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00:00 Stay tune to meet the man
00:02 who himself is truly on a new journey.
00:04 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:06 and you're watching Urban Report.
00:30 Hello and welcome to Urban Report.
00:33 My guest today is Aaron Chancy, host of Dare to Dream's program
00:37 of hope for ex-offenders, the New Journey.
00:41 I had the privilege of interviewing
00:42 Aaron on the New Journey set.
00:44 Take a look at what he said.
00:49 I am blessed to be here on the set of the New Journey
00:53 with the host of the New Journey Aaron Chancy.
00:56 Amen. So good to see you.
00:58 Yes ma'am. Thank you.
00:59 You know Aaron, you have such an interesting story.
01:03 I interviewed you quite sometime ago on Urban Report.
01:06 Yes, you did.
01:07 And you told your story, but that I think was before
01:11 you were hosting or maybe in the beginning of your hosting.
01:15 And I hadn't had a chance to talk back with you
01:18 to find out what you're doing, what God is doing in your life.
01:21 Yeah definitely.
01:23 So, for those viewers who don't really know you
01:26 and may not have seen the New Journey yet,
01:28 which I have to tell you viewers,
01:30 you've got to check out the New Journey,
01:32 powerful testimonies.
01:34 You got to check it out. Definitely, yes.
01:36 But those who haven't seen it,
01:37 give us a little bit of your background.
01:40 Okay, little bit of my background prior to coming
01:43 back into the Seventh Day Adventist Church.
01:45 I grew up in a Seventh-day Adventist church,
01:48 mother and father in a home, have one brother,
01:50 older brother, two years older than me.
01:53 And at a young age, you know, great home really,
01:57 you know, grew up on Spirit of Prophecy in a home,
01:59 Bible in a home, going to church, going to pathfinders,
02:01 going to prayer meeting, pretty much every time
02:03 the church was open we were there.
02:06 Regular family worship going on in home things like that.
02:09 So from the outside looking in, you know,
02:11 we were pretty good, pretty good family.
02:13 Later on in life probably around 13 years old,
02:17 number one, I never really had a connection myself with God.
02:21 So that was one thing but then also we--
02:24 my parents, they eventually went to the military,
02:25 and we moved around a lot.
02:27 So that caused almost kind of like
02:28 an identity crisis within me,
02:30 not being able to identify with anybody,
02:33 just kind of pulling a little bit
02:34 from each different type of person I was around,
02:37 different cultures and becoming somebody else.
02:40 So kind of loss of identity.
02:43 Then around 13, I was pretty much done with,
02:45 you know, Christianity, didn't want anything to do with God.
02:49 It didn't really have much of a interest to me anymore.
02:52 I started to look a religion is like a bunch
02:54 that I can't you can't do this, you can't do that.
02:56 So you look at restrictions.
02:58 Yeah, it just seemed like a big thing of restrictions,
03:01 why can't you go to a dance on Friday night because it is,
03:03 you know, it's just like a whole bunch of cannot
03:05 and not really understanding it
03:06 and how to explaining it from a love with Jesus,
03:09 I didn't have that at the time.
03:11 So because I was still living at home, I still had to,
03:14 you know, go to church but probably around 15 years old,
03:18 you pretty much can tell me any thing
03:19 at that time church, not going to church.
03:22 Don't want anything to do with God, peer your point blank.
03:25 So I started to look around at various friends
03:29 what they were doing, started to--
03:31 I've got real heavy into like BET,
03:33 the music videos and music over all hip hop music
03:37 and I started to listen to these things
03:39 and internalize them
03:41 and I started to become what I was listening to
03:43 because the Bible is very true.
03:44 When it says, "by beholding you become changed."
03:46 That's right. That is a fact. That's a known fact.
03:48 And I started to become like it,
03:50 like walk like it, talk like it, act like it.
03:53 Because you were doing it all the time. Yeah, definitely.
03:57 Right, so, it was becoming a part of who you are.
04:00 You talked about that identity thing
04:02 where you weren't sure who you were.
