the enemy is
10:19 constantly... Every morning that we wake up we have to expect
10:21 an attack by the enemy. That's true. God has given me wisdom
10:25 in my old age to know that I must seek His face
10:29 in order to combat all those attacks.
10:31 But one of the down plays of my life that stands out the most
10:36 I guess - this is prior to me going into the military
10:38 of course. I was around 11 or 12 years old
10:40 and we didn't have a father in our home.
10:44 But I had a strong black woman as a mother.
10:47 She raised my 7 sisters and my brother and I.
10:50 She didn't "take no stuff" either.
10:53 When she said something you had to do it -
10:54 all right - otherwise you were in big trouble.
10:56 All right. But I didn't have a father in my life
10:59 at that time. My mother was my mother and my father.
11:03 But she made an announcement we were going to go visit
11:06 with Mr. Harris. And I always wondered why they had separated
11:09 you know. And I was born in Indianapolis as I said earlier.
11:13 So we had to travel back from Chicago to Indianapolis
11:16 to visit with him. And as we were going down the highway
11:19 in my mind I began to wonder what would we talk about.
11:22 Would he play basketball with me?
11:23 These are the questions that were roaming around in my brain.
11:26 Did you know who Mr. Harris was?
11:28 No, I had never met him. OK. At least I didn't remember him.
11:31 I didn't remember. So when she said you were going to meet
11:34 Mr. Harris did she tell you who he was to you?
11:37 No, she just says "We're going to visit dad. "
11:40 Oh, OK. So then you started wondering
11:42 what you were going to do when you visited dad.
11:45 What would we talk about? I was really excited
11:47 because I was in desperate need of a father you know.
11:49 Of course. When my mother took us from Indianapolis
11:52 and dropped us right smack dab in the middle of gangbangers
11:54 and drug dealers... But today as I look back
11:58 I realize that God loves even me amongst them.
12:02 But anyway, I always wondered why my sisters and I...
12:07 At this particular time there were only three of us
12:09 in the family. Now there's nine of us.
12:11 But we didn't look anything alike and I always wondered why.
12:15 My oldest sister, Gloria... she wrote a song for me
12:17 and it went something like this:
12:19 First there was Gloria Steen. Then there was Virginia Ann.
12:22 And then we found Michael in a garbage can.
12:25 Because I looked so different, you know?
12:29 We finally arrived in Indianapolis, and I was so
12:32 excited I ran into the house even while the car was still
12:35 slowly moving to the parking space. And I sat on the floor
12:37 waiting for him to arrive. And my two older sisters
12:40 followed me, and they sat on the sofa across the room
12:42 from me. And shortly afterwards in walked Mr. Harris.
12:44 And as he walked into the room he was so excited to see
12:47 Gloria and Virginia. In fact, he embraced both of them.
12:50 And as he was embracing them I saw that glimmer of pride
12:52 in his eyes. By now I'm so excited.
12:56 And finally he turns to me and he has this angry look
13:01 on his face. And he uttered off these words: "I remember you. "
13:05 And I was wondering why was this man speaking to me
13:08 this way. What did I ever do to him to deserve a greeting
13:11 such as this? The father that I traveled so far to meet
13:15 and the father I waited so long for is now rejecting me.
13:19 Why? We came to find out later... They said...
13:22 They said that I was an accident.
13:25 They said I was a big mistake.
13:28 But I know that God don't make mistakes.
13:31 No. Every man, woman, boy, and girl in this entire world
13:34 has an awesome purpose in Christ Jesus.
13:36 So don't ever let anyone ever tell you that
13:38 you'll never amount to nothing because my everlasting Father,
13:40 my heavenly Father, has a different opinion.
13:43 God had me in the palm of His hand -
13:48 absolutely - when I was conceived.
13:52 And He has an awesome plan, not only for my life
13:54 but for your life and everyone's lives.
13:57 And that was one of the biggest let downs in my life.
14:01 But you know, I grew older and I was about 15 or 16
14:05 playing basketball in high school, and I remember
14:06 all of my friends would bring their fathers to the basketball
14:08 games. And I wanted that so much.
14:11 But my mother was always working so she never had time.
14:14 And it's different. Yes. It's different
14:17 with your mom going to your games - um-hmm -
14:20 from your dad going with you to your game.
14:23 Yes, it means a lot. The thing that is so...
14:25 Oh, my heart just aches because I know how
14:30 much this impacts the black community. Oh, yes.
14:35 Yes. Period. Fatherlessness is a huge, huge issue.
14:40 And as I listen to you... the pain that you must have felt -
14:45 oh yes, when your dad did not acknowledge you.
