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00:00 Something happened on May 31, 2011,
00:04 that would change the life of today's guest forever.
00:08 My name is Yvonne Lewis and you're watching Urban Report.
00:32 Hello! And welcome to Urban Report.
00:35 My guest today is Jason Bulgin, author of 25 and Counting
00:40 and musical evangelist.
00:41 Welcome to Urban Report Jason.
00:44 Hello, hello. How are you?
00:46 Great, praise the Lord! How are you?
00:48 I'm doing well, thank you... very well.
00:50 Praise the Lord! It's so good to have you with us.
00:53 I'm excited to talk to you today about your story
00:56 'cause you have a very interesting story.
01:01 Let's hear a little bit about your background first of all.
01:04 Tell us where you grew up.
01:06 Well, I grew up in Toronto Canada. I was born in Toronto.
01:09 I spend most of my elementary years - younger years - there.
01:14 It wasn't until it was time to go to college that
01:17 I kind of moved away from Toronto. I went to Windsor for
01:21 two years of college and then I transferred down to Oakwood...
01:25 Oakwood College, Oakwood University.
01:27 Yeah Oakwood! I'm an Oakwoodite too.
01:29 I won't say when but yeah.
01:32 You mean OC, sorry. That's right.
01:34 OU now, right? Yes. OU yeah, for sure.
01:38 So you grew up in Toronto, and you're a PK, aren't you?
01:43 I am, I am. I'm the only boy. I'm a PK.
01:46 I have 2 wonderful sisters, and growing up in a pastor's home
01:51 I mean we went to church every day and I mean we had to
01:56 do everything. So I played the piano, I sang.
01:59 My sister sang; she played the piano.
02:01 We all had to participate in every service,
02:04 and I mean a very active part. And it was good for us
02:07 growing up. Yeah, that's great. You know
02:09 some PK's say that it's really kind of hard because their
02:15 dad is gone a lot and they don't get to really interact
02:18 with him as much as they would have liked to.
02:21 Was that your experience?
02:23 There was a time when I was really I guess resentful
02:27 of my father simply because I felt that
02:31 I guess the church came before me some times
02:36 and I felt that I was put second to a lot of things that
02:40 happened at the church. But it took me a while to get...
02:43 get over that. It took I guess me talking to him and just
02:46 sitting down and expressing myself about how I felt
02:49 and letting him know. Because I mean a lot of times
02:52 they're unaware because this is what they're called to do.
02:55 So when they feel they have this calling they pour
02:57 everything into it. Which is rightfully so, but
03:00 at the same time the family's still there.
03:03 Your wife, your children... and you can't forget or neglect
03:06 them. But it was only through me speaking up and communicating
03:09 that he was able to understand and make a change.
03:12 You know, and that's such an important point
03:14 because a lot of times there might be this hesitation
03:19 to talk to the parent that's not there as much...
03:22 especially a pastor... because there are so many demands
03:26 on a pastor's attention.
03:28 And so a lot of times the family just kind of gets kind of
03:32 set aside a little bit - brushed aside - because of the calling
03:36 as you were talking about. So it's great that you had
03:40 the wherewithal to go to him and say: "Dad, I need to
03:44 talk to you about what's going on here and what I'm needing
03:47 from you. " And it's great that your dad was responsive.
03:51 Yes, that's the key. It made me appreciate him
03:54 even more... the fact that he was responsive and he...
03:57 he took it with open arms. Because I mean he wanted to be
04:00 the best dad, he wants to be the best dad.
04:02 He still wants to be the best father for me
04:03 and he wants that great father-son relationship.
04:06 So even now we're still growing and developing
04:09 the relationship. And it's good to see how...
04:11 how we come together, especially now that I've chosen
04:14 the same path as him somewhat.
04:16 We're both in the ministry so it's good going back and forth
04:20 with him and just throwing things off his brain and him
04:23 giving me that experience that he has. I mean, just the sitting
04:26 down and just talking. Really getting to know him
04:28 and know about his life and what he came through.
04:32 Yeah, and everybody has a journey, right? Definitely.
04:34 Everybody has a journey, and your journey
04:37 you've set forth in this book 25 and Counting. Yes ma'am.
04:43 You have set forth part of your journey in this book.
04:49 Tell us a bit about what happened to you
04:52 on that fateful day in May of 2011.