04:04 Definitely. This was giving you an identity.
04:07 It just wasn't the right kind.
04:09 It wasn't the right identity, definitely. Right. Right.
04:11 So, you know, I started to look around at my friends
04:13 who were, you know, same ages only 15, 16 years old
04:17 and though I came from probably lower middle class family,
04:20 I never really had a silver spoon in my mouth
04:22 to where I can just get what I want.
04:24 It was pretty much either you work for,
04:26 you get a job whatever, you know.
04:27 Oh, thank the Lord for that.
04:28 Yeah, that's a great thing. That is a great thing.
04:30 That's a good thing. That's a great thing.
04:31 I just wasn't feeling that at the time.
04:33 Right, right, right, right.
04:35 I want it because when I learnt from my friends
04:37 how they were getting their money,
04:38 it's almost like they are not doing anything,
04:41 just selling a few drugs here, breaking in on some thing,
04:43 robbing something and it's like in a short matter of minutes,
04:47 you can get hundreds and thousands of dollars,
04:49 so that just intrigued me like wow, you can do that.
04:53 And I kind of jump head first into it
04:55 and I got my first charge when I was 16 years old
04:57 as a juvenile for burglar inhabitation.
05:00 You know, stealing, stealing and I think it was like 500
05:03 and some thing dollars and now it was like to have 500
05:06 and some dollars was a lot to me.
05:08 You know, as a young teenager that was a lot.
05:09 Now I can go buy what I want to buy.
05:11 Didn't have to work for, it only took me
05:12 10 minutes to get it, so that was amazing.
05:16 And the music was feeding that I want this, I want it now.
05:22 Yeah. And I'm gonna have it because I want it.
05:24 Definitely, you know, the world kind of presents it--
05:26 presents itself that way.
05:28 It's kind of like you know, with Burger King
05:30 where it says have it your way now.
05:31 You know, and it's pretty much like
05:32 I want things my way now and that's what I got.
05:35 It was, you know, immediate gratification.
05:39 So I got put on probation from that charge for a year
05:42 and I didn't complete that, I ended up catching
05:44 another charge at 17 years old of which I was charged
05:48 as an adult at this time, first adult felony.
05:50 Now what were your parents doing
05:53 when you were getting these charges
05:55 and how was it affecting your family?
05:57 Well, my parents were very heartbroken
05:59 and this is one thing that we have to take into consideration
06:02 as people that, you know, when we get in trouble,
06:05 when I get in trouble, it's not just me.
06:06 When I get incarcerated, it's not just me.
06:08 It's not just me that's affected.
06:10 It's my whole family that's affected.
06:12 It's everybody around me that's affected.
06:14 So, you know, we often think so selfishly that well,
06:18 I need this or I want to do that,
06:20 when in fact we're not thinking about how,
06:22 what would it do to my mother, what would it do to my father,
06:25 what would it do to my brother.
06:26 I didn't think about any of those things.
06:28 All I thought about was me, myself and I.
06:30 Those were my best friends, me, myself and I
06:32 and me, myself and I had to please ourselves,
06:34 you know that.
06:36 It's all about me.
06:38 It was all about me and I mean it was evident
06:40 in the things that I was doing.
06:41 So, you know, I remember times where I would get locked up,
06:43 my parents will come visit me and you know
06:46 before I got to prison at 19, we didn't have--
06:50 we couldn't have contact visits.
06:52 So I was sitting on this side of the glass,
06:54 they were sitting on this side of the glass,
06:55 you can't touch one another.
06:57 And it's like I'm in the hands of the state now.
06:59 You know, I no longer belong to my parents anymore.
07:02 I mean I do biologically, but now I'm in the hands
07:04 of the state and the state can do whatever they want with me,
07:07 send me wherever they want and it is out of my parents' hands
07:09 because I broke the law, you know.
07:10 So I saw how it just devastated them,
07:14 but you know one thing I have to be thankful for
07:17 is the power of prayer, because you hear
07:19 some people say, you know, I had a praying grandmother,
07:22 I had a praying mother.