14:48 He rejected me. But you know, came to find out
14:52 that Mr. Harris was not really my father.
14:55 And that's why he reacted that way.
14:58 And that's why my mother and Mr. Harris were separated.
15:01 And that's why we moved to Chicago.
15:03 But I believe that the next that I journey to meet my Father,
15:07 the next time that I journey to meet him, he's... I believe
15:10 He's going to meet me and He's going to greet me
15:12 and He's going to tell me that I'm His very own.
15:15 But my only prayer as I sit here with you today is that
15:18 when I finally see my heavenly Father face to face
15:22 I pray that He will have that glimmer of pride in His eyes.
15:26 There you go. That He will whisper in my ear
15:28 "Well done, good and faithful servant. "
15:31 Yes. You were no mistake.
15:34 No. Your life... The fact that you're here
15:38 is no mistake. Amen; amen.
15:41 God's plan for you is that you will take this message
15:45 because so many - as you know - so many of our young men
15:48 who are incarcerated or who are in gangs
15:51 or who are in the inner city caught up in crime
15:54 they don't have a dad - an earthly dad - yes -
15:57 so they don't know how to be a man.
16:00 They find out how to be a man in the streets.
16:02 In the streets! And there's a lot of mothers with broken
16:05 hearts out there because their sons are incarcerated.
16:08 You know, I always thought
16:14 that I was being cheated out of a relationship with my father.
16:16 Mmmm. But He was there... my heavenly Father was there
16:20 with me the whole time. That's right. All those times
16:23 when I was in my closet using drugs, the massive amount of
16:27 drugs I was putting in my body I should have killed myself.
16:29 I should have died... I shouldn't even be sitting here
16:31 right now. But He was there with me all the time -
16:34 that's right - because you see He saw me
16:36 right here sitting next to you today. That's right.
16:39 So when you see someone that's out there
16:40 who you think... Don't give up on...
16:42 Don't ever give up on anyone because we don't know what
16:45 God's purpose is in that person's life.
16:47 That's right. What would you tell a young man right now
16:51 that's caught up into that lifestyle?
16:54 That has no father... no earthly father...
16:57 that feels that no one really cares.
17:01 Look into that camera and tell that person
17:05 just what is on your heart.
17:09 We have a Father in heaven
17:12 that longs to be your Father on this earth.
17:16 He's hope to the hopeless;
17:19 He's power to the powerless;
17:21 and He's a Father to the fatherless.
17:24 And it's His desire that none of us will perish
17:28 and He wants us all to experience this joy
17:30 that surpasses all understanding.
17:32 You can never find that joy in drugs.
17:36 You can never find that joy out in the street.
17:39 There's nothing that compares with what Christ can be to you
17:44 if you would only allow Him in your heart today.
17:46 Even if you're sitting in a penitentiary right now
17:49 we have a God... He's a God of second chances.
17:53 I'm on my sixth or seventh chance right now.
17:56 That's how merciful... how He's shown in my life today.
18:01 So I pray that you will look to Jesus
18:03 and give Him all that you have
18:06 because He loves you with a love that will never stop.
18:09 And I can honestly say to you that I may have never met my
18:14 earthly father, but I have the greatest Father
18:17 in this entire universe: Jesus Christ.
18:20 He means everything to me.
18:22 Thank you. I mean, if our young men
18:26 could just know that they're not a mistake.
18:29 That there's a plan for them.
18:31 I was talking to a young man, Michael, one time that
18:34 was 17. And he was part of a gang.
18:38 And he told me: "I don't care if I die. "
18:40 "I don't care... " It's like there's no value
18:44 placed on life because they don't have anybody to kind of
18:47 walk them through. But Jesus will walk you through
18:51 if you just get to know Him. Amen.
18:53 And all that pain that you're suffering...
18:55 It's evident there's pain that they're experiencing.
18:58 That's why they turn away from their family,
19:00 they turn away from the church, and they turn to drugs.
19:03 But they need to turn BACK to the family,
19:05 turn back to the church. Yes. That is where they will find
19:08 that peace - that's right - and that joy that surpasses
19:10 all understanding. That's right. You know, there's no drug...
19:13 I can say right now I'm high right now,
19:16 but it's no drug I'm high on, right.
19:18 I'm on... My high is Jesus. That's right; that's right.
19:21 I always have a smile; I'm always happy.
19:23 I'm always rejoicing because I find that peace
19:26 that only He can give. Yes, yes.
19:28 So how did you find Him? You were in the midst of...