04:57 Even leading up to that day I was in a place in my life
05:00 where I was kind of questioning where I fit into the body of
05:04 Christ, trying for find my place, my purpose, my use.
05:08 I mean, I just didn't feel like
05:11 I fit in and I didn't feel like I was doing anything meaningful.
05:15 And I was actually just wonder- ing if I even believed in God.
05:19 And that was just a dangerous place for me to be.
05:21 But I had an opportunity to sit down with my pastor:
05:24 Pastor Damian Chandler down at Madison Mission
05:27 at the time, and he just walked me through like just...
05:32 just everything that I had come through to that point
05:35 and just reminded me like God had to remind the Israelites
05:38 of everything He had brought them through
05:40 and just to show me that it wasn't by happenstance,
05:43 it wasn't by chance, that I had come this far.
05:46 So leading up to that point that's where I was then.
05:48 And I had made a decision that I was going to go all in
05:50 and just try... try and push forward,
05:53 try... try and I guess build my devotional life,
05:55 build my prayer life, and just try and just give it
05:58 an all-in chance. Because some- times we say we're all about it
06:01 but we're really not. We're still on the fence
06:03 and we kind of give it half and we're not really sold on it.
06:07 So it was I guess May
06:10 the end of my schooling, was my last year at Oakwood.
06:14 And I graduated. Graduation got pushed back
06:19 because we had tornadoes. So it was the end of the month.
06:21 So I decided to go home instead of making everyone
06:24 change their graduation plans to come to me.
06:26 Jason, let's stop for a second and go back and unpack
06:31 where you were when you went to talk to
06:35 your pastor. Because so many of our young people get
06:38 disillusioned. And I'm sure it's easy, too, for a PK to get
06:43 disillusioned because again you're kind of left out there
06:46 sometimes, and so where were you when you went
06:51 to your pastor and had that talk?
06:55 And what had led you to that point?
06:57 Well this is the crazy thing: I was really involved.
07:00 Like I sang every week; I played every week.
07:04 I was really involved in church but I just didn't feel
07:06 like I fit in. I was just going through the motions.
07:09 And I guess at some point we have to separate
07:14 I guess our parents' experience with our own experience.
07:18 And it has to become real to us.
07:20 So I had to find that place where it became real to me
07:23 and I wasn't just doing it out of routine
07:25 or out of something I already knew.
07:28 So I was basically asking God for an experience
07:32 that would make Him real to me,
07:34 and that's a dangerous thing to ask for.
07:36 Because I mean He has the power to I guess go beyond anything
07:41 we've ever seen. So in actuality I was asking God to...
07:46 I was challenging God. Mmmm.
07:48 Challenging Him... and He showed out.
07:51 He put me through some things but at the same time
07:53 He cradled me throughout the whole time
07:56 and He held me close... knowing that I was still His.
07:59 And He brought me back through this healing process...
08:01 amazing healing process... that broke down so many other walls
08:05 that I had pent up. Yes. Amazing thing.
08:08 God is so amazing. You know we can often fall into that
08:13 vicarious relationship thing where our parents had the
08:18 relationship but we don't really
08:20 and we're going through the motions as you mentioned.
08:23 I think it's a very important place to be
08:26 where you say to God: "I want to know You for myself.
08:30 I want an experience with You myself
08:33 that will make You more real to me
08:36 so that I'm not just going through the motions.
08:38 I'm not just singing all the time or doing or being,
08:42 I want to know You for myself. "
08:45 And that's where you were when you went to see your pastor.
08:49 Yes, yes. So you saw your pastor.
08:53 You talked to him, and he then kind of opened up
08:58 some things for you. Tell us again what he did
09:01 and how He did that to make your experience a bit more vibrant.
09:06 I mean, we sat down... I can still remember the day.
09:09 It was a nice sunny day in Huntsville, Alabama.
09:11 We sat down outside of Panera Bread.
09:13 It's one of his favorite spots. We sat and we talked for hours.
09:16 Just sat in the afternoon just talking for hours.
09:19 And he really just started asking me questions about
09:23 all the other experiences I had. So like in high school
09:26 I had a child out of wedlock and I got kicked out of school.
09:30 And I got back in school and I eventually graduated.
09:33 So things that he allowed me to come over.
09:35 I was... just a number of things.
09:39 But we just walked through each of these experiences
09:41 and he asked me to explain it logically.