07:23 You know, I had a praying mother and a father,
07:25 but nothing like my father where,
07:26 you know later on in life I realized
07:28 where he would get down on his knees every night
07:30 seven days a week at 3 o'clock in the morning and pray for me.
07:33 You know and-- there were times
07:35 when he wanted to give up but the Holy Spirit will be like,
07:38 no, keep praying, keep praying and that's the testimony
07:40 because sometimes we pray and we wanted like right now,
07:44 we want what we are praying for right now.
07:46 But, you know, God is saying in time, in time you'll get it.
07:49 You know, some times he gives it to you now,
07:50 but sometimes he says later on
07:52 and it was a long process of over 10 years
07:55 before I came to the point where mother,
07:58 father's prayer was actually answered.
08:00 You know, sometimes we forget
08:01 that we're really on God's clock.
08:04 You know, it's like we want it now and as a parent
08:08 you see your kids going down the wrong path,
08:10 and it rips your heart out yeah, definitely.
08:12 And you keep praying, you keep praying but sometime,
08:15 sometimes I don't know with me I left the church
08:18 when I was in my 20's or after my mother died I think,
08:23 I kind of started straying. Okay.
08:25 And, you know, you sometimes their prayers follow them,
08:30 so they might not even see you.
08:31 Yeah. Yeah, definitely.
08:32 When you come back. Definitely.
08:33 But you can't give up as a parent,
08:36 as a parent you can't give up,
08:38 you have to keep pressing through,
08:40 keep praying because God is hearing your prayers
08:43 and even if you go to sleep before that child comes back.
08:47 You can still find that, you know, in the kingdom
08:49 that child will be there
08:51 because you prayed that child through.
08:53 So your parents were praying and your dad specifically.
08:57 And that's a very important thing too,
08:59 the role of fathers in the home.
09:02 True indeed. True indeed.
09:03 So what happened after that?
09:05 Well, after I got incarcerated when I was 17
09:08 charged first time as an adult.
09:10 I was locked up for total about 9 months between
09:12 prison boot camp, jail, halfway house, house arrest.
09:16 I got in trouble one time and it put me in jail
09:19 for a weekend while I had that thing on my ankle
09:21 because I violated, but he let me back out.
09:24 I was on 3 years of probation
09:27 and if I would have completed that 3 years,
09:29 I would have been off, would have been done
09:31 with the system pretty much but it's like when you get
09:34 into their lifestyle, it's almost like
09:35 you are trapped in the circle chasing your tail.
09:37 And it's very hard to get out because what ends up happening
09:40 and this is important
09:41 because a lot of young people don't think
09:43 about this how to fix their future,
09:44 but you know, it's hard to get a good job.
09:47 So, it's like, okay, now you have this addiction for money,
09:50 but now you have these crimes on you, in your record
09:53 where it prevents you from getting certain jobs.
09:55 I remember back when I used to live in Dallas, Texas
09:59 and there was a job at home depot
10:01 and was paying like $10 hour.
10:02 I was 18 at the time.
10:04 $10 hour sounded good to me and I wanted it.
10:07 And I remember I got the interview
10:09 because normally I'd put on my application,
10:11 have you been convicted of felony.
10:12 I'll put, will explain in the interview,
10:14 just you know, I'll explain it better
10:16 because they're going to do background check
10:17 on certain jobs anyhow.
10:19 So I try to be little honest bob,
10:20 you know in certain situation.
10:22 Sometimes I would just lie on that but,
10:25 anyhow I got the interview and he asked me
10:28 what was the crime I told him what it was,
10:30 it was home invasion, burglary, you know it involves stealing.
10:33 And he told me straight up.
10:34 He say, if you would had a drug charge, I'd have hired you.
10:37 But because you have stealing charges
10:39 things like that, I can't hire you.
10:41 So it's like, okay,
10:42 now I've limited myself of what I could get
10:44 because I have the stealing charges
10:46 and robbery charges and things.
10:48 I've limited myself, so now it's like
10:50 I'm stuck in this circle and I can't get out,
10:52 so what I'd revert back to crime.