19:32 After you dealt with that rejec- tion and then you went into...
19:36 you started using crack and all that - yes, yes, yes -
19:39 you went into the military, how did you find Jesus?
19:42 Well I knew that I couldn't keep going in the direction
19:45 I was going in. My health had failed
19:48 because of the drugs that I was using.
19:51 And God kind of got my attention.
19:53 Sometimes He allows things to happen, you know.
19:55 God has nothing to do with our misery and our sorrow today.
19:58 That's all of the enemy. But sometimes God will
20:01 allow certain things to happen just to get your attention
20:04 briefly. Yes He will! Sometimes you will end up
20:07 in a penitentiary somewhere. Moses... he had to go out
20:10 into the wilderness to understand more about
20:12 what God's plan was for his life.
20:14 Sometimes the penitentiary can be your wilderness.
20:17 But I say this much: you must take advantage of that
20:19 wilderness that you're in because that wilderness can be
20:21 can turn around and make your life something very wonderful -
20:25 yes - that Christ has in store for you.
20:27 So you can actually be free even while you're in the
20:31 penitentiary. Oh yes, definitely.
20:32 You know what bothers me the most?
20:34 See, I go to different churches.
20:36 I'm in a different church every Sabbath
20:38 and a lot of Sundays as well.
20:40 And I go into schools. And I love going into the schools
20:44 but I especially love going into the prisons.
20:45 But the problem I have here is sometimes I go into a...
20:49 I go into a school and I will go into a prison
20:53 a year or two later and I will see some of the same faces
20:57 that I saw in our schools. Yes.
21:00 Incarcerated. Locked up... locked down.
21:02 And we must find a solution.
21:07 And as parents we must - even if you're a single parent -
21:11 we must strive harder to give our lives to Christ
21:15 that they may see a legacy being left behind.
21:19 Yes. And we also need for our men that are in the church
21:24 to take an interest in some of these boys - yes, yes.
21:27 And one of the things that scares you 'cause you don't want
21:30 pedophilia and all that so you get freaked out about that.
21:33 But our godly men... if they would mentor -
21:37 um-hmm - some of these boys who don't...
21:40 I was watching... As you can tell, I watch TV.
21:43 I was watching a program... Well you have to stay abreast.
21:45 I do! Well, see, that's the thing.
21:47 So I was watching, and Steve Harvey was talking about
21:49 a camp that he has for boys
21:52 and how they have to teach the boys how to tie a tie.
21:56 And tears came to my eyes because these are daddy things.
22:00 How to respect women. Yes! How to be in a relationship.
22:03 Yes, yes. How to deal with a person of the opposite sex.
22:07 Um-hmm. How do you become a man? Yes, yes.
22:10 And a woman, I'm convinced... You can have the greatest mom
22:15 in the world, but a woman can't teach a man to be a man
22:19 because she's not a man. Yes. Just like a man
22:21 can't teach a girl to be a woman.
22:24 You need the pair.
22:25 All the relationships I've ever had in my life
22:27 going back to when I was dating in high school
22:29 I've always looked at a woman as a precious jewel.
22:33 Because I have a mother. That's right. And my mother
22:36 was a precious jewel. I have seven sisters.
22:40 I saw each one of them go through their different
22:41 turmoils with their boyfriends or their husbands.
22:44 So I know that women are very valuable to us
22:49 and we must respect them with all that we have.
22:52 'Cause God has placed us in dominion over everything
22:55 so we have to be that godly man in a woman's life.
22:58 And if you have God in your life, if you are seeking first
23:01 the kingdom of God and all of His righteousness
23:03 all these other things will be added unto you.
23:05 That's right. You will be that representative for Him
23:09 in the family, in the household. Even as you're walking
23:11 throughout your community - yes - and at your work place.
23:13 Yes. That's why we must seek God with all of our heart
23:16 and all of our soul... all of our mind.
23:18 Absolutely. And if you don't know how to do that
23:20 you just get on your knees and say: "God, I want to know
23:23 You better. Show me how to know You better. "
23:25 And get a Bible and begin to read that Bible
23:29 and God will reveal Himself to you.
23:31 We're promised. And your life will be so much better.
23:35 Amen. So... back to my other question.
23:37 How did you find Jesus?
23:39 Well I... Like I said I looked in the mirror at myself
23:42 and I saw what I had become and I was just tired of being
23:45 tired. And I cried out: "Dear God,
23:47 what have I done to myself?
23:49 I need You in my life today. " Because see as a young man
23:52 growing up, you know, I was always moved from my mother's
23:55 house to one of my auntie's house because of the gang
23:58 violence in Chicago.