09:44 And I couldn't. There was no way for me to explain
09:47 me getting to where I am logically.
09:50 And I'm a logical thinker so I was really upset
09:53 that I couldn't explain it. And it was only the grace of God
09:55 that had brought me thus far.
09:57 So it was just... he was challenging me.
09:59 Just challenging me to think that I could do it on my own.
10:03 "You think you could really do it on your own?
10:04 You think you have the power to do this?
10:06 There's something beyond you;
10:07 there's something bigger than you.
10:08 And there's someone who loves you and has
10:09 a purpose for your life. "
10:11 That's an important point too, Jason, because
10:14 so many of our young people and older people, too,
10:18 are not having a sense of purpose. Not really knowing
10:22 that God's got a plan. On Urban Report
10:26 all the time and on Dare to Dream we talk about
10:29 God's plan for everybody. Everybody has a unique place
10:34 in the plan of God. And so, you know,
10:37 what God has for you to do is different from what He has
10:40 for me to do and from the next person.
10:42 It's all part of this huge mosaic
10:45 and so we talk about purpose. And so that day
10:49 it seems as though when you were talking to your pastor
10:52 you were getting to know more about the purpose
10:56 that God had for you or that there was a purpose
11:00 for your life, correct?
11:02 Correct definitely. He was just knocking at the door -
11:06 just tapping at the door of purpose in my life -
11:08 and I didn't want to open it. I was reluctant to open it
11:12 but as time went on and I got more confident
11:14 and I got more... I saw the love of God in my life
11:17 through just the daily living, it was easier for me to open
11:21 the door. It was easier for me to walk in my calling
11:23 and walk into everything God had for me.
11:26 That's awesome. So what happened
11:29 on that day in May?
11:31 So May 31, 2011, I was driving back from Toronto
11:36 to Huntsville just to get myself together,
11:40 find out what the next move was since I graduated.
11:43 And I left out late at night.
11:45 I like driving at night because there's no traffic.
11:48 It's just real calming and it's just real easy.
11:51 It's an easier drive. So I left at night
11:53 and my parents were kind of reluctant about that.
11:55 But I left anyway. And one thing that was different
11:59 about this trip is that we didn't pray as a family
12:02 before I left. I can't remember what had happened, but we didn't
12:05 say our prayer as a family holding hands at the door
12:08 before I left. So I was on my way; got on the road.
12:11 It was about 11:30 at night and I'm listening to my music.
12:15 I'm just in the zone... in that driving zone.
12:18 Any of you who drive long distance you know you have to
12:21 get into a special zone when you're driving.
12:23 So I was in that zone. I was relaxed... cruise control.
12:26 Listening to the music. Had actually switched over
12:29 to listen to an audio book called The Shack that...
12:31 that Pastor Chandler... he had told me to read this book.
12:34 And the book is basically about a man who has a
12:37 weekend getaway with God.
12:39 And they have a conver... He goes to God asking Him
12:43 about a situation that had happened in his life.
12:45 His daughter had died. And she was kidnapped and murdered.
12:49 And he basically gets a weekend getaway with God
12:52 to ask God all the questions that are on his heart.
12:55 So I was listening to that book and I mean just going through...
12:58 having a mental picture of the book
13:01 and just in a nice zone. And then all of a sudden
13:05 out of nowhere a deer comes in the road.
13:07 And my instinct was to swerve whatever I see in the road.
13:13 But as most of you know you're supposed to hang on tight
13:16 and just drive through that deer... which I didn't do.
13:19 So I ended up swerving, and since I was on cruise control
13:23 and so relaxed, I swerved and I really couldn't get back
13:25 into it, so I went into the ditch.
13:27 And from there I went down into the ditch. Went back up
13:30 and started torpedoing through the sky.
13:33 And I remember spinning... flipping about twice...
13:37 and then blackout.
13:40 So you're in a zone... you're driving.
13:44 Everything is fine and then from nowhere
13:47 this deer comes in front of you. And you are trying to avoid
13:52 the deer and you swerve and you lose control of the car.
13:56 Um-hmm. Lose control, end up in a ditch
13:59 and just thrown from the vehicle.
14:02 How long were you unconscious? Do you know?
14:05 I have no idea. So my car is black...