10:55 Which is what you know. Yeah. Which is what I knew.
10:57 One of the things that-- Oh, man, and this is--
11:02 it got me like all worked up because it's one of my burdens.
11:06 Okay.
11:07 You see that our guys particularly
11:10 African-American and Latino guys are locked out.
11:13 Once you get that felony, you go for job interview,
11:18 you can't vote, you can't live certain places,
11:21 you aren't eligible, it messes you up.
11:24 And it's based on some decisions
11:27 you made that weren't smart.
11:29 Yeah, that's right.
11:31 You make bad decisions and then your life is wrecked
11:35 as a result of it, unless you find Jesus.
11:38 So go ahead. Tell us some more about it.
11:40 So I didn't complete that probation, a 3 year probation.
11:43 I ended up catching another charge in Texas,
11:45 I'm 19 years old, I had broken into a bank
11:48 as well as rob the subway and because I had the priors,
11:53 I got incarcerated and the judge was trying
11:56 to give me 10 years, or the DA,
11:57 the District Attorney was trying to give me 10 years.
12:00 One thing about what my parents will do,
12:02 they, they would never bond me out of jail.
12:04 Because, you know, they always figured
12:06 if I am in jail at least I know where he is at.
12:09 That's true.
12:10 Yeah, they knew where I was because I mean,
12:11 there was no telling where I'd be for days at the time
12:14 and at least they knew, okay, I know he is here or whatever.
12:17 So they knew that, make a right move,
12:19 different things like that and then come visit.
12:21 So the DA was trying to give me 10 years in prison
12:24 and I had a court appointed lawyer
12:25 and he got it down to five and he came to me
12:28 and asked me, would you take five.
12:30 So I counted on my fingers 19, 21, 22, 23, 24,
12:33 if I did the whole five, I would be out by the time
12:35 I'm 24, I'm like cool, I can do it to 5 years,
12:38 I'd be out still be young, have a lot of life ahead of me.
12:41 So I ended up going to prison on a five year Sinton, Texas.
12:44 The first place I went to was in Huntsville, Texas
12:47 which if anybody knows anything
12:49 about the prison system in Huntsville, in Texas.
12:52 Huntsville is like the prison capital.
12:54 In a small little town you have like 6 day prison,
12:57 that's where you had a death row and everything like that.
12:59 So it's like the capital of prisons in Texas.
13:03 So I go to one of the prisons there in Huntsville
13:06 and I mean it's like rows and rows of raised wire,
13:09 you get there, they transport you on,
13:11 this big blue bird bus and you are all shackled up together
13:15 and you get there and it was probably about 50 of us
13:18 that got transported on this bus,
13:20 so we get in the intake unit.
13:22 We're totally stripped
13:23 and at that point you don't know
13:25 the guy next to you and front of you,
13:26 behind you, don't know who is checking you out
13:29 to try to rape you or some later on,
13:31 you just have no clue what's gonna go on.
13:33 So I got there. Where you afraid?
13:35 Well, you know, one thing I learned
13:37 because this wasn't my first rodeo doing time.
13:39 So I knew how to kind of handle myself
13:41 but you always have that fear in the back of your mind
13:43 because you-- it's like a fear of the unknown.
13:45 You don't know what can, what's gonna happen?
13:47 You know, what could possibly happen,
13:49 but you don't know what's gonna happen.
13:52 So being that this wasn't my first time,
13:54 I knew how to carry myself.
13:55 I've seen people where, you know, get locked up
13:58 and get sometime and shed some tears
14:01 and you know we all cry at times
14:03 but it's like in there you can't show fear.
14:05 You can't show a sensitive side of you
14:07 because there's somebody who is going to pray on that,
14:10 and they'll know, okay, that's their person's weak spot
14:12 and they are gonna take advantage of their weak spot.