23:59 And I was living with my auntie who is a...
24:02 In fact, she's going to be 90 years old in June.
24:04 I'm going to go to Chicago and visit with her
24:07 and celebrate her birthday.
24:08 She's a little Pentecostal lady.
24:10 Ninety years old, and she goes to this little storefront church
24:13 on the south side of Chicago and she wears these big big hats.
24:16 And I remember smelling the corn bread and collard greens,
24:20 sweet potato pie. Oh yeah; oh yeah.
24:22 You know, cooking in the house.
24:24 But I saw that this woman had an awesome relationship
24:27 with Christ and she sang like Mahalia Jackson.
24:31 So she was a good foundation for me for my spiritual walk.
24:35 And I saw how joyful she was
24:37 as a young man growing up, and I reflected back
24:40 on all the seeds that she had planted in my life
24:42 up until that point, and I realized that I needed
24:45 Jesus in my life. I wanted what my auntie had.
24:48 Yes. What has still still today.
24:50 And that's how I made my turn-around.
24:52 I knew that there was a way out and Christ was my way.
24:55 And how old were you at this point?
24:57 Well, I gave my life to Christ as a teenager
25:01 but then by now I'm like in my 30's.
25:03 And I reflected back on what my auntie had said -
25:06 had taught me - um-hmm - about Christ.
25:08 She said: "Michael, you know if you cry out to Jesus
25:10 and you have the faith of a mustard seed
25:12 and you cry out to that mountain to move it will move. "
25:15 Uh-huh. I said: "No, that mountain's not going to move. "
25:16 She said: "Well no, it's not going to move literally
25:19 but circumstances will change for you. "
25:22 And I remembered all those Bible stories that she would
25:24 tell me. And when I was in my pit of despair
25:27 I cried out to Jesus and He heard my cry.
25:30 And He began to pull me up our of a horrible pit.
25:32 Out of the miry clay - amen - and He placed my feet on
25:35 the solid rock and He put a new song in my mouth
25:38 to sing praises to His holy name. Praise the Lord!
25:41 So many people might want to contact you
25:44 to get you to come to their church and give your testimony
25:48 and sing. How can they get in touch with you?
25:52 I think they've got some information on the screen,
25:53 I'm not sure. But you can contact me at
25:55 restorationintheson@yahoo. com
26:00 Great. And I look forward to all of the inputs or invites
26:05 or whatever. God has blessed me. You know, I went from
26:07 being locked up in my bedroom poking needles and doing drugs
26:10 to getting on an airplane every weekend.
26:13 I've gone to 50 states and 25 countries. God is good.
26:17 God is so good. And so briefly tell us:
26:20 how did you become an Adventist?
26:22 Oh, I lived just a couple blocks
26:27 from the Shiloh SDA Church on the south side of Chicago.
26:30 Oh! I had never heard of the Adventist church.
26:32 And when I went overseas there was a group of Adventist
26:36 people. You know, in Chicago the only people who knocked
26:38 on my door were Jehovah's Witnesses.
26:40 But I went overseas and I was surrounded by these
26:43 people who I thought were quite peculiar.
26:46 But they showed the love of God and I had never seen it
26:49 demonstrated that way since my auntie
26:51 and other relatives that I have.
26:53 And I realized that these people were sent from God
26:57 to me. But they started talking about worshiping on
27:00 the Sabbath... on a Saturday. And for some reason, I couldn't
27:03 figure that one out. But I began, because of their love,
27:06 I was drawn to sit down and Bible study with them.
27:08 And I began to understand God's truth.
27:11 And I began to understand how much God loved me as well.
27:14 And that just reinforced my walk with Christ.
27:16 And now today I've been worshiping on the Sabbath
27:19 for like 28 years now, so... Praise the Lord!
27:22 Doesn't it make a difference, Michael, when you know you're
27:25 valued in Christ. It makes all the difference. Oh yes!
27:29 It raises the standards in your life.
27:32 Not only in your life but other people's lives
27:35 because people will see the Christ in you. That's right.
27:38 We may be the only Bible that some people may ever read.
27:40 That's right. If we're walking with Christ,
27:42 we can witness without even talking.
27:45 That's right. Your life is a sermon. Amen; amen.
27:47 Well thank you so much for being with us.
27:49 You have blessed us. You've blessed me.
27:52 Well praise the Lord, praise the Lord.
27:53 That's the end of our program for today.
27:55 Thanks so much for tuning in.
27:57 Make sure to join us next time 'cause you know what?
27:59 It just wouldn't be the same without you.


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