14:08 So when my car went into the air and hit the ground,
14:12 all my lights go out. So it's a black car
14:15 in the middle of the country. Country road.
14:18 This is a truck route where like trucks drive
14:21 all night, all day... truck, truck, truck.
14:23 So 18-wheelers are passing by.
14:27 Apparently I was... A cop happened to be passing by
14:31 and found me laid out on the concrete... laid out on the
14:33 highway on the opposite side of the highway.
14:35 So... when I... I guess...
14:38 The only time I woke up I woke up in the ambulance
14:41 and I was able to give my family's number -
14:44 my parents' number - and I went back to sleep.
14:46 And the amazing thing about that: God will give you the
14:48 strength to do what you need to do in the moment.
14:51 I mean, sometimes you see people... I remember
14:53 one time at church someone had gotten run over by a car
14:57 in the parking lot at church.
14:58 And I saw a man... like an older man... he lifted a car
15:02 off this man in the moment
15:04 because they needed that strength to save his life.
15:06 And in order to save my life God had to wake me up
15:08 in the midst of all this pain, in the midst of all this...
15:11 this craziness going on... He had to wake me up
15:13 so I could give my parents' number and He put me back
15:15 to rest so I wouldn't feel the pain.
15:17 Wow! God is awesome.
15:20 How far away from home were you
15:24 when you had this accident?
15:26 I was probably about 3 hours away from home.
15:29 About three hours away from home, about 1/2 hour away from
15:32 the Canadian/American border.
15:34 Wow... and so... Another blessing in itself
15:37 that I was on the Canadian side of the border rather than
15:39 the American side. Really? Why?
15:42 Why is that? Healthcare! I mean, if I was
15:45 across the border and I got in this accident
15:48 the hospital bills would have been astronomical.
15:52 But it was a blessing that I had the accident on the Canadian
15:55 side where my healthcare is covered and things of that
15:59 nature. Now we're just on the American side coming over
16:01 into that, but at that point in time it would have been...
16:04 it would have been another head- ache had I been on the American
16:08 side. Wow! Wow! So God in His mercy
16:11 allowed you to be on the Canadian side
16:14 where your healthcare could be offered
16:17 and it was affordable for you.
16:19 It's free there, isn't it? It is. Free.
16:21 So you went through all of this.
16:25 You're in the ambulance. You wake up
16:29 just for a minute to give the number of your parents' home
16:34 and then you go back unconscious again.
16:37 What is your next memory after that?
16:39 My next memory is waking up in the hospital room.
16:43 And I could just hear my family's voices.
16:48 I hear them talking. I heard the voice of the police officer
16:52 telling my parents that he didn't even know
16:55 really why he was in the area.
16:57 He said he wasn't even supposed to be in that area at the time
16:59 but he just happened to be passing by.
17:01 And I heard them say that and he said "It's only God. "
17:05 And I went back to sleep again.
17:08 Wow! So what was your recuperation like?
17:12 Well, first of all, tell us the extent of your injuries.
17:16 So let's start from the head to toe.
17:19 I fractured this side of my face. I fractured bones
17:24 under my eye. I fractured my jaw
17:27 and some bones over here. So I have plates and screws
17:30 lying under my eye, over here, in my chin.
17:33 I lost a tooth. I punctured my lung.
17:37 I fractured two ribs.
17:40 I had a big hematoma on my left leg.
17:44 And then I had glass and just road rash all over my body.
17:50 I remember I had a big gash under my arm,
17:53 on my shoulder, my hands. I remember like a couple weeks
17:57 after my hand was hurting. I didn't know why my hand was
18:00 hurting. Every time I put it in my pocket it was hurting.
18:03 And I went and picked at the spot and there was glass healing
18:06 in my hand. So there was glass everywhere, just shards of glass
18:10 everywhere. Oh my!
18:13 That had to be... To wake up
18:17 and to know that you've been in an accident like that
18:20 and to have those injuries, that has got to be so frightening.
18:24 What was your recuperation like?
18:28 That first day when I actually saw myself
18:31 it was scary at first. It was like: "Oh, my!
18:35 Am I going to be like this forever? "
18:37 'Cause my face what swollen. Like... My face would probably
18:40 fill this Skype screen right now, so it was huge!
18:43 It was huge... so it was nerve- wracking just to look at myself
18:48 and wonder how... if I'm ever going to be the same again.