14:14 So I knew I couldn't do that, so I was there for a week
14:18 at the intake unit in Huntsville and then I ended up
14:20 getting transferred to Beaumont, Texas,
14:22 one of the prisons in there, I was there for few months
14:25 and from there that unit was about to close down,
14:28 I went to east Texas, it wasn't too far from Houston
14:31 and I went there, I did about seven and half months there,
14:34 I did a total of little over a year about 13 months
14:37 and when I came up for parole, my first parole
14:39 I was able to get it, because I haven't been in any trouble.
14:42 Praise the Lord, you know.
14:43 Weren't looking for trouble, didn't get in any trouble.
14:46 I remember, you know, early when I used to get locked up,
14:48 an old school guy, an older guy he had told me
14:51 that when you get locked up,
14:52 sign up for every thing that you can,
14:54 not that you are necessarily trying to rehabilitate,
14:56 but in the eyes of the people that don't know you,
14:59 in eyes of the system, they see here somebody
15:01 that's trying to do something.
15:02 So when I got in the prison oh, I signed of everything
15:05 that the last prison I was at they had some call home habitat
15:07 where you learn how to build home, signed up for that.
15:09 I already had my GD, I signed for GD class.
15:12 I mean I just signed of everything
15:14 just so I can look good before parole board.
15:16 So I am-- I made my first parole and I made a mistake.
15:20 You never tell a person in prison
15:22 that you're about to get out.
15:23 Don't tell them that.
15:25 I literally saw people turned on me
15:27 because the thing is gonna meet the next person upset
15:30 where I am getting out and the next person still has
15:33 how remaining years to do
15:35 and is just like jealousy almost.
15:36 So instead of being happy for you.
15:38 Oh, no. The hate now you.
15:40 No, they gonna hate quick.
15:41 There was only maybe one maybe two
15:43 I have some I had a few "good friends" in there
15:47 and one of them he was real cool about me getting out,
15:50 he was cool with it but the majority others
15:53 oh, man, they want to talk to me anymore, they turned me.
15:55 I mean always trying to pick some with me
15:57 but I had a stay clearer
15:58 because here I'm about to get out.
16:00 You know within the next three months
16:02 I'm gonna get out so I tried to still stay away from
16:04 you know getting any altercations or anything.
16:06 So I was able to get out and while I was in prison
16:10 before I went to prison I just used to smoke weed,
16:13 drink alcohol, smoke black and mild cigarettes
16:16 but I had never actually saw drugs like really big time.
16:19 Just a little weed here and just small
16:22 but never really learned a drug game like that.
16:24 So I got incarcerated and that's were I learned
16:27 drug game because I'm really like PhD is in a drug game.
16:29 That's what I was gonna say I mean,
16:31 this is like a university for you know for crime.
16:35 And that's exactly how being incarnated is like
16:37 I went from juvenile to jail to prison.
16:40 Its just like you go from elementary school, juvenile,
16:43 you go middle school or high school which was--
16:46 oh you got middle school which was like jail
16:48 and then you go to high school which was like prison.
16:50 So its like-- it's like this progression
16:52 were most I didn't graduate from high school I got a GD.
16:54 Where most people went to the education system
16:56 I went through the jail system.
16:59 Right. Right. And so I experienced all of that.
17:02 And so I get in there and I linked up
17:04 with a guy that was from Miami.
17:06 We were very cool.
17:07 He used to give kilos of cocaine
17:09 from straight off the boat with Colombians.
17:12 And you know that whole area is big on cocaine
17:15 different things like that with Columbians and all.
17:17 So he started to school me on a whole on drug game
17:20 how to take a kilo coca which you can be
17:23 about this big and have to compress it down.
17:25 He used you some kind of things were we compress
17:28 the drugs down to make it the like this small
17:31 and he had something that would take off
17:33 like the rim of a soda can and they would transport drugs.
17:36 They would put the cocaine, weed inside of the soda can
17:39 with the soda still in there
17:40 and they will put the lid back on.
17:42 Whatever kind of mechanism they have.
17:44 So he told me all of these and taught me the whole game,
17:48 grams, ounces, pounds how to move stuff.
17:50 So when I got out
17:51 I went to know of Carolina are transfered
17:54 from my parole from Texas to North Carolina.
17:57 My parents have moved there.
17:58 They were like come there, you know,
17:59 how you get back on your feet and things like that.
18:01 So I went but my mind state was I'm going out there
18:05 I am finding drug places out and I must start transporting
18:07 from Texas to North Carolina.
18:09 So I went there with the idea of
18:12 finding out the prices of cocaine
18:15 and I found those out but I was always scared
18:18 to actually mess with cocaine
18:19 so I just used it a little bit in several and large quantities
18:23 I was scared because of the amount of time.
18:25 And if I am scared of it
18:26 then you know I am just not gonna do it.
18:28 So what I did is I linked up
18:30 with a friend from Dallas, Texas
18:31 and we started moving pounds of marijuana
18:34 through the mail system from Dallas to North Carolina.
18:37 Through the mail? Through the mail system.
18:38 We would-- we move it today we move it over night
18:43 and like today I would get a pound of weed,
18:46 tomorrow I would have the weed and I would hit the block
18:48 and I would sell literally
18:49 a pound of weed in like two hours
18:51 and its a easy thousand dollars right there.
18:52 So I mean fast money it just counts.
18:55 And you know when you caught up in that you caught up in it.
18:59 So you don't see pass that. How did Jesus get hold of you?
19:03 Well, you know amazingly it wasn't while I was in prison,
19:08 it wasn't while I was in jail.
19:09 I had tried to change my life times before
19:12 but it never really stuck.
19:14 I had been fed up with that lifestyle enough.
19:17 My head hit rock bottom hard enough.
19:19 So in 2007 I moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
19:23 Move from North Carolina move to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
19:26 And I was running from the Lord hard at that time.
19:28 I knew the different between right and wrong.
19:31 And it was a difference when you are dealing with people
19:33 that don't necessarily know biblically right and wrong,
19:36 I knew the difference biblically, morally, legally.
19:38 I knew that I was doing wrong and I was purposely doing it.
19:42 And so I move there and at and at that point
19:44 I was dealing with cocaine using these drugs,
19:46 cocaine, little heroine, ecstasy, prescription pills,
19:50 popping those, alcohol, marijuana,
19:53 smoke a pack of cigarettes a day
19:55 and at times I would do all of that at one time
19:57 just you know there was no getting higher.
20:00 And actually my goal like I thought this was
20:02 the grandest idea in life where I would take some many drugs
20:05 that I would just overdose and I will go to sleep
20:07 and just not wake up.
20:08 But praise the Lord I am here today that didn't happen.
20:10 But at that point I was like wow,
20:12 that's like the greatest things.
20:14 So I tried that and it never worked.
20:16 I could easily took the messy way out,
20:18 shot myself in head or somewhere,
20:19 I had a gun at that time but I didn't,
20:21 I didn't want to do it that way.
20:22 Is it something that you got as high as you possibly could get
20:27 and you are miserable that you could possibly take?
20:30 Oh yeah, beyond miserable because that's not the way
20:33 God created us in a very beginning of time
20:35 in the Book of Genesis when He created humanity
20:38 its like He placed us locking key method within the heart,
20:40 that the only thing that can satisfy is Jesus.
20:43 You know, we can use everything like a little Band-Aid
20:46 or something like that to cover up.
20:47 But it doesn't bring that eternal joy,
20:49 that eternal happiness that you need.
20:52 It's what you have aside from Jesus is circumstantial.
20:55 It's like a if been type thing.
20:57 If I get this then I am happy,
20:58 but with Jesus no matter what you are in,
21:00 no matter what the situation you have that joy.
21:03 And it's not until now that I realized
21:05 that I want to change my life.
21:07 So, while I was living in Baton Rouge,
21:09 I-- it was one particular night I was high
21:11 on ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana
21:14 and I was drunken a 24 ounces of Bud Light.
21:17 And I have walked in a house
21:18 that night it was like 11:30 at night.
21:20 I came in a room when I walked in the room
21:22 there was like this fear came upon me like never before
21:25 like there something in this room that doesn't belong here.