18:52 If I'm ever going to look the same.
18:54 Am I going to walk with a limp for the rest of my life?
18:56 Am I going to be able to play basketball?
18:58 The things I love: run and just joke around.
19:01 Am I going to be the same person?
19:03 But I took comfort in knowing I was on the right path.
19:07 So a matter of me being on the right path, this was...
19:10 I took it as a confirmation for me, knowing that God...
19:14 that the devil was out to get me. Mmmm.
19:17 The fact that I was going the wrong way and I needed to
19:19 turn from my ways and go back the other way.
19:21 It was confirmation, because a lot of us get mistaken
19:24 that when we make a decision for Christ it gets hard,
19:27 it gets rough, it gets tough...
19:29 and you'll get thrown into the fire.
19:31 So I was getting thrown into the fire, and it was just
19:35 the development of my testimony of how I went through.
19:38 And I took it as a way for me to smile through my storm
19:43 and be a testimony to others and everyone around me
19:46 just to know that you can smile through your storm
19:48 no matter what you're going through. So from day one I was
19:52 smiling, taking pictures, posting them and sending them
19:55 to my friends. Just laughing about the whole situation
19:58 because I had comfort knowing that God was taking care of me
20:01 and I was doing the right thing.
20:03 So you sensed God's presence
20:07 as you were recuperating? Definitely.
20:10 Even the process of it. Like I've never... I've never seen
20:16 someone heal so fast. So like a week after you wouldn't have
20:20 known that I was in such a bad accident the week before.
20:24 Because it would almost look like I was in a schoolyard
20:27 fight. I had a black eye, you know. Just a little swollen
20:30 but it didn't look like all this side of my face
20:33 had been torn off. And it didn't look like...
20:36 I didn't look like what I'd been through.
20:38 So it was just really a blessing for everyone even around me
20:40 to see me healing so fast... healing so quickly.
20:44 So the Lord used this experience
20:47 to not only kind of solidify your relationship with Him
20:53 but also as a testimony for others. To bless others
20:58 in a sense to let them know that God is with you and that
21:01 God will bring you through the darkest times.
21:06 Yes definitely. He'll bring you through the darkest times.
21:09 And the key point that really stood out to me
21:11 was that it was a process. It wasn't that I snapped my fingers
21:15 and I was magically healed. There was a process.
21:18 And I think a lot of times we forget that even in our
21:21 relationship with God it's a process.
21:23 It's a process throughout our whole life.
21:25 We never reach that... we never reach perfection
21:28 but we're always working towards it. We're always
21:30 working towards it. And we sometimes forget
21:32 and we feel that we have to be perfect, we have to be
21:36 just on our P's and Q's all the time. But we fail.
21:39 We fall and it's OK. We just have to know that
21:42 we're continuing to move forward and He's going to
21:44 continue to work with us.
21:45 He's going to continue to chip some things away
21:47 and He's going to continue to just mold us into what He has
21:50 for us. Amen! That is so, so true
21:53 that... the Bible says there is none righteous, not one.
21:58 So it's not... sanctification is a lifetime process.
22:04 All of this journey is a process
22:07 and we are developing our relationship with God
22:11 and learning Him every day.
22:15 You learn something about God and His nature
22:18 and how He deals with people and all of that through how He
22:21 deals with you. And so this is wonderful.
22:25 Now let's talk about what you're doing now.
22:29 Where are you now? What are you doing?
22:31 Well now I am in Cleveland, Ohio.
22:34 I am teaching. I am working as a young adult pastor
22:38 at the SDA church here. I also play at a Pentecostal
22:42 church here. And I'm just diving wholeheartedly into ministry.
22:48 I have my book. I'm working on another book
22:51 as well for young men. It's going to be entitled
22:54 What I Learned From Her.
22:55 And it's going to be basically lessons that young men
22:59 can learn from the women in their lives.
23:01 So all... there's been many women that I've come in contact
23:04 with in my life: my mom, sisters, girlfriends, friends
23:07 that I've come in contact with in my life.
23:09 And there's life lessons about being a man that I learned
23:13 from these women, so I want to make a book about that.
23:16 And help just develop young men and know that...
23:18 that there's a process in your development
23:21 and just know that women play a key role in your development
23:25 and there's things you can learn from each of these situations.
23:27 So I'm working... go ahead.