21:27 You see, I don't belong here
21:29 or there's something in here that doesn't belong.
21:30 It was a presence?
21:31 It was a presence and I could feel it.
21:32 I could literally-- it wasn't like a cocaine spook
21:34 where I think somebody is out to give me
21:36 it was something here and I could feel it.
21:38 So I got in there I closed the blinds at 11:30 at night
21:40 I lay down on my mattress on the floor
21:43 and when I laid on the mattress on the floor
21:44 I looked up at the ceiling and as I looked up
21:46 I could literally see demons moving about on a ceiling
21:49 and it was like the spirit world
21:51 was starting to reveal itself to me.
21:52 And at that moment I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me.
21:55 I got scared, I covered up my head with a cover
21:58 like you know like that's gonna protect me
22:00 but I cover my head off just like a little kid
22:03 and I heard the Holy Spirit speak my name that night
22:05 and he said Aaron, either you get
22:07 your life together right now or I say.
22:09 I knew what that mean because I knew the truth,
22:11 I knew the difference between truth and error
22:14 what I was doing and I knew that I was on the brink
22:16 of possibly committing them unpardonable sin.
22:18 At 25 years old when you running, you running,
22:21 you run and run from God for so long
22:23 that He says let him alone ye from his jointures
22:26 and its all out of love because if you don't want
22:28 anything to do of God you know
22:30 God is not gonna force himself upon you.
22:31 That's right. And I appreciate that about God.
22:33 Satan doesn't do that, he is just gonna
22:35 force himself well no matter how.
22:36 By any means that's there. By any mean's that's there.
22:38 So that night I knew that--
22:40 I knew that I was on a brink of destruction
22:42 so I grabbed my cell phone
22:43 and I was just sitting on like a lifeline
22:45 just hoping somebody grabs this.
22:46 Didn't want to call a friend
22:47 because a friend is gonna tell me smoke some, drink some
22:49 and call me in the morning like that's a doctors prescription.
22:52 So I grab my cell phone and I send a text message to my dad.
22:55 Only thing I could think of and I said I feel lost
22:58 and friendless and I am pushed send doing it
23:00 didn't know if he will be awake.
23:01 He is hour time zone different from me, figured he asleep.
23:04 He got the message five minutes later my phone lit up
23:07 and it wasn't till years ago
23:09 you also repeat yourself celebrating life
23:11 and recovery that I heard his side.
23:13 When he got the phone he saw it he went to the back room
23:16 he got on his knees and he asked Lord,
23:18 what do I say to this boy.
23:19 So he text me back and he text these words
23:22 what a friend we have in Jesus.
23:24 And when I got down my world lit up
23:26 and I called him on a phone, we talked on a phone
23:29 and we prayed and then when he got off the phone
23:31 I pray for myself and I got on my knees
23:34 and is nothing like praying for yourself
23:35 for real not begging the Lord for something.
23:37 And I pray for myself and as I did that
23:40 I literally felt Satan rising off of my back and Jesus name.
23:44 It was like he was just pulling him off of my back.
23:47 And from that point I made a decision in 2008
23:49 I am gonna serve the Lord.
23:50 And as I continue to come to cross I saw this habit stopping
23:53 this habit stopping, this habit stop.
23:55 Now it's been over six years
23:56 since I have done any of that stuff.
23:57 Praise God. What are you doing now?
23:59 Well, what I am doing now is I am actually
24:01 a theology major at Oakwood University.
24:03 I have two years left until I graduate.
24:05 Praise the Lord what He get it done.
24:06 And you are doing, I am gonna brag about you a little bit.
24:10 You are doing so academically-- what's your GPA?
24:14 My GPA right now is around a 3.7, 3.8
24:17 and you know the beautiful thing
24:19 is how God restores the mind.
24:20 you know, you got to get glorious of God.
24:22 Because you know in the college career
24:24 now been in for two year
24:25 I haven't had anything less than a "B" and its amazing
24:27 because here somebody they didn't do anything in school.
24:30 I have went to school and I use so many drugs
24:32 that just eat away your brain and your brain cells.
24:35 But here is the God I serve the God
24:36 they is into restoration business.
24:37 Come on, come on.
24:38 And He restored me to the fact where now
24:40 I may would have give Him glory even in my school work.
24:43 You know it just like amazing guy getting happy.
24:45 Come on, come on I mean, that's attractive to me.
24:47 That's right.
24:48 It is amazing how you know God can restore your brain
24:51 to where now I have nothing less than a "B"
24:54 haven't had anything less than a "B"
24:55 when I got accepted to Oakwood
24:56 they gave me an academic scholarship,
24:58 didn't turned around after my first year,
25:00 they gave me a mostly wanted
25:01 theology scholarship for my GPA as well.
25:03 So it's just the blessing what God can do.
25:05 Praise God. Oh, that's--
25:07 you know what I was thinking
25:08 when you were talking you went Huntsville for prison.
25:12 And you went to Huntsville. Amen.
25:14 Alabama. For school.
25:15 For school. To be set free. Wow.
25:18 Isn't that amazing? That's amazing correlation.
25:20 Huntsville, God is so good and God's got a plan for you
25:25 and we always talk about on Dare to Dream in Urban Report,
25:28 God's got a plan for you.
25:30 Look at what God did in your life. Amen.
25:33 Quickly tell us what do we have
25:34 to look forward to on the New Journey.
25:37 Well the New journey, it's a great program
25:39 because you know I interview people
25:41 who have various testimonies like me.
25:43 Who have been incarcerated, who have sold drugs,
25:45 use drugs, who have straight away from the--
25:49 the name implies itself the New Journey.
25:51 Meaning that you on a old journey
25:52 going the opposite direction
25:54 God got a hold to you turn to around
25:56 and now you are on a completely new journey.
25:58 So it's a great program where we see people's testimonies.
26:01 And the Bible says there are two ways to overcome Satan
26:03 is by the blood of the lamb, by the blood of Jesus
26:05 and by the word of their testimony.
26:07 So this is the program that you definitely want to tune in
26:09 to as well as other programs on 3ABN
26:11 because you see strong testimonies of people
26:14 who was serving Satan but are now serving Jesus Christ
26:17 in the ministry in some type of way.
26:18 Amen.
26:19 Thank you so much for being with us
26:22 and for the job that you're doing
26:23 and for letting God use you.
26:25 Amen, thank you. Thank you. May God bless you?
26:27 Yes ma'am, thank you. Take care.
26:28 All right.
26:38 Oh, doesn't Aaron have a powerful testimony.
26:42 You know when I talked to him
26:44 I get this feeling of excitement
26:49 because I know that our God can change your life.
26:52 I know that our God can take someone who is
26:56 on that downwards spiral and lift them up
26:59 and give them the abandoned life
27:01 and God wants to do that for you as well.
27:04 So know that wherever you are in your circumstances,
27:07 in your life's journey wherever you are there is hope for you.
27:12 God can take your life if you just not doing the things
27:16 that you wanted do, if you feel like
27:18 you just keep following and you just can't really
27:21 get up know that God's got a plan for you
27:23 and He is going to put you on solid ground
27:27 and give you the abandoned life.
27:29 Just accept Jesus Christ as your Savior
27:31 and know that He is got a plan for you.
27:35 I just want you also to know that if you have a testimony
27:40 or a story that you'd like to share on Dare to Dream
27:43 please contact us here at 3ABN, P.O. Box 220,
27:49 West Frankfort, Illinois 62896.
27:52 Well, that's the end of our program for today,
27:55 we hope and pray that you'd been blessed
27:58 that you will continue to support us with your prayers
28:01 and your financial support
28:03 and tell your friends about Dare to Dream.
28:05 Tell everybody you know about Dare to Dream
28:07 so that we can share this good news
28:10 of Jesus Christ with the world.
28:12 Thanks for tuning in join us next time
28:14 it just wouldn't be the same without you.


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