23:30 No... absolutely. I mean there's so much to be learned
23:33 from the people in your life
23:36 and from your... and you have a sphere of influence
23:40 that you radiate to other people as well.
23:44 So there's something to be gain- ed from everyone in your life.
23:48 Definitely. So our viewers might not know this
23:52 but you are a wonderful singer. You have appeared on
23:56 Magnify Him, and it hasn't aired yet but it's airing soon.
24:01 So you're going to be on our Dare to Dream music program
24:04 Magnify Him. You are an author; you are a speaker.
24:09 How do you fuse all of these gifts into a ministry for God?
24:15 The first thing is just obedience.
24:18 Obedience and just listening to what God asks me to do.
24:22 He's put me in a position where if I... if I trust Him
24:26 He will make everything plain. So it's come to a point
24:30 where I can put it all together because He's put me in
24:34 a position where they all just come together.
24:37 So music, preaching, books, blogs, inspirational coach.
24:42 Everything about communication. I want to be an awesome
24:44 communicator. I just want to be able to share a message
24:47 of love and make it simple, make it plain
24:49 so like a 6-year-old can understand.
24:52 And I believe that if a 6-year-old can't understand
24:55 I'm not doing my job. Because I think everyone
24:58 needs to be able to understand and be able to feed on the
25:01 Word of God and be able to feed on what God has for us
25:03 in human experience and find that purpose in their life.
25:07 And live out that purpose in their life as well.
25:09 And there's nothing better than walking in... we call it
25:13 walking in your divine destiny, finding that purpose.
25:16 There's nothing better than that.
25:18 We have a website for you. We want to put up your website
25:21 so that our viewers can go to the website
25:23 and they can see what you're doing;
25:25 they can hear your music; they can order your book.
25:29 Whatever. But they can kind of take a look at this ministry
25:33 that God has given you that is incredible.
25:36 What do you think? Briefly tell us what do you think is
25:39 going on with your generation now in terms of
25:44 spirituality and where they are spiritually.
25:47 What do you think is going on now?
25:49 Right now I feel that my generation, they lack 3 things.
25:54 And I've been battling with this but it's three things.
25:57 It's a passion, it's persis- tence and its their perspective.
26:01 So the passion is that desire, that fight to do whatever it
26:06 takes to make something happen.
26:08 And there's not many who have that passion.
26:11 You just want it that instant; you want it right now.
26:14 We're not ready to put in the work.
26:16 We're not ready to put in the time.
26:17 We're not ready to just really hone our gifts and develop it
26:20 so when the time is right we can stand before kings
26:23 and queens and just show out for God.
26:26 So that passion and then the persistence.
26:29 That time... just putting in the work.
26:31 A lot of us are just laca- daisical about anything we do.
26:36 We settle for the mediocre.
26:38 We settle for just good and better when God wants the best
26:42 for us. Like I've gotten to the point where I'm not
26:45 settling any more. I'm pushing the limit;
26:47 I'm pushing beyond my fears.
26:49 So fear is me saying I'm scared of something
26:52 is not good enough reason for me not to do it.
26:55 There's going to be times when I'm afraid.
26:57 There's going to be times when I'm scared
26:59 and I feel apprehensive about doing something.
27:02 But because I'm persistent and I'm pushing...
27:05 I'm pushing my passion, I'm pushing towards the mark
27:07 I'm going to do it simply because God hasn't given me
27:10 that spirit of fear. And if He's put it in me,
27:12 if He's placed it in me and I'm walking in His will,
27:16 there's something that I need to do that's going to prepare me
27:18 for something else. So if I back down on what He's giving me
27:21 today, I'm not going to get the blessing He has for me tomorrow.
27:24 Wow! So we have passion and persistence. What's the last P?
27:28 The last P is perspective,
27:30 and that's just changing your viewpoint.
27:32 We often think so negatively of so many things that...
27:35 that we have in the church. But God has given us
27:38 permission to do so many things. I just want to get out there
27:42 and share that with the whole world.
27:44 So they can invite me whenever they want
27:46 and I'll come out and share the whole message.
27:48 Awesome. Well thank you so much for sharing your message with us
27:52 and your inspiration with us.
27:54 Thank you for joining us as well.
27:56 Make sure that you join us next time 'cause you know what?
27:59 It just wouldn't be the same without you.


Revised 2023-10-12